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“Many thanks for the many memories---

We will miss you, Bob Hope.”





Classified Ads---Help Wanted

    Merrill Lynch Capital To Be a Major Player

        Leasing Partners 4 New Territory Managers

            Call for Comments Leasing Assoc. Membership

                Federal Reserve "Beige Report"---Mixed at Best

                    Inter. Decision Systems Bidding--Twins 47.7%

                Thursday-Odds and Ends

            The Lessors Network Annual Conference August 25-26

        News Briefs---

    Sports Briefs---

This Day in American History


This Border ##### Denotes Press Release (Not Written By Leasing News)




Classified Ads---Help Wanted


Credit and Documentation Administrator
Fastest growing lessor in USA (Wayne, NJ location) needs lease administrator to assist with credit investigation, documentaion preparation and interfacing with territory Managers. Good benefits and salary commensurate with experience. Contact: Duane E. Rouba @ 800-848-7210 X 222.

About the Company:

-Irvine,CA. Nationwide Funding, LLC,an estab. Chicago based lessor looking for experienced processors to help staff our new Irvine office. Duties include generation of lease documentation, acquiring credit ratings and handling inbound phone calls. Fax resume (949)679-3601

Nationwide Funding is committed to customer service, innovation and leadership. We are a leading provider of equipment financing solutions for businesses nationwide, and the vendors who serve them.



Proven sales producers wanted for 25 yr old co.looking to open new branch offices across the country.
Top comm and backroom support..

About the Company:


(These are paid ads and run for 30 days. To post a “help wanted” ad,

please go here: )





Merrill Lynch Capital To Be a Major Player


Merrill Lynch Capital is a broad based commercial finance business serving the needs of middle market and larger non-investment grade companies nationwide. The business which is based in Chicago with regional offices nationwide, was formed in 2002 and is striving to make its mark as a leader in the markets served by its four business groups – Corporate Finance, Equipment Finance, Healthcare Finance, and Real Estate Finance. The business groups bring a full platform of products to their respective markets geared towards meeting the needs of their customers. The Equipment Finance group within Merrill Lynch Capital is focused on financing all types of essential use and revenue producing equipment.


Robert E. Radway, Managing Director and President, Merrill Lynch Capital, announced the appointment of Richard J. Remiker as Managing Director of its Equipment Finance Group in April with the following statement.


"I am delighted to have Rick join Merrill Lynch Capital's senior management team. Over the coming months and years, Rick will provide vision and leadership for our growing equipment finance platform and position Merrill Lynch Capital as a significant and very successful participant in structured equipment finance and leasing." said Robert E. Radway,

Managing Director and President, Merrill Lynch Capital.

Mr. Remiker previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer of KeyCorp's Commercial Leasing Services division, a leading provider of structured equipment finance and leasing solutions. In his nine years with Key, Mr. Remiker held a number of management roles and is a twenty-one year veteran of the leasing industry. Remiker has been an active member of the Equipment Leasing Association for many years, serving as Chair of the Middle Market Business Council the past two years.


"Merrill Lynch Capital is well positioned to be an industry leader in equipment finance, distinguishing itself by market positioning, quality service, and routinely delivering on commitments. The financial breadth and depth of Merrill Lynch provides an unequaled opportunity to make an impact in today's equipment finance marketplace." said Mr. Remiker.


In July, Remiker appointed John Settano as Director of Syndications to Merrill Lynch Capital Equipment Finance. Mr. Settano, a veteran of US Leasing for twenty-eight years, has extensive transaction structuring, pricing, documentation, tax leasing, credit underwriting, and product distribution experience with a solid reputation in the leasing industry.


In an exclusive interview with Leasing News, Settano said one of his goals is “ leverage Merrill Lynch Capital’s capabilities by arming its sales force with greater flexibility in meeting the needs of clients”. Merrill Lynch Capital Equipment Finance is involved in originating transactions ranging typically from $10 million to $75 million. Settano added, “Our syndications efforts will focus on the middle to upper end of our transaction size range.” Merrill Lynch Capital will be further ramping up its syndications efforts focusing more on selling interests in transactions originated by their sales force, thus expanding their position in the marketplace both in terms of credit profile and transaction size.


In addition to its own originations, Merrill Lynch Capital is an active buyer of transactions originated by other lessors and lenders. Settano ended by saying, “We have the intention and staff to become a significant player in our market segment.”


For more information on Merrill Lynch Capital, please contact:


Rick Remiker

Managing Director, Group Head


222 North LaSalle Street, 16th Floor

Chicago, Il 60601

(312) 750-6171 telephone

(312) 750-6108 facsimile


John Settano

Director, Syndications


101 California Street

San Francisco, CA 94111

(415) 773-1373 telephone

(415) 296-0465 facsimile



### Press Release ############################################


Wayne, NJ-Leasing Partners Capital, Inc., (LPC) announces the addition of four new Territory Managers to its team.


Stuart Levine will be working out of their Florence, SC office with Maria Leonard and Chris Raley. Levine previously was a VP with Republic National Bank of New York for 21 years and has an extensive background in graphic arts and printing. He attended the RCA Institute (Electronics) in Manhattan, NY.


Jeffery Knapp has joined the team of Territory Managers and will be working out of Orchard Park (Buffalo), NY. Jeff has spent the last two years as manager/owner of Aurora Capital. Knapp was an Economics Major at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.


Jeff Hays will be working out of Clarksville, IN (Louisville, KY) and was previously with IAM Technologies, Inc. and Pomeroy Computer Resources, Inc. for seven years. Jeff's expertise is in the high tech and "rent-to-own" industry. Jeff attended Iola County College in Iola, KS.


Joe Moore has also joined the team and will be working alongside Jeff Hayes in Clarksville. Joe has been with IAM Techmologies, Pomeroy Computer Resources, Inc. as well as, Ikon Printing. Joe has a BS in Commerce from the University of Louisville.


LPC is an independent lessor specializing in small-to-lower-middle-market general equipment leasing and will continue it's recruiting efforts into the second quarter of 2004, under its nationwide expansion program.


For further information contact:

Bruce Larsen

National Sales Manager






#### Press Release ############################################


Call for Comments on Leasing Association Membership


Still collecting “on” and “off the record” comments for the report on

the first six months of 2003 in leasing association membership. If you belong,

let us know why. If you do not, let us know why. If you did belong, but

no longer, let us here from your.


“On” or “Off the Record” contact





Federal Reserve “Beige Report”---Mixed at Best


“Sluggish,” “Lackluster,” “Consumer Spending off,” “Mixed”

Some areas up a “notch” but overall still “sluggish.” Don’t think

the reports you read elsewhere ever read the full report, but the

Fed “hand out.”


While the summary tries to be more optimistic, read the

districts’ for the full viewpoint. You know, a man with one

foot in a bucket of ice and the other in a fire is on the average



Read the district you are in and see if you agree with the

Fed’s summary, what is written elsewhere, or more important,

what you see happening from your experience.




New York






St. Louis


Kansas City


San Francisco







International Decision Systems Bidding


Twins Engineering up to 47.71%


Latest Posting at Press Time:


Recommended increased Cash Offer by Twins Acquisition, Inc. and (outside the United States) by Rothschild on its behalf to acquire IDS Group plc

Acceptances and irrevocable undertakings

On 10 July 2003, the Independent Directors and the board of Twins announced a recommended increased cash offer of 27 pence for each IDS Share.

As at 3.00 p.m. (London time) and 10.00 a.m. (New York City time) on 29 July 2003, being the last business day prior to the date of this announcement, valid acceptances had been received in respect of, in aggregate, 319,060 IDS Shares, representing approximately 0.56 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares.

Prior to the announcement of the Original Offer on 26 June 2003, Twins received irrevocable undertakings to accept, or procure the acceptance of, the Original Offer from James Horstmann and James Meinen in respect of, in aggregate, 149,000 IDS Shares, representing approximately 0.26 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares. These irrevocable undertakings will remain binding even in the event of a higher competing offer being made for IDS. Valid acceptances have been received in respect of the 149,000 IDS Shares subject to these irrevocable undertakings and are included in the total number of valid acceptances referred to above.

On 10 July 2003, Twins received irrevocable undertakings to accept, or procure the acceptance of, the Increased Offer from John Borchers, Sarah Borchers and Oldwoods Farm Limited Partnership, acting through Richard Borchers as General Partner, in respect of, in aggregate, 6,097,049 IDS Shares, representing approximately 10.72 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares. These irrevocable undertakings cease to be binding in the event that a third party succeeds in acquiring more than 50.1 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares, where that party has made a higher offer for IDS and Twins does not make a further offer which is higher than such third party offer.

On 29 July 2003, Twins received an irrevocable undertaking to accept, or procure the acceptance of, the Increased Offer from Stanton Trust Company, the trustee of the International Decision Systems, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan, in respect of its entire holding of 3,859,235 IDS Shares, representing approximately 6.79 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares. International Decision Systems, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDS. This irrevocable undertaking ceases to be binding in the event that a third party succeeds in acquiring more than 50.1 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares, where that party has made a higher offer for IDS and Twins does not make a further offer which is higher than such third party offer.

On 29 July 2003, being the last business day prior to the date of this announcement, Twins owned 16,853,138 IDS Shares, representing approximately 29.64 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares.

Accordingly, Twins currently owns, has received acceptances or has received irrevocable undertakings to accept or procure the acceptance of the Increased Offer in respect of, in aggregate, 27,128,482 IDS Shares, representing approximately 47.71 per cent. of the issued IDS Shares.

Prior to the Offer Period, Twins held no IDS Shares.


Capital Stream's Latest Posted Announcement ( at press time: )


On 15 July 2003, the board of Capital Stream, Inc. ("Capital Stream") announced

that the cash offer (the "Offer") being made by Capital Stream Minnesota, Inc.

("Capital Stream Minnesota") and, outside the United States, by Deloitte &

Touche Corporate Finance on its behalf for the entire issued and to be issued

share capital of IDS Group plc ("IDS"), as set out in the offer document dated

31 May 2003 (the "Offer Document"), was extended until 3.00 p.m. (London time)

or 10.00 a.m. (New York time) on 28 July 2003. As at 3.00 p.m. (London time) or

10.00 a.m. (New York time) on 28 July 2003, valid acceptances of the Offer had

been received in respect of, in aggregate, 12,116,699 IDS Shares representing

approximately 21.31 per cent of the IDS Shares currently in issue.




Robert W. Baird Limited



Class of security

Ordinary Shares

Date of disclosure

31st July 2003

Date of dealing

30th July 2003

Name of EMM

Robert W. Baird Limited

Name of offeree/offeror with whom connected


Total number of securities purchased


Highest price paid*

27.00 pence

Lowest price paid*

27.00 pence





Thursday—Odds and Ends


“Winning Leases with TValue5”


“How much is the e- book "Winning Leases with Value 5" and how do you order it- there is no mention of it on your website.


Also - who is the author and what is his / her expertise - background.



thank you



Bob Bakofen

HCL Associates, Inc.

PH: 631 667-5760

FX: 631 667-1680


(Ted Parker is past president of the United Association of Equipment Leasing. I think he ran First Interstate Leasing ( a bank company, or maybe have wrong name) and became/broker lessor. I don't "promote" people or books that I think are fraudulent, about's like wine, if you liked it, you did not pay too much.

I have known Ted maybe 25 or more years, but you are right, the price was

not in the article. I will ask him. editor


“ My webmaster was working on the site for The Leasing Library ( and it may have been temporarily unavailable to your readers interested in "Winning Leases with TValue5".


“We did not include pricing as it may be purchased as a stand-alone item ($55.00) if the user already has TValue5, or bundled with TValue5 or a TValue upgrade at a reduced price.


“Seemed like a bit too much to try to include in the Press Release. It is all laid out on the website or your readers may call me at 800/564-2404 with any questions.”



Best regards,






Ken Greene has moved to new digs: 980 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 6C, Larkspur, CA 94939. Phone number is 415 461 3777, and the fax number is 415 461 3733.


He also has a new website: It will include a periodic newsletter with significant legal developments, like the he wrote several years ago. He most likely

will start it when he migrates to a new ISP as he was limited in the amount

of e-mail he could send on AOL.


Law Offices of Kenneth C. Greene

980 Magnolia Avenue Suite 6C

Larkspur, CA 94939

Tel: 415 461 3777

Fax: 415 461 3733





Your newsletter has more penetration than I imagined. My phone, fax, e-mail

has been very busy since today's article came out. Not only do you have

hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of subscribers, but they also read what

you are sending.


You are a master with the "pen", too. I appreciate the headline, and the subject

line you used, “ Jerry Bishop folds.” You know I like to play cards. Perfect.

I’ll see you are going to be in LasVegas in May 04 (NAELB), so we definitely need to have dinner to discuss the industry and old times. I look forward to it.


Continued best wishes !


Jerry Bishop


(Thank you. It is quite often we are the only one with the story, and/or,

weeks ahead of the “official press release.” See you in Las Vegas. Kit)

I have switched e-mail's and would like to again be added to your daily newsletter.

It has been of great benefit to me and I always read it.


Pat McCann


(I asked Mr.McCann if I could quote him. (We always ask.) The purpose

is many change their e-mail address, but never notify us of the change. When

you send in your new address, we don’t know if you are on the list or not,

and the only way we find out is when the e-mail comes back. Sometimes it

comes back with the ISP address only and we can’t find it on our list. Sometimes

is comes back as a full name and not the way registered. It takes us time then

to “clean up the list” as we will get hundreds of “auto responders” and fifty or

more “not correct address” and then there is the supposed anti-virus program

or language problem that filters out subjects, and even names. So we appreciate

it very much when a reader asks us to change the address, rather than asking

us to add an address and assuming we know who to delete and it is easy to

do. editor)





For the record, we are Keystone Equipment Leasing, Inc., a New Jersey corporation (d/b/a Keystone Leasing in New York.) We are not related to any other company which may have a similar name.


More important, thank you for mentioning our website, To the extent that our site may approach the quality of the majors like Wells Fargo, it is only because they do not devote eighty thousand man-hours to such a low-return part of the business, as we do. By the way, the Brunie-Cam is up and running. From nine to five, Monday through Friday, Bruno Magli, English Bull Terrier non-pareil, is live in living (well mostly sleeping) color. I tell him that he is on Ed Sullivan, and he seems quite pleased.


( Viewers need only log in with NetMeeting, which is a free part of Windows, and see exciting live images of Brunie sleeping, napping, relaxing, and lolling (his four best tricks).


Thanks, again,


Barry Reitman

Cub Reporter


(Years ago I installed camera’s on the workstations so not only could users

send over the network, but we could talk to each other ---voice or keyboard

with video picture. But I found out the women hated it. But a cam of Brunie,

that is a different story. editor)




Kit: I neglected to, of course, mention the sterling effort of EAEL's

executive director, Alison Pryor. Attending the luncheon, also from GE

was Amy Bertolino, from Machinery Credit Tony Bellino, Mike Lachant form

Magrill Bros., who does asset valuation services, my old friend, Tony

Martino from RCA Capital, Bob Kossin of Stratford, Alex Evreinov of

Suffolk Credit (a college friend I never knew) and Ray Saccaro of West

Star Capital.

Steven B. Geller, CLP

Leasing Solutions LLC

20 Dike Drive, Wesley Hills, New York 10952

(845) 362-6106 fax (845) 354-2803

cell (914) 552-0842




(Here is the original story.


The names were received after the story was printed, and could not convert

the pictures in time, but since we are repeating the story above, here are

the pictures. editor)



Sign Me Up!


I have spent about the last hour reading through your website and have been very satisfied with the knowledge presented. I am not sure if you actually mail or email your Paper/information , but I ask that you please sign me up!!

Chad A Vitale


(It is that simple to do, to sign up. We not only get referrals, but

many readers find out about us by searching the web as Mr. Vitale did. Welcome

aboard. Editor )




For all of you that signed up for the Do Not Call Registry (Federal

Trade Commission:, be aware of

the latest scam by checking out the website below:


Marketing companies are sending out little bait and switch scams in

order to get you to sign a release so they can terminate the FTC Do Not

Call Registry that you signed up for!!!




Stewart Kahn <>






Izzy for Governor!!!


I thought I might run for Governor as the leasing industry sure could

use a person at the capital. I know Bette Kerhoulas would vote for me.


California has always been the land of fruit and nuts. I don’t think

the Terminator is going to run, but if he does, I’ll back out and vote

for him as we have had Shirley Temple and George Murphy, and don’t

forget the other actor who was both governor and president, Ronald Reagan

(California won’t be a grade “B” movie with Arnold.)


I’ll bring back the Investment Tax Credit, allow a full write-off the

year new equipment is put into place for lessors who advance credit

to businesses less than two years old, eliminate the alternate minimum

tax, and do away completely with capital gains.


I also will lower, or eliminate the tolls on bridges. When the 25 cent

toll was introduced for the Golden Gate Bridge, they said it would be

“free” after ten years and be paid by the two counties involved. Can

you believe it is now $5.00!!!


One of the things that bothers me is the Golden Gate Bridge clock has

been removed. I asked the toll booth person ( a woman) and she told

me it was damaged from 53 years of salt spray from the seawater below.

The new $20,000 replacement clock should be up at the toll plaza by next month,

she said.


They say the toll is so high to support the Ferries. I think there are too many

ferries in Marin, now, let alone, San Francisco.


Elect me Governor and I’ll reduce the bridge toll, reverse the new triple automobile registration fee, plus won’t charge sales tax on documentation fees.



Izzy Finster


(We try and stay out of political issues, but a leasing person at the

state capitol!!! Maybe even ELA may support you, Izzy. editor )




Two Version: Free ( text format) $59.95 yr ( html/website) Free 30 Day Trial


This edition is also available in an "up-grade" format, html, where you may

click on the headlines to go to the story, plus is also in this "new" format

posted daily on our website---





*** announcement ************************************************


The Lessors Network Annual Conference August 25-26

A sophisticated and professionally intimate networking event

for overachievers active in the equipment leasing markets


Attendee Registration - Login to -



* Tom Wajnert - Principal - Fairview Advisors LLC

* Steve Sherman - Principal - Fairview Advisors LLC

* Beth Stern Fleming - Partner - Stevens & Lee, P.C.

* Robert C. Neptune - President - ORIX Public Finance LLC

* Jim Musselwhite - Marketing/Alliance Manager - Tax

Partners LLC

* Steve Dinkelaker - President - American Lease Insurance


* John Beville - Senior Vice President - Suntrust Leasing


* Alan Zeppenfeld - VP - Business Development - GlobalTech

Portfolio Services

* Michael Hark - President - HTLF Capital Corp.

* Cathy Anderson-Giles - President & CEO - Equity

Technologies Corp.

* Mike Garretson - GM & SVP - MicroBilt Corporation


* General Session | Outsourcing Roundtable

* General Session | Technology Roundtable

* General Session | Public Finance (Municipal Leasing)



* "The Female Executive"

* "Mergers, Acquisitions & Private Equity Capital"


* GATX Technology Services Corp. - Buyer

* Kislak National Bank - Buyer

* Commonwealth Capital Corp. - Buyer

* GMAC Comm Finance LLC - Buy & Sell

* ORIX Public Finance LLC - Buy & Sell

* HTLF Capital Corp. - Buy & Sell

* SunTrust Leasing Corp. - Buy & Sell

* CIT Technology Finance - Buyer

* Equilease Financial Services Inc. - Buy & Sell

* Banc of America Leasing & Capital - Buy & Sell

* ePlus Group, Inc. - Buy & Sell

* Advantage Equipment Leasing LLC - Seller


* American Lease Insurance

* GlobalTech Portfolio Services


* Tax Partners LLC

* Stevens & Lee P.C.

* David Lakes And Associates

* MicroBilt Corporation

* FairView Advisors LLC

* Collateral Specialists Inc.

* Phoenix American Financial Ser...

* Energy & Resource Consulting...


Latest Attendee List


* The Heritage Golf Club

Heritage is designed around a 20 acre lake and water is

very much in play on several holes. >From the gold tees,

the course plays over 6900 yards. Heritage has elevated,

tiered greens on each hole, ninety six sand bunkers and

tree-lined fairways with generous landing areas. The well

protected greens are fast. One of the tougher holes is

#5, 253 yard par 3 (from the gold tees), requiring a tee

shot over natural wetlands and onto a green 100 feet

below. The course has the highest slope rating in the

state of Georgia and was nominated as one of the "Best

New Golf Courses in America" by Golf Digest in August

1996 . Golfers of all skill levels should find the

Heritage Club very enjoyable as the course plays much

shorter from the front tees. The quality of the course,

and proximity to Atlanta really sets Heritage Golf Club

apart from any other daily fee golf course in the area.


No boring PowerPoint presentations, workshops or

exhibitor booths here! This event uses an innovative new

(proven) approach maximizing networking benefits for all

participants. Every attendee becomes a proactive player,

distributing printed copies of their corporate profile

(describing their company, products and services) from

the Networking Suite. Everyone you meet enhances your

equipment leasing origination, administrative and

operational networks. General Session - Funding Source

Showcase & Service Providers Showcase presentations

provide attendees Comfortable seating where every five

minutes alternating speakers deliver brief oral

presentations introducing their company, products and

services. Q&A sessions follow each Roundtable and

Showcase presentation. Now you can easily identify and

evaluate which representative you need to follow up with

privately in the Networking Suite. At the End of the day

we unwind with a Networking Reception where tabletop

exhibits provide convenient access to company

representatives and their promotional material. See Why

We Limit Attendance and you'll understand this couldn't

be easier or more effective!

Login to –


**** announcement ***********************************************





News Briefs---


Treasury Gives Specifics of Record Borrowing Plan



4 GOP Senators Challenge Bush, Seek More for Amtrak

Sales of luxury real estate dip/ Fewer high-end homes change hands


Million Dollar Sales in Silicon Valley



New Issue-Sallie Mae sells $2 billon student loan ABS







1-- KATE REMEMBERED -- BERG -- WEEK: 50,571 YTD: 192,187

2 --TREASON -- COULTER 33,003 YTD: 219,414

3 --LIVING HISTORY -- CLINTON 31,267 YTD: 908,622


5 --KENNEDY CURSE -- KLEIN 18,300 YTD: 63,331






Sports Briefs---



Mueller hits slams from both sides


Bronco's endure inordinate amount of bad news during first week,1713,BDC_2453_2145967,00.html


Still no new contract for Colts QB Manning


'Daddy' interests Lions




This Day in American History


    1491-1556, Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus and Jesuits. Canonized in 1622

    1498- Christopher Columbus first sighted the island that he called La Trinidad. The island was inhabited by two tribes of “Indians, the Arawaks, who were peaceful fishermen and farmers, and the more belligerent Caribs. Upon his return to Spain, Columbus described the islands to the King as very lush and pleasant, and soon the Spaniards began to colonize them. Trinidad and Tobago remained under Spanish rule from 1498 until Feb 18, 1797, when the Spanish Governor, Chacon, surrendered the islands to the British Navy. British rule continued until 1962 when Trinidad and Tobago gained their independence, after having been self-governing since 1956. The chief export were slaves. Those that

were not captured were killed and many maimed in the battles between well-armed soldiers

on horses and indians with primative weapons at best.

    1777-The Vermont state constitution made it the first state to abolish slavery and adopt universal male suffrage, without regard to property. It was followed to a lesser degree by other New England states, which with Vermont were destined to become strongholds of abolitionism in the 1850s. Vermont had declared itself an independent state on Jan. 16,1777 and has been known for its “independence” ever since.

    1790-The US Patent Office opened its doors. The first US Patent was signed by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It went to Samuel Hopkins of Vermont for a new method of making pearash and potash, useful in the many application, including bleaching cotton.

    1792- the cornerstone of the Philadelphia Mint, the first US Government building, was put

in place.

    1811-Jane Currie Blaikie Hoge birthday, author also well-known for caring for orphans. After seeing some of the deplorable conditions suffered by soldiers in the Civil War, she became one of the leaders in sanitary reform (collecting and distributing clothing, providing nursing care, medical and hospital supplies, food, just about everything else for sanitary and health care that the army never supplied to its men). The women of the sanitary reform movement did unbelievably hard and effective work. The women of the commission received adulation immediately after the war and then their names and work were forgotten while the names of battles and how they were fought (usually forgetting the gruesome results) were glorified.

    1816-Birthday of CSA General George H. Thomas, born in Southampton County, Virginia. Known as the "Rock of Chickamauga.”

( lower half of )

    1816- Lydia Moss Bradley birthday - U.S. financier and philanthropist. LMB, although left a wealthy widow, increased the estate astronomically through wise investments and real estate transactions that rank her as a major financial genius.

Her philanthropic gifts included a home for older women. In 1876 she endowed Bradley University with $2 million and 28 acres in honor of her six children who all died young.

    1831- Helena Petrovna Hahn Blavatsky birthday, founder of the Theosophy religion/belief/philosophy that combines various religions and spiritualism and the occult. She wrote a number of books the most important being The Secret Doctrine, The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (1888) and Key to Theosophy (1889) that are the basic texts of the movement. She died at the home of Annie Besant who carried on the movement that still has millions of followers today.

    1846-The “Brooklyn” arrived in port with 230 Mormons under the leadership of 26-year-old Samuel Brannan. He was to meet other Mormons who were crossing the country from Illinois.

    1849-Revolutionizing warfare, Benjamin Chambers,Sr., obtained a patent for a “Breech-loading cannon.” It was the most successful and simple operation, which he called “ an improvement in movable breeches for fire-arms and the locks and appurtenances of the same.” His wooden model was discovered in an old smithy and became part of the collection of the Virginia Historical Society.

    1860- Mary Morris Vaux Walcott birthday - U.S. artist. Four hundred of her watercolors of wild flowers and descriptions were published by the Smithsonian Institution as the five-volume North American Wild Flowers. Her paintings are magnificent and accurate.

    1874- Father Patrick Francis Healy, first Black man to receive a PhD, named President of Georgetown University.

    1918- pianist Hank Jones birthday

    1921-Birthday of Whitney Young, former Executive Director of the National Urban League

    1931-Birthday of great guitarist Kenny Burrell, Detroit, MI’

    1942-Harry James Band with Helen Forrest cut “ I’ve Heard that Song Before.” All phonographs are banned the next day due to the war until 1945.

    1944- Sherry Lansing birthday - U.S. movie executive. SL is the first woman to be placed in charge of production at a major film studio, and 01- 02-1980, she became president of production at Twentieth Century Fox. She had been a story editor and vice-president of creative affairs to MGM and then vice-president of production at Columbia Pictures. Her mother fled Nazi Germany and raised SL and her sister by working in real estate.

    1948-New York’s International Airport at Idlewild Field was dedicated by President Harry S. Truman. It was later renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    1946-Birthday of singer Gary Lewis, born New York, NY.

    1951-Evonne Goolagong birthday- outstanding First People (Aborigine) Australian tennis player who won the French Open, three Australian Opens, two Wimbledons (1971 and 1980), and was chosen Associated Press Female Athlete of 1971.

    1952- Faye Marder Kellerman birthday- U.S. novelist specializing in mysteries that feature authentic Orthodox Jewish life.

    1956---Top Hits

The Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant

Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera Sera) - Doris Day

I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash

    1960-Elijah Muhammad, leader of Nation of Islam, calls for a black state.

    1961-President John F. Kennedy agreed during talks held with General Chen Cheng( July 31—Aug 1,1961), to support Nationalist China in its bid for UN membership and oppose the admission of Communist China to the United Nations.

    1964 --Top Hits

Rag Doll - The 4 Seasons

A Hard Day’s Night - The Beatles

The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena) - Jan & Dean

Dang Me - Roger Miller

    1966- Charles Whitman wounds 46 and kills 5 at University of Texas

    1970- Chet Huntley retires from NBC, ends "Huntley-Brinkley Report"

    1971-the first astronauts to ride a vehicle on the moon were Colonel David Randolph Scott and Lieutenant Colonel James Benson Irwin, who rode the four-wheeled electric cart “Rover,” an LRV ( Lunar Roving Vehicle) alongside the 1,200 foot deep canyon Hadley Hills on the moon ( Apollo 15).

    1972 - Thomas Eagleton, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, withdrew from the ticket with presidential candidate George McGovern following disclosure that Eagleton had once undergone psychiatric treatment for depression. Eagleton was replaced by Sargent Shriver, who, incidentally, was the only Democratic vice-presidential nominee who did not serve in Congress at any point in his or her career.

    1972 -Top Hits

Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilber O’Sullivan

Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) - Looking Glass

(If Loving You is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right - Luther Ingram

It’s Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer - Charley Pride

    1972- White Sox Dick Allen becomes the seventh major leaguer to hit two inside-the-park HRs in one game. The homers helps pace the White Sox over the Twins, 8-1.

    1974 - One of the President Nixon’s main men, John Erlichman was sentenced to prison for his role in the break-in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. Ellsberg was the Pentagon consultant who leaked the "Pentagon Papers" (which purportedly told Americans how and why the U.S. really got into the Vietnam War). Ehrlichman also created the White House unit that was called the ‘plumbers’ because it was intended to plug leaks.

    1980 -Top Hits

It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me - Billy Joel

Magic - Olivia Newton-John

Cupid/I’ve Loved You for a Long Time - Spinners

Bar Room Buddies - Merle Haggard & Clint Eastwood

    1981- African-American Arnette Hubbard installed as first woman president of the National Bar Association, started in 1925 for African-American attorneys.

    1981 - The seven-week baseball players’ strike came to an end as the players and owners agreed on the issue of free agent compensation.

    1984- US men's gymnastics team won team gold medal at LA Summer Olympics

    1988 Top Hits

Roll with It - Steve Winwood

Hands to Heaven - Breathe

Make Me Lose Control - Eric Carmen

Don’t We All Have the Right - Ricky Van Shelton

    1990-Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers won the 300th game of his career, defeating the Milwaukee Brewers, 11-3. Ryan pitched in the major leagues from 1966 until 1993 and finished with 324 wins.

    1993—Top Hits

Can t Help Falling In Love (From "Sliver")-- UB40

Whoomp! (There It Is)- Tag Team


I m Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers

    1994-The San Francisco Giants joined the battle against AIDS by staging their first “Until There’s A Cure” Day at Candlestick Park. The Giants wore red ribbons sewn on their uniforms. Together with the visiting Colorado Rockies, they joined 700 Aids volunteers to form a giant human red ribbon on the field. One dollar from the price of every ticket sold went to Bay Area AIDS organizations. The Giants won the game, 9-4, behind home runs by Barry Bonds, Darryl Strawberry and Matt Williams, who hit tow.

    1995-Heat Wave in Chicago, Illinois; 525 deaths attributed.

    1998-Top Hits

The Boy Is Mine- Brandy

You’re Still The One- Shania Twain

My Way- Usher

Adia,-Sarah McLachlan

    1999 - The U.S. heat wave -- linked to at least 94 deaths -- continued. As Chicago baked in 100-degree weather, thousands of hot and sweaty residents were forced to endure the heat without air conditioning or fans, due to sporadic power outages and brownouts.

    2002- A plan to sell beer outside Boston's Fenway Park is approved on a trial basis by city officials. During the 14 games, brew will be available three hours before game time to one hour after games start to game ticket-holders who pass through a turnstile.






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