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McKinney, Texas
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Singer/songwriter/guitarist James Joseph "Roger" McGuinn III born on July 13, 1942 Chicago, Illinois: best known for being the lead singer and lead guitarist on many of The Byrds' records. He toured with Bob Dylan in 1975 and 1976, working with him on many other tours throughout the years. He started out as a folksinger, and that is what he does today.


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Editorial---Please Support CIT

Incorporated May 21,2000


Lawrence C. Menkin, Publisher
Christopher Menkin, Executive Editor

Chairman, Advisory Board
Bob Teichman, CLP Teichman Financial Training, Sausalito, CA.
Advisory Board
Edward Castagna Nassau Asset Management, Westbury, NY.
Steve Crane, CLP Bank of the West, Walnut Creek, CA.

Endeavor Financial Services, Costa Mesa , CA

Phil Dushey Global Financial Services, Manhattan, NY.
Ken Greene, Esq. Universal City / Kentfield, California
Shawn D. Halladay The Alta Group, Salt Lake City, UT
Robert S. Kieve Empire Bradcasting, San Jose, CA.
Bruce Kropschot Kropschot Financial Services, The Villages, FL.
Bruce Lurie Douglas-Guardian Services Corporation, Houson, TX.
Andrew Lea, M.A. Point Richmond, Calif.
Allan Levine Madison Capital, LLC., Owings Mills, MD
Don Myerson BSB Leasing, Colorado,Hawaii
Armon L. Mills, CPA San Diego Business Journal, San Diego, CA.
Dan Pulcrano Metro Newspapers, San Jose, California
Steve Reid, CLP


Pacific Rim Partners & Sunrise Tankers, San Francisco, CA.
Ginny Young former Brava Capital, Orange, CA.


The CIT Group is one of the oldest business financial lenders in the equipment finance and leasing industry; an icon. CIT has helped over 1 million small businesses since its founding in 1908, contributing to the growth of this country, making leases and loans of all sizes, primarily to small businesses.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation under the direction of Chairman Sheila Bair is reportedly in discussions with CIT about how the lender can strengthen its financial position to get approval, including by raising capital. CIT became a bank in December to qualify for a government bailout and received $2.33 billion in funds from the U.S. Treasury.

It is imperative that the finance and leasing industry show support for a company that has supported so many small businesses; enabled them to grow, to support their families, to provide jobs, to keep the economy growing.

Yes, the company purchased subprime mortgages, student loans for a helicopter school, and has many customers who cannot make their payments.

Banks, stock companies, automotive manufacturers, and AIG were assisted, but here is a company that helped small businesses. Both Democrats and Republicans say they want to get credit going, want to support small business, and here is an opportunity. The large companies who lend to each other have been helped, but not the small businesses. Credit needs to get flowing again and cutting off those who service small businesses is not the answer.

Readers should contact their congressmen, senators, and the FDIC to indicate their support for the CIT Group. This is an American finance company that should be rewarded for its years of helping small businesses, and be recognized for the contribution to the growth of American business.

FDIC Address:

Chairman Shelia C. Blair
550 17th St., MB 6028
NW, Washington, DC 20429
Toll-free numbers:
o 877-ASKFDIC (877-275-3342)

Call you local congressman or us senator (use Google for their address and/or email)



Classified Ads---Sales Manager

Bayville, NJ
Dedicated individual seeking a account management position, 3 years leasing experience and 15+ years sales experience. Resume furnished upon request,
email Frank at .

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Car Lease USA
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Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report
by Christopher Menkin

At one time these reports were weekly, so hence the title. There have been a rash of new complaints, as it appears apparent that certain leasing companies, all in Orange County, live off this procedure of sending an approval, then calling it a proposal, or have wording buried in the documents that give rise to the opinion, and from the practice, it certainly appears the goal was to receive the advance rental. Ex-employees would like us to write about these companies, and several have even agreed to sign their name. Without direct knowledge from those duped, it is not enough to name the companies accused.

The dollar advance rental amounts are small, usually under $5,000, so the lessee in another state finds it too expensive to fight. Often they are into a local attorney at over $1500 to $2000 and the local attorney can site the law or write "official" looking letters, but quickly learn this is not a good business decision to continue to pursue.

All of the companies are brokers, not actual funders. The two Leasing News is receiving the most complaints today are both members of a leasing association and abide by their ethics, they swear. BBB rates one an "F" and the other a "C".

Very few of the government agencies neither have the time nor staff to follow-up on these small claims, especially when they come from out of state.

The most common is the "bait and switch" often used after an "automatic" approval is first given.

From a New Jersey lessee called:
I received several quotes and after reviewing all three I decided to go with ****** in Southern California. We decided to go with ****************** based on the fact that they seemed to be the better deal and one of their sales people, *******, called us every year to inquire if we were planning to make any purchases. We felt confident that he seemed to be an honest guy. The monthly payment would be $668.50 per month. They sent me the contract to fill out and sign, then told me to send the first and last payments for a down payment. I sent them a check for $1320.86 check # 17172 (I have a copy of the canceled check and original contract). They cashed my check and then had their sales person, ********, call to inform me the payment would be changed to $858.88. At that I time told the sales person that I was canceling the contract as it was not what I had agreed to. I asked if they would return our down payment check...I am so upset that this Company is refusing to return my check."

From a North Carolina lessee:
"************* had bid on a leasing contract and offered $99 a month for the first six months and $606.49 for 36 months, $80 processing fee and a $1 buyout. They requested two payments of $606.49, and $80 processing fee, for a total of $1292.98 up front.

"Approximately seven days later they notified me that my contract would be $472.34 plus taxes for 60 months, with a $101 buyout. The $99 a month was not available. I informed them that this was not the agreement which I had put the down payment on, and was told that they had procured financing that I had to accept or forfeit my deposit of $1292.98. They told me that I did not qualify for the original terms and that they had done their due diligence."

One ex-employee told Leasing News the company he left was making over $80,000 a month in not returning advance rentals.

Complaints: Bulletin Board

(click on ad to learn more)
(Leasing News provides this ad "gratis" as a means
to help support the growth of Lease Police)



Most Influential Women in Leasing

Since the Top 25 Most Influential in Leasing was well received, it is time to salute the women who have contributed to the finance and leasing industry.

Send nominations to:

"Influential" as "a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events" {Online Dictionary}. They must be alive, and do not need to be active any longer in the leasing or finance industry.

They also should meet the caliber of those nominated. To start the list, here are the women who made it to the Top 25 Most Influential in Leasing:

Elaine Litwer- legislative coordinator for the National Vehicle Leasing Association (NVLA), which promotes responsible legislation regarding developments and trends in vehicle leasing. She is a recipient of the association's Lifetime Achievement Award for her distinguished career in the vehicle leasing industry and her continued work and support of the association She dedicated herself to improving the leasing industry. She fought tirelessly to abolish lessor vicarious liability in New York State. She was involved in the auto industry from almost every aspect, being a lessor, a sales rep, working in the offices at GM, lobbying in Albany.

Lisa A, Levine, CAE--Executive Director of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, who has continually attracted an active board of trustees, as well as conducting and commissioning " credible, unbiased future-focused research about the equipment lease financing industry. To date, the Foundation has funded more than $1.6 million in research grants." The Journal of Equipment Lease Financing, published three times a year.

Deborah Monosson--- President, Boston Financial & Equity Corp., a role model for women in leasing, active on the board at the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, first female president of the Commercial Finance Association, serving on many committees, very active and outspoken. Operates a very successful company.



Leasing News Top Stories--July 6--July 10

Here are the top ten stories opened by readers:

(1) Correction: IFC Credit Corp.

(2) Bank of West joins "...looking for Brokers List"

(3) Dunkin Donuts CFO steals $475,000/CIT stuck $25MM

(4) Key Equipment Finance says "No" to copiers

(5) Dick Lightner passes away

(6) Apology: US Bank Manifest

(7) Newell looks forward to Bank of West Leasing Move

(8) Top 25 Most Influential People Leasing Industry-Final

(9) Correction -Small Ticket Market Continues to Shrink

(10) (tie)
BofA Leasing can't repro ski lifts in Idaho

(10) (tie)
Convicted Ponzi Computer Lessor $31MM tax scam



Classified Ads---Help Wanted

McKinney, Texas
Lease Packager

Ten years experience packaging/placing leases
$10,000 to $500,000,ext.100


Asset Remarketing Managers
Proven Truck, Construction, Machine tool, Material Handling expertise.

Manage, evaluate, value, remarket portfolio assets. Unlimited compensation. CLICK HERE for full description.

Maria Lopez (203) 354-6090 or

Equilease is a long established full-service leasing company that finances industrial and commercial equipment for vendors, manufacturers and end-users.




Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Sales Personnel

Over the years I was responsible for hiring good sales personnel. I formed some strong opinions on what type people to hire and how to watch their progress over the first six months. To begin with the old comment about hiring the person that fits your need instead of the best one you interviewed is very true. You should begin by creating a list of qualifications and then keep looking until you find someone who fits the bill. Do not hire the best of the lot if they do not meet your list of requirements because it will have a large chance of failure. There are multiple levels of people that apply for your position from the inexperienced to the highly qualified. However, even the highly qualified may not be the person for the job. I would like to offer some advice on hiring practices.

Compensation is the most problematic of the list of how to hire. Clearly everyone wants top dollar and expects to earn it with a small amount of volume. I think you should begin with how much money a salesperson needs to earn for you to cover their cost. This includes salary, expenses, benefits and any other costs to the company. Then using your standard or average mark up or fees determine how much volume is required to cover the costs and then double it for a required volume. Then take the annual volume and divide it by 12 months for monthly requirement. If you do not have short goals for them in the beginning it may take a long time to determine if they are productive. This does very with the market and the salespersons expertise. But if you are on a tight budget, inexperience may cost you. The issue of how much salary plus commission or bonus is a long subject in itself so I will refer you to my earlier article on compensation.

I would hope you have a good handle on your chosen market because it is not wise to hire someone that claims to be capable of bringing you a different market than you are use to from their past experiences. This looks good on the surface but if you have not funded deals in that market you are a babe in the woods. You must have a strong understanding of the markets you want to service and have a good understanding of a chosen market including sales, funding, and on everything from average credit quality, manufacturers, average rates, to industry lingo. If you try to hire into a market that only your new salesperson understands the road will be very rocky. I also think the only business that salesperson brings to you will be loyal to them and not to your company which means the business leaves with the salesperson. You need to be a recognized leasing company in your chosen markets and bind the customer to the company and not the salesperson.

It is also hard to bring an experienced salesperson down in market size. If you hire someone who is successful in a large market ticket size and ask them to sell higher rates in a smaller market you will fail. However, hiring someone who was successful in a smaller market with higher rates and putting them in a market with larger ticket size and lower rates they seem to be ten times more productive.

If your capital base is small and or tight then you need to put the sales staff on high commissions and lower the chance you will lose on non productive people. This usually leads to hiring people new to leasing and/or sales in general. Risky business! However, I have had much success with former teachers. They usually are poorly paid and have a whole summer to prove how well they can perform. They have been taught how to communicate, listen and present information in a pleasant manner. If at the end of the summer they have shown good progress then you have a winner. If not they can return to teaching with not much loss for either of you.

In some markets the sales person can be over educated and in some markets they can be very uneducated. Think about the markets you are in and the quality of people that manage their sales and decisions. We use to say you should dress the part when contacting different markets, but I think it goes deeper than that. Research the type of people you will be trying to sell including vendors or direct contacts and try to hire someone that fits that mold. In construction you need someone who is part mechanic and in the medical field someone who is well educated in the sciences and in the woodworking industry someone who loves to work with wood and so on. Can you imagine sending a mechanic to call on the computer industry? So think of the kind of person you need for each of your chosen markets and look into the person's likes and hobbies as part of your interview process and include it in the list of requirements you have created.

Hiring a strong sales staff is an ongoing problem and the more you understand your own needs and create lists of requirements (modified ever so often), and stick to it, the better off you will be.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-327-8666. He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:

(This ad is a "trade" for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)



Leasing Association Conference 2009

September 24-27, 2009
National Equipment Finance Association
2009 Fall Conference and Exposition
Monterey , California


October 18th-20th
Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
48th Annual Convention
Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, CA


November 9, 2009
National Equipment Finance Association
2009 Super Regional Conference
Newark, New Jersey





Leasing Association Events-Meetings Open to All

Calendar: Equipment Leasing and Finance Events & Training

(Many events and meetings are open to non-members, in addition, prospective members are invited, questions may be directed to Donald Ethier VP - Membership and Marketing 202.238.3418 )


September 11-12
NAELB 2009 Eastern Regional Meeting
Renaissance Atlanta Airport Concourse Hotel
Atlanta, GA



Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Hosted by Doug Welch and Alan Zeppenfeld

Ansley Golf Club
Atlanta, GA
Cost: $20 Members/ Non-Members


November 6-7
NAELB 2009 Western Regional Meeting
Hilton Orange County / Costa Mesa
- Costa Mesa, CA



Client Looking For A Leasing Attorney

Birmingham, Alabama
The lawyers of Marks & Weinberg, P.C. have over 30 years experience in dealing with virtually every type of equipment financing and are recognized throughout the industry for prompt, practical solutions and exemplary service. They offer cost-conscious, effective lease enforcement and good counsel.
California, National: city: Riverside
Ellen Stern - get results, reasonable pricing; numerous industry contacts, nearly 30 yrs SoCal, 20 yrs equip.: CFL license specialist, documentation, work-outs, litigated collections, recoveries; deal-maker.

Kenneth C. Greene
California & Nevada
Hamrick & Evans, LLP, Universal City , LA; San Francisco Bay
Area, No.Calif. & Nevada. Call for free consultation (828)763-5292 or (415) 806-2254,
Connecticut, Southern New England:
EVANS, FELDMAN & BOYER, LLC Collections, litigation, documentation, portfolio sales and financing, bankruptcy. We represent many of the national and local leasing companies doing business in this state. Past chairman EAEL legal committee. Competitive rates.
Los Angeles, Southern CA
Seasoned attorney representing secured creditors in auto finance and truck/equipment lease industry.  Bankruptcy and State Court litigation.   Vincent V. Frounjian (818) 990-0605 or email:

Encino, California: Statewide “ELFA”
Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP 30 yr excellent reputation Lessor representation commercial litigation, debt collection, and bankruptcy.
Call Stephen E. Jenkins Esq (818) 501-3800

Los Angeles, Statewide: CA.     "ELFA" Aggressive creditors rights law firm specializing in equipment leasing handling collection matters on a contingency, fixed fee or hourly cbasis.

Los Angeles -statewide: CA      "ELFA"
Practice limited to collections, bankruptcy and problem accounts resolution. Decades of experience. 10-lawyer firm dedicated to serving you. Call Ronald Cohn, Esq. (818)591-2121 or email. Email:   

Long Beach, CA
Wagner & Zielinski,  successfully representing lessees/ lessors.  Not a member of any leasing organization, therefore not beholden to special interests.  Richard Wagner
(562) 216-2952

Long Beach CA.
Paul Bent -- 30 years experience in all forms of equipment leasing, secured lending, and asset based transactions, from analysis and deal structuring to contract negotiations to closing to private dispute resolution. (562) 426-1000

Law Firm - Service, Dallas, TX. "ELFA"
Mayer regularly practices in leasing, secured financing, project development and finance and corporate finance.

National: Coston & Rademacher: Business attorneys serving the lease-finance industry since 1980. Transactional, documentation, corporate/finance, workouts, litigation, bankruptcy, portfolio management. Chicago-based national practice. Jim Coston, CLP (Members: ELFA, NEFA).

St. Louis County , MO. - statewide:
Schultz & Associates LLP., collections, negotiation, and litigation. Also register and pursue recovery on foreign judgments. Contingency and reasonable hourly rates.
Ronald J. Eisenberg, Esq. (636) 537-4645 x108
Thousand Oaks, California: Statewide coverage
Spiwak and Iezza 20+ years experience, representing Lessors in both State/ Federal Courts/all aspects of commercial leasing litigation.
Nick Iezza 805-777-1175
Westport, CT: We represent finance companies, banks, lessors, etc., in replevins/seizures, collections and bankruptcy matters in Connecticut and New York. Flat fee, contingency and hourly rates.



Bank Beat-Wyoming: First Bank Failure Since 1991

Bank of Wyoming, Thermopolis, Wyoming became the 53rd bank to fail this year, and the first in Wyoming. Central Bank & Trust, Lander, Wyoming, assumed all of the deposits and will re-open its one bank office today, Monday, as Central Bank & Trust.

As of June 30, 2009, Bank of Wyoming had total assets of $70 million and total deposits of approximately $67 million. In addition to assuming all of the deposits of the failed bank, Central Bank and Trust agreed to purchase approximately $55 million of assets. The FDIC will retain any remaining assets for later disposition.

Central Bank & Trust will purchase all deposits, except about $8 million in brokered deposits, held by Bank of Wyoming. The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) will be $27 million

List of Bank Failures:



Three New CLP's

Jeffry Elliott, CLP
Huntington Equipment Finance
Cleveland, OH

Crystal Gateley, CLP
M&I Equipment Finance
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Russell Sultenfuss, CLP
Oce Financial Services, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

The Certified Leasing Professional Foundation is very pleased to announce the addition of three new Certified Lease Professionals. The Board of Directors asks you to join us in congratulating them for completing the CLP Program and successfully passing the CLP Exam to earn their Certified Lease Professional designation.

Please visit for detailed information about the CLP Foundation and the CLP Program.

For further information about our Mentor Program and Anonymous Test Taking Program, please contact Cindy Spurdle at 610/687-0213 or



News Briefs----

Loans track decline in commercial spending

Leasing Changes could cause book-keeping nightmare

Leasing Software Saves Money

Doctors Express hopes to franchise urgent care in U.S.



You May have Missed---

Six-figure pensions for hundreds of retired San Jose cops, firefighters



Sports Briefs----

Behind the 49ers stadium mess



California Nuts Briefs---

Schwarzenegger's call to suspend Prop. 98 jolts Capitol


(This is a free "ad" for our good friends the Bateman's,
proprietors of Thunder Mountain Kona coffee)



"Gimme that Wine"

Kendall-Jackson Winery Taps GE for Energy Efficiency

Obama presents N.C. wine to Italian president

A Jewish wine trail in Napa

Canadian Woman to be sentenced next month for $7.4 million winery fraud

Wine Prices by vintage
US/International Wine Events
Winery Atlas\
Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page
The London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) is an electronic exchange for fine wine.



Today's Top Event in History

1863-starting today and lasting until July 16, anti-draft riots broke out in New York City. Modern history's bloodiest riot began when a mob of 50,000 Civil War draft protesters burn buildings (including an orphan asylum), stores and draft offices, attack police. Some club, lynch and shoot large numbers of blacks, who they blamed for the war. Rioters were protesting the provision allowing true red-blooded flag-waving Americans to make cash payment in place of serving in the army. When troops returning from Gettysburg finally restored order, 1,200 were dead.


This Day in American History

    1585 - A group of 108 English colonists, led by Sir Richard Grenville, reached Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Roanoke Island near North Carolina became England's first foothold in the New World. Sir Walter Raleigh sent a detachment of 108 men to build a fort on the island. The detachment included two scientists, Thomas Hariot, a surveyor, mathematician, astronomer and oceanographer, and Joachim Gans, a metallurgist.
    1729—Birthday of Minuteman John Parker. “Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” Captain John Parker to the company assembled on Lexington Green.
    1787- the Continental Congress enacted a slavery ban for a territory of the United States. The law prohibited slavery forever within the borders of the Northwest Territory, a region east of the Mississippi River, north of the Ohio River, south and west of the Great Lakes, and west of Pennsylvania.     1821--I am sorry to report this is an official holiday in the State of Tennessee, where they celebrate the birthday ( 1821) of Forrest Nathan Bedford. He is a Confederate cavalry commander who was also one of the founders of the original Klu Klux Klan. The KKK was composed of many ex-Southern Civil War soldiers, almost as if it were a “veterans organization.”
    1832 - Ethnologist Henry R. Schoolcraft was the first white person to arrive at the source of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca, Minnesota. A pioneer in Native American studies, Schoolcraft conducted ethnological research among the Ojibwa in the Great Lakes region.
    1863-starting today and lasting until July 16, antidraft riots broke out in New York City. Modern history's bloodiest riot began when a mob of 50,000 Civil War draft protesters burn buildings (including an orphan asylum), stores and draft offices, attack police. Some club, lynch and shoot large numbers of blacks, who they blamed for the war. Rioters were protesting the provision allowing true red-blooded flag-waving Americans to make cash payment in place of serving in the army. When troops returning from Gettysburg finally restored order, 1,200 were dead.
    1863-- Mary Emma Woolley birthday, president of Mt. Holyoke College (1900- 1937) who under strong leadership expanded it to a major learning institution.
   She was voted one of the 12 most influential women in America.
    1865 Horace Greeley advises his readers to "Go west young man.”
    1868 --Oscar J Dunn, former slave, installed as lieutenant governor of Louisiana.
    1869 -- Street riots against Chinese laborers begin in San Francisco.
    1869 --  Street riots against Chinese laborers begin in San Francisco
    1886--- Birth of Father Edward Flanagan, American Catholic parish priest. Believing there was 'no such thing as a bad boy,' in 1922 he organized Boys Town near Omaha, Nebraska.
    1915- Baltimore, MD, became the first city to support a City orchestra  ( $6,000 ).
    1936 112ø F (44ø C), Mio, Michigan (state record)
    1936 114ø F (46ø C), Wisconsin Dells, Wisc. (state record)
    1938 - When the first television theatre opened in Boston, Massachusetts, spectators paid 25 cents to witness the event. Attended by 200 people, the variety show included dancing and singing, and lasted 45 minutes. The acts were transmitted to the room, by television, while the were being performed on the floor above the theatre.
    1939 - Making his recording debut with the Harry James band was Frank Sinatra, who sang "Melancholy Mood" and "From the Bottom of My Heart."
( lower half of: )
    1940  Captain Jean-Luc Picard Birthday.
    1946---Top Hits
They Say It's Wonderful - Frank Sinatra
The Gypsy - The Ink Spots
I Don't Know Enough About You - The Mills Brothers
New Spanish Two Step - Bob Wills
    1954---Top Hits
Little Things Mean a Lot - Kitty Kallen
Hernando's Hideaway - Archie Bleyer
The Little Shoemaker - The Gaylords
Even Tho - Webb Pierce
    1959 - The Shirelles song, "Dedicated To The One I Love", was released. The song only hit number 83 on "Billboard" magazine's Top 100 chart. When the song was re- released in 1961, it went to number three on the charts.
    1960 --Democratic National convention nominates Senator John F Kennedy for president.
    1962---Top Hits
The Stripper - David Rose
Roses are Red - Bobby Vinton
Al Di La' - Emilio Pericoli
Wolverton Mountain - Claude King
    1963--- At the age of 43, Early Wynn pitches the first five innings to register his 300th win as the Indians down the Kansas City A's, 7-4. It will be his last major league win.
    1968-Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel's album, "Bookends" is #1 for the third week in a row. That album along with the "Mrs. Robinson" soundtrack will give the duo 16 straight weeks at #1 on the L.P. charts.
    1968-Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" is released.
    1970---Top Hits
Mama Told Me (Not to Come) - Three Dog Night
Ball of Confusion - The Temptations
Ride Captain Ride - Blues Image
He Loves Me All the Way - Tammy Wynette
    1971 - At the All-Star Game at Tiger Stadium at Detroit, Michigan, Reggie Jackson hit a home run off Doc Ellis. The ball bounced off a light tower deep in right field. With a score of 6-4, the American League won the game.
    1972 - Baltimore Colts owner Carroll Rosenbloom and Los Angeles Rams owner Robert Irsay proposed a unique trade to the NFL, when the wealthy businessmen traded teams.
    1973 - During a concert at the John Wayne Theatre in Buena Park, California, the Everly Brothers broke up. Right in the middle of the concert Phil Everly walked off the stage, brother Don said, “The Everly Brothers died ten years ago.”  They recently joined together to sing with the “Simon and Garfunkle” Tour, as both Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle have acknowledged they started singing together to become just like their idols, the Everly Brothers.
    1973 - Alexander Butterfield reveals the existence of the Nixon tapes to the special Senate committee investigating the Watergate break in.
    1974---George McCrae's "Rock Your Baby" begins the first of two straight weeks at #1.
    1974--Eric Clapton's "I Shot The Sheriff" is released.
    1977 --  New York City blackout
    1978---Top Hits
Shadow Dancing - Andy Gibb
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
Take a Chance on Me - Abba
I Believe in You - Mel Tillis
    1980 - Afternoon highs of 108 degrees at Memphis, TN, 108 degrees at Macon, GA, and 105 degrees at Atlanta, GA, established all-time records for those three cities. The high of 110 degrees at Newington, GA, was just two degrees shy of the state record
    1982 - In Montreal, Canada, the first All-Star Game to be played outside the United States took place. For the eleventh consecutive year, the National League won when it defeated the American League 4-1.
    1984- The Yankees retire Roger Maris (#9) and Elston Howard (#32) uniform numbers. The team also erect plaques in their honor to pay tribute to their achievements as Bronx Bombers..
    1984 - When sportscaster Howard Cosell asked to leave "Monday Night Football," saying he was “tired of being tied to the football mentality." Roone Arledge gave him what he wanted, and a year later, Cosell was removed from television altogether.
    1985 - Simultaneously, the "Live Aid" concert, for African famine relief, occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and London, England. Performances from JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, London's Wembley Stadium and other venues were broadcast world-wide and raising over $70 million. The all-day and most-of-the-night concert showcased some of rock 'n' roll's biggest names including Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Madonna, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney. The concert was attended by 162,000 people, while 1.5 billion people watched the show from their televisions. Bob Geldorf, singer for Boomtown Rats organized the "Live Aid" concert and was responsible for gathering the big name stars, all of agreed to perform without pay.
    1985 - "A View to a Kill," from the James Bond movie of the same name, performed by Duran Duran, went to the top of the record charts, staying on top for two weeks. Both themes from James Bond movies, "Live and Let Die" by Wings and "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon only reached number two on the record charts.
    1986---Top Hits
Holding Back the Years - Simply Red
Invisible Touch - Genesis
Nasty - Janet Jackson
Hearts aren't Made to Break (They're Made to Love) - Lee Greenwood
    1986 - Philadelphia Phillie Kent Tekulve broke the National League record for relief appearances for his 820th performance. He helped his team win in the 11-inning over the Houston Astros 5-4. The old record holder was Elroy Face of Pittsburgh.
    1987-Representatives of fifty of America's largest record retailers are guests at Michael Jackson's home in Encino, California to preview his new album, "Bad". The LP, which includes the singles, "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", "Bad", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Man in the Mirror" and "Dirty Diana", would go on to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 200 chart and sell over 30 million copies worldwide.
    1989 - A thunderstorm at Albany, GA, produced 1.40 inches of rain in forty minutes, along with wind gusts to 82 mph. Afternoon highs of 98 degrees at Corpus Christi, TX, 110 degrees at Tucson, AZ, and 114 degrees at Phoenix, AZ, equaled records for the date. Greenwood, MS, reported 55.65 inches of precipitation for the year, twice the amount normally received by mid July.
    1995-Rush vocalist Geddy Lee sings "Oh Canada" before the All-Star Game at Baltimore's Camden Yards.
    1995 - The temperature in Chicago, Illinois reached its all-time high -- 106 degrees (Fahrenheit) -- recorded at Midway Airport.
    1999 - Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez became the first pitcher to open an All-Star Game with four strikeouts and fanned five in two dazzling innings to lead the American League to a 4-1 victory over the National League at Fenway Park.



Baseball Poem

Bases yanked.
Infield groomed.
Tarp pulled
to the edge of the outfield grass,
Lowered flags folded.
Hisst, hisst, hisst of brooms
sweeping aisles and ramps.

Section by section,
the lights go out
until the field is dark,
and the ghosts of players
to other lives
for another game
on that sweet diamond.




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