Randy Haug on IDS/Software Market Today


Our friends at IDS have to now make good on their promises and deliver. The marketplace will determine their fate just like it does ours and everyone else's. Best of luck to them in doing so. If their ox falls in the ditch...we will be happy to

demonstrate the value we offer to lessors with our integrated solutions.


We have been focusing on how we can add value to our customers, and new

prospects through our products and services. We have been very busy doing

that. Our market is small to mid-sized growing lessors and that is what we

focus on and that is what we are very good at. We offer what we feel is the

best end to end solution for people in this market space and our products

services and resources are aligned to deliver on that, and the marketplace

has rewarded us over the years for doing that. So that's what we do.


>From our perspective the marketplace is getting better. We have been around

14 years now and have over 250 of the most successful equipment lessors /

partners who use our products and services everyday. Today's lessor knows

and respects us for the excellent products and services we offer and for our

ability to deliver value over the long-term. The last 7 months for us and

our marketplace has been good and very encouraging. You have to get out

there and work hard at it every day but there is lots of interest from

lessors I'm talking to in both front-end solutions as well as back-end

systems. There are a number of new companies entering the market again and

to me that is a positive sign. Lessors are still somewhat reluctant to spend

large amounts of money but they are beginning to realize that the economy is

in fact getting better and are trying to align there system strategies with

there business, and operations strategies so they will be in a good position

to grow in a more profitable fashion through automation as there business

volume picks up....and believe me it will.


Things are getting better out there for those of us that focus on creating

value within our core competencies. That's not just for us but for every

business. Don't try to do be everything for everyone, try to be the best at

what you do the best.


One last word of advice for lessors out there...join or become more involved in one of the many fine equipment finance organizations. Those that are engaged actively will gain tremendously from it. You get out of the associations what you put into them. Be active and participate and you will without a doubt receive the benefits from doing so.


Things are getting better....believe me they are!


Best regards,


Randy Haug


Sr. Vice President / Partner

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