My Son----Somewhere in the Pacific---On Maneuvers—USS Preble


I shared this with personal friends and family.  I thought I would share with you.  My son Dashiell (everyone calls him “Dash”) is on his way to being a Chief Petty Officer.  He is the Safety Officer for the USS Preble, the first Arleigh Burke Destroyer Class. He is an electrician, but the Emergency Electrician (so he works in every section of the ship—knows everybody), Second Class Diver ( and a trained Gunner due to having the highest diving rank on the ship for special duty,) who has earned many merits and awards. The men and women on his ship are all “gung ho,” he says. They volunteer for extra assignments, stand extra watch, and

volunteer for extra duty. This is certainly a different military when I was in it. He still wants to be a “Seal,” but I have him talked into finishing all his education as he has three years of college, and the Navy has great benefits and programs. As I said, not only from him, but meeting the crew, there is extremely high morale on his ship. They are ready!!!


Dash is the one with the mustache.



He is stationed in San Diego, California.  He says the most popular bumper strip

at the base is  “Free Iraq!!!!” 

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