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Friday, September 29, 2017

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Ascentium Capital Class Action Suit Settled?
     By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor
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  and Related Industries
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Ascentium Capital Class Action Suit Settled?
By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor

But If More Than 18 Doctors Veto Deal, Ascentium May Opt Out.
Balboa Capital Strangely Opts Out of Settlement
But Their Doctors Get Cash

Melby v America’s MHT etc et al 3:17 –CV-155L (Northern District of Texas)

This month some of the parties to America’s favorite leasing class action sat down over a table and have apparently settled this case amongst the Plaintiff, Ascentium Capital LLC, Univest Capital and Cliff McKenzie. This is a class action settlement, so it will be public and judicially approved. 

The MHT Program
Before I get into the meat of the settlement, some readers may not be aware of the Ascentium MHT program, which has parallels to the NorVergence and Royal Link scams. In early 2016, the vendor MHT offered a home nurse program to about 188 doctors for the sum of $75,000, per license, around $300,000 for many of the doctors. The collateral was a few iPads and software, and a license to use nurse practitioners hired by MHT. Reportedly Ascentium financed this deal with gross receivables remaining of at least $54,000,000. The vendor, MHT promised the doctors a line of credit and some start up LLCs into which operated the administration of the nurses. Very few of these programs actually operated. None are in existence presently. The doctors guarantied the obligations of LLCs.  Some whiz kids at MHT and Ascentium thought this was a real money maker, and no one in the conference room had any institutional memory of NorVergence or Royal Links. The doctors thought the whole thing was a fraud, and several suits were instituted in Texas, ultimately being consolidated into one class action.

In the NorVergence settlement with the various Attorney General cases, lessee received from 85% to 95% of what they had paid, were forgiven what was remaining owed, as well as had their personal property tax payments refunded as the value of what was paid was not the value of the equipment. Perhaps the doctors involved in this case are aware of these settlements.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, in August 2016, after rumblings of fraud, Ascentium pawned off about 20 of these deals to Univest.  Univest has sued Ascentium for breach of warranty under an old broker agreement from 2013*. In addition, towards the end of this deal about November, 2016, after the fraud had been brought to light, Balboa Capital financed around 15 of these deals directly through MHT’s, who had re-purchased deals from disgruntled doctors, and apparently acted as vendors of the licenses. Hey, they knew a good thing when they saw it. Balboa has recently sued 15 of the doctors in California federal court.

The Settlement Terms

The terms of the settlement are set forth in a Stipulation for Settlement, and are generally as follows: 

• Ascentium and Univest Will Release the Doctors as Guarantors and will not derog the credit of the doctors. There is about $54,000 million owed. 

• The Doctors Will Have to Contribute a Fraction of What they Owe. The formula is complicated but will be less than $75,000.  Most of the Doctors owed $300,000 each. This pool will total around $16 million and goes to Ascentium, subject to some payments it will make. 

• Ascentium Will Pay Class Counsel a Minimum of $2 Million Dollars from the pool and a Maximum of $4.5 Million Dollars, Subject to Court Approval (¶22A. ¶¶40-42).  Univest is not responsible for paying any of the attorney fees (¶40).  Class Counsel agreed not to solicit votes in favor of the settlement, due to a conflict of interest (¶43). 

• Ascentium Can Opt Out if Less Than 90% of the Doctors Participate. With 188 Doctors, if 18 Doctors veto the settlement, Ascentium has the option, but not obligation, to opt out. How will the doctors vote? If more than 18 veto the deal, will Ascentium still do the settlement? 

• Like Ascentium, Univest Has the Right to Opt Out. Univest can opt out under certain circumstances, including if more than 6 doctors opt out of the settlement. (¶59B).  It is not known how many Doctors are actually in Univest’s class, although it holds a portion of the 188 doctors, probably around 20 deals. (¶20C)

•  Ascentium Will Pay the Doctors Certain Specified Sums for the MHT Licenses that Balboa Financed. However, Balboa is not part of the settlement. Essentially, Ascentium will stroke a check to the Balboa doctors, tell them to have a nice day, and good luck with those California collection suits.  The maximum amount of payments to these doctors may not exceed $400,000. Again, there are 15 such collection lawsuits filed by Balboa in California. Since Balboa did not receive these deals from Ascentium, and Balboa is not part of the settlement, I am stupefied why Ascentium would stroke these doctors a check, but not the 188 doctors under the Ascentium and Univest program.  Ascentium’s generosity makes no sense to me.

Bear in mind that the settlement document is 35 pages plus exhibits, so the above summary is broad brushed and there are subtle nuances, beyond the scope of this article. 

It’s hard to gauge whether this settlement is a good deal for the doctors. On the one hand, the doctors signed clear and unambiguous financing agreements. On the other hand, it is equally clear that the MHT program was not implemented as promised. Whether this rises to the level of fraud is subject to debate and perhaps should be brought to state attorney generals’ attention. 

The doctor’s liabilities are around $300,000 per deal, and they are buying their peace for $75,000 or less, round numbers. So that’s not a terrible deal. The ability of Ascentium to collect these sums is risky, a risk apparently shared by both sides.

Ascentium is likewise taking a bit of a bath. It is writing off round numbers $38 million dollars. While it is receiving round numbers $16 million from the doctors, it has to pay out $400,000 to the Balboa doctors and perhaps as much as $4.5 million dollars to class counsel out of that pool. And the Univest suits may go away, but that is not part of this settlement. 

The real mystery to me is why, when Balboa Capital is named in this suit, it is not participating in the settlement. Another open question is why is Ascentium paying the Balboa doctors $400,000? Why is Ascentium being so generous? 

Balboa has one complication not shared by Ascentium and Univest. Balboa got in this deal at the end, and financed the licenses after some were re-purchased by MHT, thus placing Balboa closer to the alleged fraudsters. So Balboa’s liability may be proportionately greater than Ascentium and Univest, and unlike Univest, Balboa financed these directly, not through a brokerage agreement from Ascentium, so there is no recourse from Ascentium. The music has stopped for Balboa and it does not have a chair. That $400,000 won’t be enough to make this problem go away. 

What are the takeaways here?

First, Plaintiffs and Ascentium Have Settled this Matter. It is subject to 90% approval of the settlement. If 18 doctors opt out, then all bets are off and Ascentium can walk away. Univest has a similar opt out provision, limited to 6 doctors.   

Second, The attorneys will get rich. That assumes, of course, they can convince 90% of the doctors to take this deal. I’m not so sure that will happen. The NorVergence settlement actually paid the lessees, and here the doctors are pitching, not catching. This could be a hard sell. If so, the attorneys will get nothing. I know the readers will feel really sorry for the lawyers if that happens.

Third, Balboa is not participating in the Settlement. I could not get any of the lawyers to comment why. My assumption is that Balboa would rather litigate this mess rather than settle.  Perhaps, once the doctors get the cash from Ascentium, the doctors can throw some more money at Balboa to make it go away. But $400,000 split amongst 15 doctors won’t go very far. 

The bottom line is that this nasty class action may be resolved. It is really up to the doctors to approve this deal. I am not confident that they could achieve a better result in litigation than this settlement. But it only takes 18 doctors to possibly nix this deal. If those doctors veto the deal, Ascentium has some tough decisions. Stay tuned. 

* Univest Broker Agreement  (32 pages)

Preliminary Settlement Stipulations  (61 pages)

Additional Settlement Stipulations  (25 pages)

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at
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Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:




New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
and Related Industries

Matt Bauer is returning to CSI Leasing, St. Louis, Missouri as Emerging Product specialist, working on research and developing new leasing products and programs.  Previously, he was Financial Solutions Manager, Cisco systems Capital Corporation (2002 - August, 2017); Vice President, Sales, CSI Leasing (April, 1986 - February, 2011); Account Manager, IBM, June 1980 - March, 1985).  Education: University of Missouri Saint Louis. Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Administration and Management, General (1978 - 1980).  University of Missouri, Columbia, Business Administration and Management, General (1976 - 1978).  Activities and Societies: Lambda Chi Alpha.

Kurt Feldman was promoted to Senior Vice President and Regional Manager at CSI Leasing, St. Louis, Missouri.  He will manage the west region sales team.  Previously he was Senior Vice President and District Manager of Sales, covering Seattle, where he is based. He joined the firm August, 2001 as Vice President, Marketing and was promoted January, 2011 to Senior Vice President, District Manager.  Prior, he was Marketing Manager, Comdisco (June, 1998 - august, 2001).  Education: University of Washington, Bachelor's Degree, Political Science and Government (1987 - 1991).

Rachel Fick was promoted to Vice President of Marketing, CSI Leasing, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.  She joined the firm August, 2006, as Senior Marketing Specialist; promoted July, 2016, Assistant Vice President of Marketing.  Prior, she was Adjunct Instructor, University of Missouri, St. Louis (July, 2008 - Present).  Special Events and Community Outreach Assistant, St. Louis Pubic Radio (April, 2003 - Auguste, 2006); Accounting Assistant, Weintraub Advertising (September, 2001 - April, 2003).Education: University of Missouri, Saint Louis, M.A., Communications (2004 - 2008); University of Central Missouri, B.S., Public Relations, Minor in Business (1997 - 2001).

Barbara Franquie was hired as Business Development Manager, Orange Advance, Greater New York City Area.  Previously, she was CEO, Trinity BF Holdings Inc. (September, 2014 - September, 2017); ISO Relationship Manager, Happy Rock Merchant Solutions (August, 2013 - December, 2013); Account Executive, Yellowstone Capital LLC (June, 2012 - March 2013), Dewitt Clinton High School (1995 - 1999).

Michael Gay was hired as Executive Vice President & General Manager, CG Commercial Finance, Irvine, California. He is based in Walnut Creek, California.  Previously, he was Senior Managing Director, Group Head, NXT Capital (January, 2013 - February, 2017); Managing Director, Banc of America Leasing (June, 2012 - January, 2013); Director, Key Equipment Finance (September, 2008 - June, 2010); Senior Managing Director, FirstLight Financial Corporation (July, 2007 - May, 2008); Managing Director, GE Commercial Finance (2002 - 2007); Vice President FINOVA Capital Corporation (1998 - 2000); Vice President, Tokai Financial Services (1993 - 1998); Account Executive, LeasePartners (1992 -1993). Education: University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science (1986 -1990).

Richard Gumbrecht was hired as Chief Executive Officer of the Commercial Finance Association, Greater New York Area. He served as interim CEO since January, 2017. Previously he was at EverBank Commercial Finance/Tygris Commercial Finance, starting May, 2008, which acquired US Express Leasing, May, 2008, where he was Co-Founder, Chief Originations Officer, since March, 2004. Prior, he was Owner/Principal, Aternus Partners (March, 2003 - February, 2004).  He began his career at GE Capital, Commercial Equipment Finance, June, 1992; promoted General Manager, Diversified Industries Group, Vendor Financial Services, September, 1997; promoted January, 2000, Chief Marketing Officer, Vendor Financial Services. Volunteer: Immediate Past Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation (January, 2008 - Present). Education: GE Management Institute, Executive Development (1989 -2002); Adelphi University, MBA, Strategy and General Management (1986 - 1989). Summa Cum Laud. Hofstra University, BBA, Marketing (1978 - 1982).

Byron Howell was hired as Vice President, Regional Sales Manager, Triumph Commercial Finance, Dallas, Texas. Previously, he was District Manager, Equify, LLC (June, 2013 - September, 2017); Regional Sales Manager, Commercial Credit Group (November, 2012 - June, 2013); National Accounts Manager, AssetNation (November, 2011 - November, 2012); Territory Manager, IronPlanet (October, 2007 - November, 2011); National Accounts Manager, Siemens Energy (April, 2005 - July, 2006). Volunteer Experience:  Board Member Salvation Army Charters Valley, PA (November, 2013 - Present).

Mark Kelly was hired as Senior Manager, Regents Capital Corporation, Costa Mesa, California.  Previously, he was Regional Sales Manager, Balboa Capital (September, 2009 - September, 2017); Business Development Manager, FirstCorp (July, 2003 - July, 2009); Regional Sales Manager, Comdisco (September, 1996 - November, 2002); Regional Sales Manager, GE Capital Computer Leasing (January, 1995 - September, 1996); Regional Sales Manager, El Camino Resources (January, 1990 - December, 1995).  Education: Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Business Management (1984 - 1988). Activities and Societies: Football Team.

Becky Langmandel was promoted to Vice President of Analytics, Consulting and Transformation (ACT), at LeasePlan, Alpharetta, Georgia. " In this role, she leads a team of consultants that support client success by identifying actions that lead to cost savings." she joined the company September, 2008, as Remarketing Coordinator, Truck; promoted January, 2010, Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate Fleet Asset Risk & Analytics; promoted January, 2012, Manager, Pricing & Asset Risk Management; promoted September, 2013, Director, Strategic Modeling and Analytics. Prior, she was Operations Specialist, wells Fargo (July, 2005 - July, 2006); Technical Support, Software Technology (August, 2002 - June, 2005).   Education: Kennesaw State University, Michael J. Coles College of business, MBA (2007 - 2009); University of South Alabama (2002 - 2005); UMS, Wright High School (1996 -2000).

Tim Maloof was hired as Senior Vice President, Indirect Sales (Buy Desk), Regions Equipment Finance Corporation, Alpharetta, Georgia. Previously he was Vice-President, U.S. Bank Equipment Finance.

Paul Ramseur was hired as Senior Vice President, SunTrust, Greater Atlanta Area.  Previously, he was Chief Risk Officer, Ally Financial Services (2016 - 2017); Global Chief Risk Officer, Project & Structured Finance, Healthcare & Leverage Finance, Siemens Financial Services, Inc. (2002 - 2016); Vice President, American Finance Group (1999 - 2001). Volunteer: Board of Directors, Somerset County YMCA (2013 - Present). Board Member (Secretary), committee Chair, Quality & Risk Management Committee. Board of Trustees, Far Hills Country Day School (2015 - Present). Board of Trustees, Archmere Academy (2014 - Present).  Education: Syracuse University College of Law, Juris Doctor, Law (1992 - 1995) Activities and Societies; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.; Howard University, BA, Communications & Business (1987 - 1992). Activities and Societies: Football, Academic All American, Academic All MEAC, Dean's List. Archmere Academy (1983 - 1987).  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA Program.

Karen Rangi was promoted to Account Executive, LBC Capital, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  She joined the firm March, 2016, as Senior Advisor, Legal Documentation and Security. Prior, she was Sales Executive, Canadian Market Development, PayNet, Inc. (February, 2105 - February, 2016). She joined GE Capital, March, 2008, as Assistant Structuring Manager/Business Processing Specialist in the Franchise Finance Unit; promoted July, 2011, Senior Sales Associate /Team Leader AAMs, Commercial Equipment Finance; promoted April, 2013, National Documentation Team Leader.  Prior, she was Part-time Sales Administrator, Tridel (March, 2005 - May, 2011); Commercial Financial Services officer/Account Manager, Personal Finance Services/Customer Service, HSBC (May, 2005 - March, 2008). Volunteer: GE UW Events Campaign Leader, United Way of Peel Region (September, 2008 - November, 2014).  Young Leaders Council, United Way of Peel Region (July, 2008 - December, 2012).  Participant, JDRF Canada (September, 2009 - December, 2012). GE Fundraising Champion, Actua (January, 2013 - September, 2013). Led fundraising initiatives at GE to help send kids to camp. Education: University of Toronto, Honours B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration), Business Administration and Management, General (2002 - 2006).  Humber College, Human Resources Management, Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General (2008 -2011).

Robert Rohner was hired as National Account Manager, Amur Equipment Finance, Dover, New Hampshire.  Previously, he was VP of Sales, Ascentium Capital (September, 2016 - May, 2017); Senior Finance Manager, Direct Capital Corporation (January, 2013 - July, 2016); Fraud Analyst, CashStar (October, 2012 - January, 2013); Bartender, Peteys (May, 2012 - September, 2012). Education: University of Southern Maine, Bachelor of Science (BS), Finance, 3.91/4.0 GPA.  Activities and Societies, Society of Financial Service Professionals, Enactus (SIFE), Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, Golden Key Honors Society.  Majored in finance with and emphasis on investment management and risk analysis.  Graduated summa Cum Laude.  Eastern Washington University.  Bachelor of Science (BS), Finance, General (2004 -2006).

Michael Vienhage has rejoined CSI Leasing, St. Louis, Missouri as Senior Vice President and Regional Manager to manage the East Region Sales Team. He previously was Regional Vice President, TIP Capital (April, 2012 - September, 2017); Partner, Cloud Commerce (September, 2009 - April, 2012); VP Marketing, CSI Leasing (June, 1988 - October, 2009).  Education: Marquette University, BS, Finance (1986 - 1988).

Benjamin J. Wendt was promoted to AVP, Sales & Professional Development, Direct Capital, a Division of CIT Bank, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He joined the firm May, 2007, as Finance Associate; promoted December, 2007, Finance Manager; promoted June, 2010, Senior Finance Manager; promoted August, 2014, Senior Client Services Manager, Team Lead. Prior, he was Management Internship, Robert's Main Grill (May, 2007 - December, 2007).  He started at Bobs Clam Hut, April, 2000, as Food Prep/Dining Room Attendant; promoted May, 2002, Supervisor; promoted May, 2003, Team Leader/Member; promoted May, 2005, Assistant Kitchen Manager, Kitchen Equipment Coordinator, Inventory Manager.  Education: Franklin Pierce University, Doctor of Arts, Organizational Leadership (2011 - 2015).   Southern New Hampshire University, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Organizational Leadership (2008 - 2010). Activities and Societies: Delta Mu delta National Honors Society, Student Tutor. Southern New Hampshire, Finance (2008 -2010). Activities and Societies: Delta Mu delta National Honors Society, Student Tutor.  Southern New Hampshire University, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Administration and Management, General (2004 -2008). Dual Minors: Organizational Leadership, Finance.

Timothy "Tim" W. Wilson was hired as Director of Aviation Finance, MidFirst Bank, Saint Louis, Missouri, "…to launch an Aviation Finance Division."  He previously was President, SinglePoint (October, 2010 - September, 2017); Commercial Lender, Vice President, Marshall & Ilsley (October, 2004 - September, 2010); AVP, Commerce Bank (October, 1999 - October, 2004); Credit Manager, Cessna Finance Corporation (1996 - 1999). Education: Southern Illinois University, MBA, Finance (1994 -1996).  Saint Louis University, BS in Aeronautics (1988 - 1993).



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CLFP Fall 2017 Circular
May Reach 500 Members before 2018

Photos on Celebration Day, Barry Marks, Esq., CLFP on "More on Converting Leases to EFAs," Spotlight on Ivory Consulting Scott Thacker, CLFP, New CLFP Photos:



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October 4, 2017 - October, 6
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The Women in Leasing LinkedIn Group would like to cordially invite you to our October luncheon at Seasons 52 in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA) on Wednesday, October 4th from 12:00pm – 2:30pm.

The lunch is being co-hosted by ECS Financial Services and Financial Pacific Leasing, an Umpqua Bank company. For more information:

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October 11, 2017 - October 13, 2017

Fairmont Dallas
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LendingTree's Founder and CEO, Doug Lebda, will be a keynote at LEND360, exploring what LendingTree is doing to help connect borrowers to lenders, the innovative tools they are providing consumers for loan decisioning, and where the future of the industry is heading.

Join us on Thursday, October 12 at 9:20 AM CT in the Keynote Hall.

“The 4th Annual LEND360, the go-to event for leaders in the fintech industry, has formed a Small Business Lending Advisory Committee, made up of key industry players. LEND360 has always had a strong focus on business lending, and the forming of this committee is a natural progression of its growing focus at the event.

“Small businesses are key to the economy’s growth and an important component of their success is access to capital. The Small Business Lending Advisory Committee participating companies are:

Ballard Spahr LLP
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Innovative Decision Analytics
Small Business Finance Association (SBFA)
US Black Chambers, Inc

“Many of these participants have been integral in shaping the discussions for LEND360, as well as engaging in policy issues impacting the small business lending industry.”

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October 17, 2017 - October 19, 2017
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Kris D. Roglieri, CEO of several companies including finance, training, and marketing, co-founder of the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers, said, "This is our third year and we are expecting over 600 loan brokers and over 100 lenders to attend this record breaking event."

What makes this conference difference are funders and brokers who normally do not attend conferences, but come from all parts of the United States. This is not just for members of one group, but open to all, many who do not belong to finance and leasing associations, including specialists with specific followings in business loans, equipment finance and leasing, merchant advance, working capital and other commercial financial transactions.

For more information, please go here:

October 22, 2017 - October 24, 2017
2017 56th Annual Convention
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This year the 2017 State of the Equipment Finance Industry Report will debut during the Foundation Luncheon. The Foundation also has special donor benefits planned during this year’s convention that include a private reception, donor lounge, special recognition during the Foundation luncheon and other exciting opportunities.

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“Positioning Today’s Lessors for Tomorrow” in Dubai,
United Arab Emirates / October 30 – 31, 2017

Amembal & Halladay is pleased to announce that our Management Symposium, “Positioning Today’s Lessors for Tomorrow”, will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from October 30th – 31st of 2017.

Critical operational factors such as funding, improving profitability, identifying vulnerabilities and assessing the company’s financial health are explored in depth.  The speakers, including leasing company executives, will provide insights into successfully shepherding the leasing company into the future.

All members of management will greatly benefit from attending this symposium, including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, middle managers, and those being groomed for management positions.

Registration is now open with an early bird discount in effect until August 15, 2017.

Contact Kelly Farnham for more information and to register:

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Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Hits $1 Trillion Chart
By Niall McCarthy, Statista

Last week, the world's biggest state piggy bank passed a major landmark. It was announced that Norway's sovereign wealth fund, officially called the Government Pension Fund of Norway, passed $1 trillion for the first time. The country is a major oil producer and it transferred its first revenue to the fund in May 1996. Since then it has grown to become one of the world's biggest investors in stocks, owning $667 billion of shares in over 9,000 companies worldwide including Apple and Microsoft.

Recent growth has been driven by climbing stock markets and currency shifts and the current size of the fund is mind boggling. $1 trillion is around the same size as the Mexican economy and it equates to more than $190,000 for every one of Norway's 5.2 million citizens.

Even though New York based BlackRock Inc. is the largest asset manager worldwide (with $5.7 trillion in assets under management), state-owned investment funds are also extremely wealthy. According to the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, the UAE's Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (which is also driven by oil revenue) comes second after Norway with $828 billion of assets. The China Investment Corporation comes third with $814 billion.



Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croce

Unnerving horror (“It”) and moody mystery (“The Unknown Girl”) come to theaters, while new DVD releases offer disarming romance (“The Big Sick”), graceful melodrama (“Julieta”), and exhilarating classic Hitchcock (“Rebecca”).

In theaters:

It (New Line Cinema): Viewers hungering for a well-built spook house will have a ball in this unnerving adaptation of Stephen King’s horror tale. Taking place in Maine, the author’s ominous territory of choice, the story begins with the disappearance of a child due to a terrifying clown called Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgard). Haunted by these events, a group of young outcasts known as “The Losers’ Club” and led by Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) decide to investigate matters, only to find themselves haunted by Pennywise—who turns out to be the latest incarnation of an ancient, evil force. Covering the first half of King’s book, director Andres Muschietti skillfully creates an atmosphere of unspeakable dread for this coming-of-age story. Offering strong characters to go with its scares, it should have audiences eager for the next chapter.

The Unknown Girl (Artificial Eye): Among the world’s most respected arthouse directors, the fraternal Belgian team of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (“The Son”) dabble in genre in this gripping tale. Fashioned like a moody thriller, it starts as Jenny (Adele Haenel), a young doctor, is met at her office by a mysterious late-night caller. Refusing to respond, she soon discovers that the girl who made the call died afterward, leaving Jenny wrecked with guilt and obsessed with helping the police. Determined to discover the victim’s name as a way to make sure her existence does not simply vanish, she starts an investigation of her own. What she discovers along the way comprises the tense spine of the film, which is enhanced with the Dardenne brothers’ tough and perceptive humanism. With subtitles.

Netflix Tip:A former football player who brought charisma and authority to his characters, Bernie Casey (1939-2017) was a welcome and underrated screen presence. So check out Netflix for his best films, which include “Boxcar Bertha” (1972), “Cleopatra Jones” (1973), “The Man Who Fell to Earth” (1976), “Never Say Never Again” (1983) and “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” (1988).


The Big Sick (Lionsgate): Modern love and cultural identity mix in this disarming romantic comedy, directed by comic veteran Michael Showalter (“Wet Hot American Summer”). Kumail Nanjiani stars as Kumail, a Pakistani stand-up comedian who crosses paths with Emily (Zoe Kazan) during one of his shows, and a relationship begins to bloom. Their feelings for each other are complicated, however, not just by their unease with serious commitment, but also by their fears about culture clash regarding their families. Those fears must be faced head-on when Emily falls ill and Kumail finds himself growing close to her parents (Ray Romano, Holly Hunter). Carrying the patented sweet-raunchy stamp of producer Judd Apatow, Showalter’s movie offers a laidback, often uproarious and ultimately poignant portrait of the ecstasies and struggles of interracial romance.

Julieta (Sony): After forays in unsettling horror and wild farce, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar (“All About My Mother”) returns to vibrant women’s melodrama with this graceful, mature tale of love and loss. Adapting short stories from award-winning Canadian writer Alice Munro, the film follows the emotional ups and downs of Julieta (Emma Suarez), whose trip from Madrid is shaken by sudden news regarding her estranged daughter Antia. Flashing back to her younger days as a perky substitute teacher (played by Adriana Ugarte), Julieta recalls her relationship with Antia’s father (Daniel Grao), as well as the events that led her to lose the loved ones in her life. Revealing different sides to the characters’ tangled lives with seamless subtlety, Almodovar weaves a richly satisfying narrative of haunted desire. With subtitles.

Rebecca (Criterion): After years of splashy, ingenious thrillers in his native England, legendary director Alfred Hitchcock in 1940 made his Hollywood debut with this exhilarating romantic drama, which won the Oscar for Best Picture. Based on Daphne du Maurier’s story, it follows a nameless young woman (played by Joan Fontaine) who falls in love with Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier), an aristocratic brooder who brings her to his vast Cornwall mansion. There she learns about the long shadow cast by Maxim’s late first wife Rebecca, particularly from Rebecca’s insinuating cousin (George Sanders) and from the domineering housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers (Judith Anderson). Charting a shy heroine’s introduction into a Gothic world of love and death, this classic finds Hitchcock working at the height of his powers and bringing his own obsessions to America.


Shepherd Mix--Now in San Francisco, CA
Dog from Texas due to Hurricane Harvey

ID 36575324
Age: 3 years
Weight 30lbs. 14oz.

“Campbell is a bit unsure about life in the big city coming from Austin. With a little time and guidance he is sure to blossom into an amazing companion. He will need daily mental and physical exercise to keep his mind and body in great shape! Come meet this darling boy today! I am one of 32 dogs who came to the SF SPCA from Texas. I was available for adoption at a shelter in Austin prior to Hurricane Harvey and was brought to San Francisco to make room for my four-legged friends who were lost in the storm or who can't be with their family at this time. Hopefully by relocating animals like me to shelters like the SF SPCA, my friends back in Texas will be reunited with their loving families once things calm down.”

San Francisco SPCA
250 Florida Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Mon-Fri: 1 - 6pm
Sat-Sun: 10am - 5pm
Free Parking Available


Adopt a Pet


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This Day in History

     1803 - The first Roman Catholic Church in Boston was formally dedicated. Catholics had not been permitted any religious freedom within this predominantly Puritan colony prior to the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780.
    1850 - Pres. Millard Fillmore named Mormon leader Brigham Young as the first governor of the Utah Territory
    1862 - Union General Jefferson C. Davis mortally wounds his commanding officer, General William Nelson, in Louisville, Kentucky. Davis had been upset by a reprimand handed down by Nelson. After quarreling in a hotel lobby, Nelson slapped Davis. Davis then chased him upstairs and shot him. Davis was never court-martialed and it is thought that the influence of Indiana Governor Oliver Morton, who was with Davis at the time of the shooting, was instrumental in preventing a trial. Davis went on to serve with distinction at the Battles of Stones River, Chickamauga, and Chattanooga. 
    1879 - Baseball's reserve clause was created.  National League owners meeting in Buffalo, seeking to limit player salaries and led by Boston’s Arthur Soden, came to a secret agreement whereby five players on each team will be "reserved" - off-limits to all other clubs, effective with the 1880 season.  The owners told the newspapers that they have agreed upon a uniform contract with no salary advances.
    1907 - Birthday of Gene Autry (d. 1998), was born Orvon Grover Autry in Tioga, Texas.  ‘The Singing Cowboy,' was an actor in over 100 cowboy westerns, singer, CMA Hall of Famer and the only person to have 5 Hollywood Walk of Fame stars. They were for film, radio, TV, stage and records.  Autry made 635 recordings, including more than 300 songs written or co-written by him. His records sold more than 100 million copies and he has more than a dozen gold and platinum records, including the first record ever certified gold. His Christmas and children's records, “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Peter Cottontail” are among his platinum recordings. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” the second all-time best selling Christmas single, boasts in excess of 30 million in sales. In 1950, Autry became the first major movie star to use the television medium. Always a man of vision, Autry excelled, and for the next five years, he produced and starred in 91 half-hour episodes of “The Gene Autry Show” for CBS Television. This success lead him to produce such popular TV series as “Annie Oakley,” “The Range Rider,” “Buffalo Bill Jr.,” “The Adventures Of Champion” and the first 39 episodes of “Death Valley Days.” My father, Lawrence Menkin, wrote many of the episodes, plus served as story editor.  On November 16, 1941, Berwyn, OK it was renamed "Gene Autry" in his to honor. 
Autry is also very much remembered for his role in the formation of the Los Angeles-California-Anaheim-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Angels of the American League, into which he poured his considerable love for the game.  The number 26 (as in 26th man) was retired by the Angels in Autry's honor.
    1908 - Birthday of Thomas Edward (Eddie) Tolan (d. 1967), Olympic gold medal sprinter, at Denver, CO. Tolan was the first black American athlete to win two gold medals, triumphing in the 100 meters and the 200 meters at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. At his death, he still held the Michigan high school record of 9.8 seconds in the 100-yard dash.
    1913 – Walter Johnson won his 36th game of the year as the Senators defeated the Philadelphia Athletics, 1-0.
    1918 - EGGERS, ALAN LOUIS, Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Machine Gun Company, 107th Infantry, 27th Division. Place and date: Near Le Catelet, France, 29 September 1918. Entered service at: Summit, N.J. Birth: Saranac Lake, N.Y. G.O. No.: 20, W.D., 1919. Citation: Becoming separated from their platoon by a smoke barrage, Sgt. Eggers, Sgt. John C. Latham and Cpl. Thomas E. O'Shea took cover in a shell hole well within the enemy's lines. Upon hearing a call for help from an American tank, which had become disabled 30 yards from them, the 3 soldiers left their shelter and started toward the tank, under heavy fire from German machineguns and trench mortars. In crossing the fire-swept area Cpl. O'Shea was mortally wounded, but his companions, undeterred, proceeded to the tank, rescued a wounded officer, and assisted 2 wounded soldiers to cover in a sap of a nearby trench. Sgt. Eggers and Sgt. Latham then returned to the tank in the face of the violent fire, dismounted a Hotchkiss gun, and took it back to where the wounded men were, keeping off the enemy all day by effective use of the gun and later bringing it, with the wounded men, back to our lines under cover of darkness. 
    1918 - LEMERT, MILO, Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company G, 119th Infantry, 30th Division. Place and date: Near Bellicourt, France, 29 September 1918. Entered service at: Crossville, Tenn. Birth: Marshalltown, lowa. G.O. No.: 59, W.D., 1919. Citation: Seeing that the left flank of his company was held up, he located the enemy machinegun emplacement, which had been causing heavy casualties. In the face of heavy fire he rushed it single-handed, killing the entire crew with grenades. Continuing along the enemy trench in advance of the company, he reached another emplacement, which he also charged, silencing the gun with grenades. A third machinegun emplacement opened up on him from the left and with similar skill and bravery he destroyed this also. Later, in company with another sergeant, he attacked a fourth machinegun nest, being killed as he reached the parapet of the emplacement. His courageous action in destroying in turn 4 enemy machinegun nests prevented many casualties among his company and very materially aided in achieving the objective.
    1918 - LUKE, FRANK, JR., (Air Mission) Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 27th Aero Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, Air Service. Place and date: Near Murvaux, France, 29 September 1918. Entered service at: Phoenix, Ariz. Born: 19 May 1897, Phoenix, Ariz. G.O. No.: 59, W.D., 1919. Citation: After having previously destroyed a number of enemy aircraft within 17 days he voluntarily started on a patrol after German observation balloons. Though pursued by 8 German planes which were protecting the enemy balloon line, he unhesitatingly attacked and shot down in flames 3 German balloons, being himself under heavy fire from ground batteries and the hostile planes. Severely wounded, he descended to within 50 meters of the ground, and flying at this low altitude near the town of Murvaux opened fire upon enemy troops, killing 6 and wounding as many more. Forced to make a landing and surrounded on all sides by the enemy, who called upon him to surrender, he drew his automatic pistol and defended himself gallantly until he fell dead from a wound in the chest. 
    1918 - Captain GH Wilkins, official AIF photographer, rallies United States troops at the battle of the Hindenburg Line while taking photographs for this action.  He is awarded a bar to his Military Cross, becoming the only Australian official photographer to be decorated for bravery in the field.
    1919 – Gambler Arnold Rothstein decided to finance the fix of the 1919 World Series.  The plan called for Nat Evans to give a $40,000 advance to Sport Sullivan to give to the players, with an additional $40,000 to be put in a safe at the Hotel Congress in Chicago.  Evans kept $29,000 and bet on the Cincinnati Reds, giving White Sox player Chick Gandl only $10,000.
    1920 – Babe Ruth hit his Major League record 54th home run on the last day of the season, his first with the Yankees. Only one other team in the American league hit more than 44 homers.
    1923 - On the same 1923 day as Lombard Street opened across town, the “croakiest street” in San Francisco, the Steinhart Aquarium in Golden Gate Park opened its sculpted bronze doors to the public. Ignatz Steinhart, a wealthy entrepreneur, donated the money to build the place in honor of his deceased brother Sigmund.
    1927 - An outbreak of tornadoes from Oklahoma to Indiana caused 81 deaths and $25 million damage. A tornado (possibly two tornadoes) cut an eight-mile long path across Saint Louis MO, to Granite City IL, killing 79 persons. The damage path at times was a mile and a quarter in width. The storm followed a similar path to tornadoes which struck in 1871, 1896, and 1959.
    1935 - Birthday of singer/piano player Jerry Lee Lewis. ("Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On," "Great Balls of Fire"), born Ferriday, LA.
    1937 - Birthday of guitarist Joe Hughes, born Maurice Hughes (d. 2003), Houston, Texas.
    1938 - Charleston, SC was hit with 5 tornadoes, which killed 32 people and did $2 million in damage
    1939 - Germany and the Soviet Union agree to divide control of occupied Poland roughly along the Bug River--the Germans taking everything west, the Soviets taking everything east.
    1942 - Hugh Mulzac, first Black captain of a US merchant ship, launches with the Booker T Washington,
    1942 – Satchel Paige, believed to be 36, of the Kansas City Monarchs, pitched 5 2/3 innings of hitless relief against the Homestead Grays, winning 9 - 5 in Philadelphia in the 1942 Colored World Series, finishing a four-game sweep of the Grays.
    1946 - "The Adventures of Sam Spade" premiered on CBS radio this Sunday night. In the summer of 1946, it had aired on ABC on Friday nights. "The Adventures of Sam Spade", starring Howard Duff as detective Spade, became a hit on Sunday night radio.
It was based on novels by writer Dashiell Hammet.
    1947 - Musician Dizzy Gillespie (performing with Charlie Parker) made his Carnegie Hall debut in New York City. Playing with a full-sized band, Gillespie was the leader of a new wave of jazz known as bebop. Over time, Gillespie became one of the great jazz players of all time.
    1947 - Top Hits
“Feudin' and Fightin'” - Dorothy Shay
“I Wish I Didn't Love You So” - Vaughn Monroe
“I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now” - Perry Como
“Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)” - Tex Williams
    1948 - Birthday of broadcaster Bryant Gumbel, New Orleans, LA.
    1950 - CHRISTIANSON, STANLEY R., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Marine Corps, Company E, 2d Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division (Rein.). Place and date: Seoul, Korea, 29 September 1950. Entered service at: Mindoro, Wis. Born: 24 January 1925, Mindoro, Wis. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with Company E, in action against enemy aggressor forces at Hill 132, in the early morning hours. Manning 1 of the several listening posts covering approaches to the platoon area when the enemy commenced the attack, Pfc. Christianson quickly sent another marine to alert the rest of the platoon. Without orders, he remained in his position and, with full knowledge that he would have slight chance of escape, fired relentlessly at oncoming hostile troops attacking furiously with rifles, automatic weapons, and incendiary grenades. Accounting for 7 enemy dead in the immediate vicinity before his position was overrun and he himself fatally struck down, Pfc. Christianson, by his superb courage, valiant fighting spirit, and devotion to duty, was responsible for allowing the rest of the platoon time to man positions, build up a stronger defense on that flank, and repel the attack with 41 of the enemy destroyed, many more wounded, and 3 taken prisoner. His self-sacrificing actions in the face of overwhelming odds sustain and enhance the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service. Pfc. Christianson gallantly gave his life for his country. 
    1953 - “Make Room for Daddy,” premiers on TV. Danny Thomas starred as Danny Williams, a nightclub singer and comedian, in this family sitcom. The series was renamed "The Danny Thomas Show" in 1956 after Jean Hagen (who played his wife, Margaret) left the show. Many cast members returned for the show's sequel, "Make Room for Granddaddy," in 1970. Thomas' co-stars were: Sherry Jackson and Penney Parker as Danny's daughter Terry; Rusty Hamer as son Rusty; Amanda Randolph as housekeeper Louise; Horace McMahon as Danny's agent, Phil Arnold; Jesse White as agent Jesse Leeds; Sid Melton as Charlie Halper, owner of the Copa Club; Ben Lessy as Danny's pianist, Ben; Mary Wickes as his publicist, Liz O'Neal; Hans Conried as Uncle Tonoose; Nan Bryant as Danny's mother-in-law and Marjorie Lord as his new wife Kathy O'Hara. Rusty Hamer was our next-door neighbor growing up in Pacific Palisades, California. His brother was my age and we were best friends, double-dating all the time. Danny Thomas, who many now remember as Marlo's dad and Phil Donahue's father-in-law, is also remembered for many things that influenced television. At the suggestion of his friend, Desi Arnaz, Thomas negotiated a deal that would allow him to retain ownership rights to his programs, like “Make Room for Daddy,” which debuted this day on ABC-TV. Later, in 1957, the show would move to CBS under the Desilu/Danny Thomas Productions banner. The rest is, literally, TV history. His success allowed him to give something back to the world, in the form of his philanthropic efforts to build St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis. "All I prayed for was a break," he once told an interviewer, "and I said I would do anything, anything, to pay back the prayer if it could be answered. All I needed was a sign of what to do and I would do it." And so it was.
    1953 - The American League announced that Bill Veeck's controlling interest in the St. Louis Browns has been sold to a Baltimore group headed by mayor Tom D’Alesandro (Nancy Pelosi’s father). The new owners got immediate approval to move the team to Baltimore, something Veeck had been trying in vain to get approved.  The team took the name Orioles and began play for the 1954 season in Memorial Stadium.
    1954 - Willie Mays made a fabulous over-the-shoulder, back-to-the plate catch that many regard as the most famous in baseball history. It came in the first game of the World Series as the New York Giants were playing the Cleveland Indians. Vic Wertz of the Indians hit a long drive to deep center field in the Polo Grounds. Mays turned on the ball, caught it running full stride about 475 feet from home plate, wheeled and threw to keep the runner from scoring on what was a long sacrifice fly. The Giants won the game, 3-0, in 10 innings on Dusty Rhodes's pinch-hit home run and swept the Indians in the Series.  Jack Brickhouse, calling the game on television for NBC, along with Giants’ announcer Russ Hodges, described Mays' catch to viewers:  "There's a long drive waaay back in center field...waaay baaack, baaack, it is...caaaaaught by Wil-lie Mays! The runner on second, Doby, is able to tag and go to third; Willie Mays just brought this crowd to its feet...with a catch...which must have been an optical illusion to a lot of people. Boy! [pause] Notice where that 483 foot mark is in center field? The ball itself...Russ, you know this ballpark better than anyone else I know...had to go about 460, didn't it?"
    1955 - Top Hits
“The Yellow Rose of Texas” - Mitch Miller
“Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” - The Four Aces
“Tina Marie” - Perry Como
“I Don't Care” - Webb Pierce
    1955 - Arthur Miller's play, “A View from the Bridge,” opened on Broadway on this date, and received mixed reviews from critics.
    1956 - So far, RCA Victor has received over 856,327 advance orders for Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender."
    1957 - The New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers played their last games as New York teams. The Giants lost to the Pirates at the Polo Grounds, 9-1, while the Dodgers lost to the Phillies at Shibe Park, 2-1.
   1958 - The Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace" enters the pop chart at #27 and the Moonglows' "Ten Commandments of Love," enters the pop charts at #41.
  1958 - Tommy Edwards' "It's All In The Game" leads the Billboard chart. The melody of the song had been written in 1912 by Charles Gates Dawes, who would become vice-president of the United States between 1925 and 1929. Updated lyrics were added in 1951.     
    1959 - Little Anthony and the Imperials record "Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop," which will reach #24 in the US early next year. 
    1959 - Hurricane Gracie made landfall near Beaufort, SC with sustained winds of 97 mph with a peak gust to 138 mph. 10 people were killed in South Carolina and Georgia. As the weakening storm moved through Virginia on the 30th, she spawned an F3 tornado at Ivy, VA which killed 11 people
    1959 - The irreverent cartoon TV series, “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” created by Jay Ward, debuted on ABC. It was the most sophisticated satirical cartoon series of the television era at that time. “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” debuted on CBS on the same evening.        
    1960 - ABC-TV brought "My Three Sons" into United States homes. Movie actor Fred MacMurray had a hard time adjusting to the small screen. "My Three Sons" did so well that CBS bought it in 1965, for somewhere between seven and ten million dollars.
    1962 - President JF Kennedy authorized use of federal troops in integration of University of Mississippi. James H. Meredith, an Air Force veteran, was escorted onto the University of Mississippi campus by U.S. marshals. Two men were killed in the ensuing mob violence, which was quelled with the aid of 3000 federal soldiers. The next day, Meredith was enrolled and began to attend classes amid continuing disruption by protestors. On June 6, 1966, James Meredith was shot and wounded while on a lone march from Memphis, Tenn. to Jackson, Miss. to encourage black voter registration. On June 26, 26 groups from across the country joined with Meredith to complete the march. From 1989 to 1991, Meredith served as a policy advisor to conservative Republican Senator Jesse Helms, who only ten years earlier had opposed the establishment of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He is an author and businessman today.
    1962 – “My Fair Lady” after a run of 6½ years. At the time, the show held the Broadway record for longest-running musical of all time. 3,750,000 people watched the wonderful show and heard tunes like “Wouldn't it Be Loverly,” “Show Me,” “Get Me to the Church on Time,” “I'm an Ordinary Man,” “I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face,” and the Vic Damone/Robert Goulet standard, “On the Street Where You Live.” The team of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe turned George Bernard Shaw's play, “Pygmalion,” into a colorful, musical production. They gave a new life to the rough-around-the-edges, cockney flower girl; the subject of a bet between Professor Higgins (“Just You Wait, 'Enry 'Iggins”) and a colleague. The Professor bet that he could turn Eliza Doolittle into a proper lady (“The Rain in Spain”). “With a Little Bit of Luck,” he did it. Eliza, looking and acting very much like a princess, sang “I Could Have Danced All Night.” After its Broadway success, “My Fair Lady” was made into a motion picture (1964) and won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture.
    1963 - Top Hits
“Blue Velvet” - Bobby Vinton
“Sally, Go 'Round the Roses” - The Jaynetts
“Be My Baby” - The Ronettes
“Abilene” - George Hamilton IV
    1963 - Rolling Stones first tour (opening act for Bo Diddley & Everly Bros)
    1965 - Hanoi publishes the text of a letter it has written to the Red Cross claiming that since there is no formal state of war, U.S. pilots shot down over the North will not receive the rights of prisoners of war (POWs) and will be treated as war criminals.
    1967 - ”Alice” premiers on TV. Linda Lavin played the title role in this CBS comedy that was based on the 1975 film “Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.” Alice Hyatt was the new girl in town, a widow raising her son while trying to make ends meet by waitressing at a diner. She also had dreams of making it big as a singer. Nine years later, Alice was able to leave her "temp" job for a gig. Lavin's co-stars were: Vic Tayback as diner owner Mel Sharples, Philip McKeon as Alice's son, Tommy, Beth Howland as waitress Vera Gorman, Polly Holliday as sassy waitress Flo Castleberry, Diane Ladd as Flo's replacement Belle Dupree, Celia Weston as waitress Jolene Hunnicut, Martha Raye as Mel's mother, Carrie and Marvin Kaplan as customer Henry Beesmyer. The last episode was on August 31, 1976.
    1967 - Motown's Soul label released Gladys Knight and the Pips' “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” It ultimately reached Number 2 on the pop charts and Number 1 on the rhythm and blues charts.
    1967 - Mickey Hart joins the Grateful Dead.
    1970 - The New American Bible was published by the St. Anthony Guild Press. It represented the first English version Roman Catholic Bible to be translated from the original Biblical Greek and Hebrew languages. (The Rheims-Douai Version of 1610 had been based on Jerome's Latin Vulgate.)
    1971 - Top Hits
“Go Away Little Girl” - Donny Osmond
“Maggie Mae/Reason to Believe” - Rod Stewart
“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” - Joan Baez
“The Year That Clayton Delaney Died” - Tom T. Hall
    1973 - "We're an American Band" by the Grand Funk Railroad topped the charts and stayed there for a week.
    1974 - Congress passed the Equal Credit Opportunity Act designed to equalize credit opportunities for women and men. Under the new law, women's income had to be counted in the same way as men's income for credit ratings. It also decreed no one should be refused credit because of sex or marital status.
    1975 - WGPR-TV Detroit, first Black-owned station in US, begins broadcasting.
    1976 - Tommy Lasorda is named to succeed Walter Alston as Dodger manager. 'Smokey' Alston compiled a 2040-1613 record (.558) during his 23-year tenure with the club, winning seven pennants and four world championships.  Managing the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers between 1954 and 1976, Alston signed 23 one-year contracts.  Alston was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983.
    1977 - In history's most-watched prize fight, Muhammad Ali defeated Ernie Shavers, in a decision, to claim the heavyweight championship boxing crown. The bout was televised from Madison Square Garden in New York City to an estimated 70 million viewers on NBC-TV. The first woman official of a heavyweight title boxing match officiated the match.
    1977 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band," Meco. The 15-minute song is a disco version of several themes from the top movie of 1977.
    1979 - Cheap Trick's "Ain't That A Shame" peaks at #35 on the singles chart, while Robert Palmer's "Bad Case Of Loving You" peaks at #14, Nick Lowe's "Cruel To Be Kind" peaks at #12 and Dave Edmunds' "Girls Talk" peaks at #65.
    1979 - Gold hits record $400.20 an ounce in Hong Kong.
    1979 - Top Hits
“My Sharona” - The Knack
“Sad Eyes” - Robert John
“Rise” - Herb Alpert
“It Must Be Love” - Don Williams
    1982 - The first poisoning of store merchandise known to have resulted in numerous deaths took place in and around Chicago, Il. In a three-day period from September 29 to October 1, 1982, seven people died after taking Tylenol, a brand of acetaminophen, which they had bought at a local drugstores and supermarkets. A murderer who was never apprehended had removed the bottles from store shelves, opened them, added cyanide to the capsule of Tylenol, and replaced them in the stores. Tylenol removed all their product from the stores and destroyed them. The poisonings led to the introduction of wraps and seals on all pharmaceutical products and many other products as well.
    1983 - Heavy rains began in central and eastern Arizona which culminated in the worst flood in the history of the state. Eight to ten inch rains across the area caused severe flooding in southeastern Arizona which resulted in thirteen deaths and $178 million damage. President Reagan declared eight counties of Arizona to be disaster areas.
    1983 – “A Chorus Line” became the longest-running show on Broadway, with performance number 3,389. “Grease,” the rock 'n' roll production, had been the previous box-office champ since 1980.
    1984 - "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince & the Revolution topped the charts and stayed there for 2 weeks.
    1984 - The Cars' "Drive" peaks at #3 on the pop singles chart.
    1985 – “MacGyver,” starring Richard Dean Anderson, debuted on ABC.  Fortunately, the last detail is unimportant when compared to his astounding mind. Drawing on a vast practical knowledge of science, Macgyver is able to make use of any mundane materials around him to create unorthodox solutions to any problem he faces. The enemies of world peace and justice continually learn that underestimating this man is a fatal mistake for their plans. The popular series lasted seven years, perhaps making MacGyver a verb in our language for turning something simple into a major tool.
    1986 - The sitcom, “Designing Women,” starring Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Annie Potts, and Jean Smart premiered on CBS. The well-written show had a loyal following, and touched on many female topics that few shows then, or now, tackle. Last episode: May 24, 1993
    1987 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Didn't We Almost Have It All," Whitney Houston.
    1987 - Top Hits
“Didn't We Almost Have It All” - Whitney Houston
“Here I Go Again” - Whitesnake
“Lost in Emotion” - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
“Three Time Loser” - Dan Seals
    1987 - “Thirtysomething” premiers on TV. This ABC drama series about a group of seven baby boomers was created by boomers Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. The show's characters were very real to many viewers who were able to identify with their struggles--such as the death of a parent, disease, relationships, singlehood, marriage, divorce, career setbacks and the birth of a child. The cast featured Ken Olin as Michael Steadman; Mel Harris as his wife, Hope; Jade Mortimer and the Craven twins, Brittany and Lacey, as their daughter Jane; Timothy Busfield as Michael's business partner, Elliot Weston; Patricia Wettig (Olin's real-life wife) as Elliot's wife, Nancy; Luke Rossi as their son Ethan; Jordana Shapiro as their daughter Brittany; Polly Draper as Hope's friend Ellyn Warren; Melanie Mayron as Michael's cousin, Melissa Steadman and Peter Horton as family friend Gary Shepherd. The popular show lasted until 1991.
    1987 - A slow moving cold front produced rain from the Great Lakes Region to the Central Gulf Coast Region. A late afternoon thunderstorm produced wind gusts to 62 mph at Buffalo, NY. Warm weather continued in the western U.S. In Oregon, the afternoon high of 96 degrees at Medford was a record for the date.
    1989 - Seven cities reported record high temperatures for the date, as readings soared into the 80s and low 90s in the Northern Plateau and Northern Plains Region. Record highs included 91 degrees at Boise, ID, and 92 degrees at Sheridan, WY. The high of 100 degrees at Tucson, AZ marked their 51st record high of the year, and their 92nd day of 100 degree weather.
    1990 - In Washington, DC, the National Cathedral (officially, the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul) was completed after 83 years of construction. Begun in 1907, the Gothic edifice had been used in its incomplete form since 1912.
    1991 - Snow began in Caribou, ME at 8:35 p.m. on the29th and ending at 2 am on the 30th with 2.5 inches accumulating.
    1994 - The Pointer Sisters receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star on Hollywood Boulevard was originally set to be unveiled in January, but an earthquake struck Los Angeles three days before the scheduled ceremony. The Pointers are the first African-American female music group to receive the honor.
    1996 - Astros Retire Ryan's Number. The Houston Astros retired uniform number 34 in honor of their former pitcher, Nolan Ryan, who played for Houston for nine seasons.
The ceremony made Ryan the only player to have his number retired by three teams, the California Angeles and the Texas Rangers having previously accorded him the honor.
    2001 - Some 7,000 people marched for peace in Washington, DC while an estimated 7-10,000 marched in San Francisco. They marched to mourn terrorist victims and to urge the nation to heal poverty and injustice that fuels global violence instead of focusing on military revenge.
    2002 - Barry Bonds sets a new season mark for on-base percentage with a .582 OBP. The 38-year old Giant left fielder, who became the oldest first-time winner of a batting title hitting .370, easily surpassed the 1941 mark established by Ted Williams with a .553 OBP.
    2004 - Major League Baseball announces Washington D.C. will become the new home of the Montreal Expos in time for the 2005 season. The nation's capital, which was chosen over finalists including Las Vegas and Northern Virginia, will have baseball first time in 33 years since the expansion Senators left in 1971 to become the Texas Rangers.
    2005 - John G. Roberts is confirmed as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    2014 - eBay Inc. announced that it will split its PayPal unit into a separate company, raising the possibility of a PayPal buyout by mobile payment operators such as Google.  The spin-off was completed in 2015.



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