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ELA Convention Registrant Checks in the Mail Today


Checks will be mailed today to reimburse each 2005 convention registrant for a portion of their registration fee. A reimbursement of approximately 20% is being provided because ELA recognizes that the full value of the convention was not delivered.

The Equipment Leasing Association's intention was to determine the amount of the reimbursement by subtracting the convention's expenses from its revenue and dividing the excess among the registrants, resulting in a "break even" convention. However, because the actual convention expenses exceeded revenue, an amount was set based on what was budgeted rather than actuals. The amount of each check will be approximately twenty percent of the registration fee. ($310.00 Editor)

($1550 was the average conference fee or $207,700 total for all registrants was returned. Original total amount of those who did not attend was $1,038,500; not counting vendor fees, who did or did not attend. editor.)

The Equipment Leasing Association appreciates the loyalty, understanding, and good spirit shown by the members during this challenging time. We thank those who did attend the convention for making it a worthwhile event despite the unique circumstances.

We are looking forward to a successful convention next year in Palm Desert, California already - please plan to join us.

(The event was originally schedule for
New Orleans, but changed to Palm Desert, California)
45th Annual Convention
October 22-24
JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa
Palm Desert, CA

(330 out of an estimated 1000 attended the
Boca Raton Conference.)

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