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Monday, December 31, 2007


Archives—December 31, 2002
Resource America Reports $8.6 MM loss
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Paul Menzel, CLP, defends LEAF Financial
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    OneWorld Leasing announces 6 New Members
        Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
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New Year's Resolutions to Break
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Missoula, Montana

######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Archives—December 31, 2002

Resource America Reports $8.6 million loss for Fiscal Yr Ended

((This is an interesting note to history as Crit S. DeMent, Senior Vice President of RAI since 2005. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LEAF Financial (a wholly-owned subsidiary of RAI) since 2001. He also was President and Chief Operating Officer of Fidelity Leasing, Inc. (a former wholly-owned subsidiary) from 1996 to 2000.Editor. See last paragraph.editor.))

For the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 2002, the Company reported a net loss of $8.6 million and $3.3 million, respectively, as compared to a loss of $123,000 and net income of $9.8 million for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 2001, respectively.

PHILADELPHIA--( Resource America, Inc. (NASDAQ:REXI) (the "Company") reported earnings from continuing operations of $787,000 or $.04 per fully-diluted share and $8.4 million or $.47 per fully-diluted share for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 2002, respectively, as compared to $3.4 million or $.19 and $14.1 million or $.76 for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 2001, respectively. Included in net income from continuing operations in the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 2002 was a non-cash charge of $1.0 million resulting from the settlement of a law suit.

In connection with the Company's release from many of the terms of the covenant not to compete with the successor purchaser of its equipment leasing subsidiary, Fidelity Leasing, Inc. (sold in August 2000 for $583.0 million including the assumption of $431.0 in debt) and in settlement of various claims arising from the sale, the Company has realized a $9.4 million loss net of taxes from discontinued operations. As a result of escrow provisions established at the time of sale, the Company believes that this settlement will result in a net cash cost to the company after taxes of $3.1 million. This settlement will leave the Company's present equipment leasing subsidiary, LEAF Financial Corporation, free to exploit what the company believes to be substantial growth opportunities in expanding its asset management business.



Classified ads--- Asset Management

New York, NY
10+ years in equipment leasing/secured lending. Skilled in management & training, documentation, policy and procedure development & implementation, portfolio reporting. Strong work ethic.

Seattle, WA
20 years combined experience in Asset Management and Collections. History of successfully maximizing the residual position through superior negotiation skills and remarketing.

United States
Multi- talented individual looking to relocate back to mainland. Over 20 years of experience in Asset Management, Venture Leasing, Operations and Senior Management Positions. |

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For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:





Paul Menzel, CLP, defends LEAF Financial

Paul J. Menzel, CLP
LEAF Third Party Funding

(This statement is printed in entirety: Mr. Menzel’s reaction to Friday’s story about LEAF Financial direct sales in Orange County, California using UCC’s to call leasing prospects. Editor:)

“I appreciate the balanced way that you passed along the concerns expressed by one of our competitors (First Federal Leasing) that LEAF customers they acquired through the purchase of the PCB, NetBank and Dolphin portfolios is calling customers they acquired through the purchase of the PCB, NetBank and Dolphin portfolios. This is a natural concern that has always resulted from merger and acquisition activity in our industry.

“I would like to provide some factual information to your readers and clarify LEAF’s position regarding protecting its sources’ customers.

“First let me state at the outset that LEAF does not have a practice of directly soliciting the end user customers derived from the recent acquisitions. In fact, we have ‘scrubbed’ any marketing lists that may be used by any LEAF business unit to EXCLUDE customers from the acquired portfolios. We have a policy that we will not accept a direct, end user application from a customer that was sourced to us (including by way of PCB, NetBank and Dolphin) by one of our TPO relationships.

“LEAF is an active, diversified independent leasing company that now has over $1.7 Billion in assets. LEAF’s diversified set of business units includes manufacturer, private label, vendor, third party, and direct origination strategies. This is not dissimilar to the other major funding sources in our industry. In fact, all of the major funding sources in the leasing industry also operate under these same set of origination strategies within their ownership umbrella. The Third Party Funding segment for LEAF now comprises over one-third of LEAF’s assets and origination volume. LEAF is an important and committed funding source for the broker/lessor community. It is in our best interest to maintain this strong commitment to our Third Party Originators.

“After reflecting on changes I have experienced with LEAF in the past six months and the macro changes occurring every day in the financial industry, I am very excited to be able to support the Third Party Originator relationships the Santa Barbara team has been loyal to for over twenty years. Our funding programs at LEAF are as competitive as any I have been able to offer at any point in my career. The broker/lessor community is truly fortunate to be served by the LEAF organization during these uncertain times. Our loyal Third Party Originators have my commitment to do everything possible to be their funder of choice into the foreseeable future. “

Paul J. Menzel, CLP
LEAF Third Party Funding
341 Bollay Dr
PO Box 60607
Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0607
PH: (805) 722-1571
FX: (267) 675-5767

Editor’s response:

It is interesting to note that 2/3rds of LEAF Financial must be “direct,” by your statement: “The Third Party Funding segment for LEAF now comprises over one-third of LEAF’s assets and origination volume. The story concerned the direct sales which insiders stated appear to be in stiff competition with the new broker companies recently purchased by LEAF.

The quote from Paul Witte, CEO of First Federal Leasing/ V.P., First Bank Richmond was utilized because he was the only funder we spoke to who would go on the record. We had spoken to others, and several readers, including insiders, who also did not want to be quoted
“on the record.”

In fact, the story begins:

“Readers are telling Leasing News that LEAF Financial is actively calling their customers from UCC filings they purchased. This sales technique has been going on for years.”

It did not state your “...competitor First Federal Leasing was accusing LEAF in calling upon customers they acquired through the purchase of the PCB, NetBank and Dolphin portfolios.”
Mr. Witte made no such accusation.

Leasing News was quite explicit that the story did not center around your ex-Pacific Capital Bank unit or Alco, Dolphin, or NetBank or the LEAF vendor unit. Mr. Witte confirmed that brokers were telling him that LEAF was calling up their customers using the name on UCC’s as the prospect.

The first two sentences of the story appear above, and this is the third:
"It appears this is a "direct sales unit" from LEAF Financial trying the old technique of calling UCC contacts." 

and the first quote says,

"These folks are trying to develop a direct sales force in OC (Orange County, California. editor) with ex-CapitalWerks folks running their direct sales outfit. "
and it says here: 
"By no means are they doing bad business. Their products are great, but this man's mission is to 'take all brokers out of business..."

There is no mention that it is your broker division company, or the former operations known as Alco, Dolphin, or NetBank were calling up broker referred customers. It is about the direct sales unit in Orange County using UCC information to call up prospects.

It appears the actual address is: LEAF Financial Corporation, 1551 N Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

LEAF appears to be expanding both its Sales-End User business unit inside and National Account Vendor Partners unit:

Director of Sales- End User business unit.

Inside sales:

Leasing News did not write that UCC prospect telephone calling is illegal. It may be unethical if the caller implies they are representing the original leasing company. In addition, whether this was or was not the practice at CapitalWerks was not mentioned in the article, nor did Leasing News state or imply that the direct sales unit was using this approach.

Paul Witte had this reaction:

“I was glad to see the article you wrote about LEAF in Leasing News this morning.  Thank you for printing it.  It should be a good reminder for people to remember that if they don’t call on their customer, someone else will.

Paul Witte
CEO, First Federal Leasing
V.P., First Bank Richmond

The Friday story appears in the next article, Top Ten, as it was
the most read story by readers last week.

Christopher Menkin, editor



Top Stories --- December 24-28

Here are the top ten stories most “opened” by readers last week:

(1) LEAF calling on your customers

(2) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
Equipment Cost on Lease Agreements

(3) GE buying most of Merrill Finance-up-date

(4) Jews eat Chinese Chicken on Xmas

(5) United Rentals Deal Is Dead

(6) Looking Ahead by Christopher Menkin

(7) Cartoon---Money

(8) Unpaid credit card bills surge

(9) Citigroup may write down up to $18.7B

(10) Dennis Brown to Ken Bentsen: November Survey

Note Counted due to technical reasons:

Leasing News Extra
GE buys most of Merrill Commercial Finance





Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Wrentham, Mass.

Growing Leasing Collection Division for 25+ year estab. business. Must have exceptional, creative negotiation skills,  ability to thrive in high volume, fast paced environment. Click here for more info:

Lease Officer


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OneWorld Leasing announces Six New Members in 2007

OneWorld Leasing, Inc. added six new members in 2007, bringing to 23 the total number of member-owners that make up the leasing industry only “cooperative.”

When the Co-Op started most Leasing News readers thought it would fail as the hyperbole was not believed. April 3, 2002, they announced:

“This will not be a ‘funding source’ or ‘super broker’ but a powerhouse of leasing discounters and brokers. The cooperative expects to have 7 founding members and plans to have 500 member businesses by the end of 2003.

“We will be able to go to a major funder and say we represent 500 leasing brokers. We want a better buy rate than you are offering for our business.

The co-op hit the “perfect storm,” struggled along, started with to five members, went to four, had some falling out, had some changes in leadership and finally a dynamic happened, it was working and growing; then 2006 with 17 members, John Winchester, Comco Equipment Leasing Group, Nashville, TN ((Communications Leasing, Inc./ Winchester Company, since 1981) was named chairman. John served six years on the Board of Directors of the NAELB and one year on the Board of Directors of the CLP Foundation.

John Winchester, CLP, chairman

Winchester says he did not do it all himself, and credited the members of the co-op all pulling together. In August 25, 2006 they announced a new chairman, Ira Z. Romoff.

Ira Romoff, Chairman

Lou Manitzas, One Source Financial, head of the search committee told Leasing News," We interviewed over 30 candidates, eight very serious, and any of the top five would have done a great job...many had run bank and large company leasing operations, but as Ira learned more in the interview of our goals, how we worked, the more excited he became, and the more excited we became in his choice."

"Romoff brings to the job decades of experience in banking, equipment leasing, credit operations and risk management. Most recently, he worked as Director of Leasing for Independence Community Bank/ICB Leasing Corporation (now part of Sovereign Bank) in New York City and as Chief Credit Officer and Risk Manager for Bank Leumi, also in New York City. He was also Chief Executive Officer of Leasing and Executive Vice President of Bank for the European American Bank (now part of Citibank) and EAB Leasing on Long Island, New York."

Membership solidified, and began to grow again, and in 2007
the “co-op” financed over $250 million.

"A cooperative is a business that is owned and controlled by the businesses or people who use its services. Cooperatives operate successfully in every sector of our economy. In fact, many familiar companies and brands are cooperatives, including: Ocean Spray, Land O'Lakes, ACE Hardware, Associated Press and Best Western.

"The fundamental principles of cooperatives are:

  1. The people or businesses that own the cooperative use the cooperative.
  2. The people or businesses that control the cooperative use the cooperative.
  3. The cooperative's sole purpose is to provide and distribute benefits to its users on the basis of use (patronage).
  4. How are profits distributed?

"At the end of each year, OneWorld will account for its total income and expenses. The income remaining after all expenses are deducted and appropriate reserved are calculated, can then be distributed on a patronage basis.

“A member's share of the profits ("the patronage allocation") is based on the amount of business activity the member conducted with OneWorld in that year.

“The Board of Directors determines annually how the profit will be returned to members. The profit portion allocated to a member is called the patronage allocation. This allocation may be paid in cash, may be retained as investment in OneWorld in the members' name, or a combination of cash and retained investment."

The six new members are:

"Bevenco Inc., owned and managed by two brothers, Ted and Doug Beck, is located in Austin, TX. Established in 1983, it is a leading equipment leasing and financing company in the state of Texas with customers around the country.

"Lease-It Capital Corp. dba AccuLease, owned by Fred Ferrara, is located in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY. In its second decade of financing medical equipment, mission critical software and production equipment through vendor channels and end users, it also has a niche in financing turn-around credits within the Greater NYC area.

"Leasing Resources, Inc. of Wichita, KS is owned by Bill Mapes. LRI’s slogan is “We lease virtually anything with a serial number!” LRI finances agricultural equipment and is one of only a few certified experts in the valuation of farm equipment.

"Mantis Financial, LP is located in Austin, TX, and is run by Kip Amstutz. Mantis Financial’s ownership and staff have over 35 years experience in the banking and equipment leasing business.

"Target Equipment Leasing, Inc. is located in Farmington Hills, MI, a Detroit suburb. It has been in business for 23 years and serves national and local sales organizations with financing programs to assist their sales teams in closing more business. Linda Jolicoeur, the owner, has been in the industry for 30 years. The company finances most types of equipment and works in the $150,000.00 and under equipment market.

"TCCG, LLC dba The Cambridge Capital Group, managed collectively by Jaime A. Kaneshina, CLP, Mark Y. Askary, and Heather L. Wright, is located in Yorba Linda, CA. They are a national, full service, licensed, commercial finance lender that provides funding for business essential equipment and titled vehicles ranging from $10,000 to $15,000,000 in numerous industries for all credit profiles."

Here are the 2006 members:

Aaron Rios, AAW Capital Corp. dba Prolease, Newport Beach, CA
Chris Cooper, Alternative Capital, Orlando, FL
David Stearns, FujiFilm Financial Services, Algonquin, Illinois
Doug Mills, Central Leasing Corporation, Birmingham, AL
John Winchester, CLP, Communication Leasing, Inc. dba
Comco Equipment Leasing Group, Nashville, TN
Jack Harvey, Enterprise Financial Solutions, Little Rock, AR
Mike Parker, Florida National Leasing Corp., Fort Meyers, FL
Harry Fry, Harry Fry & Associates, West Newbury, MA
Marc Keepman, KLC Financial, Minnetonka, MN
Stan Ragley, Leasing Resources, Charlotte, NC
Richard Wilbur, Charter Capital, Scottsdale, AZ
Bud Callahan, National Equipment Leasing, Indianapolis, IN
Chris Chiappetta, National Machine Tool Finance ,
Elk Grove Village, IL
Lou Manitzas, OneSource Financial Corp., Austin, TX
Jay Coles, Select Equipment Leasing Co., Concord, CA
Jourdan Saegusa, Team Equipment Leasing, Austin, TX
Jim Borland, US Energy Capital Corporation, Conyers, GA

Here is a list of the 23 members provided by One World Leasing:

For further information, you may contact:

Ira Romoff, President (201-995-9594):

John Winchester, Chairman (615-366-1995):

Manager of Member Services:
David Floglesong (602-509-9922)

Barry S. Marks, Esq.



Leasing 102

by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Purchase Orders

An equipment Lease is a contract between the Lessor and the Lessee for the use of equipment over a defined period of time. A purchase order and a vendor’s invoice is a contract between the vendor and the Lessor for the purchase of the equipment. I am constantly amazed at Lessor’s who do not understand the importance of a purchase order.

A purchase order should clearly state the terms and conditions under which a Lessor is willing to pay for equipment requested by the Lessee. To begin with under federal income tax rules the lessor must pay 100% of the equipments hard cost. Therefore if the lessee made any down payment, or reduced the cost by a trade in, the vendor must return these funds to the lessee and only except a full payment from the lessor. A reimbursement to the lessee of these funds by the lessor will cloud the transfer of ownership and also leave open a sales tax question of a double sale.

A purchase order should contain the following statements:

1. This order is given in reliance on your assurance that lessee has selected the equipment described above and will accept the same on delivery. If lessee does not accept the equipment for any reason what-so-ever, we shall have no obligation here under, and you shall refund to us all sums (including taxes, transportation charges and other charges) paid for or on account of the equipment.

2. Title to the equipment shall pass from you directly to us and shall be free of all liens and encumbrances. You warrant that the equipment will comply with all warranties, agreements and representations made by you to lessee, and you agree that all warranties agreements and representations made by you (supply contract) to lessee or to us shall be fully enforceable by us and/or by lessee in its own name. You further warrant that you will comply with all federal, state, and local governmental and administrative regulations concerning safety, health, and occupational hazards which may be promulgated from time to time, and you further agree to hold us harmless from any loss you or we may occasion by your failure to so comply.

3. The total of the actual prices, taxes, transportation charges and other charges to be paid by us shall not differ from the total cost specified above. We shall have no obligation hereunder if said charges exceeds the "amount" authorized below.

4. You shall deliver the equipment to lessee at the address indicated above. Transportation charges, if any are shown above shall be prepaid and included in your invoice price.

5. Terms of Payments: Thirty (30) days after receipt of your invoice or your invoice date, which ever is later, but in no case before receipt from the lessee of an acceptable delivery and confirmed acceptance agreement.

6. This purchase order requires you to notify us of your date of delivery within twenty-four (24) hours after the lessee takes possession of the Equipment. If this notice is not given to us in the required time frame so that we may file the appropriate notices of ownership or liens then we shall have no requirement to pay for the equipment. If the Equipment has been delivered and Twenty (20) days has passed from that date then you must assign to us the proper Uniform Commercial Code lien filing in the appropriate jurisdiction or we will have no obligation to pay for the equipment.

7. This purchase order shall and only shall become a binding contract between us upon your written acceptance, or cashing our payment check, as indicated on the original or on a duplicate hereof.

8. No changes or modifications of any kind to this purchase order shall be effective with out our prior written approval.

These statements clear the air and set the stage for proper transfer of ownership/title and give the lessor grounds to refuse payment if the conditions are not meet. On rare occasion when substitute equipment changes occur at the last moment without notice to the lessor then grounds for legal action to recover losses from the vendor are possible.

A vendors invoice should always be checked to see that the invoice transfer ownership/title to the lessor upon payment and not to the lessee.

Always put a copy of these documents in your legal folder.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-327-8666.
He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:


### Press Release ###########################

New Year's Resolutions to Break

Silver Spring, MD - Americans are known for making New Year's Resolutions and then promptly breaking them. While others may be suggesting New Year's Resolutions that help consumers become financially fit, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) decided to take a tongue-in-cheek look at what not to do. The NFCC encourages consumers to feel free to break all of these resolutions.

  • Apply for every credit card offer you receive in the mail. (Makes your credit score lower.)
  • Charge everything, even those items that you could easily pay for with cash.
    (Runs up a large debt load.)
  • Don't open the monthly statements from your creditors in a timely manner. Instead, wait until it's convenient for you. (Equals late charges.)
  • Don't pay any attention to your credit card limit, just keep charging. (Results in over limit fees.)
  • Open store charge accounts simply because they'll give you 10 percent off of today's purchases. (These accounts usually carry a higher interest rate than a general-purpose card, and one more charge card is one more temptation to spend.)
  • Take advantage of all "buy now and pay later" offers, and then ignore the due dates. (The zero percent interest will probably skyrocket to double digits if you don't comply exactly with the fine print. Further, the interest will likely be applied all the way back to the date of purchase.)
  • Take out cash advances through your credit cards.
    (These are at a much higher interest rate than normal charges.)
  • Use the convenience checks that come in the mail.
    (They're a come-on to add to your debt load.)
  • Transfer balances to a new credit card with a low interest rate, and then charge, charge, charge. After all, it's a low rate, so what will it hurt? (The rate will likely go up in a few months. Then you'll owe the balance you originally transferred, plus all the new charges. You're worse off than when you started.)
  • File for bankruptcy. After all, your neighbor did this and lives like a king. (He's not telling you the whole story. What interest rate is he paying? Yes, you'll be extended credit after bankruptcy, but you'll pay for it.)
  • Buy a new car and finance it for the maximum number of months.
    (Your debt may outlive your car.)
  • Never save a dime. Hey, tomorrow will be better.
    (Tomorrow probably holds as many bumps in the road as today.)
    If you get in a bind, rely on money from payday loan companies.
    (Interest can range into the triple digits.)
  • Carry your Social Security card in your wallet. (This is the gateway to your identity and will be a real bonanza to the thief who steals your purse.)
  • Count on someone else to make your financial future secure.
    (There is little job loyalty, divorce is rampant, Social Security is uncertain, and baby boomers are the first generation to retire without a pension.)

Financial traps are more prevalent than New Year's Resolutions, and outlive most of them. Secure your financial future by avoiding all of these financial pitfalls. For professional help crafting a solid financial footing for 2008, consumers can contact an NFCC member agency online at or by calling (800) 388-2227.

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), founded in 1951, is the nation's largest and longest serving national nonprofit credit counseling organization. The NFCC's mission is to promote the national agenda for financially responsible behavior and build capacity for its members to deliver the highest quality financial education and counseling services. NFCC members annually help two million consumers through nearly 1,000 community-based offices nationwide. For free and affordable confidential advice through a reputable NFCC member, call 1-800-388-2227,
(en Español 1-800-682-9832) or visit


### Press Release ###########################

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How you could ride out a recession



Sports Briefs----

Falcons will select third in the 2008 draft

Teammates plan visit of Vick in prison

Redskins Find a Reason To Celebrate Their Season

Bears 7-9 Season,1,5569

Raiders lose 30-17, Chargers spoil Russell's first start

What's next for Patriots? Belichick waits to find out

Collins rallies Titans past Colts for playoff berth

49ers' Season Ends With a Thud



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New Year’s Eve
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Saint Sylvester’s Day
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1968--The bloodiest year of the war comes to an end. At year's end, 536,040 American servicemen were stationed in Vietnam, an increase of over 50,000 from 1967.
Estimates from Headquarters U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam indicated that 181,150 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese were killed during the year. However, Allied losses were also up: 27,915 South Vietnamese, 14,584 Americans (a 56 percent increase over 1967), and 979 South Koreans, Australians, New Zealanders, and Thais were reported killed during 1968. Since January 1961, more than 31,000 U.S. servicemen had been killed in Vietnam and over 200,000 U.S. personnel had been wounded


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    1775 - George Washington ordered recruiting officers to accept free blacks into the army.
    1781-The first modern bank in the US, the Bank of North America, was organized by Robert Morris and received its charter from the Confederation Congress. It began operations January 7,1982, at Philadelphia.
    1783 - Import of African slaves was banned by all of the Northern American states.
    1823- Birthday of William O. Cushing, American clergyman. He penned over 300 hymns, among them "When He Cometh," "Under His Wings" and "Hiding in Thee."
    1834-Pioneer medical doctor Mary Jane Safford birthday. She assisted "Mother" Mary Ann Bickerdyke nursing Union soldiers in the Civil War. She (as did the other women) actually went into battles waving a white Handkerchief on a stick to nurse the wounded while the fighting was still going on. The experience of saving lives set her on the way to a medical career.  She attended the New York Medical College for Women in 1869 and then went to Germany for advance training.    She became professor of women's diseases at the Boston University School of Medicine, a staff physician at a Boston hospital, and had an extensive private practice. She was the first woman to perform an ovariotomy, a very common operation in those days.
    1837 -Birthday of John R. Sweney, American sacred chorister. He composed over 1,000 gospel tunes, including SUNSHINE ("There is Sunshine in My Soul Today") and SWENEY ("More About Jesus Would I Know").
    1849-Population of San Francisco was estimated at 100,000 including 35,000 people who came by sea, 3000 sailors who deserted ships and 42,000 who came overland.
    1862-The Battle of Stones River (Murfeesboro) begins in central Tennessee. The armies struggled in the bitter cold for three days before the Union army, commanded by General William Rosecrans, defeated the Confederates under Braxton Bragg.
    1878- Elizabeth Arden (Florence Nightingale Graham) birthday - Canadian-born U.S. cosmetic entrepreneur. Raised in poverty after her mother died when she was a child, EA held menial jobs until she emigrated to New York City where she
learned basic beauty techniques at the opportune time: the new moving pictures which featured women wearing elaborate makeup that glamorized them would give impetuous to the female beauty business.  In 1908 with the loan of about $1,000 from her brother she opened a luxurious women's salon on Fifth Avenue in New York City that was an immediate success. She quickly branched into creating cosmetics and by 1915 she was selling her products internationally and was a millionaire.  In addition to her products, she operated more than 100 salons, health spas, etc., and became a noted racehorse owner who won the 1947 Kentucky Derby with Jet Pilot.  She was a leader in improving the safety of cosmetics. At her death at 88, she still owned every bit of stock in her enterprises which had seen annual sales of $60 million. Her companies were sold to Eli Lilly Company for lack of leadership after her death.

    1879- In the first public demonstration of his incandescent light bulb, American inventor Thomas Alva Edison lights up a street in Menlo Park, New Jersey. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company ran special trains to Menlo Park on the day of the demonstration in response to public enthusiasm over the event.
Although the first incandescent lamp had been produced 40 years earlier, no inventor had been able to come up with a practical design until Edison embraced the challenge in the late 1870s. After countless tests, he developed a high-resistance carbon-thread filament that burned steadily for hours and an electric generator sophisticated enough to power a large lighting system. in 1877 he stumbled on one of his great inventions--the phonograph--while working on a way to record telephone communication. Public demonstrations of the phonograph made the Yankee inventor world famous, and he was dubbed the "Wizard of Menlo Park." Although the discovery of a way to record and play back sound ensured him a place in the annals of history, the phonograph was only the first of several Edison creations that would transform late 19th-century life. Among other notable inventions, Edison and his assistants developed the first practical incandescent light bulb in 1879 and a forerunner of the movie camera and projector in the late 1880s. In 1887, he opened the world's first industrial research laboratory at West Orange, where he employed dozens of workers to investigate systematically a given subject. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the modern industrial world came from his work in electricity. He developed a complete electrical distribution system for light and power, set up the world's first power plant in New York City, and invented the alkaline battery, the first electric railroad, and a host of other inventions that laid the basis for the modern electrical world. One of the most prolific inventors in history, he continued to work into his 80s and acquired 1,093 patents in his lifetime. He died in 1931 at the age of 84.
    1880- Chairman of the newly formed Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee throughout the US’s involvement in WWII, General George Marshall was born at Uniontown, PA. He accompanied Roosevelt or represented the US at most Allied war conferences. He served as secretary of state and was designer
    1887 (Ida) Frances Steloff birthday - U.S. founder of the legendary Gotham Book Mart. FS Helped launch the works of Henry Miller, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Anais Nin, Ezra Pound and e.e.cummings. “Died April 18,1969

    1905-Birthday of composer Jule Styne, London, England
    1908 trumpet player Jonah Jones born Louisville, Kentucky
    1908-Birthday of bass player John Kirby, Baltimore, MD

    1922- Vigilantes begin a weeklong attack on the black residents of Rosewood, Florida, burning down the town and effectively wiping it off the maps. The racially motivated destruction of Rosewood was so thorough and complete that knowledge of the episode nearly disappeared along with the town. However, families of the survivors managed to keep the memory alive and eventually won some small compensation from the state of Florida in 1994. In 1922, there were 30 households and about 200 residents in Rosewood-virtually all of whom were black. The fact that the town was slightly more prosperous then some of the neighboring white communities may have contributed to the tension and jealousy between white and black area residents. The Rosewood incident started as a hunt for escaped convict Jesse Hunter, who was believed to be responsible for the rape of an area white woman. Although there was no evidence that Hunter had any connection to the town of Rosewood, an angry mob of white men began a house-by-house search in that community. Residents first tried to defend themselves, but the threatening mob, with as many as 600 armed participants, far outnumbered them. The hunt for the rapist quickly escalated into violent attacks on the people of Rosewood, in which men were killed and women were raped. Although there is not an exact tally of the deaths resulting from the Rosewood riots, reports range from 6 to 120. Many community residents survived by hiding in the surrounding swamps until the attacks ended. The incident was reported and condemned by progressive newspapers at the time, but it was largely forgotten, because the destroyed town of Rosewood was never rebuilt and in essence disappeared from the maps. Yet the persistence of the survivors-some of whom were small children at the time of the attack-finally brought the matter to the attention of the Florida legislature in 1994. The state agreed to compensate 172 survivors and their families a total of $1.85 million because law enforcement officials had done nothing to stop the riots. .
    1929- Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians made their first annual New Year's Eve broadcast over the C-B-S network from the Roosevelt Grill in New York City. The New Year's Eve radio, and later television, programs by Lombardo became a holiday tradition. The band's rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" became familiar to millions.
    1930-Birthday of singer/guitarist Odetta, Birmingham,AL
    1931-Birthday of sax player Gil Melle, Riverside, CA.,,467115,00.html?artist=Gil+Melle
    1938- Drummer Buddy Rich joins the Artie Shaw Band.
    1943- Dinah Washington, 19, first records with the Lionel Hampton Band, Keynote label.
    1943- John Denver, born Henry John Deutschendorf at Roswell, NM, this singer-songwriter (“Rocky Mountain High,” “Sunshine on My Shoulder”) died in a plane crash off the coast of Big Sur, California, Oct 12, 1997.
    1944---Top Hits
Don’t Fence Me In - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
There Goes that Song Again - Russ Morgan
I’m Making Believe - Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots
I’m Waistin’ My Tears on You - Tex Ritter
    1946-The state of hostilities was officially ended by President Truman, who reminded the nation that a state of war still existed and that the state of emergency proclaimed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt was not yet rescinded. May 8, 1945 was V-E Day, victory in Europe, and August 15,1945 was V-J Day, Victory over Japan. However, the allies did not officially end the war until September, 1990, when all disputes over land, rights, and other agreements were finalized.
    1947-- Canadian rock star Burton Cummings, was born in Winnipeg. Cummings was the lead singer of the Guess Who during the 1960s and early '70s, when they had such million-selling hits as "These Eyes," "Laughing" and "Undun." He had joined the group in 1965, shortly after they had had their first hit, "Shakin' All Over." When the Guess Who disbanded in 1975, Cummings began a succesful solo career. His singles "Stand Tall" and "I'm Scared" were hits in both Canada and the U-S, and in both 1977 and '79 he received the Juno Award for top male vocalist.
    1948- Russell Long of Louisiana was elected Senator on November 2, 1948, and sworn in on this date in 1948 to fill a seat that had been occupied by his father and his mother, for the term expiring January 2, 1951. He was to become a powerhouse of the senate. His father, Huey Pierce Long, the boss of the Democratic party machine in Louisiana, was elected on November 4, 1930, and took the oath of office of January 25, 1932. He was assassinated in 1935 in a hail
of gunfire, some believe killed by the ricochet of one of his own body guards. Rose McConnel Long, wife of Huey Long and mother of Russell Long, was appointed on January 31, 1936, to fill the seat left vacant by assassination. She served until January 2, 1937.
    1948-Birthday of Donna Summer ( LaDonna Andrea Gains), singer (“Bad Girls”), born Boston, MA. In her day, she was the hottest popular female vocalist setting the disco beat.
    1952---Top Hits
Why Don’t You Believe Me - Joni James
Because You’re Mine - Mario Lanza
Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Perry Como
Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Skeets McDonald
    1955 - General Motors became the first U.S. corporation to earn more than one billion dollars in a single year. The company’s annual report to stockholders listed a net income of $1,189,477,082 in revenues.
    1960---Top Hits
Are You Lonesome To-night? - Elvis Presley
Wonderland by Night - Bert Kaempfert
Exodus - Ferrante & Teicher
Wings of a Dove - Ferlin Husky
    1961 - After playing California nightclubs as The Pendletones, Kenny and the Cadets, and Carl and the Passions, among other names, a new group emerged: The Beach Boys played their first concert under that name at the Richie Valens Memorial Centre in Long Beach, California. . The group’s first national hit, "Surfin’ Safari", was soon to be. They recorded for local (Los Angeles) Colpix Records and at the height of their popularity, Capitol Records. The Beach Boys also recorded awhile under the Reprise Records banner. My friend Bruce Johnson, who played for my “big band,” also played piano for this group. I played substitute a few times for high school graduations in the desert community, where I drove once or twice, too. The Beach Boys were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.
    1961- the first football game to gross $1 million was played on December 31,
    1961- The Green Bay Packers defeated the New York Giants 37-0 for the National Football League Championship at City Stadium, Green Bay, Wi. There were 39l,029 spectators, and the paid attendance amounted to $1,013.792. Each of the Packers received $5,195 and each of the Giants, $3,340. The packers scored two touchdowns, three field goals, and four conversions.
    1962 - Governor Edmund G. Brown, of California, announced that his state was now the most populous of the 50 United States. New York’s governor, Nelson Rockefeller, disagreed and refused to concede.
    1962 - Perhaps the worst blizzard in the history of the state of Maine finally came to an end. The storm produced 40 inches in 24 hours at Orono, and a total of 46 inches at Ripogenus Dam. Gale force winds produced snow drifts twenty feet high around Bangor. A disastrous icestorm was over Georgia and South Carolina. It ravaged the two states for days causing more than seven million dollars damage.
    1967- Playing in a wind chill of 40 degrees below zero, the Green Bay Packers won the National Football League championship game by defeating Tom Landry’s Dallas Cowboys, 21-17. The game, played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin was called the Ice Bowl. During the game, the whistles of the referees actually froze to their lips. It turned out to be the coldest championship game ever.
Packers quarterback Bart Starr scored the winning touchdown on a quarterback sneak with 13 seconds left to play.
    1968--The bloodiest year of the war comes to an end. At year's end, 536,040 American servicemen were stationed in Vietnam, an increase of over 50,000 from 1967.
Estimates from Headquarters U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam indicated that 181,150 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese were killed during the year. However, Allied losses were also up: 27,915 South Vietnamese, 14,584 Americans (a 56 percent increase over 1967), and 979 South Koreans, Australians, New Zealanders, and Thais were reported killed during 1968. Since January 1961, more than 31,000 U.S. servicemen had been killed in Vietnam and over 200,000 U.S. personnel had been wounded
    1968---Top Hits
I Heard It Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
For Once in My Life - Stevie Wonder
Stormy - Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost
Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell
    1969- Jimi Hendrix's new band debuts
Jimi Hendrix's new group, the Band of Gypsies, debuts with its first album, Band of Gypsies. Hendrix's former band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, had dissolved after several productive years together.Hendrix was born in Seattle in 1942. He grew up playing guitar, imitating blues greats like Muddy Waters as well as early rockers. He joined the army in 1959 and became a paratrooper but was honorably discharged in 1961 after an injury, which exempted him from duty in Vietnam. In the early 1960s, Hendrix worked as a pickup guitarist, backing up musicians including Little Richard, B.B. King, Ike and Tina Turner, and Sam Cooke. He moved to New York in 1964 and played in coffeehouses, where bassist Bryan Chandler of the British group the Animals heard him. Chandler arranged to manage Hendrix and in 1966 brought him to London, where they created the Jimi Hendrix Experience with bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell. The band's first single, "Hey Joe," hit No. 6 on the British pop charts, and the band became an instant sensation. In 1967, the Jimi Hendrix Experience made its first U.S. appearance, at the Monterey Pop Festival. Hendrix made a splash by burning his guitar and was quickly established as a rock superstar. In the next two years, before the band broke up in 1969, it had released such classic songs as "Purple Haze," "Foxy Lady," and "The Wind Cries Mary." The band's albums included Are You Experienced? (1967), Bold as Love (1969), and Electric Ladyland (1969).
After the band dissolved over creative tensions, Hendrix made his famous appearance at Woodstock, playing a masterful, intricate version of "The Star Spangled Banner." Later that year, he put together a new group called the Band of Gypsies, which debuted on New Year's Eve in 1969. The band put out only one album, Band of Gypsies (1969). (A second album, Band of Gypsies II, was released in 1986.) Hendrix then recorded another album, without the band, called The Cry of Love, released in 1971. Hendrix played his last concert in August 1970, at the Isle of Wight Festival in Britain. He died in London in September 1970, having choked on his own vomit following a drug overdose. He was 28 years old when he died.
    1973- Kiss, whose flash-and-thrash stage shows would influence two decades of heavy metal bands, made their debut at the Academy of Music in New York. They shared the bill with Blue Oyster Cult, Iggy Pop and Teenage Lust. Kiss members Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss were as famous for their painted faces and spandex costumes as they were for their music, at least in the beginning.
    1974- Mick Fleetwood telephoned Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham and invited them to join Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood became interested in the duo after producer Keith Olsen played him an album that Nicks and Buckingham had recorded at Olsen's studio. Nicks and Buckingham completed the lineup that would record the four-million-selling "Fleetwood Mac" album in 1975 and the 15-million-selling "Rumours" two years later.
    1976-the Cars played their first show, in New Hampshire. The new wave group would not release its first album until 1978. It would sell a million copies.
    1976---Top Hits
Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright) - Rod Stewart
You Don’t Have to Be a Star (To Be in My Show) - Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
Sweet Dreams - Emmylou Harris
    1978-Bill Graham’s Winterland closes with the Grateful Dead
    1979- The gradual U.S. withdrawal from the conflict in Southeast Asia is reflected in reduced annual casualty figures. The number of Americans killed in action dropped to 1,386 from the previous year total of 4,204. South Vietnam losses for the year totaled 21,500 men, while the combined Viet Cong and North Vietnamese total was estimated at 97,000 killed in action.
After 10 years of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, a total of 45,627 American soldiers had been killed. The U.S. troop levels, which started the year at 280,000, were down to 159,000. This troop reduction was a direct result of the shifting American goal for the Vietnam War-no longer attempting a military victory, the U.S. was trying to gracefully extricate itself from the situation by transferring responsibility for the war to the South Vietnamese.
    1982- Little Steven Van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band married Maureen Santora in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Springsteen was best man, and Little Richard performed the ceremony. Richard and Percy Sledge performed Sledge's hit "When a Man Loves a Woman" at the reception.
    1984---Top Hits
Like a Virgin - Madonna
The Wild Boys - Duran Duran
Sea of Love - The Honeydrippers
Why Not Me - The Judds
    1985 - Over 54,500 people played kazoos in downtown Rochester, New York. It got the crowd listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for ‘Most Kazoo-ers’.
    1986 - The State of Florida passed Illinois to become the fifth most populous state in the country. In the lead: California, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania.
    1986- Model Donna Rice met Senator Gary Hart for the first time at a party given by singer Don Henley, formerly of the Eagles. Henley says he didn't actually introduce the two because he was busy cooking. The scandal of the married Hart's relationship with Rice would cause the senator to withdraw from the race to be the Democratic presidential candidate in 1988.
    1989 - The year and decade ended on a soggy note in the eastern U.S. Thunderstorm rains pushed precipitation totals for the year to 88.32 inches at Baton Rouge, and to 75.37 inches at Huntsville AL, establishing all-time records for those two locations. Dry weather continued in California. Sacramento and San Francisco finished the month without any rain or snow, and Santa Maria reported their driest year of record with just 3.30 inches of precipitation.
    1990-The Sci-Fi Channel on cable TV begins transmitting
    1993- Barbra Streisand performed her first paid concert in 22 years -- the first of two shows at the M-G-M Grand Garden in Las Vegas. The concert was delayed for more than an hour because the audience had to pass through metal detectors. There were reports Streisand earned more than 20-million dollars for the two shows. Tickets -- priced from 50- to one-thousand-dollars each -- sold out within hours. Streisand had said she quit peforming because she became shy and scared she would forget the words to her songs. Fourteen TelePrompters helped her overcome that fear during the Vegas shows.
    1997 - In an attempt to nudge its Microsoft Network into a more competitive position (vs. America Online), Microsoft announced the purchase of Hotmail, the free Web-based e-mail service.
    1997 - Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy retired after 11 years and four consecutive Super Bowl appearances. His 123 victories with the Bills are a team record. He led the Bills to eight postseason appearances and five conference championship games, winning four.
    1999-Panama assumes control of canal: With the expiration of the Panama Canal Treat of 1979 at noon, the Republic of Panama assumed full responsibility of the canal and the US Panama Canal Commission ceased to exist.
    1999-The world waited with great fear to see if Y2 would cause havoc and destruction. A lot of computer makers, software developers, and consultants made a lot of money as the world moved from DOS to Windows forever.



Football Poem

“A champion is one who gets up when he can't.”
Jack Dempsey

“Take pride in how far you have come; have faith in how far you can go.”
“Tough times don't last, tough people do.”

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you think you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
it's almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you've lost.
For out in the world you'll find,
success begins with a fellow's will.
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you're outclassed, you are
You've got to think high to rise.
You've got to be sure of yourself,
before you can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go,
to the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later the man who wins,
is the man who thinks he can.





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