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Monday, April 12, 2021

Today's Leasing News Headlines

Under This New Incentive Plan...
Leasing Industry Job Wanted
    Credit – Experienced Asset Manager
Exciting Times Ahead
    By Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Leasing Industry Ads
  Vendor Finance Team
    Senior Sales Manger
      Senior Sales Team
Making the Transition
    The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners
Top Ten Leasing News
    April 6 to April 8
New Poll Finds That 75% of Americans
    Support Legalization of Marijuana
The Most Valuable Work Benefits, According to
    US Female Employees, February 2021  -- Chart
North Mill Restructures Working Capital Solutions
    and Expands Customer Benefits
Mixed Breed
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Adopt-a-Dog
State Financial Disclosure Legislation:
   What You Don’t Know May Hurt You
     SFNet Webinar
News Briefs---
Nearly 40% of Marines have declined
    Covid-19 vaccine
He built a website showing open Covid-19 vaccine
     appointments across the US. Some call it a lifesaver
China fines Alibaba record $2.75 billion
    for anti-monopoly violations

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    "Gimme that Wine"
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Leasing Industry Job Wanted
Credit – Experienced Asset Manager

Asset Management

Experienced Asset Manager / Remarketer seeking position.  At IBM Global Financing I managed the IT lease portfolio of PC and PC Server assets.  I mainly focused on creating secondary transactions with leased assets (sales and renewals).  In other roles I was focused on managing remarketing of assets after end of lease.  I am in the Chicago area and I am comfortable and experienced at working remotely.  Contact:   LinkedIn Profile:


Interested in 20 to 30 hours per week. Strong skill set is analyzing/developing business development entry strategies for multiple industry sectors from an equipment finance perspective. This would be more of a consulting approach. Excel, CRM (Siebel, Salesforce, etc.), Word, PPT skills. I have plenty of credit score card analytical experience, but more from an underwriter or portfolio management perspective. Could use my experience with the SBA EIDL credit algorithm experience. Emphasis on asset based and secured financing to the middle and large ticket market.
Cramer Hill Owen II <>

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Exciting Times Ahead
By Scott Wheeler, CLFP

The commercial equipment leasing and finance industry is active and the first quarter has been strong for most participants. The outlook for 2021 and into 2022 is also positive. Over the past six months, I have worked with management teams to establish post-Covid19 strategies. The business environment is changing and organizations are required to institute internal changes in order to stay in the forefront of the industry. Many of these required changes were present before the pandemic; they are now being expedited to better serve vendors and end-users. The market is demanding efficiencies from the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry and successful participants are providing their stakeholders with more efficiencies, better buying experiences, and more expertise than ever before. Below are just a few examples of how the industry is changing.

  • Participants in the industry have been using scoring systems to adjudicate credit decisions for years. However, progressive companies have supercharged their proprietary systems to measure significantly more data than ever before. Instead of the typical four or five matrices (TIB, FICO, PayNet, bank balances, equipment types), systems are pulling 20, 30, or more data points from public records. The systems are reviewing trends rather than static data. The systems are making better decisions based upon multiple historical data. Additionally, the systems are projecting future viability of potential customers. It is no longer good enough to have a scoring system. Strong companies have been or are in the process of developing robust proprietary scoring systems which are delivering better decisions in a timely manner.
  • Management teams are encouraging their younger staff to participate in forward-thinking strategies. The next generation of leaders are contributing to corporate cultures and allowing companies to eliminate outdated processes and policies that no longer promote creativity and innovation. I have seen veterans embrace new ideas brought forth by their younger team members. The old guard is learning from the younger, more technologically advanced generation and learning what will be expected from the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Sales teams are offering more expertise than in the past. Organizations are providing comprehensive training on all aspects of the leasing and finance process. Top originators are expected to know more about the credit process, the valuation of equipment, and the challenges of portfolio management. Many value-added finance/leasing companies are becoming equipment-centric and have sales professionals who, more than ever before, fully understand the specific equipment that they finance and lease.
  • Companies are integrating their departments and functionalities. Credit professionals understand the sales process. Sales professionals understand the portfolio management and collections process. Most importantly, data is being freely shared and monitored by all departments to create a more holistic approach to generating and managing equipment assets. Companies are requiring their entire staffs to understand all aspects of the finance/leasing process.

These are truly exciting times to be involved in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry as we prepare for the coming years of growth and prosperity.

Scott A. Wheeler, CLFP
Wheeler Business Consulting

Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.
Phone: 410-877-0428

Wheeler Business Consulting works with banks, independents, captives, origination companies, and investors in the equipment leasing and finance arena. We provide training, strategic planning, and acquisition services. Scott Wheeler is available to discuss your long-term strategy, to assist your staff to maximize outcomes, and to better position your organization in the market.


Leasing Industry Help Wanted



Making the Transition

The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners

I have had the honor to speak with some of the world’s best athletes and to help them think about taking the next step in life after sport.  This is one of the hardest transitions that anyone can make and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is also not just meant for an athlete making a transition but for anyone.

Don’t stop training!

It is easy to think I am done and that I should just move on.  That is fine but if you take the physical component out of the equation, you will implode.  Keep up being fit but now is a good opportunity to try something new.  Be willing to be a beginner again; this can be hard when you have been the best in the world but it will get you out of your comfort zone and that is what is needed.

Be Comfortable, being uncomfortable.

The key to succeeding after sport is taking the passion you have from your sport and turning it into a passion for personal development and constant learning. Be willing to go to the dark place, as you did in sport; you feel like you can go any further, be willing to challenge yourself in similar ways from an intellectual and personal development point of view

Most importantly never ever stop believing in yourself

Take the passion and drive that you had for your sport and take it to the next phase of your career. One of the hardest things that anyone can do is go from the podium to being a beginner again. Remember that what got you to world class was an intense belief in yourself, something you will need more than ever!

Making any transition in life is very, very difficult. Many times, it is more than making a transition, it is an identity shift.  You are changing the core of your being and who you were/are.  Realize that it isn’t easy, that it is another step in the journey and remember that what got you to world class can get you there again!  Keep on moving forward and remember to think big!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, commentary or need some guidance on making the transition.


"What is the Ultimate Hire? The Ultimate Hire is the professional that every business, team or leader needs in their organization. This is the high performance individual that always rises to the top, brings the team to the next level and can significantly add to the bottom line. The Ultimate Hire is the person that you can't afford to be without. Finding, Attracting, Hiring and Retaining these professionals is critical to the success of your business. We have identified these traits and can help you find these top professionals."

The Ultimate Hire Collection:



Top Ten Leasing News
April 6 to April 8

(Stories most opened by readers)

(1) This Truck Delivers Cash
    North Mill Equipment Finance

(2) New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries

(3) Looks Like One More Once for California  SB 1235
    to Put Financial Disclosures on Commercial Transactions

(4) Leasing Industry Job Wanted
    Credit – Experienced Asset Manager

(5) Signature Financial Appoints Seven Executive Sales Officers
    and Two Asset Management Professionals to Fuel Continued Growth

(6) Chesswood Announces the Merger of its Blue Chip Leasing
    Subsidiary with Vault Credit Corporation

(7) The Two Reasons Why You Get Hired
    The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners

(8) Embrace Changes
    By Scott Wheeler, CLFP

(9) Aggregate Funding Sources
    (Online: connects lessees, lessors, and vendors)

(10) Sales Make it Happen
    "What else can you do for me?"



New Poll Finds That 75% of Americans
Support Legalization of Marijuana

A survey conducted recently by The Hill and HarrisX found tha three in four voters in America support either letting individual states decide on policies governing cannabis or legalizing cannabis nationally. The survey interviewed 1,882 voters between March 24 and 26, and shows just how much public opinion has shifted; the majority of Americans now support the end of federal prohibition.

The survey asked the respondents their views on marijuana policy and provided three options to choose from:

  • Marijuana should be illegal everywhere.
  • States should decide on marijuana legalization.
  • The federal government should legalize marijuana.
  • An estimated 38% of the respondents stated that the federal government should approve the change in marijuana policy while 37% felt that the choice should be left up to the states. The remaining 25% revealed that they would prefer extensively enforcing marijuana prohibition across the country.

The poll demonstrates a roughly even split between federal legalization and letting states enact changes in policy despite the fact that there’s no serious movement to get the federal government to compel states to approve policy changes.

Thus far, legislations that have been introduced in Congress to federally legalize cannabis may not force individual states to legalize cannabis; rather, proposed legislation would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, which would empower individual states to make their own choices, without interference, while legitimizing the industries that already exist.

The survey also highlights how voters from different parties view this issue from an ideological perspective. The results show that members of the Democratic party are more likely to be in favor of federal legalization while GOP party members prefer state-level decision making. No geographic, racial, age, political or other demographic in the survey demonstrated majority support for keeping marijuana illegal across the board.

Despite this, legislators are pursuing both options of reform this year.

A new wave of enacting new marijuana policies seems to be hitting every state. New York, under Gov. Andrew Cuomo, recently signed a bill to legalize marijuana while the legislature in New Mexico advanced a proposal to legalize marijuana in the state to its governor’s desk.

Over in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed that a bill that would put an end to federal prohibition, which he has drawn up with the help of his colleagues, would be introduced soon.

Another recent survey discovered that two-thirds of voters in Louisiana support cannabis legalization while a separate poll released in March found that New Yorkers support legalization policy that also allowed for deliveries and home cultivation.




##### Press Release ############################

North Mill Restructures Working Capital Solutions
and Expands Customer Benefits

 NORWALK, CT – North Mill Equipment Finance LLC (“North Mill”), a leading independent commercial equipment lessor providing small-ticket financing through its network of referral agents, announced today that it has restructured its working capital solution to make it more competitive with other, less cost-effective options on the market.

The financing arrangement, called “Cash Out,” allows a customer to borrow the equity of paid-up business equipment and channel the proceeds back into the company.  Although similar in concept to a sale leaseback, Cash Out is structured as a loan. It delivers a well-deserved reprieve for borrowers looking for a less expensive alternative to finance day-to-day operating expenses.

Paul Cheslock, VP of Customer Relations, North Mill, explained,
“There are many ways a company can obtain working capital,” explained. “Some of the more common include a merchant cash advance (MCA), a revolving line of credit and accounts receivable factoring.  And while they all fill the same need, they are not created equal. Cash Out in particular offers a long list of customer benefits including better rates, monthly vs. weekly payments, and terms up to 60 months. It’s a powerful tool for our referral agent partners looking to grow their customer base.”

According to Cheslock, the product’s loan-to-value ratio was restructured to enable customers to borrow a larger percentage of equity from an unencumbered asset. One of the most significant advantages of Cash Out is that it includes an early pay-off feature. Customers can pay off the loan without premium or penalty after 18 consecutive, on-time payments -- a benefit that other products simply do not offer.

“The product is simple and straightforward. There are no fees tied to accounts receivable, invoices, or credit card sales,” said Cheslock. “What’s more, the equipment that’s used for the loan stays put on site, so business operations remain uninterrupted.  And if that were not enough, the borrower retains title.”

For more on Cash Out and other financial solutions from North Mill, register for the company’s upcoming webinar “Meet North Mill and Its Financial Solutions” on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 3:00 pm EST. To register click here:

To download the company’s Cash Out brochure, click here:

About North Mill Equipment Finance
Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, North Mill Equipment Finance originates and services small-ticket equipment leases and loans, ranging from $15,000 to $300,000 in value.   A broker-centric private lender, the company handles A – C credit qualities and finances transactions for numerous asset categories including, but not limited to, construction, transportation, vocational, healthcare, manufacturing, printing, franchise opportunities and material handling equipment. North Mill is majority owned by an affiliate of Wafra Capital Partners, Inc. (WCP).  For more information, visit

### Press Release ############################


Mixed Breed
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Adopt-a-Dog

57 lbs.

If you're looking for a gentle, well-behaved, quiet companion, we bet Sidney checks all your boxes and then some. Sidney is an easygoing, laid-back gal with great house manners looking for her forever home. She is housebroken, knows basic cues, and walks well on a leash! What a dream! Her foster mom reports she is a friendly, gentle greeter to all people and dogs.

Sidney's interests include leisurely walks around the city, rolling around in blankets, head scratches, and "hugs" (i.e. leaning her head into you for comfort and pets). She can't wait to greet you when you get home!

Sidney has lived with kids and other dogs and could probably live with cats as well. Sidney is diabetic and requires daily insulin injections and has some limited vision due to cataracts, but she is very relaxed about getting her medication and still gets around great on her own. An adopter should be prepared to continue her daily insulin injections, and provide regular checkups with a full-service vet. Because of her condition, her adoption fee is waived!

​How I came to PAWS: Owner Surrender

Mixed breed (It’s impossible to identify breed mix by sight alone, so for most dogs, their mix is only a guess. We get to know each dog as an individual and strive to make matches based on personality, not on breed label.)

Location: Foster Care
​All our dog meets are by appointment only; to get started, please complete the adoption application. To learn more about this dog, please contact us at or 215-298-9680 ext. 16.

PAWS Adoption Center
100 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
215-298-9680 ext. 16.


State Financial Disclosure Legislation:
What You Don’t Know May Hurt You
SFNet Webinar

An association of professionals
putting capital to work

Date: April 16 from 12:00-1:00 pm EDT
Where: Online, Zoom dial-in
instructions will be emailed
1 day in advance

Several states have either passed into law or introduced legislation imposing new and potentially challenging disclosure requirements on certain commercial financing transactions.

Don't be caught off guard. Our panelists will provide an overview and update you on the current status of laws and bills in California, New York, Connecticut, and at the federal level.

Lin Chua, InterNex Capital
Chris Duryea, Statewide Public Affairs
Jonathan Helfat, Otterbourg PC
Hamid Namazie, McGuireWoods
James Paolino, Focus Government Affairs
Scott Sadler, Sadler Consulting
William Malitsky, Focus Government Affairs

Members $0
Non-Members $95



News Briefs---

Nearly 40% of Marines have declined
    Covid-19 vaccine

He built a website showing open Covid-19 vaccine
     appointments across the US. Some call it a lifesaver

China fines Alibaba record $2.75 billion
    for anti-monopoly violations


You May Have Missed---

The one reason your iPhone needs a VPN
    Available for Free on iPhone. Just Turn On



Sports Briefs---

Elite Black caddies, once key advisors to Masters
      winners, have faded from spotlight


California Nuts Briefs---

COVID: Nearly half of California adults
    have received a vaccine shot

California converts hotels, vacant buildings -
    they now house 8,000 homeless people



“Gimme that Wine”

King Winery in Eugene, Oregon requiring employees
    to Get the Vaccine; a hotly contested issue

SC Senate passes bill paving way for wine giant’s
    $400M headquarters in Chester County

A Pinot Noir Success Story: Reliable Quality, Excellent Value

Ponzi Vineyards sale to France’s Champagne Bollinger
    sends shockwaves through the Willamette Valley

Wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma will never be
    the same. Here’s why that’s a good thing

Napa Valley Vine Trail to begin construction
    of Calistoga to St. Helena link in the fall

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage


This Day in History

     1621 - Myles Standish, one of the Mayflower Pilgrims, was unanimously chosen military captain of the colony.
    1631 - The first militia was formed by the Court of Assistants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Boston, MA, which ordered “that there shall be a watch of 4 kept (every) night at Dorchester and another of 4 at Watertown, the watches to begin at sunset.”
    1724 - Birthday of Lyman Hall (d. 1790) at Wallingford, CT.  Signer of the Declaration of Independence. When the war reached Savannah, Hall's property was burned and he stood accused of high treason. He fled to Charleston, which was also overtaken by the British. htm
    1770 - The British government moved to mollify outraged colonists by repealing almost all of the Townshend Acts. Initially passed in the summer of 1767, the Townshend Acts were the British government's fiscal and political play to maintain its power over the American colonies. The bills, named after their sponsor, Charles Townshend, not only suspended America's uppity body of representatives, but also levied a controversial package of revenue taxes, including duties on paint, paper and tea. While English leaders viewed colonial control as a historically justified stance, Americans were of a far different mind: they believed the acts smacked of undue meddling. This sent the colonies into a heated, and sometimes violent, frenzy of protest. America's outrage eventually prompted the British to roll back all of the acts and revenue duties, save for the now infamous tea tax.
    1776 - Halifax resolution for independence was adopted by North Carolina.  The first Declaration to form an independent Union started with a resolution adopted by the Provincial Congress of North Carolina at Halifax, NC, authorizing the delegates from North Carolina to the Continental Congress to vote for a Declaration of Independence.
    1777 - Birthday of Henry Clay (d. 1852), statesman, born at Hanover County, VA. Was the Speaker of the House of Representatives and later became the leader of the new Whig party. He was defeated for the presidency three times.
    1811 - The first settlers to reach the Pacific coast left New York City on September 6, 1810, on the S.S. Tonquin, a 290-ton vessel captained by Jonathan Thorn. They rounded Cape Horn on December 25, 1810, landing on April 12, 1811, at Cape Disappointment, WA, a promontory at the mouth of the Columbia River. The enterprise was sponsored by John Jacob Astor.
    1858 - Salt Lake City offers an uneasy welcome to Alfred Cummings, its first non-Mormon governor, which signals the end of the so-called "Utah War." The Mormon acceptance of a gentile governor came after more than a year of tensions and military threats between the U.S. government and Brigham Young's Utah theocracy. Sometimes referred to as the Utah War, this little-known conflict arose out of fundamental questions about the autonomy of the Mormon-controlled territory of Utah. Was Utah an American state or an independent nation? Could the Mormon Church maintain its tight controls over the political and economic fate of the territory while still abiding by the laws and dictates of the United States? Mormon citizens began manufacturing arms and ammunition in preparation for war. Much to the embarrassment of the Buchanan administration, severe weather and the Nauvoo Legion's scorched earth tactics initially stymied the federal troops. After a hard winter spent at the burnt out shell of Fort Bridger, the American force prepared to make another attempt to push through the Wasatch Mountains and down into Salt Lake. By this time, Young was ready for peace, but he remained so distrustful that he ordered some 30,000 people to abandon Salt Lake and other northern settlements and make an unnecessary retreat southward. When Cummings finally arrived in Salt Lake on this day in 1858, the city was nearly deserted. Young peacefully relinquished the governorship and all of his other governmental roles, agreeing to become solely the spiritual leader of Utah Mormons. In exchange, Buchanan gave all Utah residents a blanket pardon for any involvement in the conflict. Several months later, two brigades of American soldiers established Camp Floyd south of Salt Lake City, the largest garrison in the nation until the Civil War. With the threat of a bloody conflict diminished, Mormon refugees began returning to their homes. Though tensions between the Mormons and the federal government continued for decades, the Utah War ended the dream of a Mormon state geographically and politically separated from nonbelievers. Henceforth, Utah Territory was clearly a part of the American union, and it was granted full statehood in 1896.
    1859 - The first billiard match to attain international fame was played in Detroit between Michael Phelan of New York City and John Seereiter of Detroit for the championship of the world and a $415,000 purse. Phelan, known as the “father of billiards,” won the championship by a score of 2,000 against his competitor's 1,904. The best run made by Phelan was 129 points. The game was played on a 6-by-12 four-pocket table with four balls. Pushing and crouching were allowed.
    1861 - After months of escalating tension, Major Robert Anderson refused to evacuate Fort Sumter at Charleston, SC. Confederate troops under the command of General P.T. Beauregard opened fire on the harbor fort at 4:30 AM (the first gun was fired by Edmund Ruffin, a 67-year-old Virginian) and continued until Major Anderson surrendered on Apr 13. No lives were lost despite the firing of some 40,000 shells in the first major engagement of the American Civil War.
    1861 - The same morning, off Charleston, SC, the side-wheeler Harriet Lane fired a shot across the bow of the merchantman steamer Nashville to force it show its colors. The Nashville hoisted a U.S. ensign and was allowed to proceed, even though it was a Confederate ship. The Harriet Lane, 270 feet long with a 22-foot beam, had been built by William Henry Webb in 1857 as a Treasury Department revenue cutter and was transferred to the Navy in 1858. It was named after a niece of President James Buchanan and was the first federal steamer named for a woman. On January 1, 1863, the Harriet Lane was captured by Confederate forces in Galveston Bay, after desperately resisting boarding parties from four rebel ships.
    1864 - Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest's Confederate raiders attack the isolated Union garrison at Fort Pillow, Tennessee, overlooking the Mississippi River. The fort, an important part of the Confederate river defense system, was captured by federal forces in 1862. Of the 500-strong Union garrison defending the fort, more than half the soldiers were African-Americans. After an initial bombardment, General Forrest asked for the garrison's surrender. The Union commander refused, and Forrest's 1,500 cavalry troopers easily stormed and captured the fort, suffering only moderate casualties. However, the extremely high proportion of Union casualties--231 killed and more than 100 seriously wounded--raised questions about the Confederates' conduct after the battle. Union survivors' accounts, later supported by a federal investigation, concluded that African-American troops were massacred by Forrest's men after surrendering. Southern accounts disputed these findings, and controversy over the battle continues today. The enlistment of African-Americans into the Union army began after the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, and by the war's end 180,000 African Americans had fought in the Union army and 10,000 in the navy.
    1867 - Birthday of Johnny Watson (d. 1963), also known as “Daddy Stovepipe,” Mobile, AL
    1877 - The catcher's mask is used in a baseball game for the first time.
    1883 - Birthday of Imogen Cunningham (d. 1976), pioneer photographer of plants and portraits, at Portland, OR.
    1892 - George C. Blickensderfer of Stanford, CT received a patent for a portable typewriter.
    1892 - Jazz clarinetist Johnny Dodds (d. 1940) birthday, Waveland, MS.
    1900 - Joseph Bohomiel “Joe” Lapchick (d. 1970), Basketball Hall of Fame player and coach, was born at Yonkers, NY. Lapchick played basketball for pay from an early age. In 1923, he joined the original Celtics, one of the greatest pro teams of any era. The Celtics revolutionized the game with Lapchick as the great center. He began coaching at St. John's University in 1937, left for the New York Knicks in 1947, and returned to St. John's in 1957.  The Celtics were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1959, and Lapchick followed as an individual in 1966.
    1906 – Johnny Bates of the Boston Beaneaters became the first modern player to hit a homer in his first Major League at-bat, when he connected in the 2nd inning against Brooklyn Superbas pitcher Harry McIntire.
    1908 - A fire that began in a dump in the Chelsea section of Boston, Massachusetts spread through the community and ignited oil tanks on the Chelsea Creek, eventually rendering 17,000 people homeless.
    1913 - Jazz vibraharpist and bandleader Lionel Hampton (d. 2002) was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He is best known for his association with Benny Goodman, and for leading his own big band. Hampton was with the Goodman quartet for the legendary 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert, where his performance on such tunes as "Stompin' at the Savoy" and "Avalon" established him as a major jazz soloist. Hampton put together his own band after leaving Goodman in 1940, leading an orchestra on and off for more than 30 years. The Lionel Hampton band's theme song was "Flying Home."
    1915 - Birthday of guitarist “Hound Dog” Taylor (d. 1975), Natchez, MS.
    1917 - Singer Helen Forrest (d. 1999) was born in Atlantic City, NJ.
    1924 - Birthday of Canadian dance band vocalist Lorraine McAllister (d. 1984), in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She was long associated with her husband Dal Richards's Vancouver orchestra.
    1926 - Birthday of Andrew “Blueblood” McMahon (d. 1984), Delhi, LA.  McMahon played blues and hillbilly music in Mississippi and worked with Bukka White in Memphis, Tennessee
    1926 - Smith Wildman Brookhart, Republican of Iowa, was ousted by the US Senate of a vote of 45-41. A recount of the votes in the election had proved the winner to be Daniel Frederic Steck, the Democrat candidate, who served from April 12, 1926 to March 3, 1931.
    1927 - An F5 tornado wiped Rock Springs, Texas "off the map." 235 of the town's 247 buildings were completely destroyed. The tornado was over 1 mile wide when it passed through the town. 74 people were killed.
    1930 - Birthday of vocalist Bob Lee, Tuscaloosa, AL
    1930 - Herbert Khaury (d. 1996), better known as Tiny Tim, was born in New York City. With his ukulele and his squeaky falsetto voice, he became the most successful novelty act of the 1960's. "Tip Toe Through the Tulips," a Top-20 hit in 1966, is the Tiny Tim record most people remember. He died of a heart attack on November 29th, 1996, after performing his signature song at a benefit in Minneapolis.
    1933 - Ruth Bryan Owen, is appointed U.S. envoy to Denmark, the first woman to represent the US as a foreign minister.
    1934 - The highest-velocity natural wind ever recorded occurred in the morning at the Mount Washington, NH, Observatory. Three weather observers, Wendell Stephenson, Alexander McKenzie and Salvatore Pagliuca, observed and recorded the phenomenon in which gusts reached 231 miles per hour--"the strongest natural wind ever recorded on the earth's surface." The 50th anniversary was observed at the site in 1984, with the three original observers participating in the ceremony
    1934 - F. Scott Fitzgerald's “Tender Is the Night” is published, but the novel about rich expatriates is unenthusiastically received during the Great Depression.
    1939 - Woody Herman cuts “Woodchopper's Ball.”
    1940 - Pianist/composer Herbie Hancock born Chicago, IL
    1944 - John Kay, leader of Steppenwolf, was born Joachim Krauledat in Germany. Steppenwolf began as a Toronto-based band called the Sparrow in 1964. The group moved to the US in 1966 before splitting up in 1967. Kay then formed Steppenwolf, using some of the members of the Sparrow. The name Steppenwolf is taken from the Herman Hesse novel. Steppenwolf had a dozen hits in the late '60s and early '70s, the biggest of which were "Born to Be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride." The original band broke up in 1972. After bogus groups began performing under the Steppenwolf name, John Kay reformed the band in the 1980s.
    1945 - ERWIN, HENRY E., (Air Mission) Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 52d Bombardment Squadron, 29th Bombardment Group, 20th Air Force. Place and date: Koriyama, Japan, 12 April 1945. Entered service at: Bessemer, Ala. Born: 8 May 1921, Adamsville, Ala. G.O. No.: 44, 6 June 1945. Citation: He was the radio operator of a B-29 airplane leading a group formation to attack Koriyama, Japan. He was charged with the additional duty of dropping phosphoresce smoke bombs to aid in assembling the group when the launching point was reached. Upon entering the assembly area, aircraft fire and enemy fighter opposition was encountered. Among the phosphoresce bombs launched by S/Sgt. Erwin, 1 proved faulty, exploding in the launching chute, and shot back into the interior of the aircraft, striking him in the face. The burning phosphoresce obliterated his nose and completely blinded him. Smoke filled the plane, obscuring the vision of the pilot. S/Sgt. Erwin realized that the aircraft and crew would be lost if the burning bomb remained in the plane. Without regard for his own safety, he picked it up and feeling his way, instinctively, crawled around the gun turret and headed for the copilot's window. He found the navigator's table obstructing his passage. Grasping the burning bomb between his forearm and body, he unleashed the spring lock and raised the table. Struggling through the narrow passage he stumbled forward into the smoke-filled pilot's compartment. Groping with his burning hands, he located the window and threw the bomb out. Completely aflame, he fell back upon the floor. The smoke cleared, the pilot, at 300 feet, pulled the plane out of its dive. S/Sgt. Erwin's gallantry and heroism above and beyond the call of duty saved the lives of his comrades.
    1945 - *HASTINGS, JOE R., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company C, 386th Infantry, 97th Infantry Division. Place and date: Drabenderhohe, Germany, 12 April 1945. Entered service at: Magnolia, Ohio. Birth: Malvern, Ohio. G.O. No.: 101, 8 November 1945. Citation: He fought gallantly during an attack against strong enemy forces defending Drabenderhohe, Germany, from the dug-in positions on commanding ground. As squad leader of a light machinegun section supporting the advance of the 1st and 3d Platoons, he braved direct rifle, machinegun, 20mm., and mortar fire, some of which repeatedly missed him only by inches, and rushed forward over 350 yards of open, rolling fields to reach a position from which he could fire on the enemy troops. From this vantage point he killed the crews of a 20mm. gun and a machinegun, drove several enemy riflemen from their positions, and so successfully shielded the 1st Platoon, that it had time to reorganize and remove its wounded to safety. Observing that the 3d Platoon to his right was being met by very heavy 40mm. and machinegun fire, he ran 150 yards with his gun to the leading elements of that unit, where he killed the crew of the 40mm. gun. As spearhead of the 3d Platoon's attack, he advanced, firing his gun held at hip height, disregarding the bullets that whipped past him, until the assault had carried 175 yards to the objective. In this charge he and the riflemen he led killed or wounded many of the fanatical enemy and put 2 machineguns out of action. Pfc. Hastings, by his intrepidity, outstanding leadership, and unrelenting determination to wipe out the formidable German opposition, cleared the path for his company's advance into Drabenderhohe. He was killed 4 days later while again supporting the 3d Platoon.
    1945 – President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 63, on the 83rd day of his fourth term, dies of a cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, Georgia, with the love of his life with him (no, it wasn't Eleanor).  Vice-President Harry S. Truman was sworn in as President the next day.  Roosevelt, 32nd president of the US, was the only president to serve more than two terms--- he was elected to four consecutive terms.

    1945 - Antlers, Oklahoma was leveled by an F5 tornado. 600 buildings were destroyed and 700 were damaged. 69 people were killed and 353 were injured. This disaster would have commanded national and local attention if it was not overshadowed by the death of President Roosevelt. Even nearby local newspapers had more information on the president than the tornado.
    1947 - David Letterman Birthday, born Indianapolis, Ind.
    1950 - Top Hits
“If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake” - Eileen Barton
“Music, Music, Music” - Teresa Brewer
“Peter Cottontail” - Gene Autry
“Long Gone Lonesome Blues” - Hank Williams
    1952 - Buddy Morrow records “Night Train.”
    1955 - The Kansas City Athletics, transplanted from Philadelphia, opened their first season in their new home by defeating the Detroit Tigers, 6-2, at Municipal Stadium. The A's finished the year in sixth place with a record of 63-91. They never won a pennant in Kansas City and moved to Oakland after the 1967 season.
    1954 - Bill Haley and His Comets recorded "Rock Around the Clock" for Decca Records. The song was recorded at the Pythian Temple, “a big, barn like building with great echo,” in New York City. "Rock Around the Clock" was formally released a month later. Most rock historians feel the tune, featured in the 1955 film "Blackboard Jungle", ushered in the era of rock 'n' roll. It hit number one on June 29, 1955 and stayed there for eight weeks, remaining on the charts for a total of 24 weeks. The record has now sold over 25,000,000 copies and it is believed to be the second-best selling recording after “White Christmas.”  Haley's recording became an anthem for rebellious 1950s youth and is widely considered to be the song that, more than any other, brought rock and roll into mainstream culture around the world. The song is ranked No. 158 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.  In 2018, it was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or artistically significant."  "Rock Around the Clock" is often cited as the biggest-selling vinyl rock and roll single of all time. 
    1955 - The polio vaccine developed by American physician Dr. Jonas E. Salk was "safe, potent and effective." Incidence of the dreaded infantile paralysis, or poliomyelitis, declined by 95 percent following introduction of preventive vaccines. The announcement of the discovery of a vaccine against polio, was made on the ten year anniversary of the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt from complication of the disease, his deteriorating illness kept from the public for perhaps up to two years as others ran the government. With the end of the World War II only months away, the nation and the world were stunned by the "sudden" death of the President shortly into his fourth term of office.   
    1957 - Alan Freed's “Rock 'n' Roll Easter Jubilee” opens for a ten-day run at Brooklyn Paramount. Buddy Knox, Charlie Gracie and Bo Diddley are also included on the show.
    1958 - Top Hits
“Tequila” - The Champs
“He's Got the Whole World (In His Hands)” - Laurie London
“Book of Love” - The Monotones
“Oh Lonesome Me” - Don Gibson
    1961 - At the third annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Ray Charles wins three trophies, including Best Pop Single for "Georgia On My Mind." Marty Robbins took home a statue for Best Country and Western Performance for "El Paso."
    1963 - Police use dogs and cattle prods on peaceful civil rights demonstrators in Birmingham, Alabama.
    1963 - Bob Dylan performs a spectacular concert at Town Hall in New York, which is recorded for a never-released live album on Columbia
    1964 - Arnold Palmer won his fourth Masters title and became the first golfer to make career earnings of $506,496
    1966 - The Atlanta Braves brought Major League baseball to the South but lost their regular season opener, 3-2, to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 12 innings. The Braves finished the season in fifth place with a record of 85-77. They won the first division pennant in 1969.
    1966 - Top Hits
“The Ballad of the Green Berets” - SSgt Barry Sadler
(“You're My”) “Soul and Inspiration” - The Righteous Brothers
“Daydream” - The Lovin' Spoonful
“I Want to Go with You” - Eddy Arnold
    1966 - Jan Berry, a classmate of mine at University High School in Los Angeles and half of the hit making surf-rock vocal duo, Jan & Dean, runs his Corvette into a parked truck on L.A.'s Whittier Boulevard,  just a short distance from Dead Man’s Curve in Beverly Hills, two years after the song had become a hit. Berry suffers total physical paralysis for over a year as well as extensive brain damage which makes it nearly impossible to return to performing. They do give it a try in 1973 but are not well received. He was never the same as before the accident.  The pair started their hit streak in 1958 with "Jennie Lee" and followed with "Baby Talk," "Surf City," "Sidewalk Surfin'," "Drag City," "Dead Man's Curve," "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena" and "Popsicle."  Jan's accident ended their career as hit makers, although they attempted a comeback in 1978 after the TV biographical movie, “Dead Man's Curve.”  Berry died in 2004.
   1967 - Ray Piecuch, a cowboy poet from New Hampshire, completed his yearlong 3,500 mile ride across country on his horse, Bo, with a champagne celebration at Baker Beach, San Francisco.
    1967 - "Busted," a benefit for the SF Mime Troupe, included
Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape Andrew Staples, The Loading Zone, at Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
    1969 - After scoring a series of instrumental hits in the early 1960s including "Walk Don't Run" and "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue," The Ventures were back on Billboard's Hot 100 for the last time with the theme from the TV show, “Hawaii Five-0.”
    1969 - The Fifth Dimension score their first #1 and their eighth Billboard Top 40 hit with "Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In."
    1974 - Top Hits
“Sunshine on My Shoulders” - John Denver
“Hooked on a Feeling”- Blue Swede
“Bennie & The Jets” - Elton John
“A Very Special Love Song” - Charlie Rich
    1981 - First flight of shuttle Columbia. Two astronauts (John Young and Robert Crippen), on first manned US space mission since Apollo-Soyuz in July 1976, spent 54 hours in space (36 orbits of Earth) before landing at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, Apr 14.
   1982 - Top Hits
“I Love Rock 'N Roll” - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
“We Got the Beat” - Go-Go's
“Make a Move on Me” - Olivia Newton-John
“Big City” - Merle Haggard
    1983 - Harold Washington is elected the first black mayor of Chicago.
    1985 - The first US Senator to fly in space was Jake Garn, Republican Senator for Utah, who joined the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery as a “congressional observer” when the shuttle lifted off from Cape Canaveral, FL, on April 12, 1985. A former Navy pilot, Garn had taken several months of astronaut training. Another senator, John Herschel Glenn, Jr., of Ohio, was an astronaut in the 1960's, before he entered politics.
    1985 - Key West, Florida set a new record for April rainfall in a 24-hour period as 6.06 inches of rain were recorded, eclipsing the previous record of 6.04 inches which fell on April 29, 1941. In addition, the heavy rainfall shattered the old record for this date set back in 1931 when 1.49 inches of rain fell. 
    1987 - “21 Jump Street” premiers on TV. Youthful big city cops busted crime in the local schools and colleges in this Fox police drama. Starred Johnny Depp as Tom Hanson, Holly Robinson Peete as Judy Hoffs, Dustin Nguyen as H.T. Ioki, Peter DeLuise as Doug Penhall, Frederic Forrest as Captain Jenko, Steven Williams as Captain Adam Fuller and Richard Grieco as Dennis Booker. It was one of the Fox network's early hits.
    1987 - Larry Mize, 28, hit a miracle shot -- a 140-foot chip -- to win the Masters golf title in Augusta, GA. Mize defeated Greg Norman and Seve Ballesteros in a playoff.
    1988 - Sonny Bono succeeds in his bid to become mayor of his hometown, Palm Springs, CA.
    1989 - Twenty-two cities in the south central and eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Elkins, WV with a low of 15 degrees, and Baton Rouge, LA with a reading of 37 degrees.
    1990 - Top Hits
“Love Will Lead You Back” - Taylor Dayne
“I'll Be Your Everything” - Tommy Page
“All Around the World” - Lisa Stansfield
“Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart” - Randy Travis
    1993 - The Grateful Dead sang the national anthem before the San Francisco Giants' home opener at Candlestick Park.
    1996 - The Detroit Red Wings set a National Hockey League record by winning their 61st regular season game, 5-3, over the Chicago Blackhawks. The previous record was held by the 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens. Detroit finished the season with 62 wins, 13 losses and 7 ties.
    1996 - Duluth, Minnesota recorded 1.7 inches of snow on this day to raise its seasonal snowfall total to 132.8 inches -- its snowiest winter on record. The old record was 131.6 inches set back in 1949-50.
    2000 - In San Francisco, the North Beach Playground and Pool was renamed the Joe DiMaggio North Beach Playground and Pool. The Recreation and Park Commission voted 20 years earlier to rename the park after DiMaggio.
    2008 - With her latest single, "4 Minutes," Madonna beats Elvis as the artist with the most al-time Top Ten Hits on the Billboard charts (37).
    2010 - One-inch diameter hail falls in Fresno, CA. Two condominiums are destroyed by thunderstorms in California's San Joaquin Valley. Up to three funnel clouds were also seen in the region.
    2013 - Macy's lost its dispute with JC Penney over the exclusive right to sell unbranded housewares designed by Martha Stewart in its stores.
    2014 - Larry Ellison of Oracle Corp. was ranked the highest-paid U.S. executive for the second year in a row; Ellison's 2013 compensation of $78.4 million is more than twice that of runner-up Robert Iger of Walt Disney Corp, with $34.3 million.
    2014 - Researchers announced a new orally-administered drug that may cure Hepatitis C; 90 percent of patients in trials were declared free of the virus after 12 weeks.
    2015 - Jordan Spieth, age 21, wins the Masters golf tournament, tying Tiger Woods' record-setting 72-hole score of 18 under par at the course in 1997.

NBA Champions:
    1954 - Minneapolis Lakers
    1958 - St. Louis Hawks



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