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Monday, November 2, 2020

Today's Leasing News Headlines

He's Sort of a Watchdog…
Top Ten Leasing News
    October 26 - October 30
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
Should I Pursue a MBA Degree or CLFP to Advance?
    Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII
Highlights Marlin Business Services Corp. (MRLN)
    Q3 2020 Results-Seeking Alpha Telephone Conference
“Documentation” Fees, Semantics and a War Story
    By Michael J. Witt
Massachusetts Regulators Make Bold Decision
    on New Marijuana Delivery Businesses
Since the Global Financial Crisis, America's National
    Debt has Often Grown at a Faster Rate than GDP
Banks Overwhelmingly Embarking
    on the Digital Transformation Journey
NerdWallet Acquires Fundera,
    The Go-To Small Business Resource
Scottsdale, Arizona
   Retriever/Mix Adopt-a-Dog
Secured Finance Network 76th Conference Nov. 17-19
    Over 1,600 of Your Peers Will be There Online
News Briefs---
‘A whole lot of hurt’: Fauci warns of covid-19 surge,
     offers blunt assessment of Trump’s response
Inspire Brands to Acquire Dunkin' in $11.3 Billion Blockbuster
    The deal is the industry's largest since 2014
More than 600 dogs and cats are airlifted out of Hawaii
     to be put up for adoption on the US mainland
Is some Americans’ aversion to wearing
     a mask holding back the economy?
You May have Missed---
Daylight saving time ended this last weekend:
     Don’t let ‘fall back’ worsen your 2020 depression

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Top Ten Leasing News
October 26 - October 30

(Stories most opened by readers)

(1) Vote Now….
    Sign on Highway Bridge Overcrossing

(2) New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries

(3) Who Do You Want to Be?

(4) One of the Banks Caught in a $2B Check Kiting Scheme,
  Almena State Bank of Almena, Kansas is Closed; Equity Bank
    of Andover, Kansas Assumes All of the Deposits

(5) Computing Interest Rates Programs
    For Possible SB 1235 Use in California and Elsewhere

(6) Fourth & Reportedly Last Call for Comments on SB 1235
  California Commercial Financing Disclosures
    Today, October 28, 2020

(7) Marlin Reports Third Quarter Net Income $2.7 Million
    Origination Volume $68.5 Million, Down 66% from Last Year

(8) 71% of PPP Borrowers are Waiting
    for More Guidance on PPP Forgiveness

(9) Better Than Six Feet Apart
    (Display front lawn Los Gatos, California)

(10) Small Businesses Embracing Subchapter V Bankruptcies
    BK Experts Encouraging Small Business to take Option than Closing


Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Should I Pursue a MBA Degree or CLFP to Advance?

Career Crossroads---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII

It’s Survival of the Fittest out there... Give yourself an advantage when competing with other Candidates.

HOWEVER, do NOT forgo your current role or pursue education in lieu of employment.
One of the first things I would do is start studying the Certified Leasing and Finance Professional handbook. You then can ask for a tutor or mentor and get ready to take the test to become a CLFP.

It will mean a lot to you, your employer and others in the leasing field. The program is being sponsored by the American Associations of Commercial Finance Brokers, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, and National Equipment Finance Association.

I also believe in continuing education even if you don't get a degree, although a degree means a lot to a potential employer.  You can take evening or online classes. The years go by anyway … and pursuing or completing your education can only benefit you. Of course, there is a cost involved but taking one class at a time should not be too much of a hardship. You may be able to apply for a student loan, however most loans are for full time students (you can attend evening classes full time – though you might wind up burning the candle at both ends).

If you are with a larger organization they often offer education reimbursement, but keep in mind, if you leave before a certain time frame, you will have to pay the company back. So if you are looking to advance with your current employer, this is a good option – speak to HR.

For those entering or soon to enter the work place (e.g. your teens/young adults) I STRONGLY recommend coupling experience along with education, e.g., internships or evening/weekend classes. This will give them the competitive advantage they will need.

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone:  954-885-9241
Cell:  954-612-0567
Invite me to connect on LinkedIn
Also follow us on Twitter #RIIINFO

Career Crossroads Previous Columns


Highlights Marlin Business Services Corp. (MRLN)
Q3 2020 Results-Seeking Alpha Telephone Conference

Jeff Hilzinger - President, Chief Executive Officer

"...origination volume during the quarter was impacted by lower approval rates stemming from our tighter underwriting criteria during the quarter. That said, approval and booking rates are currently approaching record levels, and our improving portfolio performance allowed us to shift our priorities late in the quarter from protecting and restructuring the business to growing again."
- Page 2

Lou Maslowe - SVP, Chief Risk Officer

(Transcript errors "Marvins" and "Marland" most likely meant "Marlin." Editor)

Marvins vintage delinquency rates are improving and are trending towards normal post pandemic originations are performing on par or better than the early stage vintage delinquency historically. And we attribute this to stronger credit quality due to more restrictive underwriting that was implemented shortly after the beginning of the pandemic. Although we have experienced positive trends, there remains prominent risk factors that could cause increasing stress on the portfolio. The pandemic's resurgence could lead to a return of mandated shutdowns on industries where Marland has strong concentrations, such as restaurants and retail. Labor market health and federal stimulus will be critical factors to watch, as will the pandemic's trajectory on the macro economy.
   - Page 3

"In closing, while we anticipate that equipment finance charge offs in the fourth quarter will decline from the levels experienced in the third quarter, they will remain elevated in the fourth quarter as compared to pre COVID-19 levels.
   - Page 4

Mike Bogansky - SVP, Chief Financial Officer

"As we previously noted, unemployment rates and business bankruptcy forecasts are two key economic factors that we input into our loss reserve model. Business bankruptcies have continued to increase in the third quarter, and while the unemployment rate has declined from its peak in the second quarter of 2020, it is expected to remain significantly above recent historical levels. Under the Cecil standard, forward looking economic forecasting is a key factor in determining the allowance for credit losses. We recorded a seven point two million provisions for credit losses in the third quarter, compared to eighteen point eight million in the prior quarter and seven point seven million in the third quarter of 2019. Our provision expense for the third quarter of 2020 included approximately four million from new origination activity and approximately three million from updated economic forecast loss rates and qualitative factors."

"We have largely discontinued offering pandemic related modifications to our customers, but are still evaluating individual requests based on the facts and circumstances surrounding the customer. As of September 30th, 85 percent of equipment finance modifications were completely out of the deferral period, and most of the customers have resumed paying according to their original payment schedule. The 30 one plus delinquency for this cohort is only four point seventy four percent of the remaining 15 percent of equipment finance modifications totaling 18 million dollars."
  - Page 5

“We remain very confident in the strength of our balance sheet and capital position, as well as our ability to withstand any future potential losses should they occur. We will continue to closely monitor and evaluate our capital position and potential liquidity requirements. We are pleased with the impact that the operational measures taken earlier this year have had on our financial results as we return to profitability in the third quarter. The economic impacts of the covid-19 pandemic continue to be felt by the small business sector across the U.S., however, we have seen positive developments throughout the third quarter and into the fourth quarter. Assuming that the economic impact from covid-19 in the US does not further deteriorate from current levels, we expect fourth quarter financial results to be marked by the following. A decline in charge offs with a further improvement in portfolio delinquencies, modest growth in origination volume on a sequential quarter basis, and continued benefit from our cost reduction initiatives as we look ahead. We remain committed to supporting our customers and partners, prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, and ultimately emerging from this crisis well positioned to drive profitable, sustainable growth and maximize value for our shareholders."
  - Page 6

(Free Registration  Required)


“Documentation” Fees, Semantics and a War Story
By Michael J. Witt

Retired Well-Known Bank/Finance/Leasing Attorney

Anyone who pays attention to what is now going on Congress and a number of state legislatures knows that watchdog debtor-protection advocates are pushing for all kinds of reforms relating to fees that banks and finance companies should be allowed to charge their customers. Leasing and lending activity is at a multi-year low and many lessors, banks and finance companies are trying to make up for decreased revenues by increasing the ancillary fees they charge their customers. “Fee rip-offs” is becoming a household expression.

Generally, the law relating to commercial leasing and lending allows a lessor or lender to charge “reasonable” fees, provided the fee is adequately disclosed to the customer beforehand. Having said that, though, the fee must be adequately described and detailed. If the right contractual language is not used, then a pitfall awaits the unwary lessor or lender.

Here’s a small war story from my days as an in-house equipment finance attorney:

A discounter charged his lessee a $349 fee described in the application simply as a “Documentation Fee.” Ten days later, he sold the transaction to my company. A few days later, we filed a UCC financing statement and charged our out-of-pocket costs to the lessee, which was permitted under the lease. Upon receiving the invoice containing the UCC charge, the lessee had had just about enough. A critical mass of perceived abuse formed in his thinking. He refused to pay the UCC filing fee and, while he was at it, questioned the legality of the $349 “documentation” fee.

A small-ticket lease documentation set takes the average broker or discounter just about four-and-a-half minutes to complete, by my estimate. The discounter fills in about ten boxes on the form and he’s done. Meaning: this particular lessee had a valid point. From his perspective, the fee was a rip-off. When he called us to complain, we referred him back to the discounter, who agreed to refund all but $100 of the fee.

The moral of the story? You can charge your customer a reasonable fee for putting the transaction together but you’re skating on thin ice if you call it a “documentation” fee. Use a more expansive term like “processing fee.” (Avoid “origination fee” because some states have statutes limiting what can be charged as an “origination” fee in loan transactions, and it’s possible they could apply to your “nominal” lease transactions.) In your document, disclose that the fee is intended to cover the broad panoply of work that goes into getting the deal done for the lessee. State that the fee covers a multiplicity of pre-transactional work, “including but not limited to” activities such as credit investigation time and expense, the cost to obtain credit bureau reports, and the documentation of the transaction.

In short, the law will usually charge you with the obligation to be precise in your terminology. It will hold no sympathy for your argument that, in using the term “documentation” fee, “it’s simply a matter of semantics.”

Michael Witt was Managing Counsel at Wells Fargo & Co and Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Advanta Leasing Corporation. He is now retired.

Reprinted from October 8, 2010


Massachusetts Regulators Make Bold Decision
on New Marijuana Delivery Businesses

Although the state of Massachusetts allows the delivery of both medical and recreational marijuana, creating a system for delivering adult-use marijuana has proven to be quite a challenge. Recently, state marijuana regulators announced that they will be moving forward with plans to allow a new class of cannabis delivery business. The move has been met with both praise and criticism from stakeholders.

On Oct. 20, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (“CCC”) approved some changes to its draft regulations, allowing standalone cannabis retailers without storefronts to deliver products to customers’ homes. This comes a year after the state allowed the delivery of recreational marijuana but failed to create a regulatory framework to make that delivery work.

Over the months after delivery of recreational cannabis was allowed, advocates have argued that permitting delivery would help licensed businesses compete with the black market, which essentially offers free delivery, on top of reducing the barriers to entry for social equity candidates. The CCC ultimately agreed, creating a new business class that would allow licensed operators to act as a standalone company as well as buy inventory from wholesale suppliers and store it in their own warehouses.




Since the Global Financial Crisis, America's National
Debt has Often Grown at a Faster Rate than GDP


Full Story:


Banks Overwhelmingly Embarking
on the Digital Transformation Journey

By Pedro Hernandez, Datamation

Only a mere 1 percent of banks haven't begun to digitally transform their organizations, finds a new study from NetFinance.

NetFinance's latest report has some good news for IT vendors and fintech (financial technology) firms that serve the banking sector, particularly those that specialize in helping banks better serve their customers.

The vast majority of banks have at least kicked off their digital transformation initiatives, according to the NetFinance 2016-17 Benchmark Report from Worldwide Business Research (WBR), operators of the NetFinance digital innovation in finance events, and Liferay, a customer experience software maker. Only 1 percent of banks have yet to make the leap, WBR found.

Most banks are either just getting started (37 percent) or are at the halfway point (49 percent) of their digital transformation. Nine percent reported that they close to the finish line while just 4 percent claimed that their digital transformation was complete. The results were gleaned from 70 executives who attended the NetFinance Interactive 2016 conference in April.

John Choi, Director of U.S. Operations at Liferay, said, "Within the financial and banking industry, the push for digital transformation has come from two main areas: competition from digitally-enabled startups as well as the need for established banking institutions to meet the expectations of their digital-native customers.

 "The enterprise IT departments of these digital transformation focused banks are developing strategies and turning to platforms that address ease of use, customer self-service, and seamless in-branch, online and mobile experiences, all while ensuring the security of their customers' financial data."

Banks are modernizing their business processes and investing in new technology solutions to create seamless, omnichannel customer experiences (94 percent) and establish full-featured customer lifecycle management (92 percent) platforms. An estimated 75 percent are integrating their customer acquisition and retention channels or have already accomplished this.

As with any major undertaking, challenges arise.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, given the highly-regulated industry banks operate in, compliance (47 percent) was named one of biggest obstacles to digital transformation. Fragmented data sources (44 percent) also ranked high, but the largest stumbling block is the availability of IT resources, or the lack thereof.

A digital transformation project may be a bank's CIO's time to shine, suggests the study. "With 56 percent of respondents saying access to IT resources is an obstacle, and 87 percent suggesting technology is intrinsic to the transformation, and must be considered in tandem with strategy, we have to give the CIO a big seat at this table," stated the report.

Most banks believe that a cross-departmental team (41 percent) or the C-suite (32 percent) should take the lead on their digital strategy. Fourteen percent believe marketing and sales should be in charge, while 11 percent advocate the formation of an entirely new digital department. Just 2 percent of feel that their IT departments should lead the charge, a curious result considering that most executives agree that technology is intrinsic to digital transformation (87 percent), according to the report.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at Datamation. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.



##### Press Release ############################

NerdWallet Acquires Fundera,
The Go-To Small Business Resource

NerdWallet Continues Expansion
With Its Second Acquisition of 2020

SAN FRANCISCO    NerdWallet™, a website and app that provides financial guidance to more than 160 million consumers every year, has acquired Fundera, the go-to financial resource for the 28 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operating in the United States. Through this acquisition, NerdWallet will expand its financial guidance and financing options for small business owners, establishing a stronger foothold in the SMB market and advancing its mission of providing clarity for all of life's financial decisions. This will be NerdWallet's second acquisition of 2020; the company recently acquired Know Your Money, a U.K.-based comparison site to fuel its international expansion efforts.

NerdWallet has built a profitable and growing business, due in large part to its diversification efforts. During the past several years, NerdWallet has expanded its financial content and marketplaces to cover a variety of categories, including student loans, investing, insurance, mortgages and more. With the acquisition of Fundera, NerdWallet will continue diversifying and growing its business by expanding its offerings to the fast-growing SMB market, which represents significant growth potential for both companies.

Tim Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of NerdWallet, said, "We've always seen tremendous opportunity in providing small business owners with financial information and helping them compare and apply for the financial products that meet their unique needs.

"Although we offer free tools and content, we've never been able to fully support small business owners — that changes today. Fundera has been one of our partners for several years and their deep understanding of the SMB market, the long-standing, trusted relationships they've built with both lenders and business owners, and their commitment to putting the needs of small business owners first is really unique and impressive. We're always looking to join forces with best-in-class companies that share our mission-driven, consumer-first perspective, and we've found that in Fundera. Together we will capitalize on the massive SMB market opportunity while driving great outcomes for small business owners."

A lack of capital is consistently cited as the biggest challenge confronting small business owners and the economic downturn has resulted in even greater financial strain on SMBs. A recent survey found that roughly 70 percent of U.S. small businesses attempted to apply for an emergency loan through the CARES Act's $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program.

Fundera's deep knowledge of the SMB industry and commitment to providing business owners with fair and innovative financing options make it an ideal partner as NerdWallet expands into this growing market. Fundera's extensive product marketplaces, which cover everything from loans to legal services, free financial content and one-on-one access to experienced lending specialists have helped more than 85,000 SMBs secure best-fit financial products. The company's commitment to educating and empowering small business owners with financial information, as well as the resources it offers to help business owners navigate challenges such as the Coronavirus outbreak, underscore its unique mission-driven approach in a market that lacks accountability and transparency.

As a serial entrepreneur himself, Fundera CEO and founder Jared Hecht understands the  unique challenges confronting entrepreneurs, particularly as they relate to accessing needed capital. Prior to founding Fundera, Hecht co-founded, grew and sold mobile group messaging app GroupMe to Microsoft.

Fundera CEO and founder Jared Hecht, commented, "It can be the wild wild west out there for small business owners. Finding the financial products and the guidance needed to start, grow and fund their businesses can be very challenging, and most small business owners don't have a resource or partner to support them along their journey.

“Bringing transparency to this process and educating, empowering and advocating for business owners is so similar to what we see NerdWallet doing in the consumer space. We have always been inspired by how NerdWallet puts confidence and informed decision-making in the hands of consumers, and that's what we do for small business owners. We're excited to work with NerdWallet to continue helping business owners achieve their financial goals."

Fundera will become a NerdWallet subsidiary and all of Fundera's employees will be joining NerdWallet. 

About NerdWallet                
NerdWallet is on a mission to provide clarity for all of life's financial decisions. As a personal finance website and app, NerdWallet provides consumers with personalized, unbiased and actionable insights so they can make smart money moves. From finding the best credit card to buying a house, NerdWallet is there to help consumers make financial decisions with confidence. Consumers have free access to our expert content and comparison shopping marketplaces, plus a data-driven membership experience, which helps them stay on top of their finances and save time and money, giving them the freedom to do more. For more information, visit

"NerdWallet" is a trademark of NerdWallet Inc. All rights reserved. Other names and trademarks used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

About Fundera                     
Fundera is the most trusted online marketplace that connects small business owners with the best funding providers for their businesses. Fundera was co-founded in 2013 by GroupMe co-founder Jared Hecht, technology entrepreneur Andres Moran and software entrepreneur Rohan Deshpande to bring transparency, accountability, and fairness of the online lending industry.

### Press Release ############################



Scottsdale, Arizona
Retriever/Mix Adopt-a-Dog


2 Years
Declawed: No
Housetrained: Unknown
Site Brynne Smith
Location: Dog Suite 5
Adoption Price: $200

Thank you for your interest! Please visit

 We are currently conducting Adoptions by Appointment ONLY. You will find a link to schedule your appointment on our website. Please read each pet's bio for more information. Due to the large number of requests, we are unable to respond personally to each email at this time. Thank you!

“I am soon going to be a volunteer favorite. I am good looking, nicely mannered, playful and easy to love. I was found wandering the streets in Phoenix area and another rescue group was able to pick me up. I really appreciated the fact that I did not have to find a safe place to sleep for too long. Now I am with people who want to take good care of me. We are starting to go for short walks and have fun playing in the yard. I get so excited when I am playing sometimes I do fast circles all around the yard. I think we all have a good time watching me run around. I am looking forward to getting into my new home. I have not been around younger kids at the shelter, but I have been with men and women volunteers. Just to let you know, I have also been introduced to a few other dogs at the other rescue. I seemed to do pretty well. I hope I get to meet with you soon, I have not been at the rescue for too long and would love to get adopted soon.”

Foothill Animal Rescue
Brynne Smith Memorial Campus
10197 E Bell Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Adoptions by Appointment


Secured Finance Network 76th Conference Nov. 17-19
Over 1,600 of Your Peers Will be There Online

More than 140 organizations will be represented at our Annual Convention, click here to see the list.

Don't miss out on great networking, over 30 timely sessions with something for everyone, keynote addresses by General James Mattis with interviewer Ayesha Rascoe, Danielle DiMartino Booth, and David A. Brandon, as well as fun entertainment options.

Our new company-wide pricing gives member organizations unlimited employee registrations for one low fee. For member and non-member pricing, visit the SFNet Convention website or contact James Kravitz, Business Development Director, at 917-881-1247 for more information.

General Information


News Briefs---

‘A whole lot of hurt’: Fauci warns of covid-19 surge,
     offers blunt assessment of Trump’s response

Inspire Brands to Acquire Dunkin' in $11.3 Billion Blockbuster
    The deal is the industry's largest since 2014

More than 600 dogs and cats are airlifted out of Hawaii
     to be put up for adoption on the US mainland

Is some Americans’ aversion to wearing
     a mask holding back the economy?



You May Have Missed---

Daylight saving time ended this last weekend:
     Don’t let ‘fall back’ worsen your 2020 depression


49ers limp out of Seattle with loss

Raiders beat the elements and the Browns
    in windy, wet and cold Cleveland

Steelers deny Lamar Jackson,
    Ravens in crunch time to stay undefeated

Cam Newton's fumble dooms Patriots as Bills hold on for win

Jets woeful offense gets worse in 35-9 loss to Chiefs

Antonio Brown has been staying at Tom Brady’s house

Warriors coach Kerr votes, then works Chase Center drop spot


California Nuts Briefs---

Santa Clara County sues San Jose church
     to stop holding indoor services

To avoid surge, San Francisco  halts reopening
    as coronavirus cases, hospitalizations rise

Coronavirus: Failing grades spike in San Francisco
     Bay Area schools with distance learning

PG&E facing ‘significant’ new losses from
    California wildfires, utility tells investors



“Gimme that Wine”

She Made Winemaking History. She's Beating the Odds Again

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage


This Day in History

    1675 – Plymouth Colony governor Josiah Winslow led a colonial militia against the Narragansett Indians during King Philip’s War.  This was an armed conflict between Native Americans of present-day New England and English colonists and their Native American allies in 1675–78. The war is named for the main leader of the Native American side, Metacomet, who had adopted the English name "King Philip" in honor of the previously-friendly relations between his father and the original Mayflower Pilgrims.
    1734 - Birthday of Daniel Boone (Boon) (d. 1820) at Berks County, near Reading, PA. American frontiersman, explorer and militia officer, he is credited with the exploration and growth of Kentucky, working for the Pennsylvania Company.  In February, 1778, he was captured at Blue Licks, KY, by Shawnee Indians, under Chief Blackfish, who adopted Boone when he was inducted into the tribe as “Big Turtle.” Boone escaped after five months, and, in 1781, was captured briefly by the British. Despite Walt Disney’s version, he had no legal title to the lands he explored and he retired to Missouri. He experienced a series of personal and financial disasters during his life, but continued a rugged existence, hunting until his 80s. The bodies of Daniel Boone and his wife, Rebecca, were moved to Frankfort, KY, in 1845.  What made him popular in history was his autobiography: “The Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boon (that’s the way he spelled his name,) formerly a hunter, containing a narrative of the Wars of Kentucky.”
    1749 – Ohio Company formed its first post at Oldtown, Maryland Colony.  Formally known as the Ohio Company of Virginia, this was a land speculation company organized for the settlement by Virginians of the Ohio Country (approximately the present state of Ohio) and to trade with the Native Americans. The company had a land grant from Britain and a treaty with Indians, but France also claimed the area, and the conflict helped provoke the outbreak of the French and Indian War.  The conflicting land claims of the Ohio Country ceded by the King through Virginia Governor Dinwiddie included, in Dinwiddie's opinion, the "forks of the Monongahela," (present-day Pittsburgh). In addition to the Pennsylvania colonial government claims of this territory, the French were fighting for and occupying much of the Ohio Valley, most notably at Fort Duquesne.  Dinwiddie responded by sending a military unit under the command of George Washington to the region, which led to the outbreak of the War.  Washington’s brothers Lawrence and Augustine were among the Company founders.
    1776 - William Demont (or Dement), traitor to the American cause during the Revolutionary War, deserted and notified the British of the position of Fort Washington (now the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City).  He enabled the British General Sir William Howe to conquer the fort with a force of 8,900 men on November 16, 1776. They captured 2,818 American officers and men, 43 guns, and 2,800 muskets.  Demont was a member of the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion, who was appointed adjutant in Colo­nel Robert Magraw’s battalion on February 29, 1776.
    1783 - By the end of the American Revolution, some 100,000 Loyalists had fled the U.S. Also known as Tories, they had suffered various penalties for their loyalty to the Crown, including confiscation of property, removal from public office, and punitive taxation. Probably no more than 10% of the colonials were Tories, who were generally well-to-do, engaged in commerce or the professions, or public officials. Many fled to Canada, some to England. Some returned after the war. Many, however, had remained behind. After the conflict many were able to recover at least some of their confiscated property. Many of those who had fought alongside with the British were granted land in Canada.
    1783 - Gen. George Washington issued his "Farewell Address to the Army" near Princeton, N.J.   
    1795 - Birthday of James Knox Polk (d. 1849), the 11th president of the US, at Mecklenburg County, NC. His term of office: Mar 4, 1845—Mar 3, 1849. A compromise candidate at the 1844 Democratic Party convention, Polk was awarded the nomination on the ninth ballot. He declined to be a candidate for a second term and declared himself to be “exceedingly relieved” at the completion of his presidency.  He died shortly after leaving office.
    1810 - A 7-inch snowfall in New York City permitted very early sleighing in the city streets.
    1820 - The Revenue cutter Louisiana captured five pirate vessels during a cruise from Florida to Cuba.
    1824 - The first popular vote in a presidential election took place when 356,038 votes were cast for four candidates. This was also the first election in which the final decision was made by the House of Representatives because none of the candidates won a majority of electoral votes. Although Andrew Jackson received a greater share of both the popular and the electoral vote than the runner-up, John Quincy Adams, a deal was struck to give Adams the electoral votes of Henry Clay, another candidate. Adams thereby acquired enough votes to be declared the winner.
    1846 - Donner Party crossing the Sierra stopped for the evening and were trapped by a snowstorm. Many of the party survived by eating the flesh of the dead. 40 of the 87 people in the Donner party died. They remained snowbound until February.
    1852 - Franklin Pierce was elected President over Gen. Winfield Scott, who ran as a Whig. In 1852, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution giving Scott the pay and rank of a lieutenant general. Scott was the first to hold this rank since George Washington.
    1861 – Captain Nathaniel Gordon became the only person in U.S. history to be executed for slave-trading. He was also considered a pirate.

    1861 - Controversial Union General John C. Fremont is relieved of command in the Western Department and replaced by David Hunter. Fremont’s actions in Missouri fueled secessionist spirit and alienated many Northerners who were unwilling to wage a war to end slavery. Lincoln requested privately that Fremont rescind the order, but he refused. Lincoln had no choice but to negate the order of emancipation and remove Fremont from command in the west. Fremont still had many supporters, so Lincoln placed him in charge of a small army in Virginia. Some Republican allies urged Fremont to challenge Lincoln for the 1864 presidential nomination, but Fremont declined. After the war, he served as territorial governor of Arizona and died in New York in 1890.
    1862 - Mary Todd Lincoln corresponded with her husband advising him of popular sentiment against cautious General in Chief of the Federal Army George B. McClellan. Contrary to popular belief, Mrs. Lincoln was a close confidante and the love of Lincoln’s life. He was to let McClellan go in favor of U.S. Grant, which also led to McClellan running as the Democratic opponent against him for President.
(Lower half: )
    1865 - Birthday of Warren Gamaliel Harding (d. 1923) at Corsica, OH. Twenty-ninth President of the US, his term of office: Mar 4, 1921 - Aug 2, 1923 (died in office). His undistinguished administration was tainted by the Teapot Dome scandal, and his sudden death while on a western speaking tour in San Francisco, CA prompted many rumors. He was a well-known womanizer of his time, and his election was right after women were given the right to vote.  The saying in Washington, DC, “We gave the women the right to vote and they picked handsome Warren G”. He was said to bring women into the White House, on trips, and died of heart attack as his wife was treating him for exhaustion with an electronic device they purchased in San Francisco.
    1880 - James A. Garfield was elected 20th president. During the Civil War, Garfield was a commander at the bloody fight at Chickamauga. The election was close, with Republican Garfield getting 48.27% to Democrat Winfield Hancock‘s 48.25% and a difference of less than 2,000 votes. Garfield was shot by a disgruntled office seeker four months into his presidency.  Guiteau deemed his contribution to Garfield's victory sufficient to justify the position of consul in Paris, despite the fact he spoke no French, nor any foreign language. White House officials referred him to Sec of State Blaine, as the consulship was within the Department of State. Guiteau pressed his claim, and Blaine told him he would not receive the position.  Guiteau concealed himself by the ladies' waiting room at Baltimore’s 6th St Station from where Garfield was scheduled to depart. Most of Garfield's cabinet planned to accompany him at least part of the way; Blaine, who was to remain in Washington, came to the station to see him off. The two men were deep in conversation and did not notice Guiteau before he took out his revolver and shot Garfield twice, once in the back and once in the arm.  Although he would show signs of recovery, he finally died on Sept 18 at the New Jersey seaside home to which he was brought to convalesce.  Giteau was convicted and executed on June 30, 1882.
    1881 – The American Association was formed as a major league in professional baseball.  The members are the Brooklyn Atlantics, Cincinnati Red Stockings, Louisville Colonels, Philadelphia Athletics, Pittsburgh Alleghenys, and St. Louis Brown Stockings.  Brooklyn was replaced by the Baltimore Orioles before the start of the first season.
    1889 - North Dakota and South Dakota were admitted into the Union as the 39th and 40th states, the first time that two states simultaneously became a part of the United States. President Benjamin Harrison had a problem with admitting the two states on the same day. Which one would be first? He decided it was easier to mix up the admissions papers so no one would know and just list the states alphabetically. That’s why North Dakota is the 39th and South Dakota is the 40th of the United States of America. The Dakotas took their name from the Sioux Indian word for ’ally’, although the settlers and the Sioux weren’t always allies (Battle of Wounded Knee). Those searching for a route to the Pacific Ocean settled in South Dakota, Ft. Pierre being the first permanent white settlement. Pierre remains the capital of South Dakota. Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota. Both states are still essentially rural and agricultural. The western meadowlark and the ring-necked pheasant, the North and South Dakota state birds, respectively, still fly over the vast meadowlands. North Dakota’s flower is the wild prairie rose, while the pasque flower holds that title in South Dakota. North Dakota, home of several major air bases and intercontinental ballistic missile sites, is known as the Peace Garden State, while its more southern counterpart is called the Coyote State.
    1895 – Years before Henry Ford’s cars began being manufactured, the first gasoline-powered race in the United States took place with first prize of $2,000.
    1898 - University of Minnesota student Johnny Campbell directed a crowd in cheering "Rah, Rah, Rah! Ski-u-mah, Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah! Varsity! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tah!", making Campbell the very first cheerleader and November 2, 1898 the official birth date of organized cheerleading. Soon after, the University of Minnesota organized a "yell leader" squad of six male students, who still use Campbell's original cheer today.  In 1903 the first cheerleading fraternity, Gamma Sigma, was founded. 
    1902 - San Francisco’s China Town was amazed to see an 18-year-old petite girl give a rousing ovation against the foot binding of women, their arranged marriages and forced illiteracy. Sien King King became a member of the Chinese bachelor society and continued her battle for feminism. She believed the repressive actions against women prevented the Chinese from advancing in the U.S. (and the world).
    1908 - Trumpet player Bunny Berigan (d. 1942) birthday, born Roland Bernard Berigan, Hilbert, WI.
    1911 - Birthday of Johnny Richards (d. 1968) in Toluca, Mexico, jazz composer-arranger.
    1913 – Burt Lancaster (d. 1994) was born in Manhattan.  Lancaster was nominated four times for Academy Awards and won once for “Elmer Gantry” in 1960. He also won a Golden Globe for that performance and BAFTA Awards for “The Birdman of Alcatraz” (1962) and “Atlantic City” (1980). His production company was the most successful and innovative of star-driven independent production companies in Hollywood in the 1950s, making movies such as “Marty” (1955), “Trapeze” (1956), “Sweet Smell of Success” (1957), and “Separate Tables” (1958).  In 1999, the AFI named Lancaster 19th among the greatest male stars of classic Hollywood cinema. 
    1917 - The Balfour Declaration proclaimed British support for the "establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" with the clear understanding "that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities".
    1914 – Johnny Vander Meer (d. 1997) was born in Prospect Park, NJ.  He is the only pitcher in Major League history to throw consecutive no-hitters, blanking the Boston Bees and Brooklyn Dodgers in June, 1938.
    1920 - Warren G. Harding was elected 29th president. He defeated James Cox.  The electoral vote was Harding, 404; Cox, 127. The popular vote was Harding, 16,152,200; Cox, 9,147,353.  The election campaign was primarily a referendum on the Wilson presidency and the League of Nations. Cox supported it fully, while Harding did not make his position clear. Harding supported prohibition and Cox opposed it. Cox ran a vigorous campaign, while Harding ran a mostly a front porch campaign. Cox's efforts and that of his hard-campaigning Vice Presidential candidate had little effect. Ultimately, the weariness of the nation determined the election in favor of Harding, who obtained an overwhelming victory.  The Republicans increased their majorities in both houses, leasing 59-37 in the Senate and 301-131, with one minor party seat and two vacancies, in the House.
    1920 – KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA started broadcasting as the first commercial radio station. The first broadcast is the result of the Presidential election of 1920.
    1923 - Birthday William Robert (Billy) Haughton (d. 1986), standard bred dri­ver and trainer, at Gloversville, NY. Haughton won nearly 4,900 races in his career. Along with Stanley Dancer, he dominated the New York trotting scene in the 1950s and then moved on to a national career. He suf­fered severe head injuries in a three-horse accident at Yonkers Raceway and died at Valhalla, NY, July 15, 1986.
    1926 - The first Senate election in which neither candidate was seated after a recount was the election in Pennsylvania. William Bauchop Wilson, a Democrat, was narrowly defeated by William Scott Vare, a Republican who presented his credentials as senator-elect for the term beginning March 4, 1927. The Senate, on December 6, 1929, decided by a vote of 58-22 that Vare was not entitled to the seat due to charges of corruption and fraud concerning his election.  Governor John Stuchell Fisher, appointed Joseph Ridway Grunday, a Republican, to the vacant seat. Grundy served from December 11, 1929 to December 1, 1930. He was unsuccessful for the nomination of this office after being accused of contributing $400,000 to the former incumbent Senator Pepper, who had been defeated by Vare.
    1929 – Amar Bose (d. 2013) was born in Philadelphia.  An electrical and sound engineer, he was a professor at MIT for over 45 years.  He was also the founder and chairman of Bose Corporation. In 2011, he donated a majority of the company to MIT in the form of non-voting shares to sustain and advance MIT’s education and research mission.
    1931 - Birthday of alto saxophonist Phil Woods (d. 2015), Springfield, MA.
    1936 - The Basie Band splits for Kansas City for points East and Worldwide fame. "Goin' to Chicago, Sorry I Can't Take You," Little Jimmy Rushing.
    1938 – Jay Black, lead singer of Jay and the Americans, was born David Blatt in New York City, growing up in Borough Park, Brooklyn.  He was the second, and more widely known Jay to lead the group, the first being Jay Trainor.  The band had numerous hits including “Only in America,” "Cara Mia," "Come a Little Bit Closer," and "This Magic Moment."      
    1938 – Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx won his third AL MVP.
    1942 - Birthday of Shere Hite, author and researcher, born Shirley Diana Gregory (d. 2020), St. Joseph, MO. Her best known work, “The Hite Report,” one of the pioneer works on the realities of women's sexuality.
    1942 - WILKINS, RAYMOND H., (Air Mission) Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Major, U.S. Army Air Corps. Place and date: Near Rabaul, New Britain, 2 November 1943. Entered service at: Portsmouth, Va. Born: 28 September 1917, Portsmouth, Va. G.O. No.: 23, 24 March 1944. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action with the enemy near Rabaul, New Britain, on 2 November 1943. Leading his squadron in an attack on shipping in Simpson Harbor, during which intense antiaircraft fire was expected; Maj. Wilkins briefed his squadron so that his airplane would be in the position of greatest risk. His squadron was the last of 3 in the group to enter the target area. Smoke from bombs dropped by preceding aircraft necessitated a last-second revision of tactics on his part, which still enabled his squadron to strike vital shipping targets, but forced it to approach through concentrated fire, and increased the danger of Maj. Wilkins' left flank position. His airplane was hit almost immediately, the right wing damaged, and control rendered extremely difficult. Although he could have withdrawn, he held fast and led his squadron into the attack. He strafed a group of small harbor vessels, and then, at low level, attacked an enemy destroyer. His 1,000 pound bomb struck squarely amidships, causing the vessel to explode. Although antiaircraft fire from this vessel had seriously damaged his left vertical stabilizer, he refused to deviate from the course. From below-masthead height he attacked a transport of some 9,000 tons, scoring a hit which engulfed the ship in flames. Bombs expended, he began to withdraw his squadron. A heavy cruiser barred the path. Unhesitatingly, to neutralize the cruiser s guns and attract its fire, he went in for a strafing run. His damaged stabilizer was completely shot off. To avoid swerving into his wing planes he had to turn so as to expose the belly and full wing surfaces of his plane to the enemy fire; it caught and crumpled his left wing. Now past control, the bomber crashed into the sea. In the fierce engagement Maj. Wilkins destroyed 2 enemy vessels, and his heroic self-sacrifice made possible the safe withdrawal of the remaining planes of his squadron.
    1944 - During the day, the US 8th Air Force attacks the Leuna synthetic oil plant at Merseburg. The Americans claim 183 German fighters (including 4 jets) destroyed for the loss of 40 bombers and 28 fighters (including losses to antiaircraft defenses). During the night, Bomber Command attacks Dusseldorf with 992 bombers as well as sending smaller forces to strike other targets. A total of 20 planes are reported lost in all operations.
    1944 - BOLTON, CECIL H., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Company E, 413th Infantry, 104th Infantry Division. Place and date: Mark River, Holland, 2 November 1944. Entered service at: Huntsville, Ala. Birth: Crawfordsville, Fla. G.O. No.: 74, 1 September 1945. Citation: As leader of the weapons platoon of Company E, 413th Infantry, on the night of 2 November 1944, he fought gallantly in a pitched battle which followed the crossing of the Mark River in Holland. When 2 machineguns pinned down his company, he tried to eliminate, with mortar fire, their grazing fire which was inflicting serious casualties and preventing the company's advance from an area rocked by artillery shelling. In the moonlight it was impossible for him to locate accurately the enemy's camouflaged positions; but he continued to direct fire until wounded severely in the legs and rendered unconscious by a German shell. When he recovered consciousness he instructed his unit and then crawled to the forward rifle platoon positions. Taking a two-man bazooka team on his voluntary mission, he advanced chest deep in chilling water along a canal toward 1 enemy machinegun. While the bazooka team covered him, he approached alone to within 15 yards of the hostile emplacement in a house. He charged the remaining distance and killed the 2 gunners with hand grenades. Returning to his men he led them through intense fire over open ground to assault the second German machinegun. An enemy sniper who tried to block the way was dispatched, and the trio pressed on. When discovered by the machinegun crew and subjected to direct fire, 1st Lt. Bolton killed 1 of the 3 gunners with carbine fire, and his 2 comrades shot the others. Continuing to disregard his wounds, he led the bazooka team toward an 88-mm. artillery piece which was having telling effect on the American ranks, and approached once more through icy canal water until he could dimly make out the gun's silhouette. Under his fire direction, the two soldiers knocked out the enemy weapon with rockets. On the way back to his own lines he was again wounded. To prevent his men being longer subjected to deadly fire, he refused aid and ordered them back to safety, painfully crawling after them until he reached his lines, where he collapsed. 1st Lt. Bolton's heroic assaults in the face of vicious fire, his inspiring leadership, and continued aggressiveness even through suffering from serious wounds, contributed in large measure to overcoming strong enemy resistance and made it possible for his battalion to reach its objective.
    1946 - A three-day snowstorm began at Denver, CO. By the time it ended had dropped 31 inches of snow on the city, the second greatest snowfall ever.
    1947 - The mammoth flying boat Hercules, then the world’s largest airplane, was designed, built and flown (once) by Howard Hughes. Its first and only flight was about one mile and at an altitude of 70 feet over Long Beach Harbor, CA. The $25 million, 200-ton plywood craft was nicknamed the “Spruce Goose.” It is now displayed near the Queen Mary at Long Beach, CA.
    1948 - When Harry S Truman went to bed, he was losing the election for President to Thomas E. Dewey. "Chicago Daily Tribune" printers were out on strike and getting the newspaper to readers was no simple task. To make a long story short, the editors had to guess at the outcome of the election and picked/printed the wrong person to win. Upon arising the next morning, Truman learned he had won. On a short train stop in St. Louis, he stepped onto the back platform of the train and was presented with one of the newspapers with the infamous headline, “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.” It was at that moment that the famous photo of Truman holding up the paper was taken. When asked to comment, Truman said “This is for the books.”
    1949 - Top Hits
“That Lucky Old Sun” - Frankie Laine
“You’re Breaking My Heart’ - Vic Damone
“I Can Dream, Can’t I?” - The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (vocal: Jack Leonard)
“Slipping Around” - Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely
    1950 - VAN WINKLE, ARCHIE, Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division (Rein.). Place and date: Vicinity of Sudong, Korea, 2 November 1950. Entered service at: Arlington, Wash. Born: 17 March 1925, Juneau, Alaska. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a platoon sergeant in Company B, in action against enemy aggressor forces. Immediately rallying the men in his area after a fanatical and numerically superior enemy force penetrated the center of the line under cover of darkness and pinned down the platoon with a devastating barrage of deadly automatic weapons and grenade fire, S/Sgt. Van Winkle boldly spearheaded a determined attack through withering fire against hostile frontal positions and, though he and all the others who charged with him were wounded, succeeded in enabling his platoon to gain the fire superiority and the opportunity to reorganize. Realizing that the left flank squad was isolated from the rest of the unit, he rushed through 40 yards of fierce enemy fire to reunite his troops despite an elbow wound which rendered 1 of his arms totally useless. Severely wounded a second time when a direct hit in the chest from a hostile hand grenade caused serious and painful wounds, he staunchly refused evacuation and continued to shout orders and words of encouragement to his depleted and battered platoon. Finally carried from his position unconscious from shock and from loss of blood, S/Sgt. Van Winkle served to inspire all who observed him to heroic efforts in successfully repulsing the enemy attack. His superb leadership, valiant fighting spirit, and unfaltering devotion to duty in the face of heavy odds reflect the highest credit upon himself and the U.S. Naval Service.
    1954 - The first US Senator elected by a write-in vote was James Strom Thurmond, Democrat of South Carolina.  For the term ending January 3, 1961, Thurmond received 139,106 votes, defeating Edgar Brown, the official candidate of the Democratic Party, who received 80,956 votes.  Thurmond represented South Carolina in the Senate from 1954 until 2003, at first as a Democrat and, after 1964, as a Republican.
    1955 - Julie London's first pop song, a sultry version of "Cry Me a River," made its appearance on the charts. The song spent 5 months on the charts, but only reached #9 at its peak. Julie is the former wife of Dragnet’s Jack Webb and songwriter/trumpeter Bobby Troup.
    1955 - Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons" first appears on the charts. It will become one of the biggest selling singles of its time.
    1956 - A riot breaks out at Fats Domino's show in Fayetteville, NC, with police resorting to tear gas to break up the unruly crowd. Fats jumps out of a window to avoid the melee; he and two other band members are slightly injured.
    1957 - Top Hits
“Jailhouse Rock” - Elvis Presley
“You Send Me” - Sam Cooke
“Silhouettes” - The Rays
“Wake Up Little Susie” - The Everly Brothers
    1958 - The Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams set an NFL single-game attendance record as 90,833 fans watched the Rams beat the Bears, 41-35, at the Los Angeles Coliseum.
    1958 - "Billboard" magazine introduced a new chart ranking top singles, in order, from number 1 to 100. Before this invention, only 30 records were on weekly hit lists.
    1959 - Charles Van Doren, when questioned about winning $129,000 on a television quiz show, told a congressional investigation committee that he was given the answers in advance by program staff members. His testimony was the most dramatic to date in the ongoing investigation of quiz show scandals. Van Doren had been a low-salaried college assistant professor who appeared on the show “Twenty-One.” It was revealed that rigging was prevalent on many television quiz shows during the early 1950s in order to boost viewer ship. Van Doren benefited from the rigging not only by receiving the huge amount of money, but by later earning a regular spot on the “Today” television show.
    1960 – Publishing company Penguin Books was found not guilty of obscenity in the trial R v. Penguin Books Ltd., the “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” case.  Sales of the controversial novel took off.
    1961 - The temperature at Atlanta, GA, reached 84 degrees to establish a record for November.
    1962 - The missile bases in Cuba were being dismantled, President Kennedy reported to the nation, adding that “progress is now being made toward restoration of peace in the Caribbean.”
    1962 - Elvis Presley film “Girls! Girls! Girls!'' premieres.
    1963 - Following the overthrow of his government by South Vietnamese military forces the day before, President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother are captured and killed by a group of soldiers. The deaths of Diem caused celebration among =many people in South Vietnam, but also lead to political chaos in the nation.  Diem was perceived as an impediment to the accomplishment of U.S. goals in Southeast Asia. His increasingly dictatorial rule only succeeded in alienating most of the South Vietnamese people, and his brutal repression of protests led by Buddhist monks during the summer of 1963 convinced many American officials that the time had come for Diem to go. Three weeks later, an assassin shot President Kennedy. By then, the United States was more heavily involved in the South Vietnamese quagmire than ever.
    1963 - The Beach Boys' "Be True To Your School" is released.
    1963 - Dion angrily walked off the set of the British ITV television program “Ready Steady Go!” in the middle of performing his hit "Donna the Prima Donna," claiming the go-go dancers surrounding him during the song were distracting.
    1963 - Reviewing the Beatles' concert the night before in Cheltenham, England, the British paper Daily Mirror uses the headline "Beatlemania!" effectively inserting the phrase into the popular consciousness for the first time.
    1964 – CBS became the first corporate owner of a Major League team, buying 80% of the New York Yankees for $11,200,000. They would proceed to oversee the worst period of Yankees history, and sold the team in 1973 to a syndicate headed by George Steinbrenner for under $10 million.  Under CBS ownership, the Yankees never made the post season and only once finished as high as fourth in a season.  Under Steinbrenner’s ownership until his death in July 2010, the longest in club history, the Yankees earned seven World Series titles and 11 American League pennants.  The family continues its ownership under son Hal.  
    1965 - Top Hits
“Yesterday” - The Beatles
“A Lover’s Concerto” - The Toys
“Get Off of My Cloud” - The Rolling Stones
“Hello Vietnam” - Johnny Wright
    1965 – Norman Morrison, a 31-year-old Quaker, set himself afire in front of the river entrance to the Pentagon to protest the use of napalm in the Vietnam War.
    1966 - The Cuban Adjustment Act allowed 123,000 Cubans the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the United States.
    1967 - President Johnson and "The Wise Men" concluded that the American people should be given more optimistic reports on the progress of the war, regardless of reality.  When this ruse was unmasked in 1968 by Walter Cronkite, after his visit to Viet Nam to report on the Tet Offensive, President Johnson was said to have uttered these famous words, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”  It was not long thereafter that Johnson decided not to run for re-election.
    1968 - Another Stevie Wonder hit went on sale, "For Once in My Life" would reach #2 on the pop charts on December 28, 1968.
    1968 - Cream is presented with a platinum album for “Wheels of Fire” at the Madison Square Garden stop of their farewell tour.
    1969 - The Rolling Stones quasi-documentary “Sympathy for the Devil,” directed by Jean-Luc Godard, premieres in San Francisco.
    1971 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves,'' Cher.  It was her first chart-topper as a solo artist in the US. The single was certified Gold by the RIAA for its sales of over 1 million copies.
    1973 - Top Hits
“Midnight Train to Georgia” - Gladys Knight & The Pips
“Keep on Truckin’” - Eddie Kendricks
“Paper Roses” - Marie Osmond
“We’re Gonna Hold On” - George Jones & Tammy Wynette
    1974 - "The Way We Were" by Barbra Streisand topped the charts and stayed there for 3 weeks.
    1974 - Three Dog Night's next to last chart record, "Play Something Sweet" enters The Hot 100 where it will peak at number 33. August of 1975 would see the end of their eight years as hit makers when "Til the World Ends" would reach number 32.
    1974 - Even though he was the one who was the most opposed to touring in the final years of The Beatles, George Harrison became the first to set out on a solo tour when he appeared in Vancouver, Canada with Billy Preston. It will be a troublesome show for him as his voice is ravaged after LP sessions and tour rehearsals. The concert and the rest of the tour played in front of thin crowds.
    1976 - James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., was elected President of the United States. Walter F. Mondale was elected Vice President. The electoral vote was Carter 297; Pres. Ford, 240. The popular vote was Carter, 40,828,929, Ford, 39,148,940. In congressional elections, the Democrats kept a 2-1 Senate majority, 61-38, with one seat going to an independent, and House majority of 292-143.
    1981 - Top Hits
“Arthur’s Theme” (“Best That You Can Do”) - Christopher Cross
“Start Me Up” - The Rolling Stones
“Private Eyes” - Daryl Hall & John Oates
“Never Been So Loved” (“In All My Life”) - Charley Pride
    1983 - President Ronald Reagan signs a bill establishing Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.
    1984 - After a judge rules that he shot in self-defense, The Reverend Marvin Gay Sr. is given only five years’ probation for killing his son, Marvin Gaye. (Marvin added an "e" to his stage name) Ironically, it was Marvin Jr. who had given his father the .38 revolver used in the killing.
    1985 – With his new single, "Part-Time Lover," topping the charts, Stevie Wonder becomes the artist with the longest period between Number Ones: 22 years.  This song also sets a record by going to #1 on five different Billboard charts.  Winning this spot makes Wonder the first artist to have a single on five different Billboard charts: the Hot 100, Hot Black Singles, Hot Adult Contemporary, Hot Dance/Disco Club Play and Hot Dance/Disco 12-inch Singles.
    1985 - For the second time in television history, a soundtrack LP from a television show topped the album charts. "Miami Vice," with a title track by Jan Hammer, spent 11 nonconsecutive weeks at #1. The only other television soundtrack to hit #1 was Henry Mancini’s "Peter Gunn" in 1959.
    1985 - "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner topped the charts and stayed there for 2 weeks.
    1989 - Top Hits
“Miss You Much” - Janet Jackson
“Sowing the Seeds of Love” - Tears For Fears
“Listen to Your Heart” - Roxette
“High Cotton” – Alabama
    1989 - Squalls in the Upper Great Lakes Region the first three days of the month buried Ironwood, MI under 46 inches of snow, and produced 40 inches at Hurley, WI. Arctic cold invaded the Southern Plains Region. Midland, TX reported a record low of 22 degrees.
    1991 - Karyn White’s "Romantic" hit #1 for one week on the "Billboard Hot 100" chart.
    1993 - Christine Todd Whitman was elected the first woman governor of New Jersey.
    1994 - Top Hits
“I'll Make Love To You”- Boyz II Men 
“All I Want to Do”- Sheryl Crow
“Secret”- Madonna
“Another Night”- Real McCoy
    1995 - The immensely popular Seinfeld episode, "The Soup Nazi," first aired on NBC.
    1995 - The TV music show “Soul Train” celebrates 25 years on the air with appearances by Al Green, Bill Withers, Diana Ross and Patti LaBelle.
    1997 - Denver QB John Elway accounted for 276 total yards in a 30-27 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, bringing his career total to 50,273 yards. He was the third player in NFL history -- after Dan Marino and Fran Tarkenton -- to reach the 50,000 plateau.  
    1999 - Top Hits
“Smooth” - Santana Featuring Rob Thomas 
“Satisfy You” - Puff Daddy Featuring R. Kelly
“Heartbreaker” - Mariah Carey Featuring Jay-Z 
“Mambo No. 5” (“A Little Bit Of...”) - Lou Bega
    1999 - TV, a 24-hour TV network, was launched by the National Basketball Association. Commissioner David J. Stern said, “ TV represents the convergence of the Internet, television and basketball. By combining the immediacy and depth of information from with current and historical television programming from the NBA, TV will offer our fans complete, round-the-clock coverage of the league."
    2000 - Wrigley Field has been granted preliminary landmark status by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks. Any plans to refurbish or tear down Cubs' home since 1916 will have to be reviewed by this panel.
    2000 - goes online, publishing in both official languages: Rock and Roll.
    2003 - Top Hits
“Baby Boy” – Beyonce, Featuring Sean Paul
“Stand Up” – Ludacris, Featuring Shawnna
“Holidae In” – Chingy, Featuring Ludacris & Snoop Dogg
“Get Low” - Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Featuring Ying Yang Twins
    2006 - Justin Timberlake and Gnarls Barkley each win several trophies at the 13th annual MTV Europe Music Awards, held in Copenhagen. Timberlake, who also serves as host and performer at the event, wins for best male and best pop. Gnarls Barkley wins best song for their international smash "Crazy."
    2014 - The U.N. issued a report concluding that immediate global actions are needed to prevent runaway impacts of climate change.  The report claims failure to act now will result in extensive future damage which will be prohibitively expensive to control.
    2016 – The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time since 1908, thus ending the longest World Series championship drought in Major League history.  The Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians 4 games to 3, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win the Series.  Ben Zobrist of the Cubs was Series MVP.



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