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Friday, June 29, 2007

- Bob Jacobson and family okay -
South Lake Tahoe, California Fire

"The powerful gusts of wind that residents feared Thursday did not come, and a forecast of calm weather for today has firefighters hopeful they'll soon control the Lake Tahoe blaze that has destroyed more than 250 homes.

"About 70 percent of the 3,100-acre fire was contained Thursday, and it was likely that by this morning officials will have lifted some mandatory evacuations affecting neighborhoods closest to the lake.

"Some residents near the south end of the fire might not be allowed to go home because of continuing fire danger. And many others who did return home Thursday found blackened lots filled with little more than ash and charred chimneys."

One of the leasing industry icons Bob Jacobson and his family live in Lake Tahoe. Many friends were asking Leasing News to contact him. Unfortunately, Bob is not on our mailing list, but in the last issue, we asked him to contact us:

"Yes, I had to delete the subscription because every time I read it, I got nostalgic. :-)

"I'm in Maui, working for the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort in their fractional ownership sales.

"Cheryl and Ron are still in Lake Tahoe. Three days ago, Cheryl called me, screaming, and said the fire was within 1/2 mile of the house, and all she could get out was our son, Ron, and our dog, Quito.

"The fire came within 4 blocks of our house and then veered to the left and right of our block, sparing us.It was truly a gift.

"She has been evacuated for three days, having to change locations each day as the fire moved around and jumped the containment. There are about 2000 people that are now evacuated. Many of the hotels in the area are offering free rooms to locals who are displaced.

"Anyone that wants to reach me can call on my mobile, 415-994-1404, or if they want to call Cheryl directly, they can call 415-994-1405.

"Thanks for your concern."


More on the fire:

Leasing News will have a regular edition on Monday with Leasing #102 by Terry Winders, more rumor bashing on the PCB Leasing sale, the story of how the AltaGroup pulled off what Leasing News calls the "sale of the century (remember we are only seven years into 21st century,) another loss by IFC Credit (I really like Rudy and Gary Trebels and feel sorry for their dilemma) and other news such as Mike Bennie's new location.

Sorry about today's edition, but the fact is the six of us missed our US Airways connection from Cabo San Lucas, Baja, California in Phoenix, Arizona, due to an hour and a half hour security line, then they supposedly booked us on the 9:30pm to San Francisco, and when we went to get the boarding passes, the gal at the desk, Lynette Leslie, only two of us not six were booked , but why not take the 7:35pm to San Jose. We told her it was booked, but she said with all the connecting problems from Houston and elsewhere, there was an eight person waiting list now and if we joined, she thought we could get on. So we had both times. Then at 6:30pm, three of us got on and three were waiting, at 7:30pm, the other three got on. Then the plane was delayed until 9pm as they had to get one from the hangar. When it arrived, they told us it was 120 degrees and they had to let cool down. So we boarded around 10pm in a 100 degree plane, and sat for another 45 minutes as the toilets were not working, and some other problems. Then they had to get special permission to land in San Jose as San Jose has a 11pm curfew, and we were airborne at 11:30pm, arriving a little after 1:00am. Funny, but not funny, half the luggage was on the 7:25pm flight to San Jose, not the 4:25pm that we missed. We were laughing. We now had all our luggage, too.

Really, we were not unhappy, as both Phoenix and San Jose airport had people sleeping on chairs, the floor, and we were glad to get home with all our luggage. But too late to write Leasing News, as we had the limo driver drop the other couples off first. When we opened the front door at 2:00am, our dog Bode was glad to see us.

Kit Menkin

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