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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Today's Leasing News Headlines

Article Repeated/Did Not Open in Early News Edition
   No Longer Taking Broker/Discounting Business
Amur Equipment Finance
  Acquired by Pimco’s Private Equity Group?
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
  and Related Industries
Experienced Sales Professionals Wanted
   $10,000 Starting Bonus
Five Easy Tips to Climb Search Rankings – Part 1
   FinTech #102 by Alex Vasilakos
The History of Portable Music, Walkman Anniversary
    Illustration--Launch Date of selected Milestone Portable Music
CLFP Academy Classes for Lease & Finance Professionals
     Attendance Update
At China's Expenses,  U.S. Imports from Vietnam Surge
  Changes in U.S. Goods Imports from its Top Import Partners
PayNet Launches Financial Statement Report™
    to Improve SME Lending Experience and Outcomes
Interest rates on bank deposits are declining
   after 5 years of growth
Fourth of July Movies: Drums Along the Mohawk,
 The Sandlot/Courage Under Fire/Miracle/Hidden Figures
   Available on Netflix, Reviews by Leasing News Fernando Croce
Newfoundland Dog & Cattle Dog Mix
   Kearney, Nebraska   Adopt a Dog
Classified Ads --Services
   (Providing Services and Products)
News Briefs---
U.S. Proposes New Tariffs on $4 Billion of E.U. Goods
   as Trade Dispute Grows
US Factory Gauge Drops Less Than Forecast But Orders Stall
   the weakest level since October 2016
Major Kentucky coal producer declares bankruptcy
   1,100 jobs at risk in three states
Which Countries Own the Most U.S. Debt?
  US federal debt currently sits at $22 trillion
Ritchie Bros. sells US$93+ million of equipment
   in its largest-ever two-day auction
Tesla delivers record number of electric cars in quarter
   shares up 8%
Arizona governor yanks Nike incentives
   after it pulls flag-themed sneaker

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Article Repeated
Did Not Open in Early News Edition

No Longer Taking Broker/Discounting Business
Plus Leasing Companies Out of Business - Updated


Amur Equipment Finance
Acquired by Pimco’s Private Equity Group?

By Christopher Menkin

The spokesperson for Amur Equipment Finance, Grand Island, Nebraska, would make no comment regarding Leasing News being told by a well-informed source that the company was acquired by PIMCO's private equity group. Communication to news media personnel at PIMCO was not returned.

Leasing News learned that senior members of Amur were told the sale was completed after two months of negotiations. It was assumed the note with Pine River was the hold up, but this was resolved with all parties agreeing, Leasing News was told. This basically was not an official confirmation of the sale.

Leasing News was told this week by a well-known and very reputable source, the White Plains office "... is being shuttered soon leaving the future of the ‘senior’ folks in that office in the air.” Another well-informed source confirmed the allegation and, due to knowing both sources well, it is repeated here. Perhaps the non-disclosure revolves around litigation between Pine River and Mostafiz ShahMohammed, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, over alleged misappropriation of funds from Amur IV to his management company.

Jacklynn F. Manning, CLFP, Amur Equipment Finance Vice President, Marketing, replied, "We are expanding in both locations, Grand Island and White Plains, the business is doing very well. Thanks for reaching out."

The facts remain, Pine River loaned Amur $167 million in 2013. (1) The loan document package is ridiculously complicated with numerous special purpose entities and various distribution scenarios for the revenue associated with the equipment leases.  It is far too complicated to explain here, other than to say Amur was alleged to have siphoned off revenue to which Pine River was entitled. (2)

Leasing News has been following the case (3), including the report that the company bought a building in Grand Island to move at the end of this year to the former Wells Fargo building. (4)

It should be noted that Amur Equipment Finance has 15 Certified Lease and Finance Professionals.  (5) Amur Equipment Finance in May, 2019, was advanced to 5th place in Monitor Magazine's Top Private Independent Rankings. (6)

(1)Pine River vs. Amur Finance case

(2) Delaware Appeals Court Affirms Judgment
           in Amur Finance Case
  By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor

(3) The Inside on What is Going On
            at Amur Financial Group
  By Christopher Menkin, Editor

(4) reported, “Amur Equipment Finance completed a deal to purchase the former Wells Fargo banking office at 304 W. Third St. The company plans to move in late next year, after a renovation. The new main office will be about one block southwest of the current facility...Amur Equipment Finance is currently leasing its offices, which occupy four stories."




New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
and Related Industries

Gene DiStefano was hired as National Finance Sales Manager, Us, at Alliance Laundry Systems, LLC., Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area. Previously, he was Vice President, Equipment Finance Business Banking, Wells Fargo (2017 -2019); Healthcare, Construction, and Industrial Equipment Finance, CIT (2012 - 2016); Healthcare Financial Services Sales Executive, KARl STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. (2010 - 2012); Healthcare Finance Manager, Olympus Corporation of the Americas (2007 - 2010); Healthcare Finance Specialist, Middle Ticket, Philips (1999 - 2007); Healthcare Program Manager, DLL (1999 - 2007); Major Account Executive, Vendor Financial Services, Advanta (1995 - 1999); Credit Analyst, Checkpoint Systems (1993 - 1995); Petty Officer, US Navy (1983 - 1987).  Volunteer: Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Esturaine Reserve  (March, 2016 - Present). Volunteer, Beaches Habitat for Humanity (February, 2018 - Present).  Education: Widener University. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Jonathan Shust is now Vice President, Equipment Management, Pacific Western Bank, Los Angeles, California. He joined Capital Source, a lending division of PacWest Bank, June, 2013, which was acquired by Pacific Western Bank. He is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He joined CIT Equipment Finance as Equipment Analyst, 2000; promoted 2008 as AVP, Asset Management; promoted September, 2010, Vice President, Asset Management. Certifications: Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) Machinery and Technical Specialties, Machinery and Equipment. Certified. Education: University of St .France. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Accounting and Finance. Activities and Societies: Delta Mu Delta. International Honor Society in Business.

Jeff Whitcomb was promoted to Equipment Leasing and Finance Exert, Leading Global Bank.  He joined the firm January, 2018, as Account Representative. He is located in Huntington Beach, California.  Previously, he was Executive Director, Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing Company (May, 2014 - September, 2017); EVP & Director of Sales, AMP Americas, LLC (May, 2012 - MAY, 2014); Vice President, Peoples Capital & Leasing Corp. (MAY, 2009 - May, 2012); VP, Director of New Business Development, De Lage Landen Financial Services (April, 2006 - December, 2008); VP Sales, eMarket Capital (January, 2000 - April, 2006); Consultant, Cambridge Technology (1995 - 1999); Director, MCS Consulting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (1996 - 1998); Senior Analyst, The Thomson Corporation (1995 - 1998); Analyst, Thomson (1995 - 1997). Volunteer: Home Construction Volunteer through Gary United Methodist, Habitat for Humanity. Volunteer on Guatemala Mission Project, Fundanimos Orphanage, Gary United Methodist Church (July, 2015); Chairman, Annual Golf Outing to Support Jr./Sr. High Mission Trip. Gary University Methodist Church (August, 2013) (I organized the church golf outing and fundraising activities for 96 golfers and raised $10,000 annually for a three year period to send about 20 of our youth to mission projects in West Virginia, Louisiana and Southern Illinois). Licenses & Certifications: Certificate of Commercial French Language.  Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CCIP. (Issued May, 1990, No Expiration Date). Education: MBA, Finance, Russian, Economics (1991 - 1992). Activities and Societies: Founder, President, International Investment Club Bank member, Foes Amie Rock Band. Bucknell University. BSBA, Management, French, International Relations. (1997 - 1991). Activities and Societies: Crew, Ice Hockey, Kapa Delta Rho Fraternity (funder, Treasurer). Bucknell en France.


Help Wanted Ads



Five Easy Tips to Climb Search Rankings – Part 1

FinTech #102 by Alex Vasilakos

We’ve compiled five easy tips that businesses can use to climb search rankings with speed. We aren’t saying that you’ll appear at the top of the search results in a couple days, but we do guarantee that using these tips will help a business climb search rankings on all major search engines over time. Persistence and patience are key factors in search engine optimization, and while it won’t happen overnight, keeping these best practices top of mind will help your content rank.

Tip 1: keyword planning

It all starts with keyword planning

Businesses with great content on their websites tend to appear at the top of the search results and great content has a focus on keywords. Before a webpage is created, your business must first determine what word or words you want to rank for. Keyword planning is not simple, especially for businesses that don’t understand how to plan. Your business cannot simply pick a word, type it a bunch of times and cross your fingers to appear at the top of Google search rankings.

Search engines are not fooled by this. Keyword density is important, but it’s not the only thing that the search algorithms consider when ranking pages in search results, especially with new progress with Google’s RankBrain. There are many factors that affect local search, and it’s important to dominate the ones you have control of to move into the coveted Snack Pack.

Make target keywords niche, targeted and relevant
When keyword planning, be sure to use niche words and target keywords that are relevant enough to get your business appearing in front of the right people online. If your local company wants to appear to the right local audience, you must be sure to be specific to your community. A local equipment finance company is going to have a hard time appearing for the keyword “equipment financing.” It’s not impossible, but it’s difficult for local companies to appear in the top few results for broad focused keywords. There is a much better chance to appear at the top of the search results if the keywords are narrowed down.

Keyword planning example
For example, an equipment finance company in Houston, Texas wants to appear in front of local customers who may have an equipment financing needs. They’d be much more successful aiming to rank for “equipment financing options Houston Texas” rather than the word “equipment financing options.”


Tip 2: strengthen meta descriptions

Meta descriptions should contain your keywords

A meta description is a small description of what your webpage contains; it’s basically a summary of your business’s webpage in ~160 characters. These too must have a focus on keywords, and for smaller businesses such as local equipment finance companies, it’s important to have the right keywords in the meta description.

Meta description example
To keep this example consistent, “equipment financing options Houston Texas” was set as the Google search terms to see which businesses appear in the search results. It’s always a good idea to look at the business that appears first, see how they are doing it, and try to better their meta description.

Help guide customers from page to page
Proper meta descriptions not only help in search result rankings, but they also give your prospective customers a summary of exactly what they may be looking for. Customers want it easy, they don’t want to spend a long time browsing for equipment financing companies—they want to find answers easily and the solutions fast.

Tip 3: be unique

Search engine bots search for unique content

It’s tough for your business to be unique from the fifty other local companies that compete in your company’s industry. However, the content on your business’s website should aim to be unique and somewhat different from the rest in order to stand out in the search rankings. The reason being that Google and other search engines search for original content when their bots are crawling sites. This means every site in a specific industry that has similar webpage copy will likely blend in, and the bots won’t declare those pages as original or unique. Don’t expect a local business page to appear high on the search rankings if it sounds exactly like every other local business page!

(Part II in the next news edition)

Alex Vasilakos
Director of Marketing
The Finance Marketing Group 
Office: 518-591-4645x102 / Fax: 518-677-1071
90 State Street, Suite 1500, Albany, NY 12207

Currently, Alex works exclusively with financial services companies but his depth of knowledge and experience can help design and implement long-reaching strategies for businesses across all industries.

Previous Financial Technology Articles


When Sony introduced the first Walkman in 1979, the portable, if clunky, cassette player was a total gamechanger. It freed music lovers around the world from the shackles of only being able to listen to their favorite tunes at home or while driving a car and brought music everywhere. Much to the disdain of some people that saw the Walkman as “a potent symbol of an antisocial electronic future” and “worried about the fate of humanity.”

40 years later, people are used to listening to music (or podcasts – welcome to the 21st century) wherever they go. Critics of recent innovations such as Apple’s AirPods bring forward the same arguments as ever, claiming that listening to music while roaming the earth is in fact antisocial, dangerous and overall obnoxious.

Thanks to smartphones, streaming services and wireless headphones, music is now more portable than ever. The following chart shows several milestones on the journey that started with the first Walkman in 1979 and seems to be nearly completed in 2019: the total liberation of music.

By Felix Richter, Statista




CLFP Academy Classes for Lease & Finance Professionals
     Attendance Update

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the equipment finance industry. There are currently 766 active Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals (ALFP) is a three-day event designed to fully prepare an individual to sit for the CLFP exam assuming the attendee has read and studied The Certified Lease & Finance Professionals’ Handbook prior to attending.

On the first two days, all of the required sections of the CLFP exam are covered in-depth. On the third day, the exam is offered, but not mandatory.

September 26, 2019
Hosted by International
Decision Systems (IDS)
8:00AM (UTC-06:00)
Ends: Saturday, September 28
5PM (UTC-) 6:00
Location: TBD, Minneapolis, MN
Spaces Left: 6
Registered: 23 registrants

November 14, 2019
Hosted by Odessa
Start: Thursday, November 14
8:00AM (EST)
End: Saturday, November 16
4:00Pm (EST)
Location: Two Liberty Place, 50 S. 16th St.,
Suite 2300, Philadelphia, PA 19102
 (For clarity on ease of access, entrance is
 on 16th Street between Chestnut
and Market Streets)
Spaces Left: 1
Registered: 28 Registrants

Hotels (with Odessa corporate rate):
The Windsor Suite, 1700 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Corporate Rate of $149/night
For reservations call (215) 207-9942 or email and let them know you would like the Odessa Technologies, Inc. rate.

Cambria Hotel & Suites - Philadelphia Downtown Center City, 219 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Corporate Rate of $149/night

For reservations: Call the Cambria hotel and Suites at 800-4CHOICE or the hotel directly at
215-732-5500 and ask for the Odessa Technologies, Inc. rate.
Book directly online at and use the code LODESS

Recommended Hotels (without corporate rate):
The Westin, 99 South 17th Street at Liberty Place, Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 563-1600

Club Quarters, 1628 Chestnut St (at 17th Street), Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 282-5000

Dress code:
Business casual - jeans okay!
For more information, please contact Reid Raykovich, CLFP at:

(For use if you take the CLFP Exam in 2020, use sixth edition if taking the test this year)

The Handbook is available for purchase through the Foundation’s website and also through Amazon.  The 2019 CLFP Exam will continue to be based on the Sixth Edition of the Handbook, and in 2020, the Exam will be updated to reflect the new content.


As the trade war between the United States and China drags on, U.S. companies are weighing other options to avoid the tariffs currently levied on goods sourced from China. Last week, the Nikkei Asian Review cited anonymous sources saying that Apple is considering moving up to 30 percent of iPhone production out of China, with India and Vietnam the top candidates to help Apple diversify its supply chain.

Apple isn’t alone in its efforts to reduce its dependency on Chinese imports, as U.S. import data for the first four months of 2019 shows. Imports from Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea surged 38.4, 22.1 and 17.1 percent, respectively, compared to the same period of last year, while imports from China dropped by 12.8 percent year-over-year. Vietnam in particular has been profiting from the trade dispute as it supplies many of the goods that are typically imported from China and are now hit by tariffs.

According to data from the United States International Trade Commission, cited by the Financial Times, U.S. imports of mobile phones from Vietnam more than doubled in the first four months of 2019 compared to the same period of last year, while computer imports rose by 79 percent. Footwear, textiles and furniture from Vietnam also saw a boost in demand from the U.S., as did fish, which was typically processed in China for consumption in the United States before the tariffs were introduced.

The steep increase in U.S. imports from Vietnam has seen the Southeast Asian economy leapfrog several countries to become the eighth largest import partner for the United States in the first four months of 2019. Last year, Vietnam was only ranked 12th in that respect, trailing Ireland, Italy, India and France, all of which it has (so far) surpassed this year. The following chart ranks the United States’ top-15 import partners based on the change in U.S. goods imports from the respective country from January through April 2019 vs. the same period of 2018.

By Felix Richer, Statista



##### Press Release ############################

PayNet Launches Financial Statement Report™
to Improve SME Lending Experience and Outcomes

One Click Technology Automates Financial Sharing Between Lenders and Borrowers for Faster, Easier Small Business Loans


PayNet, an Equifax company that provides credit and analytics on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has launched the PayNet Financial Statement Report™ (FSR). With a single click, financial institutions can use FSR to collect financial data from applicants to accelerate decision time and increase loans to small businesses.

PayNet’s FSR was developed to solve the outdated process of lenders manually gathering, sharing and analyzing applicants’ financial statements. FSR connects to more than 80% of all SME accounting platforms, including QuickBooks and Microsoft Solutions, to allow borrowers to securely and seamlessly share financial documents with lenders. The time saved by using FSR’s digital capabilities means easier, faster, more confident credit decisioning for financial institutions.

William Phelan, SVP and General Manager at PayNet, said, “Lenders lose hours manually tracking down and reviewing financial statement data. This results in delays, a poor customer experience, and inefficiencies that negatively impact the bottom lines of lenders and borrowers.

 “With the FSR, a single click saves lenders time and gets much needed capital to small businesses faster, while providing a clearer picture of risk.”

Utilizing automated lending processes also provides more reliable financial data by eliminating input errors, removing bias, and standardizing data quality protocols. FSR data is encrypted, housed in the cloud, and governed by borrower’s consent.

The traditional credit underwriting process can take up to 30 days and 99 hours of work to process — making loans under $500,000 generally unprofitable and unreliable. “We are committed to developing new digital lending solutions that close the small business credit gap,” added Phelan. “Main Street companies are starving for capital. FSR opens the door for more applicants and more profitable loans, a win-win for lenders and local businesses.”

Additional information on FSR is available on PayNet’s website. A replay of PayNet’s latest Digital Lending and the US Economy Webinar is also available by visiting

About PayNet
PayNet, Inc., an Equifax company, is the leading provider of credit ratings on small businesses enabling lenders to manage credit risk, grow earning assets and operate credit processes at a lower cost. PayNet maintains the largest proprietary database of small business loans, leases and lines of credit encompassing over 24 million contracts worth over $1.6 Trillion. Using state-of-the-art analytics, PayNet converts raw data into real-time marketing intelligence and predictive information that subscribing lenders use to make informed small business financial decisions and improve their business strategy. For more information, visit


#### Press Release ##############################

Interest rates on bank deposits are declining
after 5 years of growth

SAN FRANCISCO - For the first time in 5 years, rates of certificates of deposits (CDs) reversed course and are declining. This is a reversal of a rising-rate trend that started in June of 2014 and lasted until now. The last time deposit rates started declining, as they are now, was 12 years ago on the eve of the Great Recession in July of 2007.

The main driver behind the decline in CD rates is the growing probability of a Fed rate cut in the second half of this year. Banks and credit unions are lowering interest rates on CDs in order to reduce their risk and exposure to shrinking net interest margins once the Fed cuts the Funds rate and loan rates start to decline.Net interest margin is the difference between the interest rate you pay on loans and the interest rate banks pay you on deposits.

The decrease in interest rates on CDs is going to impact fixed-income savers, such as retirees, who like the safety and predictability of certificate of deposits despite their relative low interest rates, compare to investments that carry some risk. Risk-averse people, such as retirees, prefer the 5-year CD, which offers the highest interest rate of all deposit types.

In June of 2014, the national average of the 5-year CD was only 0.75 percent and it increased to 1.28 percent after 5 years. However, in some markets the rate of the 5-year CD is twice as high as the national average. As of June of this year, the national average rate for the 5-year CD has declined to 1.21 percent according to data from the FDIC.

About Analyticom
Analyticom is a behavioral economics firm dedicated to providing banking executives with financial foresight. Analyticom provides the banking industry with advanced analytics and scientific models that forecast the impact of behavioral economics on banking products. The mission of Analyticom is to provide banking executives with scientific modeling for decision making.

About Dr. Dan Geller
Dr. Dan Geller is a behavioral economist who pioneered the research and application of behavioral economics to the banking services. Through his research firm, Analyticom, Dr. Geller provides banking executives with scientific forecasting and pricing models enabling them to improve financial performance. Dr. Geller is a frequent speaker and media guest. He appeared on national TV and radio, such as CNBC and Fox, and delivered the keynote address at the American Banker's Symposium. He is the author of the groundbreaking book on the impact of Money Anxiety on the economy.

### Press Release ############################


Fernando's View:
Special July 4th Edition
By Fernando F. Croce

With the Fourth of July just ahead, we at Leasing News are proud to recommend five red, white and blue movies (available at Netflix) that are sure to get audiences laughing, cheering, and saluting.

Drums Along the Mohawk (John Ford, 1939): Though often classified as a director of Westerns, John Ford (“The Grapes of Wrath,” “The Searchers”) is more accurately described as a chronicler of U.S. history. In this rather underrated 1939 feature (his first in color), Ford turns his gaze to the American Revolution, with the focus on a small settlement in New York. Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert stars as Gilbert and Lana, a newlywed couple struggling to keep a farm in the volatile year of 1776. As time passes, they befriend other settlers and brace themselves for danger in the form of Indian raids and British attacks. Detailing the need as well as the human toll of war at the time of Independence, Ford’s picture is a gorgeous ode to the hardships and triumphs of the nation’s builders.

The Sandlot (David Mickey Evans, 1993): A coming-of-age comedy along the lines of “Stand by Me,” this nostalgic look at the mischievous ups and downs of childhood has become a cult favorite. Set in the early 1960s in San Fernando Valley, it centers on Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry), a shy fifth grader who tries to find new friends during the summer. He finds them in a group of boys who spend their time playing baseball in the local sandlot. The episodic narrative recounts their misadventures, including the crush one of them has in a teenage lifeguard and the gang’s attempts to recover a baseball from a feared mutt they call “The Beast.” Among the highlights in this fond family tale is a game played at night illuminated by Independence Day fireworks.

Courage Under Fire (Edward Zwick, 1996): Director Edward Zwick reteams with his "Glory" star Denzel Washington for this gripping, multifaceted look at bravery in the battleground. Washington stars as Lt. Colonel Sterling, a man struggling with his own past mistakes as he embarks on a military investigation. Assigned to award the late Captain Karen Walden (Meg Ryan) with a medal for courageous acts during the Gulf War, Sterling finds himself surrounded by conflicting testimonies. As a series of flashbacks tell the fateful events from a variety of viewpoints, a complex portrait of pain and determination materializes. Told with solid performances, taut intelligence, and an eye for thoughtful ambiguity, the movie manages to be both an examination as well as a celebration of American patriotism.

Miracle (Gavin O’Connor, 2004): A most triumphant moment in American sports history is rousingly recreated in this crowd-pleasing drama, which is anchored by a superb performance by Kurt Russell. Russell plays real-life hockey coach Herb Brooks, a man determined to get the nation out of its late-1970s doldrums—in the wake of Vietnam and Watergate, the U.S. could use a victory or two. The 1980 Olympics fits the bill, but, with a team of hotheads facing off against powerful Soviet opponents, it’s not an easy task. Still, Brooks pushes ahead with determination and, with the world watching, inspires the patriotic side of the athletes. Will it be enough to achieve the “miracle” they need? Made with complete conviction, the film works both as sports biopic and inspiring metaphor for American togetherness.

Hidden Figures (Theodore Melfi, 2016): Space travel biopics are often a staple of patriotic films, from “The Right Stuff” to “Apollo 13.” It’s important, however, to recognize the people behind the scenes in these ventures, who are often overlooked by history. It’s an issue this spirited drama aims to remedy, by focusing on the brains behind NASA’s triumphs during the Space Race of the early 1960s. Said brains belong to three mathematicians, Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae), who must deal with both racism and sexism in order to have their contributions recognized. A bracing ode to these groundbreaking black women, Theodore Melfi’s film is sturdy entertainment, bright history lesson, and a reminder of the bravery that’s celebrated on Independence Day.


Newfoundland Dog & Cattle Dog Mix
Kearney, Nebraska   Adopt a Dog


Loving, sweet, mellow
Coat Length: Medium
Vaccinations up to date
Good in a Home with
Other Dogs, Cats.

Meet Frankie
"I have blossomed in to such a great dog! Here is my story: When I came in to the shelter, I had mange and a kidney infection. I was very depressed and anti-social. After receiving proper medical attention and a daily dose of love, I have become a brand new dog! I just didn't know how good life could be! Now I always perk up at the proposition of a walk. I believe there is nothing better than having the sun on your back, the wind in your hair, and someone special by your side."

Kearney Area Animal Shelter
3205 W. Hwy. 30
Kearney, NE 68845
(308) 237-7387

Monday      Closed
Tuesday     1-5 p.m.
Wednesday 1-5 p.m.
Thursday    1-5 p.m.
Friday        1-5 p.m.
Saturday    10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Sunday      12-4 p.m.


Classified Ads --Services
(Providing Services and Products)

Full Listing:

Post Free Outsourcing ad:


News Briefs----

U.S. Proposes New Tariffs on $4 Billion of E.U. Goods
   as Trade Dispute Grows

US Factory Gauge Drops Less Than Forecast But Orders Stall
   the weakest level since October 2016

Major Kentucky coal producer declares bankruptcy.
   1,100 jobs at risk in three states

Which Countries Own the Most U.S. Debt?
  US federal debt currently sits at $22 trillion
Ritchie Bros. sells US$93+ million of equipment
   in its largest-ever two-day auction

Tesla delivers record number of electric cars in quarter,
   shares up 8%

Arizona governor yanks Nike incentives
   after it pulls flag-themed sneaker



You May Have Missed---

D-Link Agrees to Make Security Enhancements
    to Settle FTC Litigation



Double Play

From the book

That Sweet Diamond
by Paul B. Janeczko, Carole Katchen (Illustrator)
The runner is
a non-swimmer in deep water,
inching from the bag
returning in alarm.

The shortstop and second baseman
are schoolboys
passing secrets
behind the pitcher's back.

Moving before the pitch,
the shortstop dashes to the bag
glove up in anticipation
as runner and
peg from his partner at second
He drags the toe of his right shoe
across the bag
as the ball slaps home
and he leaps
to avoid the spikes.

Resting in air
safely above the slide
long enough to throw to first
before he tumbles to the dirt,
his eyes on the ball
the mitt
the umpire's confirmation of perfection.



Sports Briefs---

How the U.S. Beat England to Reach the World Cup Final

Warriors agree to deal with former Pistons forward Glenn Robinson III

Klay Thompson undergoes successful ACL surgery,
   begins recovery process

Colin Kaepernick convinces Nike to halt production of shoe
     with ‘offensive’ flag

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott: 'I made a poor decision'
    in Las Vegas incident


California Nuts Briefs---

PG&E says it could pay 2017, 2018 wildfire victims.
 Here’s why that needs Legislature’s OK

Santa Clara County doesn’t budge on housing requirements
   for Stanford’s expansion plans



“Gimme that Wine”

Mendocino Producer Charlie Barra Dies, Age 92,
  After 73 Harvests;
  Organic Since 1945, Fought for Growers, Created First AVA

Napa Valley's new tourism chief wants region on millennials' bucket list

Seven new grapes approved in historic Bordeaux AOC vote

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in History

     1731 - Birthday of Samuel Huntington (d. 1796) at Windham, CT. President of the Continental Congress, Governor of Connecticut, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
    1754 – During the French and Indian War, George Washington surrendered Ft. Necessity to the French. Earlier that year, Governor Dinwiddie commissioned Washington as a Lieutenant Colonel in the newly-formed Virginia Regiment and sent him on his second Ohio Country expedition to safeguard construction of a fort at Pittsburgh. Washington built an entrenched camp at Great Meadows, Pennsylvania which he called Fort Necessity and, with some of his militia and Native Americans, he ambushed the French on May 28 in the Battle of Jumonville Glen. There are discrepancies, but several primary accounts agree that the battle only lasted about 15 minutes.  The French responded by attacking Fort Necessity in a ten-hour battle which culminated in Washington's only surrender. 
    1775 – George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, MA.  The Army was formed by the Second Continental Congress by a resolution on June 14, 1775.  It was created to coordinate the military efforts of the Colonies in their revolt against the rule of Great Britain. The Continental Army was supplemented by local militias and troops that remained under control of the individual states or were otherwise independent. 
    1776 - The first cocktail was said to have been made by Betsy Flanagan, a barmaid at Halls Corners, Elmsford, New York. The back of the bar was decorated with tail feathers. According to tradition, when an already inebriated customer called for a glass of “those cocktails,” she made him a mixed drink and put a feather 
in it. In those days, whiskey was drunk straight, unless it was a “cocktail.” 
    1778 - Iroquois and colonial Loyalists killed 360 Patriots in the Wyoming Valley Massacre in Pennsylvania. After the battle, settlers claimed that the Iroquois raiders had hunted and killed fleeing Patriots, before using ritual torture against 30-40 who had surrendered, until they died. 
    1814 - Americans capture Fort Erie, Canada 
    1819 - The first savings bank in the US, The Bank of Savings in New York City, opened for business.
    1839 - The first state normal school in the United States, the forerunner to today's Framingham State University, opened in Lexington, MA with three students.
    1848 - Slaves freed in Danish West Indies (now US Virgin Islands) 
    1852 - Congress established the second mint, in San Francisco.
    1863 – The Battle of Gettysburg ended with Pickett’s Charge.  Ordered by General. Robert E. Lee against Union Gen. George G. Meade’s positions, its futility was predicted by the charge's commander, Lt. Gen. Longstreet.  It was arguably an avoidable mistake from which the Confederate war effort never fully recovered militarily or psychologically. The farthest point reached by the attack has been referred to as the high-water mark of the Rebels’ war effort.  The charge is named after Maj. Gen. George Pickett, one of three Confederate generals who led the assault under Longstreet.  Pickett's charge was part of Lee's "general plan" to take Cemetery Hill and the network of roads it commanded.   During a war council the night before, Meade correctly predicted that Lee would attack the center of his lines the following morning.  The infantry assault was preceded by a massive artillery bombardment that was meant to soften up the Union defense and silence its artillery but was largely ineffective. Approximately 12,500 men in nine infantry brigades advanced over open fields for three-quarters of a mile under heavy Union artillery and rifle fire. Although some Confederates were able to breach the low stone wall that shielded many of the Union defenders, they could not maintain their hold and were repulsed with over 50% casualties, a decisive defeat that ended the three-day battle and Lee's campaign into Pennsylvania.  Most disappointing to Lee was the lack of following of his strategy and command by “know-it-all” generals. When he was appointed by Jefferson Davis, the confederate generals of the day knew more than he, and many of Lee's main supporters had been killed or mortally wounded as they lead their men out in the front. Historians considered Lee was of the United States smartest military leaders, and his tactics and military thinking are still studied at West Point and admired by all world military commanders. He was a Virginian first. At the actual break of the war, he did not know which side to join, but followed the people he grew up with. The battle of Gettysburg was his downfall. 
Longstreet's version of the third day: 
    1871 - Contrary to a hoax going around the internet that railroad gauges are the same as Roman horse carts, nothing could be further from the truth, as many gauges were one of the problems of the modern day railroad system in Europe and America. The first narrow-gauge locomotive was constructed in Philadelphia by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. It was known as Engine No. 1, the Montezuma, and was first used by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company. It had a 3-foot gauge, a length of 30 feet, and a total weight of 25,000 pounds. 
    1878 - Birthday of George M. Cohan (d. 1942), American Composer/Songwriter, Providence, Rhode Island.  Perhaps best known for singing the song the British ridiculed the Colonials: “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” 
Cohan made it patriotic!!! He also is remembered for “Your 
a Grand Old Flag,” perfect for July 4th, this classic American song. 
(bottom half of: 
    1884 - Dow Jones & Co. published its first stock average. The company was founded in 1882 by three reporters:  Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser.  who, over two decades, conceived and promoted the three products which define Dow Jones and financial journalism: The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
    1886 – Karl Benz officially unveiled the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, the first purpose-built automobile, that is, a vehicle designed to be propelled by an internal combustion engine.

    1890 - Idaho became the 43d State.   The state is appropriately shaped like a logger's boot, and loggings as well as mining are big industries in the state. But the state is probably best known for its potatoes. The state's name is thought to be an Indian name, Ee-dah-hoe, which means "gem of the mountains." Idaho has a rugged landscape with some of the largest unspoiled natural areas in the country. Boise is the capital and the state flower is the syringa. 
    1895 - Start of Sherlock Holmes "The Adventure of Black Peter" 
(Okay, not American History, but my favorite book. When I was eleven 
years old I read the Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes, which left an 
impression on me until this day. ) 
    1898 - US Navy defeats Spanish fleet in Santiago harbor, Cuba.  Aboard the USS Brooklyn, Harry MacNealis the only man to receive the Medal of Honor during the famous Naval battle of Santiago, becoming the LAST Marine of the war to earn our Nation's highest award 
    1915 - Birthday of Jerry Gray (d. 1976), Boston. Arranger for Glenn Miller's “String of Pearls,” Shaw's “Begin the Beguine,” many others. 
    1926 - Birthday of Johnny Coles (d. 1997), Trenton, NJ. &a=b 
    1930 - Pete Fountain Birthday, born Pierre Dewey LaFontaine, Jr. (d. 2016), New Orleans.  American jazz clarinetist. 
    1930 - Veterans Administration created. 
    1934 - The first bank depositor to receive her share of the FDIC was a widow, Lydia Lobsiger. The corporation had been created by the Banking Act of 1933. The first payment to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to deposition of a closed insured bank was a payment of 4125,000 to 1,789 depositors of the Fond du Lac State Bank of East Peoria, IL, which suspended business on May 28, 1934, and went into receivership on June 25, 1934. 
    1940 - Cesar Leonardo Tovar n (d. 1994), baseball player born at Caracas, Venezuela. Tovar hit .278 over 12 major-league seasons, mainly with the Minnesota Twins. On September 22, 1968, he became the second player to play all nine positions in a single game.  
    1941- Duke Ellington records “Things Ain't What They Used to Be,” under the name of his lead altoist Johnny Hodges. 
    1947 – Mere months after the debut of Jackie Robinson, the Cleveland Indians purchased the contract of outfielder Larry Doby from Newark Eagles of the Negro National League. Doby thus became the first black player in the American League. He would make his debut as a player on July 5. 
    1952 - “Mr. Peepers” premiered. This sitcom was broadcast live and focused on mild-mannered junior high school science teacher, Robinson J. Peepers (Wally Cox). The cast also included Tony Randall, Georgann Johnson, Marion Lorne, Reta Shaw, Jack Warden and Ernest Truex. This half-hour series was a summer replacement, but it earned such positive reviews that it was brought back as a regular series. In 1954, TV Guide wrote that “Mr. Peepers ... comes close to being the perfect TV show.” 
     1962 - Jackie Robinson, first Black baseball player in the Major Leagues, becomes the first African American to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 
     1966 – Pitcher Tony Cloninger of the Atlanta Braves became the first player in National League history to hit two grand slams in the same game. He added a single to drive in 9 runs as the Braves beat the San Francisco Giants, 17-3. 
    1974 - Tony Orlando and Dawn (Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent Wilson) were a recording trio in the early ‘70s, hosted a summer replacement for “The Sonny and Cher Show.” They became “regulars” during the 1975—76 season included Alice Nunn, Lonnie Schorr and Lynn Stuart. In fall of 1976, the show was renamed “Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow Hour” and included George Carlin, Edie McClurg and Susan Lanier.     
    1973 - Brothers Jim and Gaylord Perry face each other for only time, Tigers beat Indians 5-4, as Gaylord loses. 
    1977 - The first magnetic resonance image, MRI, of a human body was made by Dr. Raymond Damadian, founder of the FONAR corporation in Melville, NY. 
    1996 – “Independence Day" premiered. This was a year before 
“Men in Black,” the first time Wil Smith saved the world. He is 
one of my favorite personalities, from singer, comedian, to serious 
actor. The movie was a blockbuster, doing $50.23 million in its debut weekend. 
    1989 - The movie "Batman," set record of quickest $100 million (10 days).  
    1979 – President Carter signs the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.
    1988 – US warship USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 aboard.



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