Audio Tapes and Skills Advancement Manual

The Lease Master

The Lease Master and Skills Advancement , By Bill Granieri
The Lease Master tapes and accompanying skills advancement manual, present a detailed approach to marketing the equipment lease that would cost you thousands of dollars if you studied with Bill Granieri privately. As one of leasing's Top Guns put it, " The Lease Master allows you to be tutored by a billion dollar sales producer who also happens to be - arguably - the industry's leading sales trainer. This is the educational bargain of a lifetime! Get ' em while they last. This limited edition is destined to become a collector's item! "


Vendor Development
  • Developing marketing partnerships with vendors
  • Vendor presentations that close
  • Overcoming vendor objections
  • Prospecting for profitable vendor relationships
  • Maximizing vendor leasing volume
  • A profile of the Top Guns in lease marketing
  • Developing a Personal Marketing Action Plan
  • Financing As a Sales Tool (FAST). Nationally
    acclaimed program for closing vendors on using leasing and your company with every sales
  • The Phone Zone. Telemarketing presentations and
  • What vendors are looking for in a leasing company
  • Selling your rates
  • Vendor newsletters that create increased volume
  • Identifying and closing decision makers

The Third Sale

The fundamentals of financial statement and credit analysis designed to help you dramatically improve your approval ratio on credit submissions. Knowledge in these areas is also mandatory in order to sell leasing
effectively. The tape shows you how to prepare, package and present transactions to funding sources and credit people.
This tape will increase your income dramatically!

A Treasury of Top Gun Closing Tips!

Dozens of selling, prospecting, and business development tips gleaned from Bill Granieri's experiences and those of other Top Gun professionals in the leasing market.

Direct Business Development
  • Selling your rates
  • Top Gun prospecting methods for identifying qualified end users
  • Telemarketing programs and presentations
  • Overcoming objections
  • Developing Closing Action Plans (CAPs) that beat the competition
  • Blueprinting and qualifying
  • Identifying and presenting to decision makers
  • Creating and selling written proposals
  • Closing accounts, CEOs and CFOs

To Lease or Not to Lease

  • A detailed examination of the lease vs. purchase decision. How to overcome the cash and bank financing objections.

Leasing Language and Concepts

  • Lease vs. conditional sale
  • IRS criteria for a true lease and overviews
    of landmark legislation
  • FASB 13: operating vs. capitol leases
  • Depreciation
  • Depreciable life vs. useful life
  • End of term options
  • The half-year and mid quarter conventions
  • The alternative minimum tax (AMT)
  • Full payout vs. residual risk leases
  • Section 179 of the IRC as a closing tool
  • An introduction to IRC 467