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Dedicated to Lawrence Faber, My Good Friend Who Died at 56

    No Press Release from Decision System International

        DVI Makes It Official-To File Chapter 11

            Sterling Will Fund DVI Leases-Lower Rates, Too

                ELA Reports 10.5% New Business Volume 2nd Quarter

            John Kruse, Jim Brady, Cliff Monlux Open New Company

        Two Version: Free and $59.95 yr with Free 30 Day Trial

    Home-Equity Values Poised to Drop

News Briefs---

    Sports Briefs---

        California Nuts Briefs---

This Day in American History


This Border ##### Denotes Press Release (Not Written By Leasing News)




Dedicated to Lawrence Faber, My Good Friend Who Died at 56


Larry would have gone to the 49er-Raider game with Walt and I yesterday late

afternoon, but it was Cal Camp week. He was a UC Berkeley graduate.

He and his family never missed it. He saw his fraternity buddies, and he was

a Cal fan, going to all the football games, basketball games, and he would

argue with anyone, especially a Stanford alumni.



We started doing business with his company Input/Optics about twenty-five

years ago as American Leasing, writing leases for over 500 dentists, and

did their up-grades and other equipment after being introduced by Larry.


He turned 56 years old on Sunday. On Wednesday, he said he felt ill, tired, and

went to the infirmary. He was not over weight, physically very active, and in

generally very good health. They found nothing. He felt a little better, but cold

and clammy, so Dr. Budack, a dentist, took him to his tent, where he laid

down, and then made a gasp, and was dead. He tried CPR. There was

a physician nearby who also tried to revive him. But he had died. It was quick.


I was in shock. I decided to go ahead and go to the game, as I was meeting

Walt, his youngest son, and a friend, both had take the day off from work,

and I had the tickets. Larry went to a few 49er games with us.

We went to all the Raider games usually with four to six other friends, where we

all sat together. We did wine tasting, sometimes blind, in the Oakland Coliseum

Parking lot. Larry and I often went, just the two of us, to afternoon or night games.

For years, he was a guest of mine at the Santa Clara Wine Society dinners. He knew his



He and his wife have been to our house many times, in fact, Larry installed the first computer at my house, and originally did all the computers at our office in

1984. I believe. We had lunch at least two to three times a month. We talked on the telephone all the time. His was building up a practice of computers systems for attorneys. I had sat on his company as a director. I always enjoyed his wit, his profound intelligence, his different way of looking at things, and spoke his mind. He was very funny, too. He was an avid golfer, won many software trophies at Twin Creeks in his late thirties and forties, then became captain of the team, and was in very good physical shape. He was married to Michelle with two teenage children---actually one is at college now. I certainly will miss him. I wanted to share this with readers as leasing has made many friends for me, and Larry was one of the best ones I had.


Larry is on the left in the picture, and Walt is on the right, from a 1999 Oakland

Raider game. (Walt and I have been close friends since 1963.)






No Press Release from Decision System International


To date the only press release on the bidding of IDS stock has come

from CapitalStream, who basically is seeking IDS customers.


It appears the bidding got to as high as $24 million. CapitalStream

had raised $21 million to expand, with eyes on the IDS Group.


Leasing News questioned the value of IDS, its programs, along with the

$15 million note payable on the IDS Group books to Bank of Scotland.

If you deduct “goodwill” on the balance sheet, then the true equity

might be a negative $10 million.


This means the purchase would pay off the note, in addition to acquiring

the company, and develop new products, with the main idea of holding

onto current customers.


The tab might be from $50 to $60 million.


Leasing News has been waiting for IDS Group to issue their mid-year results,

as required, and perhaps that has delayed the outcome. Can the deal fall

out of bed. Definitely, Capital Stream is no longer interested.




DVI Makes It Official—To File Chapter 11


DVI told several news agencies that it was putting its chief financial officer, Steven Garfinkel, on "administrative leave," and would be seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy. DVI hinted about "apparent improprieties." An informed source said it could be as high as $75 million dollars.


The company said on Wednesday that its efforts to secure new financing or sell assets had been hindered by the discovery of "apparent improprieties in its prior dealings with lenders involving misrepresentations as to the amount and nature of collateral pledged to lenders." In a prior press release, they stated it was the lack of ability to make

interest payments on secured bank loans.


DVI gave no further details on those dealings but said its audit committee was investigating them. No questions about payroll not being met were discussed.


The company said in its statement that Garfinkel's duties would be taken over by Anthony Turek and John Boyle. In its 2002 annual report, DVI listed Turek as executive vice president and chief credit officer and Boyle as vice president and chief accounting officer.


The company has $2.8 billion of financed assets. If $75 to $100 million in assets are missing, it is an indication to banks and other lenders about the "mismanagement" of the company and what other improprieties may be in their portfolio.


After the official word they would be filing Chapter 11, The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced that it would suspend trading of DVI’s common shares and 9.875% senior notes after the specialty finance company .


Leasing News for two weeks has been reporting inside information about

the lack of ability to pay vendors, fund leases, and payroll on August 15th.




Sterling Will Fund DVI Leases -Lower Rates, Too


Subject : DVI

Name : Robert Krause

E-Mail :

Website : www.Sterling Bank

Message : Sterling Bank Leasing offers to fund leases

that DVI is presently unable to fund provided they meet our credit

criteria. Our rates are lower than DVI's were.





#### Press Release ###################################################



( ELA Reports 10.5% New Business Volume 2nd Quarter )


Equipment Leasing Industry 2nd Quarter 2003 Report Shows Significant

UpSwing Industry Leaders Report 10.5 percent in new business volume compared to

2nd Quarter 2002

Arlington, Virginia - - The Equipment Leasing

Association's (ELA) Second Quarter 2003 Performance Indicators Report

(PIR) shows that new business volume grew at 10.6 percent when compared

to the 2nd quarter 2002. Total net portfolio also increased 1.4 percent,

reinforcing last quarter's indications that the economy is starting to

recover. The PIR study is conducted quarterly by ELA, which provides a

variety of data, including customized market analyses, to ELA members

and organizations involved in the $208 billion equipment leasing

industry. The survey is conducted among approximately 20 major leasing

companies (see list at the end of this press release. editor) on a quarterly basis, affording trend analysis across all major performance areas.

Other 2nd QPIR Findings:

* The total number of employees declined 11.77 percent as

companies have streamlined their staff since 2002. Two reporting

organizations had a significant reduction in force since 2Q 2002.

* Credit approval ratios remained flat: 74.3 percent in 2Q 2003

compared to 74.2 percent in 2Q 2002.

* Average losses increased 20 basis points when compared to the

previous year.

* Lease payments past 90 days remained constant: 1.1 percent

during 2Q 2003 compared to 1.0 percent during 2Q 2002.

"We are delighted to see that the key metrics are showing signs of life

with greater new business volume, delinquencies remaining flat and

productivity increasing from existing employees," said Ralph Petta, Vice

President of Industry Services for ELA, who says ELA watches the PIR

carefully as it is the best snapshot of what is happening in the


The PIR tracks the performance of prominent leasing organizations in six

key areas. Because the same companies were tracked and used in the

analysis, the PIR provides fairly reliable trend analysis. Each

illustration reflects the data provided by those companies responding to

that particular question. Typically, not every company polled responds

to every question.

Financial decision makers needing more information on leasing should

visit, which provides information on how to

choose a leasing company, the top 10 questions to ask before signing a

lease, a glossary of terms, and more.

Organized in 1961, the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA) is a

non-profit association representing companies involved in the dynamic

equipment leasing and finance industry. ELA's mission is to promote the

leasing industry as a major source of funds for capital investment in

the United States and abroad. Headquartered in Arlington, Va., ELA has

more than 800 member companies and a staff of 27 professionals.

Equipment leasing is projected to be a $208 billion industry in 2003.

Visit ELA online at



Participants in the 2nd quarter 2003


Performance Indicators Report

ADP Credit Corporation

Amsouth Leasing Corporation


Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation


Computer Sales International, Inc.

Dana Credit Corporation

De Lage Landen Financial Services

Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation

Fleet Capital Leasing


GreatAmerica Leasing


Hitachi Credit America Corporation


John Deere Credit Corporation


JP Morgan Leasing Inc.

Key Equipment Finance

LaSalle National Leasing Corporation

U.S. Bancorp Leasing & Financial

Verizon Credit, Inc

Wells Fargo Equipment Finance


#########Press Release##############################


( John Kruse, Jim Brady, Cliff Monlux Open New Company. Kruse

and Monlux were original founders of CapitalStream, originally System

1 and Capital Advantage. editor)




MainStreet will work with equipment leasing companies to deliver more financing options to small businesses throughout the US.


KIRKLAND, WA - - MainStreet Finance Corporation is formally open for business, according to an announcement issued from company headquarters in Kirkland, Washington. MainStreet will be providing a broad selection of business loans and specialty finance programs for small businesses across the United States.

The Company will be delivering their services through marketing and service relationships with independent CPA firms, small banks, equipment finance companies and manufacturers who focus on service to small business owners. MainStreet is the brainchild of Jim Brady, Cliff Monlux and John Kruse, who together represent over 40 years of experience working in the specialty finance market. MainStreet is exceptional in offering access to several forms of financing from a number of different lenders across the US through one highly efficient central service point.


MainStreet offers equipment finance companies the opportunity to leverage their marketing investment for more revenue and stronger client relationships. "Companies that currently offer only equipment leasing and loans can now offer other forms of financing to their lessee customers with minimum additional cost and significant upside revenue potential," said John Kruse, Vice President of Business Finance and Managing Partner with MainStreet.


"MainStreet is all about finding credit for small business," said Jim Brady, Senior Managing Partner of MainStreet Finance. "We work with our service partners, namely CPAs, banks and other channels to define the credit needs of their clients and help them quickly find and qualify for appropriate financing at competitive rates" added Brady.

MainStreet offers their channel partners the benefit of personal advice and assistance in serving their clients as well as convenient online access to information, qualification tools and application forms.


"MainStreet represents an innovative approach to the challenge of small business credit in a number of ways" said Cliff Monlux, co-Senior Managing Partner of MainStreet. "Foremost is the idea of using professional channels for more efficient access to the small business client" added Monlux.


For more information, visit MainStreet's Web site at



MainStreet Media Contact:

Jim Brady

Senior Managing Partner

(866)889-6886 Ext. 230




#### Press Release ################################






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This edition is also available in an "up-grade" format, html, where you may

click on the headlines to go to the story, plus is also in this "new" format

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Home-Equity Values Poised to Drop





An expected flood of new issues should cause spreads on home-equity-loan securities to widen in the near future.


Because virtually every regular issuer of home-equity bonds is scheduled to tap the securitization market over the next six weeks or so, competition for investors is likely to be fierce. Many buysiders have already had their fill of mortgage-related products - meaning that issuers will have to serve up fatter returns if they want to drum up interest in their deals.


It's tough to pinpoint exactly when the values of home-equity bonds will fall, but many market players point to the end of September as a likely timeframe. For the next few weeks, however, spreads should remain fairly stable.


When spreads do widen, they'll probably jump by 5-10 bp. For the past month or so, home-equity issuers' funding costs haven't changed much, with the three-year senior portions of fixed-rate deals hovering around 40 bp over swaps. Spreads on comparable floaters have widened by just 1 bp since early July, to 32 bp over Libor, according to Banc One.


Buysiders have already snapped up $68 billion of home-equity offerings this year, up from about $55 billion during the year-earlier period, according to Asset-Backed Alert's ABS Database. Other factors may also drive spreads higher.


For starters, rising interest rates are curtailing the home-refinancing boom that has propelled issuance of mortgage-related ABS this year. Faced with a diminishing supply of new loan applications, some home-equity lenders will start reaching out to shakier borrowers. Realizing this, buysiders may start to demand juicier returns on the securities those companies issue.


Meanwhile, a broader bond sell-off is saturating the market with available securities. Traders reported that large bid lists continued to pop up in the secondary asset-backed market this week, including one that topped $1.6 billion. Home-equity loans collateralized a good number of the securities that were offered, along with products backed by credit-card receivables and auto loans. "Some people are re-allocating, selling the really liquid stuff," in favor of new paper with better yields, said Dan Castro, who oversees structured-finance research at Merrill Lynch.


That's especially true in the home-equity sector, where some investors are unloading top-rated bonds issued one or two years ago. They are turning around and buying similar new issues at wider spreads - and capturing a hefty profit in the process, said Peter DiMartino, RBS Greenwich Capital's ABS-research chief. "There's good money-market demand for one-year home equities," he said. "Investors can pocket some gains because there's so much new supply."


The burst in new-issue volume won't be confined to the home-equity sector. As usual, credit-card lenders will keep issuing at a rapid pace. Auto lenders are also expected to issue more heavily, while the collateralized debt obligation sector experiences a sizable uptick in activity.


Merrill Lynch's underwriting unit has several collateralized debt obligations in the pipeline, including a resecuritization of structured products for Pacific Investment Management of Newport Beach, Calif.





News Briefs---


Midday Shutdowns Disrupt Millions--NY Times


The Great Northeast Blackout of 1965


Mortgage rates decrease sharply for 30-year loan




Sports Briefs---



Dorsey drives 49ers/Local QB throws winning TD pass in 4th


Dodgers deal in trouble




California Nuts Briefs---




135 make the cut in race for governor of California


Complete List of Qualified Candidates


George Shultz to chair Schwarzenegger economic team



Actor's VC investmenth haven't been rewarding


San Jose Mercury Full Wrap-Up with Photo’s on the Recall Election





This Day in American History


    1096- The armies of the First Crusade set out from Europe to deliver Jerusalem from the occupying forces of Islamic Turks. Championed by Peter the Hermit in 1093, Pope Urban II had sanctioned the crusade at the Council of Clermont in 1095. In their invasion of the holy city, history records they went wild in

a blood feast, killing every Muslim, man, woman, and child in Jerusalem,

as they were not followers of Jesus Christ. This act has not been forgotten

by the tribes of the Middle East, who perhaps today bring their prejudice

from this day.
    1534 -The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded by Ignatius of Loyola, 43. Created to foster reform within Catholicism, and to undertake education and missionary work, this colorful religious order was formally approved by Pope Paul III in 1540.
1549- The first Christian missionaries to reach Japan landed at Kagoshima (on the coast of Kyushu, southernmost of the four main islands of Japan). They were a band of Spanish Jesuits, led by pioneer Catholic missionary Francis Xavier, 43.

    1634- the first hurricane of record occurred when a cyclonic storm ravaged the Plymouth colony.

    1790- Reverend John Carroll became the first Catholic bishop in the United States of America. He was born in Upper Marlboro, Maryland in 1735 and was the brother of Daniel Carroll, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

    1812- A massacre at Fort Dearborn, on the site of what is now Chicago, took place when American soldiers, traders, and their families evacuated the fort. Indians attacked the fleeing Americans along a trial that later became Indiana Avenue. Only two women and one trader survived. The first West Point graduate killed in action was George Ronan, killed fighting against Native American allies of the British in the wary of 1812. He was mortally wounded during Captain Nathan Heald’s desperate battle near Fort Chicago, IL, against a vastly superior force of Native Americans. Before he died, he killed two Native Americans in hand-to-hand fighting. After the massacre, the fort was razed. British-supported Indians controlled the area for several years after. The Iroquois, to the south,

Allied with the French in the prior century, were “neutral” and did not come

to the defense of the United States.

    1816-- Ann Pamela Cunningham birthday- U.S. southern club activist who organized and supervised the all-woman task of purchasing Mount Vernon as a national monument for posterity. Neither the State of Virginia and the U.S. government were not interested in preserving the home of George Washington (actually the home of Martha Custis whose marriage to Washington moved the property to HIS name in the ways of the time). In addition to raising enough money, APC had to overcome the social prejudices against women engaging in any activities except home and church. She also had to fight the political climate of the times which did not revere the "Founding Fathers" as we do today.

    1848- M.Waldo Hanchett of Syracuse, NY, received a patent on a dental chair that provided such necessary convenience as a headrest and adjustments in height and position. The design is still in use today.

    1860-Birthday of Florence Kling DeWolfe Harding, wife of Warren Gamaliel Harding, 29th president of the US, born at Marion, Oh. Died at Marion, Ohio November 21,1924. She and her husband also hold the trivia distinction of

being the only husband and wife to die in their presidential term. Her husband

was a well-known philander and she traveled with him whenever she could, and

according to historians, not only ruled the roost but the running of the presidential

office. ( lower half of: _)

    1864- Off New England coast, CSS Tallahassee captures 6 Yankee schooners.

Before leaving the Halifax area, she destroys more federal ships, even dares

to enter Long Island harbor in New York, causing havoc up and down the

Eastern shores with her two-screw propeller ship, out running and maneuvering

sail mast powered ships with ease.

    1870- the Golden Spike ceremony at Promontory Point, UT, May 10, 1869, was long regarded as the final link in a transcontinental railroad track reaching from an Atlantic port to a Pacific port. In fact, that link occurred uncer­emoniously on another date in another state. Diaries of engineers working at the site establish “the completion of a transcontinen­tal track at a point 928 feet east of today’s milepost 602, or 3,812 feet east of the present union Pacific depot building at Strasburg (formerly Comanche),” CO. The final link was made at 2:53 PM, Aug 15, 1870.

    1859-Birthday of Charles Comiskey, Baseball Hall of Fame first baseman, manager and executive born at Chicago, IL. Comiskey’s career spanned 50 years, 30 of them as founding owner of the Chicago White Sox. But before that, he was an outstanding and innovative player and a tough, successful manager. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1939. Died at Eagle River, WI, October 26, 1931.

    1877 - Thomas Edison wrote the president of the Telegraph Company in Pittsburgh, PA. The letter stated that the word, “hello” would be a more appropriate greeting than “ahoy,” as suggested by Alexander Graham Bell when answering the telephone.

    1887- Edna Ferber was born at Kalamazoo, Ml. She wrote her first novel, Dawn O’Hara, in 1911 and became a prolific writer, pro­ducing many popular magazine stories. Her novel So Big brought her commercial success in 1924 as well as a Pulitzer Prize. Her other novels include Show Boat, Cimarron, Saratoga Trunk, Giant and Ice Palace, all of which were made into successful films. Fer­ber collaborated with George Kaufman in writing for the stage on The Royal Family, Dinner at Eight, Stage Door and Bravo. Fer­ber died at New York, NY, Apr 16, 1968.

    1903-Birthday of jazz composer Joe Garland, Norfolk, VA. “In the Mood,”

“Leap Frog.”

    1925-Jazz pianist Oscar Peterson Birthday

    1925-Birthdy of bass player George Morrow, Pasadena, CA.,,470572,00.html?artist=George+Morrow

    1926- Babe Herman of the Brooklyn Dodgers doubled with the bases loaded in a game against the Boston Braves. The hit drove in the winning run, but the runner on second, the runner of first and Herman all wound up or near third base. Two of them were called out, so that Herman, in effect, doubled into a double play.

    1931-Birthday of jazz pianist Terry Pollard, Detroit, MI.,,480304,00.html?artist=Terry+Pollard

    1933-Birthday of jazz drummer Bill Dowdy, Benton Harbor, MI.

    1933 ---Ruth Wakefield invented the absolute favorite cookie of all-time - the chocolate chip cookie. She added chocolate to a known cookie batter.

    1938-Birthday of drummer Stix Hooper, Houston, TX.

    1941-Peggy Lee cuts her first side with the Benny Goodman bank, Chicago “Elmer’s Tune.”

    1944- after several postponements, Allied forces began Operation Dragoon, the landing on the south coast of France. More than 2,000 transports and landing craft trans­ported 94,000 men to an area between Toulon and Cannes, with only 183 Allied losses. The lead was by the Seventh Army under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Patch. They encountered minimal opposition, and by the end of August the French coast from the mouth of the Rhone to Nice was in Allied hands.

    1946- Kathyrn Whitmore birthday - U.S. politician. KW was the first mayor of Houston, Texas, who was also a woman. She served four terms. A changing economy, and maybe the fact that she appointed a woman police chief who became pregnant, damaged her career. (Watson was a very good police chief, but they got rid of her too. Watson was the first police chief of a major city in the history of the world to bear a child while in office. She wore maternity uniforms!)

    1948 - CBS-TV inaugurated the first nightly news broadcast, with anchorman Douglas Edwards reporting the day’s events.

    1950---Top Hits

Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole

I Wanna Be Loved - The Andrews Sisters

Sam’s Song - Bing & Gary Crosby

I’m Moving On - Hank Snow

    1951-Birthday of jazz vocalist Bobby Caldwell, New York City, NY.

    1953-President Eisenhower appointed the first Navy man, Admiral Arthur William Radford, to serve as Joint Chief of Staff. He served until 1957.

    1955-Pitcher Warren Spahn of the Milwaukee Braves hit a home run off Mel Wright of the St. Louis Cardinals in Sportsman Park, St. Louis, to give him at least one homer in every National League ballpark.

    1958---Top Hits

Poor Little Fool - Ricky Nelson

Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) - Domenico Modugno

My True Love - Jack Scott

Alone with You - Faron Young

    1966---Top Hits

Summer in the City - The Lovin’ Spoonful

They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV

Sunny - Bobby Hebb

Almost Persuaded - David Houston

    1969 - The Woodstock Music and Art Fair opened. Two dozen bands came to play on a wooden stage in the middle of a pasture. It was a happening unlike any other. 450,000 people formed a love-in for three days and nights. Jimi Hendrix was there, Joan Baez, and Arlo Guthrie, too. Country Joe and the Fish, Santana, Crosby, Stills and Nash. Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, and so many more. There were hippies, and bikers, Viet Nam war vets, and high school kids ... college kids and college grads, longhaired and short, young and old ... and the world watched and joined in through the magic of the television. It last until August 18 with quite inadequate planning and bad weather which threate4ned for a time to make it a full disaster area of the site, Max Yasgur’s farm near Bethel. A good portion of the crowd failed to reach the fair when traffic jams clogged all roads leading to the Catskill area. Helicopters were pressed into service to supply food, water, and medicine. Rains made a quagmire of the festival grounds. Drugs circulated freely and a number of people were treat for bad drug reactions. Almost miraculously, there were only three deaths. the police adopted a hands-off posture, and the youths present enjoyed themselves in a general spirit of peace, cooperation, and enthusiasm. While many treated the affair as an idyll, other expressed alarm at the incontrovertible evidence of a mass drug culture.

1970, the first professional football game in which a woman participated took place at Orlando, FL, when the Orlando Panthers of the Atlantic Coast League played the Bridgeport Jets. Patricia Palinkas, 27 year old, the wife of a player on the Panthers team, held the ball as her husband attempted to kick it for the extra point. The 122-pound woman was forced to run with the ball and was brought down within seconds by a 235-pound tackle. The Panthers won 26-7.

    1971-Projected GNP figures were off, unemployment was up to 6%, and inflation rose above 4% for the year. For the first time in the twentieth century imports exceeded exports. President Richard M. Nixon this day announced a plan to control wages and prices, coupled with devaluation of the dollar to improve the US balance of trade. He called for a 90-day wage and price freeze, reductions in federal spending, and a temporary 10% surcharge on imports. the dollar would be allowed to float from its formerly fixed exchange rat4e of $35 per ounce of gold. On November 15, the second phase of the new program was instituted. A pay board responsible for setting standards for wage increases set a 5.5% guideline, and a price commission established a 2.5% guideline for annual price increases. In 1972, President Nixon enhanced his already substantial chances for reelection with trips to the People’s Republic of China in February, 1072. The inflationary spiral appeared to be coming under control, Unemployment was down, as was inflation, and economic growth was up. In fact, the economy’s record was the best since 1967.Nixon won an outstanding November election, 521 electoral votes to George McGovern’s 17. Yet the following year, Vice-President Agnew would resign in disgrace, and the missing 18 minute gap in the Watergate tape would be

revealed by the White House.

    1974---Top Hits

Feel like Makin’ Love - Roberta Flack

The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace

Please Come to Boston - Dave Loggins

Rub It In - Billy "Crash" Craddock

    1980 - "I Me Mine", an autobiography by former Beatle George Harrison, went on sale.


(book is “out of print.” At the time, did not have available )

    1981 - Lionel Richie and Diana Ross hit number one on the pop music charts with their beautiful duet, "Endless Love". It was a huge success for the two singers. "Endless Love" was number one for nine weeks.

    1982---Top Hits

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Hurts So Good - John Cougar

Abracadabra - The Steve Miller Band

I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home - David Frizzell

    1989 -In his second start after coming back from cancer surgery, Giant Dave Dravecky suffers a broken arm beating Expos, 3-2; he collapsed to the ground and clutched his left arm in severe pain after throwing a wild pitch to Tim Raines.

    1990- A dramatic game-winning grand slam by Mark McGwire gives the A's a ten-inning victory over the Red Sox, 6-2; he becomes the first player to hit thirty HRs in each of his first four seasons.

    1990- Phillie Terry Mulholland faces just twenty-seven hitters no-hitting the Giants 6-0 as a double play erases only batter to reach base due to third baseman Charlie Hayes' throwing error. It is the record eighth no-hitter of the season surpassing the previous record of seven set in 1908 and tied in 1917.

    1990---Top Hits

Vision of Love - Mariah Carey

The Power - Snap!

If Wishes Came True - Sweet Sensation

Good Times - Dan Seals

    1991-750,000 attend Paul Simon's free concert in Central Park






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