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Baltimore/Washington based Sales Rep. - To develop vendor & lessee direct originations. Requires 3+ yrs commercial sales exp. For full description and application, click here for more information.

Madison Capital, a Baltimore based equipment and vehicle leasing company for 30 years is a national provider of direct financing services for both vendors and lessees. www.madisoncapital.com

Tuesday, March 19, 2005


Classified Ads --- Senior Management
    The Start of our Archives----April 17, 2000-
        Economic Events This Week
Classified Ads---Help Wanted
    Popular Leasing USA-“---dangerous precedent set?”
        Grassley Still After “Silo's”
            Mayer's Business Leasing News—April Edition
Testimonials on Mayer's “Business Leasing for Dummies”
    280 Jobs on Line w/ GE Purchase of Bombardier Finance Unit
        New Bankruptcy Law
            NACM Congratulates Congress on new BK law
CIT Announces Quarterly Dividend
    Capital Crossing/Dolphin Capital Profits Up
        Fitch Upgrades Marlin Leasing Receivables
            "Dick" Gessinger New GE Oil/ Gas unit VP
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        "Gimme that Wine"
            This Day in American History
                Baseball Poem

######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”



Classified Ads --- Senior Management

Baltimore, MD
25 year veteran of commercial and equipment leasing seeking a senior management position with leasing or asset based financing company in the southeast (Florida preferred)
Email: kellogg_md@yahoo.com

Denver, CO.
Fortune 500 GM/SVP wants to team up with aggressive lender looking for Western expansion mid-market equip. finance/leasing. 20+ years experience within Rocky Mountain/Southwest and Ca markets.
Email: legal@csotn.com

Hope, NJ.
25 years in optimizing call center operations, collections, billing, and back end revenue generation. Experienced in $7 + billion dollar portfolios. Verifiable achievements.
E-mail: cmate@nac.net

Irvine, CA.
Credit executive, portfolio manager and syndication facilitator. Extensive business building experience in small and mid-ticket operations. Highly innovative. Fortune 100 audit and technology skills. Bottom-line manager. Email: lenhubbard@bigfoot.com

Jacksonville, FL.
15+yrs Collections/Customer Service Expert. InfoLease, CARMS, managed staffs excess 100 VERY successfully - will relocate WITHIN Florida for right position ~ SIMPLY THE BEST
Email: rafftink@aol.com

Lawton, OK.
Twenty years, I have been the President of Cash Financial Services. I sold my loan portfolio.
Resume. http://www.geocities.com/bobbybenmoore/
email: bobmooreok@email.com

Long Island, NY
Degree Banking/Finance. 13 years leasing exp. Now prez young leasing company where promises were not met. Interested in joining established firm with future.
Email: bob33483@yahoo.com

New York, NY, NJ, Ct Tri-State
Top Exec. middle and big ticket, top skills treasury, funding, ops, transaction detail, syndication, ready to max profit, help build quality operation. right now!
E-Mail: leasefinance@optonline.net

Orange County, CA
25+ years experience large ticket equipment finance companies and commercial banking. Operations, documentation, legal, credit, workouts, portfolio management. $2+Billion portfolio. Seeking CFO, COO or similar.
Email: finance1000@cox.net

Philadelphia, PA.
27 yrs. exp. sales, ops., credit, strategy, P&L mngmet. Most recently created & executed the biz plans for 2 highly successful Bank-owned small ticket leasing subsidiaries.
email: mccarthy2020@comcast.net

Portfolio Management Consultant; 25+years experience in Collections, Customer Satisfaction, Asset Management, Recoveries, Continuous Process Improvement, Back end Revenue Generation, Cost per Collection Analysis. $5+Billion Portfolio expertise.
Email: efgefg@rogers.com

San Francisco, CA.,
25 years experience w/global leasing company, sales, marketing, business dev., P&L responsibility, asset mgmt, brokering and re-marketing. Interested in joining an est. firm with a future.
Email: rcsteyer@yahoo.com

San Francisco, CA
description: 25+ years vendor leasing experience: sales management, business development, contract negotiation, transaction structuring, accounting, finance, credit evaluation and business process design / implementation. Stanford MBA.
E-mail: lease_manager@yahoo.com

Syracuse, N.Y.
Int. equip. leasing exec. 25 yrs global P&L sr. mngt., including corporate turnarounds, strategic planning, new biz dev., structure finance, contract neg., vendor leasing specialist.
Email: jimh356094@aol.com

Wilmington, DE.
Over 15 years experience managing Credit, Risk Management and Fraud operations for large Financial Institution. Proven Results. Anywhere between NYC and DC for right opportunity.
Email: cklous@comcast.net

Full list of 98 “Job Wanted” ads at:


The Start of our Archives----April 17, 2000-

(Leasing News started about ten years ago, maybe longer, as an e-mail to friends in the leasing business, and somehow grew into a “list serve” form where readers shared information, then I started including “news reports” or “reprints” of items. In June of 2000, we I realized we had over 2,000 on the mailing list, the newsletter was formerly incorporated, an advisory board named, and one of the things they suggested was calling it Kit Menkin's Leasing News. Eventually I changed it as it grew more into “news,” less the Bob Rodi-Ken Goodman Sumo wrestling match, and the web site brought more readers and the ability to specialize on leasing information. While the concept is basically the same, the format has evolved, as has our readership, estimated at 25,000, including readers out of the continental United States.

(Bob Rodi, CLP, industry leader, bon vivant, and as outspoken as I, was an early contributor, with many complaints that he was too “long winded.” The reality is he has always been “right on the money” when it comes to predicting where the industry is head. I rarely edited to shorten his comments in the early days. With the advent of the various leasing association's list serves, and also the concept of becoming a more widely read trade publication, our format became more “adult,” more serious, although I still like the humor and to kid, such as with Sal Maglietta of USbancorp, who's PR was not able to provide a picture of him with the press release.

(I began to save e-mail for use as an archive with Bob's prediction on internet leasing. This is the first I saved, and it starts here with the news the Imperial Business Credit, a leader in its field and funded by John Otto, was closing its doors---followed by Bob Rodi's accurate forecast about where internet leasing was going. Bob was one of the first to utilize the world wide web, to automate, his former partner became a millionaire from it, and here is his view---which by the way, turned out to be totally accurate and ahead of where it appeared the market place was going at the time as there was a wild rush to get in on web site application and processing, often equated to the time of the Oklahoma land rush. editor )


First, I have confirmed what was one of the rumors at the NAELB Conference ( and I was sitting both with Chuck Brazier and Gordon Roberts at lunch ): Imperial Business Credit, Inc. has closed it's doors as of Friday, the 14th of April. A leader in the small ticket industry. There are a lot of good people now looking for work.

This is a preview of Bob Rodi's Workshop to be held at the UAEL San Francisco Conference May 4-7, 2000. For those who will not be attending, his key thoughts are said here. For those interesting in learning more, Bob's workshop will be "standing room only:"


As you know this is a topic that is also near and dear to my heart. I am actively involved with internet marketing and have been since our first "sight" went live on the original Progidy Service 10 year ago. That was before most of the current leasing industry "gurus" ever heard of the internet and while a lot of the younger people were still worried about graduating from high school. The following is a short synopsis of one of by seminars at the SEC in SF called "Will the internet kill the App only market" For those that cannot attend I believe we will be video taping the session. I'm sure the tape will be worth ordering.

I agree with Rob Yohe. The internet is not going to sweep in and change commercial small ticket that drastically in the short run. Most small business people are going to be reluctant to make decisions involving tens of thousands of dollars without personal contact with the lessor. Equipment Leasing has always been a "hands on" business. Those that feel that the internet will completely take over small ticket are assuming that everything will be done as a "loan". I simply do not subscribe to this philosophy. Even the small ticket lease is a fairly complicated financial transaction that requires contact with the lessee to close. In my humble opinion I do not yet see that any internet based lessor has a huge advantage over a non-internet based lessor. I feel somewhat qualified to comment in this area a I am currently on both sides of the fence.

Rob is right in his assumption that the only "end users" logging on and looking for internet leasing are those that are using the "throw enough_ _ _ _ against the wall and something is bound to stick" approach. In over 4 years of marketing on the current version of the internet and several years of marketing on the predecessor to the modern internet (we had site on Prodigy, Compuserve and Genie back in those days) the bulk of end users are "shopping" or they might be other venture backed dot.com companies, or they are the desperate type that figure if they apply in enough places in the same day that maybe they'll slip through. At any rate the leasing industry has not been particularly partial to any of those customer profiles. This is not to say that our web site hasn't been extremely useful, producing a good return. It absolutely has but that has been primarily the result of our sales staff and affiliate group driving traffic to the site. Hardly a "rush" of business because the sight is sitting out there waiting for customers to log on and do Millions in business.

The surge in internet based leasing will come from leasing companies "partnering" with other lenders who are in unrelated but complimentary areas. This will however be a major marketing effort that will involve cross selling and trading of customer lists. I fundamentally believe that the future of small ticket lies in this direction but customer lists are closely guarded now and I shutter to think of the ramifications to a company like Lending Tree if it got circulated on the internet that they were selling customer data to other lenders. Not that it doesn't happen but the internet secrecy weeks would have a field day with them. This might ultimately affect their stock price. I just don't believe that is going to happen any time soon.

There are also the lenders who are currently excited about the flurry of activity surrounding the so called "financial portal" sites. How long does anybody think that these are going to be popular if the bulk of the business starts going to one, or a few dominant bidders? Once that becomes apparent lenders and customers will have the same level of interest in these sites as they have in left over meat loaf. Besides that, go and take a look. The same lenders are available on all the portals. That being the case what proprietary advantage will one portal offer over another to give the customer a reason to log on and use its services. I don't see that there is a significant price advantage as yet and most of these sites are offering less of a time advantage at the currently than the customer can get by picking up the phone and calling a leasing company directly. Unless there is huge price advantage, or some other proprietary advantage, why would I give my transaction over to some portal site who will shop it for me and let me know in 24 or 48 hours that they have 4 companies who like the deal? Now that I have found that out I still have to go negotiate with each to get my best deal. In this scenario what did I gain by doing it "on line"? What has the portal done to promote its own brand equity? What have any of the participating lenders done to advance their brand equity? Nothing that I can see.

Let us not forget the vendor in this equation. Until the internet totally circumvents the customer/vendor relationship vendors will be the ultimate source of deal flow. I would guess that even a customer with an approval from a financial portal would be swayed away if the vendor had a leasing option that could match or come close to the portal offer. How long will the lenders, subscribing to the portal sites, maintain interest if this is the case? Besides that, on small ticket leases,(the size that might actually get done en masse over the internet which I peg at $25K and below)the difference in dollar significant between a 12.5% yield and a 14% yield are not significant enough to sway the customer away from a trust relationship that they might have with the vendor.

Last but not least the "app only on the internet model" assumes that our customers (the eventual lessee) wakes up in the morning and says to himself "I think I'll log on to the internet and lease something today". Leasing has traditionally been a product that has been "sold" to customers. Unlike bank financing or other types of lending it has not been viewed as a "necessity". Leasing has always been supplementary. Look at our own industry literature where we call leasing an "alternate source of funding", use leasing to "supplement your bank lines", or "preserve your capital". The customer may want to "lease equipment to free up capital for other more productive purposes" We hardly train our customers to think of equipment leasing as a "can't do without" mainstream finance product.

I will close by saying that the bulk of the small ticket customers have not yet reached the level of technological sophistication or trust that will promote huge growth in "end user" internet leasing. Those that think traditional marketing methods will be completely replaced are grossly overestimating the short term potential of the internet. There will be a long transition period where customers will obviously try new methods of securing financing. Small business people will be cautious because that is their nature. Most of the Small business people I know have too much to lose by being reckless. The small segment that will embrace the internet with reckless abandon will probably get some great deals because all of the portals sites and their subscribers will need these types of success stories to prove they were right. I would advise anyone wondering about how to handle this situation to do the following: make sure they are current with, and knowledgeable about technological advancements, put together a web site that enhances your company image (in the short term a nice web site will be equated with "image and credibility"), don't write "checks" on your web site that you cannot cash with your actual capability. Most importantly convey to your customers that you are a "Hi Tech/Hi Touch" company. You will use technology to improve and deliver better service but also convey that the internet is one component of your CRM (customer relationship management)strategy but your primary concern is the needs of your lessee. Make your customer the beneficiary of technological by using it to address their agenda. Don't make your customer a "victim" of technological because you feel that you have to justify some investment you've made to be and internet leasing company.

Bob Rodi, CLP


Economic Events This Week

April 19
Producer Prices: March
Housing Construction: March

April 20
Consumer Price Index: March
Beige Book

April 21
Leading Indicators: March
Weekly Jobless Claims


Classified Ads---Help Wanted

Account Representatives & Sales Coaches

Account Representatives & Sales Coaches are needed in Nashville, TN & Austin, TX locations with exp. in finance and sales with a successful track record of sales leasing.  Positions are available for remote Account Executives with 8+ yrs Equipment Leasing Sales exp. Work directly with CFOs, CIOs, CEOs and other high-level executives.  Please send resume indicating position of interest and location: US_DFS_Staffing@dell.com.

About the Company:  
At Dell Financial Services, we aspire to fuel your potential with the kind of challenging opportunities and hands-on support you need to grow.  We're the exclusive provider of leasing and finance services for Dell technology systems worldwide.


Asset Management

Asset Management:
Long Island City, NY
seeking an experienced off lease and repossession manager. Successful candidates should have prior experience. Email resume to ekaye@advantagefunding.us or fax to 718 392 5427.

About the Company: Advantage Funding is a leading commercial and consumer vehicle and equipment financing and leasing company, Long Island City, NY.


Collection Attorney

Collection attorney - three to five years experience, creditor rights and bankruptcy experience is a must - contact: cgates@spiwakandiezza.com

Spiwak & Iezza, LLP, Westlake Village, Ca. is an extremely aggressive collection law firm that believes in taking action against debtors quickly and pushing through to final resolution without delay.

Finance Administrator

Export Finance Administrator for cross-border equipment deals. Seeking someone with existing strong credit, administrative, and people skills whom we can train in our specialized international credit services. Fluent English and Spanish required. To learn more and apply, click here .

Meridian Finance Group provides credit, insurance, and financial services that help U.S. exporters to increase their international sales.


Marketing Officer

Marketing Officer, generate/maintain relationships w/equip. leasing companies nationwide. Heavy phone/moderate travel. Ability to read/understand FS/tax returns required. Indirect marketing exp. necessary plus computer skills. Bachelor's degree.
Email resume to sgreen@bankofthewest.com
Website: www.bankofthewest.com

Bank of the West and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers. It is our policy to recruit, advertise, employ, promote, transfer, discipline, and discharge without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, or any other protected status.

Middle Market Sales Representative

Middle Market Sales Rep.: exp. sales reps throughout country for middle market leasing/financing. Must have min.5-years exp. in "hard assets" ranging from 100K -$1.0MM generated from vendor and /or direct sources. Excel. benefits, base salary and commission program. Resumes to amandell@eqcorp.com .

About the Company: A rapidly expanding Middle Market Leasing / Finance Company located in CT. Equilease Financial Services, Inc

Sales / Sales Representative

seeking energetic, exper; sales prof/ work Newport Beach CA & Deerfield IL Vendor Services Division offices/middle to large ticket resellers/orig. equip. mfg. Requirement/Apply click here

About the Company : CG Commercial Funding is a rapidly growing industry leader in middle/large ticket lease finance.



RCA Capital Corp. Fair Lawn NJ seeks exp. sales rep.w $5 million annual middle market business. A great opportunity to grow with an established reputable independent. Competitive comp. plan w gd benefits/401k. Contact: Mike Pandolfelli, CEO mbp@rcacapital.com

RCA is a privately held nationwide equipment leasing and finance company. Its primary focus is in the printing, packaging, corrugated and label industries. RCA is seeking to diversify and expand its customer base through industries such as transportation, machine tools, plastics, medical, etc.


Baltimore/Washington based Sales Rep. - To develop vendor & lessee direct originations. Requires 3+ yrs commercial sales exp. For full description and application, click here for more information.

Madison Capital, a Baltimore based equipment and vehicle leasing company for 30 years is a national provider of direct financing services for both vendors and lessees. www.madisoncapital.com


Sales Representatives:
Well-established leasing company seeks veteran sales professionals in the small and middle ticket equipment marketplace. Stay where you are and share in the profit of each deal you book with ACC. Fax resume: 801-733-2358.

About the Company: ACC (ACC Capital Corporation) is a diversified middle-market financial services company that specializes in structuring, origination, servicing and syndication of a broad array of lease products.




Your One stop solution for training and reference material for the Leasing Professional

Visit our website by clickng on the logo above

122-A Foothill Blvd., Arcadia, CA. 91006
Voice 626-305-1053 . Fax 626-305-0019 .

Popular Leasing USA Loses Its Argument in Home Town Court

“----dangerous precedent set?”

A three-judge panel in St. Louis County Circuit Court, Missouri, has ordered the addition of a bankrupt telecommunications company in New Jersey to more than $30 million “cost to lessor “ contract disputes.

Over 100 pending breach-of contract suits involving Norvergence leases were purchased by Popular Leasing USA of Baldwin, Missouri, a subsidiary of Banco Popular North America (BPNA.) They claim the lease payments should continue to be made.

The defendants have many issues, stating NorVergence should also be named in the legal dispute, as the contracts are fraudulent.

"The court finds in the absence of NorVergence Inc. (that) complete relief cannot be accorded among those already parties," judges Melvyn W. Wiesman, Barbara Wallace and Ellen Levy Siwak ruled. "Based upon the oral argument of counsel, the court finds it feasible to join NorVergence as a party."

“The effect of a court order adding NorVergence on the industry of "buying and selling of contracts would be devastating," Popular Leasing USA Attorney Randal Scherck said in his original arguments, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. " It sets a dangerous precedent,"

Daniel V. Conlisk, the attorney for approximately 75 of the lessees, argued that his clients need to add NorVergence Inc. of Newark, N.J., even though the company is in bankruptcy proceedings as he claims they were the victims of fraud by NorVergence and perhaps the cause why his clients no longer are making leasing payments regarding contracts the companies signed with NorVergence for Internet, telephone and cell-phone service.

Randall F. Scherck, lawyer for Popular Leasing USA, argued that such an order from them was not necessary as their cause centered around enforcing the "stream of payment" of the leasing contracts.

Scherck acknowledged that Popular Leasing purchased the leasing contracts from NorVergence and denies that Popular Leasing USA was involved in any alleged “fraud.”

One of the arguments centers around the alleged high-tech, next-generation network accelerator called "The Matrix", allegedly costing $1500 new and $500 used. NorVergence salesmen claimed the product was a "spectacular innovation" which would channel telephones, Internet and cell phone service onto single line.

Most of the leases had listed only one Matrix device, although some had two, but all the “cost to lessor” were quite different. It appears no one at Popular Leasing USA caught the description being the same in funding of the over 100 leases, obtaining insurance certificates or filing personal property tax reports or UCC forms, despite the many different prices of the lease contracts they purchased.

Customers were reportedly told they'd get unlimited service if they would sign leases and pay fixed-price bills monthly. When "The Matrix" turned out to be a decidedly low-tech machine - basically a router - charges of fraud were filed and by June of last year, NorVergence was in bankruptcy.

Conlisk position is they were fraudulent contracts, adding that the defendants also had the right to examine the relationship between NorVergence and Popular Leasing in the preparation of the lease contracts, evidently as the cause to cease making the “stream of contract” payments.

In a related story, according to a press release : “ Popular Leasing U.S.A., announced that it has expanded its Capital Markets Group to include a Commercial Finance Division, complementing the group's existing Healthcare and Technology Division.

“Headed by Kevin Ward, the division will deliver financing solutions for mid- and large-ticket ($100,000 to $10 million) equipment transactions. Additionally, the unit will expand its current portfolio acquisition and vendor program finance initiatives for construction, manufacturing, printing and other industries.

“'Our expansion into the commercial equipment arena is the next logical step to meet our aggressive growth goals by making available attractive financial products and services geared to industry-specific needs and requirements,'” said Ward, formerly of Sierra Cities. ‘Addressing our customer's needs has lead to our continued development of value-added products and services, and we remain committed to helping them expand their businesses and achieve their goals.'

“ With direct, vendor and manufacturer programs available, Popular Leasing's Commercial Finance Division will offer master lease lines of credit, sale and leaseback transactions, and equipment portfolio purchases. Its equipment specialties include machine tools, packaging and food processing, material handling, plastics, mobile and tower cranes, telecommunications, rail maintenance, and information technology.

“The new division will be headquartered in Ewing, N.J., with offices in Littleton, Colorado, and Rio Verde, Arizona. About Popular Leasing U.S.A. Popular Leasing is a subsidiary of Banco Popular North America. Established in 1996, Popular Leasing is now the 32nd largest bank-affiliated leasing company in the U.S., with a focus on medical and commercial markets in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Headquartered in Ballwin, Missouri, Popular Leasing has a network of 15 sales offices in nine states. For further information, contact Popular Leasing at 800-829-9411 or visit www.popularleasingusa.com .

“ About Banco Popular Banco Popular North America is a subsidiary of Popular, Inc., which, with more than $40 billion in assets, is ranked among the country's 30 largest bank holding companies. BPNA operates over 135 branches in California, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Florida, as well as 130 financial services stores under the name of Popular Cash Express. Banco Popular was named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2005 by FORTUNE Magazine and ranks among the top 10 Small Business Administration lenders in the country. Banco Popular was founded 112 years ago in the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.”

(Best contact on this new division is Doug Mehl, Commercial Finance Division 800-770-3052, formerly with Safeco and GE, possessing tremendous management skills and marketing abilities. editor)


Grassley Still After “Silo's”

ELT News

Senate Finance Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) complains that the U.S. tax code still has many loopholes that allow companies to hide their assets in offshore accounts.

Grassley's remarks were directed at the 2004 corporate tax bill that he helped craft. Speaking at a committee hearing to explore reasons for a $312 billion tax gap in uncollected taxes, Grassley said the tax shelter legislation that passed out of the Senate last year did not go far enough, and noted that it still contains a loophole that permits corporations to continue making what he views as questionable transactions.

He took specific aim at legislation that would curb so-called leasing tax shelters for sale-in and lease out transactions, otherwise referred to as LILOs and SILOs.

Grassley lamented that existing leasing arrangements can still proceed under the bill if the transactions were submitted for approval by the Federal Transit Administration after June 30, 2003, and prior to March 13, 2004.

"Incredibly, this provides shelter promoters another full year to get their deals approved by the FTA," Grassley said. The legislation applied to leases entered into after March 12, 2004.


David G. Mayer's Business Leasing News—April Edition

1. Patton Boggs Aviation Briefing Exposes Five Hot Issues in Business Aviation
2. Lease Accounting Remains Volatile as FASB Slams Leveraged Leasing
3. SEC Investigations Threaten Existence of Unprepared Target Companies
4. Leasing 101: What is an "Operating Lease" in Federal Leasing?
5. BLN Case & Comment: Preferred Capital Revisited: State Attorneys General Weigh In
6. About Patton Boggs LLP and My Law Practice; Recent Publications; Upcoming Speeches



Testimonials on Mayer's “Business Leasing for Dummies”

From “Leasing Gems” by Jeffrey Taylor

“My very good friend, (which I distinguish from the phrase my good friend) David Mayer (a lawyer in Texas) has decided to stop publishing his book, Business Leasing for Dummies. He recently told readers in his newsletter (hyperlink below) that it was time to stop publishing his book after 42 months in print.

“BTW, I have a personal autographed first edition, which I now know is going to go up in value. The book means a lot to me since I stood in line for hours to get it when David signed it at an ELA annual meeting.

“I still remember getting angry with him, since he took so long to sign my book as he relished in the moment.

“I'd hate to part with it, since it sits on my research shelf next to all of my Sudhir originals.

“Bidding starts at $1,000.”


(Amazon has three of David's used books for sale, starting at $45.00


Ken Wheeler of EFG Leasing, Fresno, says the book enabled him “...to launch its ASP credit decisioning system, with complete application tracking. The ASP offering allows EFG to provide rapid solutions to subscribers. This system will give EFG clients the ability to enter credit applications in under minute via its secure web-site. Receive a credit decision within 30 minutes via email from the ASP system. The client can then with a simple keystroke print lease documents, track the funding process, order site inspections, and a host of other features.

”Vision Commerce will be responsible for maintaining the hardware and software, while the subscribers maintain complete control of access to confidential information.

EFG has also added ‘The EFG Guarantee'. EFG will match any current rate or payment program being offered to sources within the industry.”


Jim Raeder of CapitalWerks, Southern California, says the book has enabled his new sales people to learn the business like never before.

“This book is more than the basics. It explains how leasing works and many of our salesmen have found that very interesting.”


Tom Landmark of USbancorp Manifest Leasing:

“My second grade son read the book and immediately got a job working for Chris Canavati at Alpha Capital. Hopefully he will be old enough soon to read “ Power Tools For Small Ticket Leasing 2004”    by Galtelli, Johnson and Marks and work for our company by attracting more broker business.”


Joe Woodley of the United Association of Equipment Leasing says both books will be door prizes at the Scottsdale Conference.

(Don't forget to attend the “open house” of Santa Barbara Capital Leasing with Santa Barbara Pinot Noir wine from Paul Menzel and Willamette Pinot Noir from Jim Merrilees.)


280 Jobs on Line with GE Purchase of Bombardier Finance Unit

GE Commercial Finance announced yesterday it will purchase Bombardier Capital's inventory finance division for $1.4 billion in cash. This division is headquartered in Colchester, Vermont, with an estimated 280 employees.

Following their habit, this division will most likely be absorbed into the GE family operation with most employees being let go; however, others will be offered employment opportunities in other locations, most likely. Closing of the purchase may occur as early as the end of the second quarter of this years. Employees most likely will be given an incentive to stay until the closing of the sale of the operation.

GE will also assume $1 billion in debt and other liabilities in the deal.

The Bombardier Capital division is comprised of four main business units that provide financing for a variety of products, including snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles, boats, motors, and boat trailers, as well as recreational vehicles.

Separately, Bombardier reported it will receive cash proceeds of $825 million from the sale, which marks the continuation of Bombardier Capital's portfolio wind-down, initiated in 2001.

Bombardier Capital also reported it will continue its activities of interim financing, as well as the wind-down of the remaining portfolios, including railcar leasing.


New Bankruptcy Law

The Equipment Leasing Association was active in the passage of this legislation.

This is from the ELTnews to members:

This measure will prevent certain debtors from discharging credit card debt and other loans through the imposition of a means based standard and makes a number of debts non-dischargeable. This legislation includes two specific provisions of benefit to the equipment leasing industry.

First, the legislation includes an ELA endorsed provision which clarifies that the debtor-lessee is obligated to perform all non-monetary, as well as monetary obligations, 60 days after the order for relief pending assumption or rejection of the lease. This change is consistent with legislative intent and is designed to ensure that bankruptcy courts throughout the country are consistent in their interpretation of the bankruptcy code. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled in 1997 that the bankruptcy code requires a bankrupt lessee to cure both monetary and non-monetary defaults in order to assume a lease while the First Circuit Court of Appeals in 2004 ruled that a bankrupt debtor did not have to cure non-monetary defaults as a condition to assumption of an unexpired lease. This legislation will resolve this conflict between the circuits.

Second, this reform measure also includes a provision that would make it easier for equipment lessors to satisfy the "ordinary course of business" rule and thus keep rents paid within 90 days of the debtor-lessee's bankruptcy. Under current practice, it is common for a debtor-lessee to make a series of irregular rental shortly before declaring bankruptcy. In recent years, other creditors of a bankrupt lessee have used computer programs to send out a large number of preference attacks against anyone who has received payments for a large debtor-lessee within 90 days of the debtor-lessee's bankruptcy. Through the filing of these "technogically assisted preference claims", certain creditors have successfully reclaimed certain rental payments made by the lessee to the lessor. Under this reform measure, if these irregular rental payments from the lessee are viewed as coming within the "ordinary course of business" in the industry then the lessor will be able to keep these payments.


### Press Release ######################

NACM Congratulates Congress on Overhauling
Commercial Bankruptcy Code

Columbia, Maryland -- The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) applauds members of the U.S. House of Representatives, who on April 14, by a 302 to 126 vote, passed S. 256, known as The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. The Senate passed the bill March 10, by a vote of 75-24. President George W. Bush has said he would sign the bill if enacted by Congress. The bill takes affect 180 days after the President signs it into law.

NACM has been pushing for the Bankruptcy Code to be overhauled with regard to commercial bankruptcies over the last two administrations. Robin Schauseil, CAE, NACM President said, "NACM has worked tirelessly over the last five years to see that this bankruptcy reform measure, vital to commercial creditors, was passed. The benefit to the business credit community in the area of preferences, in particular, is enormous."

Although the consumer aspects of the bill have received most of the media attention, she pointed out important measures vital to commercial creditors that were at stake, and have been addressed in S. 256. Those issues include:

1. The creation of an expedited procedure for small businesses in Chapter 11
2. Revisions in the treatment of preference challenges to creditors
3. Reclamation reform

Small Business Reorganization

NACM sought to create an expedited procedure to assist small businesses through a Chapter 11 reorganization process as expeditiously as possible. Clearly, the less time a small business spends in the reorganization process in the courts, the more assets are preserved in that estate for creditors and for the business itself.

Under S. 256, a small business is defined as a company with $2 million or less in secured and unsecured debts (excluding debts owed to one or more affiliates or insiders). The hearing on the disclosure statement and hearing on confirmation of a plan of reorganization can be combined. The debtor has a maximum of 300 days from the date of the filing for bankruptcy in which to have the plan confirmed, and must have a plan confirmed by a maximum of 45 days after the reorganization plan is filed with the court. The ability to have a case converted from a Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7 is now subject to a higher standard than previously allowed. Debtors may use standardized forms and disclosure statements that will be developed by the Advisory Council to the Courts. Small business senior management is strongly urged, but not necessarily required, to attend all meetings with the trustee. Also, under a separate provision, S. 256 allows the courts to permit small businesses to serve ! as members of a creditors' committee if the small businesses more accurately reflect the aggregate debt load of the debtor.

Preferences Previously, all payments made by a debtor to creditors within 90 days of a bankruptcy filing had to be returned to the debtor's estate, unless the creditor could prove that the payment was made in the "ordinary course of business". Typically, the amount of the preference action against small business creditors represented less than the cost of litigation to defend the payment regardless of the merits of the case. Preference recoveries rarely were returned to debtors' estates, and often paid only for the cost of issuing the preference challenges.

NACM sought to curtail the blanket pursuit of preference recoveries against unsecured creditors. S. 256 addresses this issue by stating that there can be no preference recovery action brought against a non-insider business trade grantor if the aggregate amount of the preference is $5,000 or less. Amounts recovered with this threshold will increase the likelihood that preference recoveries will benefit all creditors, and not pay merely for collection efforts. Preference recovery actions against non-insiders seeking less than $10,000 must be brought to the bankruptcy court in the district where the trade creditor has its principal place of business. This should prevent the practice of allowing the trustees for the debtor to issue blanket preference challenges.

The test for whether a payment, under the preference defense provisions, is made in the ordinary course of business according to ordinary business terms has been expanded to include payment of a debt incurred by the debtor in the ordinary course of business between the debtor and creditor; payment made in the ordinary course of business or financial affairs between the debtor and creditor; or payment made according to ordinary business terms of the industry. This provision forces the court to look to the pre-petition history between the debtor and creditor as a definition of ordinary course of business. Should there be insufficient history between the debtor and creditor, the courts can look to industry norms to determine ordinary course of business benchmarks.


NACM proposed a modification in the treatment of reclamation demands to afford greater relief to creditors under the Code. A provision in S. 256 gives the credit grantor the option of one of two approaches for relief under the reclamation code: the creditor can exert a reclamation demand, enjoying the return of goods delivered within 45 days; or, as an alternative, should the return of goods be impossible or impractical, the creditor may enjoy an administrative priority for goods delivered within 20 days of the filing. The bill creates a bright line test for administrative priorities set at 20 days prior to the filing for bankruptcy for the receipt of goods by the debtor.

Retail Lease Assumption Because the bankruptcy courts had been willing to give debtors virtual unlimited opportunity to decide whether or not to keep the business open, the courts were very liberal in extending the time for the rejection or assumption of a lease. S. 256 proposes that a definite limit be set by which the tenant would be required to either assume or reject the lease. The bankruptcy court could not extend that for any reason.

S.256 also mandates that nonresidential real property leases be rejected or assumed before the earlier of 120 days after the order for relief or the entry of order confirming a plan. If no plan is confirmed in the 120-day period, the period can be extended to no longer than 210 days with the consent of the lessor or court approval, so long as the trustee or debtor in possession has performed all post-petition obligations in a timely manner.

Homestead Exemption Under current law, each state is afforded the prerogative of establishing a set of exemptions to benefit all creditors. However, states like Florida and Texas allow for an unlimited homestead exemption on personal property, effectively avoiding collection efforts. Congress is addressing these abuses by creating a federal treatment for homestead exemptions. S. 256 establishes a cap of $125,000 for homestead exemptions. However, the bill allows some accommodation for the prior state of residency of the debtor but generally a 1,215-day period is required to exempt property up to the $125,000 level.

NACM believes this is a victory for commercial credit grantors, particularly small businesses. Says Schauseil, "It's been a long, drawn-out battle to get changes to the commercial Bankruptcy Code, but this new legislation is comprehensive in addressing reform, and was worth the wait."

For more information on this bill, please visit www.nacm.org .

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CIT Announces Quarterly Dividend For First Quarter 2005

NEW YORK, / -- CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT)

announced that its Board of Directors has declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $.16 per share, a 23% increase over last quarter's dividend of $.13 per share. The dividend is payable on May 30, 2005 to shareholders of record on May 13, 2005.

- About CIT

CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading commercial and consumer finance company, provides clients with financing and leasing products and advisory services. Founded in 1908, CIT has nearly $60 billion in assets under management and possesses the financial resources, industry expertise and product knowledge to serve the needs of clients across approximately 30 industries. CIT, a Fortune 500 company and a component of the S&P 500 Index, holds leading positions in vendor financing, factoring, equipment and transportation financing, Small Business Administration loans, and asset-based lending. CIT, with its principal offices in Livingston, New Jersey and New York City, has approximately 6,000 employees in locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin and South America, and the Pacific Rim. For more information, visit http://www.cit.com

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Capital Crossing Bank Announces Quarterly Results and Increase to
Stock Repurchase Program/Dolphin Capital Income Up

“During the first quarter of 2005, the Bank's leasing subsidiary, Dolphin Capital Corp., originated leases with an aggregate investment balance of $14.5 million, compared to the same period in 2004 when it originated leases with an aggregate investment balance of $11.2 million. Dolphin Capital Corp.'s net income was $870,000 for the quarter ended March 31, 2005 compared to $763,000 for the same period in 2004.”

BOSTON----Capital Crossing Bank (NASDAQ:CAPX) (the "Bank") reported consolidated net income of $4.7 million, or $0.65 per diluted share, for the first quarter of 2005, compared to consolidated net income of $5.2 million, or $0.66 per diluted share, for the same period in 2004.

Nicholas W. Lazares, the Bank's Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are pleased to report another strong quarter at Capital Crossing Bank." Mr. Lazares further stated, "A significant portion of the Bank's earnings arises from the recognition of "transactional" income. In the first quarter of 2005, the Bank recognized approximately $9.8 million of transactional income, including $6.3 million of accelerated interest income associated with loan and lease payoffs and $3.5 million in net gains on sales of other real estate owned and property in possession. By contrast, in the first quarter of 2004, the Bank recognized approximately $8.3 million of transactional income, including $7.4 million of accelerated interest income associated with loan and lease payoffs, $775,000 in gains on sales of loans and $135,000 in net gains on sales of other real estate owned and property in possession. Since the level of loan and lease payoffs is to a certain extent beyond our control, the Bank's earnings may fluctuate significantly in the future."

Richard Wayne, the Bank's President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, explained that, "The volume of our loan acquisitions can be unpredictable from quarter-to-quarter. For example, in the first quarter of 2005, we purchased loans with outstanding principal balances of $50.9 million for a purchase price of $44.4 million, compared to the same period in 2004, when we purchased loans with outstanding principal balances of $18.9 million for a purchase price of $19.0 million." Mr. Wayne continued, "During the course of our review of available loan portfolios, we will, in some cases, decline to bid on a portfolio after analyzing the results of our due diligence review, or, in other instances, be outbid by other purchasers. We simply cannot predict how often we will successfully bid on a loan portfolio."

Mr. Wayne further stated, "Our total non-performing assets decreased $2.8 million from $39.7 million at December 31, 2004 to $36.9 million at March 31, 2005. While a substantial majority of the loan and leases we have acquired in recent years have been performing, we have also acquired appropriately priced non-performing loans and leases. At March 31, 2005, we held loans and leases with net investment balances of $17.2 million which were acquired as non-performing. In the past, our pricing strategy and the level of discount we obtain on such loans and leases has enabled us to, over time, realize significant levels of transactional income from these assets."

Since December 31, 2004, the Bank's book value per share has increased $0.13 from $14.96 to $15.09 at March 31, 2005. Additionally, the return on stockholders' equity was 21.01% for the first quarter of 2005 compared to 22.95% for the same period in 2004.

The Bank also announced today that it has increased the amount of its common stock repurchase program by $10.0 million. As of April 13, 2005, the Bank may repurchase up to approximately $12.2 million of its common stock in the open market or in privately negotiated transactions, subject to regulatory considerations, through December 31, 2005. This increase to the repurchase program has been approved by the Bank's Board of Directors and regulatory authorities.

The Bank continued to repurchase shares of its common stock under its common stock repurchase program during the first quarter of 2005. As of March 31, 2005, the Bank had repurchased 6,183,918 shares under its current repurchase program and previous repurchase programs.

full press release at:

Information on Dolphin Capital

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Fitch Upgrades Marlin Leasing Receivables VI & VII,
Series 2002-1 & 2003-1

CHICAGO)----Fitch Ratings upgrades the following classes of securities for Marlin Leasing Receivables VI, LLC, series 2002-1 (Marlin 2002-1) and Marlin Leasing Receivables VII, LLC, Series 2003-1 (Marlin 2003-1).

Marlin Leasing Receivables VI, LLC, series 2002-1 (Marlin 2002-1)
-- Class A equipment contract backed notes are upgraded to 'AA-' from 'A';
-- Class B equipment contract backed notes are upgraded to 'A' from 'BBB';
-- Class C equipment contract backed notes are upgraded to 'BBB' from 'BB'. Marlin Leasing Receivables VII, LLC, Series 2003-1(Marlin 2003-1)
-- Class A equipment contract backed notes are upgraded to 'A+' from 'A';
-- Class B equipment contract backed notes are upgraded to 'BBB+' from 'BBB';
-- Class C equipment contract backed notes are upgraded to 'BB+' from 'BB'.

In its review of the Marlin 2002-1 transaction, Fitch noted increasing levels of credit enhancement available to the class A, B, and C notes. The continued increase in credit enhancement is a result of better than expected portfolio performance. As of the March 2005 reporting, 30 plus day delinquencies equal 2.20%, cumulative net losses are 2.38%, and the recovery rate on previously defaulted contracts is 36.45%. In addition, the transaction also benefits from a reserve account ($2,006,250), overcollateralization ($1,782,421), and expected residual realizations.

Similarly, in its review of the Marlin 2003-1 transaction, Fitch noted increasing levels of credit enhancement available to the class A, B, and C notes. The continued increase in credit enhancement is a result of better than expected portfolio performance. As of March 2005 reporting, 30 plus day delinquencies equal 2.29%, cumulative net losses are 1.85%, and the recovery rate on previously defaulted contracts is 33.93%. In addition, the transaction also benefits from a reserve account ($2,371,050), over collateralization ($5,330,923), and expected residual realizations.

In addition to the aforementioned transactions, Fitch also rated the Marlin 1999-2, 2000-1, and 2001-1 transactions, which matured in December 2002, March 2004, and July 2004, respectively. All three transactions outperformed original base case expectations, with consistently low delinquency and default rates, resulting in steadily increasing levels of credit enhancement available to all classes.

Fitch will continue to closely monitor these transactions and may take additional rating action in the event of changes in performance and credit enhancement measures.

Fitch Ratings Du Trieu, 312-368-2091 Juveria Mozaffar, 312-606-2335 John Bella Jr., 312-368-2058 Sandro Scenga, 212-908-0278 (Media Relations)


Oil and Gas Finance Executive Joins GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services to Grow Investments with Oil and Gas Producers

STAMFORD, Conn.----GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services announced that P. Richard "Dick" Gessinger has joined its Oil and Gas unit as vice president of origination. He will originate partnership investments with independent private and public oil and gas producers to acquire or monetize proven reserves.

"Dick's experience as a commercial banker, investment banker, and exploration and production company executive gives him a rare blend of qualifications as a financial originator," said John Schaeffer, the GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services Managing Director who heads its Oil and Gas unit. "We're delighted to have Dick join our team."

Gessinger, who is Stamford-based, has more than 30 years experience as an energy finance professional, most recently having served as chief financial officer of a NYSE-listed Gulf Coast energy exploration company. His corporate finance experience has helped many energy companies grow throughout the oil and gas industry's economic cycles. Gessinger holds an MBA in Corporate Finance and a BA degree in Political Science, both from Emory University.

Since 1991, the unit's 18 professionals have provided $2.2 billion in partnership equity and $300 million in senior secured debt for its partner-operators who benefit from the team's industry expertise and long-term investment orientation. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, with offices in Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado, EFS's Oil and Gas unit currently has more than $1.5 billion of investments with estimated daily production of 140 million cubic feet of natural gas and 31,000 barrels of oil. Visit: www.oilandgaspartners.com

About GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services

GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services, based in Stamford, Connecticut, invests about $3 billion annually in the world's most capital-intensive industry, energy. With more than $11 billion in assets under management, GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services offers structured equity, leveraged leasing, partnerships, project finance and broad-based commercial finance to the global energy industry from wellhead to wall socket. For more information, visit www.geenergyfinancialservices.com.

About GE Commercial Finance and GE

GE Commercial Finance, which offers businesses around the globe an array of financial products and services, has assets of over $230 billion and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. GE (NYSE:GE) is Imagination at Work - a diversified technology, media and financial services company focused on solving some of the world's toughest problems. With products and services ranging from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing and security technology to medical imaging, business and consumer financing, media content and advanced materials, GE serves customers in more than 100 countries and employs more than 300,000 people worldwide. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.ge.com.

GE Commercial Finance Ken Koprowski, 203-961-5743

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Merryvale set to begin Stanly Ranch renovation this summer

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Rodney Strong Vineyards Named 'Winery of the Year' by California Travel Industry Association


This Day in American History

    1721- Roger Sherman, American statesman, member of the Continental Congress (1774—81 and 1783—84). signer of the Declaration of Independence and of the Constitution, was born at Newton, MA. Roger Sherman is the only American to sign four important historical documents: The Continental Association of 1774; The Declaration of Independence; The Articles of Confederation; and The Federal Constitution He also calculated astronomical and calendar information for an almanac. Sherman died at New Haven, CT, July 23, 1793.
    1775 -- Midnight rider Paul Revere, on his way to warn Concord that the British were coming, is arrested by the Redcoats and relieved of his horse. (Revere's companion, William Dawes, succeeded in delivering the message. He was later released and rode to many of the surrounding towns giving word to unite and get ready for the British.
    1775- John Parker, revolutionary solider, captain of the Minutemen, gave this order at Lexington Green, Massachusetts, " Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon; but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here." There is no proof that he said these words. Newspapers in the 18 th century added it to the story. The Revolutionary War did not begin here. An earlier skirmish had been recorded in New Hampshire when a British fort was captured without gunfire (they snuck up in the middle of the night). History records this as the first actual gunfire and major battle. Captain Parker died in action September 17 the same year. For years this was known as John Parker Day and he was saluted for his courage. It is still celebrated in some New England communities. History records this as the “opening volleys of the American Revolution”. Captain John Parker, commanding some 70 Minutemen, after learning of the arrival of the British from Samuel Prescott, engaged the British. There were 70 Minutemen volunteers under Captain John Parker and about 700 British Regulars under Major John Pitcairns, who were on their way to destroy illegal military stores at nearby Concord. The Americans were ordered to disperse. As they were doing so, one of them fired a shot. The British returned fire, killing 8 Minutemen and wounding 10. Troops under the command of Brigadier General Hugh Percy, played "Yankee Doodle" as they marched from Boston to reinforce British soldiers already fighting the Americans at Lexington and Concord . Whether sung or played on that occasion, the tune was martial and intended to deride the colonials:
Yankee Doodle came to town,
For to buy a firelock;
We will tar and feather him
And so we will John Hancock.
Yankee Doodle, keep it up,
Yankee Doodle Dandy,
Mind the Music and the step,
And with the girls be handy.

( go to the second part ) The relatively brief fight at Lexington left eight Minutemen dead and ten wounded. With reinforcements and an overwhelming number, the British then marched to Concord, destroyed some colonial supplies, and fought another engagement before beginning a long an costly retreat under colonial fire back to Boston. The actual retreat was more costly to the British than the two traditional battles. By the day's end, the British had suffered about 273 casualties, the Americans 92.
    1782- America's oldest continuously peaceful diplomatic relations began. The States General of the Netherlands United Provinces admitted John Adams (later to become second president of the US) as minister plenipotentiary of the young American republic. This was the second diplomatic recognition of the US as an independent nation. Within six months Adams had succeeded in bringing about the signing of the first Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the two countries (Oct 8, 1782).
    1865-Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated. He died at the White House on April 16. General Robert E. Lee had surrendered a week earlier. The Civil War was basically over His body was removed to the White House, where it remained until April 18, while people literally lined up miles to pay homage. In order to accommodate more people to show respect to the fallen president, the body was removed to the Capitol rotunda, where it lay in state on a catafalque on April 19 and 20. On April 21, it was taken to the railroad station and put aboard a train that conveyed it to Springfield, ILL. It is said there were people all along the railroad tracks who had come out to pay homage, some bringing flowers, and there was a lot of outright crying from not only women and children, but men who traditionally not show this emotion. Lincoln was buried on May 4, 1965, in Oak Ridge Cemetery, near Springfield. To perhaps understand this further, he had made his second inaugural address on March 4, not more than a month earlier. It brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience. It was reportedly a silent audience, befitting an occasion made ever more solemn by Lincoln's words. The war was not over, but there was room for hope, if not certainty. Lincoln began by saying that the occasion did not call for an extended address, such as the one delivered as the one he delivered at his first inaugural. The audience was as familiar as he with the progress so of the war. Lincoln asked his listeners to relive with him the forebodings of four years before, when both sides were rushing toward war, through “neither party expected the magnitude anticipated that the cause of the conflict might cease before the conflict in itself should cease. Each looked for an easier triumph and a result less fundamental and astonishing. Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God. Each invokes His aid against the other. It just God's assistance in wringing bread from the sweat of other men's faces; but let us judge not, that we be not judged.” He expressed the common hope that the war would soon end, and bade his hearers to continue what they had begun: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and orphans, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” The address was not followed by any demonstration, either public or personal, to indicate to Lincoln whether it had been effective. he felt himself that it was among the best he had ever delivered, and he expressed this sentiment in a letter to Thurlow Weed, thanking Weed for a few words of Congratulation. He was concerned with healing wounds, bringing the nation together, as he outlined in this speech. The country had heard him..
    1875-the Centennial celebration of the Revolution was held at Lexington and Concord, MA, on April 19,1875, to commemorate the 100 th birthday of American liberty. The participants included President Ulysses Simpson Grant, three cabinet secretaries, and many state governors.
    1887-The start of the Boston Marathon, originally called the American Marathon Race. It was first run on a course that began in Hopkinton, MA, and continued through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, and Newton to Exeter Street, Boston, a distance of 26 miles, 385 feet. The winner was John J. McDermott of the Pastime Athletic Club of New York City, whose time was 2 hours, 55 minutes, 10 seconds.
    1881 - at Nation City, South Dakota a 79 day snow blockade was lifted and the first train arrived.
    1890 The Brooklyn Bridegrooms, who will later be known as the Dodgers, play their first National League game. In Boston, the former American Association team loses to the Braves, 15-9.
    1898-birthday of singer Doctor Clayton, Georgia http://www.luckymojo.com/bluesrootdoctorclayton.html http://www.worldwidewax.com/recs/db/db28.htm
    1906—Band leader/pianist Alex Hill Birthday
    1932—Birthday of Andrea Mead Lawrence - U.S. Alpine skier; winner of two gold medals in the 1952 Olympics, the only U.S. skier - male or female - to win two medals in skiing to that time. Marrying in 1952, she had the third of her five children only four month before she just missed the bronze in the 1956 Olympics (Three children in four years and still retained world class skiing ability!). Her Olympic victories, coupled with her U.S. championship titles in the downhill, slalom, and Alpine combined in 1950, 1952, and 1955 and the giant slalom in 1953, earned her a place in the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.
    1933-Birthday of Jayne Mansfield - U.S. actor and entertainment personality. Although gifted with an IQ of 163, and charming, when she appeared on late night television shows it was her body and “dumb blonde” act that got all the attention. In 1956 she married Mr. Universe Mickey Hargity.and the emphasis on physical "beauty" may have sidetracked her. After a series of grade B movies, she appeared on late night television talk host shows, and toured in night club acts to supplament her dwindling film income (she had at one time been one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood) and she was killed in a horrific automobile accident between Biloxi, Mississippi, where she was appearing and New Orleans. On June 29, 1967 JM was driving with Ronnie Harrison and lawyer Sam Brody in the front seat. Her children, Mickey, Jr., Zoltan and Mariska sat in the back. As they rounded a curve on a dark stretch of road, the car slammed into a parked semi. Though the children survived with minor injuries, everyone in the front was killed instantly. Her daughter Marissa (Mariska) Hargity is the star of Law and Order Sex Victims Unit. Rumor has it that Mansfield was beheaded in the accident but it was her wig that flew off. The autopsy showed that she had had only one drink but the rumors that drinking was the cause of the accident and she was beheaded is what everyone thinks today.
    1945 - The musical "Carousel", based on Molnar's "Liliom", opened at the Majestic Theatre in New York City. John Raitt and Jan Clayton starred in the show which ran for 890 performances. Music was by the team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, http://www.musicalheaven.com/c/carousel.shtml

    1948- The Red Sox become the first team to hit three consecutive homers (Spence, Stephens and Doerr) on Opening Day, but the long ball isn't enough as the A's beats Boston in 11 innings, 5-4.
    1949 -Monuments honoring Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Miller Huggins are unveiled in centerfield during Opening Day ceremonies held at Yankee Stadium.
    1949---Top Hits
Cruising Down the River - The Russ Morgan Orchestra (vocal: The Skyliners)
Red Roses for a Blue Lady - Vaughn Monroe
Forever and Ever - Perry Como
Candy Kisses - George Morgan
    1951 - General Douglas MacArthur addressed a joint session of Congress. defending his Korean policies and beliefs and declaring his military career to be at its end. Recalling words of a ballad,” Old soldiers never die, they just fade away,” MacArthur stated: “I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty.” He was trying to save face for his plans to invade Korea and China, plus run as the Republican candidate for president in 1952. Instead the GOP recruited Dwight Eisenhower, who was until he decided to run a registered Democrat.
    1951 - Shigeki Tanaka, who survived the atomic blast at Hiroshima, Japan in World War II, won the Boston Marathon
    1956 - Actress Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco on this day. She married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in a storybook wedding. More than 1,500 radio, TV, newspaper and magazine reporters were on hand for the event in Monaco, as were most of the citizens of the tiny country. She died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident, Sept. 14, 1982 at Monte Carol, Monaco
    1956 - Major-league baseball came to New Jersey for the first time as the Brooklyn Dodgers defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 5-4 at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. Walter O'Malley's Dodgers played several games in New Jersey during the 1956 season, taking a major step toward vacating Ebbets Field and moving to LA. The Dodgers broke the hearts of many in Flatbush who rallied around the team. Many of us never got over the team leaving Brooklyn. I remember going to games at Ebbets Field, including the World Series we won, and also watching the Bronx Bombers.
    1957---Top Hits
Little Darlin' - The Diamonds
Party Doll - Buddy Knox
Come Go with Me - The Dell-Vikings
Gone - Ferlin Husky
    1959 - Singer Harry Belafonte appeared in the first of two benefit concerts for charity at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
    1960-Sarah Vaughan records with the Count Basie Band ( Roulette 52061)
    1965- WINS in New York City, 1010AM dial, first began the 24 hours a day all news radio format. Previously, it has been Rock'n'Roll. The news-only format was quickly copied by WCBS, another New York Station, and then by AM stations throughout the country. KFRC, San Francisco, ironically went from the news-talk format to Rock'n'Roll, so I moved from news editor to newswriter/producer at KGO radio.
    1965---Top Hits
I'm Telling You Now - Freddie & The Dreamers
Game of Love - Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders
I Know a Place - Petula Clark
King of the Road - Roger Miller
    1967 – Frank and his daughter Nancy Sinatra won a gold record for their hit single, "Something Stupid".
    1967-Katherine Switzer defied organizers of the all-male Boston Marathon by submitting an entry under the name K. Switzer and having it accepted. She showed up at the starting line wearing heavy sweats and a hooded sweatshirt and peeled off the outer layers of clothing once the race began. Officials tried to force Switzer off the course, but her boyfriend, hammer thrower Thomas Miller, running with her objected. She finished the race, but officials refused to record her time.
    1969-- The first horse race in the U.S. that featured all women jockeys was run at Suffolk Downs, Boston, Massachusetts.
    1973- Glenrock, Wyoming received 41 inches of snow in just 24 hours, and a storm total of 58 inches, to establish two state records.
    1973---Top Hits
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia - Vicki Lawrence
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree - Dawn featuring Tony Orlando
Sing - Carpenters
A Shoulder to Cry On - Charley Pride
    1976 - on this date, the day of the Boston Marathon, the northeast was in the midst of an early spring heatwave. The temperature at Providence, Rhode Island soared to 98 degrees. The temperature at Hopkinton, Massachusetts where the raced started was in the upper 90's but runners hit a cooling seabreeze upon entering Boston with temperatures dropping into the upper 60's.
    1981 - The first major-league baseball team to win 11 straight games at the beginning of a season was the Oakland A's. Win number 11 came with a few fireworks, as a brawl or two became a part of a 6-1 victory over Seattle in the first game of a doubleheader. In the second game, however, Seattle ended the A's win streak with a 3-2 win.
    1981-The Pawtucket Red Sox hosted the Rochester Red Wings in a n International League game that turned into the longest contest in professional baseball history. It began on a cold Saturday night, April 18, and was suspended at 4:07am April 19 with the teams tied, 3-3, after having played 32 innings. When the game resumed on June 23, Pawtucket pushed across the winning run in the bottom of the 33 rd inning after only 18 minutes of play.
    1981---Top Hits
Kiss on My List - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Morning Train (Nine to Five) - Sheena Easton
Just the Two of Us - Grover Washington, Jr./Bill Withers
Old Flame – Alabama
    1982- Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, following their successful reunion concert in New York's Central Park the previous September, announced that they would stay together "as long as the fans want us." But by the time the album they were working on came out 18 months later, all traces of Garfunkel's contributions had been electronically removed.
    1983 - a strong storm system dumped heavy snow in the northeast with 15 inches of snow in northern New Jersey, one foot in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and up to 17 inches in the Catskills of New York.
    1986 -a major storm system produced 10 tornadoes in Texas. One of these tornadoes, rated F3 in intensity, virtually annihilated the town of Sweetwater, Texas. The tornado struck at the unlikely time of 7:17 am. One person was killed and 100 were injured.
    1989- In one of the worst naval disasters since the war in Vietnam, a freak explosion rocked the battleship USS Iowa , killing 47 sailors. The explosion occurred in the No. 2 gun turret as the Iowa was participating in gunnery exercises about 300 miles northeast of Puerto Rico.
    1989---Top Hits
She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young cannibals
Like a Prayer - Madonna
Funky Cold Medina - Tone Loc
I'm No Stranger to the Rain - Keith Whitley
    1989—(from “Women of Achievement: The news of the horrific rape and beating of a woman jogger in Central Park left for dead burned into the national conscience - but few know what happened to her. Her life hung in balance for weeks and she was said to be permanently brain damaged. Doctors held out little hope for a productive life. They doubted if she would ever be able to feed herself. However, ten years later this amazing woman has beaten all the odds. She is happily married, puts in long hours working as president of a not-for-profit organization that helps people in crisis. And in 1995, only six years after she was left for dead she anonymously ran in the New York Marathon, finishing the 26-mile race in a little under 4.5 hours. She still has the athletic body of a serious runner. Reporter Heidi Evans, in a 2001 article in the New York Daily News, wrote that the woman whose real name was never disclosed has no memory of the horrific events. Dr. Robert Kurtz, the surgeon who is credited with saving the jogger's life said "She had a lot of curiosity about what happened to her (after she came out of the coma). We went through the details a number of times, and she would make charts. She was amazed she went through all these events and didn't have a shred of memory."
Reporter Heidi Evens wrote:
"At the time of the Central Park attack, the 5-foot-5 woman was a rising star in the corporate finance department of Salomon Brothers. She was 28 and regularly jogged in the park at night after work. "On April 19, 1989, about 9 p.m., she was attacked by a pack of young teenagers at the end of an escalating crime spree in the park. She was raped repeatedly, viciously beaten with a pipe and left for dead. "The gang left her bleeding and nude, bound and gagged with her bloody shirt, - unconscious for hours in a remote area at the northern end of the park, where she was found by two other joggers at 1:30 a.m. She remained in a coma for two weeks, and doctors feared that if she came out of it, she had only a 50-50 chance of dressing and feeding herself. "She spent seven weeks at Metropolitan Hospital, where she gradually began her slow and miraculous recovery. After seven months in rehabilitation at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, Conn., she returned to work at Salomon Brothers for a few hours a day." Reporter Evans says that according to her friends, her speech is normal. She can read and work long hours. But she still has some problems with her balance and vision. She has not regained her sense of smell. But by and large, friends say, she is fine, athletic and happy, commuting several days a week to work in the city. In 1997, she married a businessman and lives in Connecticut. Friends say she spends her spare time giving back to every institution that helped her reclaim her life, including the rehabilitation facility Gaylord Hospital, the Mount Sinai Medical Center Rape Crisis Intervention Program and the Achilles Track Club for people with disabilities. The jogger declined a request for an interview as she has through the years.
"She wants people to know that she is alive and well," one friend said, "but she wants to remain a private person." Despite the horror she experienced, the jogger, who is now 40 still runs in Central Park when she gets the chance.
"She never stopped loving the park," a frienhd said. "She thinks it's the most beautiful park in the world." |
    1983-Dennis Rodman of the Detroit Pistons won the first rebounding title of his NBA career. He snared 1,530 rebounds, 42.1% of Detroit's total, for an average of 18.7 per game.
    1995- a car bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building at Oklahoma City, OK, at 9:02 AM, killing 168 people, 19 of them children at a day-care center; a nurse died of head injuries sustained while helping in rescue efforts. The bomb, estimated to have weighed 5,000 pounds, had been placed in a rented truck. The blast ripped off the north face of the nine-story building, leaving a 20-foot-wide crater and debris two stories high. . Structurally unsound and increasingly dangerous, the bombed building was razed May 23. Timothy J. McVeigh, a decorated Gulf War army vet who is alleged to have been angered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) attack on the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, TX, exactly two years before, was convicted of the bombing and was executed June 11, 2001. The ATF had offices in the OK federal building. Terry L. Nicholls, an army buddy of McVeigh, was convicted of lesser charges.

Stanley Cup Champions This Date

    1947 Toronto Maple Leaves


Baseball Poem

    I Love Baseball


Baseball is a game I love
And one I'm always dreaming of.
I play it in summer and spring
To enjoy the fun that these days bring.
Practice makes perfect is what they say,
So all work hard to be this way.
Basics and fundamentals, the coaches repeat,
Are the keys to avoid defeat.
Day in, day out, coaches encourage the team
In order to fufill the players' dream.
The goal is to win championships
And, along the way, everlasting friendships.
Many players act like kings
Once they receive state championship rings.
But the humble, gracious ones thank the Lord,
For giving them the talents for this award.
Losing shouldn't be a shame,
For a team can't win every game.
This is hard for many to bear,
But we know life isn't always fair.
When the game is over and all is done,
The team will reflect and say, "Oh, what fun!"
Despite much pain and heart-felt sorrow,
We will work together to face tomorrow.
When the season is finished,
And time for playing is diminished,
The players return home to think of
What they will do without this game they love.


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