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Heritage Leasing

HL Leasing/John Otto--Dec 2013 Update
Court Upholds Ruling Surviving Spouse Liable
---Kathleen Otto Responsible for Debt
HL Leasing - Delayed to November

HL Leasing—Delayed to October
HL Leasing, Fresno, Palm Desert, California

John Otto's HL Leasing Ponzi Scheme Update
$163,720,000 Collections to begin May 9
 in John Otto’s HL Leasing Ponzi Scheme
Who is John Otto?

Kathleen Otto Found Liable for $114.5 Million Ponzi Scheme

End of 2011 Year Update

President and CFO of HL Leasing Found Liable Ponzi scheme
John Otto—HL Leasing Trial Begins in Fresno, CA

John Otto HL Leasing Case in Limbo

Funders Allegedly Perpetuated Ponzi Scheme

HL Leasing alleged $132 million fraud---update

June 2010 Update
Almost One Year Ago—HL Leasing Comes to an End
HL Leasing Scandal—Up-Date
HL Leasing/Gordon Roberts Bizzare Twist

HL Leasing/Heritage Pacific up-date
FBI Seize Otto Company Jet
Ben Millerbis, CLP Exclusive Interview: HL Leasing
HL Leasing Blog discovers UCC's
by Christopher Menkin
John Otto letter to Investors on HL Leasing
HL Leasing going into Receivership?
by Christopher Menkin
John Otto--HL Leasing Scandal
Latest John Otto/HL Leasing Story
Why HL Leasing Was Not Licensed
by Christopher Menkin
FBI Calls HL Leasing a "Ponzi Scam"
HL Leasing Investor Blog
HL Leasing $132 Million Fraud? What’s Next?
Investors suspect Heritage Leasing $132 Million Fraud
by Christopher Menkin
Readers saddened by the passing of John Otto
Heritage Pacific Leasing, Fresno, California
by Christopher Menkin