UAEL 2003 Annual Conference and Exposition


by Loni Lowder


The UAEL Annual Conference and Exposition continues to be the key event for its members, and this year was no exception. Peter Mellon, the Conference Chairman, provided a wonderful setting at the downtown Portland Marriott Hotel. He and the UAEL staff, headed by Joe Woodley, UAEL’s Executive Director, did a fabulous job of organizing everything, including a cooking class and luncheon for spouses that brought in rave reviews from those who attended. The timing for this convention was fall; however, that didn’t stop things from continuing to grow. This year's 321 attendees, included 37 first timers, was up from last years total of 270 in San Diego.


Thursday’s activities included a golf tournament, which despite the rain was a success, a CLP review taught by Nancy Geary, CLP, Terey Jennings, CLP and Jim McCommon, CLP, and a full day seminar selling the technical aspects of leasing, taught by yours truly. All of Thursday’s events were well attended, right up to the First Timer’s Opening Reception.


Bette Kerhoulas, CLP, the President of UAEL and her directors, Bob Fisher, CLP, Jim Coston, CLP, Terey Jennings, CLP, Peter Eaton, CLP, Bob Baker, CLP, John Donnelly, Dwight Galloway, CLP, Brent Hall, CLP, Victor Harris, Marci Kimball-Slagle, CLP, John Kruse, Jim McCommon, CLP, Brad Peterson and Bob Teichman, CLP, and Ambassadors attended the First Timers Reception to welcome all the new members and attendees. Thursday evening was topped off by an opening reception hosted by QuikTrak that featured the delightful improvisational entertainment by a troupe called Brainwaves.


Friday’s Opening General Session featured Mike Hennessy, extolling the virtues and beauty of Portland. The day’s activities were dominated by the open exhibits. More than fifty fundors and service providers networked with UAEL members. On an editorial note, I saw a lot more optimism in almost everyone I spoke with, more than there has been in the last couple of years; actually, there seemed to be almost a buzz in the air. I think most UAEL members believe the economic recovery is for real this time.


Saturday’s events (in true UAEL form) were geared towards education. With a full house, Bob Fisher, CLP, moderated a panel on General Industry Overview of Why the Market Hasn’t Come Back Yet…. Or Will It? With a diverse group on the Panel consisting of John Haenselman, Marci Slagle, CLP, Brad Peterson, Peter Violich, and Jim Brady, there were several opinions and views on our ever-changing market. The underlying theme: although things are certainly getting better, you need to know your industry, market and niche to continue to succeed. Simultaneously, Ted Brownrigg, CLP moderated a panel in which Tal Kennedy and Peter Eaton, CLP, educated brokers and lessors on How to be Your Fundor's Best Source, while Victor Harris moderated a panel on Anatomy of Lessor-Fundor Master Agreements with a panel consisting of Jim Adler, Steve Crane, CLP and Bette Kerhoulas, CLP.


Following a short break, it was back for more education that began with Bob Baker doing his usual bang-up job going over Lease Classification and Terminology, Brent Hall presenting How to Develop Your Company from a Broker into a Recourse Non-recourse Discount Firm, emphasizing the importance of packaging and legal aspects of documentation. Meanwhile, Thomas Mullally, Kenneth Lau and John Rosenlund, CLP, represented the legal side to Effective In-House Collection: A Roadmap to the Pot of Gold.


At a working Luncheon we heard from Economist John W. Mitchell, possibly the most animated economist I’ve ever heard, who referring to Schwarzenegger in office and the Cubs and Red Sox in the play-offs, made the point that you don’t know what the future can hold, but thinks the economy seems to be getting back on the right track. The lunch closed with the UAEL’s Annual Board Meeting honoring Bette Kerhoulas, CLP, President, and departing board members, John Kruse, Brent Hall, CLP, Dwight Galloway, CLP, along with the remaining board and members for making this a successful year and conference for the Association. The Association also welcomed and accepted nominations for the new board members for 2004. These will be Randy Haug, Jim Lahti, CLP, Ron Lear, Paul Menzel, CLP, Tim Mulally and Rudy Trebels, CLP. UAEL’s President Elect, Jim Coston, CLP, also unveiled a different format for the UAEL’s all-new 2004 Equipment Leasing Management Forum at the Point Hilton Squaw Creek Resort in Phoenix (April 22-25, 2004) with Brad Peterson as Conference Chair, it looks to be a new and exciting conference.


The afternoon workshops continued with full houses. Bob Baker presented Part II, Marketing to Equipment Vendors, Tom Gonser with DocuSign, Inc., presented Electronic Signatures – Finally Ready for Mainstream Business, and Andy Alper and Steven Jenkins offered advice on Exercising Your Remedies in State and Bankruptcy Courts. By the end of the day everyone was ready for the Saturday Night Gala at the Pittock Mansion. Busloads of attendees headed up the narrow-winding road to the beautiful site. Most didn’t even mind the continuous rain and the thick fog, as the location certainly couldn’t be beat and the hors d'oeuvres were incredible.


As a final note, I was impressed, both as an educator and a transactional player, with the emphasis on education that UAEL continues to focus on with its members. This organization was the birthplace of the CLP designation, and as with most meetings, Cindy Spurdle was spreading the gospel of the CLP, as she does with all of the associations across the country. It is very apparent that things are growing again in all aspects of the UAEL and everything really should be Coming Up Roses!!



Loni L. Lowder


President & CEO

ACC Capital Corporation

Chief Executive Officer

420 East South Temple

Ste. 240

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

(801) 530-7748 (phone)

(801) 595-9040 (fax)


LONI L. LOWDER is President and CEO of ACC. ACC, an equipment lease and finance company, was founded by Mr. Lowder in 1978. The company funds over $60 million annually in equipment cost. Mr. Lowder was a principal partner and member of the Board of Directors of Amembal, Deane & Associates. Loni Lowder was named as a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award.


Mr. Lowder has conducted sales and technical presentations on leasing in major cities throughout the United States. Mr. Lowder has assisted in the development of several seminars on lease education and is solely responsible for having developed a popular Amembal Deane seminar entitled "Selling the Lease Alternative." Technical Skills in Sales Success, a one-day seminar, is currently being taught to ACC broker and community bank customers.


Mr. Lowder is considered an authority on using the technical aspects of equipment leasing to increase sales for middle market leasing companies. He has appeared as a speaker at a number of industrial associations as well as seminar leader for in-house seminars on the equipment sales process for leasing companies within the United States. Mr. Lowder is a contributing author to the publication "International Leasing."(850 pgs.)




· Introduction to Leasing: The Creative Alternative

· Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

· Leasing: The Creative Finance Alternative

· Leasing: Credit Analysis and Risk Assessment

· Leasing: Winning the Deal

· Selling the Lease Alternative

· Technical Skills in Leasing Sales

· Technical Leasing for Sales Success


Coda: Rob Yohe, negociant, portfolio evaluator, and general bon vivant

slipped and broker his hip. Many who know Rob are aware of his back

“problems” and need to walk with a cane. The accident caused his

wife to fly out to Portland, and his father Spencer, a Colorado CPA,

to go to Stillwater, Kansas to be with the Yohe’s 16 year old son Graham.

He was operated on Friday. According to Spence Yohe, the break was above

the ball joint, supposedly the easiest to repair, but his hip has been weaken

by taken bone from it for his back. The good news is he may be on his

way home today or tomorrow, and back at 16016 Overlook Lane, Stillwell, KS 66085 before Friday. 913-851-4623

( Rob hands out this residence number to everyone as it is on

his business card. )

A side note, many noted how glad they were to see both Chuck and Connie Brazier at the meeting. Leasing News should do a story on “Whatever Happened

to Chuck Brazier” so everyone could understand the significance of her

being in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you for the great report, Mr. Lowder. Paul Menzel is going to

have a tough act to follow with his report about the ELA Conference

in San Diego. editor .)


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