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Documentation Processor

New York, NY.

Mid-Town New York office seeking Documentation Processor with approximately 3 years experience. Click here for details.

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Monday, April 14, 2008


Help for those seeking jobs
    Classified Ad---Controller
        GE's Financial Statement-by C.Menkin
Cartoon----Clean Desk
    DWJ Capital joins “Broker/Lessor” List
        Top Stories --April 7-April 11
    Classified ads---Help Wanted
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
Equipment Acceptance
    ELFA Legal Forum – May 4-6 in Chicago
        Leasing Advisory Board Member Ginny Young
Citigroup/Merrill Lynch reveal fresh $15bn loss
    New home loan changes bring no relief
        Global crisis grows as food prices soar
            World Bank head: Act now on food prices
        Newspaper worry about downturn
    BMW 1 Series is small but sassy
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Ultra rich Keep Spending
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Provence, France-Vacation
News on Line---Internet Newspapers
Chester, Pennsylvania

######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Help for those seeking jobs

Due to the changing employment condition affecting the leasing industry, Leasing News has been increasing its reporting on jobs, finding work, and will be introducing specific industry employment statistics, perhaps as early as the next edition.

In today’s edition, we introduce a new list and invite other leasing recruiters to fill out the form. It is free. There is no advertisement fee.

Leasing News will also have this list not only on its web site, but the link in every edition in the classified ads. No charge. No fee. No criteria except the firm has expertise in the leasing and finance industry.



Classified Ad---Controller

Boca Raton, FL
CPA w/ Sarbanes Oxley/ 15 years management exp. as CFO/ Controller/5 yrs w/ PWC Extensive exp providing accounting/ tax guidance for the equipment lease industry. Willing to relocate.
Chicago, IL
experienced in lease accounting, operations, management, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Seeking position with equipment lessor. Would consider contract assignments or relocating.
Southeastern, MI
Controller & Management experience w/ equip lessors &broker. MBA, CPA w/ extensive accounting, management, securitization experience with public and private companies. Willing to relocate.
West Palm Beach, FL
CPA/CFO/Controller/Due Diligence Officer/SOX Lead seeking position.

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:

To place a free “job wanted” ad here, please go to:



GE's Financial Statement

by Christopher Menkin

Almost one month ago, March 12, General Electric Chief Executive Jeff Immelt in a message to investors regarding GE's annual report said that revenue should rise by at least 10 percent to $195 billion this year.

“In 2008, we should hit all of our financial goals and outperform the S&P 500,” he said.

I find it always perplexing as GE did have a 6% profit in this very crazy marketplace, but since it was forecast for 10%, Wall Street took it out on their stock. For the record, Immelt said in “2008.” The year-end has eight months to go.

Wall Street is skittish; scared may be a better word. Stock investors have been told for months it is going to get worse. Some are doing the “Mary Baker Eddy” approach that it is not going to happen,
or maybe Dale Carnegie, “Think Positive,” or just plain have “hope.”
The over react when brought back to reality.

Radio brought immediacy. Television brought you into the hearings and the war, “live” in many instances. Cable brought 24 hours news and more niche coverage. The internet has brought all of
the above and more as the “reader” can find specifically what they are interested in and from many sources, including other readers. The news is “raw.”

In a brilliant public relations move for this industrial, financial and entertainment conglomerate, “Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO - GE; Keith Sherin, Vice Chairman and CFO - GE; and Dan Janki,
VP Investor Communications - GE hosted a conference” call to discuss 1st quarter 2008 results last Friday morning.

What I like best is the informal names utilized and the entire approach which deserve to be in a college textbook. It was brilliant. No kidding. They controlled the news to a better spin.

Immelt announced that GE profit fell 6 percent, to $4.3 billion, from $4.57 billion a year earlier. They didn’t hold back, but laid it all out, let the internet, “You Tube,” or the New York Times, even Drudge
Report, take their best shot. The announcement was also right before the two day weekend, and from a media stand point, a cooling off of the news, not being hit Tuesday through Friday.

To the media, they laid out what they wanted the world to know by filing the SEC report press release, including a consolidated balance and income statement as well as a supplemental financial statement (not the full statement.) Brilliant move. No sarcasm, here. To assume that no company involved in the financial community will be untouched by the world wide very serious credit market would make you an inhabitant of a different planet? They explained the numbers and took the news media right through the process.

In viewing the financial statements, the problems are found in the cost of administration up, slower collections, and borrowings are up in the financial services by $35.8 million.

Segment profit (in millions)    
Three months ending   2008 2007
Infrastructure   $2,588 $ 2,208
Commercial Finance   1,158 1,440
GE Money   995 1,223
Healthcare   528 637
NBC Universal   712 691
Industrial   300 358
Liabilities and equity      
Borrowings   $547.8 $514.1
Other liabilities
& minority interest
  $133.3 $129.7

In the SEC filing, a condensed statement of earnings:

Sales of goods and services $24,322 $ 21,515  
Total revenues $42,243 $ 39,200  
GE $27,310 $25,686 6%
Financial Service $18,053 $17,485 3%

Where the bottom line is most effected, and therefore look for cuts from GE and other changes, as they started to do last year in the Healthcare leasing section, is in the cost of sales, administration,
interest, and provision for losses. The full statements follow the story, but for brevity sake:

Total costs and expenses:

Consolidated $37,053 $33,040  
GE $22,191 $20,118 10 %
Financial services $15,516 $13,469 15%

The financial statements show loss from continued operations, particularly in the financial service sector, which income tax provisions also come to the bottom line.

The last financial statement in the SEC filing is a condensed statement of financial condition.

Borrowings are up in the Financial Services:

(in millions) 3/31/08 12/31/07
  $536.7 $500.9

There is your profit being off, not including other higher costs.

My educated guess: GE did not make any serious counter offers to executives who moved last year to the CIT Group, among others. Leasing News wrote about the letting go of sales personnel in the healthcare leasing unit, and other changes being made. GE was looking to ride out the storm. Managment knew they would have a profit and the goal was 10%. Look for more cuts.

Press Release with financial statement:

Condensed statement of earnings (profit and loss):

Condensed statement of Financial Position (balance sheet):

All three from GE web site/SEC filings.



Cartoon----Clean Desk



DWJ Capital joins “Broker/Lessor” List

"Broker/Lessor" List

Third Column: YES - Year Company Started | YELB - Years in equipment Leasing Business

A - City Business License | B- State License | C - Certified Leasing Professional |
D - State(s) sales/use tax license |
E -
Named as "lessor" on 50% or more of lease contract signed. |

City, State
Leasing Association
(see above for meaning)
# of Empl.
Geographic Area
Buisness Reports

DWJ Capital
Irvine, CA
Daniel Wabs

App Only $5,000 - $150,000
Commercial Div. $150,000 - $5MM

To view the complete list, please click here.



Top Stories --April 7-April 11

Here are the top ten stories most “opened” by readers last week:

(1) Time to Start Looking

(2) As long as they spell CIT correctly--by C. Menkin

(3) Zack’s view on Marlin & the Leasing Industry

(4) "C" and "D" Credit Days

(5) 10 nat. banks w/largest number of complaints

(6) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
Structures for Vendor programs

(7) Saw subprime meltdown coming

(8) Alert---Nutrend Business Equipment, L.A.

(9) BofA skips rope with LaSalle

---Our First Three-Way Tie:

(10) (Tie) Creative Capital Leases for Sale

(10) (Tie) FTC-IFC Trial Judge says date stands!!!

(10) (Tie) Harbour Capital joins “Broker/Lessor” List

Extra: Not counted for technical reasons:
Leasing News Extra
Studebaker-Worthington sold to Main Street Bank



Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Lake Success, NY

Full time, entry or jr. level collector, auto and/or equip collection exp. preferred. Resume: fax 718-392-5427
attn: Ed Kaye/Eric Coolbaugh

About the Company: Advantage Funding is the leader in automotive and equipment lease financing, Lake Success, NY.

Document Processor

Documentation Processor

New York, NY.

Mid-Town New York office seeking Documentation Processor with approximately 3 years experience. Click here for details.

Send all resumes in confidence to:

Leasing Sales Representative

Leasing Sales Representative
Long Island, NY

Hiring experienced or new to business sales reps. Transactions in all states / all industries. Send resume to: or fax 631-414-7571.

About the Company: Sterling Capital Leasing, LLC is a national small ticket/middle market leasing company

Special Assets Workout Officer

Special Assets Workout Officer,
San Francisco, CA

5+ years collection experience work-out commercial accts. equip. finance/leasing-
click here for more info

About the Company: Bank of the West and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity/affirmative
action employers.



Leasing 102

by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Equipment Acceptance

I have acted as an expert witness in a number of cases involving questions on equipment existence. Our documents do not cover us if the equipment did not get delivered or we fail to confirm that it meets with the lessee’s expectations. Delivery and acceptance documents have been downsized over the years for a number of “bad” reasons. Salespersons complain that our documentation is too long or to complicated. Quite frankly they are as much trouble as opposing counsel in a fraud case because they are not at risk and they are looking for an easy way to complete the sale. I suggest having the salespeople cover all the frauds and see how your documentation problems evaporate. Proper documentation and follow up cannot be taken lightly in today’s market.

When questions of fraud surface, it can usually be traced back to some failure by the leasing company in documentation, or follow up. It is important to confirm equipment existence and that it has been received intact by the lessee. The best way to do this is to visit the customer and the newly arrived equipment to have the possession and acceptance document signed. If this is not possible then ask for a signed bill of laden from the vendor to confirm that the lessee signed for the equipment. Without the equipment that you paid for your claim usually results in tremendous losses.

A small amount to investigation is necessary on each vendor to confirm that they are not tied to the lessee and they have been in existence for a few years. Most of the fraud on equipment existence comes from vendors in cahoots with the lessee and usually the equipment does not exist or it is used on multiple occasions as props for a new unsuspecting leasing company to see. Equipment inspections appear to be a lot of expense until you have that first loss because of failure to confirm the equipments existence, then the inspections sound cheap.

Think of equipment confirmation as a time to get closer to your customer and look for additional business. I have said for years that equipment inspections are the best marketing call you will ever make and equipment confirmation on new leases will discover a lot of problems that can be solved “before” the lease commences instead of after the money is spent.

It never hurts to take the check for equipment purchases to the vendor. Did you ever see anyone turned away when baring money for the vendor? This is a chance to size up the vendor and ask for additional business. Also you should question vendors that use post office box numbers or addresses in poor parts of town. Use some common sense when evaluating vendors. Just because they are not your customer does not mean that they cannot hurt you or cause you lots of pain.

Last but not least, they more time you spend on the phone confirming a good description of the equipment the better to receive warring signs that something is just not right. Most equipment fraud cases have one thing in common; a lack of information on the description and use of the equipment.

Proper documents and proper procedures rarely get into trouble but each time you cut a corner be prepared for trouble.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-327-8666.
He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:




Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Legal Forum – May 4-6 in Chicago

Comprehensive Program on Issues, Trends and New Products Impacting Equipment Finance Counsel

Washington, DC—The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) 2008 Legal Forum, one of ELFA’s most well-attended conferences, will bring together internal and outside legal counsel at the premier legal event for the equipment finance industry. The conference will take place at the Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago, May 4-6.

Updates on bet-the-company legal issues, current trends in the industry and information on new products are featured. Industry segment roundtables will provide the opportunity to share ideas on key industry and legal matters.

The three-day conference includes forward-looking sessions including: • Forbearance Agreements • Use of Guaranty Agreements • Letters of Credit, Keep-Wells and Other Credit Enhancements • Renewable Energy Finance • Cross-Border and International Issues • Healthcare Financing Issues • Non-Traditional Financing Sources, Business Air Finance • Issues for Bank-Owned Equipment Finance Companies and • State of the Securitization Market

Highlights from the 2008 Legal Forum

Basic Principles of Lease and Financing Negotiations
Advanced Syndications:
Addressing Developments, Risks and Advanced Structures in the Syndication Market
Fraud is Back:
Potential Sources of Recovery and Evolving Theories of Liability
Sand Traps and Snake Pits and Things that Go Bump in the Night! Hidden liens and other impediments to secured creditors' liens and security interests
Non-Bank Regulatory and Compliance Issues – Hidden Risks
Who Should Attend?
Internal and external counsel of all experience levels will benefit from this Forum

*Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors may attend as a member.
*Non-Members are invited ( see brochure:)

First Time Attendees from ELFA member companies!
---Reduced Registration Fee!
If you are employed by an ELFA member company and have never previously attended the ELFA Legal Forum, then you may be able to register for this year's Forum at 25% off the regular ELFA member fee, which is $840, or a savings of $210!

Please note: This special savings is available only if one additional person from your company is attending at the regular ELFA member rate of $1,050.

For Legal Forum registration please contact Morinia Scott at 202-238-3434.




Leasing Advisory Board Member Ginny Young

Ginny is one of the original founders of the Leasing News Advisory Board. She had been in the finance industry for 35 years, including being very active for over 20 years in equipment leasing. She retired from the commercial finance industry in 2005.

Ginny was most recently owner of Brava Capital in Orange, California which specialized in franchise financing. She was a very active member of the United Association of Equipment Leasing having chaired several committees, worked on regional committees and was a speaker/panelist at annual conferences. She wrote articles for Newsline. She chaired the very successful 1999 Annual Conference and Exhibition and served on the Board of Directors for four years.

Ginny Young
formerly Brava Capital
Orange, California

Leasing News asked her four questions:

(1) What was the biggest Issue you faced in your business?

"The biggest issue I faced in the financing business was competing against unethical competitors. It was a constant challenge. I’m sure a lost deals because I would not lie but I did sleep well at night."

(2) What advise would you give a younger person entering the field?

"Join an association, learn everything you can, do not compromise your integrity."

(3) What attributes did you contribute to your success?

"Make a business plan every year, stick to it. Never stop learning.
Control Expenses even in the good years."

(4) What I want to do before I die?

"Build my Dream Home and raise horses."

Since closing Brava Capital, Ginny has become CFO of the family’s construction business which builds municipal playgrounds for schools and parks. Although, she says the industries are vastly different, she gets as much pleasure watching the kids enjoy their new playground as she did helping entrepreneurs open their first franchise.

In her spare time Ginny enjoys photography, gardening, quilting, and travel. She also reads Leasing News and keeps us on our toes.



News Briefs----

Citigroup and Merrill Lynch reveal fresh $15bn loss

New home loan changes bring no relief

Global crisis grows as food prices soar,0,3603827.story

World Bank head: Act now on food prices

Newspaper worry about downturn

BMW 1 Series is small but sassy
BMW's 1 Series, which comes in convertible or coupe versions, delivers holy-moly power at high speeds yet doesn't slurp that much gas in around-town driving.



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Sports Briefs----

South African Trevor Immelman won the Masters Sunday

Sonics win one for the fans on emotional night

NY Yankees Remove Buried Red Sox Jersey

Talk of pricey naming rights for Dallas Cowboys stadium intensifies



“Gimme that Wine”

2002 Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs retail price has not only gone up, it
no longer will be for sale at retail stores. The sparkling wine is over
allocated, according to it make and president Elaine Crane. It
is available at the winery, however:

Kona Coffee---Mountain Thunder---the best!!!

Finally -- delicious kosher wine

How K&L Wine Merchants uncorks more value out of its e-mail marketing

Winery watch on Landmark Vineyards: Friends of the Vineyard

Wine Prices by vintage
US/International Wine Events
Winery Atlas
Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page
The London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) is an electronic exchange for fine wine.



Calendar Events This Day

Bengali New Year

Children with Alopecia Day
If you have a child who is losing hair because of the disease alopeciareata, today is your day to stand up and be proud of not having hair.

Honduras: Dia de Las Americas
Pan-American Day, a national holiday.

International Moment of Laughter Day

Look Up at the Sky Day

Malayalam New Year

Pan-American Day
Presidential Proclamation 1912, of Mary 28, 1930, that is observed in the public schools as a day honoring the republic of Latin America.

Pan-American Day in Florida
A ceremonial day in Florida that is observed in the public schools as a day honoring the republics of Latin America.

Pecan Day

Reach as High as You Can Day

Saint feast Days



Mayonnaise is said to be the invention of the French chef of the Duke de Richelieu in 1756. While the Duke was defeating the British at Port Mahon, his chef was creating a victory feast that included a sauce made of cream and eggs. When the chef realized that there was no cream in the kitchen, he improvised, substituting olive oil for the cream. A new culinary masterpiece was born, and the chef named it "Mahonnaise" in honor of the Duke's victory.



Today's Top Event in History

1865- President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington,D.C. He died the following morning. John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor, was allowed upstairs at Ford's Theatre; giving him access to United States President Abraham Lincoln's private box as Lincoln watched "Our American Cousin". Just after 10 p.m., Booth, a Confederate sympathizer, shot Lincoln in the head, leaped to the stage below, and shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis!” Which means, "Thus always to tyrants!" the state motto of Virginia. In the fall, he broke his leg, but managed to escape the Washington, D.C. theatre, mount a horse, and flee to Virginia. Booth was tracked down and shot as he hid in a barn near Port Royal, Virginia. The next day, Lincoln died at 7:22 a.m.


This Day in American History

    1775 - Gen. Thomas Gage, commander of British forces in North America, received orders from Parliament authorizing him to use aggressive military force against the American rebels.
    1775- the first abolition organization was formed today as the Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage in Philadelphia, PA. The first president was John Baldwin.
    1828- Noah Webster published his American Dictionary of the English Language. 22 years in preparation. It introduces "Americanisms" — 12,000 words never before in any dictionary.
    1849- Isabella Stewart Gardner, art collector, began collecting art with her husband. Continued collecting after his death, designed the mansion to house it and then donated the finished museum which bears her name to the people of Boston in 1903. It houses one of the world's great collections of Dutch and Renaissance paintings. Her will specifies the collection remain exactly as she placed it. An absolutely fascinating place and this tourist loved it!
    1860 - First Pony Express rider arrived in San Francisco with mail originating in St. Joseph, Missouri.
    1865- President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington,D.C. He died the following morning. John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor, was allowed upstairs at Ford's Theatre; giving him access to United States President Abraham Lincoln's private box as Lincoln watched "Our American Cousin". Just after 10 p.m., Booth, a Confederate sympathizer, shot Lincoln in the head, leaped to the stage below, and shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis!” Which means, "Thus always to tyrants!" the state motto of Virginia. In the fall, he broke his leg, but managed to escape the Washington, D.C. theatre, mount a horse, and flee to Virginia. Booth was tracked down and shot as he hid in a barn near Port Royal, Virginia. The next day, Lincoln died at 7:22 a.m.
    1865-The first National Bank to fail was First National Bank of Attica, New York, placed in receivership for injudicious banking and failure of large debtors.
    1886 -an F4 tornado struck St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. 61 people were killed an total damage was around $400,000. Over 200 homes were destroyed by this "spiral apparition".
    1894 - In New York City, Thomas Edison demonstrated his kinetoscope. A viewer held 50 feet of film , about 13 seconds worth, that showed images of Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill. The demonstration was called the first peep show, since you had to peep into the device to see the film. At that time, movies were not projected on a screen.
    1897—Birthday of Horace McCoy, born Pegram Station, Tennessee, (some sources say Nashville) spent most of his adult life in Dallas, Texas. "Hard-boiled" American mystery writer and Hollywood scriptwriter. Contributor to "Black Mask" along with Raymond Chandler, James M. Cain, Dashiell Hammett, et al. His best known novel is the 1930s Depression drama They Shoot Horses, Don't They, filmed and directed by Sydney Pollack. Also wrote Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye; Corruption City.
    1902 - J.C. (James Cash) Penney opened his first store -- in Kemmerer Wyoming. In partnership with Thomas M. Callahan and William Guy Johnson, Penney named the store "Golden Rule". The dry goods and clothing store had a first-year profit of $8,514.36 on sales of $28,898.11.
    1910-. President William Howard Taft began a sports tradition by throwing out the first baseball of the season at an American League game between Washington and Philadelphia. Washington won 3-0.
    1910- Dr. Elinor McGrath graduated from the Chicago Veterinary College to become the first woman veterinarian in the United States.
    1912- RMS Titanic hits iceberg Just before midnight in the North Atlantic, the RMS Titanic fails to divert its course from an iceberg, ruptures its hull, and begins to sink. Twenty-one-year-old David Sarnoff picked up the Titanic's distress call on this day in 1912. Sarnoff, a telegraph operator running the world's most powerful radio telegraph station on top of Wannamaker's department store in New York, stayed at his post for seventy-two hours, receiving and transmitting information. Sarnoff went on to become a pioneer in radio and television broadcasting: He founded NBC in 1926, created an experimental television station for NBC in 1928, and eventually became president and chairman of RCA.
    1912--- the Unsinkable Margaret "Molly" Brown, earns her knickname by rowing a group of passengers away to safety from the sinking Titanic.
    1912-famed band leader Les Brown born Reinerton, Pa.
    1918- Lieutenant Douglas Campbell became the first American pilot to achieve the designation of ACE when he shot down his fifth German aircraft.
    1925- The Cleveland Indians defeated the St. Louis Browns, 21-14, in their season opener. Cleveland scored 12 runs in the eight inning, thanks to five errors by the Browns.
    1924 Shorty Rogers (Milton Rajonsky) Birthday
(perhaps one of the best album covers was “Shorty Rogers Swings” with this girl in tight Capri pants, a first for its day.)
    1925-birthday of tenor sax player Gene “Jug” Ammons, Chicago, Il.

    1928-Jack Teagarden cuts first solo, “She's a Great, Great Girl (Vi 21326)
    1933- singer Buddy Knox was born in Happy, Texas. He was one of a number of southern country singers who broke into rock 'n' roll in the 1950's. "Party Doll" and "Hula Love" were his two big hits, both in 1957. Knox now makes his home in Dominion City, Manitoba, and still tours extensively. Like many rockabilly performers, he has a substantial following in Europe.
    1933--Birthday of American composer Morton Subotnick
    1935 - Babe Ruth played his first National League game in Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. He was playing for the Boston Braves, not his old team the Red Sox, in this, his last year of pro ball in the major leagues. In this season, Ruth played 28 games, getting 13 hits and six home runs, before retiring.
    1935 --A windstorm moves from the Dakotas into the southern plains, lifting powdery soil into a 1,000-foot-high cloud — a blizzard of black dust and muddy rain hundreds of miles wide. With winds of 60 miles per hour, the storm moves quickly, engulfing whole towns in total darkness by early afternoon. Motorists are stranded on highways; farmers can't find their way home; families cower in houses, watching the dust pack so thickly against windows it seems they are being entombed. In 1935 alone, the winds took an estimated 850 million tons of topsoil. By the time the drought ends in 1940, the Dust Bowl states lost one-third of their population.
    1939- "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck was published. He was considered very controversial by the people of Salinas and Monterey, actually moved to my home town of Los Gatos, due to all the people "giving me a hard time." Today he is very well regarded on the Monterey Peninsula and has become a tourist icon.
    1941-Birthday of former baseball player Peter Edward “Pete” Rose, Cincinnati, Ohio.
    1945 - Robert Dole, later US senator and 1996 presidential candidate, was severely crippled by an artillery shell. During World War II, Robert Dole served in the 85th Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division. While stationed in Italy he participated in Operation Craftsman where he was wounded during a firefight with German troops. Dole spent nearly 40 months in army hospitals and lost most of the use of his right arm as a result.
    1945 - The Fifth Army, now under Lucian K. Truscott (General Mark Clark, former commander of the Fifth, was made commander of the Allied armies in Italy), began pushing its way up the peninsula, capturing Massa and crossing the Frigido River. After meeting considerable German resistance in the mountains, the Fifth sent the Germans running once the battle took to open country. Bologna became the next target, falling to the Fifth one week after engaging the enemy in Italy. Ferrara, Bondeno, and Modena succumbed shortly thereafter, Genoa on the 27th, and Milan on the 29th--an agenda of assaults that mimicked Napoleon's Italian campaigns. Helping the U.S. effort was the work of Italian guerilla partisan groups, who had successfully taken control of the area west of the Como-Milan-Genoa line. By the time of the unconditional surrender of the Germans, signed at Caserta on April 29, almost 660,000 Axis troops lay dead--compared with 321,000 Allied dead.
    1945-- STREET, GEORGE LEVICK, III Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Commander, U.S. Navy, U.S.S. Tirante. Place and date: Harbor of Quelpart Island, off the coast of Korea, 14 April 1945. Entered service at. Virginia. Born: 27 July 1913, Richmond, Va. Other Navy awards: Navy Cross, Silver Star with 1 Gold Star. Citation. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Tirante during the first war patrol of that vessel against enemy Japanese surface forces in the harbor of Quelpart Island, off the coast of Korea, on 14 April 1945. With the crew at surface battle stations, Comdr. (then Lt. Comdr.) Street approached the hostile anchorage from the south within 1,200 yards of the coast to complete a reconnoitering circuit of the island. Leaving the 10-fathom curve far behind he penetrated the mined and shoal-obstructed waters of the restricted harbor despite numerous patrolling vessels and in defiance of 5 shore-based radar stations and menacing aircraft. Prepared to fight it out on the surface if attacked, Comdr. Street went into action, sending 2 torpedoes with deadly accuracy into a large Japanese ammunition ship and exploding the target in a mountainous and blinding glare of white flames. With the Tirante instantly spotted by the enemy as she stood out plainly in the flare of light, he ordered the torpedo data computer set up while retiring and fired his last 2 torpedoes to disintegrate in quick succession the leading frigate and a similar flanking vessel. Clearing the gutted harbor at emergency full speed ahead, he slipped undetected along the shoreline, diving deep as a pursuing patrol dropped a pattern of depth charges at the point of submergence. His illustrious record of combat achievement during the first war patrol of the Tirante characterizes Comdr. Street as a daring and skilled leader and reflects the highest credit upon himself, his valiant command, and the U.S. Naval Service.
    1952---Top Hits
Wheel of Fortune - Kay Starr
Anytime - Eddie Fisher
Tell Me Why - The Four Aces
(When You Feel like You're in Love) Don't Just Stand There - Carl Smith
    1955-The first Four Freshman album “Voices in Modern” released on Capitol.
    1955-Fats Domino's "Ain't That A Shame" is released.
    1955- Elston Howard, who will be named the American League's MVP in 1963, becomes the first black to play for the Yankees. The former Monarchs' catcher will appear in nine All-Star Games and 54 World Series games, compiling a .274 batting average during his 12-year playing career.
    1956- the first video tape recorder for sounds and pictures was manufactured by Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, California, which could accommodate a 65-minute recording. The Columbia Broadcasting System purchased three of the video tape recorders at $75,000 each.
    1960---Top Hits
The Theme from "A Summer Place" - Percy Faith
Greenfields - The Brothers Four
Mama - Connie Francis
He'll Have to Go - Jim Reeves
    1960 - In New York City, the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" opened at the Martin Beck Theatre, starring Chita Rivera and Dick Van Dyke. It ran for 607 performances.
    1962 - Elgin Baylor of the Los Angeles Lakers scored 61 points in the NBA Playoffs against the Boston Celtics.
    1967- At Yankee Stadium, Billy Rohr, 21, is one out from pitching a no-hitter in his major league debut when Elston Howard singles on a 3-2 pitch ruining the rookie's shot at immortality. A heartbroken six year-old fan, John-John, sitting near the Red Sox dugout has to be consoled by his mother, Jackie Kennedy.
    1968---Top Hits
Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
Young Girl - The Union Gap
Cry like a Baby - The Box Tops
You are My Treasure - Jack Greene
    1968-De Vicenzo Signs Incorrect Card. After concluding the final round of the Masters with a magnificent 66, Argentinean Roberto de Vincenzo signed an incorrect scorecard that mistakenly recorded a par four on the 17 th hole instead of a birdie three. Under the rules of golf, de Vicenzo was penalized one stroke, and Bob Goolby declared the winner. Said de Vincenzo, “ What a stupid I am.”
    1969 - At the Academy Awards ceremony, Best Actress winner Barbra Streisand shocked the viewing audience with her see-through, bell-bottomed Scaasi pajamas. Opinions about her revealing outfit were mixed, but Streisand then angered some Academy members when she left the Governors' Ball after the ceremony to host a party at her house. Streisand, who had tied for the award with Katharine Hepburn, won for her electrifying film debut performance as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl.
    1969-The first major league baseball game played outside the US occurred as the Montréal Expos hosted the St. Louis Cardinals at Jarry Park. The Expos, an expansion team, won 8-7.
    1970 - Milwaukee Buck basketball player Lew Alcindor was named NBA Rookie of the Year. Alcindor later changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
    1975- Having already received two gold records for the albums, "The Captain and Me" and "What Once Were Vices Are Now Habits," the Doobie Brothers pick up their first gold single for their country flavored "Black Water."
    1976---Top Hits
Disco Lady - Johnnie Taylor
Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers
Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale
'Til I Can Make It on My Own - Tammy Wynette
    1980 - Kramer vs. Norma, Apocalypse vs. Jazz. That's how the honors were divided at the 52nd Annual Academy Awards ceremony at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. Johnny Carson was hosting quite a contest! But the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role went to Melvyn Douglas for his performance in "Being There". Was it going to be an upset? "Being There" was a long shot to win Best Picture and this was its first award all evening. "All That Jazz" had already won four of the golden statuettes and "Apocalypse Now", two. Next, it was Meryl Streep who picked up the Best Supporting Actress Oscar and Dustin Hoffman, Best Actor, for their roles in "Kramer vs. Kramer", making it a trio of Oscars for "Kramer", so far. Then "Norma Rae" picked up two awards: Best Music/Song, "It Goes like It Goes", David Shire (music), Norman Gimbel (lyrics) and Best Actress, Sally Field. But it was in the cards for "Kramer vs. Kramer" as it won for Best Director (Robert Benton), and then, Best Picture (Stanley R. Jaffe, producer). Going into the evening, "All That Jazz" and "Kramer vs. Kramer" each had nine Oscar nominations, "Apocalypse Now" had eight, and "Norma Rae", four.
    1984---Top Hits
Footloose - Kenny Loggins
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) - Phil Collins
Hello - Lionel Richie
Thank God for the Radio - The Kendalls
    1985 -record early season warmth occurred in the west. The temperature at Phoenix, Arizona reached 100 degrees which tied the record for the earliest in the season the mercury climbed to the 100 degree mark. The previous date was back in 1925 on this same day. At Lander, Wyoming, a high reading of 77 degrees was the warmest for so early in the spring season.
    1985 - The once-notorious Lexington Hotel in Chicago, Illinois was visited by Geraldo Rivera and a camera crew. A record television audience watched as the long-sealed vault of racketeer, Al Capone was opened during an overly advertised television special. Geraldo found broken bottles and no hint that Capone and his gang had ever stashed anything there.
    1986- the United States launches air strikes against Libya in retaliation for the Libyan sponsorship of terrorism against American troops and citizens. The raid, which began shortly before 7 p.m. EST (2 a.m., April 15 in Libya), involved more than 100 U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft, and was over within an hour. Five military targets and “terrorism centers” were hit, including the headquarters of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi. During the 1970s and '80s, Qaddafi's government financed a wide variety of Muslim and anti-U.S. and anti-British terrorist groups worldwide, from Palestinian guerrillas and Philippine Muslim rebels to the Irish Republican Army. In response, the U.S. imposed sanctions against Libya, and relations between the two nations steadily deteriorated. In 1981, Libya fired at a U.S. aircraft that passed into the Gulf of Sidra, which Qaddafi had claimed in 1973 as Libyan territorial waters. That year, the U.S. uncovered evidence of Libyan-sponsored terrorist plots against the United States, including planned assassination attempts against U.S. officials and the bombing of a U.S. embassy-sponsored dance in Khartoum, Sudan. Today he has agreed to peace in the Middle East, perhaps due to the military action in Iraq.
    1988 - A weather disturbance off the southern coast of California brought parts of southern California their first rain in six weeks. Rain- slickened roads resulted in numerous accidents in southern California, including a ten car pile-up at Riverside.
    1994---Top Hits
Bump N Grind- R. Kelly
The Sign- Ace Of Base
Without You/Never Forget You- Mariah Carey
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm- Crash Test Dummies
    1999- In a 7-6 loss to the Blue Jays, Devil Ray Jose Canseco becomes the 28th player in major league history to hit 400 home runs.
    1999---Top Hits
No Scrubs- TLC
Believe- Cher
What s It Gonna Be?!- Busta Rhymes Featuring Janet
Every Morning- Sugar Ray
    2001- By scoring in their 175th consecutive game, the Reds set the modern National League record for not being shut out by an opponent. Ironically, to break the record, Cincinnati beats Al Leiter and the Mets, 1-0, the last team and pitcher to blank the franchise.
    2004--DUNHAM, JASON L. Medal of Honor
Rank and Organization: Corporal, United States Marine CorpsFor conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as Rifle Squad Leader, 4th Platoon, Company K, Third Battalion, Seventh Marines (Reinforced), Regimental Combat Team 7, First Marine Division (Reinforced), on 14 April 2004. Corporal Dunham's squad was conducting a reconnaissance mission in the town of Karabilah, Iraq, when they heard rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire erupt approximately two kilometers to the west. Corporal Dunham led his Combined Anti-Armor Team towards the engagement to provide fire support to their Battalion Commander's convoy, which had been ambushed as it was traveling to Camp Husaybah. As Corporal Dunham and his Marines advanced, they quickly began to receive enemy fire. Corporal Dunham ordered his squad to dismount their vehicles and led one of his fire teams on foot several blocks south of the ambushed convoy. Discovering seven Iraqi vehicles in a column attempting to depart, Corporal Dunham and his team stopped the vehicles to search them for weapons. As they approached the vehicles, an insurgent leaped out and attacked Corporal Dunham. Corporal Dunham wrestled the insurgent to the ground and in the ensuing struggle saw the insurgent release a grenade. Corporal Dunham immediately alerted his fellow Marines to the threat. Aware of the imminent danger and without hesitation, Corporal Dunham covered the grenade with his helmet and body, bearing the brunt of the explosion and shielding his Marines from the blast. In an ultimate and selfless act of bravery in which he was mortally wounded, he saved the lives of at least two fellow Marines. By his undaunted courage, intrepid fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty, Corporal Dunham gallantly gave his life for his country, thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

Stanley Cup Champions This Date

    1928 New York Rangers
    1931 Montereal Canadiens
    1948 Toronto Maple Leafs
    1955 Detroit Red Wings
    1960 Montreal Canadiens



Spring Poem

Lines Written in Early Spring

        William Wordsworth (1798)

I heard a thousand blended notes,
While in a grove I sate reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts
Bring sad thoughts to the mind.

To her fair works did Nature link
The human soul that through me ran;
And much it grieved my heart to think
What man has made of man.

Through primrose tufts, in that green bower,
The periwinkle trailed its wreaths;
And ’tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes.

The birds around me hopped and played,
Their thoughts I cannot measure:--
But the least motion which they made
It seemed a thrill of pleasure.

The budding twigs spread out their fan,
To catch the breezy air;
And I must think, do all I can,
That there was pleasure there.

If this belief from heaven be sent,
If such be Nature’s holy plan,
Have I not reason to lament
What man has made of man?




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