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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Archives--May 1, 2000
Re-Establishes Kropschot Financial Services
    Classified Ads—Documentation
"Flowers..." “From Whom?" " Candygram."
“I’m only a dolphin, ma'am"
    Marlin announces conference call
        Where in the World is Kit Menkin?
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
Sales Make it Happen --- by Linda P. Kester
"Overcoming Discouragement"
    Shawn Halladay, International expert
        May 21-23 ELFA Ops. & Tech. Conference
    Margarita Mama Book Review
Two books by writers in leasing
    Leasing Conferences
        Student Loans in real trouble
ATEL hires John Hart, National Sales Mgr.
    Balboa Promotes Phil Silva to Exec. Vice
        Wachovia May Take $1B Charge Tied to Leases
    Citigroup Increases Stock Offering to $4.5B
Rising costs reshaping air travel across the USA
    Starbucks profit sinks 28% in second quarter
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News on Line---Internet Newspapers
Terre Haute, Indiana

######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Archives--May 1, 2000
Bruce Kropschot Re-Establishes Kropschot Financial Services

Bruce Kropschot announced today that he has re-established Kropschot Financial Services, which he founded in 1986 as a merger and acquisition advisory firm for the equipment leasing and financing industry. Mr. Kropschot left the firm in late 1997 to become Vice Chairman - Mergers and Acquisitions of UniCapital Corporation, which he helped acquire 17 equipment casing businesses. and go public in May 1998 in the largest roll-up initial public offering ever Effective April 1.2000, Mr. Kropschot retired from UniCapital Corporation, where he was also President of UniCapital Business Credit Group.

Under Mr. Kropschot's leadership. Kropschot Financial Services arranged over 125 acquisitions of equipment leasing and specialty finance businesses from 1986 through 1997 and was ranked as the leading provider of merger and acquisition advisory services in this sector, Mr. Kropschot stated, "I am pleased to be devoting again all of my attention to M&A activities. There is a need for an advisory firm that understands the opportunities and the challenges unique to the equipment leasing market. When representing owners in the sale of their businesses. Kropschot Financial Services will riot only be looking to maximize the sale price but also to find a buyer under whom the business and its employees can achieve their potential. When representing acquisition searches for buyers, we will utilize our vast knowledge of the leasing industry and its many participants to locate those companies that best fit the defined acquisition parameters. The firm will also arrange financing for equipment leasing and specialty finance companies and perform business valuations. Mr. Kropschot indicated that Kropschot Financial Services would soon be making an announcement regaining other key executives who will be joining the firm.

Bruce Kropschot has been in the equipment leasing industry for nearly 30 years. Prior to founding Kropschot Financial Services, he was Executive VP of HBE Leasing Corporation and President and an owner of Master Lease Corporation (now known as De Lage Landen Financial Services). He is a CPA and holds BBA and MBA degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Michigan. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Equipment Leasing Association of America, United Association of Equipment Leasing and Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors and is a founding member of International Merger & Acquisition Professionals, an organization of leading M&A intermediaries located throughout North America and Europe Mr. Kropschot can be reached in his office at (772) 228-9808 561-225-8800 or through e-mail at

Mr. Kropschot is a member of the Leasing News Advisory Board:



Classified Ads—Documentation

Irvine, CA
“I have over seven years experience in the leasing industry working in documentation & funding. Available for work immediately.”

Jennifer Power

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:

Leasing Recruiters:

To place a free “job wanted” ad here, please go to:



"Flowers..." “From Whom?"--- "Candygram"
“I’m only a dolphin, ma'am..."

by Christopher Menkin

As one reader wrote Leasing News:

“Amazing, isn't it, that because the notion of 'Borrowing to Prosperity' fueled the mortgage debacle, the Fed is using the same remedy to extract us from the mess.

“Isn't that the same logic that suggests continuing to ingest arsenic will ultimately make one immune?

“I think the arsenic treatment has a better chance of success.”

Terry Waggoner

Bread is up. Milk is up. Gasoline is up. Rice is becoming hard to get and more expensive. Food is becoming more scare world wide; will it hit America? Mortgage rates have not dropped very much as well as credit cards, especially if you go over ten days. As important as evidenced by the National Association of Credit Managers survey and the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association MLFI-25 survey, credit approvals are down, credit is tougher, and consumer confidence continues to sink.

Add the fed lowering rates, opening up more borrowing, banks going to the market place to raise money via stock or loans, even selling assets and portfolio’s, the Federal Open Market Committee yesterday lowered the target for the federal funds rate by 25 basis points.

Since last fall, the Fed has cut interest rates by 250 basis points, bailed out Bear Stearns, allowed Countrywide Financial CEO to make a fortune as other subprime mortgage executives also did, and has basically denied there was any slowdown, no recession in the forecast, a bump in the road, and basically has lost business confidence in its actions.

Many say if “so-and-so” is elected, I’m moving to New Zealand.



Marlin announces conference call

The close Wednesday was $6.50.

Marlin Business Services (Nasdaq:MRLN) announces first quarter 2008 Earnings Call

Date: Friday May 9, 2008
Time: 9:00 AM ET
Listen via Internet:

Schedule this webcast into MS-Outlook calendar (click open when prompted):

Toll-free: 877-340-7913
International: 719-325-4846

If you are unable to participate during the live conference call and webcast, the call will be archived in the Investor Relations section at for approximately 90 days. A written transcript will also be available on the website.



Where in the World is Kit Menkin?

Back home again in Saratoga, California, after a wonderful week in Kauai, Hawaii,
at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Beautiful weather.
Yes, I edited and wrote Leasing News while on vacation.

It was a pleasure for Sue and I to have dinner with Don Myerson and his wife Dolly at the Dondero Restaurant with some Le Reve Champagne I brought from the mainland (I always bring a case of wine with me when we travel.)

We also had lunch with Don and his wife with three of their children at Popiu Golf Club.

The three children from left to right: McKenna, Dru, Matthew (Dylan, 14 years old was in a tennis tournament in Honolulu.) The good looking fellow in the middle is Don.
His wife Dolly took the photograph.

Also should give a plug for Don’s company BSB Leasing prize available:
week in Hawaii, airfare for two, hotel, dinner with Don
(second prize is two dinners with Don) and golf fees.



Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Lake Success, NY

Full time, entry or jr. level collector, auto and/or equip collection exp. preferred. Resume: fax 718-392-5427
attn: Ed Kaye/Eric Coolbaugh

About the Company: Advantage Funding is the leader in automotive and equipment lease financing, Lake Success, NY.

Document Processor

Documentation Processor

New York, NY.

Mid-Town New York office seeking Documentation Processor with approximately 3 years experience. Click here for details.

Send all resumes in confidence to:

Leasing Sales Representative

“A Top Producers Dream”

Outstanding Back Office Support
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Leasing Sales Representative

Leasing Sales Representative
Long Island, NY

Hiring experienced or new to business sales reps. Transactions in all states / all industries. Send resume to: or fax 631-414-7571.

About the Company: Sterling Capital Leasing, LLC is a national small ticket/middle market leasing company

Special Assets Workout Officer

Special Assets Workout Officer,
San Francisco, CA

5+ years collection experience work-out commercial accts. equip. finance/leasing-
click here for more info

About the Company: Bank of the West and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity/affirmative
action employers.



Sales Make it Happen --- by Linda P. Kester

Overcoming Discouragement

My friend Scott had a deal for $70,000 that was declined.  He worked diligently to get the decision turned around and was thrilled when he succeeded. 

The deal was on Scott's backlog report for four months, and his manager was constantly asking when the deal would book. 

There were problems with the installation of the equipment and after weeks of delay he finally got a signed lease agreement.  The lessee became annoyed with the vendor because supplies that were supposed to be included in the deal were suddenly being withheld.  The lessee refused to verbally verify the transaction while the vendor was screaming at Scott for his money. 

The next week the vendor and the lessee worked out their problems, and the lessee decided to pay CASH.

How very frustrating!

Most of you reading this probably have your own war stories.  In this industry you can't count on a deal until it's booked.  There are too many factors that can go wrong.  Most of us can accept this.  We can deal with the disappointment that comes with working a transaction through the system.  What we can't deal with is the discouragement of trying finding a deal in the first place.  It seems that every vendor we call on is sick and tired of hearing from leasing companies, or they continually tell us that they are not selling much of anything in this economy.

It's hard to stay optimistic and enthusiastic when you hear “no” over and over again. It's also hard to stay optimistic and enthusiastic when you think the same thoughts over and over again.  Studies show that we have about 50,000 thoughts per day, and 90% of them are repetitive.  Other research indicates that 77% of everything that most people think about is negative, self-damaging, and counterproductive.

How very frustrating!

Take the first step to break this negative cycle--begin to track your own thoughts.   When you start to feel frustration and discouragement, identify what thoughts are running through your mind.  Once you identify your thought pattern ask yourself:

        Is this thought accurate?

                        Is this thought helpful?

For example, you are prospecting and the vendor tells you “We're happy with who we are using and we have not done many leasing deals recently anyway.”

You think “Every vendor I call on is happy with their current leasing company.  I'm never going to get any new business.  This economy sucks, nobody is buying anything.  I'm never going to hit my quota.”

Is the thought “ every vendor I call on is happy with their current leasing company ” accurate? 

Is it helpful to you to think this?

Is the thought “I'm never going to get any new business” accurate? 

Is it helpful to think this?

Is the thought “this economy sucks, nobody is buying anything” accurate?

Is it helpful to think this?

Is the thought “I'm never going to hit my quota” accurate?

Is it helpful to think this?

Sometimes your thoughts are accurate, that doesn't mean that they will help you.

(By the way: my standard reply when someone tells me they are happy with their current leasing company is “ My best vendor said the same thing when I first called on them.  Who are you using?   I brush off their brush off and usually gain a piece of valuable information.)

Once you identify the thoughts that keep you discouraged, determine if those thoughts are accurate or helpful, then change your thoughts to ones that work for you.  For example, instead of the habitual thought “every vendor is happy with their current leasing company...change that to “This prospect is happy with CIT, I now know who they are using and that they actively use leasing.”  Then set your objective for the next call.  Maybe something like:  “The next time I talk to them I'll find out what's most important to them in a leasing company.  It may take me a while to get business from this company, but I know this is a decent prospect and I'll keep calling on them until their situation changes.”

Discouragement arises from not getting the results you want.   Remember that great achievements are made up of small achievements.  Reevaluate your actions and your thoughts and then take a different approach.  

Here's an idea:  Make eleven prospect calls and then give yourself a bonus for making the calls.  Regardless of the outcome reward yourself for having the courage (the root of the word discouragement) to face the unknown.  

When my friend Scott lost his 70K deal he was discouraged.  As soon as he could he went to the gym and worked out the tension.  He didn't mentally beat himself up.  He met with the vendor the next day over lunch and gently pointed out how hard he had worked on the deal---simply for the opportunity, without any guarantee of a return. This strengthened the relationship, and now the vendor provides him a steady stream of applications.  He turned the setback into a comeback. 

We are always going to be challenged in this industry, tough economy or not.  It's to our benefit to turn those challenges into opportunities. 

View your approach as if you were an actor on stage.

Keeping a positive mental outlook will help you to persevere through the inevitable downturns in any business. Remember, you are an actor on the Stage. When you are performing, you are positive. You are up! You are a performer!!! Your audience will applaud you with business.

Linda Kester helps leasing companies obtain more volume.

For more information please visit

Sales Makes it Happen articles:



Shawn Halladay, International expert

Shawn Halladay was in Sweden when he responded to the four questions we asked him to answer:

1. What is the biggest issue you face in your business?

"Converting the lip service that companies give training into actual practice."

2. What advice would you give to a young person entering the business today?

"Constantly strive to learn something new about your job and company, whether it is product knowledge, some aspect of operations, or industry rules and regulations. This not only will keep you fresh and challenged but also add to your value."

3. To what do you attribute your success?

“Mix a strong work ethic and never-ending curiosity on my part with some fantastic mentors, then add a bit of luck, and there you have it."

4. What is one big thing that you hope to do before you die?

"Not get old (with respects to Pete Townsend.)"

Shawn is managing principal of The Alta Group's Professional Development Division and has authored or co-authored eight books on equipment leasing, including "A Guide to Equipment Leasing," “An Introduction to Leasing" and "The Handbook of Equipment Leasing."

His professional expertise stretches across all leasing sectors and around the globe. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, he has served lessors throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe, providing training in all aspects of equipment leasing and consulting services supporting vendor finance, benchmarking studies, competitive analysis, strategic planning, litigation support, mergers and acquisitions and accounting and quantitative analysis.

He likes to travel as an excuse to attend soccer games, one of his passions.

Leasing News Advisory Board Member Biography

Shawn D. Halladay
124 South 400 East, Suite 310
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
801/322-5454 fax

Shawn Halladay joined the Leasing News Advisory Board on April 17, 2006. He travels the world for the Alta Group, a global “think tank,” providing many services. He appears to enjoy the position as it gives him the opportunity to attend soccer matches, his favorite sport. The highlight of his year is the FIFA World Cup.

His specialties are operations, accounting, and tax issues. He is also a “popular” legal leasing expert, called for his opinion or testimony as an “expert witness.” He performs the same service for Leasing News.

Shawn's strengths in accounting, tax law and analysis help Alta clients quantify the success of their business and evaluate emerging opportunities. His custom training courses, offered in several languages and tailored to meet the needs of varying geographic and industry markets and cultures, help lessors maximize the value of their human resources and deliver outstanding lease products and customer service.

A member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, Shawn serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Equipment Lease Financing.




Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s

Operations & Technology Conference and Exhibition May 21-23

‘High Tech and High Touch’

2008 Operations & Technology Excellence Awards to be Presented

Washington, DC—— The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) Operations & Technology Conference and Exhibition will bring together executive management; directors of operations and administration; department managers for credit, collections, information technology, documentation, accounting, remarketing and management; and systems support company representatives May 21-23 at the Westin Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL.

Open to ELFA members, EAEL members, and non-members.

While the primary focus today for many equipment finance companies is liquidity, the nuts and bolts of operations cannot be ignored. Processes and procedures must be as efficient and productive as possible and must add value to customer relations. ELFA’s Operations and Technology Conference & Exhibition is the one place where Operations and IT professionals can step back and gain insight into how they can better address these critical questions:

Does my organization have a system in place to evaluate the effectiveness of current business processes, taking into account staffing, operations and technology requirements?
Are we taking advantage of project management tools and techniques that can help our company meet business objectives?
Would implementing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) help us achieve operational objectives and add value to our customers and business?
Does my organization foster a culture of customer focus throughout the company?

In addition, ELFA’s 2008 Operations & Technology Excellence (O&TE) Award winners will be announced during the conference. ELFA’s OT&E Award Program identifies and recognizes equipment leasing and finance companies that have demonstrated best practices in developing and implementing innovative uses of technology or creative business processes to improve operations, enhance customer interactions, enter new markets and build overall ROI. The program brings the backroom to the foreground spotlighting the best in the industry as an example for others.

ELFA Operations & Technology Brochure: Conference and Exhibition, including a downloadable conference schedule and registration form, visit

For more information regarding conference registration please contact Morinia Scott at ELFA at 202-238-3434.

**** announcement*************************************



Written by Alyssa D. Gusenoff, daughter of well-known leasing attorney Barry Dubin of Cooper, White & Cooper LLP, the non-alcoholic book aimed at mothers-to-be has been very well received.

Zachary Gusenoff

This is from Gretchen Gabriel, who does many of the graphics for Leasing News. She is due June 15, 2008 with her third son.

“I think this book is very well done, “she told Leasing News. “ It offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks that are cleverly named things like “Materni-Tini” and “Raspberry Rattle”, as well as the non-alcoholic versions of some of the most popular cocktails.  I think the recipes would be great at a baby shower or gathering where there are pregnant women.  It seems like a welcome treat since most pregnant women just drink endless glasses of ice water.  Even the non-pregnant set would enjoy some of these creations!  A lot of fun!”

Divided into three chapters: “Frozen Delights,” “On the Rocks,” “Martini’s & More,” there are over 60 recipes for every “mom to be” with illustrations.

Amazon has it for sale at $9.58 with free shipping. I had it gift wrapped and sent to three people.



Two books by writers in leasing

Brian Huey, LeaseSource President, an NAELB Master Member,
has written a novel on the backdrop of business.

In this first novel of the Perpetual series, Matthew, an eighteen-year-old from northern Maine with a savant-like gift for science, and Maria, a Spanish beauty intrigued with the criminal mind, run for their lives across America’s Eastern Seaboard—fleeing sinister forces of evil.

PERPETUAL reSearch sets the stage for future novels in the Perpetual series with scenes spanning more than three decades set in the U.S. and across the globe. Readers will hunger after the next book in the chronicle: PERPETUAL Development (2009), and Launch (2010). As if pulled from the headlines each novel is enveloped in current events and each scene drips with suspense.

You may order a signed and sequentially numbered pre-bookseller first edition at
Price is $29.95 — 399 pages; excerpt of the book is available at:

More information about Brian Huey’s book:

Mike Berke’s "Hot Cole" has been received well by reviewers and readers. Prior to turning to a detective book, Mike was at Leasco Capital Corporation (now Reliance Group, Inc.), Sussex Leasing Corp., Eaton Financial Corporation and AT&T Capital Corporation. During that time he also trained hundreds of personnel from manuals, instructional guidelines and how-to’s he wrote, additionally authoring numerous articles for industry association publications, magazines, periodicals and newsletters.

The book is available direct or from Amazon.




Leasing Association Conference 2008

June 11th - 14th, 2008
National Vehicle Leasing Association
Camelback Inn Resort
5402 East Lincoln Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85253   

Christopher "Kit" Menkin to present Leasing News Person of the Year Award 2007 to Randall Brook, retired Senior FTC Attorney.


October 12-14
Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
47th Annual Convention
Hilton New Orleans Riverside
New Orleans, LA


To view Leasing Association Events-Meetings Open to All, please click here.



Student Loans in real trouble

By Donna Mitchell

The student loan ABS sector, usually one of the most stable and reliable of the ABS asset classes, has been putting on some uncharacteristically dramatic behavior lately.

Last week alone, SLM Corp., known as the issuer Sallie Mae, reported first-quarter earnings results that suggested it was bracing for a "train wreck" in student loan borrowing.

Citigroup, through the Student Loan Corp., which it owns, decided to stop originating Federal consolidation loans, joining a list of about eight lenders who have made similar announcements.

Other industry officials say that list is longer than we know, because some lenders have stopped making those types of loans but have not announced it. Most interesting, to say the least, was the Senate banking committee's hearing on the impact of the credit crunch on the student loan market.

During the committee's hearing last week, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators' (NASFAA) President and CEO Philip Day proposed a safety net comprising three major supports to keep the student loan funds flowing: federal intervention to provide liquidity in the financing markets; a Direct Loan program prepared to handle a sharp increase in volume; and a Lender of Last Resort program to eliminate administrative obstacles to students.

Many advocates of higher education affordability have offered similar ideas. From a capital markets perspective, the most interesting idea involves allowing the Federal Home Loan Banks or the Federal Financing Bank to invest in securities backed by triple-A FFELP student loans. Hopefully, that would drive home the point that issuers and dealers have been emphasizing for months now: Triple-A FFELP securities have the outright backing of the Federal government. It can hardly get more rewarding than to buy them at today's triple-digit spreads.

Also, it makes sense to pay lots of attention to the wounded FFELP patient, because federally guaranteed loans account for between 80% and 90% of the total student loan funding market, according to various estimates.

What a positive sign it is that the federal government has taken an earnest interest in the viability of the education financing market. It should do so, especially because its policies put an unwarranted burden on a market that was beginning to struggle under the weight of capital market disruptions.

Those policies refer to the College Cost Reduction Act and Access Act of 2007, which was passed in fall 2007. Fitch Ratings estimates that the legislation could result in more than $20 billion in funding being cut from FFELP.

By some estimates, liquidity needs to be restored to the student loan market posthaste, or else the nasty effects could be manifest by summertime.

"Most students have loans secured through this academic year," said Justin Draeger, a spokesman for the NASFAA. "If there would be major shortages, we would know by July or August."

At this point, the NASFAA has not received reports of students being unable to get a FFELP loan, and the financial aid dynamics are different for different schools across the country. Some would be able to make up the difference in funding, while others would not.

It would be a bad idea to take that chance, however. If a severe shortfall were to hit, those attending two-year colleges, career schools and community colleges would be the first affected. Who knows how long it would take for a sustained shortage in funding to reach traditional four-year and graduate schools?

(c) 2008 Asset Securitization Report and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


### Press Release ###########################

ATEL hires John Hart, National Sales Manager for ATEL Securities Corporation

John Hart has joined ATEL Securities Corporation as Executive Vice President, National Sales Manager. John has over 20 years of experience in the securities industry as a sales leader and manager with a successful track record wholesaling SMAs, mutual funds, variable annuities and alternative investments.

John spent thirteen years at Berkeley Capital Management in San Francisco where he began as a wholesaler and grew the western region from $0 to $300 million of sales in 2 years. He was promoted to National Sales Manager, where he drove growth through the formation of new business relationships, marketing strategies and by developing an extensive network of relationships with Broker Dealers, due diligence officers and platform gatekeepers. He has been a frequent keynote speaker at national wire house and regional broker-dealer training functions. John graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Political Science degree, he is a Certified Investment Consultant, Certified Investment Specialist, Accredited Investment Fiduciary and has his Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law.

“John’s addition as EVP, National Sales Manager brings the experience and successful track record needed to expand our reach into the market.” said Dean Cash, President and CEO, “I am confident he will add to the success of ATEL now and well into the future.”

For more information on ATEL Capital Group, please visit our website


### Press Release ###########################

Balboa Capital Corporation Promotes Phil Silva to Executive-Vice President

(Irvine, Calif.) Balboa Capital, a leader in equipment financing in the United States, announced today that Phil Silva, Executive Vice President, will become President of Balboa Capital and will be responsible for the growth and profitability of the company. Patrick Byrne, the founder and current President will continue as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Mr. Silva has over 21 years in the equipment finance industry and is experienced in all aspects of sales and sales management. In the last few years, Phil was the General Manager for the Healthcare and Franchise segments at American Express Business Finance prior to and through its purchase by Key Equipment Finance. Before joining Balboa Capital in April of 2007, Phil ran his own management consulting firm. Phil has worked for other distinguished companies such as Transamerica Distribution Finance, Dana Commercial Credit and Master Lease Corporation. Phil holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington.

“In working with Phil over the past two years, I have always looked for him to take on more responsibility as he built momentum and acclimated himself to the Balboa culture,” said Mr. Byrne announcing Phil’s promotion. “After assisting with the formation of our Vendor Services Group and then assuming responsibility for all of our Sales Channels and the Marketing and Recruiting departments, it is now the appropriate time for his next challenge. Our aim since 1988 has been to build a great company. Phil, along with the rest of the Balboa team, will assist us in achieving our next level of success,” concluded Byrne.

# # # About Balboa Capital Balboa Capital is the largest privately-held equipment finance company in the United States, delivering cutting-edge technology and easy, convenient financing to small and mid-sized business and channel partners. Celebrating twenty years in business in 2008, Balboa Capital markets its products through its direct sales force, vendor and commercial channels, and broker partnerships. The company offers leases in the range of $5,000 to $5,000,000. Balboa Capital is based in Irvine, Calif., with remote offices throughout the U.S. including offices in Phoenix, Ariz. and San Francisco, Calif.


### Press Release ###########################

News Briefs----

Wachovia May Take $1 Billion Charge Tied to Leases

Citigroup Increases Stock Offering to $4.5 Billion

Rising costs reshaping air travel across the USA

Starbucks profit sinks 28% in second quarter

CAI International buys Sweden-based Consent Equipment AB

Trinity Industries posts 10% profit increase for quarter

GM Loses $3.3 Billion in 1Q, Lowers Sales Outlook

Top 5 Idol results show w/ Brooke White gone, Paula Abdul tries to explain gaffe



You May have Missed---

U.S. Hispanic population hits 45.5 million: agency



Sports Briefs----

Dallas Stars let Sharks resurface with 2-1 loss



“Gimme that Wine”

Trefethen marks 40 years of family wines

Novelty Hill Winery offers some of the best value wines in Washington

A Tinge of Citrus in a Vodka Bottle --Eric Asimov

Heston Blumenthal invents chocolate wine

Wine Prices by vintage
US/International Wine Events
Winery Atlas
Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page
The London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) is an electronic exchange for fine wine.



Calendar Events This Day

Israel: Holocaust Day (Yom Hashoah)
Hebrew calendar date: Nisan 27,5768. A day established by Israel’s Knesset as a memorial to the Jewish dead of WWII. Anniversary in Jewish Calendar of Nisan 27,5705 ( corresponding to April 10, 1945, in the Gregorian calendar), the day on which Allied troops liberated the first Nazi concentration camp. Buchenwald, north of Weimer, Germany, where about 56,000 prisoners, many of them Jewish, perished.

Loyalty Day

May Day

Mother Goose Day

National Chocolate Parfait Day

Robert’s Rules Day
Anniversary of the birth of Henry M. Robert (General, US Army,)author of Robert’s Rule or Order, a standard parliamentary guide. Born at Robertville, SC. Died at Hornell, NY, May 11, 2925.

Save the Rhino Day

Space Day and International Space Day

Saint feast Days



Actor and now California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger bought the first Hummer manufactured for civilian use in 1992. The vehicle weighed in at 6,300 lbs and was 7 feet wide.



Today's Top Event in History

1917- Jack Paar Birthday
( I remember many nights staying up with my father watching the Jack Paar Show.
He and I were both night owls.


This Day in American History

    1486 - Christopher Columbus convinced Queen Isabella to fund expedition to the West Indies.
    1528 - The Spanish Narvaez expedition began an inland march to Florida with some 300 men and 40 horses.
    1562 - The 1st French colonists in the US, a 5-vessel Huguenot expedition led by Jean Ribault (1520-1565), landed in Florida. He continued north and established a colony named Charlesfort at Parris Island, NC.
    1830---Birthday of Mary Harris Jones, better known as “Mother Jones,” Irish-born American labor leader. After the death of her husband and four children (during the Memphis yellow fever epidemic of 1867) and loss of her belongings in the Chicago Fire in 1871, Jones devoted her energies and her life to organizing and advancing the cause of labor. It seemed she was present wherever there were labor troubles. She gave her last speech on her 100th birthday. Born at Cork , Ireland , she died Nov 30, 1930, at Silver Spring , MD. In 1923, at the age of ninety-three, she was still working among striking coal miners in West Virginia . A passionate organizer, she counted among her more spectacular achievements the leading of a march of miners wives who routed strikebreakers with brooms and mops in the Pennsylvania coalfields in 1902, and the leading of a march of striking child textile workers from Kensington, Pennsylvania, to President Theodore Roosevelt s Long Island home in 1903 to dramatize the case for abolition of child labor. In 1905 she helped found the Industrial Workers of the World." Women of Achievement and Her story
    1855-When nationally known public speaker and feminist Lucy Stone married Henry Blackwell, a marriage contract written by the bride and groom was read at the wedding that disavowed the gross inequity married women suffered un American law, and the word “obey” was omitted from their marriage vows. A year after the ceremony, the bride further shocked society by taking back her maiden name, which she kept for the rest of her life.
    1852-Birthday of Martha Jane (Calamity Jane) Canary - U.S. frontierswoman and stagecoach driver. CJ joined Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and has been romanticized in movies, fiction stories, and legends. She was reportedly rough mannered (as well most people of the place and era) and as was also common in those days for women without the protection of one man, was a prostitute of sorts. She frequented bars, was rumored (mostly disproved) to have driven stagecoaches, but she was a crack shot. It is believed that she began roaming the mining areas after she was orphaned at 15. Known as a companion of Wild Bill Hickock, she is buried next to him - more as a tourist attraction since he died many years before she did and their relationship was questionable at best. She toured with several Wild West shows including Buffalo Bill's. She often dressed in men's clothing (also not a particularly unusual thing in the pioneer west for active and poor women). According to some legends (told mostly by herself), she scouted for the army including Col. George Custer. She went to the Black Hills of South Dakota with a geological expedition and stayed in Deadwood after the gold strike there. There she became a companion to Wild Bill Hickock although a rumored marriage probably never took place. The name "Calamity" has been variously explained as being derived from her care of patients during a smallpox epidemic or warnings to men who felt a single woman alone was a plaything to be used as they would. She eventually moved to El Paso and married (maybe). She had a habit of referring to her male companions as husbands. She exhibited herself in some shows following depictions of her as a romantic character in the dime novels of the day. Living in abject poverty for many years, she eventually traveled back to South Dakota where she died in 1903 and was buried next to Wild Bill Hickock.
    1855-Birthday of Cecilia Beaux - artist, generally recognized as the leading U.S. portrait painter of her day. Her first paintings, those of her family, won prizes in the U.S. and Paris. She was elected to the Socieacture; Nationale des Beaux-Arts ( Paris ) and the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1933). Her paintings are in major museums throughout the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An injury cut short her career. One historian wrote:
    In 1895 she became the first woman instructor at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and in 1896, on the strength of her showing at the Paris Salon, she was elected to membership in the Soci6t6 Nationale des Beaux- Arts. Cecilia Beaux moved to New York City in 1900. Later major works included commissioned portraits of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt and her daughter Ethel, Mary Adelaide Nutting (for the Johns Hopkins Hospital ), Mrs. Andrew Carnegie, Richard Watson Gilder, and, for the National Art Committee's project on World War I leaders, Adm. Lord David Beatty, Georges Clemenceau, and Cardinal Mercier. "Her paintings were placed in such major collections as the National Collection of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Museum , the Art Institute of Chicago, the Luxembourg Museum of Paris, and the Uffizi Gallery of Florence. Cecilia Beaux was acknowledged as one of the leading portraitists of her day. Her work, while it suggested at times the influence of some of her French Impressionist teachers, and at other times was compared to that of John Singer Sargent, was not imitative of any master." Some of her work is also exhibited at the Women's Museum of Art in Washington, D.C.
    1864-Birthday of Anna M. Jarvis - U.S. mother of Mother's Day.
After many women had attempted to have a special day set aside to honor mothers after the U.S. Civil War, Jarvis was successful in having the second Sunday of May set aside to honor mothers. By 1913 every state in the union established the observance and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution of Congress to officially recognize the day.
She was unalterably opposed the commercialization of the observance wanting to keep it a pure and simple remembrance. A number of other women, including Julia Ward Howe had suggested Mother's Day, but none were successful until Jarvis's campaign, which started in Philadelphia , May 1908 with the pink carnation being worn if the mother was alive and white in memorial. The observance was originally to be a renunciation of war, militarism, and the patriarchy that cost women their husbands and sons in the Civil War. Jarvis spent most of her declining years in attempt to keep the holiday pure from the inroads of florists, jewelers, and the like who made it a marketing circus. Here is the original, pre-Hallmark, Mother's Day Proclamation, penned in Boston by Julia Ward Howe in 1870.
    1862- Capt. David G. Farragut and Union forces took possession of New Orleans after running past Forts Jackson and St. Philip on the Mississippi R. at night and then defeating a small Confederate flotilla. In it's 19 months of service, the Hartford was hit 240 times by enemy fire Farragut was promoted to rear admiral in July.
    1863-at the battle of Chancellorsville , 50 miles southwest of Washington, DC., Gen. Robert E. Lee won his greatest victory over huge Union forces under Gen. Joseph Hooker. The battles lasted for four days. In the North, 17,275 were killed or wounded; in the South, 12,821. Here is a good piece of trivia, General Hooker allowed his troops to bring “ladies of the evening” into camp, and many also traveled with his troops. They were nicknamed “Hooker's,” and thus the argut today.
     1873---birthday of William Morris, founder of the William Morris Agency , Schwarzenau , Germany .
    1873-Congress enacted the one cent postal card. The first cards were made by the Morgan Envelope Company, Springfield , MA . Stamp collectors state the first cancellation was May 12, 1873.
    1874-Birthday of Romaine Brooks - U.S. artist whose palette of primary black, grey and brown produced amazingly insightful portraits. The daughter of an unstable mother and brother who became dangerously paranoid, she was sent away to various schools. Following their deaths she inherited a fortune. She married for form's sake but lived openly as a lesbian, maintaining am on\off liaison for 40-years with the wandering Natalie Clifford Barney, noted U.S. expatriate writer. She continued to paint until her late 80s. The largest collection of her works are to be viewed at the National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC. Died December 7, 1970 in Nice , France at the age of 96.
    1884-c onstruction was begun on the Home Insurance Company building in Chicago , IL , on what was to become the modern skyscraper. The 10-story building was completed in 1885. Designed by William Le Baron Jenney, it had a steel frame which carried the weight of the building. The walls provided no support but hung like curtains on the metal frame. This method of construction revolutionized American architecture and allowed architects to build taller and taller buildings. This building was constructed of marble and flanked by four columns of polished granite supporting a marble balcony. Two additional stories were added to it later. The steel frame supported the entire weight of the walls, instead of the walls themselves carrying the weight of the building.
    April 24, 1813, the first 750 feet building, the Woolworth Building , opened with 55 floors.
    1893-the Columbian Exposition Opened a t 12:08 PM, when President Grover Cleveland, in the presence of nearly a quarter of a million people, placed his finger on a golden key opening the Columbian Exposition at Chicago, IL. Amid the unfurling of thousands of flags, sounding of trumpets and booming of cannons, the key activated an electromagnetic valve, steam rushed into great cylinders and the immense pump began its enormous burden of pumping 15,000,000 gallons of water a day to supply the 685-acre fair and its visitors with an ample water supply.
    1906-the Night and Day Bank opened in New York City . It was open 24 hours a day. Oakleigh Thorne was the first president. The idea was originated by Thomas Benedict Clarke. 03/01/1911 Converted Federal Harriman National Bank of the City of New York 1932 Acquire By Merger Liberty National Bank & Trust Company in New York 03/01/1933 Closed
    1908-birthday of trombonist Henderson Chambers, Alexandria, LA
    1909-birthday of Kate Smith, one of America's most popular singers. Kate Smith, who never took a formal music lesson, recorded more songs than any other performer (more than 3,000), made more than 15,000 radio broadcasts and received more than 25 million fan letters. Nineteen of her records sold over a million copies, and she sold more war bonds during World War II than anyone else. On Nov 11, 1938, she introduced a new song during her regular radio broadcast, written especially for her by Irving Berlin: "God Bless America." It soon became the unofficial national anthem. Born Kathryn Elizabeth Smith at Greenville, VA, she began her radio career May 1, 1931, with "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain," a song identified with her throughout her career.
She died at Raleigh, NC, June 17, 1986.
    1909-birthday of drummer Jesse Price, Memphis, TN
    1915- birthday of Archie Williams, who along with Jesse Owens and others, debunked Hitler's theory of the superiority of Aryan athletes at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. As a black member of the US team Williams won a gold medal by running the 400-meter in 46.5 seconds (.4 second slower than his own record of earlier that year). Williams, who was born at Oakland , CA , earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California — Berkeley in 1939 but had to dig ditches for a time because they weren't hiring black engineers. He became an airplane pilot and for 22 years trained Tuskegee Institute pilots, including the black air corp of WWll. When asked during a 1981 interview about his treatment by the Nazis during the 1936 Olympics, he replied, Well, over there at least we didn't have to ride in the back of the bus.”
Archie Williams died June 24, 1993, at Fairfax, CA.
    1917- Jack Paar Birthday
( I remember many nights staying up with my father watching the Jack Paar Show. He and I were both night owls.
    1920-the Brooklyn Dodges and the Boston Braves played the long game in major league baseball history, but did not finish it. After 26 innings, the game was halted because of darkness with the score tied,1-1. Each team used just one pitcher, Leon Cadore for the Dodgers and Jose Oescher for the Braves, who gave up 12 and 9 hits, respectively. Despite its 26 innings, the game took just 3 hours,50 minutes. The next day, the Dodgers lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in 13 innings. the day after that, they returned to Boston and lost again in 19 innings.
    1924-May 1, —Big Maybelle

New Moon, enters this phase at 8:15am,EDT.
The month of May is named for Maia, the Roman goddess of spring and growth. The first day of May has been observed as a holiday since ancient times. Spring festivals, maypoles and maying are still common, but the political importance of May Day has grown since the 1880s, when it became a workers' day in the US . Now widely observed in countries as a workers' holiday or as Labor Day. (The US and Canada observe Labor Day in September.) In most European countries, when May Day falls on Saturday or Sunday, the Monday following is observed as a holiday, with bank and store closings, parades and other festivities. This is "Loyalty Day", a tradition started in 1955 during the height of the McCarthy era. Congress passed this in 1955 and amended it in 1958 to occur the first day of May ( also the name of a popular book and movie about this era ).
    1930-Blues harmonica player Little Walter, real name Marion Walter Jacobs, was born in Marksville, Louisiana. He was a pioneer in the use of a microphone to amplify the mouth harp, and his techniques were widely copied, particularly by white blues musicians in England. Little Walter died in 1968 after being stabbed in a street fight in Chicago.
    1931-the Empire State Building, 103 stories, more than 1,250 was dedicated. The builder was Colonel William Aiken Starrett; the architect, William Frederick Lamb; the engineer, Homer Gage Balcom. In 1950, a 222-foot television sending-tower was constructed on the roof.
    1931-On her 22nd birthday, singer Kate Smith began her long-running radio program on CBS. Smith's program appeared opposite "Amos 'n' Andy" on NBC, and was so successful that NBC switched its comedy program to another evening. Smith's theme song was "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain," but the song for which she is best remembered is "God Bless America." Kate Smith died in 1986 at the age of 77.
    1933---birthday singer/song writer Titus Turner, Atlanta, GA
    1939-Folk singer Judy Collins was born in Seattle, Washington. She gained widespread fame in 1961 with her debut album "Maid of Constant Sorrow." Collins is best known for her hits "Both Sides Now" - top ten in 1969 - and "Amazing Grace" from 1971. She also helped promote the careers of Randy Newman, and Canadians Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen.
    1943--SMITH, MAYNARD H. (Air Mission) mDEAL OF hONOR
Rank and organization. Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 423d Bombardment Squadron, 306th Bomber Group. Place and date: Over Europe, 1 May 1943. Entered service at: Cairo, Mich. Born: 1911, Cairo Mich. G.O. No.: 38, 12 July 1943. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action above and beyond the call of duty. The aircraft of which Sgt. Smith was a gunner was subjected to intense enemy antiaircraft fire and determined fighter airplane attacks while returning from a mission over enemy-occupied continental Europe on 1 May 1943. The airplane was hit several times by antiaircraft fire and cannon shells of the fighter airplanes, 2 of the crew were seriously wounded, the aircraft's oxygen system shot out, and several vital control cables severed when intense fires were ignited simultaneously in the radio compartment and waist sections. The situation became so acute that 3 of the crew bailed out into the comparative safety of the sea. Sgt. Smith, then on his first combat mission, elected to fight the fire by himself, administered first aid to the wounded tail gunner, manned the waist guns, and fought the intense flames alternately. The escaping oxygen fanned the fire to such intense heat that the ammunition in the radio compartment began to explode, the radio, gun mount, and camera were melted, and the compartment completely gutted. Sgt. Smith threw the exploding ammunition overboard, fought the fire until all the firefighting aids were exhausted, manned the workable guns until the enemy fighters were driven away, further administered first aid to his wounded comrade, and then by wrapping himself in protecting cloth, completely extinguished the fire by hand. This soldier's gallantry in action, undaunted bravery, and loyalty to his aircraft and fellow crewmembers, without regard for his own personal safety, is an inspiration to the U.S. Armed Forces.
    1946-Elliot Lawrence cuts first commercial session for Columbia.

    1946--- Emma Clarissa Clement, a black woman and mother of Atlanta University President Rufus E. Clement, was named "American Mother of the Year" by the Golden Rule Foundation. She was the first Afro-American woman to receive
    1950—African-American Gwendolyn Brooks become the first black to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for her book,”Annie Allen,” Harpers.
    1961- so-called “ militant students” joined James Farmer of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) to conduct “freedom rides” on public transportation from Washington, DC, across the deep South to New Orleans. The trips were intended to test Supreme Court decisions and Interstate Commerce Commission regulations prohibiting discrimination in interstate travel. In several places riders were brutally beaten by local people and policemen. On May 14, members of the Ku Klux Klan attacked the Freedom Riders in Birmingham, AL, while local police watched. The rides were patterned after a similar challenge to segregation, the 1947 Journey of Reconciliation, which tested the US Supreme Court's June 3,1948, ban against segregation in interstate bus travel.
    1953—Tops Hits
Pretend - Nat King Cole
Till I Waltz Again with You - Teresa Brewer
I Believe - Frankie Laine
Mexican Joe - Jim Reeves
    1960-the U2 Incident: o n the eve of a summit meeting between US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, a U-2 espionage plane flying at about 60,000 feet was shot down over Sverdlovsk, in central USSR. The pilot, CIA agent Francis Gary Powers, survived the crash, as did large parts of the aircraft, a suicide kit and sophisticated surveillance equipment. The sensational event, which US officials described as a weather reconnaissance flight gone astray, resulted in cancellation of the summit meeting. Powers was tried, convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Moscow court. In 1962 he was returned to the US in exchange for an imprisoned Soviet spy. He died in a helicopter crash in 1977.  
    1961-the first skyjacking of a commercial American airplane took place during the flight of a National Airlines twin-engine Convair CV 440 from Miami, FL, to Key West, FL. The plane left Marathon, FL, at 3:23pm with eight passengers. A passenger name dAntillo Ortiz, using the name of El Pirata Cofresi, threatened the crew and passengers with a pistol and knife. The plane landed in Havana. The string of airplane highjackings that followed were dubbed “skyjackings” by the press and led to the U.S.'s first air piracy law, passed in September, 1961.
    1961—Tops Hits
Runaway - Del Shannon
Mother-In-Law - Ernie K-Doe
I've Told Every Little Star - Linda Scott
Don't Worry - Marty Robbins
    1963-J.Walter Kennedy was named the second president of the NBA, succeeding Maurice Podoloff, who retired after the 1962-63 season.
    1963-James W. Whittaker of Redmond, WA, the leading member of the first American Mount Everest Expedition, became the first American to ascent to the top, 10 years after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made ascent of the 29,028-foot peak.
    1967 –Priscilla Beaulieu, born Brooklyn, NY, marries Elvis Presley at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. The wedding cake alone cost $3,500.
Priscilla was the teenaged daughter of a US Army officer whom Elvis had met in Germany. She had lived at Presley's Graceland Mansion since 1961, ostensibly under the supervision of Presley's father and stepmother. On February 1st, 1968, their only child, Lisa Marie, was born. Four years later, the couple separated, and in 1973, Elvis filed for divorce.
    1969—Tops Hits
Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In - The 5th Dimension
It's Your Thing - The Isley Brothers
Hair - The Cowsills
Galveston - Glen Campbell
    1969 - Leonard Tose pays $16,155,000 to buy the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. It was the largest price paid to that date for a pro football franchise. It was over a decade [1981] before the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl (XV: Oakland Raiders 27, Eagles 10).
    1970 - Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin combined for the first time on Elton's first American album simply titled, "Elton John". The LP contained Elton's first hit, "Your Song", which made it to the top ten on in December.
    1971-Amtrak, the national rail service which combined the operations of IS passenger railroads, went into service. Personal service, great food, full attention, and very comfortable rides were available to all who rode the national rails.
    1975- Lila Cockrell defeated nine male oppoents to become mayor of San Antonio, Texas, the the nation's 10th largest city with a population of 750,000. According to “Women of Achievement and Hesrstory, “ She was empowered to run for the mayoralty post following Janet Gray Hayes's amazing victory in San Jose, California that in those pre Silicon Valley days was far from the size of San Antonio, but her victory convinced LC that a woman could be elected to head a big city. ( Janet Gray Hayes is a very good friend of mine, devoted to her physician husband, and in her day, quite a tennis player). Women had served as mayors of small towns since the late 19th century but none of a major metropolis. Mayor Cockrell was 53 years old when elected, married with two daughters. Her political life began with the League of Women Voters
    1977—Tops Hits
Southern Nights - Glen Campbell
Hotel California - Eagles
When I Need You - Leo Sayer
She's Pulling Me Back Again - Mickey Gilley
    1981- American Airlines began the first frequent flyer program on this date. Now most airlines offer a frequent flyer program but American is still the industry leader with 45 million members. Today 40 percent of all miles are earned on the ground with affiliated business that pay the airlines for the miles, such as hotels, car rental companies, credit card companies, phone companies and retailers.
    1982 - "I Love Rock 'N Roll", by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, appeared at the top of the pop music charts for the seventh, and final, week. The rocker stayed on the charts for 16 weeks. Jett from Philadelphia PA, played guitar and formed the all-female rock band, The Runaways, in the mid-'70s. The Blackhearts were founded in 1980. Jett starred in the film, "Light of Day", playing the role of leader of a rock band called The Barbusters. The movie also starred Michael J. Fox and Michael McKean. The title song, "Light of Day" was written by Jett and Bruce Springsteen. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts had nine hits on the charts into 1990, but "I Love Rock 'N Roll" was the group's only million-plus selling record.
    1985—Tops Hits
We are the World - USA for Africa
Crazy for You - Madonna
Rhythm of the Night - DeBarge
Girls Night Out - The Judds
    1986 - Race car driver Bill Elliott set a stock car speed record with his Ford Thunderbird in Talladega, AL: 212.229 mph.
    1988—Tops Hits
Wishing Well- Terence Trent D Arby
Anything For You- Gloria Estefan
Angel- Aerosmith
Where Do Broken Hearts Go- Whitney Houston
Pink Cadillac- Natalie Cole
    1989-Police were called to a jewelry store in Simi Valley, California after employees reported a suspicious person. He turned out to be Michael Jackson, who had donned a wig, fake moustache, false teeth and eyelashes to go shopping. Officers had him remove his disguise and show his identification.
    1991-Noyaln Ryan of the Texas Rangers pitched the seventh no-hitter of his career, extending his own major league record. Ryan struck out 16 as the Rangers beat the Toronto Blue Jays, 3-0.
    1991-Rickey Henderson of the Oakland Athletics stole third base, the 939 th steal of his career, to set a new major league record, surpassing Lou Brock. The A's beat the New York Yankees, 74.
    1993-—Tops Hits
Freak M- Silk
Informer- Snow
Nuthin But A "G" Thang- Dr. Dre
I Have Nothing (From "The Bodyguard")- Whitney Houston
    2002——Tops Hits
Foolish- Ashanti
What's Luv?, Fat Joe Featuring Ashanti
U Don't Have To Call- Usher
I Need A Girl (Part One)- P. Diddy Featuring Usher & Loon
Ain't It Funny- Jennifer Lopez Featuring Ja Rule
Stanley Cup Champions This Date
    1965---Montreal Canadiens



Baseball Poem

The Base Stealer
Poised between going on and back, pulled
Both ways taut like a tight-rope walker,
Fingertips pointing the opposites,
Now bouncing tiptoe like a dropped ball,
Or a kid skipping rope, come on, come on!
Running a scattering of steps sidewise,
How he teeters, skitters, tingles, teases,
Taunts them, hovers like an ecstatic bird,
He's only flirting, crowd him, crowd him,
Delicate, delicate, delicate, delicate - Now!

            ----Robert Francis




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