Letter to the Editor re: Rudy Trebels Claiming CLP

Rudy Trebels (not a CLP, but still claims such) & Friends

“Why does he claim he is still a CLP on LinkedIn, if he is not? Or are the CLP’s a bunch of phony’s? ”

Richard Kelly

(Well, Trebels has changed some of it, now states is past member and not a present member of leasing associations. But yes, he still states being a Certified Lease Professional although CLPfoundation.org does not list him as a “member in good standing.”

(I can’t say all the CLP’s are phony, but perhaps those still on the Trebels LinkedIn have the answers to your question: (identification by Leasing News in italics and CLP in bold and any who would like to respond, will definitely quote you, please don’t bring up “alleged,” as please see all the Leasing News Bulletin Board Complaints and creditors of IF Credit in BK and other law suits :)

(“Alexander Cronfield, VP/.COO Apple Credit Capital Group (www.applecapital.org --not related to Apple Computer)
Joseph Wold, Pres./COO, Gulf Point Capital
Bill Griffith / credit. Op. Mgr. ,Padco Financial
Tom Herlihy., VP Sales & Marketing at TimePayment
Tammy Negelein, Capital Equipment Leasing
Dave Sendlak, Territory Manager at Latitude Equipment Leasing
Omar Diaz, Financial Services Professional, former VP EAB
Ted Brownrigg, Independent Financial Services Professional
Ross Stites, Exp. Commercial Credit Analyst/Manager/Syndications
Paul Knowlton, CLP, past president, NEFA refused R .Brook to speak
Mohammed Ahsan, Partner, Quail Capital (former NEFA Board Dir.)
Ronald Lear, formerly PFF, OFC (former NEFA Board Dir.)
Tony Sherwin, co-founder Magellan Capital Partners (former Top Gun)
Marci L. Slagle, CLP, Varilease (former NEFA Board Dir.)
Kevin Kepp, Managing Member at Optimus Capital Group
Randy Haug, Lease Team,( president, NEFA, also his company did IFC accounting software and now
IFC BK software)
Patrick Sponsel, VP at Sharpe Financial Network, Board-NAELB
John Sexton, Equipment and Software Lease Financing
Jim Brady, former VP GM at ABCO Leasing, now looking
Curt Lysne, CLP, PFSC (former NEFA Board of Directors)
Kennedy J. Gilbertson, past Senior Vice President at Alliance Capital
Irwin Wittlin, Attorney at Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP (get a retainer!)
Linda Kester, Leasing trainer ( trained IFC salesmen?)
'Larry LaChance', CLP, Director (on CLP Board)
Doug Houlahan, CLP, Maxim Commercial Credit,
http://www.linkedin.com/in/rtrebels )

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