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"DOn't quIT"
"If you CANNOT be on time, then Be EARLY"
"Don't EVER give up!"
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"Just Do It Again with felling"
"And you thought there was strees in your life"
"Grow where you are planted"
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"Remember the good old days when we were broke? Well, they are back."
" If the going is real easy beware you may be headed downhill."
"If Today Were A Fish I Would Throw It Away!
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The wise old owl sat ...
One Way, my way or the highway
Cash Flow is King
"Your Raise Becomes Effective When You Are. "
Everything I need to know aboaut life, I learned from Noah's Ark...
"Serenity Prayer"

I'm so far behind
I think I'm first

God, grant me patience
and I want it right now!!!
"In Our Business
The Customer Is King!"
"Looks like another salesman didn't meet his quota last month."
"An error doesn't ecome a Mistake until you refuse to correct it."
"House Rules"
"Ladder of Achievment"
"Rules of Life"
"A woman who seeks to be equal with men lacks ambition."
"Everyone Brings Joy to this Room. Some by entering, some by leaving."
"Alan Leiken's Question:"
"Be Mellow"
"PLEASE let me have a good six months...and this time I'll sace some cash!
Rule #1
"This clock will never be stolen - our employees are always watching it!
"Dull People Have Immaculate Desks"
"No more call for me, Mrs. Girlder, until I catch upon my paper work."
(That's the way the cookie crumbles)
"There is no cause for panic, Mrs. Munson, but, frankly, there are certain indicators that cannot be ignored."
"Look at life as you werer a bus driver...."
"No Problem"
"Bad news, chief, the early birds got the worms."
Credit Rules
"Friendship is a Rainbow Between Two People"
Get Up!
"No, I don't have time to see a leasing salesman - we've got a battle to fight!"
"I Know there must be a pony here somewhere."
"Don't look back, they may be passing you by!"
Get Up!
"No, I don't have time to see a leasing salesman - we've got a battle to fight!"
"I learned from my dog..."
"Everything I learned from Star Trek..."
"I was never in class enough to be valedictorian of my class."
"My Husband is the boss..."
"Burglar proof home"
"How Dinosaurs became extinct"
"Save your cash"
"When we look back."
"Do a Goob job"
"Prospective Employees"
Hallway hell
Important Words
Better Job
Survival Kit
Email Junkie
Right Track
My Dog
Buck Stops Here
Right Track
Donít Wait for your ship to come in
Don't Look Back
Ten of Gibbís Fifty Rules
Leasing is like living with a girl
Sherlock Holmes Observation
there is not I in Teamwork
Just Because you are outnumbered
Computer Terminology
Be a Winner
Worrying about the economy
Waiting for the Green Light
5 Rules for Good Business
Thou Shall Not Steal
Status Symbol
Common Sense
Money doesn't buy anything
Best you can be
Take the stairs
Plan 'A'
A bird perched on a tree
The Opportunist
Smooth Sailing
Pessimist, Optimist, Salesman
Breaking News
Yes You Can
Peace on Earth
If Your Dog Doesn't Like Someone...
Yes You Can
New Business Model
The internet went out...
Charlie Chan on Balbo
Let's talk about lice
Leaders don't force
My dog 5 miles
Glass half full
Getting Old
Someone to make me laugh
Smart Water
Positive Thinkin
Someone to make me laugh
Smart Water
Six Feet Apart
Can't control
More than one way
Social Distancing
When Fisherman Can't Go Out to Sea
Toilet Paper was crazy
Be Like Labs
No shirt, no shoes, no service
Safe to mail
A mask
Men or Women
Mask It
Waiting for a sign
Mask It
Fifty Ways
Get up
back to office
What to tell girls
Women Stand Up
Smartest Person
Positive Warning
Be Kind
Pay with post its
Having a voice
Complaining mask
Rush to Judgement
Six ways
Having Courage
Donald, your Uber
The Real Heroes
Great Woman
Happiest People
Working from Home
Act Adult
No "I" in team
Same boat
Strong Men
Live Every Day
Ages of Forefathers
Nine Classes
To the Women
Dear Parents
Setting your clocks back
Don't give up
Short staffed
Staying Positive
T-bone Sale
Gas prices
Don't Forget
Don't Brag
Three Simple Things
Country Needs
My Goal
If you are the smartest
Billy Joel
Spending time...
Many Paths
When the Recipe Says
We Will Remember
Moved by a Truck
Stay on track
10 lessons
My Day
Thrown to the wolves
When the phone...
How to Listen
Leasing News, Inc.
Saratoga, California