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Correction---Merrilees Twice & Interview with the "Tequila Duffer"

    Pictures from the Past--1992--Menzel and Merrilees

        Classified Ads---Outsourcing---Odds & Ends

            MAEL Golf Tournament July 28th

                Peek to Go to CIT?/ Succeed the "Haiku Poet"

                    Remiker Names John Settano Dir. of Merrill Syndication

                Merrill Lynch Profits Increase 61%

            Matsco---Greater Bay Bank to Make Announcement July 23

            by Christopher Menkin

        BofA Claims Record Earnings in Second Quarter: $2.7 Billion

    Wells Fargo comes in a penny shy of expectations

How American Express Biz Finance Was Had! -Part II

    Streamlined Sales Tax Update-Digital Equivalent of TPP

        Classified Ads---Leasing Industry Help Wanted

            The Lessors Network Annual Conference August 25-26

        American Honda Leasing Op. in Connecticut/Rhode Island

    News Briefs---

Sports Briefs---

    This Day in American History


This Border ##### Denotes Press Release (Not Written By Leasing News)




Correction---Merrilees Twice and an Interview with the “Tequila Duffer”


In the story about “Paul Menzel looks to Double Biz by End of Year ---,”


subtitled “as Jim Merrilees Joins Santa Barbara Bank & Trust-Vinsonhaler promoted to VP/Project Manager/Laura Poore joins in marketing,” the text

version had two pictures of Mr. Merrilees taken in 1993 (wearing an 1950

Indianapolis Indians baseball replica jacket) when he was president of Colonel Pacific Leasing, Tualatin, Oregon.



Maria had caught the error of the double picture for the “up-grade” version and the web site version that she sends and posts daily on line.


For the “text” readers particularly, here is the picture that should have run

in your edition:


Fall, 2000
Paul Menzel, Senior Vice-President; Devon Vinsonhaler, Regional
Marketing Representative; and  Steve Reid, Assistant Vice-President,

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust.



By the way, this was the first of the series “Pictures from the Past, ” August 26,2002.


Most of them come from the magazine collection, although some readers have sent in photographs by mail or the world wide web. We also post these pictures on line at:


Now if Merrilees can only figure a way to play at the MAEL Golf tournament,

He could start promoting business for Santa Barbara Bank and Trust Leasing.

Most likely he will be playing at the United Association of Equipment

Leasing tournament to be held in Portland, Oregon on October 9,2003.



Merrilees said in an in interview his one criteria was to stay in Oregon, as he has been living here since 1987.


“We just opened this office. Laurie has been with me since 1995, and with

four kids, she also wanted to stay in Oregon, so to continue to work with

her, and here especially, is very good news.”


The telephones are working at the new office (888) 684-0506.


He stated Republic Leasing of South Carolina was a “short stop on

The road” and had no other comment to make.


“I have known Paul (Menzel) and his company for a while, “ he continued.” We can help with vendors and brokers, and with the new processing procedures,

this is the right time to get started.”


When Jim Merrilees was with Colonial Pacific Leasing he brought on the

“Bliss System,” an automated broker program, then credit scoring in 1987

with fair-Isaacs, and when president, was the first to go on line in 1989

with a processing system.







Pictures from the Past----1992---Menzel and Merrilees



“Spring Conference ’92 Chairperson Paul Menzel, CLP, vice president/general manager, California Thrift * Loan, Leasing Division, Santa Barbara, California (l)

and Annual Conference * Exposition ’92 Chairperson Jim Merrilees, president, Colonial Pacific Leasing Corporation, Tualatin, Oregon ® accept commemorative plaques for service to the Association.


October, 1992 edition, Western Association of Equipment Leasing Newsline.






Classified Ads---Outsourcing---Odds & Ends


Appraisals: Boston, MA

12 years equipment management experience covering all types of assets. National wide service of appraisals, inspections, remarketing, due diligence and new employee training. Chris Condon 508-785-1277



Collections and Asset Management: Great References. Ability to liquidate entire portfolio with excellent results. email:


Consultant: Sausalito, CA

Lease trainer and consultant. 38 years in equipment leasing. Expert in transaction analysis, financial statement analysis, credit, packaging, structuring. Presents highly popular classes and workshops.



"I enjoy brainstorming about all aspects of leasing. I'll be back to you within 24 hours of your call or e-mail!" Barry S. Marks, Esq.



Vendor Sales Training: Atlanta, GA. 6yrs training Resellers, Dealers & Vendors on how to "Sell Leasing". Will train your dealers on your specific program or generic "Leasing 101".


42 Outsourcing Ads---"Free" Limit is only 25 words maximum




Would like to re-organize this page, and looking for suggestions.







MAEL Golf Tournament July 28th


(Maybe Merrilees will be there this year!!!)




Mid-American Association of Equipment Lessors Invitational and Team-Challenge Weekend July 28th

19th Annual Golf Invitational


Team-Challenge Weekend


July 26th play White Eagle Golf Club, a private, 27 hole Arnold Palmer course §

July 27th play Bolingbrook Golf Club, voted by Golf Magazine "Top Ten you Can Play" in 2002


The MidAmerican Association of Equipment Lessors (MAEL), ELA's largest regional affiliate, will be hosting its 19th Annual Golf Invitational on July 28, 2003 at Indian Lakes Golf Club & Resort, <> located in Bloomingdale, Illinois.


We have relocated from Harborside International to Indian Lakes Resort to offer our regular attendees a change of scenery and to provide everyone (including companions) with some further amenities. While in the area, be sure to take this opportunity to schedule additional business activities and appointments!

Indian Lakes Resort has just been renovated in its entirety and offers two state of the art 18-hole championship golf courses, a 4,000 sq. ft. full-service spa featuring Vichy shower, massage, skin & body treatments, indoor/outdoor pools and much more. Bring the entire family and enjoy a fun filled weekend while networking with industry leaders!


The staff at Indian Lakes is committed to providing us with a spectacular event! Banquet facilities can accommodate over 500 people for the reception and dinner, and we expect participation this year to be at capacity (up from last year's 280 golfers-310 dinner/reception attendees). The after dinner speaker is always an event highlight and will be announced in the near future.


For the exceptionally competitive golfer and businessman, the MAEL Invitational will be preceded by the Team-Challenge Weekend.


Register online @ <> or email <> for further information.



**** Announcement ************************************************




Credit Suisse Peek to Go to CIT/ Succeed the Haiku Poet ?

“Another Moon to rise

Signal my day is over

Goodbye the Poet”


By Erica Copulsky, New York Post


Jeffrey Peek, a top executive at Credit Suisse First Boston and onetime leading candidate for the presidential post at Merrill Lynch, is in serious talks to leave the executive suite after 18 months at the firm.


Peek, vice chairman of CSFB and head of the financial services division, is in negotiations to join CIT Group to run the specialty finance company's day-to-day operations, and to soon succeed Chairman and CEO Albert Gamper, sources familiar with the matter said.


It is unclear exactly what Peek's immediate title at CIT would be. However, sources said that Peek, 56, would be joining the Livingston, N.J.-based company with a guarantee of becoming the chief executive officer after a specified period of time.


At the moment, a deal is not inked, and talks may still fall through. But if talks proceed on track, an announcement could be made in the next few weeks.

Peek, through a CSFB spokeswoman, declined comment. A CIT spokesperson couldn't be reached.


The move, if it happens, would be yet another blow to CSFB Chief Executive John Mack, who has been trying to reinvigorate the troubled firm ever since he took the reins two year ago.


Mack hired Peek with much fanfare in early 2002 to turn around CSFB's flailing asset-management business, as well as run its high-net-worth brokerage and the Pershing securities-clearing operations. Peek, an 18-year veteran of Merrill Lynch, was widely viewed as one of the firm's most skilled and well-liked managers.

But CSFB's decision earlier this year to sell Pershing - a big piece of the division Peek runs - dramatically reduced his operating responsibilities.


Ever since the Pershing sale, Wall Street insiders have been speculating that Peek would head for the exits. One of the reasons why Peek took the CSFB job was that it offered the opportunity for him to assume broad managerial responsibilities and play a larger role within the organization down the road.


Today, those opportunities don't seem nearly as attainable.

In joining CIT, Peek would finally secure the long-coveted CEO role that appears to have eluded him twice before, sources said. When Peek joined CSFB, he was assured he would be considered a possible successor to Mack. Since then, though, the elevation of two other top executives - Brady Dougan and Brian Finn - to co-presidents of institutional securities make Peek a less obvious choice as Mack's successor.


Peek, who at various times at Merrill ran research, investment banking and asset management, joined CSFB after being passed over for the top slot at Merrill. He left the nation's biggest brokerage firm in September 2001 after being bested by E. Stanley O'Neal in the race for the president's post.


Founded in 1980, CIT, a top commercial and consumer finance lender, is in the process of making a clean break from its brief history as a unit of scandal-scarred Tyco International.


The company was bought by Tyco for $9.5 billion in 2001, but was forced into a spin-off barely a year later amid problems at its new corporate parent - including questionable accounting and the controversy associated with former CEO Dennis Kozlowski, who was indicted on charges of tax evasion.



### Press Release ###################################################


Remiker Names John Settano Dir. of Syndication


A message from Rick Remiker, Managing Director, Group Head, Merrill Lynch Capital Equipment Finance


Dear Colleagues:


As we seek to continue to grow our presence within the middle-market on a national level and enhance our service to our existing customers, I am pleased to announce the addition of John Settano as Director of Syndications, to Merrill Lynch Capital Equipment Finance.


John is a 28-year equipment leasing veteran, having spent the bulk of his career in a multitude of leadership roles with U.S. Leasing. John has extensive transaction structuring, pricing,

documentation, tax-leasing, credit underwriting, and product distribution experience. John will be providing national coverage for Equipment Finance's Syndication efforts while based in San Francisco, and will also office out of Merrill Lynch Capital's Chicago location.


Please join me in welcoming John and in wishing him success.



[Merrill Lynch Capital (MLC) is a leading commercial finance business providing a broad range of structured financing solutions to middle-market companies. Based in Chicago and with regional offices nationwide, MLC is focused on four major market segments - corporate finance, equipment finance, healthcare finance, and real estate finance - offering asset- and cash-flow-based revolving and term

loans, equipment leases and loans, and interim financing for income producing properties. We provide commercial financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the middle market.


The Equipment Finance Group is a value-added equipment leasing organization that provides structured financing solutions to public and private corporations within the middle market. The group are generally between $10 million and $75 million with larger transactions accommodated through



(hope to get telephone numbers for readers interested, and do conduct an

interview with John Settano. editor)



### Press Release ########################################################



Merrill Lynch Profits Increase 61%



Matsco---Greater Bay Bank to Make Announcement July 23


by Christopher Menkin


In early May, 2003, Matt Shieman, President told Leasing News he would make

a statement regarding the apparent cut back of programs, particularly closing

the broker division and letting credit people go. Supposedly he would send

word on May 12th, but then changed his mind. He asked us to wait

thirty days.


There were rumors about the loss of $8 million in an ATM portfolio

and financial questions in the broker division. A key employee

in the dental division, Hy Bren, retired. Other changes were being



One of the questions concerned the “good will” portion and perhaps

the ramification of the “cure agreement”, which Greater Bay Bank had entered

into with the Federal Reserve Board.


Leasing News tried to reach Mr. Shieman for a comment today, but the telephone

call was not returned.


The point being perhaps from Paul Menzel in stating his relationship

with Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, where he said,” The key is your source of funds; that you are hooked up to the right horse. Management of the bank has sensible expectations. It has been the expectations and demands of other leasing management that has led to may leasing company’s demise. We have the right horse here.”


The comments may be appropriate to Matt Shieman at Greater Bay Bank, and perhaps also to Dwight Galloway at Republic Leasing of South Carolina. Here

are two well regarded leaders in the industry and they can “ride.” But----



From the bank’s year-end financial statement footnotes:


“ On November 30,2000, we completed the acquisition of The Matsco Companies, Inc. for a purchase price of $6.5 million in cash. We may also be required to pay future contingent cash payment of up to $6.0million based on the performance of Matsco subsequent to the acquisition. The acquisition was accounted for using the purchase method of accounting and, accordingly The Matsco Companies, Inc.’s results of operations have been included the consolidated financials statement since the date of acquisition. The source of funds for the acquisition was our available cash.


“ We have allocated the purchase price for the Matsco Companies, Inc. to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on the on the estimated fair values at the date of acquisition.


( Here is a major point. editor)


“The excess of purchase price over the estimated fair values of the net assets acquired, totaling $15.9 million, was record as goodwill, and through December 31,2001 amortized on the straight-line method over 20 years. Goodwill is evaluated annually for possible impairment under the provision of SFAS No. 142.


( the statement continues:


“ Based upon our evaluation, as of December 31,2002, no impairment exists.”


“Pro forma financial information for the CAPCO and Matsco acquisitions have not been provided, as these are not deemed to be significant subsidiaries as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.”


It was this financial statement that an “impairment” was declared, primarily it seems on real estate, mortgage, and other evaluations, especially on the San Francisco Peninsula, the heart of Silicon Valley, where the commercial real estate market is “depressed” and unemployment in Santa Clara County itself is an official



In addition to the notice dated that Greater Bay Bank had completed “the terms and conditions of the cure agreement” a week in advance, another note was filed on July 14th and posted yesterday regarding the consent to statements relating to the consolidated financial statements by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP.


The actual press release:


#### Press release #########################################


A press release outlining the second quarter financial results will be distributed at 3:30 a.m. PDT on July 23, 2003. The conference call will begin at 8:00 a.m. PDT on July 23, 2003, and will last for approximately one hour.


Investors have the opportunity to listen to the conference call live over the Internet at <>. Investors should go to the Company Boardroom web site 15 minutes prior to the start of the call, as it may be necessary to download audio software to hear the conference call. To do so, investors should click on the Windows Media Player icon at the bottom of the page and follow directions from there.


A replay of the conference call will be available on the Company Boardroom web site. A telephone replay will also be available beginning at 11 a.m. PDT on July 23 through midnight on July 30, 2003, by dialing 800-642-1687 or 706-645-9291 and providing Conference ID 1572019.


Greater Bay Bancorp, through its eleven subsidiary banks, Bank of Petaluma, Bank of Santa Clara, Bay Area Bank, Bay Bank of Commerce, Coast Commercial Bank, Cupertino National Bank, Golden Gate Bank, Mid-Peninsula Bank, Mt. Diablo National Bank, Peninsula Bank of Commerce and San Jose National Bank, along with its operating divisions, serves clients throughout Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the San Francisco Peninsula, the East Bay Region, the North Bay Region and the Central Coastal Region. ABD Insurance and Financial Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Greater Bay Bancorp, provides commercial insurance brokerage, employee benefits consulting and risk management solutions to business clients throughout the United States.


For additional information and press releases about Greater Bay Bancorp, visit the Company's web site at <>.



Greater Bay Bancorp

David L. Kalkbrenner, 650/614-5767

Steven C. Smith, 650/813-8222


Silverman Heller Associates

Philip Bourdillon / Eugene Heller, 310/208-2550


#### Press Release ############

Other information can be found here:



Please send to a colleague as we are trying to build our readership.





BofA Claims Record Earnings in Second Quarter: $2.7 Billion


America's largest commercial bank, Bank of America, reported record earnings in the second quarter: $2.7 billion, as earnings per share rose 29 percent. The bank reported that revenue rose 12 percent; mortgage banking income quadrupled to $559 million; core deposits grew 9 percent; equities, mortgage-backed securities achieved significant market share gains; and that large corporate charge-offs hit a three-year low. Bank officials also claimed broad-based gains across most product lines, including mortgages, debit and credit cards, deposits and loans.


The company also had its best quarter ever in investment banking and continued to make significant progress building its asset management business. In addition, loan charge-offs declined 13 percent from a year earlier.





Wells Fargo comes in a penny shy of expectations





How American Express Biz Finance Was Had—Part II


(For readers who missed the series last week, here is part II )





Streamlined Sales Tax Update-Digital Equivalent of TPP

From: Dennis Brown <DBROWN@ELAMAIL.COM>


A draft of the issue paper outlining the proposed definition of

"digital equivalent of tangible personal property" is attached. This paper will

be discussed at the Streamlined Sales Tax Project in Savannah. Any

questions can be directed to Christina Fletcher at


Dennis Brown, Equipment Leasing Association



Information here:





Classified Ads---Leasing Industry Help Wanted



-Irvine,CA. Nationwide Funding, LLC,an estab. Chicago based lessor looking for experienced processors to help staff our new Irvine office. Duties include generation of lease documentation, acquiring credit ratings and handling inbound phone calls. Fax resume (949)679-3601

Nationwide Funding is committed to customer service, innovation and leadership. We are a leading provider of equipment financing solutions for businesses nationwide, and the vendors who serve them.

Meridian Finance Group is seeking a customer- oriented credit professional whom we can train to support clients with our international credit/financial services. email:

About the Company: Meridian provides innovative credit and financial services that enable U.S. exporters to offer competitive terms to their customers in other countries.




#### Press Release ################################################


The Lessors Network Annual Conference August 25-26


A sophisticated and professionally intimate networking event

for overachievers active in the equipment leasing markets




Attendee Registration - Login to -





* Tom Wajnert - Principal - Fairview Advisors LLC

* Steve Sherman - Principal - Fairview Advisors LLC

* Beth Stern Fleming - Partner - Stevens & Lee, P.C.

* Robert C. Neptune - President - ORIX Public Finance LLC

* Jim Musselwhite - Marketing/Alliance Manager - Tax

Partners LLC

* Steve Dinkelaker - President - American Lease Insurance


* John Beville - Senior Vice President - Suntrust Leasing


* Alan Zeppenfeld - VP - Business Development - GlobalTech

Portfolio Services

* Michael Hark - President - HTLF Capital Corp.

* Cathy Anderson-Giles - President & CEO - Equity

Technologies Corp.

* Mike Garretson - GM & SVP - MicroBilt Corporation




* General Session | Outsourcing Roundtable

* General Session | Technology Roundtable

* General Session | Public Finance (Municipal Leasing)





* "The Female Executive"

* "Mergers, Acquisitions & Private Equity Capital"




* GATX Technology Services Corp. - Buyer

* Kislak National Bank - Buyer

* Commonwealth Capital Corp. - Buyer

* GMAC Comm Finance LLC - Buy & Sell

* ORIX Public Finance LLC - Buy & Sell

* HTLF Capital Corp. - Buy & Sell

* SunTrust Leasing Corp. - Buy & Sell

* CIT Technology Finance - Buyer

* Equilease Financial Services Inc. - Buy & Sell

* Banc of America Leasing & Capital - Buy & Sell

* ePlus Group, Inc. - Buy & Sell

* Advantage Equipment Leasing LLC - Seller




* American Lease Insurance

* GlobalTech Portfolio Services

* Tax Partners LLC

* Stevens & Lee P.C.

* David Lakes And Associates

* MicroBilt Corporation

* FairView Advisors LLC

* Collateral Specialists Inc.

* Phoenix American Financial Ser...

* Energy & Resource Consulting...




* The Heritage Golf Club

Heritage is designed around a 20 acre lake and water is

very much in play on several holes. >From the gold tees,

the course plays over 6900 yards. Heritage has elevated,

tiered greens on each hole, ninety six sand bunkers and

tree-lined fairways with generous landing areas. The well

protected greens are fast. One of the tougher holes is

#5, 253 yard par 3 (from the gold tees), requiring a tee

shot over natural wetlands and onto a green 100 feet

below. The course has the highest slope rating in the

state of Georgia and was nominated as one of the "Best

New Golf Courses in America" by Golf Digest in August

1996 . Golfers of all skill levels should find the

Heritage Club very enjoyable as the course plays much

shorter from the front tees. The quality of the course,

and proximity to Atlanta really sets Heritage Golf Club

apart from any other daily fee golf course in the area.




No boring PowerPoint presentations, workshops or

exhibitor booths here! This event uses an innovative new

(proven) approach maximizing networking benefits for all

participants. Every attendee becomes a proactive player,

distributing printed copies of their corporate profile

(describing their company, products and services) from

the Networking Suite. Everyone you meet enhances your

equipment leasing origination, administrative and

operational networks. General Session - Funding Source

Showcase & Service Providers Showcase presentations

provide attendees Comfortable seating where every five

minutes alternating speakers deliver brief oral

presentations introducing their company, products and

services. Q&A sessions follow each Roundtable and

Showcase presentation. Now you can easily identify and

evaluate which representative you need to follow up with

privately in the Networking Suite. At the End of the day

we unwind with a Networking Reception where tabletop

exhibits provide convenient access to company

representatives and their promotional material. See Why

We Limit Attendance and you'll understand this couldn't

be easier or more effective!



Login to –



#### Press Release #######################################################


American Honda Finance Corp. to Continue Leasing Operations in Connecticut and Rhode Island



States Change Archaic Vicarious Liability Laws


TORRANCE, Calif., / -- American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC), a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., today announced that AHFC and its affiliates will continue to offer vehicle lease contracts in the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island. This decision follows action by Connecticut and Rhode Island legislators to amend archaic state laws that hold auto lessors liable for the actions of lessees and subject to unreasonable damages in vicarious liability lawsuits.


"We are grateful that Connecticut and Rhode Island legislators have voted to change their vicarious liability laws, which have created significant uncertainty for auto leasing companies," said Steve Smith, senior vice president of American Honda Finance Corp. "Although the Rhode Island action provides a temporary one-year solution, we are hopeful that a permanent solution can be agreed to in the next legislative session."


The new provision requires that lessees maintain liability insurance coverage of at least $100K/300K/50K, which are the current AHFC requirements.


"The action by legislators will enable Honda to continue providing this popular product to Connecticut and Rhode Island consumers," added Smith. "We hope that New York will soon follow suit."


AHFC and its affiliates still plan to suspend all vehicle leasing on July 31st to residents of the state of New York, the only other state in the country that maintains a vicarious liability statute. Honda and other leasing companies have been working to abolish archaic vicarious liability laws that allow financial institutions to be sued in cases against lessees who are found negligent in an auto accident.


SOURCE American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


CO: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; American Honda Finance Corporation; AHFC


ST: Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, New York



### Press Release ########################################


News Briefs---


Fed Chief Gives Bright Outlook; Steady on Rates


Consumers pushed June retail sales to biggest increase in three months


Air Force Defends Lease Plan Again ("Not a Dumb Thing to Do.")


Citigroup to Buy Sears Credit Unit for $3 Billion


Intel's Second-Quarter Profits Double


Fannie Mae Posts Loss Despite Business Boom


Iraq war has cost Pentagon $48 billion so far


How Will Record Deficits Affect Economy?


Polls: Number who consider economy 'poor' highest in a decade

San Francisco Becomes Fastest-Shrinking U.S. City



UAL mechanics switch unions/Vote dumps representative after 58 years


Springsteen's Homecoming, With 55,000 Guests


Scotch Whiskey: A Rugged Drink for a Rugged Land





Sports Briefs---


Former Cowboys president, general manager Schramm dies at 83


Jets Sign Veteran DT McGlockton,0,5291393.story?coll=ny-jets-headlines


A.L. Snatches All-Star Victory, and Home-Field Advantage








Two Version: Free ( text format) $59.95 yr ( html/website) Free 30 Day Trial


This edition is also available in an "up-grade" format, html, where you may

click on the headlines to go to the story, plus is also in this "new" format

posted daily on our website---





This Day in American History


    1769-Mission San Diego de Alcala was dedicated and blessed by Father Junipero Serra. After high mass, the royal standard of Spain was unfurled over the mission, which was named in honor of San Diego de Alcala. The mission, located in what is now San Diego, California, was the first of 21 California missions to the Indians


    1779-the first Revolutionary War Bayonet charge was led by General Anthony Wayne, known as “Mad Anthony,” who charged the British garrison at Stony Point, NY, with 1,200 men and forced it to surrender. He was slightly wounded. The British loss was 63 killed and 553 wounded; the Americans loss, 15 killed and 83 wounded.

    1790- George Washington signed legislation that selected the District of Columbia as the permanent capital of the US. Boundaries of the district were established in 1792-Plans called for the government to remain housed at Philadelphia, PA, until 1800, when the new national capital would be ready for occupancy.

( lower half of: )

    1821-birthday of Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of Christian Science, born near Concord, NH. She died at Chestnut Hill, MA, Dec. 3, 1910. She is one of the very few, if not the only woman to found a major religion. In 1874 she founded the Christian Science movement after recovering from illnesses with the use of spiritual healing. She studied the process and developed her own system that preached that the mind is the only reality and that illnesses and infirmities of the body are merely illusions and can be cured by mental effort, chiefly the reading of Jesus's words in the New Testament.

    1849- Clara Shortridge Foltz ,born Lafayette, Indiana- U.S. reformer, attorney, editor, and publisher who changed California's sexist laws. She had read law and then found out California did not allow non-male attorneys. Together with Laura D. Gorden, they got that law changed. When she was denied admission to a San Francisco law school, she brought suit and along with Ms Gorden argued it to victory to the California Supreme Court.

    1862- African American journalist and anti-lynching crusader Ida B. Wells was born the daughter of slaves at Holly Springs, Mississippi and grew up as Jim Crow and lynching were becoming prevalent. Wells argued that lynchings occurred not to defend white women because of whites’ fear of economic competition from blacks. She traveled extensively, founding anti-lynching societies and black women’s clubs. Wells’ “Red Record”( 1895) was one of the first accounts of lynchings in the South.

    1863- New York City. Nearly 1000 the end of three days of ant draft riots in persons were killed or wounded before federal troops restored order.

    1867- Averill Paint Company of New York City produced the first paint ready-mixed. The company went out of business in the early 1900’s, not being able to maintain a consistent standard of color. The first manufacturer to do so was Henry Alden Sherwin, founder of Sherwin-Williams, Cleveland,OH, which began producing paint in 1890.

    1877-President Rutherford Richard Hayes called out Federal troops to suppress

the strike by railroad employees. This was in response for aid from eh governors of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and other states.

    1880-Writer Kathleen Norris born Washington, DC - highly popular U.S. author. KN wrote 81 novels and many short stories that made her one of the most popular writers in the U.S.

    1882-birthday of V.A. Johnson, the first Black female to argue before the US

Supreme Court.

    1889-birthday of Joseph Jefferson (Shoeless Joe) Jackson, baseball player, born at Brandon Mills, SC. Jackson’s legendary excellence as one of the game’s finest right-hand hitters is besmirched by his alleged involvement in the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. Jackson stood accused of participating in the conspiracy to throw the World Series, and he, along with seven teammates, was banned for life. Died at Greenville, SC, December 5, 1951.

    1907-Actress Barbara Stanwyck was born Ruby Stevens at the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 18 she won a leading role in the Broadway melodrama Noose, appearing for the first time as Barbara Stanwyck. She appeared in 82 films including Stella Dallas, Double Indemnity, Sorry, Wrong Number, The Lady Eve and the television series “The Big Valley.” In 1944, the government listed her as the nation’s highest paid woman, earning $400,000 per year. My late father Lawrence Menkin worked on two of her films as a writer in the late 1940’s, but did not like “life” in Hollywood. He returned in 1954, and did stories for her television show. Stanwyck died at Santa Monica, CA, Jan 21,1990.

    1920-In his first season with the New York Yankees, Babe Ruth hit his 30th home run to break his own record set in 1919 as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Ruth finished the year with 54 home runs. He hit 59 in 1921 and 60 in 1922.

    1925-birthday of vibe player Cal Tjader, St. Louis, MO Died May 5, 1982.

    1925-Pianist Nat Pierce Birthday

    1928—birthday of guitarist Bola Sete, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    1928-Cow Cow Davenport records “Cow Cow Blues” (Vo 1198).

    1935- Oklahoma City, OK, installed the first automatic parking meter. Twenty-foot spaces were painted on the pavement and a parking meter that accepted nickel

was installed at the head of each space by the Dual Parking Meter Co. of Oklahoma City.

    1936-photographer Walker Evans starts his assignment of sharecroppers in

Hale County, Alabama

1938-Larry Clinton, with Bea Wain, records, “ My Reverie.”

    1940-Inkspots record “ We Three, “ “ “Java Jive” Decca.

     1941- Birthday of singer Desmond Dekker, one of the pioneers of reggae music, born in Kingston, Jamaica. He was named the island's top singer five times between 1963 and 1969. Dekker's recording of "The Israelites" sold a million copies worldwide in 1969, hitting number one in Britain and making the top ten in North America as well.

    1945- In the New Mexican desert at Alamogordo Air Base, 125 miles southeast of Albuquerque, the experimental atomic bomb was set off at 5:30 AM. Dubbed “Fat Boy” by its creator, the plutonium bomb vaporized the steel scaffolding holding it as the immense fireball rose 8,000 ft in a fraction of a second—ultimately creating a mushroom cloud to a height of 41,000 ft. At ground zero the bomb emitted heat three times the temperature of the interior of the sun. All plant and animal life for a mile around ceased to exist. When informed by President Truman at Potsdam of the successful experiment, Winston Churchill responded, “It’s the Second Coming in wrath!”

    1948-After 8 ½ seasons as manager of the Brooklyn Dodges, Leo Dourcher resigned abruptly to accept the manager’s job with the New York Giants. With Dourcher at the helm, the Giants won two pennants. In 1951 by defeating the Dodgers in a playoff and in 1954 when they swept the Cleveland Indians in the world Series.

    1949---Top Hits

Some Enchanted Evening - Perry Como

Bali Ha’i - Perry Como

Again - Gordon Jenkins

One Kiss Too Many - Eddy Arnold

    1957---Top Hits

Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley

Searchin’/Young Blood - The Coasters

Valley of Tears/It’s You I Love - Fats Domino

Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers

    1959-Adios Butler, driven by Clint Hodgins, won the Cane Pace, the first jewel in pacing’s triple crown, at Younkers Raceway. Adios Oregon finished second. Adios Butler went on to win the Messenger Stakes and the Little Brown Jug to become the first triple crown winner in pacing history.

    1961- Ralph Boston sets then long jump record at 27' 2"

    1965---Top Hits

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

Wonderful World - Herman’s Hermits

Yes, I’m Ready - Barbara Mason

Before You Go - Buck Owens

    1966- guitarist Eric Clapton, formerly of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and the Yardbirds, joined two ex-members of the Graham Bond Organization, bass guitarist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, to form Cream. The influential blues-rock trio sold more than 15 million albums in their three years together.

    1969-The launch of Apollo II, the first US man sent to the moon. This launch resulted in man’s first moon landing, the first landing on any extraterrestrial body.

(July 20th ).

    1970- President John F. Kennedy appointed the first Air Force General who was a woman, Brigadier General Jeanne Marjorie Holm of Portland, OR.

    1970 - The Pittsburgh Pirates played their first game at Three Rivers Stadium. The Bucs had spent 61 baseball seasons at Forbes Field. Cincinnati’s Reds spoiled the housewarming for the Pirates with a 3-2 win. The game also marked the first time the Pirates wore new double-knit uniforms which became commonplace throughout both the American and National Leagues

    1972- Smokey Robinson performed for the last time with the Miracles at a concert in Washington, DC. They had been together since 1959. Robinson would have a successful solo career, as well as continuing with his songwriting and serving as a vice-president of Motown Records.

    1973---Top Hits

Will It Go Round in Circles - Billy Preston

Kodachrome - Paul Simon

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce

Love is the Foundation - Loretta Lynn

    1973-The existence of what were to be called the “Watergate tapes,” recordings of White House conversations, was revealed by former White House aid Alexander P. Butterfield. Only July 23 special prosecutor Archibald Cox and the Senate committee subpoenaed the tapes. On July 26, President Nixon refused to release them, appealing the case through the courts until October 19, when he offered a summary of requested tapes in return for no further requests for tapes or papers. This was rejected by Cox.

John Elrlichman and G. Gordon Liddy were soon to be indicted along with two White House officials, and in October Vice President Agnew resigned and pleaded nolo contendree ( not contest) to one charge of income tax evasion in return for the dropping of other charges. Agnew was fined and given three years’ probation. Representative Gerald R. Ford, Republican of Michigan, was nominated by President Nixon for the vice-presidency, who soon was to become the first president not elected to the office directly or through the vice-presidency.

    1981---Top Hits

Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

All Those Years Ago - George Harrison

The One that You Love - Air Supply

Fire & Smoke - Earl Thomas Conley

    1988- Jackie Joyner-Kersee sets women's hepathlete record of 7,215 pts

    1989---Top Hits

Satisfied - Richard Marx

Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry

Baby Don’t Forget My Number - Milli Vanilli

I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party - Roseanne Cash

    1994- Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras performed together before 56,000 people at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on the eve of the World Cup soccer final. It was a reprise of their performance before the World Cup final in Rome four years earlier. The recording of the first concert sold more than 10 million copies, making it the best-selling classical album of all time. The album made at the Los Angeles concert was also a best-seller. 1993- Lotus began shipping a new version of its popular 1-2-3 spreadsheet for Microsoft Windows. Lotus 1-2-3 quickly took over the spreadsheet market when it was first introduced in 1983. The product almost instantly wiped out the leading spreadsheet program, VisiCalc, which had also been the first spreadsheet. Lotus bought Software Arts, the company that invented VisiCalc, in 1985.

    1994-Bruce Springsteen showed up unannounced at the 20th anniversary celebration at the Stone Pony bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Springsteen and his wife, Patty Scialfa, Jon Bon Jovi and former E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg performed several songs with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. In 1974, the Jukes had been the house band and Springsteen a regular performer at the Stone Pony.

    1995- Retired journalist Marj Carpenter, 68, was elected moderator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the church's highest elected position.

    1966-The Supreme Court hands down its decision in Miranda v. Arizona, establishing the principle that all criminal suspects must be advised of their rights before interrogation. Now considered standard police procedure, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you," has been heard so many times in television and film dramas that it has become almost cliché.The roots of the Miranda decision go back to March 2, 1963, when an 18-year-old Phoenix woman told police that she had been abducted, driven to the desert, and raped. Detectives investigating her story gave her a polygraph test, but the results were inconclusive. However, tracking the license plate number of a car that resembled that of her attacker's brought police to Ernesto Miranda, who had a prior record as a Peeping Tom. Although the victim did not identify Miranda in a line-up, he was brought into police custody and interrogated. What happened next is disputed, but officers left the interrogation with a confession that Miranda later recanted, unaware that he didn't have to say anything at all. The confession was extremely brief and differed in certain respects from the victim's account of the crime. However, Miranda's appointed defense attorney (who was paid a grand total of $100) didn't call any witnesses, and Miranda was convicted after a short trial. While Miranda was in an Arizona state prison, the American Civil Liberties Union took up his appeal, claiming that the confession was false and coerced. The Supreme Court overturned his conviction, but ironically Miranda was retried and convicted in October 1966. As a result of the case against Miranda, each and every person must be informed of his or her rights upon arrest. In 1999, the Supreme Court agreed to re-examine the Miranda requirements in the face of persistent complaints that confessions should not be barred from evidence simply because a police officer failed to read the suspect his or her rights.

    1997-The Dow-Jones Index of 30 major industrial stocks topped the 8,000 mark for the first time.

    1999 - John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts), killing him, his wife and his sister-in- law. The three had been en route to a Kennedy family wedding. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that Kennedy suffered from spatial disorientation, brought on by a loss of balance in the inner ear. Kennedy’s problems were exacerbated by the hazy night sky and his inability to see the horizon, plus his lack of experience as a pilot. The NTSB also said investigators did not find any mechanical problems with Kennedy’s plane, a single-engine Piper Saratoga II. The conclusion it was pilot error.





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