Karl Probst at Radiance Capital

Friday we ran a 1996 “Picture from the Past” article and it stated we had lost contact with him.


Karl Probst has resurfaced at Radiance Capital LLP, a newly formed "B Credit" Funding Source for Broker Business in the Pacific Northwest and Columbia Bank did know where he was, as he was solicited away from the bank by a long time very good customer of the bank.

This move of Karl's has some humor behind it. While Karl was negotiating his new career via email with the owners of the prospect new lease company, he inadvertently emailed his offer and proposal to 172 of Columbia Banks Lending Officers. Opps's...HR called Karl and he was immediately dismissed for improper use of the bank email system.

This seemed to reportedly work out well for all the concerned parties except Karl's wife Kathi who to him he should get a Tattoo in his forehead " DUMMY "

Karl said since this event, many people are cautious when the see a email coming in from Karl.

He is reportedly very happy to be back in the private sector of business ( read between the lines). Karl is happy to be working with that special group of brokers he has known for years.

He said he “...will of course take on some more good brokers...visit our web site at www.radiance-capital.com .

He told Leasing News he believes feels there is a big hole in the leasing market place for " B Credits "

“ Radiance Capital will fill that need in the Pacific Northwest,” he said.

He promises he will be attending the United Association of Equipment Leasing Fall Conference.

“ Look for our funding booth,” he added. “ We will be sure to have some fun give-a-ways as usual.”

It will also give you a chance to say hello to an old friend.

Here is Karl's e-mail: karl@radiance-capital.com

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