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2 years + vendor driven experience
Active with major trades shows, vendor programs and Pefunding
Small office environment, with knowledgeable staff member and 17 year reputation for performance
Quality funding sources
Large commission structure with book of business

Confidential Interview:
Barbara Griffith 714-573-9804 ext 101

Friday, October 9, 2009

Actor Anthony Marcus "Tony" Shalhoub born October 9, 1953 Green Bay, Wisconsin; in the TV series "Wings" (1991-1997) and best known in "Monk," (2002-2009. Final Season)


Archives-October 9, 2000
44 Leasing Companies Major Change
    Classified Ads---Credit
    New Hires---Promotions
        Classified Ads---Help Wanted
Dash signs up for another four years!
Letters?---We get eMail!
Movie/DVD Reviews-Just Out
    by Fernando Croce
        ATEL 14 Declared Effective by the SEC
Moreno Valley Man Eight Years for Ponzi Scheme
    NYC SPCA "Adopt a Pet"
News Briefs----
Mortgage Rates Rates tumble for 6th week
    Treasury Milestone Home Loan Modifications
Jet Leasing Companies Stumble on Debt Burden
    BofA to face 12 angry taxpayers in trial
        Dell to cut 905 North Carolina
Debt-Market Paralysis Deepens Credit Drought
    Small % of Attorneys File Most FDCPA Lawsuits
Astor's son convicted looting her $200M fortune
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"Gimme that Wine"
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######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Archives-October 9, 2000
44 Leasing Companies Major Change

American Business Leasing (gone)
Balboa Capital (Founder Byrne " available any time he wants to use it").
Bancorp Financial Services in Sacramento, California. (10/03 purchased by Humboldt Bank).
The Bancorp Group, Inc. (Southfield, MI) (no longer in business)
BankVest (bankrupt)
Bombardier (reported having problems, not confirmed)
Charter Financial (purchased by Wells Fargo 9/5/2000)
Colonial Pacific (11/98) purchased by GE Capital Commerce Security (closed to leasing broker program)
Copelco (sold to Citibank)
Creative Capital of Bloomfield Hills, MI. (shut-down 3/2000)
Dana (sold off, active as captive, also worked with brokers)
DVI Capital (out of broker)
eLease (June/July/2000 senior management changes)
FMA Finance (reportedly closed to brokers)
Fidelity (acquired by EAB, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank N.V., headquartered in the Netherlands, raising funds)
Finova (out of market place)
Franklin Bank (no more leases)
Imperial (sold portfolio)
Lease Acceptance Corp--- (ceases broker business 7/26/2000)
Leasing Solutions, San Jose, CA (bankrupt)
Liberty Leasing (closed, California company)
Linc Capital (out of vendor and broker business, NASDAQ halts stock sales, $13.4 loss last quarter)
Manifest Group--(9/1/2000 purchased by US Bancorp Leasing and Financial, "...a win for all the parties involved," Brian Bjella.
Matsco Financial (purchased by Greater Bay Bank)
Merit Leasing (gone)
Metwest Leasing, Spokane, Wa. (Advising brokers that they have run out of funds so they are unable to fund a transaction we have there for funding.)
Metrolease-(Reports closing operation, John Blazek at Evergreen Leasing, Hathcock losing assets, will not confirm nor deny; many serious rumors of fraud floating around the marketplace.)
Nations Credit, Business Leasing Group (1/29/99 sold to Textron**) *"The Business Leasing Group of Nations Credit was sold to Textron and we still do broker business," Jim Merrilees.
New England Capital (sold to Network Capital Alliance a division of Sovereign Bank. Sovereign did hire two people who will run a sales office in CT, doing basically the same deals with the same people as before. Little will change in that aspect.
Newcourt (sold off)
Onset Capital (Irwin buys 87% equity)
Orix (closes small ticket vendor division in Portland, Oregon, "Business as usual (in New Jersey and with brokers)," says Steve Geller)
Phoenix (both divisions
Prime Capital ("yes and no" sold off, may be negotiating)
Republic Leasing, South Carolina 9/27/2000 ("The expected result will be a sale of Republic Leasing"---Dwight Galloway)
Rockford (sold to American Express)
Scripp Financial (6/29/2000 (purchased by US Bancorp)
SDI (closed to broker programs)
SFC Capital (9/15/2000 purchased by Trinity Capital)
SierraCities ( post $7.7 million second quarter loss, rumors abound, including pending sale. addendum to Special Report on hold until after announcement, now Oct. 9th?)
T&W (bankrupt, lost their listing)
Transamerica (sold)
UniCapital ($11.4 million first quarter loss chairman, CEO, CFO resign, 38 employees cutback, 8/23 BSB to use other funders reported, rumor that BSB will be "spun off", not confirmed and appears to be in the rumor stage right now. Good news, 9/1 Bank of America extends revolving credit line to October 16, 2000. 9/29/2000 Many rumors floating around. Leasing News working special report on this company is on hold))
USA Capital Leasing (gone-bk)



Classified Ads---Credit

Atlanta, GA
9 Years experienced small ticket Credit Analyst seeking full-time position with equipment broker/lessor. Resume available. Email at or
Orange County, CA
10 yrs. exp. middle market credit underwriting/syndication/collections. All collateral. Seeking full-time position with equipment broker/lessor. Resume available
Portsmouth, NH
Middle market credit professional seeking FT. 14 years of exp (5 yrs at a major bank). Previous $2mm authority.
Microsoft Certified Professional. Will consider relocating.

For a full listing of all "job wanted" ads, please go to:



New Hires---Promotions

Chris Hobbs named Vice-President, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, to provide equipment finance solutions for companies in Raleigh and the eastern portion of North Carolina. New to Wells Fargo, he brings 14-years of equipment finance and commercial lending experience to the bank. Prior to joining the Wells Fargo, Hobbs served as vice president and district sales manager for GE Capital providing financing for equipment loans and lease transactions. His experience includes credit, asset management and sales.

Dana Kirchner appointed Broker Development Manager for TEAM Funding Solutions, Austin, Texas. He has been in the leasing industry for 25 years and has held various positions with Pioneer Capital, AT&T Capital and Comstock Leasing in the past. Dana has been working with brokers for over 15 years.

Kathleen Cro has joined the Marlin Healthcare Division, Marlin Business Services, Mount Laurel, New Jersey. She started her career at Advanta Leasing and has over 18 years experience in equipment finance.

Greg Salomon hired as director of sales, Five Point Capital, San Diego, California. He as over 20 years of sales experience. Most recently he was the sales director for Rancho Santa Fe Corporation and before that was the national sales manager of Equity Financial in Irvine.

Salomon started his career in 1989 with Beneficial Finance as a district sales manager after receiving training and experience in sales and participating in the company's Accelerated Management Program. In the 11 years he spent with Beneficial, Salomon held various management roles across California and Washington working to expand the business from both the B2B and B2C channels.

He came to San Diego in 2000 after being recruited by Accredited, Inc. to be a regional manager. Over the next six years he earned greater responsibility, ultimately having responsibility for 135 sales representatives and managers, servicing 22 states and generating $500M in production per quarter.



Classified Ads---Help Wanted


2 years + vendor driven experience
Active with major trades shows, vendor programs and Pefunding
Small office environment, with knowledgeable staff member and 17 year reputation for performance
Quality funding sources
Large commission structure with book of business

Confidential Interview:
Barbara Griffith 714-573-9804 ext 101


Lease Corporation of America is seeking a select group of business development professionals to participate in our Independent Sales Associate program.
This is a commission only program that can lead to permanent employ with base salary, commission and benefits.

John Martella
LCA Financial, llc
Phone: 800.800.8098 ext. 5209
Direct: 248.743.5209


2 years+ small ticket ($150k and under) experience
We offer the ability to structure and fund Vendor Programs, great
commission splits; friendly support staff in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.
Remote office work is acceptable for the right candidate.
More Info: click here or Email

ILS is a direct lender specializing in
Vendor Program business.


Sales positions in the Western United States
5 years+ small ticket or mid market experience
Established customer/vendor relationships a plus. Draw/Base
plus commission. Submit resume to:

TEQlease provides customized equipment leasing solutions for businesses.



Dash signs up for another four years!

"Honorably discharge and re-enlistment ceremony..... Hoo-ya navy!!!!"

On his fifth tour of duty in the Middle-East, my son Dash re-enlists for another four years. He has asked me not to write about him as he explains the enemy has access to the internet and if captured, the information could be used against him. He is a "dirt sailor" and will have new duty in December, which he says I can write about when it occurs.




(Mostly in chronological order)

NAELB Members Prayers for Lisette and her family

From: Former Wildwood Instructor/Officer

"I have remained close to Lisette over the years, since she had attended Wildwood, and I have received many calls from so many people who are dear and close to her.

"We love her and know how strong she is; she will fight for a full recovery for herself and her Children.

"Words are very inadequate to express the pain I am feeling. I pray to God to give Lisette courage to overcome this grief she and her family are facing!"

Sadden with Regards.

Mona Janes

Mona Janes, CLP
Tenet Financial Group
8248 Drop Tine Drive
Suite 100
Benbrook, TX 76126
Corp: (888) 901-3335
Fax: (817)887-1720


Listed below is Allegiant's link for our BBB rating.


Scott Enbom
Allegiant Partners Inc.
900 4th Street, Suite 200
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 257-4200, x207
Fax: (415) 257-4201

Leasing Company BBB ratings


"Please note that the BBB rating for TimePayment Corp. was changed yesterday from a C to an A- based upon their receipt of our Company background information. You can confirm this information by clicking on the associated link in your current newsletter.

"Thank you."


James R. Jackson
Microfinancial, Incorporated
10M Commerce Way
Woburn, MA 01801
ph. 781.994.4800
fx. 781.994.4911

(Story up-dated on line as well as noted here. editor)


"Great addition - 'adopt a pet'

"It's a great thing to do and great idea!"

Donna L. Spiegel
Credit Manager
PENTAX Medical Company
A Division of PENTAX of America, Inc
. 102 Chestnut Ridge Road
Montvale, NJ 07645
T 800-328-0713, ext. 2025
F 201-799-4047


"Love your new 'Adopt a Pet' section

All The Best!

Don A. Marchant
Vice President Human Resources
First Pacific Funding, Inc.
Click here for $20 down!* $99 for the first six months!*
1-866-926-5575 x 202 Office
1-615-895-2228 x 202 Local
1-888-815-2733 Fax

"We Support, You Succeed"
*Must be in business for 2 or more years


"Have you heard of ***********?

"Doc'ing unapproved (and many impossible to approve) deals for unsecured working capital.
60 month term.
Collect 1 advance and processing fee.
Cash customers check -- then tell them cannot get deal approved.
Return advance less processing fee $495.

"Essentially they are picking up a 500 dollar bill every time they doc a deal."

(name with held)

(Yes, and more and more companies are keeping the advance rentals, not returning them, when a transaction is not approved---particularly when they are originally sent a letter that they are automatically approved up to $100,000 by Dun & Bradstreet or the name of another credit agency. Editor) -----

"I had my own equipment leasing business (Equipment Financial Services Corp.) in Jackson MS for 18 years. I had to get out about 3 1/2 years ago and get a job. I am now a commercial lender for a regional credit union based here in Jackson. I have been receiving your email newsletter since you started it.

"Wanted to seek your permission about having a small paragraph about a direct marketing business that is unique. It is gourmet food. I would assume that there are many lease brokers like myself that had to look for other work and those that are still in the leasing industry need other revenue streams. I and would ask those interested to learn more to please email me."

Wayne Edwards

(Our smallest banner ad is $395, but above is a "free" plug. Editor)


"Suncoast Equipment Funding Corp., Tampa, Florida is gone. They ceased operations and closed down on 9/30/09.

"Suncoast was primarily a leasing brokerage started by Greg Jackson in the late 80's, then sold to Chuck Barrow in 1992. Chuck Barrow sold the company to Ervin Leasing of Ann Arbor, Michigan in July of 1997 and he left the company in 2002. I left the company upon the sale to Ervin in 1997 to explore other opportunities.

"During their heyday in the mid 90's they employed ~20 people, worked with most of the major funders in the industry and placed about $8 million in transactions per month.

"I will always be thankful for the chance to have worked there and for the career Barrow and Suncoast have given me. I started at that company in the equipment leasing industry in 1994 and it is sobering to see them gone. "


Drew Taggart
US ProLease

(Will add them to the list. Editor)

Leasing Companies Out of Broker Business


"Where's the cartoon???????"

Bob Underwood
Specialty Funding
505.797.7141 ext 102 505-872-0422 fax
800.440.5137 toll free 866-865-6836 toll free fax
505.263.9543 cell
Go Green - Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

(We license them annually and spread them out over the year, perhaps 50-75 cartoons, plus we do some ourselves. If we had the budget, would license more cartoons and run them more often. Glad you appreciate and were missing them. Editor)


"I read with great interest your mention of his birthday. Absent however, was his role in the formation of the Los Angeles-California-Anaheim-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, into which he poured his considerable love for the game.

"In 1976, while at Ingersoll-Rand Financial, we held a quarterly meeting at The Gene Autry Hotel in Palm Springs. It apparently was his habit to 'wander' into some of the corporate meetings to chat, regale in radio-TV-movies stories, and he surprised us with his presence there. Later, at cocktail hour, he joined us again, picking up the tab, and telling us more stories that were captivating. 'The Cowboy', as his staff called him, was my favorite as a child, along with Hopalong Cassidy, and I still recall this memory vividly. We have a Retro TV channel here in DC that runs his old TV shows...never miss them.

"Thanks for reminding me!"


Ralph P. Mango
8502 Tysons Ct.
Vienna, VA 22182-5019
cell - 732-642-5008
home - 703-288-3127

This Day in American History


"Your article on "The Age of The Super Broker" is informative and very timely. We appreciate your focus on our segment of the business. While credit remains tight, we are seeing some positive activities. Many thanks."

Mohammed Ahsan Quail Capital
2310 W. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 843-8686 x23 Fax (818) 843-3767

The Age of the Super Broker
by Christopher Menkin

(This ad is a "trade" for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)



Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croce

Theaters offer audiences the chance to revisit old great movies ("Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2") and discover a new one ("The Headless Woman"), while DVD releases are available for serious ("Adoration"), scary ("Drag Me to Hell") and musical ("Every Little Step") moods.

In Theaters:

Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (Pixar): Back in 1995, John Lasseter and Pixar revolutionized screen animation with the first fully computer-generated movie, setting dizzying new standards for family entertainment. Since today's children, the film's main intended audience, have known "Toy Story" and its top-notch 1999 sequel mostly through DVD viewings, the chance for them to catch both movies on the big screen is a rare privilege. Presenting both movies on a double-bill and in 3-D, Pixar offers audiences the chance to relive the awe and fun of catching up with such classic characters as Woody (superbly voiced by Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles) and the other toys. It's a re-release treat that puts most new releases in theaters right now to shame.

The Headless Woman (Focus): The title suggests a horror movie, but this is actually a stylish, tantalizingly enigmatic drama from the Argentine director Lucrecia Martel, one of today's most interesting filmmakers. Veronica (Maria Onetto), a wealthy dentist, is driving home from a picnic one day when, distracted by her cell phone, she runs over something. Is it a dog, or could it be a boy? Too dazed to check, Veronica forges ahead with her normal life, but the world around her seems odd since the accident. People she should know become virtual strangers, and everywhere she looks she seems something that reminds her of what she may have done. Martel's unique visuals and refusal to give easy answers may make her an acquired taste, but it's not adventurous audiences should consider. With subtitles.

New on DVD:

Netflix Tip: When joining Netflix, make sure to take advantage of the company's welcoming courtesies and order the hot new releases. As time goes by and you become a frequent renter, these titles may be increasingly harder to get quickly.

Adoration (Sony): Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan ("The Sweet Hereafter") directed this moody study of intolerance and communication among a group of characters. At the center is a young student (Devon Bostick) who uses a class assignment from a French professor (Arsinee Khanjian) to write a controversial essay that he passes off as real, in the process setting off many of the people in their community. Among them is the student's troubled uncle (Scott Speedman), family members with connections to a shocking past incident, and victims trying to nurse their wounds. Moving fluidly from character to character, Egoyan creates a strong, provocative atmosphere of slow-burning intensity and buried emotion. It may be tough going at times, but the excellent cast makes it a ride worth taking.

Drag Me to Hell (Universal): Best known today for his "Spider-Man" movies, director Sam Raimi actually got his start as a maker of gruesome and clever horror movies. Consider this chilling, giddily over-the-top supernatural thriller a return to his original roots. Christine (Alison Lohman) is an ambitious loan officer who seems ready for a promotion when a mysterious old woman enters her bank to ask for an extension for her home loan. Christine's decision unleashes her client's terrifying true personality, and suddenly she finds herself dealing with a curse that makes her life a literal hell. Can she break the spell, or will she succumb to the sinister forces plaguing her? Mixing shocks and social criticism, this is a bloody good time at the movies.

Every Little Step (Sony): In the old studio days a source of irrepressible exuberance, good musicals are these days few and far between. This scarcity makes this fascinating documentary all the more special, as it takes the viewer behind the scenes of the tuneful Broadway hit "A Chorus Line" as it experiences its recent revival. Over the course of the film, you get to know the aspiring dancers as they rehearse and hone their dance routines and realize how their own personalities often merge with those of the characters they are playing. Using interviews and rare footage to compare the show's new and old versions, the film gives audiences the exhilaration of the musical together with the emotion of human drama.



#### Press Release ###########################

ATEL 14 Declared Effective by the SEC

SAN FRANCISCO--- ATEL 14, LLC ("ATEL 14") was declared effective by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The fund was formed to invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of low tech equipment leased to investment-grade U.S. corporations. When fully funded, ATEL 14 will purchase a $250 million-plus portfolio of equipment and other assets, including loans to venture-backed emerging growth companies; and triple-net real estate. ATEL 14 is ATEL Capital Group's ("ATEL") 20th syndicated program, including 12 prior public programs.

Dean Cash, President and CEO of ATEL, states, "We are pleased to be offering such an exciting program at a time of great opportunity to provide the liquidity needed by American businesses in light of the banking industry retrenchment." Since 1977, ATEL has priced, structured, arranged and managed over $40 billion of equipment financing and real estate transactions; and is one of the largest independent financial services companies in the United States.

ATEL, based in San Francisco, offers a broad spectrum of investment products to both retail and institutional investors, which include equipment leasing, venture capital and debt, as well as real estate. The family of ATEL companies includes subsidiaries specifically dedicated to providing flexible financing solutions to its extensive list of Fortune 500 clients.

For further information about ATEL 14, contact John W. Hart, National Sales Manager, ATEL Securities Corporation at (415) 616-3458. You may also visit our website at

(Leasing News provides this ad "gratis" as a means
to help support the growth of Lease Police)



### Press Release ##########################

Moreno Valley Man Sentenced to over Eight Years for Ponzi Scheme

A Moreno Valley man who admitted to victimizing over 100 investors in an investment "Ponzi"-style scheme was sentenced to more than eight years in prison, announced George Cardona, Acting United States Attorney in Los Angeles, Keith Bolcar, Acting Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles and Leslie P. DeMarco, Special Agent in Charge of the IRS-Criminal Investigation's Los Angeles Field Office.

U.S. District Judge R. John F. Walter sentenced Robert Bame, 39, on Tuesday afternoon to 97 months incarceration and 36 months of supervised release. In addition, Bame was ordered to pay $16,038,568.68 in restitution to his victims, and a special assessment fee of $300.00. In June 2009, Bame pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and two counts of money laundering following his arrest in November 2008 by agents with the FBI and the IRS.

According to court documents, Bame convinced victims to invest in contracts for index-based futures and told investors the contracts were traded using a unique computer program that maximized profits. Most investors were told their money was being invested in the commodities futures market. Bame described these investments as profitable, when the vast majority of investors' money was actually transferred to Bame's personal bank accounts and diverted for his personal use. An investigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission found that Bame opened a new commodities futures trading account in the name of Forward Investment at Transact Futures in February 2007. In the account agreement with Transact Futures, Bame falsely indicated that no other person had a financial interest in the account. Bame deposited investor funds into the account totaling approximately $605,000 during the following months. Bame sent investors forged account statements on Transact Futures letterhead that, on one occasion, suggested the account had a total net value of over $77 million, whereas the true value of the account was only $4,486. Another false statement purported to show 97 Forward Investment sub-accounts for the various investors with balances totaling over $61 million. Investigators found that Bame used the large majority of investors' funds to charter private jets and for the purchase of multiple vehicles and other personal items.

This case was investigated by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service and investigators with the Tulare County District Attorney's Office and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This case was prosecuted by the United States Attorney's Office in Riverside, California.



"Adopt a Pet"

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has many adoption centers. Look for one in year area on line. Many have web sites with dogs and cats available on line.



News Briefs----

Mortgage Rates Rates tumble for 6th week

Treasury Hails Milestone in Home Loan Modifications

Jet Leasing Companies Stumble on Debt Burden

Alcatel-Lucent and BNP Paribas Lease Group launch Alcatel-Lucent Financial Services for Enterprise market

BofA to face 12 angry taxpayers in trial: SEC

Dell to cut 905 North Carolina

Debt-Market Paralysis Deepens Credit Drought

Small Percentage Of Attorneys File Most FDCPA Lawsuits

Astor's son convicted of looting her $200M fortune



You May have Missed---

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California Nuts Briefs---

Michael Jordan violating city rules on smoking



Sports Briefs----

Dodgers use ninth-inning rally to stun Cardinals in Game`

Tom Cable, Randy Hanson in Limbo as DA Mulls 'Textbook Felony Assault Case'|htmlws-main|dl5|link4|

49ers sign Crabtree--Finally



"Gimme that Wine"

SF Chronicle: 2009 Best Wine Getaways

Free grapes and over-supplied wineries

North Coast Winegrapes on the Market

White wines to warm up your fall meals,0,7759669.story

Wine Talk: Sean Connery

Wine Prices by vintage
US/International Wine Events
Winery Atlas
Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page
The London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) is an electronic exchange for fine wine.



Today's Top Event in History

1936-Harnessing the power of the mighty Colorado River, Hoover Dam begins sending electricity over transmission lines spanning 266 miles of mountains and deserts to run the lights, radios, and stoves of Los Angeles. Initially named Boulder Dam, work on the dam was begun under President Herbert Hoover's administration but completed as a public works project during the Roosevelt administration (which renamed it for Hoover). When it was finished in 1935, the towering concrete and steel plug was the tallest dam in the world and a powerful symbol of the new federal dedication to large-scale reclamation projects designed to water the arid West. In fact, the electricity generated deep in the bowels of Hoover Dam was only a secondary benefit. The central reason for the dam was the collection, preservation, and rational distribution of that most precious of all western commodities, water. Under the guidance of the Federal Reclamation Bureau, Hoover Dam became one part of a much larger multipurpose water development project that tamed the wild Colorado River for the use of the growing number of western farmers, ranchers, and city dwellers.


This Day in American History

    1000- Norse Explorer Leif Ericson lands in North America, discovering what is to become the United States.
    1007-The first white child born in North America was Snorro, the son of Thorfinn and Gudrid Karlsefni, members of Leif Ericson's expedition to Vinland. Later Snorro became an important member of the Norse community in Iceland.
    1635 -Colonial American Separatist Roger Williams was banished from Massachusetts for preaching that civil government had no right to interfere in religious affairs. (Williams was seeking to establish freedom of worship through the separation of church and state.)
    1701-The colonial legislature of Connecticut chartered the Collegiate School. Originally based at the house of the first rector in Killingworth, the school moved to New Haven in 1716, and shortly thereafter took the name Yale College to honor its early benefactor, merchant Elihu Yale.
( lower half of: ).
    1747 --Colonial missionary to the New England Indians, David Brainerd died of tuberculosis (brought on by exposure) at age 29. Following his death, the publication of "Brainerd's Journal" by Jonathan Edwards influenced hundreds to become missionaries after him.
    1776- Mission Delores was completed, Yerba Buena. A party of 247 Spanish colonists consecrated their newly-founded mission, known as San Francisco. The city grew around the mission and in 1847 changed its name to San Francisco. Formerly known as Mission San Francisco de Asis, the mission survived the great earthquake and fire of 1906. It is the oldest building in San Francisco. It also has parts of the first church built in San Francisco, Tule Arbor.
    1781- At Yorktown, Virginia, American and French forces began shelling Gen. Cornwalli's encircled army.
    1812 - American Lieutenant Jesse Duncan Elliot captured two British brigs, the Detroit and Caledonia on Lake Erie in the War of 1812. Elliot set the brig Detroit ablaze the next day in retaliation for the British capture seven weeks earlier of the city of Detroit.
    1823 -- Birthday of Mary Ann Shadd, Wilmington, Delaware. Publisher of Canada's first anti-slavery newspaper, "The Provincial Freeman," & the first woman in North America to publish & edit a newspaper.
    1830- Harriet Hosmer birthday- U.S. sculptor. HH is best known for the sculpture of the Puck at Smithsonian and the Zenobia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She lived most of her life in London or Rome and she is considered the first woman to actually earn an excellent living from her sculptures. Her showings in London were critically acclaimed - until her death. She was recognized as the premier woman sculptor of the times. Then in the usual way for women, her work was denigrated as not deserving a place in the first rank of sculptors. She was the toast of London, living for years under the care of noted actress Charlotte Cushman both in Rome and London. Cushman who had a lengthy history of affairs with women and played 30 masculine roles in her career including Hamlet took Hosmer to Europe so that HH could study. Her statue Beatrice Cenci was her first work in marble.
    1842 --Episcopal missionary James L. Breck was ordained a priest at Duck Creek, WI. In 1850, this "apostle of the wilderness" moved to Minnesota and in 1858 founded the Seabury Divinity School. It is said that "no priest did more for the Episcopal Church in the West than Breck."
    1855 -- Joshua Stoddard gets patent for steam calliope. Circus folk pronounce it "kally-ope," not "kuh-LYE-o-pee." At the start of the parade, when the boiler was filled with water, the calliope America weighed nine tons. This spectacular wagon was pulled by eight Percherons.
    1857-Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City manufactured toilet paper of unbleached pearl-colored pure manila hemp paper. His name was watermarked on each sheet. It sold at 500 sheets for 50 cents and was known as “Gayetty's Medicated Paper—a perfectly pure article for the toilet and for the prevention of piles.” It did not catch on with the public. The first toilet paper to be marketed successfully was introduced by Edward and Clarence Scott of Philadelphia, PA, who sold it in small rolls in 1899. Their son Arthur Scott invented what we call today, “Paper Towels.”
    1864-At dawn Generals George Custer and Wesley Merritt and their respective forces attacked the two wings of the Confederate cavalry under General Thomas Rosser. General Phillip Sheridan had been using his cavalry, under the command of General Alfred Torbert, to guard the foot soldiers as they burned farms and mills and slaughtered livestock. Torbert refused to allow his generals, George Custer and Wesley Merritt, to counterattack. He insisted they continue to stick close to the Union infantry. Sheridan heard of this and demanded that Torbert attack. Merritt's 3,500 Yankees overwhelmed General Lunsford Lomax's 1,500 troopers, but Custer had more difficulty. His 2,500 men faced 3,000 under the command of Rosser, who was, coincidentally, a close friend of Custer's at West Point before the war. Custer observed that the Rebels were protected by the high bank of Tom's Creek, so he sent three of his regiments around Rosser's flank. Both groups of Confederates broke in retreat. The Yankees pursued the defeated Confederates for over 20 miles, a flight called the "Woodstock Races." The chase ended only when the Confederates reached the safety of Confederate General Jubal Early's infantry. The Yankees captured 350 men, 11 artillery pieces, and all of the cavalry's wagons and ambulances. Nine Union troopers were killed, and 48 were wounded. It was the most complete victory of Union cavalry in the eastern theater during the entire war.
    1864-Generals George Custer and Wesley Merritt attacked the two wings of the Confederate cavalry in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Merritt's 3,500 Yankees overwhelmed General Lunsford Lomax's 1,500 troopers, but Custer had more difficulty. His 2,500 men faced 3,000 under the command of Rosser, who was, coincidentally, a close friend of Custer's at West Point before the war. Custer observed that the Rebels were protected by the high bank of Tom's Creek, so he sent three of his regiments around Rosser's flank. Both groups of Confederates broke in retreat. The Yankees pursued the defeated Confederates for over 20 miles, a flight called the "Woodstock Races." The chase ended only when the Confederates reached the safety of Early's infantry. The Yankees captured 350 men, 11 artillery pieces, and all of the cavalry's wagons and ambulances. Nine Union troopers were killed, and 48 were wounded. It was the most complete victory of Union cavalry in the eastern theater during the entire war.
    1871-The Great Fire of Chicago is brought under control.
    1877- The first animal humane society (national) was the American Humane Association, which was organized in Cleveland, OH. The first president was Edwin Lee Brown of Chicago, IL.
    1890- Aimee Semple McPherson birthday - Canadian-born, controversial U.S. Pentecostal evangelist. For the last 20 years of her life, she held sway in a $1.5 million Los Angeles temple, and broadcast the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. She was wealthy, famous and infamous, adored and hated. She built her appeal around faith healing and unfailing optimism. She used dramatic settings and costumes, a full orchestra, and highly dramatic sermons to mesmerize her audience. Her congregation numbered in the tens of thousands; she had a national broadcast, started a bible college, and churned out magazines eagerly purchased by her followers. Her church had 22,000 members at her death in 1944 and it quadrupled over the next decades. All this in spite of a scandalous private life that included three marriages, mysterious "disappearances" that were rumored to include a men (one proved) - and a raft of legal actions. She was called the "P.T. Barnum of religion.” Actually, she simply used modern music syncopations, lighting, and electricity to augment the bible-thumping style she had learned as a child with the Salvation Army in Canada.
    1903--New York City received its heaviest rainfall with 9.40 inches at Battery Park and 11.17 inches at Central park in 24 hours, which established a state record. Severe flooding occurred in the Passaic Valley of New Jersey where more than fifteen inches of rain was reported.
    1910 -- Forest fires in Minnesota destroy six towns, killing 400 people & destroying $100 million worth of property.
    1915-Singer Lee Wiley born Port Gibson, OK.
    1916- The recently formed Professional Golfer's Association of America held it first championship ( PGA) at Siwanoy Country Club in Bronxville, NY. The trophy and the lion's share of the $2,850 purse, both offered by department store magnate Rodman Wanamaker, were won by British golfer Jim Barnes. The next two championships were canceled by World War I, Barnes won again in 1919.
    1916 -- : Babe Ruth pitches and wins longest World Series baseball game (14 innings) 2-1.
    1919 -- Cincinnati Reds defeat Chicago White Sox, 10-5, to win baseball World Series, five games to three, in an outstanding upset. It is later revealed that eight key Chicago players, subsequently dubbed the "Black Sox," conspired with gamblers to "throw" the series in response to working for one of the cheapest/sleaziest owners in the biz. Shoeless Joe Jackson was one of them. “Eight Men Out” — The loose film history, directed by John Sayles, of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal. The players received a pittance & turned to the only source of financial security they could find, the bookies. With stunning performance by John Cusack as the only player who refuses to go along, and a cameo by Studs Terkel.
    1920-Birthday of flute and sax player Yusef Lateef, Chattanooga, TN.
    1936-First Count Basie record Quintet record date with great tenor player Lester Young, Chicago, IL.
    1936-Harnessing the power of the mighty Colorado River, Hoover Dam begins sending electricity over transmission lines spanning 266 miles of mountains and deserts to run the lights, radios, and stoves of Los Angeles. Initially named Boulder Dam, work on the dam was begun under President Herbert Hoover's administration but completed as a public works project during the Roosevelt administration (which renamed it for Hoover). When it was finished in 1935, the towering concrete and steel plug was the tallest dam in the world and a powerful symbol of the new federal dedication to large-scale reclamation projects designed to water the arid West. In fact, the electricity generated deep in the bowels of Hoover Dam was only a secondary benefit. The central reason for the dam was the collection, preservation, and rational distribution of that most precious of all western commodities, water. Under the guidance of the Federal Reclamation Bureau, Hoover Dam became one part of a much larger multipurpose water development project that tamed the wild Colorado River for the use of the growing number of western farmers, ranchers, and city dwellers.
    1938 -Sweeping the Cubs in four games, the Yankees become the first team in major league history to win three consecutive World Series. Red Ruffing goes the distance beating Chicago, 8-3, at Yankee Stadium.
    1940 Singer/composer John Lennon Birthday
    1941--FOSS, JOSEPH JACOB Medal of Honor Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Marine Fighting Squadron 121, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing. Place and date: Over Guadalcanal, 9 October to 19 November 1942, 15 and 23 January 1943. Entered service at: South Dakota. Born: 17 April 1 915, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Citation: For outstanding heroism and courage above and beyond the call of duty as executive officer of Marine Fighting Squadron 121, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, at Guadalcanal. Engaging in almost daily combat with the enemy from 9 October to 19 November 1942, Capt. Foss personally shot down 23 Japanese planes and damaged others so severely that their destruction was extremely probable. In addition, during this period, he successfully led a large number of escort missions, skillfully covering reconnaissance, bombing, and photographic planes as well as surface craft. On 15 January 1943, he added 3 more enemy planes to his already brilliant successes for a record of aerial combat achievement unsurpassed in this war. Boldly searching out an approaching enemy force on 25 January, Capt. Foss led his 8 F -4F Marine planes and 4 Army P -38's into action and, undaunted by tremendously superior numbers, intercepted and struck with such force that 4 Japanese fighters were shot down and the bombers were turned back without releasing a single bomb. His remarkable flying skill, inspiring leadership, and indomitable fighting spirit were distinctive factors in the defense of strategic American positions on Guadalcanal.
    1944--KANDLE, VICTOR L. Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 15th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near La Forge, France, 9 October 1944. Entered service at: Redwood City, Calif. Birth: Roy, Wash. G.O. No.: 37, 11 May 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. On 9 October 1944, at about noon, near La Forge, France, 1st Lt. Kandle, while leading a reconnaissance patrol into enemy territory, engaged in a duel at pointblank range with a German field officer and killed him. Having already taken 5 enemy prisoners that morning, he led a skeleton platoon of 16 men, reinforced with a light machinegun squad, through fog and over precipitous mountain terrain to fall on the rear of a German quarry stronghold which had checked the advance of an infantry battalion for 2 days. Rushing forward, several yards ahead of his assault elements, 1st Lt. Kandle fought his way into the heart of the enemy strongpoint, and, by his boldness and audacity, forced the Germans to surrender. Harassed by machinegun fire from a position which he had bypassed in the dense fog, he moved to within 15 yards of the enemy, killed a German machinegunner with accurate rifle fire and led his men in the destruction of another machinegun crew and its rifle security elements. Finally, he led his small force against a fortified house held by 2 German officers and 30 enlisted men. After establishing a base of fire, he rushed forward alone through an open clearing in full view of the enemy, smashed through a barricaded door, and forced all 32 Germans to surrender. His intrepidity and bold leadership resulted in the capture or killing of 3 enemy officers and 54 enlisted men, the destruction of 3 enemy strongpoints, and the seizure of enemy positions which had halted a battalion attack.
    1946-- The first electric blanket manufactured; sold for $39.50
    1948-The first baseball player who was African-American to hit a home run in a World Series was Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians, who hit a 425-foot drive in the third inning into right field at Cleveland, OH. Cleveland defeated the Boston Braves, 4-2.
    1950--YOUNG, ROBERT H. Medal of Honor Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company E, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. Place and date: North of Kaesong, Korea, 9 October 1950. Entered service at: Vallejo, Calif. Born: 4 March 1929, Oroville. Calif. G.O. No.: 65, 2 August 1951. Citation: Pfc. Young distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action. His company, spearheading a battalion drive deep in enemy territory, suddenly came under a devastating barrage of enemy mortar and automatic weapons crossfire which inflicted heavy casualties among his comrades and wounded him in the face and shoulder. Refusing to be evacuated, Pfc. Young remained in position and continued to fire at the enemy until wounded a second time. As he awaited first aid near the company command post the enemy attempted an enveloping movement. Disregarding medical treatment he took an exposed position and firing with deadly accuracy killed 5 of the enemy. During this action he was again hit by hostile fire which knocked him to the ground and destroyed his helmet. Later when supporting tanks moved forward, Pfc. Young, his wounds still unattended, directed tank fire which destroyed 3 enemy gun positions and enabled the company to advance. Wounded again by an enemy mortar burst, and while aiding several of his injured comrades, he demanded that all others be evacuated first. Throughout the course of this action the leadership and combative instinct displayed by Pfc. Young exerted a profound influence on the conduct of the company. His aggressive example affected the whole course of the action and was responsible for its success. Pfc. Young's dauntless courage and intrepidity reflect the highest credit upon himself and uphold the esteemed traditions of the U.S. Army.
    1951-- Gil McDougald's world series grand slam helps Yanks beat Giants 13-1 (World Series #48)
    1952-Singer Annie Ross records “ Twisted.”
    1953-” Topper” premieres on television. In this sitcom a man moves into a new home with his wife, only to discover that it's haunted by ghosts only he can see. Leo G. Carroll starred as Cosmo Topper and Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling starred as Marion and George Kerby, who had been killed in a skiing accident and returned to their former home as ghosts. The show was based on Thorne Smith's novel and used trick photography for some of the ghost scenes.
    1956- Smith-Corona, Syracuse, NY, introduced the first electric portable typewriter. It did not go on sale until February 4, 1957. It weighed about 19 pounds and retailed at $190.
    1957—Top Hits
Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers
Chances Are/The Twelfth of Never - Johnny Mathis
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You - Ray Price
    1958- Eddie Cochran records "C'mon Everybody.
    1959-At the age of 22, Bobby Darin is the youngest performer to headline at the Sands Hotel's Copa Room in Las Vegas. The previous record-holder, Johnny Mathis, did at 23.
    1961-"Hit The Road Jack" becomes Ray Charles' second US #1 hit.
    1961-Roy Orbison's "Crying" peaks at #2 on the pop singles chart.
    1964-The Beach Boys record "Dance Dance Dance", with Glen Campbell playing the lead guitar intro. It would go on to become their twelfth US Top 40 hit.
    1965-The Miracles' "My Girl Has Gone" enters the Hot 100 where it will go as high as #14 in ten weeks. It's the Motown vocal group's 20th pop chart entry.
    1965-Marvin Gaye's "Ain't That Peculiar" becomes his 12th to enter the Hot 100. The song will stay on the chart for twelve weeks, reaching as high as #8.
Radio DJ Murray the K is fired from WOR-FM, New York because of his "inability to live with direction" The direction was coming from programming consultant and format-radio pioneer Bill Drake. At the RKO General station KFRC in San Francisco where I worked, Drake came in and fired everyone on air and in the newsroom, except me. I gave him high school football coverage, other ideas, news stories for his audience, and he wanted me to go to his other stations, but I said "not at this time, and survived until his format failed, too.
    1965- Beatles' "Yesterday," single goes #1 & stays #1 for 4 weeks.
    1965—Top Hits
Yesterday - The Beatles
Treat Her Right - Roy Head
The "In" Crowd - Ramsey Lewis Trio
Behind the Tear - Sonny James
    1965--replace the one on line with this one: "Yesterday" by The Beatles, topped both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Cashbox Magazine Best Sellers chart. The song was actually recorded by Paul McCartney alone, as John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were not in the studio. It would stay number #1 for four weeks.
    1965-The Miracles' "My Girl Has Gone" enters the Hot 100 where it will reach #14.
    1966- Happening just only three times previously in World Series history, the Orioles for the second consecutive day win a Fall Classic game, 1-0 game decided a home run. Frank Robinson takes a Don Drysdale pitch deep over the left field fence in the fourth inning accounting for the game's only run, and giving Baltimore a four-game sweep over the Dodgers.
    1967 - Coming out of the NBC Tonight Show Orchestra to become musical director of "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson", Doc Severinsen replaced Skitch Henderson who retired. Doc became famous for an eccentric wardrobe, quick wit, great trumpet solos and fabulous charts. Tommy Newsome became Doc's backup arranger for many of the tunes the band played. Later, Doc and the band would move to solo albums, group CDs and incredibly successful concert tours. Doc went on to play with various symphony orchestras and even became the owner of a custom trumpet company in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    1969 -Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young opened at Fillmore West, San Francisco.
    1969- Supremes release "Someday We'll Be Together"
    1971--Rod Stewart has the best selling record on both sides of the Atlantic with the two sided hit "Maggie May" / "Reason To Believe".
    1971-Van Morrison's "Wild Night" is released.
    1973-Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorce after six years of marriage. She gets a big chunk of property; $725,000 and an additional $4,200 a month for the support of their five-year old daughter, Lisa Marie; half the proceeds from the planned sale of an L.A. home; and five percent of the total outstanding stock in two publishing companies. The couple emerges from a Santa Monica, California courthouse arm in arm, kiss and depart separately.
    1973 - Paul Simon received a gold record for his hit, "Loves Me like a Rock".
    1974-Olivia Newton John earns her third gold record for "I Honestly Love You." It made it to the top spot on the pop chart four days ago and will remain for two weeks.
    1974- Composer, arranger and producer Quincy Jones, who has all ready taken home some Grammy awards, gets his first gold record for "Body Heat" which contains the hit single, "If I ever Lose This Heaven." It is sung by Minnie Ripperton.
    1975-Sean Lennon is born.
    1976-The Who and The Grateful Dead co-headline a concert at the Oakland-Alameda County Stadium.
    1979-Styx's "Babe" is born.
    1979 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," Michael Jackson.
    1980-John Lennon celebrates his 40th birthday by releasing "Starting Over," his first record in five years. His wife, Yoko Ono commissions a sky writer to etch him a "Happy Birthday" message over New York City's skyline.
    1980 -Nashville, TN reached 91, highest ever for so late in the season. Just 3 days earlier, a low of 31 was reported, lowest ever so early in the season.
    1981 - The temperature at San Juan, Puerto Rico, soared to 98 degrees to establish an all-time record for that location.
    1982 -a record breaking snowstorm for so early in the season paralyzed the Black Hills of South Dakota with up to 3 to 6 feet of heavy, wet snow and winds of 40-70 mph. 36 inches fell at Lead and 41 inches piled up at Galena.
    1984-- Kathy Sullivan becomes 1st US woman to walk in space.
    1984 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "I Just Called to Say I Love You," Stevie Wonder. The song from the Gene Wilder film "The Woman in Red" wins an Academy Award.
    1987 - Eighteen cities in the southeastern U.S. and the Middle Atlantic Coast Region reported record low temperatures for the date. Asheville NC dipped to 29 degrees, and the record low of 47 degrees at Jacksonville FL marked their fourth of the month. A second surge of cold air brought light snow to the Northern Plains, particularly the Black Hills of South Dakota.
    1988 - Ten cities in the northeastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Hartford CT with a reading of 28 degrees. Snow continued in northern New England through the morning hours. Mount Washington NH reported five inches of snow. Warm weather continued in the western U.S. Los Angeles CA reported a record high of 102 degrees.
    1989 - Unseasonably cold weather continued in the Upper Midwest. Thirteen cities in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana reported record low temperatures for the date, including Marquette MI with a reading of 20 degrees. Unseasonably warm weather continued in the western U.S. as the San Francisco Giants won the National League pennant. San Jose CA reported a record high of 91 degrees.
    1989- First NFL game coached by a black man (Art Shell), his LA Raiders beat NY Jets 14-7 on Monday Night Football.
    1994 - The United States sent troops and warships to the Persian Gulf in response to Saddam Hussein sending thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks toward the Kuwaiti border.
    1996- The most highly regarded example of Pop Art, Andy Warhol's “Campbell Soup Cans,” was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, along with early paintings by Ellsworth Kelly. The works were valued at about $15,000,000, one of the highest prices ever listed for contemporary art.
    2005-- At Minute Maid Park, Chris Burke' 18th inning homer ends the longest postseason game in baseball history as the Astros defeat the Braves, 7-6, to advance into the National League championship series. Atlanta's five-run lead late in the game is erased with an eighth inning grand slam by Lance Berkman and a two-out ninth inning solo shot by Brad Ausmus, which barely clears Gold Glove center fielder Andruw Jones outstretched hand.

World Series Champions This Date

    1928 New York Yankees
    1934 St. Louis Cardinals
    1938 New York Yankees
    1944 St. Louis Cardinals
    1949 New York Yankees
    1958 New York Yankees
    1961 New York Yankees
    1966 Baltimore Orioles



Baseball Poem

"In the family pictures,
my brother stands at the plate
forever waiting on a pitch,
my dad squats by the dugout fence,
his chin resting on his hands;
somewhere beyond the eye or the camera,
I hold a huge scarlet plum behind my back,
left leg kicked high in a pitching motion,
as near to the spirit or the game
as I'd ever be."

(with permission of the author from his book:
"Touching All the Bases"
Poems from Baseball
available from Amazon
or direct from the publisher at:

Tim Peeler celebrates with candor and wit both the overlooked and the standout as he merges the topics of personal and baseball rediscovery. The poet reconsiders events and people from his adolescence, offering the reader new takes on old memories, gracefully relating the foibles of family and friends, and cataloging the heroic feats and tragic flaws of players he watched, read about - or merely imagined.

English lecturer, journal editor, essayist and poet, TlM PEELER lives in Hickory, North Carolina. He is a winner of the Jim Harrison Award for his contributions to baseball poetry.




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