Abacus Leasing, Buffalo, NY  ---Complaint Bulletin Board Notice


“My name is Terry Miller and I am the GM for Pacific Toxicology Laboratories in Woodland Hills, CA. I would like to give you a brief history of what has occurred with Abacus Leasing, owned by Mathew Burke. On June 30, 2002 I entered into discussions with his west coast representative to set up leasing for a $200,000.00 Perkin Elmer analyzer for our lab. I was told by William Finch (west coast representative) that we could get the deal done.


 “In order to avoid signatures of personal guarantees we sent Abacus leasing $50,000.00. I also signed a lease proposal which expired July 25, 2002. Long story short, he has failed to find us an appropriate lease and still has our money.




“I will fax you a copy of the cancelled check and the signed lease proposal


“Mathew Burke's address is 3380 Sheridan Drive, #186, Buffalo, NY 14226. Phone number 716 332 0751.


“Once again, I appreciate any help you can give me.”


Regards, Terry Miller



Leasing News spoke with Matt Burke, who requested we fax to him copies

of documents that we had.  He would then give us a response.  This was two

weeks ago. Since there we have left three telephone messages and sent two subsequent faxes.


There appears nothing in the commitment letter that entitles Abacus to

a $50,000 fee; in fact, it states quite the contrary.  The fact is the lease was

never approved as per the commitment letter, as evidenced by subsequent

communication from Abacus. 


Leasing News could not confirm that the company belongs to any leasing

association. From our telephone conversations, it appears the company

is basically a small broker operation.  It is our understanding that it

is against the law in the State of New York to keep “advance rentals”

or “deposits.”  In this regard, we are seeking an opinion from the

Attorney General’s office of the State of New York.


Here are key copies of items faxed to Abacus Leasing:





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