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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tennis player Andre Kirk Agassi born April 29, 1970, Las Vegas, Nevada. He has won eight Grand Slam singles tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in singles.


Bo Bohannon Heart Surgery Successful
 Charlie Lester in Hospice
  Classified Ads---Sales Manager
 Tygris Cuts Back Employees
  “The List”---March
Sales Make it Happen by Kit Menkin
 "Beat Yesterday"
   Placard---What is the best use of my time NOW?
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
 Meet the Government Leasing Players/Funders
  CIT Reports 1st Q Net Income of $97 Million
   New President of ELFA---and it isn't Ralph Petta
 Truck Renting/Leasing Elects New Chairman
  Leasing Division at Beverly Bank & Trust
 IDS Outlines Annual User Conference
  New LEAN firms in Kansas, Idaho & Rhode Island
   Santa Ana, California---Adopt-a-Dog
 Classified ads—Asset Management
  PinnFund/PinnLeasing Michael Fanghella Out of Jail
 Seeks $150,000 Job
News Briefs ---
 ILFC founder Udvar-Hazy forming new leasing co.
  Synovus to seek $600 million in new capital
   Sonoma Valley Bank ordered to raise more money
    BOQ equips itself with CIT buy
     John Deere Opens Factory in $500M Russia Plan
 Intel CFO Sees U.S. Losing Battle High-Tech Jobs
  Man! Twain helps ‘Idol’ singers sound like stars
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Bo Bohannon Heart Surgery Successful

Bo Bohannon, President at Lease Capital, Inc., on the board of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers for six years, serving as vice-president for four years, is recovering very well from a four bypass heart surgery. He is expected to return home with five days. He has been active also in the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, National Equipment Finance Association and is well-known in the industry, as well as a long time reader and contributor to Leasing News.

Hospital Address:
St Vincent’s Hospital East
50 Medical Park E
Birmingham AL 35235


Charlie Lester in Hospice

“Charlie Lester - Charlie has always been an innovator in our Industry and gave his time freely to help the small broker understand the business and succeed. He helped lead the organization and success of National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers at its inception. When Charlie had LeasePro, he was always the ultimate creditable person at all times and the word integrity was born with him. He also was instrumental in the early growth of Leasing News.”

Charlie, age 69, had a series of strokes 2008, and his health started to deteriorate. Leasing News Emeritus Board Member and good friend today is in hospice. This is from his son-in-law Kurt Hess and daughter Sharon Hess:

“As most of you may or may not know, Charlie Lester, founder of LPI Financial Services, Inc., has been in chronic pain and increasingly worse health for a long time. 

“He has bone disease, a bad heart, bad lungs, bad knees, a bad hip, low blood pressure, arthritis and just about any other condition you can think of.  He has been suffering from a series of compression fractures in his spine as a result of his degenerative bone disease.  These fractures cause acute and debilitating pain and make it impossible for Charlie to function, other than to lie still in a position that causes the least amount of pain possible.  Prior to April 22nd, his chronic pain and inactivity had landed him in the hospital for a week with congestive heart failure and pneumonia.  These conditions were arrested enough to address the fractures.  Each time they do a procedure, called Kyphoplasty, to infuse the fractured area with cement to keep the disc off the nerve.  The last Kyphoplasty was done on Thursday, April 22nd.

“Friday, April 23rd found Charlie with no pain relief and significantly weaker from the effects of anesthesia and the general risk of an invasive medical procedure on such an ill patient.  He had zero appetite, couldn’t even sit up in bed and had decided that he really didn’t want to fight this battle any longer.  After long consults with his medical team, the news was grim – the damage to his lungs and heart were extensive and the procedure was done as a last ditch effort to give him some pain relief and any hope of rehab.  The decision was made to transport him back to the hospital where IV pain meds could be given and a long term solution could be made.  That long term solution was hospice to make him as comfortable as possible.

“Friday evening Charlie was transported from the hospital to Altus House Hospice and Healthcare in Dunwoody, Georgia.  His only desire was to be as pain free and comfortable as possible.  To this end and to respect his wishes, the decision was made to only use pain medication to keep him comfortable. Without his pharmacy of other medications it is likely that his severe edema will bring on congestive heart failure and pneumonia.  Determining a timeline for this progression is only vague.  Charlie’s spirit is calm and he is ready to move on to his next phase of life, that in Heaven, but no one can say what fight his body has left.

“As of today, Monday, April 26th, Charlie is resting comfortably at Altus.  He is very weak, sleeps more and more and is increasingly unable to connect thoughts and have conversations.  Charlie had a special IV placed and he is getting pain medicine as much as needed and as many times a day as he requests.  They are placing no limits on his requests.  Everything else has been stopped.  He can eat if he chooses but during his short periods of awake time he is only requesting water. 

“It is expected that he will pass away sometime in the next few weeks if not sooner.  He will be cremated and a Celebration Service of his life will be held within a week or two of his passing.  He is requesting that no flowers be sent.  Instead, he has asked that donations be made to his church in his memory.  A fund has been set-up with the Board of Trustees in memory of Charlie Lester for special projects at the church.  Please make checks payable to Mt. Bethel UMC mark “In Memory of Charlie Lester” on the for line of your check.  Checks can be sent directly to the church or you can include them in a card and mail them to Charlie’s house.  Barbara is sure to appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

“We will keep everyone updated and thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and support at this most difficult time.“

Kurt Hess
Sharon Hess
LPI Healthcare Financial Services, Inc. 

His current facility:

Altus House
Charlie Lester - Room 6
5411 Northland Drive NE
Atlanta, Georgia   30342


Classified Ads---Sales Manager

Bayville, NJ
Dedicated individual seeking a account management position, 3 years leasing experience and 15+ years sales experience. Resume furnished upon request,
email Frank at .

Fort Myers, Florida
Very experienced and strong skills with both Captive and Specialty Sales Management. Over 25 years , will relocate and travel---successful and team player.

Over 30 years experience working with Small and Mid-Ticket Brokers.
Extensive current Broker and Customer Base available.

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:

Other e-Mail Posting Sites:

(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Michael Witt, Esq.)


Tygris Cuts Back Employees

Last week "less than ten employees" were let go at Tygris Commercial Finance. In the take over of Tygris Commercial Finance Group, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, and Parsippany, New Jersey by  EverBank Financial Corporation, Jacksonville, Florida, the Parsippany office and Chicago office remained the same (Laird Boulden joined CapitalSource Inc. bringing his sale staff with him, as well as operation officers Stephen J. O'Connor and Robert S. Wille.) The Chicago office primarily was to take care of the MarCap portfolio purchased by Tygris.

The Parsippany office will continue to emphasize healthcare, office equipment, and technology as they had when it was USXL Leasing formed in 2004.  The cut backs were not due to business, Leasing News was told, but realignment.

A well informed insider told Leasing News, "This is definitely a business being built again, and it feels great. All systems are a 'go'!"

Accordingly, Tygris has the following openings: credit processor and credit officer:

Tygris to operate as division of EverBank


“The List”---March

(in both "alphabetical" and "chronological order)

--- Mergers, Acquisitions & Changes
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"-

Alphabetical Order

Chronological Order

Brican America, Miami, Florida (03/10) New York Dental Association asks New York AG to investigate. (03/10) Blames Leasing News articles and Brican Viso Blog for misinformation (03/10) Brican America President Chuck Brazier makes offers to some 40 lessees to purchase lease contract back. No takers. (03/10) Brican America Finance starts putting lessees into collection for not making payments. Chuck Brazier signs documents as president of Brican Financial.

Direct Capital Corporation, Portsmouth, N.H.(03/10)Seven year veteran Bob Sweeney, Executive Vice President and CFO is no longer with the company, Direct Capital Chairman Chris Broom told Leasing News. "It was a mutual decision. Bob Sweeney played a key role here and I would be glad to be a reference for him."

CIT / Group CIT Group, New York (03/10) Reports net loss of $4 million for 2009. December 31, 2009 Common Equity of $8.4 billion or $41.99 per share Tier 1 and Total Capital Ratios of 14.2%. Reorganization-related items had a $10.3 billion pre-tax benefit to fourth quarter results. This benefit consisted of an $11.2 billion gain on debt extinguishment and related items, partially offset by an $855 million loss on the termination of certain transportation lease agreements (primarily related to the purchase of railcars previously subject to sale-leaseback arrangements) and $43 million of expenses and other net costs attributable to the plan of reorganization.

NorVergence, New Jersey (03/10) The NorVergence Bankruptcy was filed June 30, 2004 and there are apparently settlements from discovery and other issues, but it continues with recent attorney fees over $4 million, and other costs over $500,000.

Marlin Business Services, Mount Laurel, NJ (03/10) Contacted 20 brokers, says now accepting broker business from them.

LEAF Specialty Group, formerly NetBank/ Republic Leasing of South Carolina LEAF Specialty Group, formerly NetBank/ Republic Leasing of South Carolina (03/10) Stops funding news leases, to cut back on employees, with reliable source saying division to be sold or closed down.

Commercial Money Center (CMC) (03/10) Southern CA. Sterling Wayne Pirtle being sentenced to serve 57 months in custody and Ronald Allen Fisher being sentenced to serve 63 months in custody. Each was sentenced to serve three years of supervised release for his role in a $70 million scheme involving fraudulent equipment leases and tax evasion. Often with good behavior, it is half or less than the time granted.

Heritage Pacific Leasing, Fresno, CA (03/10) Main company continues to collect residuals, work on collection. HL Leasing under investigation. FBI says will be a long time with the suicide of the main party, the investigation centers on the culpability of others. Fresno office working on Home Security issues and other cases primarily in priority order.

Main Street National Bank, Texas (03/10) Ex-employees say it is 42 employees let go. (03/10) Chairman/CEO Thomas Depping says rumors not true, only a few salesmen let go.

Equipment Acquisition Resources, Palatine, IL. (03/10) Report equipment crated and being sold to German company.


Sales makes it Happen
by Christopher Menkin

"Beat Yesterday"

Management keeps records of sales and each salesman, whether a broker, captive lessor, or lessor, should also keep records and charts to learn from them. It will help you to produce better, find more efficient, use of your time as well as create new business.

If you are computer savvy, there are many programs available from Google and other sites for free, as well as Excel, PowerPoint, even Word has programs.  Once learned, they are "easy" to us.

If you don't have the patience or the computer inclination, you can still keep track as was done twenty-five years ago, before the age of automation: by hand.

There are two basic charts you need. They can be converted to graphics in all forms, but it is not necessary. Personally I like graphs and illustrations as they are generally very helpful to catch things you may over look in simple format.  The main thing is to make it a habit to keep your numbers up-to-date.

The first list should contain the date of the sale made (not funded), meaning date when the contract is signed, name of company, contact, telephone number, address (you may want to bring out the state if you sales are multi-state), type of equipment (make it general not precise as you will find it easier to do in this method), dollar amount, and where the sale came from ( direct, referral, repeat, vendor and an extension, the vendor).

The first to view is the dollar per week or per month. Recommend per week, although retailers for years keep track of sales by department daily called "beat yesterday."  You can also do it by day, if you are computer savvy, but not really necessary as per week is recommended.  You should know each week where you stand in total sales so you need to be able to kick it up a notch if you are falling behind.

The idea is to be goal oriented: so much per week, so much per month.

Next in importance where is the business coming from.  You may think you know already, but if you take the chart at the end of each quarter, and do a quarterly figure of the numbers, you will see a trend.  It will teach you what you have to emphasize more or specifically what is your goal from what you can see where the business is being generated.

Some also make six month charts, and if you have been doing this for several years, yearly charts.

Equipment will teach you where you should be going, and not going.  You do not want to get overly dependent on one industry, for instance, as if there is a down turn or become obsolescent, you will definitely be affected; especially if you are relying too much on one vendor.  You might be very happy with the volume, but you should also be looking over your shoulder if the vendor sells his company, mergers, or goes with another creditor who offers a better program (it happens.)

Over a period of time, you will also see how much repeat business you are getting, and gain other information.  You can also use the list for follow-up or as a call list, rather than using another program, especially when you learn the overall view of business from the chart.

The sales charts I kept under my glass on my desk, the basic sales numbers, and the other I had on a legal chart hanging on the inside of the door to the storage room (we all went there, except for clients, and it was a daily reminder for all.)

The second chart to make gets back to where the business is coming from, and ties into "beat yesterday.  It is something I learned from one of the many time management courses I took early in my sales career.  I did it every day.  Most often I did it at the end of the day, but not always, as I might have traveled home from a sales call or other activity.  I always did it first thing in the morning then.

In a small book (if you are computer dependent, it may work, but even when I had a computer, I still used the small book and wrote down the categories by ballpoint pen.)

Where are you spending your time during the day?

Write down in 15 minutes increments, basically categories such as telephone, driving, direct sales, cold calling, operations, lunch, meetings (le Tip, Kiwanis, chamber of commerce—not trade shows, if you do a lot of that, then perhaps it is a category or falls in : ) Misc. and whatever categories are routine in your day.  Keep it as short as possible, as I can tell you after doing it for months, you will wish you had started making it more simply.

You also may want to take this a step further, especially if most of your day is making telephone sales calls. Chart what you are doing by categories.

At the end of the week, add up the time periods.  When you record them in the weekly chart, you may want to put the actual time, but don't do that. Put the weekly results in percentages.

After viewing the percentages of your first month, you will see things pop out.  With me, I realized I needed an office to have customers and vendors see me, than always driving out to them. While it was important, there was too much time spent doing this. I didn't realize how much time I was wasting (even when I had one of the first land lines when you had to call an operator to connect from the vehicle.)

When I saw operations taking up too much time, I got a part-time secretary, then a full-time secretary, and the company grew as I realized the best use of my time was actually "direct sales."  This also applies to direct and captive lessor salesmen.  I know of successful such leasing salesmen who hire part-time secretaries to make lists, get things organized, and help, even though they are paid directly by a corporation.

Okay, those readers who are now laughing saying, are you stupid or what, didn't you know that from the beginning the goal was more “direct sales.”  Of course, I did, but I did not realize where I was wasting time and what I can do about it to make the best use of my time now (ask Alan Lekien’s question).



Leasing Industry Help Wanted


We are looking for experienced business development
 professionals with established vendor / client
 contacts in general manufacturing equipment,
 road maintenance, material handling , radio/TV broadcasting
and other hard collateral.
We have openings for in-house business development positions 
and Independent Sales Associates.

Contact or send resumes to: John Martella SVP
800 800 8098 ext 5209 or direct: 248 743 5209

Please see our Job Wanted section for possible new employees.


Meet the Government Leasing Players and the Funders

Next Week

May 5-7,
AGLF/ELFA Public Sector Finance Forum
Westin Hotel, Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Registration by Company (4/26)

Registration by name (4/26)

Registration Fees:
AGLF or ELFA Member $750.00
Non-Member $900.00
Government Registration* $400.00
Spouse/Companion** $200.00
Basics Session Only *** $95.00

Registration rates include admissions to all sessions,
refreshment breaks, the receptions, and continental breakfasts.

* Available to employees of state and local government entities only
** Guest registration is open only to those who accompany a registered

Registration form, who is attending by name or company,
and more about the conference, please click here:


### Press Release ###########################

CIT Reports First Quarter 2010 Net Income of $97 Million

Earnings per Common Share of $0.49
Common Equity of $8.5 billion, $42.63 Per Share
Tier 1 and Total Capital Ratios in excess of 15%

NEW YORK---CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading provider of financing to small businesses and middle market companies, today reported net income for the quarter ended March 31, 2010 of $97 million, $0.49 per share.

“We continue to make progress on advancing our key priorities”

“We continue to make progress on advancing our key priorities,” said John A. Thain, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We remain focused on reducing our cost of funds, improving our operating efficiencies and charting the optimal path for our commercial businesses. Our return to profitability further strengthens our financial position, which includes strong liquidity and a solid capital base. I am encouraged by the resiliency of our customer relationships, the receptivity of the capital markets, and the business opportunities ahead.”

Summary of Financial Results

Total assets declined nearly $2 billion from year-end to $58.1 billion driven by a reduction in finance and leasing assets as cash collections and asset sales were partially offset by a modest level of loan and lease originations.

Assets held for sale increased by $1 billion, largely reflecting our decision to sell certain non-strategic Vendor Finance assets outside the U.S. and student lending receivables.

Our preliminary Tier 1 and Total Capital ratios improved to 15.5% and 15.8% from 14.2% at December 31, 2009, as risk-weighted assets declined and common equity increased.

Net income included pre-tax net accretion and lower depreciation of $421 million resulting from fresh start accounting (“FSA”) balance sheet adjustments recorded in December 2009.

Net finance revenue as a percentage of average earning assets was 4.09%, which includes a 3.55% benefit from the net accretion and lower depreciation.

Non-spread revenue benefitted from gains on loan and asset sales, which were partially offset by losses on unhedged foreign currency positions.

Operating expenses declined from fourth quarter’s core operating expense level. The current quarter includes $12 million for restructuring as we continue to take actions to better align costs with our smaller balance sheet.


Overall credit performance was within expectations. Non-accrual loans, after FSA, increased from year-end levels reflecting some deterioration in Vendor Finance and Transportation Finance. Net charge-offs were modest at $42 million, as loans had been written down at year-end to estimated fair values. Excluding FSA, charge-offs were $233 million, 2.40% of receivables, significantly lower than recent quarters.

The provision for loan losses reflects the re-establishment of certain reserves eliminated in FSA and some deterioration on loans discounted in FSA. The provision includes $37 million for reserves on new originations (including Trade Finance - $27 million) and $74 million for re-establishing reserves on performing loans. Provisions also were made for reserves of $33 million on impaired loans and $42 million was provided for charge-offs in excess of existing discounts.

At March 31, 2010, the $181 million reserve for credit losses reflects the provisioning above less charge-offs and also includes $40 million of reserves for securitized loans brought on-balance sheet in conjunction with a new accounting pronouncement (no provision or income statement impact).

Operating Highlights

New loan and lease volumes, excluding factoring, declined modestly from the prior quarter to $0.9 billion. Vendor Finance programs began to expand with volume totaling $0.5 billion, and we took delivery of 4 airplanes valued at $0.2 billion.

Corporate Finance credit metrics began to stabilize. Net charge-offs, before the benefit of non-accretable discounts, were 3.55% of finance receivables, improving from 5.96% in the prior quarter. Corporate Finance selectively resumed originating loans in CIT Bank.

Vendor Finance signed new vendor relationships and successfully returned to the capital markets by executing term and conduit asset-backed financings.

Transportation Finance aerospace fleet was fully utilized, as we placed all new aircraft deliveries and re-leased all aircraft upon their lease expiration. Rail fleet utilization was essentially unchanged at 90%.

Trade Finance factoring volume declined from the fourth quarter, reflecting seasonality and some residual impact of prior year client terminations. We resumed factoring for certain clients that had previously withheld business.

Liquidity and Financing

Total cash increased to $10.0 billion, and consisted of $5.5 billion of cash available to repay debt at the bank holding company, $1.5 billion at CIT Bank, $1.5 billion at operating subsidiaries and $1.5 billion in other restricted cash.

During the quarter, the Company prepaid $750 million of high cost first lien debt and $731 million of secured rail financing using available cash resources. We completed a $667 million private placement equipment finance securitization (principally vendor finance assets), and re-established a $1.0 billion vendor finance conduit facility. Weighted average funding costs for these two financings approximates 3.0%.

As a result of our improved liquidity, cash flows from our portfolio and the success of financing initiatives, the Company intends to make an additional $1.5 billion prepayment of first lien debt to lower our cost of capital and increase finance margins.

CIT Bank ended the quarter with very strong capital and liquidity. The total capital ratio was 47.7% with total leverage at 17.7%. Total deposits were $4.9 billion, down from year-end.

CIT SEC Filing:

(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)

#### Press Release #############################

Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Appoints
William G. Sutton, CAE as President

Ralph Petta Appointed Chief Operating Officer

ELFA Positioned to Continue Moving Forward Under New Executive Leadership

Washington, DC— The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), which represents companies in the $518 billion equipment finance sector, announces the appointment of Rear Admiral (retired) William G. Sutton, CAE, as President of the ELFA. Ralph Petta, who served previously as interim president of ELFA, was named Chief Operating Officer.

Rear Admiral (retired) William G. Sutton

Most recently, Mr. Sutton served as interim President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association, Education and Business Institute, Inc, in Arlington, VA. A former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral with 30 years’ military service, Mr. Sutton previously served as Commerce Assistant Secretary of Manufacturing and Services, a unit of the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. Appointed by President George W. Bush, Rear Admiral (retired) Sutton was unanimously confirmed by the Senate.  He joined the Commerce Department after serving for five years as president of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), an association that represents manufacturers of more than 90 percent of North American-produced central air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment. Mr. Sutton attained the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential in 2007 through the American Society of Association Executives.

“Our board of directors expressed a unanimous enthusiasm and endorsement for ‘Woody’ Sutton’s appointment and we are extremely pleased to have him at the helm of the association,” said Kenneth R. Collins, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Susquehanna Commercial Finance Inc., and ELFA chairman.

Kenneth R. Collins, Chairman/CEO Susquehanna Commercial Finance

“His leadership combines association, policy and business skills and experience that will enable ELFA to continue moving forward as the premier trade association of the equipment finance industry.”

Rear Admiral (retired) Sutton said, “The members of the ELFA and their products, as engines for growth, are critical to the future prosperity of our country. I am excited about joining this highly professional association staff in supporting this industry during the challenging times ahead.”

During his five-year tenure at ARI, Rear Admired (retired) Sutton served as an officer of the National Association of Manufacturers’ Council of Manufacturing Associations, and he served on the Boards of Directors for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute (ARTI), the Clifford H. “Ted” Rees Scholarship Foundation, and was an active member of the U.S. Chamber’s Committee of 100. In the U.S. Navy, Rear Admiral (retired) Sutton served as Naval Aide to President Ronald Reagan and Director of Programs in the Navy Office of Legislative Affairs, in addition to numerous operational at-sea assignments, including ship, squadron and group commands. Sutton holds an M.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Naval Engineering from the United States Naval Academy.

The announcement of Rear Admiral (retired) Sutton’s appointment completes an eight-month search process which was overseen by the ELFA Executive Committee and the Board of Directors and conducted by ELFA’s Succession and Transition Committee and executive search firm Spencer Stuart.

Ralph Petta will serve in the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer of ELFA. Petta served as interim president since September 2009 and has been with the association since 1987. Prior to his position as interim president, he was Vice President, Research & Industry Services.

“The association is delighted to appoint Ralph Petta as chief operating officer and to express our tremendous gratitude for his outstanding service as ELFA’s interim president over the last seven months,” said Kenneth R. Collins, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Susquehanna Commercial Finance Inc., and ELFA chairman.

“Ralph has been an integral thought leader throughout his tenure with ELFA and we look forward to his continuing contributions to the association and our industry.”

Ralph Petta, 2009 Leasing News Person of the Year

Mr. Petta is a member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).  He completed the ASAE/University of Maryland Executive Development Program in Association Management and was selected to participate in the ASAE Future Leaders Conference.  Before joining ELFA, Petta worked for nine years in the office of United States Senator Sam Nunn, serving in a variety of professional capacities. He was Senator Nunn's legislative assistant when he left to join the association in 1987. Petta graduated from Syracuse University earning a B.A. in Political Science.

About the ELFA
The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) is the trade association that represents companies in the $518 billion equipment finance sector, which includes financial services companies and manufacturers engaged in financing capital goods.  ELFA members are the driving force behind the growth in the commercial equipment finance market and contribute to capital formation in the U.S. and abroad.  Its over 600 members include independent and captive leasing and finance companies, banks, financial services corporations, broker/packagers and investment banks, as well as manufacturers and service providers.  For more information, please visit 

#### Press Release ##############################

TRALA Elects New Chairman

The Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA) has elected Allen Serfas, vice president of Enterprise Commercial Trucks, as its new chairman for the 2010-2011 term.

Serfas has served in TRALA's leadership for the past several years, guiding its direction through his chairmanship of the Finance Committee and Governance Committee.

"TRALA's first priority is advocacy with governments at all levels and Allen Serfas has long been engaged in the pursuit of industry-wide legislative and regulatory priorities," said Thomas James, president and CEO. "In his new leadership capacity at TRALA, he will be particularly well positioned to affect the critical issues impacting our industry in Washington, D.C., as well as in Jefferson City and other state capitols."

"The vehicle renting and leasing industry will face many new challenges over the coming years and I am ready to begin working with our members and Board of Directors to advance such issues as protecting the industry from unfair fees and taxes, overly burdensome lease accounting standards and attacks on federal vicarious liability repeal won several years ago," said Serfas during his April 8 acceptance speech.

#### Press Release ##########################

Dunbar and Rives Join Beverly Bank & Trust to Lead
Newly Formed Equipment Leasing and Finance Group

CHICAGO, Ill. – Richard L. Dunbar and Jack Rives have joined Beverly Bank & Trust, a subsidiary of Wintrust Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: WTFC), as leaders of the bank’s newly created Equipment Leasing and Finance Group. Dunbar joins as Executive Vice President and Group Head and Rives joins as Vice President of Sales.

Dunbar, who most recently served as Senior Vice President for Park National Bank, brings 29 years of experience in the equipment leasing industry which includes a decade with 1st Source Bank. He will be based out of the group’s central location in South Bend, Indiana.

Rives joins with more than 25 years in the leasing industry, having had key sales and management positions with Bank of America Leasing, Orix, Mellon Leasing and most recently, Vice President at Park National Bank. He will be based out of Roswell, Georgia.

The new unit will focus on providing financing to the equipment leasing and finance industry, primarily targeting independent equipment lessors, captive lessors, and large financial institution's leasing subsidiaries.

“We are very excited about this new branch of business,” said Dennis O’Malley, Vice-Chairman of Beverly Bank & Trust. “Dick and Jack are a seasoned pair with extensive knowledge of the industry and product understanding that will greatly support our goals of future growth.”

About Beverly Bank & Trust Company
Beverly Bank & Trust Company, N.A is a subsidiary of Wintrust Financial Corporation, a financial services holding company based in Lake Forest, Illinois, with assets of approximately $12 billion. The Company engages in providing traditional community banking services, wealth management services, commercial insurance premium financing, mortgage origination, short-term accounts receivable financing and certain administrative services. The Company provides community-oriented, personal and commercial banking services to customers located in the greater Chicago, Illinois and southern Wisconsin metropolitan areas through its 15 wholly owned banking subsidiaries. Their website is

Beverly Bank & Trust was founded in 2004 by bankers and local business people who wanted to restore true neighborhood banking to the area. It is locally controlled and managed, providing customized products and services for residents and businesses in the area. Beverly Bank & Trust is FDIC insured, is an Equal Housing Lender and has two locations in Chicago at 10258 S. Western Ave. and 1908 W. 103rd Street. Interested community members may call 773-239-2265 or stop by either bank location. The bank’s website is

#### Press Release ############################

International Decision Systems Announces Details for Annual User Conference

ConnectionPoint 2010 includes Ralph Petta as a guest speaker plus over 40 informative sessions

Minneapolis, MN -- International Decision Systems® (“IDS”) today announced the details of ConnectionPoint 2010 which will be held on June 6-9 in Minneapolis, MN. ConnectionPoint is the equipment finance industry’s largest user conference and brings together the IDS community including customers, industry leaders and staff to share the latest information about equipment leasing and IDS solutions.

Ralph Petta, Chief Operating Officer for the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), will be the guest speaker on June 8. Mr. Petta’s session will provide an update on trends within the equipment leasing and finance marketplace, focusing on the drivers that impact the business, including the supply and demand cycle, key performance metrics, and the legislative and regulatory environment.

At ConnectionPoint 2010, participants will:

· Choose from over 40 sessions, many of which are hands-on and panel/discussion format.

· Become familiar with the existing solution capabilities and roadmap including multicurrency, wholesale market feedback, asset usage, and loan opportunities.

· Interact with IDS staff and learn the latest news regarding Rapport®, InfoLease®, and ProFinia®.

· Attend sessions about migration, data importation, support for multiple back-office systems, workflow automation and integration with disparate enterprise systems.

· Network with peers and business partners to share best practices.

“Each year, I look forward to ConnectionPoint,” commented Todd Davis, CEO of IDS. “As the number one global leader in our industry, we take pride in hosting the foremost user conference. Attendees of the event will have many opportunities to interact with our staff and other customers to learn the latest information and share best-practices.”

To learn more or register for ConnectionPoint 2010, visit

About International Decision Systems
International Decision Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of equipment finance origination and portfolio management software and solutions. Our 30 years of history enable us to deliver operational efficiency, flexibility and compliance to over 250 financial institutions and equipment manufacturers across 34 countries. The majority of our diversely accomplished staff of global professionals are focused on product development, and we offer the largest and most experienced global development, consulting, implementation, and support teams in the asset financing industry. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, International Decision Systems also has offices in London, Singapore, Sydney, and Bangalore. For more information, visit

Rapport, InfoLease, ProFinia and International Decision Systems are registered trademarks of International Decision Systems, Inc.


New LEAN firms in Kansas, Idaho & Rhode Island

In order to better serve our clients, we are pleased to announce the addition of three experienced, highly qualified and carefully screened law firms to the Lease Enforcement Attorney Network:

Young, Bogle, McCausland, Wells & Blanchard – William A. Wells

Trout Jones Gledhill Fuhrman Gourley – Kimbell D. Gourley

Rhode Island:
Cohn Dussi & Bilodeau – Andrew Bilodeau

More than 25 LEAN attorneys will be attending ELFA’s upcoming Legal Forum in Dallas at the beginning of May. We hope to see you there!

Now in 30 locations and growing, LEAN stands ready to assist leasing companies and financial institutions with a myriad of creditors’ rights issues, including enforcement, collection and recovery, replevins, workouts and bankruptcy matters. Our goal is to provide the same outstanding service, legal expertise and reasonable rates you’ve come to expect from LEAN in locations throughout the entire country.

Young, Bogle, McCausland, Wells & Blanchard, P.A.
Wichita, Kansas - William A. Wells
Established in 1886, Young, Bogle, McCausland, Wells & Blanchard, P.A. is one of the oldest continuously operating firms in the State of Kansas. While providing a range of legal services, it has for many years served major agricultural and commercial equipment leasing companies and lenders as well as commercial real estate companies and lenders, with bankruptcy litigation, secured transactions, replevins, foreclosure of security interests, real estate foreclosures, collections and other creditor related issues. The long term clientele of the firm results from the reliability of regular client communication, promptness of service and concern with delivering legal services at a reasonable rate.

Trout Jones Gledhill Fuhrman Gourley, P.A.
Boise, Idaho - Kimbell D. Gourley
Trout Jones Gledhill Fuhrman Gourley, P.A. was founded in 1996 and provides a broad range of legal services, with particular focus upon creditors’ rights, commercial loan and lease transactions, commercial litigation, bankruptcy litigation, and collection matters. The firm represents a wide variety of national, regional, and state banks, credit unions, leasing companies, equipment retailers, and other creditors with their loan and lease transactions. In addition, the firm has represented both bankruptcy trustees and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, and has broad experience in bankruptcy litigation. Kimbell Gourley, president of the firm, leads this practice area and also serves on the Idaho Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section Board of Directors. The firm is a unique consortium of attorneys who first gained experience with national or regional law firms and then desired to form a small to medium sized AV rated firm to represent their respective clients. The firm is located in downtown Boise, Idaho, and has excellent access to the federal and state courts throughout southern Idaho. The firm is uniquely situated to offer experienced high-level service and expertise at small to medium firm rates.

Cohn Dussi & Bilodeau LLC
Warwick, Rhode Island - Andrew Bilodeau
The Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights Group is the original cornerstone of Cohn Dussi & Bilodeau LLC and remains one of its highly prominent practice areas offering extensive experience in creditors rights matters, equipment leasing, corporate, commercial litigation, bankruptcy, creditors’ committee representation, assignment for the benefit of creditors, secured and unsecured lending and the representation of financial institutions. The Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Group offers representation in the reorganization and restructuring as well as liquidation of financially troubled companies. On behalf of our banking, financial, real estate, venture capital investor, and equipment leasing clients, we pride ourselves on the aggressive enforcement of the rights and remedies with respect to secured and unsecured transactions. Cohn Dussi & Bilodeau, LLC has substantial experience in the representation of secured and unsecured creditors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings and if a reorganization or liquidation is indicated, the Firm is experienced to handle all aspects of representation including litigation over contested claims, motions for relief from the automatic stay, defense of preference actions and other types of adversary proceedings




Santa Ana, CA---Adopt-a-Dog



Medium Adult Male Dog Pet ID: A1015370
Friendly, but needs care as you can see.
when groomed and loved, will shine for you.”

* Orange County Animal Care Services
* Orange, CA
* 714-935-6848


Adopt-a-Pet by Leasing Co. State/City

Adopt a Pet


Classified ads—Asset Management

Asset Management: Atlanta, GA
premier provide accounts receivable management functions from 3rd Party contingency collections to Portfolio Purchasing. Contact George Elliott, National Account Manager. 678-694-9063,

Asset Management: Boston, MA
Nationwide appraisals, remarketing, audits, inspections and more! Over 15-years industry experience and dedicated to deliver personal, prompt, professional services.
Call Chris @ 508-785-1277.

Asset Management: Minneapolis, MN
NetSentric provides services to leasing companies: Inspection, Appraisals, Auditing, Warehousing, Repossession, Asset Management, Repairs, Remarketing and Field Service for Electronics and Computing Technology.

Asset Management: Monroe, NC
Recover a greater return on your investment.  We specialize in the woodworking, pallet, sawmill and forestry industries. Melinda Meier (704)288-1904 x103
Asset Management: Nationwide
BUYER/LENDER BEWARE. Don't sign anything until Collateral Verifications Inc. goes onsite, knocks on the door and gets the facts.

Seasoned and fair priced workforce is at your service for all lease collections, repossessions, and asset liquidations, appraisals.  Call Nassau Asset Management 800-462-7728  

  Asset Management: Orange City, FL
We help Lessors Liquidate un-wanted Assets valued at $750,000+. It's an effective method of Liquidating Assets such as Jets, Planes, Helicopters, Freighters, etc.
Eric R. Sanders
Tel  386-789-9441

Asset Management: Oxnard-Hollywood Beach, CA
20 Years Exp. w/Equity Analysis/Placement- Residual Forecasting Methodologies Computer Equipment Assets. Portfolio Mgr. Two Major Leasing Companies/Strong Analyst Background w/Leading Info Services Firm.
Asset Management: NorthWest Sequent provides collateral recovery, remarketing, and storage services to lenders with assets located in the greater Pacific Northwest. Professional services at reasonable pricing. Contact Asset Storage/Re-Marketing: Ohio & surrounding states. Providing no cost warehousing, condition reports, digital photos and remarketing of off-lease forklifts & industrial equipment. NAFTA wide dealer network. Email to
Asset Management: Global
Specializing in Semiconductor and Electronic Test Equipment collateral. Lender services include Consignment Sales, Remarketing, Portfolio Purchases, Inspections, De-installation, Repairs and Warehousing.

Leasing Industry Outsourcing
(Providing Services and Products)

All "Outsourcing" Classified ads (advertisers are both requested and responsible to keep their free ads up to date:

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PinnFund Michael Fanghella Out of Jail, Seeks $150,000 Job

(Fanghella was the head of PinnFund, a mortgage company, and PinnFund Leasing, where officers all went to jail, including Fanghella. Leasing News started covering the California front page story in 2000. Fangehlla was convicted in 2003 and sentenced to ten years; evidently out now for "good behavior" or other reasons, and says he has “served my time.” Editor)

Fanghella Pleads Guilty

Here is the full, complete story: - "Your One Stop Vendor Check"

(Leasing News provides this ad “gratis” as a means
to help support the growth of Lease Police)


News Briefs----

ILFC founder Steven Udvar-Hazy forming new leasing company

Synovus to seek $600 million in new capital

Sonoma Valley Bank ordered to raise more money

BOQ equips itself with CIT buy

John Deere Opens Factory in $500M Russian Initiative

Intel CFO Sees U.S. Losing Battle for High-Tech Jobs

Man! Twain helps ‘Idol’ singers sound like stars


You May have Missed---

World’s Fifty Best Restaurants:


Sports Briefs ---

Poll shows Santa Clara stadium measure ahead

John Clayton just said on ESPN’s “NFL Live” that the Raiders are preparing the process of cutting quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Clayton said it is not a matter of if, but when Russell will be cut. He also said the team could release Russell before Oakland’s minicamp, which runs Friday through Sunday, and that there is no trade market for him. The Raiders will save more than $6 million if they cut Russell this year.

Inman: Raiders' deal for quarterback Jason Campbell looks like a smart move

Draft: Opinions on all team choices


California Nuts Briefs---

Playboy's Hugh Hefner helps rescue Hollywood sign

1 in 3 San Francisco employees earned $100,000

San Jose leaders poised to cut own pay

“Gimme that Wine”

Direct to Consumer Big for Small Wineries--Survey

Grapes of Wrath

Robert Parker, Primeur 2OO9 and

Interview with ‘Growing Green’ water steward Mike Benziger

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Winery Atlas\

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


Today's Top Event in History

1941—Birthday of actress-singer Ann-Margaret.
Did Ann-Margret sign a photo and publicly thank a soldier for serving his country? Yes, the story is true:


This Day in American History

    1758-- James Monroe birthday. President Monroe served two terms in office, March 4, 1817 to March 3, 1825
    1788- Maryland became the seventh state to ratify the Constitution, by a vote of 63 to 11. N amed in honor of England's Charles I's queen, Henrietta Maria. Maryland's capital city, Annapolis, is famous as the home of the U.S. Naval Academy. Maryland, the Free State or Old Line State, calls the black-eyed Susan its state flower, and the Baltimore Orioles are the state bird/s. Using this same reasoning, you'd think that baseball .Maryland symbols include: dog - Chesapeake Bay retriever; fish - rockfish; crustacean - Maryland blue crab; tree - white oak; insect - Baltimore checkerspot butterfly. "Maryland, My Maryland" is the official state song. Its state motto: Fatti maschii, parole femine. In English: Manly deeds, womanly words.
    1789- The most famous of all naval mutinies occurred on board HMS Bounty. Fletcher Christian, leader of the mutiny, put Bligh and 18 of his loyal followers adrift in the open sea in a 23-foot boat. Miraculously Bligh and all his supporters survived the 47-day ordeal. Meanwhile, Christian put ashore on Tahiti the remaining crew (except for 8 men and himself). They took off with 6 Tahitian men and 12 women and settled on Pitcairn Island. They burned the Bounty and remained undiscovered for 18 years, when an American whaler, the Topaz, called at the island (1808) and found only one member of the mutinous crew surviving. However, the little colony had thrived, and when counted by the British, number 194 persons.
    1828- The birthday of Mifflin Wister Gibbs In 1873 he became the first black man to be elected a judge in the US, winning an election for City Judge at Little Rock, AR.
    1854-"Gold Hills News," first Chinese paper, published. There were 25,000 Chinese in California and almost all of them could read.
    1855-The first veterinary college was the Boston Veterinary Institute, Boston, Ma. The first president was Daniel Denison Slade, MD. Courses were giving in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pharmacy, and the theory and practice of medicine and surgery.
    1884-Birthday of banjo player Harry Reed, Monroe County, West Virginia.
    1899 - A tornado struck Kirksville, MO, killing 34 persons and destroying 300 buildings.
    1899- Cameraman G.W. "Billy" Bitzer filmed Professor Leonidas and his troupe of dogs and cats in the film short “Stealing a Dinner.”
(lower half of: )
    1921 - A severe hailstorm in Anson County, NC, produced hail the size of baseballs. Gardens, grain fields and trees were destroyed. Pine trees in the storm's path had to be cut for lumber because of the hail damage.
    1926-Blossom Dearie - U.S. supper club style singer, pianist, and recording artist. Her mother, a Norwegian immigrant, also played the piano.
    1926 -- Birthday of Harper Lee, Monroeville, Alabama. American author famous for her Pulitzer Prize winning race relations novel To Kill a Mockingbird. An international bestseller adapted to the screen in 1962. She modeled the boy Dill after her childhood next-door neighbor, author Truman Capote.
    1940 - On Bluebird Records, Glenn Miller recorded his signature song, "Pennsylvania 6-5000". According to the original label, on the old 78-RPM disk, it was record number 10754.
    1941—Birthday of actress-singer Ann-Margaret.
    1942 - A destructive tornado swept across Rogers County and Mayes County in Oklahoma. The tornado struck the town of Pryor killing 52 persons and causing two million dollars damage.
    1943-MINUE, NICHOLAS  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Army, Company A, 6th Armored Infantry, 1st Armored Division. Place and date: Near MedjezelBab, Tunisia, 28 April 1943. Entered service at: Carteret, N.J. Birth: Sedden, Poland. G.O. No.: 24, 25 March 1944. Citation: For distinguishing himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the loss of his life above and beyond the call of duty in action with the enemy on 28 April 1943, in the vicinity of MedjezelBab, Tunisia. When the advance of the assault elements of Company A was held up by flanking fire from an enemy machinegun nest, Pvt. Minue voluntarily, alone, and unhesitatingly, with complete disregard of his own welfare, charged the enemy entrenched position with fixed bayonet. Pvt. Minue assaulted the enemy under a withering machinegun and rifle fire, killing approximately 10 enemy machine gunners and riflemen. After completely destroying this position, Pvt. Minue continued forward, routing enemy riflemen from dugout positions until he was fatally wounded. The courage, fearlessness and aggressiveness displayed by Pvt. Minue in the face of inevitable death was unquestionably the factor that gave his company the offensive spirit that was necessary for advancing and driving the enemy from the entire sector.
    1945--RUIZ, ALEJANDRO R. RENTERIA  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, 165th Infantry, 27th Infantry Division. Place and date: Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 28 April 1945. Entered service at: Carlsbad, N. Mex. Birth: Loving, N. Mex. G.O. No.: 60, 26 June 1946. Citation: When his unit was stopped by a skillfully camouflaged enemy pillbox, he displayed conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty. His squad, suddenly brought under a hail of machinegun fire and a vicious grenade attack, was pinned down. Jumping to his feet, Pfc. Ruiz seized an automatic rifle and lunged through the flying grenades and rifle and automatic fire for the top of the emplacement. When an enemy soldier charged him, his rifle jammed. Undaunted, Pfc. Ruiz whirled on his assailant and clubbed him down. Then he ran back through bullets and grenades, seized more ammunition and another automatic rifle, and again made for the pillbox. Enemy fire now was concentrated on him, but he charged on, miraculously reaching the position, and in plain view he climbed to the top. Leaping from 1 opening to another, he sent burst after burst into the pillbox, killing 12 of the enemy and completely destroying the position. Pfc. Ruiz's heroic conduct, in the face of overwhelming odds, saved the lives of many comrades and eliminated an obstacle that long would have checked his unit's advance.
    1946-- Quebec pop singer Ginette Reno was born in Montreal. She performs equally well in both French and English, and in 1972 she won first prize for performance at the Tokyo International Song Festival singing Les Reed's "I Can't Let You Walk Out of My Life." Reno's recording of "Second Hand Man" was popular in the early '70s.
    1946 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Prisoner of Love," Perry Como.
    1948- Yom Ha'atzma'ut (Independence Day) Celebrates the proclamation of independence from British mandatory rule by Palestinian Jews and establishment of the state of Israel and the provisional government May 14, 1948.
    1950---Top Hits
If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake - Eileen Barton
My Foolish Heart - The Gordon Jenkins Orchestra (vocal: Eileen Wilson)
The Third Man Theme - Alton Karas
Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Hank Williams
    1950-- Birthday of comedian Jay Leno, New Rochelle, NY
    1957 - Mike Wallace, one of television's most respected people was first seen coast to coast, as the host of "Mike Wallace Interviews", a Sunday night program in which Wallace interviews greats, such as Gloria Swanson, Steve Allen and stripper, Lili St. Cyr.
    1958-David Seville's novelty tune, "Witch Doctor" peaks at #1 on Billboard Magazine's music chart and would go on to be the fourth best selling song of the year.
    1958---Top Hits
Tequila - The Champs
All I Have to Do is Dream - The Everly Brothers
The Witch Doctor - David Seville
Oh Lonesome Me - Don Gibson
    1959 - For the last time, Arthur Godfrey was seen, in this the last telecast of "Arthur Godfrey and His Friends" on CBS-TV. Part of CBS for 10 years, the cast included: Tony Marvin (announcer), singers Carmel Quinn, Lou Ann Sims, Frank Parker, Janette Davis, Marion Marlowe and Julius LaRosa. “Howiya, Howiya, Howiya.”
    1960 --- The 100th General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian Church (PCUS) passed a resolution declaring that sexual relations within marriage -- without the intention of procreation -- were not sinful.
    1961-- Five days past his 40th birthday, Warren Spahn becomes the second oldest pitcher (Cy Young -41 years, three months) to throw a no-hitter. Henry Aaron knocks in the game's only run as Braves beat the Giants at County Stadium, 1-0.
    1962 - Jim Grelle became the fourth American runner to break the four-minute mile with a mark of 3 minutes, 59.9 seconds in Walnut Creek, California.
    1964-- Elvis Presley song "Viva Las Vegas" is released.
    1965---Barbra Streisand stars on "My Name is Barbra" special on CBS.
    1966---Top Hits
(You're My) Soul and Inspiration - The Righteous Brothers
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Cher
Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers
I Want to Go with You - Eddy Arnold
    1967 - Muhammad Ali, whose real name was Cassius Clay, refused to join the United States Army. Critics and supporters have discussed the boxing champs refusal to serve in the armed forces for years. Although Ali refused because of religious beliefs, his world heavyweight crown taken from him as a result of his actions.
    1967-- Gary Lewis and the Playboys received their only gold record - for "This Diamond Ring."
    1968-the rock musical "Hair" opened at the Biltmore Theatre on Broadway. "Hair," the first musical to successfully adapt rock music to the stage, had already played in an off-Broadway version, which opened in October 1967. The melodic soft-rock score by Montreal native Galt MacDermot, with lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado, appealed to people of all ages. The show ran for 1,729 performances, finally closing on July 1st, 1972. By that time, the original cast recordings of the off-Broadway and Broadway versions of "Hair" had sold a total of more than five-million copies. As well, there were numerous hit songs from the show, including the medley of "Aquarius-Let the Sunshine In" and "Good Morning Starshine."
    1969- Chicago releases Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago I).
    1971- Samuel Lee Gravely appointed first Black admiral in US Naval history.
    1971-- Braves' outfielder Hank Aaron joins Babe Ruth and Willie Mays as the only major league player to hit 600 home runs. His historic homer, a 350-feet drive over the left field wall, comes off Gaylord Perry in the third inning of a 6-5 ten-inning loss to the Giants at Atlanta's County Fulton Stadium.
    1971-Barbara Streisand gets a gold album for "Stoney End," one of her rare forays into rock music. At 28 years old, Streisand is intent on changing her image and takes to lighting joints onstage in Las Vegas.
    1974 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Loco-Motion," Grand Funk. This marks the second time the song hits No. 1. The original 1962 dance version is performed by Little Eva. It is covered again in 1988 by Kylie Minogue, who takes it to No. 3.
    1974---Top Hits
TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) - MFSB featuring The Three Degrees
Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me - Gladys Knight & The Pips
The Loco-Motion - Grand Funk
Hello Love - Hank Snow
    1980 - United States Secretary of State Cyrus Vance resigned over the failed commando mission to rescue American hostages in Iran.
    1982---Top Hits
I Love Rock 'N Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
We Got the Beat - Go-Go's
Chariots of Fire - Titles - Vangelis
Crying My Heart Out Over You - Ricky Skaggs
    1984--- The first number-one hit for The Judds, "Mama, He's Crazy," entered the US country charts.
    1985-- For the fourth time, Billy Martin is named manager of the Yankees.
    1987 - Forty-two cities in the western and south central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. The afternoon high of 87 degrees at Olympia WA was an April record, and highs of 92 degrees at Boise ID, 95 degrees at Monroe LA, and 96 degrees at Sacramento CA tied April records. (The National Weather Summary) More than 300 daily temperature records fell by the wayside during a two week long heat wave across thirty-four states in the southern and western U.S. Thirteen cities established records for the month of April.
    1990 - A Chorus Line closed on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre. It broke the record for number of performances - a record 6,237 performances. The musical, written by James Kirkwood, Nicholas Dante, Marvin Hamlisch, and Edward Kleban, opened on July 25, 1975, and was an instant hit. It won the Tony award for Best Musical. A Chorus Line's cast, during the 15-year period, employed 510 different members.
    1990---Top Hits
Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
I Wanna Be Rich - Calloway
How Can We Be Lovers - Michael Bolton
Love on Arrival - Dan Seals
    1990-Forty-three cities in the eastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Records highs included 94 degrees at Charleston WV, 95 degrees at Baltimore MD and96 degrees at Richmond VA
    1994- Northwestern University announced that the so-called biological clock, that gene governing the daily cycle of waking and sleeping called the circadian rhythm, had been found in mice. Never before pinpointed in a mammal, the biological clock gene was found on mouse chromosome #5.
    1999 - The results of a study on the occurrence of drug references in movies and music are released by the Clinton Administration's top drug enforcement officials. The study finds that 27% of the most popular sound recordings from 1996 and 1997 "contained a clear reference to either alcohol or illicit drugs.
    2005 - E.Y. "Yip" Harburg _ writer of such well known songs as "Over the Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz" and (with Jay Gorney) "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" _ is immortalized on a U.S. postage stamp during a ceremony in New York.


Baseball Poem

Three Run Homers, or, Rupert Brooke Celebrates Baseball
I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a three
Run homer when the team is pressed
Against the wall and quite distressed,
A homer that may at evening scare
A nighthawk circling in the air,
Or, 'neath the arc lights blazing bright,
Restore the score and set things right,
Rescue the pitcher and save the game,
And set the home team crowd aflame:
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only heroes knock in three.




The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler?



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