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“Broker/Lessor” List

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(A) Stoddard & Associates - No Employees. We currently have Independent Affiliate Brokers with offices in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Texas and Washington.

(B) An internation company with a specific, effective program.

(C) Healthcare specialist, with many programs.

(D) A division of Haas Automation, manufacturers of CNC machines:

(E) Allco has relationships with over 300 banks, superannuation funds and private securizations.

(F) Allleasing is Australia's most profitable company may also be one of its least scrunitised. RentWork's, a provider of commercial equipment finance and lease. RentWorks Limited was established in 1988 to provided rental finance solutions primarily through the development of vendor finance programs for technology manufacturer and large resellers. since 1988 RentWorks has serviced over 5000 clients with around $2 billion worth of assets currently under management.

(G) AmeriQuest Transportation & Logistics Resources Corporation was founded in December 1996 by Douglas Clark, a transportaion industry veteran, in conjuction with 50 independent truck leasing companies, and incorporated as a New Jersey C Corporation. In 1998, the company completed initial service network of 70 independent leasing companies with 300 locations throughout the United States and Canade. Established inithial purchasing relationships with three leading suppliers (e.g. Bridgestone, Bandag, and CITGO), leveraging the addredated purchasing power of our initial leasing partners. Processed $9.2 million in annual purchasing for customers.

(H) Autrey Capital Group specialized knowledge and understanding on the assets in the equipment / trucking industry that are used to generate incoke. Finance, leasing, insurance, bonding, appraisals, real state, storage. A One-Stop Shop, developing an on-going total business relationship with our clients.

(I) CFI started as a lessor of IBM maniframes, with the F1000 as its customers. It recruited, trained and managed a new account sales force dedicated to the origination of computer leases. CFI developed innovative operating lease structures and raised the necessary capital (debt and equity) to fund programs. It remarketed computers to maximaze the residual value. 1990 developed amd marketed new variations of the "wrap" lease as well as tax-oriented structures to defer taxes. 2000 began arranging founding for originators of leases and loans; Structures conplex transactions; Developes and places vendor programs with institutional investors.

(J) David Steed Company succesfully brings buyers and equipment together in the construction industry...(specialized in)"... a wide range of repossessed and off-lease equipment at competitive prices."

(K) Lease Alliance, LLC “We are primarily in the truck leasing market. We specialize in B-C Credits and do class 4 to class 8 including owner operators. We do start-ups and Bankruptcies and structured credits. Prior to this assignment I was the President of a large leasing company whose portfolio grew to 90 million dollars, doing the same type of leasing as described for lease alliance llc.”
Alan Thomson

(L) "Insight Global Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Insight, specializing in the financial of IT in business. IGF was established to complement the single source provider of IT products and services model delivered by Insight." Based in Tempe, Arizona, Insight Enterprises, Inc. is one of the largest technology solution providers in the world, with over $4,000 teammates worldwide. NASDAQ: NSIT

(M) Piper Jaffray has two main business segmenter---Private Client Services and Capital Marketers which include Corporate and Institutional Services and Public Finance Services. In addition, Piper Jaffray has a private Capital group."

(N) "TSS constanly surveys if portfolio of more trhat 3000 lenders and consistently provides equipment financing and competative rates."

(O) West LP, USA operation is more involved in securization, often involving its own subsidiaries and banking relations.

(P) Mibarger Associates is an investment banking firm which provides corporate financial advisory services in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of public and provetly held business. The firm has a strong specialty in meeting the intermediate and ling term financing needs of its clients through equipment financing and leasing and contines to acquire and service asset based portfolios. We are members of ELA and NAELB with a CA Finance Lender/Broker license, #603-8622.

(Q) Advantage Business Capital, Inc. has 2 CLP's in the company - Paul Jacobellis & Cathy Clark.

(R) "Ajava Systems Inc. is the leading online source for new, used and refurbished Sun and IBM equipment and supplies."

(S) American Investors Services is the Premier Real State Brokerage in the Sacramento, California Area.

(T) Approved Financial offers financingto meet all fo our clients needs. We specialize in Conventional, Government, and Subprime Loans.

(U) CPS Commercial Mortgage - "We arrange commercial real estate loans and equipement financing nationwide."

(V) Funding Well Capital, Inc. offers 3 step mortgage examinations

(W) Leaseone associate broker for

(X) McKey Financial Service, Inc. - "Whether ypu need to get new equipment, finance your accounts receivable and inventory, raise corking capital, or acquire a company, McKey can do it all."

(Y) "Union Equity Corporation is a licensed mortgage company in Arkansas, Colorade, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland. Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming."

(Z) Robinson Braswell Consultin Services, LLC. primary services include accounting, taxation, and business consulting. We also offer a host specialty services to cater tothe unique needs of our clients."

(AA) iBank does business loans, mortgages, and is internet active. States on web site: "Over 290 Lenders Nationwide $7.5 Billion Processed Monthly. Loans from $500 to $50 Million 60,000 Business each month.

(BB) Pentech is the lessor partner with Manifest Funding Services for their Navigator, Navigator Plus & Navigator Direct. This is through our sister company Pentech Funding Services, located in San Diego and headed up by Ron Wagner.

(CC) "Podium Financial Group, Inc. - We represent Creative Capital exclusively for tough deals to $1 million and several other investors for structured transactions to $10 million. We specialize in start-up business's and have a great program for strong clients."

(DD) R&K Financial Services, Inc. - State License under the name Exotic Imports of South Florida, Inc., owned by the principals with the same address and telephone number.

(EE) "VenCore provides various venture financing options for financing new and used capital equipment. Has your early stage company tied up cash recently aquired equipment? Using a Sale Leaseback arrangement, VenCore may be able to finance that equipment for you and provide your company with cash without going back to investors for additional equity. Since its founding in October 2002, VenCore has provided ovber $40 million in debt capital to over 100 angel and venture capital-backed emerging growth companies. Approximately 70% of the Company's clients are start-up technology firms which have received backing from founders and angel investors and the rest are later stage firms backed by traditional venture capital firms.

(FF) Baystone Financial Goup acts as the exclusive marketing, origination and placement agent for Kansas State Bank, specializing in municipal and federal tax-exempt leases.

(GG) Beleverde Equipment Finance: We focus on credit not collateral. Typically, our lessees haqve been in business for at least five years and are profitable with good trends. We finance many professional firms with no net worth and non-profits with nominal earnings. We can even finance start-ups and early-stage companies if there is a solid business plan supported by an exceptionally strong guarantor or substantial liquid colleteral. We are more interested in stability than size. We finance many companies that have sales under $1 million and modest earnings. We generally require personal guaranties from the principals pf closely-held firms.

(HH) Fairlease: Specialist in vehicle leasing.

(II) Goverment Leasing Company (GLC) is a nationwide originator and financial brokerage firm focusing on Federal and Municipal Lease Purchase and Rental Financial.

(JJ) Performance Capital Corporation also arranges SBA and residential mortgage loans. Listed as a consultant as category with UAEL.

(KK) Tatonka Capital Corporation: Specialist in municipal and federal leases. Tatonka (the Lakota Sioux name for "buffalo") was often referred to as the "Monarch of the Plains" in the heritage of the western United States. It came to be known as a symbol pf self-reliance, strength, and prosperity. The founders of Tatonka Capital Corporation have chosen Tatonka as a symbol of our commitment to our customers - a commitment we will meet by providing the financial resources to help you achieve your goals.

(LL) Universal Equipment Leasing LLC., Mr. Michael J. Wisner is also Senior Vice President & CFO of Stanford Hotels

(MM) Financial Group, LLC. "Esta compania fue establecida para educar, apoyar y servir a nuestra gente y comunidad." ( This company was established to educate, support and serve our people and community.)

(NN) County Bank is a subsidiary of Capital Corp of the West, traded publically through the National Stock Excahnge (NASDAQ) under the symbol, CCOW. Capital Corp of the West was named One of America's 100 Fastest Growing Small Companies for the Second Year by Fortune Magazine.

(00) Knightsbridge Capital - licensed by the city of Rosedale.

(PP) One World only represents its members, primarily with funding sources and also provides other resources. One World Leasing, Inc. (OneWorld) is a business cooperative created to help independent equipment leasing and finance companies further their common interests and to obtain greater marketing strenght and funding power in the industry. The current members are "broker/lessors who they service exclusively." Broker Qualify - N/A

(QQ) Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. "By technical definition Wildwood is a "broker/lessor. But only because we act as a middle man for our graduates. It is very important to understand we only do this for their first 2 or 3 deals as part of their support. More importantly, we do not get any of the income, NONE. Helping them through their first few deals is part of what they paid $34,950 for. This is one of the reasons funders like Net Bank allow us to send in deals from our graduates when normally they do not allow super broker deals. Also, we only submit transactions from Wildwood graduates. No exceptions. My concern is Wildwood is a training company, period. I do not want the wrong impression in that we do not accept or submitions transactions from any broker that is not a Wildwood graduate."
Bob Baker
Broker Qualify - N/A

(RR) American Specialty Equipment Capital - The company is a division of American Specialty Aluminum Products, Inc., who design, build, implementation and installation of Modular-Lineal Fabrication Equipment.

(SS) “Capital Data began in 1989 as a value-added reseller of computer hardware. Leasing and providing used IT equipment became logical extensions of the sales division, providing flexibility to customers. As computer technology expanded, Capital Data brought individuals on staff that understood technologies, and they provided expertise in data solutions. In 1994, Capital Data was listed in Inc. Magazine's 500 Fastest Growing Small Businesses. Four years later, Capital Data was named to the Future 50 list by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Chamber of Commerce. Today, Capital Data enjoys long-term established relationships with some of the highest profile companies, both regionally and nationally.”

(TT) Dimension financial Funding, Inc --- “Over the last decade Dimension has developed nationwide expertise in the following areas:
* Purchasing of almost any type of used high tech equipment (computers, POS terminals, phone systems, printers, etc.)
* Supplying IBM, Compaq, HP, Dell, etc., along with any type of required services such as installations, software loading, custom configurations, etc. and any other needed peripherals.
* Flexible financing or leasing of any corporate asset (computers, POS terminals, software, aircraft, MRI's, etc.)
* Asset Management and Tracking - tracking of any assets desired that are purchased or financed/leased. We can use bar-coding and security systems to track assets and allow customers to access critical asset information about their assets via the web with password-protected logins.
We believe in the consultative approach and are proud of our ability to frequently suggest alternative solutions that can save our customers both time and money. “

(UU) Financial Solutions Group --- “Rural Community Insurance Services is dedicated to the agriculture community. We minimize financial risk by making available comprehensive insurance services, instant access to the information growers and agents need to run a successful business, and innovative tools that take advantage of the latest technology.

(VV) Grandview Financial, Inc. --- Part of Quest Resources: "Quest Resources specializes in financing beauty, spa and tanning equipment to salon and spa owners throughout the United States. It's our goal to be the premier funding source in the tanning, beauty and spa equipment industries. To achieve this goal, we want to build lasting relationships with salon and spa owners like you. We hope the service-oriented, value-added programs we provide will help you build the 'salon of your dreams'."

(WW) Quest Resources, Inc. -- “Banks, finance companies and Wall Street have opened their arms to Quest Resources, Inc. because of our extensive business experience, enabling us to develop and secure funding relationships that date back over two generations. Quest Resources is a family-owned company that has grown to be the largest financing company in the salon industry. We have financed over 200 million dollars in the salon industry with over 18,000 satisfied customers.”

(XX) Resource Leasing Company, LLC --- “Originally established in 1985, in McLean , Virginia ...RLC is a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) equipment financing to merchants throughout the United States . RLC offers financing directly to large and small merchants, developed through strong partner relationship programs with banks, processors and manufacturers. Through experience, RLC has developed the highly specialized systems necessary to address the small-ticket POS financing business. Our highly developed automated accounting and tax administration, integrated with equipment deployment/repair services, represents key components of the RLC service offering that make RLC the provider of choice for POS dependent business.”