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IFC Credit/Pioneer Announcement "No Money!"
June 22, 2009

Dear Pioneer Broker,

Pioneer's parent company, IFC Credit Corporation, like many firms in our industry, has experienced a much tougher time accessing the credit markets in 2009. As a result, our ability to fund new transactions has been intermittent during the last few months.

I regret to announce that we must again halt all new funding at this time. The management of IFC Credit Corporation will now look for a more permanent solution to our funding situation and this may require several weeks to complete.

It is our intention to resume funding at a later time, but we will be unable to fund any existing approvals until we have completed our new arrangements.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this interruption causes, and we work hard to bring you a more reliable funding platform in the near future.

John Boettigheimer
Vice President/general Manager
Pioneer Capital Corporation
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