Abacus Leasing, Buffalo, New York---Not a Valentine’s Day Card


Certified Letter, dated February 7,2003 ( received February 13,2003)


“Please be notified, the following is private and confidential and is not for publication in the Leasing News or any other gossip letter.


“Today I was delivered the attached letter (fax.sic). As you are well aware, this matter is in litigation, and I have no intention of discussing this matter with you.  It is amazing that you have the audacity to make with judgment when you do not know the facts.  If anything is published regarding Abacus Leasing or myself without written permission you will be held personally responsible, and will suffer the legal consequences.”


“Very Truly yours,


“Mathew Burke


cc: Kirby Law Office”


Attached was a copy of the fax from Leasing News sent to Matt Burke that is referred to in the above letter:


“Re: PacTox


“I have called you three times, and this is the second fax.

  ( Called one more time and sent one more fax after this one)


“It is our intention to print the complaint, with or without a comment from you, as it is evident to us there is a legitimate complaint about the return of the $50,000

deposit.  You have provided no bi-party agreement to substantiate your claim.


“It is also our intention to turn the matter over to the office of the New York Attorney General, as holding an advance rental or deposit in the State

of New York is a criminal offense.  It is not a civil matter, but one for

law enforcement.”


Here is a link to the Complaint Bulletin Board regarding  Abacus Leasing:



On February 12, 2003 we enclosed contracts and correspondence regarding

the $50,000 deposit with a letter to Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of the

State of New York, asking for an investigation of the matter.


“We are, of course, very interested in the status of this matter should it proceed

to any violations of the State of New York,” we concluded in the letter.

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