June 3 Letter to editor
Regarding Benny Judah and Excel Leasing: I sincerely question your independence and absence of bias.

"My father was Benny Judah's mentor; he gave Benny his start; he was a believer in Benny's ability and integrity. In fact, he was so confident he gave him a trusteeship; conveyed the responsibility for safeguarding funds left my daughter, money my father intended for her college education. These funds are now held in receivership; it is a trust frozen, leaving my only child, a senior in high school, without the ability to attend any college next fall, much less the one she'd been accepted on partial scholarship (she does not qualify for financial aid while her trust resides with the Receiver. Unfortunately, I relied on Trust and do not have the means to raise $70,000 Benny stole/lost)

"Ironically, my father's generosity paid for Benny's college education---the same generosity he intended for my daughter. More ironic, is my dad also gave Benny the means to choose integrity or greed. If he were still alive, I know he would be more disgusted than I am.

"My request is this: before you publish any more anonymous or public defenses for Benny Judah, consider the real lives and the real damage he has created. If Benny has no regard for the grandchild of the man who gave him his start, that's a human characteristic worthy of contemplation---in my case, it's a feeling of definitive contempt and disdain."

Sally Durham, daughter of Pete Durham

(Leasing News needs to print all sides, not just one side. We have never heard from Mr. Judah only the indictment. What you are referring to is from brokers who said they did business with him; nothing more, and found the company easy to work with.

(Leasing News will be following the story and finding out if he is guilty or not.

(We try to expose all fraud and crimes in the equipment leasing industry.

(Please keep us informed. Editor)