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Account Executives

Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis,
SF Bay Area

Top position to work with CFOs, CIOs, CEOs and other high-level executives. 7+ years equipment leasing exp. Resume/indicating you saw ad in Leasing News to:

About the Company: We're the exclusive provider of leasing and finance services for Dell technology systems worldwide. At Dell Financial Services our mission is to deliver financing solutions that enable and enrich the Dell Customer experience.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Documentation Manager / Finance / Legal
Classified Ads
    Monosson Vice-Chair ELFF
        CFO completes Catalina Island Marathon
Broker/Lessor List—Amerifund added
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
“To Tell the Truth” by Barry S. Marks, esq
“Is there an EFA in your future?”
    UAEL Las Vegas Conference, April 12-14 “Blackjack”
        With Wal-Mart Out, Changes for ILC still seen
ELFA gets ready for Annual "Capitol Connections"
    Microsoft taking on Google
        Library Blonde--Video
Fed Faulted For Inaction on Mortgages
    The Subprime Loan Machine/Credit Scoring
        News Briefs---
You May have Missed---Hillary-Apple Video
    California Nuts Brief---
        Sports Briefs---
"Gimme that Wine"
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        Snapple Real Facts
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Documentation Manager / Finance / Legal
Classified Ads

Documentation Manager: New York, NY
10+ years in equipment leasing/secured lending. Skilled in management & training, documentation, policy and procedure development & implementation, portfolio reporting.
Strong work ethic.

Finance: Austin, TX
20+ years all facets of lease/finance. Collection and credit management. Equipment & rolling stock structuring. $150k credit authority, $100 million portfolio management.

Finance: Chicago, IL
Experienced in big ticket origination, syndication, valuation and workout.
Twenty five years, MBA, CPA,
JD, LLM (Tax), structuring specialist. Inbound and outbound transactions.
Transaction Summary | The Lechner Group
Finance: Sausalito, CA
Sr. Corp. officer, presently serving as consultant, fin. service background, M&A, fund raising, great workout expertise, references
Finance: Toronto
Long diverse career financial services industry. Executed billions of dollars of leases over 20 years; structuring, executing and pricing US/Canadian transactions. Per Diem or full time. E-mail:
Legal: Los Angeles, CA
Experienced in-house corporate and financial services attorney seeks position as managing or transactional counsel. Willing to relocate.
Legal: San Francisco, CA
Experienced attorney with more than ten years in experience in finance and leasing matters seeks full-time position. References available.

To place a free “job wanted” ad here, please go to:

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:



Monosson Vice-Chair ELFF

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation has named Deborah J. Monosson Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.

Monosson is President and CEO of Boston Financial & Equity Corporation. Prior to her position as Vice Chair, Monosson has served as a Trustee and Treasurer of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation as well as a past member of the Board of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association.

Deborah J. Monosson
Boston Financial & Equity Corporation
1260 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215



CFO completes Catalina Island Marathon

Chris Robinson, Chief Financial Officer of Trimarc Financial, Inc., Paso Robles, California, completed the Catalina Island marathon this last weekend. This is his third marathon...two of which he has completed in 2007! The Catalina Island marathon is very difficult with steep climbs over short distances.

Catalina Marathon - Results
Catalina Island, CA USA
March 17, 2007
Finishers: Total - 797, Males - 487, Females - 310

Last Name, First Nams (Sex/Age)
OverAll Place
Sex Place / DVL Place
City, State, County
CHRIS ROBINSON (M46) 4:40:58 298 229/39 M45-49  

Here is a map of the marathon...note the altitude climbs!!!!!!!!

(Note: click map to make larger)

Chris ran his first marathon last year. Again, he has run two thus far this year. He is also an avid surfer and wine enthusiast.



Broker/Lessor List—Amerifund added

"Broker/Lessor" List

Third Column: YES - Year Company Started | YELB - Years in equipment Leasing Business

Business Reports: Companies listed may make any netiquette comment about their company or reports or other information in the footnote section of their listing. Leasing News recommends readers also view the footnote as well as the section itself or searching reports on the business.

It also should be noted that if a BBB report listing is found by a reader, as there may not have been one when this was last up-dated, please send the link to so Leasing News may up-date this section.

BBB - Better Business Report | CBB - Leasing News Complaint Bulletin Board
| CNI - Current News Information

A - City Business License | B- State License | C - Certified Leasing Professional |
D - State(s) sales/use tax license |
E -
Named as "lessor" on 50% or more of lease contract signed. |

City, State
Leasing Association
(see above for meaning)
# of Empl.
Geographic Area
Business Report
Amerifund, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
R. Wade Rasmussen, President
Scottsdale, AZ
800-211-3071,x104 Phn






Leasing Industry Help Wanted

Account Executive

Account Executives

Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis,
SF Bay Area

Top position to work with CFOs, CIOs, CEOs and other high-level executives. 7+ years equipment leasing exp. Resume/indicating you saw ad in Leasing News to:

About the Company: We're the exclusive provider of leasing and finance services for Dell technology systems worldwide. At Dell Financial Services our mission is to deliver financing solutions that enable and enrich the Dell Customer experience.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager
San Francisco, California

Excellent opportunity to work with growing equipment leasing bank division, excellent reputation. Click here for more information.

First Republic Bank has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout California, and in Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Boston and New York.

Credit Analyst

Credit Analyst
Irvine, California

Southern California candidates only--Minimum two years experience with leasing credits, $40-$45K base depending on experience.
Call or e-mail: Pamela Stuber 800-234-0136 ext. 243

About Us: As a leader in equipment financing we have created funding partnerships with a wide variety of financial institutions and specialized credit facilities. This diversity allows us to be a complete funding partner for your business.

Sales Regional Office

Financial Funding Services, LLC

Sales/Regional Office

Generous Compensation with above average industry commission splits/unlimited income potential, six figures plus and nationwide financing for A – D credit.
Click here for more info.

Small Ticket Specialists

Three Small Ticket Specialists

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Nashville, TN, and
Richmond, VA.
Click here for more information.





“Is there an EFA in your future?”

by Barry S. Marks, esq.

Leasing News invites distinguished attorneys who specialize in leasing and finance to contribute legal matters, information, and education that would be of interest to Leasing News readers.

Three-quarters of all leases in this country are “leases intended as security” ($1.00 purchase, dirty, finance, security, not-true or whatever leases) and only one-quarter are true leases.

Nevertheless, our industry has relied on lease language in financing documents for over half a century. Judges have generally followed the light in construing these documents but there have been notable instances in which a judge will attach liability for ownership of equipment to a finance lease lessor and state tax authorities routinely tax $1.00-out leases as true leases (and tax the finance charge as a result).

For this and other reasons, the Equipment Finance Agreement is becoming increasingly popular and stands to replace the familiar not-true lease as the finance vehicle of the future.

EFA’s are also sometimes used to finance motor vehicles and other potentially dangerous equipment, to be clear that lessees have title to preserve tax exemptions available only to the lessees and in other situations where not-true leases might create an ambiguity as to the lessee’s title or the lessor’s security interest. An EFA is simply a loan and security agreement by another name. Unlike a lease, the equipment user and not the financer clearly holds title. The transaction is stated to be in the nature of a loan or financing rather than a lease of personal property.

As opposed to a lease intended as security (a financing lease), an EFA is clear on its face as to the parties’ intention. The EFA therefore has the following advantages over a financing lease.

1. The EFA includes remedies under UCC Article 9 rather than mixing lease (Article 2A) and loan (Article 9) language. Presumably, this will make it easier to enforce in the event of a borrower default.

2. The EFA clearly states that the lessee holds title, which may have advantages for state sales tax purposes. Many states assess sales tax on the finance charge component of rent in a true lease. Some will tax financing leases the same way as true leases, assessing the additional tax because it appears that the lessor retains title.

3. As the lessee clearly holds title, lessee sales and property tax exemptions are more likely to be preserved.

4. The lender will be shown as a lien holder on the certificate of title, avoiding confusion with state titling authorities.

At the same time, because the EFA does not include a promissory note or security agreement as such, many lessors that are under internal restrictions prohibiting the making of traditional loans can close an EFA transaction. The absence of a promissory note eliminates extra paper and, to a large degree, the EFA can be modeled on an existing lease agreement package so as to preserve familiar late fee policies, document modeling, and deal structures.

Of course, it should be remembered at all times that the EFA is a loan-type transaction document. Because it will not own title, the lessor will not be entitled to depreciation or other state or federal tax benefits arising from ownership of the leased equipment, and the transaction cannot possibly qualify as an operating lease for accounting purposes on the lessee’s books. It is absolutely essential that the lessor file UCC financing statements if it wishes to preserve its rights in the collateral.

Generally speaking, any standard equipment lease can be converted to an EFA without a great deal of redrafting. Several important points should be considered, however.

General Language – Obviously, terms such as “rent,” “lessor,” and “lessee” should be changed throughout. The document should clearly state that the parties intend a loan (or financing) and that title will vest in the lessee immediately and no upon payment of a purchase option” or “final rental.

Defaults and Remedies – The language of these sections should be changed to contemplate a secured lending rather than a lease. The lender will be entitled to remedies under UCC Article 9, rather than UCC Article 2A. Although the result is similar, the language is different and clarity is important.

Purchase Option Language – This language should be deleted or changed to reflect a final or balloon payment.

Interest – In an equipment lease, the rent is stated without generally identifying the implicit interest rate. Under some state motor vehicle laws, the interest rate in a secured financing must be disclosed. While these considerations should (theoretically) apply to a financing lease, some lessors escape scrutiny because of the form of their documents. An EFA would be more likely to be subject to state motor vehicle finance laws, and whether the interest rate must be disclosed should be checked.

Usury – Although usury considerations should (theoretically) apply to financing leases, they generally do not apply to true leases. An EFA is more likely to be subject to state usury limitations than a lease, particularly if the interest rate is stated on the face of the document. Most lessors would be comfortable relying on choice of law and forum selection clauses in the lease bringing any litigation into a state that does not have a restrictive usury ceiling. Usury “savings clauses,” under which the interest rate is reduced to the maximum rate permitted by law, should be included in every EFA.

Tax Language – Any federal or state income tax indemnity for loss of tax benefits should be excised. The lessor should consider whether its policy regarding the payment of sales and property taxes should be reconsidered where the lessee will obviously be the owner of the leased equipment.

Grant of Security Interest – The EFA should state clearly that the financing party is granted a first priority security interest.

Purchase Money Security Interest – It will be even more important than in most lease transactions that the lessor file its UCC financing statement within 20 days after delivery (not necessarily acceptance) of the equipment in order to preserve the purchase money security interest status.

Return Provisions – The return provision language should be adjusted so that it is clear that the equipment is not to be returned. Query whether this language should remain as the borrower’s responsibility in the event of a default.

Miscellaneous Boilerplate – Article 2A language should be removed, acceptance language should be adjusted, and other general boilerplate should be discussed with counsel so that both the language in the document and the lessor’s policies may evolve appropriately to the new transaction format.

Suite 525, 2001 Park Place North
Birmingham, Alabama 35202
P. O. Box 11386
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
fax 251.8305

Barry S. Marks concentrates his practice in the areas of equipment leasing, commercial lending and finance. He has significant experience negotiating, drafting and providing legal counsel with respect to a large variety of finance transactions. Barry is listed in The Best Lawyers in America®, is a Director Emeritas - National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, is a Past Member of Legal Committee of the Equipment Leasing Association, is currently on the Board of Editors for the Journal of Equipment Lease and Financing and Leader's Equipment Leasing Newsletter and was the first attorney to obtain the designation of a Certified Lease Professional. Barry is also co-editor of , a recipient of the Bill Granieri Award for Education in Equipment Leasing, National Association of Equipment Lessors (1999) and a frequent lecturer on business and commercial law issues. He has co-authored three books and chapters in two legal treatises.

Power Tools for Successful Leasing 

by James M. Johnson, Ph.D. & Barry S. Marks, Esq.
          .....advisors to lessors and lessees for over 20 years...

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  - Used by the Equiment Leasing Association in their leasing principles course
  - Over 2,500 copies sold
  - You will not want to let this book out of your sight!!
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UAEL Las Vegas Conference, April 12-14 “Blackjack”

Blackjack Tournament

Blackjack Anyone?

Saturday, April 14, 2007
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Westin Causarina Casino
Las Vegas , NV

UAEL's First Blackjack Tournament!

In keeping with UAEL Spring Education Conference tradition, UAEL will be hosting a private card tournament on Saturday afternoon, April 14 in the Westin Causarina Casino for all conference attendees. This is UAEL's first blackjack tournament, and promises to be a highlight of this year's conference.



Each participant will receive $1000 in non value chips before the first round. There is no minimum or maximum betting limit.


The tournament will consist of 3 rounds and 20 hands per round. For the first round, the top three winners from each table will move on to the semi-final round and the top two winners from the semi-final round will move on to the final round. The final round will match the best of the three semi-final tables and crown the UAEL Blackjack champion. The champion will be awarded a silver "Champion's Bracelet" and the top cash prize. Semi-finalists will also receive cash prizes. For a full description of tournament rules, please go to Blackjack rules on the UAEL website.

To register, please call the UAEL office at 760-564-2227.


78120 Calle Estado #201
La Quinta, CA 92253




With Wal-Mart Out, Changes for ILC still seen

---Will look like California’s law???

ELFA eNews Daily

A House Financial Services Committee hearing on industrial loan company (ILC) legislation has been rescheduled on the news that Wal-Mart was withdrawing their application . The committee postponed the hearing, which will examine legislation that would prohibit ILC ownership for commercial firms,
to March 29.

Most of the financial community believes the industrial loan company (ILC) industry would suffer irreparable damage if Congress passes legislation banning commercial ownership.

Critics of the measure cite California as an example of what the ILC industry in Utah would look like in a few years if a measure authored by Reps. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Paul Gillmor (R-Ohio) clears the House.

In the five years since California state lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting commercial firms from using an ILC charter to enter banking, ILC charters in the state have dropped from 28 to 14.

Peter Van Hoecke, deputy commissioner for legislation and policy in the California Department of Financial Institutions, says the 2002 law paved the way for "the decline of the industrial bank in California.

“Many believe Utah's ILC industry will suffer the same fate if a federal law is enacted.”I think over time, it will kill most of the industry," says George Sutton, a former Utah banking commissioner.

"It's naïve to think that you could put restrictions of that magnitude on a corporate wide enterprise and think that it won't have some effect."

Darryle Rude, supervisor of industrial banks at the Utah Department of Financial Institutions, notes that many businesses many interpret federal limitations on ILC charters as "an unfriendly business environment," which may limit the industry's potential in the long run.



ELFA gets ready for Annual "Capitol Connections"

Spearhead by ex-Congressman and now Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) President Kenneth Bentsen, Jr., the May 15-16 event is now accepting registration.

Registration now available online at

The purpose of the expanded Capitol Connections program being held May 15-16 is to educate Members of Congress and select Administration officials on the equipment leasing and finance industry's overall economic contribution and its role as a major source of capital and investment in the United States. This annual program reflects member interest in expanding the industry's outreach program beyond Capitol Hill to include key executive branch agencies. Capitol Connections is a component of ELFA's grassroots program and provides members with an opportunity to interact with policymakers on issues of importance to the industry.

Capitol Connections will encompass not only high level targeted meetings on Capitol Hill but also meetings at select executive branch agencies. ELFA will set up meetings and work with meeting attendees to delegate participation. Targeted meetings will include:

- Select members of the House Ways and Means Committee
- Select members of the House Financial Services Committee
- Select members of the Senate Finance Committee
- Select members of the Senate Banking Committee
- The Department of the Treasury
- The Department of Transportation
- The Department of Commerce

There is no charge for ELFA members to attend Capitol Connections. You can register online at

For more information, please contact Kelli Nienaber, Manager of Government Relations at



Microsoft taking on Google

Google may currently own most of the Search Engine Market share, according to the chart above, but Microsoft is still fighting to regain a position of prominence, according to www.netapplications. "

"The key battlefront in search today is relevance. We all have seen that almost anyone can take two approaches to getting to the top of search engine results. They can bid their way to the top of paid inclusion, or manipulate their site to get ranked above other sites competing for the same keywords in organic search.

"Microsoft hopes that advanced search technology can win over the hearts of internet searchers that have grown tired of finding ad based sites that are sometimes irrelevant to what the user truly seeks at the top of current search results.

"Gamers and Internet Browsers Unite! Nintendo announced that they will be offering their touch screen DS with the Opera Browser to the US marketplace starting in June 2007. The device can access the internet through Wi-Fi sources available in range. The DS has been available with the browser in Europe and Japan for several months, and has been eagerly anticipated by US gamers."

Microsoft is working with www.netapplications, so some of this may be a “plug.” Microsoft has their latest gimmick in the automatic download section: Genuine Microsoft Valuation. When you run
it, it comes back that you are qualified for a Vista up-grade at $179.00.



Library Blonde--Video

(Please copy and paste into your browser)



News Briefs----

Fed Faulted For Inaction on Mortgages
'Pattern of Neglect' Fostered Subprime Ills, Senators Say

Mortgage crisis overwhelming credit counselors

The Subprime Loan Machine/Credit Scoring

Vacation policy at Netflix: Take as much as you want

Apple TV Has Landed

Bill Gates to finally get Harvard degree



You May have Missed---

Hillary-Apple Computer Ad Make Over



Sports Briefs----

La Russa is contrite after arrest

Kawakami: UCLA has the look of a title contender

Ohio State rallies from 20 down to topple Tennessee



California Nuts Briefs---

Governor rushes Rush

Governor says state could reap 'billions and billions' from early primary



“Gimme that Wine”

Kendall-Jackson Celebrates 25th Anniversary
A Letter From Kendall-Jackson Founder Jess Jackson

Pacific Rim Established as Independent Winery by Randall Graham

Spanish Aristocrat Uses Technology to Make Wines

Local tap water bubbles up in restaurants

Wine Prices by vintage
US/International Wine Events
Winery Atlas
Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page
The London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) is an electronic exchange for fine wine.



Calendar Events This Day

Cuddly Kitten Day

Liberty Day
Anniversary of Patrick Henry’s speech for arming the Virginia militia, at St. John’s Church, Richmond, VA. “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

National Energy Education Day

National Puppy Day
To celebrate the puppies in our lives and rescue the ones who need a good home. Our goal is to have 10,000 puppies adopted across the US on National Puppy Day.

Near Miss Day
A mountain-sized asteroid passed within 500,000 miles of Earth, a very close call according to NASA. Impact would have equaled the strength of 40,000 hydrogen bombs, created a crater the size of the District of Columbia and devastated everything for 100miles in all directions.

New Zealand: Otago and Southland Provincial Anniversary
In addition to the statutory public holidays of New Zealand, there is in each provincial district a holiday for the provincial anniversary.

Pakistan: Republic Day.
National holiday. In 1940, the All-India-Muslim League adopted a resolution calling for a Muslim homeland. On the same day in 1956 Pakistan declared itself a republic.

Toast (bread) Day

United Nations: World Meteorological Day
An international day observed by meteorological services throughout the world and by the organizations of the UN system.

Saint Feast Days



A male firefly's light is twice as bright as a female's.

(Number 13 that is not accurate. Only the female glowworm firefly create the light. Most of the male species have no light at all.)



Today's Top Event in History

1963- the Beatles' first LP, "Please, Please Me," was released in Britain. The album included the title song, which had topped the British chart a month earlier. The LP, with the exception of the title song, was recorded in one 13-hour session on February 11th. Other hits included in the Beatles' first album included "Love Me Do," "I Saw Her Standing There," "Do You Want To Know a Secret?" and "Twist and Shout."


This Day in American History

    1775- Anniversary of Patrick Henry’s speech for arming the Virginia militia at St. Johns Church, Richmond, Virginia. He was addressing the second Virginia convention, and delivered his immortal speech against arbitrary British rule, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” Ironically, history has made this the best known, but from a contemporary journal, his most famous remark at the time, the one most repeated, occurred when he uttered:
“ Caeasar had his Brutus; Charles the first his Cromwell; and George the Third may profit by their example.” He was then interrupted and accused of treason, where he responded, “ If this is treason, make the most of it.” The speech caused a sensation, being bolder than any speech given that year.
    1839-“O.K.” First Appearance in Print. “The Boston Morning Post” printed the first known “ok.k”. It derived from a misspelling of “all correct”—“all korrect.” Etymologist Allen Read doggedly tracked down the word’s origin in the 1960’s. “O.K” is now used in most languages.
    1842 -- Congressman Joshua R. Giddings of Ohio is censured by the House of Representatives for introducing resolutions opposing slavery and the coastal slave trade. (The "Gag Rule," first adopted by a South- dominated Congress in 1836, and renewed at the beginning of each session thereafter, pledges every member not to mention the slavery issue on the floor of the House.)
    1857-Fannie Farmer Cookbook standardizes measurements in cooking.
    1858- Eleazer A. Gardner of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania obtained a patent on an “improvement in tracks for city railways.” The cable was housed in an underground tunnel with a series of pulleys inside. It was not until 1873 that the cable car began operation on the Clay Street Hill in San Francisco. It was the first cable car put into service anywhere in the world, on an improvement and new patent by Andrew Smith Hallidie for an “endless-wire rope way.”
    1862-As General George McClellan began the Peninsular campaign to move on the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson engaged a larger force of Union troops at Kernstown in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Although he ultimately was forced to retreat, the Battle of Kernstown provided a diversion central to the South’s military strategy. Fearing an attack on Washington, DC, northern troops were kept around Washington as part of its defense, leaving fewer troops available for the Peninsular campaign.
    1864- George J. Dyke, the co-founder of Vancouver's first music school, was born in St. Blazey, England. In the 1890's, Dyke helped found a violin academy, which was a forerunner of the Vancouver Conservatory. Dyke died in Victoria in 1940.
    1867-The second Reconstruction Act was passed over President Johnson’s veto. It provided for the registration of all qualified votes, who were subsequently to decide on readmittance to the Union.
    1868- University of California founded (Oakland CA)
    1872-"Emperor" Joshua A. Norton is often credited with the idea of bridging the bay between San Francisco and Oakland. His most famous decree­ March 23, 1872­which ordered construction of a bridge between Oakland Point and Goat Island, was apparently based upon concepts outlined in several newspaper articles during the early 1870s. Charles Crocker of the Central Pacific Railroad had earlier proposed a railroad bridge from Oakland to San Francisco via Goat Island.
    1877- Mormon zealot John Doyle Lee was executed by a firing squad for masterminding the Mountain Meadows Massacre. In 1857, a wagon train of 127 Arkansas Methodist emigrants, bound for California, were killed by a party of Mormon settlers and Paiute Indians at Mountain Meadows (near Cedar ity), Utah.
    1889-President Harrison opens Oklahoma for colonization, creating the great Oklahoma land rush, which was fully out of control as
there was no local authority or representative of the federal government in charge. The date set was for April 22 and for white settlers only.
    1911-National Urban League founded.
    1904-Birthday of actress Joan Crawford, born Lucille fay LaSueur at San Antoinio, TX. Crawford became a Hollywood star with her performance in Our Chancing Daughters. She won an Oscar in 1945 for her role in Mildred Pierce. Events of Crawford’s life are chronicled in Mommie Dearest. Other films included The Women, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and Twelve miles out. I am confused about the actual dates, but I believe it was in 1947, my father Lawrence Menkin was brought to Hollywood to work on the "Possessed" movie. He had a number of photographs of Joan Crawford and he ( she also looked a lot like my mother.) He never said anything about her that I can remember, but he hated the Hollywood scene, the doctoring of the script, and after finishing whatever he was brought in for, was offered another film to work on, but wanted to go back to New York where he was much better known, and had an offer from Dr. Dumont to work on television shows with Bill Cadigan(sp?) for the new Dumont television channel, which he said was more exciting. He was born and raised in New York City. I can tell you he did not learn to drive until the early 1950's, so being in California without an ability to drive would certainly also be a deterrent, plus his family stayed in New York while he was working in Hollywood. By the way, Joan Crawford was nominated for an Oscar, but lost it to Loretta Young for "The Farmer's Daughter." She died at New York, NY, May 10, 1977.
    1912-Residents of Kansas City, Missouri began to dig out from a storm that dumped 25 inches for snow in 24 hours. This snowfall total was nearly twice that of any other storm of modern record in Kansas City before or since that time. A record 40 inches of snow fell during the month of March that year and the total of 67 inches for the winter season was also a record. Olathe, Kansas received 37 inches of snow in the storm establishing a single storm record for the state.
    1913 - A vicious tornado hit the city of Omaha, NE. The tornado struck during the late afternoon on Easter Sunday, and in just twelve minutes cut a swath of total destruction five miles long and two blocks wide across the city killing 94 persons and causing 3.5 million dollars property damage.
    1917--Pianist Johnny Guarnieri birthday
    1925-The trial of a teacher for violating a state ban on teaching the theory of evolution took place in July, 1925. John Thomas Scopes, a high school science teach in Dayton, TN, was convicted of breaking a law passed by the Tennessee legislature and signed this day in 1925 by Governor Austin Peay. It provided that “ it shall be unlawful for any teacher in any of the universities, normal, and all other public schools of the state which are supported in whole or in party by the public school funds, of the state to teach any theory that denies the story of the Divine creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.” Scopes was prosecuted by William Jennings Bryan and defended by Clarence Darrow. He was fined $100. The conviction was later overturned on technical grounds.
    1932-Birthday of guitarist/harmonica player Louisiana Red (Iverson Minter,) born Vicksburg, MS
    1938-Birthday of vibes player Dave Pike Detroit MI
    1944-Woody Herman waxes homogenized protest “Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet.”This day in 1987 he makes his last appearance with the Herd, Grand Meadow, Minnesota.
    1946---Top Hits
Oh, What It Seemed to Be - The Frankie Carle Orchestra (vocal: Marjorie Hughes)
Personality - Johnny Mercer
Day by Day - Frank Sinatra
Guitar Polka - Al Dexter
    1950- “Beat the Clock” premiered on television. On this game show from the team of Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, couples performed stunts within a specified time period (usually under 60 seconds) with the winners being given a chance to try a special stunt to win a great prize. Special stunts were very difficult, and the same one was attempted every week until a couple got it right. In 1952, James Dean got his first TV job testing stunts and warming up the audience. Bud Collier was the host, assisted by Roxanne (real name Dolores Rosedale). A 1969 syndicated version hosted by Jack Narz and then by Gene Wood had celebrities to help the contestants. A 1979 revival was hosted by Monty Hall.
    1952-Bill Mosienko of the Chicago Blackhawks set an NHL record by scoring three goals in 21 seconds in a game against the New York Rangers. Mosienko scored at 6:09, 6:30 and 6:30 of the third period against goalie Lorne Anderson. Chicago Won 7-6.
    1954—Top Hits
Make Love to Me! - Jo Stafford
Cross Over the Bridge - Patti Page
Wanted - Perry Como
Slowly - Webb Pierce
    1962---Top Hits
Hey! Baby - Bruce Channel
Midnight in Moscow - Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen
Don’t Break the Heart that Loves You - Connie Francis
That’s My Pa - Sheb Wooley
    1963- the Beatles' first LP, "Please, Please Me," was released in Britain. The album included the title song, which had topped the British chart a month earlier. The LP, with the exception of the title song, was recorded in one 13-hour session on February 11th. Other hits included in the Beatles' first album included "Love Me Do," "I Saw Her Standing There," "Do You Want To Know a Secret?" and "Twist and Shout."
    1963- The Beach Boys release "Surfin U.S.A."
1964 IBM vastly underestimates System/360 demand. IBM told reporters that the company expected to install 5000 units of its new computer line, System/360, in the next five years. The company vastly overshot its goals, installing 25,000 by 1969. During the first two years of the new product line's production, the company could fill only about half of the nine thousand orders it received. The System/360 line was the first series of compatible computers: Previous computers were custom-built for each customer and required individual programming. The product line, which cost $5 billion to develop, fostered IBM's dominant position in the computer industry.
    1965 - Astronaut John Young became the first person to eat a corned beef sandwich in space. Young snuck the sandwich on board to supplement his meals of dehydrated foods, including powdered fruit juice.
    1970---Top Hits
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
The Rapper - The Jaggerz
Give Me Just a Little More Time - Chairmen of the Board
The Fightin’ Side of Me - Merle Haggard
    1973 - "Concentration", the longest-running game show in television, starring Hugh Downs, came to an end after 15 years on NBC. A syndicated version without Downs aired, but did not last long.
    1973-Jason Kidd, basketball player, born San Francisco, CA.
    1973--"Derek and the Dominos in Concert," the two record set released well over a year after the short-lived group's break-up, goes gold.
    1974 - Cher hit the top of the music charts when "Dark Lady" reached the #1 for a one-week stay. Other artists sharing the spotlight during that time included: Terry Jacks, John Denver, Blue Swede, Elton John and MFSB.
    1975- San Francisco's Kezar Stadium is the site for a Bill Graham-run benefit show called SNACK (Students Need Athletics, Culture and Kicks). The Show features the Tower of Power, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Starship, Joan Baez, Graham Central Station, Neil Young and special guest Bob Dylan. It's to raise money for the San Francisco school system which recently canceled most sports and after-hour activities because of a $3-million budget deficit. Almost $200,00 is raised, but it's really not needed because the day before the event, an announcement is made that through a financial adjustment $2.1 million has been "found."
    1977 - No. 1 Billboard hit: ``Rich Girl,'' Daryl Hall & John Oates. Hall and Oates met in 1969 in a service elevator while trying to escape a fight between rival gangs at a record hop in Philadelphia's Adelphi Ballroom.
    1978---Top Hits
Night Fever - Bee Gees
Stayin’ Alive - Bee Gees
Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton
Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys - Waylon & Willie
    1981 - No. 1 Billboard hit: ``Rapture,'' Blondie. The song is the first rap song to reach No. 1.
    1983- Barney Clark died after living almost 112 days with an artificial heart. The heart, made of polyurethane plastic and aluminum, was implanted in Clark at the University of Utah Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Dec 2, 1982. Clark was the first person ever to receive a permanent artificial heart. Born at Provo, UT, Jan 21, 1921, Clark was 62 when he died.
    1983 - No. 1 Billboard hit: ``Billie Jean,'' Michael Jackson. The song is the first No. 1 single from ``Thriller,'' the best-selling album of all time.
    1985 - Musician, Billy Joel married model, Christie Brinkley in a private ceremony held in New York City. They announced in April 1994 that they had separated.
    1986---Top Hits
These Dreams - Heart
Secret Lovers - Atlantic Starr
Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
What’s a Memory like You (Doing in a Love like This) - John Schneider
    1987- A 3 day snowstorm commenced over the central Plains. It left amounts exceeding one foot in a south to north band from the Texas Panhandle to South Dakota. Blizzard conditions prevailed with winds gusting to 78 mph at Dodge City, Kansas and Altus, Oklahoma. Pampa, Texas was buried under 20 inches of snow, the worst in the area in at least 70 years. 24 inches of snow was recorded at Neligh, Nebraska.
    1987-“The Bold and the Beautiful” premiered on TV. A continuing daytime serial created by William Bell and Lee Phillip Bell to be "young and hip." It is set in the fashion industry of Los Angeles with two central families, the Logans and the Forresters. The cast has included, as the Forresters: John McCook, Susan Flannery, Clayton Norcross, Jeff Trachta, Ronn Moss, Teri Ann Linn, Colleen Dion and as the Logans: Robert Pine, Judith Baldwin, Nancy Burnett, Nancy Sloan, Carrie Mitchum (granddaughter of Robert), Ethan Wayne (son of John), Brian Patrick Clarke, Katherine Kelly Lang and Lesley Woods. Other cast members include Jeff Conaway, Tippi Hedren and Hunter Tylo.
    1989-After 33 years, 59 year-old Dick Clark retired from hosting the television program, “American Bandstand.”
    1990 - An upper level storm system produced heavy snow in the Lower Missouri Valley. Snowfall totals ranged up to nine inches at Kansas City MO, with eight inches reported at Falls City NE, Columbia MO and Saint Louis MO. Thunderstorms produced heavy snow in the Kansas City area during the evening rush hour.
    1991- WLAF Makes its Debut: The World League of American Football, part of a marketing attempt by the National Football League to extend the game’s popularity in Europe, made its début as the London Monarchs defeated the Frankfurt Galaxy 24-11.
    1993- during a surprise concert in Red Bank, New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen ripped off his shirt and offered a version of Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy Breaky Heart." Springsteen told his audience that it was a "damn good" tune. The surprise show, which benefited a local theatre and a food bank, was a warm-up for a European tour.
    1985-Billy Joel marries Christy Brinkley in New York. They would divorce in 1994.
He would brag about the marriage in every concert I attended, until the divorce, of course. He did wrote some pretty good songs for her, but evidently it was not enough.
    1998 - The movie, "Titanic", won a record-tying 11 Oscars at the 70th Annual Academy Awards (tying the number of awards won by "Ben-Hur" in 1959). Comedian/actor Billy Crystal kept the crowd at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, and the millions watching on TV, in stitches as "Titanic" (James Cameron, Jon Landau, producers) won Best Picture; Best Director (James Cameron); Best Cinematography (Russell Carpenter); Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Peter Lamont [art director], Michael Ford [set decorator]); Best Costume Design (Deborah Lynn Scott); Best Sound (Gary Rydstrom, Tom Johnson, Gary Summers, Mark Ulano); Best Film Editing (Conrad Buff IV, James Cameron, Richard A. Harris); Best Effects/Sound Effects Editing (Tom Bellfort, Christopher Boyes); Best Effects/Visual Effects (Robert Legato, Mark A. Lasoff, Thomas L. Fisher, Michael Kanfer); Best Music/Original Dramatic Score (James Horner); and Best Music/Song (James Horner [music] and Will Jennings [lyrics] for "My Heart Will Go On", performed by Céline Dion). Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt took top acting honors as the misanthropic writer and the waitress who softens his heart in "As Good as it Gets". The Best Supporting Actor Oscar went to Robin Williams for "Good Will Hunting" and Best Supporting Actress was Kim Basinger for her "L.A. Confidential" part (Lynn Bracken: “Merry Christmas to you, officer.”)
    1998-The National Football League awarded an expansion franchise to the City of Cleveland. The team, to be called the Browns, as was Cleveland’s former team, now the Baltimore Ravens.
    2004 - An album Paul Simon recorded in 1965 that has never saw the light of day in America gets its first official release there. "The Paul Simon Songbook," previously only available as an import and long out-of-print even in that form, is released via Columbia/Legacy. The original 12-track album was recorded in the wake of the lukewarm response afforded Simon & Garfunkel's 1964 debut, "Wednesday Morning 3 A.M."

NCAA Basketball Champions This Date

    1948 Kentucky
    1957 North Carolina
    1963 Loyola (L.)
    1968 UCLA



Spring Poem

The March wind roars
Like a lion in the sky,
And makes us shiver
As he passes by.

When winds are soft,
And the days are warm and clear,
Just like a gentle lamb,
Then spring is here.

- Author Unknown




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