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“Many thanks for the many memories---

We will miss you, Bob Hope.”





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    Virus Alert--

        VC Funds Raise $1.6B in Q2

            CapitalSource is IPO of the week

                UAEL Metro New York Region August 11 Lunch

            "It's Leadership"---Reaction


    GE to Acquire Transamerica's Commercial Finance Biz

Capital Stream to Let Offer for IDS Lapse

    IDS Inventory Tracking Solution Now More Robust

        Allegiant Partners selects McCue Systems' LeasePak

            John Allman Joins Central Leasing Corporation

                Industry Veterans Launch Unique Vehicle Leasing Enterprise

        Does Your Equipment Leasing Network Include...

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Classified Ads---


Yes, we have them at:



Here are other places to go for “jobs” or to place you ad, some are free: (available in many cities now, use scroll feature) Venture County, CA. Newspaper



Take this lady’s advice:


For those on a job search, here are tips:

I was recently let go by Old Kent Leasing in Chicago after Old Kent Financial Corporation was acquired by Fifth Third Bank. The leasing division was dissolved and all of us were out of a job.

I can tell you that nearly all of the employees including myself found their new positions by Networking. I did not find my position through a recruiting firm, Internet, or local classifieds.

Call your contacts at other leasing companies, brokers and even vendors. I am actually working for a vendor now managing all of the leasing and working with their sales staff.

While I am no longer a lessor, I am still in touch with all the lessors because I now need them for funding. You would be surprised at just h many people you know in the industry when the word gets out that your business has closed.

Our country is going though a very tough time economically and emotionally in light of the recent tragedy. Realizing that the last thing people need now is to be unemployed on top of all this, don't let it make you feel you need to drop out of society.

There are jobs for leasing professionals out there, they just may not be with a leasing company.

Hang in there.


I have since moved on to another company as of March 2002. Again, I acquired this position through networking. I presently work for a machine tool finance company that I worked closely with at Old Kent Leasing and this opportunity has worked out great !

So for anyone who is looking for a position in this industry the key is networking, networking, networking.

Susan M. Adamatis






Virus Alert


The IT manager at our law firm sent out the following message. Thought you might be interested. Thanks,



"A new virus has been created that comes in as an attachment in a zip format. Because it is archived it can get through anti virus software. This email states that your email account has expired. If you receive any of these emails please delete them.


We are now blocking all zip files. If you need to send us a zip file please let us know in advance."


Mike McPherson


Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

Phone: (604) 681-1260 or 1-800-667-0747

Fax: (604) 681-1680 or 1-800-667-4426



(Thank you. I received several of this e-mails, that read there were from :


“Hello there,


“I would like to inform you about important information regarding your

email address. This email address will be expiring.

Please read attachment for details.



“Best regards, Administrator



I didn’t open up the attachment.


#1—I never open any attachment without verifying who it is (period.)

#2—I am the mail administrator for Leasing News. I actually am

the ISP who takes care of the mail server for Leasing News here.

#3—I am told this virus only affects Microsoft Outlook. I use

a Unix based mail program.

#4—I have received over a dozen of these, to date, leading me

to believe it is invading the leasing industry circuit, and to receive

so many, is another “red flag.”

#4—This worm I am told invades your mail program and replicates

itself, sending to all on your mailing list.





VC Funds Raise $1.6B in Q2




CapitalSource is IPO of the week





**** announcement ******************************************

UAEL Metro New York Region August 11 Lunch

United Association of Equipment Leasing

Roundtable Lunch

Date: Monday, August 11, 2003

Time: 12:30PM - 2:00PM

Location: Baang Café & Bar at Woodbury Commons

8285 Jericho Turnpike

Woodbury, NY 11797

(516) 692-0809

Join us for an enjoyable & educational lunch of networking with brokers, lessors, service providers & funding source representatives.

This highly regarded restaurant is located on Long Island and has received "excellent" reviews from The New York Times. This is a "no host" lunch, so bring your appetite for food and networking.

Please register on-line at by Monday August 4th

Please contact Omar Diaz @ (866) 847-7301 ( or John Donohue @ (603) 433-9406 ( with any questions.

The UAEL looks forward to seeing you there!



**** announcement *************************************************





“It’s Leadership”---Reaction



As a charter member of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, past officer and the longest serving member of the board of directors I experienced first hand these changes and the work that had to be done to create a strong, expanding and

worthwhile organization. The NAELB started with nothing and with being

told NO several times by some of the current directors and officers on

joining. we did not give up. This was a team effort form the President on

down to see that this organization was for the brokers by the brokers.


As to comments on other associations, the olive branch was extended to

others to work together, pool resources and strive to make our industry

better. Some responded with their own agenda and turned us down flat as

is the case with the now defunct Ray Williams.


All the associations now have to careful of who is joining and why. If

the need for numbers is surmount for success the general quality of the

association will suffer. Many times individuals were allowed to join that

had prison records, been involved in fraud, misappropriations of funds,

identity theft and other items that would seem inappropriate for

membership. Also, the ones who join just to get to us. Get our mailing list, our fax

numbers to solicit our business, to get brokers to send business to

brokers (some disguised as funding sources)


Yes, the Leasing Industry has changed but as it were when I was growing up,

if it were not for my Grandmothers automobile, I would never have learned

to drive.


Thanks for the forum, Kit.


Bo Bohannon

Lease Capital, Inc.




I have read your association piece and I have enjoyed the responses. Please allow me to advance my comments and voice my opinion.

First of all I would characterize your comments on the UAEL "having it all" as somewhat misplaced. Without reopening old wounds I will simply say that what UAEL had during that era was merely a façade. The dismantling of that façade began with Jim Lahti, continued with George Davis and simply ended with me. As far as your characterization of certain members who have left the UAEL and now actively work for other associations I think they may fall into the categories that were described by Jeffrey Taylor. Many of these members simply find themselves being left behind by the industry. The "perfect storm" has claimed a lot of victims. Many of them have been "swamped" by the technology wave and other changes in the industry that undermine what little competitive edge they thought they had. Now many of these people find themselves trapped in an industry that they can't leave because that technology wave has created barriers to entry in many industries. Instead of bowing out gracefully they will choose to swim against the current until they sink beneath the waves of the perfect storm for the final time.

Ironically enough, I recall a conversation that took place between me and a prominent UAEL member more than 10 years ago. It was a very successful fall conference and this individual looked out over the room and said, "Bob, the funny thing is that half of these people are out of business and just don't know it yet". That was sage advice from a very experienced and respected member of that organization. That observation proved to be very astute.

I would also comment on the "run up" in membership that was experienced by associations in the mid nineties. Many of us knew that new entrants to the industry were not there because of their commitment to the industry. They were attracted by wide open credit windows and the volume driven philosophy that was meant to produce quick profits and leverage the cheap money of securitization. These companies were never serious players. Many of them were members one year and gone the next year but, Jeff Taylor was right again when he observed that all of the association leadership was enamored with the money that these companies were willing to throw around and spend.


LeaseNOW, Inc.

1-800-321-LEASE (5327) x101






To Jeffrey Taylor...

I guess from your comments since associations are unnecessary that we won't

be seeing you anymore at any of the meetings. Best wishes in your career.



Deborah J. Monosson



20 Overland Street

Boston MA 02215

617-267-2900 Tel





To the Editor:


"[Is the purpose of leasing associations] to promote education? Nothing of importance is happening." So Jeffrey Taylor would have us believe. Let's face it: This is not the first time Mr. Taylor has chosen to disingenuously knock those he perceives as competitors.


I have been attending meetings and conferences of the Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors for almost twenty years, and those of the National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers for about half that time.


In addition to all the benefits that have been spoken to by others in yesterday's Leasing News, I have learned things of value at every event. Those who have been educated in the field, both professional trainers and successful practitioners, pass along the benefits of their experience.


Of course Mr. Taylor, who claims to know everything about selling leases (after all, he learned it in the best of books), tells us not to maintain these memberships. His case against the associations is as convoluted as was his vitriolic railing against a fellow sales trainer several months ago. I am convinced that his only sales technique is the pathetically obvious slamming of the competition.


"The economy is not sinking. It's just uneven. Some of us are doing well, while others are not." Apparently things have turned around since the recent publication of Mr. Taylor's book, "Selling Leases in a Tough Economy."


Not satisfied with his dismissal of the value of the associations, Mr. Taylor tries to impugn the character of the people who volunteer their time and energy: "[The associations] cannot treat all members equally. If you are in a death boat and sinking quickly you do not have the time to think about everyone on the life boat. People who are dying focus their efforts on those they need to help them make it back to shore. And, that may not be you. Unfortunately, they do not tell the "losers" that they are no longer wanted. In fact, it is human nature to "use" losers and then discard them. Heartless, but real." Executive caliber, coherent thinking at its best.


Strong letter to follow.


Barry Reitman


(Disclosure: I am proud to state that I am a Board Member of the EAEL, and an active member of the NAELB.)




(Jeffrey Taylor, CLP, CPA, is a well-known, well-respected, trainer, lecturer, author,

and has a daily newsletter that reaches 15,000 readers in the world---he

has a following in other countries. To learn more about him, here is

a recent announcement regarding his book, “Selling Leasing in a Tough Economy,” and current sales training workshops:


He also is very active in Alcohol Anonymous, publishing a newsletter,

and helping many people.


If you missed the Leasing News six-month report on Leasing Association membership with its controversy, please go to:










### Press Release ############################################


GE Commercial Finance Agrees to Acquire Most of Transamerica's Commercial Finance Business



--Strategic Fit of Products and Services


--Expands GE's Distribution Finance Platform


--Enhances Key GE Commercial Finance Segments



GE Commercial Finance, the business-to-business financial services unit of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), announced today it has agreed to acquire most of Transamerica's commercial finance business. The transaction will add approximately $8.5 billion in managed assets to GE Commercial Finance's $200

billion asset portfolio.


GE Commercial Finance will acquire Transamerica units that provide distribution financing for manufacturers and dealers of industrial, consumer and recreational products as well as leasing and commercial loan financing for a wide range of sectors, including equipment, real estate and international structured finance. The units have approximately 1,700 employees and serve customers primarily in North America and Europe.


Under terms of the agreement, Transamerica's parent, Aegon N.V. (NYSE: AEG),will receive cash proceeds of approximately $5.4 billion, including a premium on

managed assets of $0.3 billion. GE will assume trade liabilities and third-party debt of $0.9 billion and a securitized portfolio of $2.5 billion.


"Transamerica has long been a respected participant in the commercial financing arena," said Mike Neal, president and CEO of GE Commercial Finance.


"We look forward to integrating into our business its strong customer relationships, experienced employees and reputation for excellence. This is a meaningful complement to GE Commercial Finance that will facilitate growth in several important industry segments."


GE Commercial Finance offers businesses of all sizes an array of financial services and products worldwide. With approximately $200 billion in assets and

an expertise in the mid-market segment, GE Commercial Finance provides loans, operating leases, financing programs and innovative structured capital to help

customers grow. A unit of the General Electric Company, GE Commercial Finance is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. GE is a diversified services,

technology and manufacturing company with operations worldwide.


The transaction, which is subject to customary conditions and receipt of regulatory approvals, is expected to close by the end of the year. Closing is also subject to the amendment or waiver of certain provisions of Transamerica

Finance Corporation's debt indentures by the required percentage of Transamerica 's outstanding public debt holders.


Caution Concerning Forward Looking Statements: This document includes certain "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Actual results may differ materially from these expectations due

to changes in global political, economic, business, competitive, market and regulatory factors. More information about those factors is contained in GE's

filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.




Rich Wacker

Phone Number: (203) 373-2468





#### Press Release ########################################

Capital Stream to Let Offer for IDS Lapse


Latest London Stock Exchange Notice:


IDS Group plc

6 August 2003

Increased cash offer


Capital Stream Minnesota, Inc.

a wholly owned subsidiary of

Capital Stream, Inc.

and (outside the United States)


Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance

on its behalf


IDS Group plc

Intention to lapse the Offer

The board of Capital Stream, Inc (“Capital Stream”) notes the announcement made by Twins Acquisition, Inc

(“Twins Acquisition”) on 5 August 2003 with regard of the Twins Acquisition offer being declared unconditional

in all respects.

Accordingly, the Capital Stream offer (the “Offer”) will not be extended beyond the 11 August 2003 (being

the next closing date of the Offer) and will lapse.

Unless the context otherwise requires, defined terms used in this announcement shall have the meanings

given to them in the Offer Document.


Capital Stream / Capital Stream Minnesota:

Kevin Riegelsberger Tel: 001 206 548 1651

(President and Chief Executive Officer)

Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance:

Roger Esler (Partner) Tel: 0113 243 9021

Simon Houldsworth (Director)


( Robert Baird continues for IDS Group and it appears the managing group

will now be the “owners” of IDS in the United States. )




#### Press Release ############################################


International Decision Systems¹

Inventory Tracking Solution Now More Robust


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA, ­ International Decision Systems

Inc. (IDS) announced today the addition of an asset income and expense

tracking function to its comprehensive InfoLease inventory management

solution. InfoLease is the world¹s premier lease/loan portfolio and asset

management system.


The new Inventory Recovery & Expense Tracking Module enables equipment

financing companies to leverage IDS¹ total inventory management solution to

monitor income and expense items associated with assets while they are in

inventory. Examples include:


· Costs related to refurbishing or reconditioning equipment for resale


· Money received from the sale of an asset while it was in inventory


· Charges associated with assets being repossessed. In turn, companies

can track recoveries or cash received from the sale of that repossessed



³Keeping on top of inventory gains and losses is critical for lessors to

determine the value of their asset investments,² says IDS product marketing

manager Tom Dawson. ³The data supplied by our inventory management solution

helps companies better price leases and residuals.²


Today¹s lackluster economy also adds to the industry¹s need for inventory

tracking capabilities. ³Lessors¹ inventories continue to grow, resulting in

even more assets to keep track of,² Dawson adds. ³IDS is responding to the

market demand with our total inventory management solution, which is now

even more robust with the Inventory Recovery & Expense Tracking Module.²


For more information about the IDS inventory management solution, or to

arrange for a demonstration, call IDS Marketing Director Deb Marshall at

612-851-3438 or visit



About International Decision Systems


International Decision Systems (IDS) is the global leader in developing

lease/loan accounting and portfolio management software and services. With

offices in the United Kingdom; Minneapolis, MN; Sydney, Australia and

Singapore, IDS offers the largest and most experienced global consulting,

implementation and technical support teams in the leasing industry.


InfoLease, the world¹s premier lease/loan portfolio and asset management

system, comprises the foundation of IDS¹ product line. With a web-enabled

front-end and more than 70 custom add-on solutions, InfoLease is the most

adaptable and scalable lease/loan technology available in today¹s



IDS¹ parent company, IDS Group plc, is publicly traded on the London Stock

Exchange (IDGL). For additional information about International Decision

Systems and IDS Group plc, visit <> .


IDS and InfoLease are registered trademarks of International Decision




### Press Release ##########################################


Allegiant Partners selects McCue Systems' LeasePak to increase productivity

with broker and leasing company clients


BURLINGAME, CA, 8/5/2003-- McCue Systems Inc. announces that Allegiant

Partners Incorporated has selected LeasePak Bronze Edition as its enterprise

lease and loan management system.


"We selected LeasePak on the basis of the superior capabilities the system

will provide our business through its integrated front and back-office,"

states Ben Carlile, recently-appointed President of Allegiant Partners. "We

know that LeasePak has been tested and proven in production by some of the

largest lessors in the equipment leasing industry," Carlile adds, "but what

really appeals to us is the control and efficiency we will gain in managing

our incoming transaction flow. We emphasize our front-end performance in

building our relationships with top tier brokers and leasing companies. We

measure our service level to brokers in five key areas and LeasePak will

help us improve in each of them."


Allegiant Partners' CEO Chris Enbom, added, "We are particularly pleased to

be kicking off our relationship with McCue Systems with the newest LeasePak

5.0 release. Its new productivity tools and integrated credit bureau access

functionality are particularly important to us. McCue has proved that they

are good at continuously improving their software in meaningful ways. We

think our broker and leasing company clients will see a large difference in

our response time as we begin to use this system."


"We are delighted to welcome Allegiant Partners to our customer community,"

says John McCue, CEO and founder of McCue Systems. "We are confident that

Allegiant Partners has made the right system selection for continued growth.

They have performed brilliantly in the face of challenging market

conditions; we now welcome the opportunity to work with them as they

continue to expand their business."


"Allegiant Partners is one of the most innovative competitors in its market

space," adds McCue Systems Senior Account Manager Peter Violich. "It made

good sense for them to choose a product through which they can improve their

responsiveness to new market opportunities, make further advances in

productivity, and easily extract the business data they need to fine-tune

their strategy and manage their risk. LeasePak will perform extremely well

for them in all of these areas."


The Allegiant Partners' LeasePak Bronze Edition installation will mark the

first use of the Linux operating system with LeasePak in real-time

production. The implementation will commence in August 2003, with a go-live

date scheduled for early October 2003.

About Allegiant Partners Inc.

Allegiant Partners, based in San Rafael, California, is a direct funding

source for brokers and other leasing companies with an emphasis on

commercial leases and loans from $30K to $250K. Larger lease transactions

over $250k may be syndicated. Allegiant Capital, a subsidiary of Allegiant

Partners, has established a network of strategic referral sources for

originating, funding and investing in structured opportunities.


For more information concerning Allegiant Partners or Allegiant Capital,

please call Doug Houlahan at (415) 257-4200, extension 205, or visit


About McCue Systems Inc.

With over 30 years experience in developing business solutions for the

leasing industry, McCue Systems Inc. is the leading provider of lease/ loan

portfolio management software for banks, leasing companies, and

manufacturers. Its flagship product, LeasePak(r), streamlines lease/loan

administration and asset management for the leasing enterprises of banks,

independent leasing companies, and manufacturers.


Leveraging the relational database systems from Oracle and Sybase, LeasePak

provides a strategic management and lease/loan portfolio accounting,

documentation, and asset management solution. With its unequalled power to

deliver strategic information, LeasePak provides managers with the tools to

transform portfolio data (customer information, asset data, and financials)

into business intelligence, giving them the decision support they need to

strengthen CRM, measure performance, and assess strategy throughout the

leasing enterprise.


By harnessing the most advanced technology - including the latest Linux

operating system - McCue Systems offers the LeasePak Bronze, Silver, and

Gold Editions for systems and portfolios of virtually all sizes and

complexities. LeasePak can be configured to run on the HP-UX, SUN/Solaris,

and Linux platforms.


The leasing experts at McCue Systems work closely with lessors to improve

their lease operations and enhance customer retention at every stage of the

lease lifecycle. See for more information about LeasePak and

McCue Systems' consulting and technology services. Contact or

call 888-730-2527.




### Press Release #############################################


John Allman Joins Central Leasing Corporation



Birmingham, Ala., - John Allman, a longtime veteran of the local financial industry, has joined Central Leasing Corporation as a senior leasing officer, according to an announcement by Doug Mills, president of the Birmingham-based company.


"John brings a wealth of experience in all facets of the financial industry," Mills said. "We know that his experience and dedication will make him an asset to our company and our clients."


Allman most recently served for four years as vice president of Technology Integration Financial Services. Prior to that, he served in the same position at First Commerce Leasing from 1995 to 1998. Allman began his career in the banking industry, and worked in various capacities at AmSouth Bank, Metro Bank and SouthTrust Bank for 25 years.


A graduate of Hueytown High School and Auburn University, Allman also holds a graduate banking degree from the Graduate School of Banking of the South at Louisiana State University.


Central Leasing Corporation is a business-to-business leasing firm that finances all types of commercial equipment, allowing its customers to improve efficiency by making state-of-the-art equipment immediately affordable. Based in Birmingham, Ala., the company serves customers across the Southeastern United States and specializes in leasing industrial and construction products; computer, communications, and medical equipment; office products; and vehicles. For more information, call Central Leasing at (205) 979-8844 or visit




### Press Release #############################################


Industry Veterans Launch Unique Vehicle Leasing Enterprise


Birmingham, Ala.,- Three veterans of the leasing industry have joined to launch Central Fleet Leasing, a new company that specializes in leasing vehicles to commercial clients. The new company leases vehicles of all types solely for business use, ranging from fleets of two or three cars to several hundred. It focuses on light- to medium-duty trucks and corporate vehicles, but can handle leases for any type of vehicle, including tractors and trailers. In its first month of business, Central Fleet Leasing has already leased more than 60 vehicles to companies in the Southeast for commercial use.


The company's founders include Doug Mills, president of Central Leasing Corporation; Shawn Lowe, founder and former president of CapitalPartners Leasing, Inc., and senior business development officer of Central Leasing Corporation; and Sandy Roden, owner of LeaseLinc and 20-year veteran of the vehicle leasing industry. The new company shares offices with and operates as a division of Central Leasing Corporation, a successful commercial leasing company with 15 years of experience.


Clients of Central Fleet Leasing rely on the company for its:


*Convenience. Clients simply describe the type of vehicles they need and Central Fleet Leasing takes over from there, locating the exact vehicles, structuring the lease, and delivering the vehicles, without clients ever leaving their offices.


*Quick Turnaround. Central Fleet Leasing prides itself on delivering requested vehicles to clients in record time, usually within 24 hours.


*Custom Leasing. Every lease is structured individually, designed to meet the company's specific needs for miles, length of lease, and other requirements.


Central Fleet Leasing is a division of Central Leasing Corporation, a business-to-business leasing firm that finances all types of commercial equipment, allowing its customers to improve efficiency by making state-of-the-art equipment immediately affordable. Based in Birmingham, Ala., the company serves customers across the Southeastern United States and specializes in leasing industrial and construction products; computer, communications, and medical equipment; office products; and vehicles. For more information, call Central Leasing at (205) 979-8844 or visit




Shawn Lowe

Central Leasing Corporation

Phone Number: (205) 979-8844




### Press Release ##############################################


**** announcement *****************************************


Does Your Equipment Leasing Network Include...



ACC Capital Corporation - Funding Source/Investor - We're


Lowder, Loni - President/CEO


Advantage Equipment Leasing LLC - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Selling

Archibald, Patrick - Managing Member


Allegiant Partners Incorporated - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Buying & Selling

Steindorf, John - Managing Director


Allied Resource Corp - Service Provider

Gum, Maria - VP

Flinchbaugh, Michael - Finance Mgr.


American Lease Insurance - Service Provider

Dinkelaker, Steve - President


Balboa Capital -Funding Source/Investor - We're Selling

Chiurazzi, Dave - Chief Financial Officer


Bank of America Leasing & Cap... - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Buying & Selling

Pearce, Ronnie - Senior Vice President

Axelrod, Warren - Vice President


Blackstone Capital Partners, L.P. - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Buying & Selling

Kepp, Kevin - Partner


Caterpillar Financial Ser.. -Funding Source/Investor - We're

Buying & Selling

Gilbreath, Tim - Corporate Credit Manager


CIT Technology Finance - Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying

D'Ingianni III, Vincente - Market Director


Collateral Specialists Inc. - Service Provider

Jennings, James L. - President

Schnable, Ray - Est Division Manager


Commonwealth Capital Corp. - Funding Source/Investor - We're


Abbott, Henry - Senior Vice President


DaimlerChrysler Services,

Structured Finance Group - Funding Source/Investor - We're

Buying & Selling

Conroy, Timothy F. - Managing Director


Dave Lakes & Associates, Inc. - Service Provider

Lakes, David - President


De Lage Landen Financial Ser... - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Selling

Alder, G. Kimberly - VP Capital Markets


Diamond Lease (USA), Inc. - Funding Source/Investor - We're


Mandell, Arthur - Senior Vice President


Energy & Resource Consulting Group - Service Provider

Movish, Philip J. - Executive Consultant


ePlus Group Inc. - Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying &


Fox, George - Vice President

Howard, Tom - Vice President


Equilease Financial Services Inc. - Service Provider

Silverhardt, Gary CEO & President

Minsky, Geoff - Director of Syndication


Equity Technologies Corporation - Service Provider

Anderson-Giles, Cathy - President & CEO

Stanley, Robert D. - VP Bus. Dev.


FairView Advisors, LLC - Service Provider

Wajnert, Tom - Managing Director

Sherman, Steve - Managing Director


GATX Technology - Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying

Cardew, David - VP, Bus. Dev.


GlobalTech Portfolio Services - Service Provider

Zeppenfeld, Alan J. - VP Bus. Dev.


GMAC Commercial Finance LLC - Funding Source/Investor - We're

Buying & Selling

Ducray, Douglas G. - VP Syndication


Helm Financial Corporation - Funding Source/Investor - We're

Buying & Selling

Dains, John F. - President


HTLF Capital Corp - Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying &


Hark, Michael - President


IOS Capital, LLC - Funding Source/Investor - We're Selling

Crawford, Brad - Syndication Manager

Joyce, Jack - Vice President


Kislak National Bank -Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying

Beauchamp, Denise - SVP


Liquidity Services Inc - Service Provider

Haroon. Asad - VP - Mktg & Dev.


Lombard US Equipment Finance... - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Buying & Selling

Boulden, Laird - President

Coyle, Jennifer - Sr. Vice President


Merrill Lynch Capital - Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying &


Butterbach Jody - Vice President

Settano, John P. - Director, Syndications


MicroBilt Corporation - Service Provider

Garretson, Mike - SVP & GM

Garrity, Bill - VP of Sales


North American Funding Corp. - Funding Source/Investor - We're

Buying & Selling

Eichner, Dick - CFO


ORIX Financial Services, Inc. - Funding Source/Investor - We're


Merkle, Robert w. - SVP-Port. Acquisions

Stecher, Steven M. - SVP-CIO


ORIX Public Finance LLC -Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying

& Selling

Neptune, Robert C. - President

Sharp, Jeff - Senior Vice President


Phoenix American Financial... - Service Provider

Divver, Neal - VP, CFO, COO


Portfolio Financial Servicing Company - Service Provider

Hudspeth, Jerry T. - President & CEO


RVI Group - Service Provider

O'Bryan, John - Vice President


Siemens Financial Services, Inc. - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Buying

Johnston, Richard - Vice President

Rabuazzo, Sandy - Vice President


Stevens & Lee, PC - Service Provider

Stern Fleming, Beth - Partner


SunTrust Leasing Corporation - Funding Source/Investor - We're

Buying & Selling

Beville, John - SVP

Henning, Kurt M. - Vice President


Tax Partners LLC - Service Provider

Musselwhite, Jim - Mkt. & Alliance Mgr


Transamerica Equipment Financial Service - Funding

Source/Investor - We're Buying & Selling

Kochan, Donald J. - SVP


UPS Capital Corp - Funding Source/Investor - We're Buying &


Salvatore, Guy VP - Capital Markets


Vision Commerce, Inc. - Service Provider

Hall, M. Kirk - Chief Technology Officer

Lundergan, Steve - President


Vision Financial Group Inc. - Funding Source/Investor - We're

Buying & Selling

Summers, Fred - CEO

Greer, Larry - CAO


Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc. - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Buying & Selling

Fantauzzi, Joseph - SVP


Wells Fargo Financial Resources - Funding Source/Investor -

We're Buying

Dunlap, Alexander - Vice President


Willis, Inc. - Service Provider

Simone, Anjanette - VP - Sales Mgt.


The Lessors Network Annual Conference | Update


August 25-26 | Atlanta, GA | The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead



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New U.S. municipal issuance in the first half of 2003 totaled $199 billion, a
21 percent increase, as a result of states and municipalities taking advantage
of the low interest rate environment and their growing infrastructure


In Most of the U.S., a House Is a Home but Not a Bonanza


Linux OK'd for use on sensitive computers

Cisco profit rises in fiscal fourth quarter, but revenues slip


100 Degrees in Britain,,2-2003360207,00.html



This Day in American History


    1727- the first Roman Catholic convent in America is occupied by the Ursaline nuns in New Orleans. The convent/school is still occupied today although rebuilt several times and much enlarged.

    1774- English religious leader Ann Lee (1736-1784) and a small band of followers first arrived in America. Her sect called itself the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming, but to the rest of the world her followers came to be known as the "Shakers."

    1777-Birthday of Mary Brant, a Mohawk, had nine children with the British superintendent of Indian Affairs. She managed his household and was his hostess for almost 25 years until his death in 1774. She then retired to upper New York state and was a loyalist during the American revolution. She supplied intelligence and ammunition for the British in the battle of Oriskany, August 6, 1777. Brant and her brother who was a warrior leader of the Iroquois were instrumental in aligning the entire Iroquois nation on the side of the British in the American revolution. Following the defeat of the British, she joined other refugees in Kingston, Ontario. Several hundred thousand loyalists left, many going

back to Great Britain, others to Canada.

August 6- September 10,1787: the Constitutional Convention engaged in the “Great Debate” over the draft constitution, during which it determined that Congress should have the right to regulate foreign trade and interstate commerce, established a four-year term of office for the president and appointed a five-man committee to prepare a final draft of the Constitution.

    1801- The Great Religious Revival of the American West began at a Presbyterian camp meeting in Cane Ridge, Kentucky.

    1815-With the end of the Napoleonic wars in Europe, and laws about

bringing “slaves” into the United States as “free labor,” immigration to the U.S. increased to new levels as work was to be had. Between 1815 and 1860, 5,000,000 persons came to the U.S. Over half of the immigrants came from the British Isles, mostly from Ireland. The next largest contingent arrived from Germany, 1,500,000, not counting German-speaking French citizens from Alsace and Lorraine. More than half the German immigrants settled in the upper Mississippi and Ohio river valleys. They brought new techniques and craftsmanship. For instance, Ohio glassware was a superior type of glassware manufactured from 1815 to 1850. The designation “Ohio” was generally applied both to the blown and molded glass produced in the Ohio River Valley region. Three of the leading manufacturers of this glassware were located in Mantua, Kent, and Zanesville, all cities of Ohio. The designation “Ohio” was also used to identify glass factories in the neighboring regions of West Virginia and western Pennsylvania.

    1821- Birthday of Edward H. Plumptre, Anglican theologian. He served on the Old Testament committee for the 1881 English Revised Version of the Bible. Today, he is better remembered as author of the hymn, "Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart."

    1829-Birthday of Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewski - pioneer U.S. doctor. MEZ graduated from a school for midwives without incident but when she was appointed chief midwife and professor, male opposition forced her resignation. On arriving in the U.S., she met Elizabeth Blackwell who helped her enter Western Reserve medical school for regular medical training. She assisted the Blackwell sisters in the New York Infirmary and ran the institution while Elizabeth was in England. She served as physician and professor at the New England Female Medical College in Boston but left because the founder saw women's position in medicine limited to midwifery. She founded the New England Hospital for Women and Children in 1862 and served in various capacities there until 1899.

In addition to her pioneering medical work, she developed lunchrooms for the working poor women and aid for poor Jews. Her New England Hospital was the first one to trained nurses and offer social services.

    1862 CSA ironclad "Arkansas" is badly damaged in Union battle.

( actual accounts:

    1864-The Rebels evacuate Fort Powell, Mobile Bay. attack Yesterday

we wrote about the Battle of Mobile Bay, Alabama starting. It actually lasted

until August 23. David G. Farragut, commanded a fleet of fourteen wooden ships and four ironclads. running through a minefield and past Confederate forts Gains, Morgan, and Powell, Farragut’s fleet defeated a Confederate flotilla, including the Confederate ironclad Tennessee, and took one of the South’s last major ports. The city of Mobile was taken in 1865.
    1870- White conservatives suppressed black vote and captured the Tennessee legislature. A reform movement was afoot and states started outright restricting

blacks from voting, others made poll tax and literacy tests a requirement. The

Southern states voting as a block made deals for a new president in an electoral

contest, by tenure gained control of committees as senator were voted by

the state legislators in this century, and while the North beat the South in the Civil War, the South now controlled bills, committees, and legislation and would dominate for almost a century to follow.

    1890 - Denton ‘Cy’ Young pitched his first major-league baseball game on this day. He led the Cleveland Spiders past the Chicago White Sox. Young went on to enjoy a great baseball career, winning a total of 511 games (95 more than second place Walter Johnson) ... averaging more than 23 victories over 22 seasons, playing for Cleveland, St. Louis, and Boston (where he played in the first World Series, and won). The Cy Young Award was established in 1956, when the Baseball Writer's Association of America bestowed the honor on the best pitcher in major-league baseball for that year. The award has been presented every year since. In fact, from 1967 on, two Cy Young awards have been presented annually to the best pitcher in each major league.

    1905-Birthday of Clara Bow - U.S. film actor. CB was called the "'It' girl" as she portrayed the carefree flapper in early Hollywood films. She starred in more than 30 films including the classic Wings but her strong Brooklyn accent prevented her from making it in talking pictures. Her various sex scandals also lost fan support but it was her voice that ended her movie career. She won a beauty contest while still in high school that sent her to Hollywood. A good biography is J. Morella's The 'It' Girl: the Incredible Story of Clara Bow (1976).

    1906-Birthday of trombone player Vic Dickenson, Xenia, OH, Died November 16,1984.

    1911- Film and television pioneer and comedian Lucille Ball born at Butte, MT. In addition to her many other film and television credits, Lucille Ball always will be remembered for her role in the 1950s CBS sitcom I Love Lucy. As Lucy Riccardo, the wife of band leader Ricky Riccardo (her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz), her comedic style became a trademark of early television comedy. She was instrumental in many pioneering innovations in TV production. Desilu Productions, the company founded by Ball and Arnaz, insisted on filming in Hollywood instead of New York. This move is largely credited with creating a shift in TV production to the west coast. In addition, theirs was the first TV show to use 35mm film to increase the clarity of the final image, the first to use three cameras instead of one and the first to be filmed in front of a live audience. On Apr 1,1958, the final episode was broadcast, but I Love Lucy now is seen worldwide in syndication. Ball continued her involvement both before and behind the camera, appearing in three additional sitcoms. She became the first woman to head a major motion picture and TV studio when she purchased Arnazs share of Desilu Productions. Ball and Arnaz were divorced in 1960; she later married Gary Morton. She died Apr 26, 1989, at Los Angeles, CA.

    1918-Birthday of jazz promoter/sponsor Norman Granz , Los Angeles, CA.,,407567,00.html

    1921—Jazz flutist Buddy Collette Birthday.

(“Swinging Shepard’s” is a great album ).

    1925-Birthday of Bill Haley, rock 'n' roll's first teen idol, born in Highland Park, Michigan. Haley, with his group, the Saddlemen, at first played country-and-western, but in 1952 he dropped the cowboy image and changed the band's name to the Comets. Haley began recording cover versions of R'n'B hits, and in 1953, his "Crazy Man Crazy" became the first rock 'n' roll record to make the Billboard pop chart. Bill Haley and the Comets' biggest success came in 1955 when "Rock Around the Clock" rose to number one. Haley was the most popular rock 'n' roll idol until Elvis Presley came along, but by 1958 his career was basically over. He continued to work as a nostalgia act, mainly in Britain and Europe. Haley died on February 9th, 1981 in his hometown of Harlingen, Texas.

    1927-Birthday of Canadian composer Dolores Claman, born in Vancouver. She and her husband, Richard Morris, became one of the country's most successful jingle-writing teams in the mid-1960's. Claman and Morris have also written several stage musicals and film scores, the theme for CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada" and the score for the film "A Place to Stand," made for the Ontario pavilion at Expo 67. The film won an Oscar.

    1929-Birthday of Janice Lee York Romary - U.S. Olympic fencer (1952-1968) who in 1968 became the first woman to be the U.S. flag bearer in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (Mexico City).

    1930-Birthday of singer Abbey Lincoln, Chicago, IL.

    1930- Mysterious disappearance at age 41, Joseph Force Crater, justice of the New York State Supreme Court. Never seen or heard from after disappearance on this date. Declared legally dead in 1939. “Where is Judge Crater” signs appeared everywhere in the thirties.

    1932-Birthday of singer and actress Della Reese.
    1937-Maxine Sullivan records “Loch Lomond,” NYC ( Voc 3169).

    1945-Memorial observances in many places for victims of the first atomic bombing of a populated place, which occurred at Hiroshima, Japan in 1945,( it was August 5 in the United States ) when an American B-29 bomber, “Enola Gay,” dropped an atomic bomb over the center of the city. The pilot was Colonel Paul Warfield Tibbets, Jr. of Miami, FL., and the bombardier was Major Thomas W. Ferebee of Mocksville, NC. More than 205,000 civilians died either immediately in the explosion or subsequently of radiation. If you had been reading history in America in the preceding months, it would have given you a sense of the time and in order to save lives, the atomic bomb was dropped.

    1965-The Voting Rights Act of 1965 signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson, designed to thwart attempts to discriminate against minorities at the polls. The act suspended literacy and other disqualifying tests, authorized appointment of federal voting examiners and provided for judicial relief on the federal level to bar discriminatory poll taxes. Congress voted to extend the Act in 1975, 1984, and 1991.

    1948 - Seventeen-year-old Bob Mathias won the decathlon competition at the Olympic Games being held in London, England.

    1949---Top Hits

Some Enchanted Evening - Perry Como

Again - Gordon Jenkins

Riders in the Sky - Vaughn Monroe

I’m Throwing Rice (At the Girl that I Love) - Eddy Arnold

    1952 - Satchel Paige, at age 46, became the oldest pitcher to complete a major-league baseball game. Paige shutout the Detroit Tigers 1-0 in a 12-inning game.

    1955- "Baby, Let's Play House" became Elvis Presley's first national chart single, reaching number 10 on Billboard's country chart.
    1956-Birthday of soprano sax player Kenny G, whose full name is Kenny Gorelick.

    1957---Top Hits

Love Letters in the Sand - Pat Boone

Tammy - Debbie Reynolds

Diana - Paul Anka

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley

    1957- 16 year-old John Lennon and his group the Quarrymen recorded "Baby Let's Play House" and "Puttin' on the Style" at a church social in Liverpool. The recording, made on the day Lennon met 14 year-old Paul McCartney, sold at a London auction in September 1994 for the equivalent of $156,000 Canadian.  

    1963- the New York Mets hired several rock 'n' roll acts, including Chubby Checker and Dee Dee Sharp, to perform before a game with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    1965- Marty Balin and Paul Kantner formed a folk-rock group that evolved into the Jefferson Airplane, the premier San Francisco psychedelic band of the late '60s. The Airplane made its debut the following month at a Haight-Ashbury club, and was signed to RCA later in the year. "The Jefferson Airplane Takes Off," their first album, was awarded a gold record in 1966.

    1965---Top Hits

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

I’m Henry VIII, I Am - Herman’s Hermits

What’s New Pussycat? - Tom Jones

The First Thing Ev’ry Morning (And the Last Thing Ev’ry Night) - Jimmy Dean

    1967 - Dean Chance of the Minnesota Twins pitched five innings of perfect baseball, leading his team to victory over the Boston Red Sox. Chance was only the third player to pitch a shortened, perfect game.

    1972 -Hitting his 660th and 661st career homers, Hank Aaron breaks Yankee legend Babe Ruth's record for most home runs with one team. Hammerin' Hank's' second homer of the day is a 10th inning blast which enables the Braves to beat the Reds, 4-3

    1973---Top Hits

The Morning After - Maureen McGovern

Live and Let Die - Wings

Diamond Girl - Seals & Crofts

Lord, Mr. Ford - Jerry Reed

    1973- Roberto Clemente becomes the first Latin-born player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame

    1981 - Golfing legend Lee Trevino was disqualified from the PGA Championship in Duluth, GA when the ‘Super Mex’ had his scorecard signed by Tom Weiskopf instead of himself.

    1981-After a seven-week strike that cut the heart out of the regular baseball season, major league players approved a plan for a split season with the post-strike games to constitute the second half. The New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers were declared first-half champions, automatically qualify for special divisional playoffs.

    1981---Top Hits

Jessie’s Girl - Rick Springfield

Theme from "Greatest American Hero" (Believe It or Not) - Joey Scarbury

I Don’t Need You - Kenny Rogers

Dixie on My Mind - Hank Williams, Jr.

    1984- the Jacksons' "Victory" tour opened in Kansas City. The eight-story stage, designed by brother Michael, obscured the view from one-fourth of Arrowhead Stadium's 60,000 seats. Despite complaints about the $30 ticket prices, "Victory" proved to be the then-largest concert tour ever. The Jacksons played 55 dates in 23 cities, selling about 2.3 million tickets. Each brother raked in about $5 million . The promoter, Chuck Sullivan, lost $20 million because he agreed to pay all costs of the lavish production.

    1986 - Timothy Dalton became the fourth actor to be named “Bond ... James Bond.” Dalton, 38, and his studio, United Artists, ended months of speculation as to who would star as Agent 007 in the 15th James Bond film. The character of Bond was created by writer Ian Fleming. Other stars to play the role of the suave, debonair and deadly double agent include: Roger Moore, Sean Connery and George Lazenby, with Pierce Brosnan as the James Bond for the 1990s.

    1988 -Cub reliever Goose Gossage becomes the second player in major league history to record 300 career saves as he retires one batter in a 7-4 victory over the Phillies.

    1988- Jose Canseco became the 11th player in major league history to hit 30 homers and steal 30 bases in a

season. The A's outfielder, with 31 homers, joins the 30-30 club stealing second base with one out in the ninth inning for his 30th as Oakland beat the Mariners, 5-4.

    1989 -Boston Red Sox retire Carl Yastrezemski's #8.

    1989---Top Hits

Batdance - Prince

On Our Own - Bobby Brown

So Alive - Love & Rockets

Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ like That - Dolly Parton

    1996- Daniel Goldin, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced scientific evidence that there was life on Mars.

The discovery was made by Dr. Roberta Score and a team of American scientists. Using electron microscopes, they examined a 4.5 billion year old Martian meteorite that struck Antarctica 13,000 years ago and found fossils of what appeared to be a “primitive form of microscopic life.”

    1999 - "The Sixth Sense" opened with Bruce Willis starring as a child psychologist and Haley Joel Osment, who plays an 8-year-old who is visited by ghosts. As of July 24, 2001, it had rung up $293,501,675 at the box office.

I didn’t realize Willis was a ghost. When you see it a second time, it gives

a different perspective to the movie.

    2001- The Hall of Fame Veterans Committee comprised of five former players, five media members and five former executives, which was established in 1953, is to be replaced by a 90-member group made up of the members of the Hall of Fame (61), the recipients of the J.G. Taylor Spink award for writers (13), the Ford C. Frick award for broadcasters (13) and current Veterans Committee members (3). The new committee will be able elect players only once every two years and executives, umpires and managers only once every four years.

    2002 Protecting the Giants' 11-10 lead over the Cubs, 32-year old reliever Robb Nen becomes the 16th and youngest closer to record the 300th save of his career.






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