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President of EAR Sentenced

Banks/Funders Pony Up Another $2.5 Million Plus
in Sheldon Player’ EAR Settlements

Equipment Acquisition Resources -Busted!

US Attorney Indicts EAR President Mark Anstett
and Two Others for $100 Million Leasing Fraud

Confirmed: Sheldon Player Passed Away Nov. 13, 2013

EAR Case Takes Wrong Turn for Equipment Lessors

No Confirmation on Sheldon Player
But It Is Even More Curious than Before

Player/E.A.R. Update

Sheldon Player— E.A.R. Looks Like Sheldon will Walk

Sheldon Player is a Player at the Tables

Equipment Acquisition Resource Founder Plays Roulette
"My Three Years with Sheldon Player"

Sheldon Player June 2012
Sheldon Player: Where is He?

Sheldon Player Please Call 408-354-7967

Up-date--Sheldon Player—Equipment Acquisition Resources 

First Premier-VonLehman status

Chance Neil Weaver
End of the year 2011 update

Sheldon Palyer Still on the Loose

Sheldon Player et. al. Back to the IRS

$30 MM plus Law Suit re: CPA Firm, E.A.R , Sheldon Player Et. Al

The Real Strange Case of Sheldon Player!!! 
The Strange Case of Sheldon Player
The Curious Case of Sheldon Player

Player has his Mercedes repossessed 

Latest on Sheldon Player and E.A.R.

$23 Million---ICON Capital Only Bidder Player Property

Sheldon Player still a player

Wynn responds E.A.R. BK for Sheldon Players Gambling Debts
Equipment Acquisitions Resources BK Up-Date

E.A.R. Counsel asks for $254,249 legal services

Ex-Con Sheldon Player still a gambler
Sheldon Player free for now

Latest Sheldon Player News-Premier Capital
Equipment Acquisition Resources Equipment Sold
E.A.R. Equipment being Sold?

E.A.R BK Trustee sues I.R.S for $4.7 Million

Sheldon Player explains Greyhound $75 Million Theft

Sheldon Player: "Blood on his hands"

FBI Investigating Equipment Acquisition Resources
Sheldon Player and his brokers by Christopher Menkin
Sheldon Player E.A.R. —Comerica the latest
Where is Sheldon Player?--Anstett in China?

E.A.R. – Sheldon Player Up-date
SG Equipment joins EAR law suits: $2.7 Million
Sheldon Player Caught w/$700,000 Cash in Duffle Bag

New Development in EAR Law Suits

Attention: Inquiries about being on the EAR List
Equipment Acquisition Resources Bankruptcy--Up-Date
Equipment Acquisition Resources -Busted!
Fifth Third Bank joins Sheldon Player Fray
"Oh No! Sheldon Player Again!!!
Sheldon Player---new "Alert"
by Christopher Menkin 
Sheldon Player is back!!! This time $2 Million + 
Sheldon Player is back!!! Now selling bottled water 
Alert -- Sheldon Player 
Sheldon Player, Greyhound Leasing, Deja vu? 
The Alert -- Sheldon Player