DVI Chicago has only days left... time is running out....

huge sum of money missing...


Name With Held


(This will make the front pages of newspapers when it hits. editor)




DVI employees have just been informed no PAY DAY for

the foreseeable future!!






I had 8 deals there when they ran out of money....I was very

very pissed and stressed out!! I have since placed

all of my deals somewhere else and now i am just a

curious onlooker!!


I hope the FEDS show up and take someone out in



(name withheld)



It has been a major setback for our industry to receive the news of

DVI's liquidity concerns. We have had a fruitful relationship with DVI for

the last several years and stand behind their efforts to recapitalize and

continue on with successfully funding medical equipment.


We have recently received word from several or their existing vendors that

DVI is unable to perform "at this time" on several outstanding purchase

orders. CapitalWerks, LLC would like to assist DVI by honoring any

outstanding medical approvals while they renegotiate their existing credit

facilities. At the time DVI is able to fund transactions again, we will

help transition this business back to them, and continue being a part of

their successful growth.


Please have all inquiries directed to Stephanie DeVore, BDO National Medical

Finance, (714) 210 7478, (714) 210 7678 FAX.


We have also relocated to 5 Hutton Center, 12th floor, Santa Ana,

92707. With all our new and expanded space we are also aggressively hiring

and all inquires regarding sales positions should be directed to Ashley Verb

at (714) 210 7477.


Sincerely, J Raeder


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