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Puget Sound Leasing, Bellevue Up-Date
Turmoil still exists at Puget Sound Leasing

Oh, No! Third Amended Complaint-First Sound vs. Secords
First Sound Leasing Law Suit vs. Secords
First Sound Bank Continues Losses-Pugent Sound Leasing
Pugent Sound NOT joining "No Broker's List"
Puget Sound Leasing--up-date
Pugent Sound reason for $18.3MM Y/E Loss
Pugent Sound/Secords/Larasco/12 Banks +
Changes at Puget Sound Leasing
J'Accuse? by 12 employees of Puget Sound Leasing

First Sound Bank vs. Secords
Oh, No! Mr. Bill!!! 12 Banks/Sixteen Attorneys
Court Record: First Sound Bank vs. Larasco, Secords
First Sound Bank vs. Secords