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We are looking for experienced business development
 professionals with established vendor / client
 contacts in general manufacturing equipment,
 road maintenance, material handling , radio/TV broadcasting
and other hard collateral.
We have openings for in-house business development positions 
and Independent Sales Associates.

Contact or send resumes to: John Martella SVP
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Singer/songwriter/actor Willie Hugh Nelson born born April 30, 1933 Abbott, Texas. I saw him in Winnemucca, Nevada with my late wife in 1968, who was a great County Western fan (she grew up in Winnemucca.) While I am a jazz person, he had this personality, although as I remember a rough voice as he sang louder as people really drank at this casino saloon. I remember one night, as she went to all of his performances, sometimes not with me but her girlfriends, really late, after visiting her friends, there was hardly anyone there, and he was singing more softly with a lot of feeling. He also could play the guitar very well. We were the last to leave. I told her afterwards I learned why she liked him so much. I remember that night very well.


Correction: Jim Raeder not involved Liberty Waste
  Classified Ads---Senior Management
Carlton Financial, Wayzata, MN No Longer in Biz
 New ELFA President Exclusive
  Interview by Bernie Boettigheimer, CLP
First Public Release Two Major Leasing Statistics:
 1st Quarter, 2010, plus Small Ticket Breakout
Charlie Lester story - The Receptionist
  Classified Ads---Help Wanted
 Oceans/The Losers/Nine
  Tetro/Tokyo Sonata
   Movie/DVD Reviews by Fernando Croce
Leasing News is not a "blog"
 by Christopher Menkin
  Cartoon—the Internet
    Classified ads—Job Search
  Weston, Florida---Adopt-a-Dog
 IFA Urges Congress Pass Tax Credit to Help Vets
News Briefs ---
 Georgia Bank failures draw criminal probes
  U.S. Said to Open Criminal Inquiry into Goldman
   Mortgage rates retreat as tax credit fades
    Unemployment rates fall in most cities in March
     United, Continental to announce merger Monday
  Jobs says mobile Apple products won't use Flash
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     "Gimmie That Wine"
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######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Correction: Jim Raeder not involved with
ownership or operations of Liberty Waste Management

In doing further research on this story, the answer to the question that Jim Raeder, CapitalWerks/Preferred Lease, was involved with Liberty Waste Management, 2925 South Umatilla Street, Englewood, Colorado is that the company is owned and operated by his brother and sister-in-law.

Jim Raeder is not involved in the company, its ownership, or its operation in any manner.

Jim is rumored to be writing his first book about the leasing business.


Classified Ads---Senior Management

25+ yrs exper. management roles Chase, AT&T Capital, Heller Financial, SFS. Develop biz from “scratch to success”. Looking for challenging & pioneering job.

CFO/Controller/IT Director. 24 yrs. exp; Accounting, Finance, Securitizations, Systems,  all areas. exp with large & small co's. , Great value added. Willing to relocate.
Philadelphia, PA
27 yrs. exp. sales, ops., credit, strategy, P&L mngmet. Most recently created & executed the biz plans for 2 highly successful Bank-owned small ticket leasing subsidiaries.
Philadelphia Metro Area - 30 Years experience Healthcare sales/ management- 3 years experience newly create "small-ticket" healthcare division.
Good success - Mitch Utz

Southern CA
20 years exp. as hands-on leasing CFO, managing accounting, treasury, FP&A, including securitizations, Great Plains/FRx, budgets, risk management.  MBA.  Also available as interim Controller/CFO, consultant.

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:

Other e-Mail Posting Sites:

(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Michael Witt, Esq.)


Carlton Financial, Wayzata, MN No Longer in Business

In doing a long overdue clean-up of the Leasing News Constant Contact mailing list, there were twelve emails with "no longer active" Carlton Financial users. A check to their web site found it no longer working, and a telephone call to the company found "no longer in service."

Carlton Financial Corporation
1907 East Wayzata Blvd., Suite 180
Wayzata, MN 55391
Phone: 952-896-0303
Fax: 952-831-4201

Leasing Companies Out of Broker Business



New ELFA President Exclusive
Interview by Bernie Boettigheimer, CLP
President, Lease Police, Inc

(Exclusive: this is the first interview of the newly appointed president of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association)

Rear Admiral (retired) William G. Sutton

Just call me "Woody"…and thus began the first exclusive interview that Admiral William G. Sutton has given since he became President of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA).

Woody's pleasant manner and genuine warmth made him a very easy interview despite having never met him before. As we talked, we touched on each others first impressions of the leasing business; mine in 1982 after a career in manufacturing management and his - just starting.

Like myself, Woody comes from a “bricks and mortar” environment at the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute where he was President for five years. A second common experience was his joining the U.S. Department of Commerce in the fall of 1982 and his enjoyment in awarding a number of “ E Awards” to businessmen for Excellence in Overseas Sales. He enjoyed the story of how my own “E Award “was received in March 1982. We both agreed that the U. S. Department of Commerce is the best operating Cabinet of the U. S. Government.

His first encounters with E.L.A. (later ELFA) were through meetings with Mike Fleming (former long time president of ELFA.) They shared several Director Positions on various Boards as well as the U.S. Chamber’s "Committee of 100". His admiration of Mike Fleming grew over the years, and he often observed that any organization that had him for its leader must also be special. Make no mistake about it, he wanting this job! When he learned of former Congressman Ken Bentsen’s resignation, he went looking for the search director and expressed his interest.

He endured extensive individual interviews by six ELFA Board Members including Acting President Ralph Petta. Again he was impressed with everyone’s knowledge of the finance industry and their professionalism. Ralph Petta’s selection as Chief Operating Officer has been very gratifying as he felt that the industry’s publishing of the collective financial results from over 20 of the largest funders is seldom duplicated in other industries. Programs such as this, Woody explained, demonstrate the total trust its members have in their association and he recognized Ralph Petta's handiwork in all of this.

Finally, I asked him what he would like to say to the thousands of Leasing News readers out there.

Woody Sutton said, "The members of ELFA and their products, as engines for growth, are critical to the future prosperity of our country. I am excited about joining this highly professional association staff in supporting this industry during the challenging times ahead."

Woody generously agreed to a future in-depth interview at the 49th Annual ELFA Convention in Boca Raton in October by this writer for By then, he should have a better feel of industry conditions and he will be in a better position to address the myriad of issues that face our industry today.

In the meantime, "GO WOODY!!"

ELFA Announcement of New President/Petta as COO


First Public Release of Two Major Leasing Statistics:
1st Quarter, 2010, plus Small Ticket Breakout

Among the many positive things the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association does for its members, as well as the industry, is provide statistics about the industry. Its monthly public MLFI-25 report has become a standard in the industry on new business, credit approvals, delinquencies, and many other statistics. It is quoted on TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers.

“(Small Ticket Breakout):"

“First Quarter, 2010”

  • Leasing News is pleased to present the first public view of the ELFA Research Department "MLFI-25 and Beige Book Quarterly Review, First Quarter, 2010:"

    (45 pages)


My favorite Charlie Lester Story
"The Receptionist"

This article was posted July 13, 2004. It has a photo of Charlie with his family at a time he was in very good health.

I actually started a “listserve” to friends and members of then Western Association of Equipment Leasing in 1992, and in the late 1990's did a "Sunday Sermon" every Sunday to both the my personal friends list and leasing friends. Those on the list would also send "messages" in that I would make into the Sunday Sermon. Although they were not religious, one such subject ironically sparked such uproar, the feature was eliminated at Leasing News.

One of my favorites was the one sent in by Charlie Lester, which starts off with his biography, and I thought it appropriate for new readers to learn more about Charlie now in hospice and his story.

- Kit Menkin

The Receptionist

Normally biographies about the person appear at the end, but I thought it more appropriate to begin here. This is about a grand "old man" of the leasing industry. He is still going strong, and has had enough money to retire a long time ago, but has not.

Charlie Lester is President of LPI Financial Services located in Marietta, Georgia. He has been in the leasing industry since leaving IBM in 1984; twenty years. . He is considered one of the "icons" of the industry, threatening often to retiring, letting his son-in-law, Kurt Hess and long time employee, Kay Smith,  run the company.

Charlie is a very unique individual: his own man. I have known him as a good friend who always calls them as he sees them, whether he agrees or disagrees with you. Trust me, we are best of friends, but we have fought like cats and dogs on occasions, almost like brothers.  Most of the time he is right, but I will never tell him that.  We need to keep him humble.

 In 1986, he founded Lease Pro, Inc. specializing in leasing for the medical profession. In 1997, Lease Pro was acquired by First Sierra Financial. In 1999, he resigned from First Sierra and started LPI after sitting out his non-compete period. Since 2000, LPI in conjunction with one of the most respected funding sources in the industry has offered a unique one of a kind working capital loan program to medical professionals through brokers, consultants and direct client m arketing. If the names Charles and Dwight ring a bell, I bet you can guess his funding source (NetBank) .

He has a BS and MS from Virginia Tech and had a short life as a CPA in 1965 when he found he was more BS than CPA.  After 18 year in sales and sales management in six different cities, he resigned from IBM in 1984 to raise his family in Atlanta rather than taking a transfer to New York City for a second time. In late 1984, an ex-IBM friend introduced him to the world of equipment leasing and the rest is history.

Both are active in their community.  Barbara is the Altar Guild Chairperson for their church as well as being a Stephen Minister. Charlie is a member of the Cobb County Civil Service Board, East Cobb Lion's Club and his church's Board of Trustees.

Like Barbara, Charlie's favorite pastime is their grand kids. The attached photo was taken last week on Father's Day with the entire family around the pool.  Charlie jokingly says, "If I could have had my grand kids first, I may have passed on my kids".  He is only kidding as he sends me pictures over the internet with his children and spouses all the time as he is equally proud of them.

"Back row--left to right:  Kurt Hess, son-in-law, Sharon Hess, Daughter, Charlie and wife Barbara Front row with their feet in the water:  Darby Hess, grand daughter, Kyle Hess, grandson, Skyler Hess, grand daughter, Cooper Milligan sitting my daughter Melanie Milligan's lap and Bill Milligan, son-in-law. Unfortunately, grandson Justin Milligan was visiting in California and missed the picture."

The theme of today's Sunday Sermon is an e-mail he sent me several years ago:

"As part of my training with IBM in 1967, I was assigned for a month as an AA to Tom Watson, Sr., the founder of IBM".

"When we traveled to IBM Branch Offices in the Eastern Region, Mr.. Watson would always spend 10-15 minutes with the receptionist before seeing anyone else, including the Branch Manager. Mr. Watson preached that the receptionist was the most important person in the branch office".

"She was the first contact and voice that IBM customers encountered. She set the image for the entire branch. In addition, he believed the receptionist was tuned into branch attitude and spirit more than anyone else in the branch. He used the receptionist as a barometer, not as a spy. He also had AA's, like me, keep a list of branch receptionists and when there was a receptionist change, we would alert him and he would call and introduce himself to the new receptionist.  If the receptionist moved to another job in the branch, he would also call her to thank her and congratulate her.  No matter what job--can you imagine receiving a call from the Chairman and founder of IBM to thank you for the job you do? (Footnote:  In 1966-67, IBM only had females as receptionists since they were smarter)."

"Mr. Watson had a profound influence on me since I married a great lady who was the receptionist in the Roanoke, VA branch when I started as a trainee in 1966.  Soon after I joined IBM, this lady became an executive secretary to my boss who demanded things like hard work and effort from me for her boss.  I definitely liked her better as a receptionist".

"We have been happily married for almost 32 years and still going strong. I guess Mr. Watson was right."


Leasing Industry Help Wanted


We are looking for experienced business development
 professionals with established vendor / client
 contacts in general manufacturing equipment,
 road maintenance, material handling , radio/TV broadcasting
and other hard collateral.
We have openings for in-house business development positions 
and Independent Sales Associates.

Contact or send resumes to: John Martella SVP
800 800 8098 ext 5209 or direct: 248 743 5209

Seeking originators with 5+ years small ticket and/or
middle market experience and with established
customer and vendor relationships. Remote
office and on site positions are available.

Please send resumes to:
Attn: Mike Lockwood or Russ Runnalls CLP

Please see our Job Wanted section for possible new employees.


Leasing News: Fernando’s View
By Fernando F. Croce

The breathtaking “Oceans” and the explosive “The Losers” make for an intriguing double-bill in theaters, while musicals (“Nine”) and first-rate dramas (“Tetro,” “Tokyo Sonata”) arrive at DVD shelves.

Oceans (DisneyNature): Arriving on the heels of Earth Day, this inventive, visually breathtaking documentary definitely cements DisneyNature’s reputation as a studio specializing on giving audiences fresh new angles of Nature. Taking over where the legendary documentarian Jacques Cousteau left off, filmmakers Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud take their cameras deep below ocean waters, photographing a wide and colorful gallery of life forms. Underwater fauna and flora is not a new subject for documentaries, yet state-of-the-art technology now allows the film crew closer and clearer access to whales, jellyfish, hermit crabs, and giant marine insects than ever before. The result is a stunning collection of shape-shifting sights and sounds that can rival even the trippiest science-fiction adventures. A feast for the senses that’s both exhilarating and educational.

The Losers (Warner Bros. Pictures): Summer-style blockbuster entertainment comes early this year thanks to this nonstop action thriller. It tells the fast-paced story of the members of a special-forces unit (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, and Columbus Short), who are betrayed and left for dead during a mission. Ready to settle scores, they go undercover to bring down the powerful villain (Jason Patric) who destroyed their careers, with the help of a mysterious agent (Zoe Saldana). Director Sylvain White keeps the stunts and chases coming at breakneck speed, and the actors play their parts with engaging breeziness. For action fans who cannot wait for the arrival of “Iron Man 2” or “The A-Team,” here’s an explosive alternative.

Netflix tip: The bottom of the ocean has been a subject that’s over the years fascinated audiences and filmmakers. After DisneyNature’s “Oceans,” check out Netflix for more underwater splendors: Jacques Cousteau’s classic documentary “The Silent World” is a must, of course, but for fictional entertainment there’s also the 1954 adaptation of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and Wes Anderson’s eccentric comedy “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

New on DVD:

Nine (The Weinstein Company): The idea of the usually ultra-serious Daniel Day-Lewis singing and dancing is intriguing enough to give this screen adaptation of the acclaimed Broadway musical a try. Based on the Italian classic “8 ½,” it follows a frazzled movie director named Guido (Day-Lewis), who is faced with creative block while surrounded by the women of his life, ranging from wives and lovers to mothers and muses. Guido tries to get away at a health spa, but business and life find him anyway, leading to a roster of jazzy musical numbers. An all-star cast (including Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cottilard and Kate Hudson) make this a must for fans of Oscar-winning director Rob Marshall (“Chicago”).

Tetro (Lions Gate): Francis Ford Coppola's own career would itself make a fascinating movie. Celebrated early for his success with classics like "The Godfather" and "Apocalypse Now," the filmmaker has spent just as many years away from the limelight. Thankfully, the comeback trail which began a few years ago with "Youth Without Youth" shows no sign of stopping with his most recent film, a heartfelt and inspired tale about family responsibility and artistic impulses. Set in Argentina, it deals with the emotional reunion between young Bennie (Alden Ehrenreich) and his older brother Tetro (Vincent Gallo), a talented but erratic writer. But will the visit help Tetro complete the play he's been working on, or will old wounds be reopened? A visually gorgeous and emotional film.

Tokyo Sonata (E1 Entertainment): Better known for his subtle horror thrillers, Kiyoshi Kurosawa directs a family drama that is, ironically enough, even more chilling than his supernatural tales. Set in a Japan hit by economic difficulties, it traces the crisis of the Sasaki family as they struggle to stay together through tough times. The father (Teruyuki Kagawa) tries to hide his recent firing from the other family members, while the mother (Kyoko Koizumi) hungers for the kind of surprise that will take her away from her domestic routine. Meanwhile, their young son (Inowaki Kai) tries to reconcile the mess around him with his talents as a piano player. Quietly unsettling without ever becoming depressing, it’s a delicately woven portrait of human perseverance.


Leasing News is not a "blog"
by Christopher Menkin

In email and telephone conversations with print news reporters, they always refer to Leasing News as a "blog." Reporters contact me about stories in the news edition, as well as I contact them to trade information, or seek permission from editors to "print" stories (most do not as their newspaper policy is to keep it in their archives where they charge to access, or sometimes sell for re-print or other purposes.)

Technically a "blog" is an extension of a "listserve" where those who subscribe can communicate with each other. The difference is a "blog" is a step up from a "listserve," where other items can be placed, but the key is open to those who subscribe to communicate with each other. It is a form of a "chat room," but records what is written. Leasing News is closed to communication as a blog and is webnews, if you will.

This type of printed viewpoint is out of date of and one of the reasons the printed newspapers have not faired well on the internet. Whether in a "newspaper" or "magazine" format, they don't understand it. They bring print to video and sound. They also are trying to understand how they can make money and think charging on the internet for something that most get for free will work. Some like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are doing compromises, but it is still print on the world wide web. They do not understand the immediacy (often their news is three hours behind radio, for instance, sometimes longer) nor the graphic ability to illustrate, to provide footnotes, to provide a magazine viewpoint should the readers choose to look more into an article, or direction to other web sites for more information (none of these available in a print format.)

Google, Yahoo, and many of the internet such browsers do not originate news. They can only point, unless they pay for it such as from AP, New York Times, who charge other newspapers for stories they write. They don't investigate, write original stories, or probe the press releases they receive for all the facts.

There are sites that also point to specific articles for their audience.

The closest to the internet news may be They are owned by Yahoo and have one site with many sub-sites, all devoted to sports, primarily the college sports. Their sites have open stories, and stories that you need to be a monthly subscriber, as well as have access to the "blogs" on sports stories. They are primarily aimed at college campuses for sports fans, for those who want to join a college sports team or move to a professional sports team. They have paid ads as well as those who pay a subscription and seem to use all the advantages of the internet.

When radio first came out, they said it would be the death of newspapers. When television news started, they said the same thing. Will the internet and wireless communication devices mean the death of newspapers, it certainly will change things. But they were already changing before the world wide web. When I got out of the army and came to San Francisco in 1963, there were seven daily newspapers, including two afternoon editions.

It is not just Craigslist, or even cost of production and circulation, but a drop in readership which brings a drop in advertising, but the total competition among the regular and cable TV networks, radio (free and paid), as well as the internet. The satellite and other innovations have dramatically changed our lifestyles. And it is happening much faster than we realize.

Leasing News is not a “blog.”



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Weston, FL---Adopt-a-Dog

Shih Tzu / Maltese mix

"This sweet, spunky boy is full of energy and loves everyone. He is playful and would love a companion(s) who like to play too. He is very handsome, weighs about 10 lbs and is about 2 years old. He has a beautiful coat and always has a smile on his face. Life is meant to be LIVED he says!"

Dog is under care in Chaz Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Rescue group:
Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc.

Mail Only 4474 Weston Rd 175
Weston, FL 33331
Phone: (954) 680-6456


Adopt-a-Pet by Leasing Co. State/City

Adopt a Pet


### Press Release #############################

IFA Urges Congress Pass Tax Credit to Help Vets

WASHINGTON, The International Franchise Association urges Congress to quickly pass legislation that would help veterans purchase franchise businesses after they return to civilian service by incentivizing franchise businesses to recruit honorably discharged veterans.

“Members of our armed forces are disciplined, hard-working and passionate people who understand how to work well within systems. These are crucial attributes that make military veterans excellent candidates for franchise ownership,” said Mary Kennedy Thompson, president of Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Waco, Texas, during testimony before the House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity. “We applaud the subcommittee for holding this hearing on the status of veteran small businesses, and strongly urge passage of H.R. 2672, the Help Veterans Own Franchises Act to help improve the current status.”

Thompson said the legislation is co-authored by Representatives Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa) and Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) and currently has more than 30 bipartisan co-sponsors. The bill establishes a tax credit for franchise businesses that choose to offer qualified veterans a discounted initial franchise fee. The tax credit would amount to 50 percent of the total franchise fee discount offered by the franchisor capped at $25,000 per unit, and also provides a tax credit for the remaining initial franchise fee paid by the military veteran.

Members of the committee who are co-sponsors include: Ranking Member Boozman (R-Ark.) and Representatives Michael Michaud (D-Maine), Glenn Nye (D-Va.), Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) and David Roe (R-Tenn.). Additional co-sponsors include Representatives Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) and Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.).

The hearing coincides with an Executive Order signed by President Obama this week establishing an interagency task force to coordinate the efforts of federal agencies to improve capital and business development for small business concerns owned and controlled by veterans and service-disabled veterans. The Executive Order, among other tasks, directs the task force to improve capital access and capacity of small business owned and controlled by veterans and service-disabled veterans through loans, surety bonding and franchising.

Thompson, who received her commission as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1985, serving for eight years and achieved the rank of Captain while on active duty and later the rank of Major in the reserves, currently serves as vice-chair of IFA Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, or VetFran, Committee. VetFran is a voluntary effort of IFA member companies designed to encourage franchise ownership by offering financial incentives to honorably discharged veterans. Since 2002, more than 1,700 veterans have purchased their own franchise business with the help of this program.

“Enactment of this tax credit will encourage economic growth and make it easier for veterans to become small business owners,” Thompson said. “This bill is a great complement to the IFA VetFran program and will help create jobs during this slow economy. Our veterans deserve this chance after so faithfully serving our country.”

About the International Franchise Association:
The International Franchise Association is the world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide. Celebrating 50 years of excellence, education and advocacy, IFA protects, enhances and promotes franchising through government relations, public relations and educational programs. Through its awareness campaign highlighting the theme, Franchising: Building Local Businesses, One Opportunity at a Time, IFA promotes the 21 million jobs and $2.3 trillion of economic activity generated by franchising. IFA members include franchise companies in over 90 different business format categories, individual franchisees and companies that support the industry in marketing, law and business development.

####Press Release ##############################

Little Rock, Ark.


Meet and learn from Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Leasing #102 columnist for Leasing News,
long time educator and trainer

Sales and Operations
click here for course information and to register

June 9, 10, until Noon on the 11th
Little Rock, Arkansas
Hosted by Arvest Equipment Finance

$395.00 Paid in Advance for first person from company
$345 with each additional attendee 

"Certified Leasing Professionals attending this seminar will earn CPEs (Continuing Professional Education)
Credits toward their recertification"

(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)


News Briefs----

Georgia Bank failures draw criminal probes

U.S. Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Goldman

Mortgage rates retreat as tax credit fades

Unemployment rates fall in most cities in March

United, Continental to announce merger Monday

Steve Jobs says mobile Apple products won't use Flash


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Sharks take Game 1 from Red Wings with first-period flurry

Baalke breaks down 49ers draft picks in film session with media

The Associated Press reports if the San Francisco 49ers get a new stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., they could host a future Super Bowl.

The NFL Super Bowl Advisory Committee says it supports the plan to build the stadium in Santa Clara and will encourage a Super Bowl bid there.

Recent successful bids by Detroit, Arizona, North Texas, Indianapolis, and New Orleans all had new or substantially renovated stadiums as the cornerstone.

The Super Bowl Advisory Committee manages the bidding process for awarding the game. The 32 team owners vote on the site; the next such vote takes place in May for the 2014 game, with Tampa, Miami and East Rutherford, N.J., in the running.

California Nuts Briefs---

Schwarzenegger for president? He would if he could

Whitman lacks public service background

“Gimme that Wine”

Argentina Opens the Tap for Malbec

Jacques Thienpont buys St Emilion vineyard

Natural wines: Character, not chemicals

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Winery Atlas\

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


Today's Top Event in History

Birth of Cable TV

1964 - TV sets would be drastically different after a ruling by the FCC stating that all TV receivers should be equipped to receive both VHF (channels 2-13) and the new UHF (channels 14-83). As a result, TV dealers scrambled to unload their VHF-only models as fast as possible. Antenna manufacturers were kept busy, as the new UHF receivers required new antennas too. A new set of channels were available, primarily for local community broadcasting, as the Federal Communication Commission foresaw local television broadcasting and perhaps news, food reviews, and special interest viewing. It was not until Cable broadcasting made the costs of transmission so low that the channels became popular and today competes with the “four” major networks.


This Day in American History

    1494 - Christopher Columbus arrived in Guantanamo Bay on his 2nd voyage to the Americas.    
    1778- A blockage of enemy ships was completed, stretching from West Point, NY, to Constitution Island, NY. A huge chain was forged at the Sterling Iron Works in Orange County, NY, from ore mined in the same county and was carried in sections to West Point, where it was joined and stretched across the Hudson River to prevent British ships from passing. The chain weighed 180 tons and was 1,700 feet loan: each link was 2.5 inches wide and 30 inches long. It was placed in position on April 16 and on April 30, secured at both ends. Earlier in the war, in the summer of 1776, a chain of chevaux-de-frise and sunken ships had been extended between Fort Washington, NY, and Fort Lee, NY, to serve as a blockage, but the British passed on October 9, 1776, without fire a gun. The chain reportedly stopped the ships, and made they easy target from the ground.
    1789- George Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the US under the new Constitution at New York, NY. Robert R. Livingston administered the oath of office to Washington on the balcony of Federal Hall, at the corner of Wall and Broad streets.
    1798- The US Navy was established. In June 12, the department purchased the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH, from William Dennet and his wife for $5,500. It embraced 58.18 acres and had previously been used for building man-of-war ships.
    1803-One of the real-estate deals in history was completed when more than 820,000 square miles of the Louisiana Territory were turned over to the US by France, for $15 million ( four cents an acre.) This almost doubled the size of the US, extending its western border to the Rocky Mountains. 
    1812-Louisiana became the 18th state. the Pelican State: the state bird is the eastern brown pelican. Named in honor of Louis XIV of France, Louisiana has several other nicknames: Sportsman’s Paradise, Sugar State (that’s beet sugar), and Creole State. The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge and the beautiful magnolia is its adopted flower while the state tree is the bald cypress. "You are My Sunshine", Louisiana’s state song. "Give Me Louisiana" is also considered a state song, and the state motto is: Union, justice and confidence. 
    1820- the first antislavery magazine was the “The Emancipator,” issued monthly from this date to October 31,1820. It was edited and published by Elihu Embree and cost a $1.00 a year.
    1852 - A tornado, following the same track as the famous "Tri-state Tornado" of 1925, struck the town of New Harmony IND. Just sixteen persons were killed by the twister, due to the sparse settlement. The "Tri-state Tornado" killed 695 persons.
    1861-Robert Selden Garnett, a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, resigned from the army. aide-de-camp to General Zachary Taylor from 1846 to 1849. He was appointed a brigadier general of the Confederate States on June 6,1861, and history records him as the first Confederate General killed in the civil war. Garnett was appointed adjutant general of the state troops of Virginia, and allotted the task of organizing this heterogeneous force into an army. Early in June he was commissioned brigadier-general and given command of the Confederate troops operating in northwestern Virginia. He died on July 13,1861, at the battle of Carrick’s Ford, VA ( now near Parson, WV). When the Federal attack dislodged the Confederates from Rich Mountain, Garnett was compelled to abandon Laurel Hill. He saved his army, outnumbered more than six to one by McClellan's men, by a most masterly retreat. In the heat of the retreat, Garnett shouted: "They need a little lesson. They may get away if they like". These were to be his last words. On July 13, 1861 General Robert Selden Garnett was killed instantly while directing the conduct of his rear guard after the sharp engagement at Carrick's Ford, on Cheat River. In deference to Garnett's heroism during the Mexican War, a Union honor guard conveyed the body to his family under a truce flag. He was the West Point classmate and cousin of Confederate General Richard B. Garnett who was killed in action at Gettysburg. He was greatly respected by soldiers and officers on both sides of the war. Garnett had the distinction of being the first general officer to be killed in the Civil War. He was a brave and skilful officer, of whom the South expected much, but who did not have opportunity to fulfill the promise of his military training, according to
    1870- the first medal of honor to a Jewish solider was conferred upon Sergeant Leopold Karpeles of Springfield, MA, who, while serving as flag bearer, rallied the retreating troops at the Battle of the Wilderness, near Fredericksburg, VA.
    1871 - Apaches in Arizona surrendered to white and Mexican adventurers; 144 died.
    1879-Massachettes was the first state to pass a factory inspection law. It provided that the governor appoint two or more of the district police to act as inspectors of factories and public buildings.
    1877- Writer Alice Toklas birthday; best known as the was the life partner of U.S. author Gertrude Stein. She published Stein's letters and wrote her memoirs.
    1889 - Washington's inauguration became the first U.S. national holiday.
    1899-Birthday of Ellis Wilson, African American artist born at Mayfield, KY, and died at New York, NY, January 1,1977,. Wilson painted realistic portrayals of African Americans at work and at play. In 1944 he was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship. He visited South Carolina, painting city scenes and fishing towns. In the 1950’s, Wilson took a revelatory trip to Haiti which changed the way he painted Unable to not any facial features on the Haitians, he painted from a distance. Wilson began painting flat, stylized silhouettes, Haitian Funeral Procession remains Wilson’s most popular an accessible painting.

    1900 - Train engineer Casey Jones was killed when trying to save the "Cannonball Express" as it highballed its way through Vaughn, MS. His real name was John Luther Jones.
    1900 - Hawaii was organized as a U.S. territory.
    1912-Birthday of Eve Arden - U.S. actor. EA is perhaps best remembered as Miss Brooks in the television series Our Miss Brooks which netted her Emmy awards. She was also nominated for a supporting role Academy Award in the movie Mildred Pierce (1945), one of her many "best friends" roles. She was featured in more than 100 motion pictures. Because of her impeccable comic timing, she was often cast as the heroine's sarcastic, wisecracking best friend. She also was a regular draw on Broadway.
    1923--Jazz bass player Percy Heath birthday
    1929-Country singer Johnny Horton was born in Tyler, Texas. His "Battle of New Orleans" sold a million copies in 1959 as did his 1960 recording of "North to Alaska," the title song from a John Wayne movie. Horton was killed in a car crash in Milano, Texas on November 5th, 1960.

    1931—birthday of guitarist Jimmy Lee “Lonesome” Robinson, Chicago, IL
    1933-Country superstar Willie Nelson was born in Abbott, Texas. He first gained fame as a songwriter. Among his compositions are two that have become standards in country music - "Family Bible" and "Night Life." After recording 18 albums for RCA, he fled Nashville in the early 1970s' for Austin, Texas, where, with Waylon Jennings, he became the leader of the "Outlaw" country movement. Nelson later turned his attention to updating such pop standards as "Stardust" and "Over the Rainbow," which were played heavily on both pop and country radio stations.
    1939 - The first railroad car equipped with fluorescent lights was put into service. The train car was known as the "General Pershing Zephyr".
    1939 - Baseball’s ‘Iron Horse’, Lou Gehrig, played his last game with the New York Yankees . 
    1939-Birthday of Ellen Taaffee Zwilich - U.S. classical composer. She was the first woman to obtain a doctorate at the Julliard School of Music. She won the Pulitzer Prize for Music.
    1940 - Jimmy Dorsey and his band records the song that was to become their theme. It went on to become one of the most familiar big band themes of the era.
It includes his famous alto sax solo and was not his last big hit
(“So Rare” in the fifties, one of the first I learned to play solo.)
    1940 - Belle Martell was licensed in California by state boxing officials to be the first American woman prize-fight referee!
    1941--Jazz alto saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker makes his first record, playing Jay McShann's song "Swingmatism."
    1943- Bobby Vee (Robert Velline) is born in Fargo, N.D. His biggest hit is the No. 1 song ``Take Good Care of My Baby'' in 1961.
    1944 - The New York Giants beat the Brooklyn Dodgers 26-8
very badly. The game set a major-league record for runs driven in by a team in a single game. 
    1945 - “How would you like to be queen for a day!” That opening line, delivered by host, Jack Bailey, was first heard on Mutual radio on this day. The first "Queen for a Day" was Mrs. Evelyn Lane. Years later Bailey would take the show to TV for a long, popular run. 
    1945 - Arthur Godfrey began his CBS radio morning show. His theme was "Seems Like Old Times". "Arthur Godfrey Time" ran until this very same day in 1972. Godfrey’s show was different in that he used live talent and not records. His popularity with listeners was the major reason that several sponsors gave Godfrey the freedom to ad-lib their commercials and, from time to time, joke about the products as well. He was the first to broadcast live from Hawaii, where he was given credit by United Airlines for greatly increasing tourism to the area.
    1947 - Maps had to be changed as Boulder Dam was changed back to its original name, Hoover Dam. Some people, mostly those who live in the community of Boulder, Nevada, still refer to the dam as Boulder Dam. It is a local joke there, where residents were recorded saying on CBS radio, “ It was a dam shame,” which was edited out by many local stations as being “blue material.”
    1948-The Organization of American States founded. This regional alliance was founded by 21 nations of the Americas at Bogotá, Columbia. Its purpose is to further economic development and integration among nations of the Western hemisphere, to promote representative democracy and to help overcome poverty. The Pan-American Union, with offices at Washington, DC, serves as the General Secretariat for the OAS.
    1952—Top Hits
Wheel of Fortune - Kay Starr
Anytime - Eddie Fisher
Blacksmith Blues - Ella Mae Morse
(When You Feel like You’re in Love) Don’t Just Stand There - Carl Smith
    1952 -In his final at-bat before leaving to fight in the Korean War, Ted Williams hits a game winning two-run home run to beat the Dizzy Trout and the Tigers. Fittingly, the Fenway faithful was there to celebrate Ted Williams' Day.
    1953 - Frank Sinatra cut his first session with Nelson Riddle at Capitol Records in Hollywood. Sinatra’s new musical style, under Riddle’s direction, brought him back into the limelight, and a chance for Hollywood fame.
    1955 - Perez Prado's "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" hits #1
    1955 - University of Iowa men students conducted panty raids at women’s dorms. Some say the Hawkeyes were still celebrating their February 28th basketball win (72-70) over the Golden Gophers of the University of Minnesota. Others think the men were celebrating the fact that enough snow had melted after the long winter to make it possible to find the women’s dorms again. In any case, panty raids became the in thing to do at colleges everywhere.
    1957-Elvis Presley releases his hit single "Jailhouse Rock."
    1960—Top Hits
Stuck on You - Elvis Presley
Sink the Bismarck - Johnny Horton
Sixteen Reasons - Connie Stevens
He’ll Have to Go - Jim Reeves
    1960 --Fats Domino releases his classic "Walking to New Orleans"
    1961-Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants became the eight player in major league history to hit four home runs in a single game. Mays performed the feat at Milwaukee County Stadium as the Giants beat the Braves, 14-4.
    1962-- The Orlons release "Wah Watusi"
    1964 - TV sets would be drastically different after a ruling by the FCC stating that all TV receivers should be equipped to receive both VHF (channels 2-13) and the new UHF (channels 14-83). As a result, TV dealers scrambled to unload their VHF-only models as fast as possible. Antenna manufacturers were kept busy, as the new UHF receivers required new antennas too. A new set of channels were available, primarily for local community broadcasting, as the Federal Communication Commission foresaw local television broadcasting and perhaps news, food reviews, and special interest viewing. It was not until Cable broadcasting made the costs of transmission so low that the channels became popular and today competes with the “four” major networks.
    1966- The Young Rascals' "Good Lovin'" hits #1
    1966- Folk singer and songwriter Richard Farina died in a motorcycle crash in Carmel, California following a party to launch his book, "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me." He was 30. Farina recorded several albums with his wife Mimi, who is Joan Baez's sister.
    1967-Muhammand Ali was stripped of his world heavyweight boxing championship when he refused to be inducted into military service. Said Ali,” I have searched my conscience, and I find I cannot be true to my believe in my religion by accepting such a call.’ He had claimed exemption as a minister of the Black Muslim religion. He was convicted of violating the Selective Service act but the Supreme Court reversed this decision in 1971,.
    1968—Top Hits
Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
Cry like a Baby - The Box Tops
Young Girl - The Union Gap
The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde - Merle Haggard
    1968--VARGAS, M. SANDO, JR. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Major (then Capt.), U.S. Marine Corps, Company G, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade. Place and date: Dai Do, Republic of Vietnam, 30 April to 2 May 1968. Entered service at: Winslow, Ariz. Born: 29 July 1940, Winslow, Ariz. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as commanding officer, Company G, in action against enemy forces from 30 April to 2 May 1968. On 1 May 1968, though suffering from wounds he had incurred while relocating his unit under heavy enemy fire the preceding day, Maj. Vargas combined Company G with two other companies and led his men in an attack on the fortified village of Dai Do. Exercising expert leadership, he maneuvered his marines across 700 meters of open rice paddy while under intense enemy mortar, rocket and artillery fire and obtained a foothold in 2 hedgerows on the enemy perimeter, only to have elements of his company become pinned down by the intense enemy fire. Leading his reserve platoon to the aid of his beleaguered men, Maj. Vargas inspired his men to renew their relentless advance, while destroying a number of enemy bunkers. Again wounded by grenade fragments, he refused aid as he moved about the hazardous area reorganizing his unit into a strong defense perimeter at the edge of the village. Shortly after the objective was secured the enemy commenced a series of counterattacks and probes which lasted throughout the night but were unsuccessful as the gallant defenders of Company G stood firm in their hard-won enclave. Reinforced the following morning, the marines launched a renewed assault through Dai Do on the village of Dinh To, to which the enemy retaliated with a massive counterattack resulting in hand-to-hand combat. Maj. Vargas remained in the open, encouraging and rendering assistance to his marines when he was hit for the third time in the 3-day battle. Observing his battalion commander sustain a serious wound, he disregarded his excruciating pain, crossed the fire-swept area and carried his commander to a covered position, then resumed supervising and encouraging his men while simultaneously assisting in organizing the battalion's perimeter defense. His gallant actions uphold the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the U.S. Naval Service.
    1969-The Beatles release "Let It Be," "You Know My Name (Look up the Number)"
    1969- The Fifth Dimension are awarded a gold single for "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In," a medley from the hit rock musical "Hair.
    1970-President Nixon announced the US was sending troops into Cambodia in an attempt to destroy the "sanctuaries" from which men and materiel were infiltrated into South Vietnam. This sparked widespread protests on the home front, including a march on Washington and the closure of many American colleges and universities. Protests immediately began across the United States Five days later National Guards shoot at students, killing four of them at Kent State, Ohio Allison Krause,19; Sandra Lee Scheur, 20; Jeffrey Glenn Miller,20, and William K. Schroeder, 19).
    1970- Billy Williams of the Cubs becomes first National League player to play 1000 consecutive games.
    1970-- Bob Dylan releases "Trouble in Mind"
    1973-In a televised address on Watergate, President Richard Nixon announced he had accepted the resignations of his chief of staff H.R. Haldeman, domestic policy assistant John Ehrlichman, counsel John Dean, and Attorney General Richard G. Kleindienst. He denied any involvement in the Watergate break-in or any subsequent cover-up.
    1975- Communist troops moved into Saigon and 1,000 Americans in the city were hastily evacuated. Thousands of South Vietnamese also tried to flee. The surrender announcement came 21 years after the1954 Geneva agreements divided Vietnam into North and South. The last American troops had left South Vietnam in March, 1973. Today it is a “National Holiday” commemorating the fall of Saigon to the Communists in 1975, ending the Vietnam War.
    1976- Bruce Springsteen, fresh from a Memphis concert, attempts to vault a fence at Graceland to see his idol, Elvis Presley, but is quickly escorted away by security.
    1976—Top Hits
Disco Lady - Johnnie Taylor
Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers
Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale
Together Again - Emmylou Harris
    1976-- The Betsy Ross Bridge is the first major bridge named for a woman in the U.S. It spans the Delaware between Philadelphia and Pennsauken, N.J.
    1977-Steve Miller's "Jet Airliner" is released. It will become his fourth US Top Ten hit.
    1977- Glen Campbell's "Southern Nights" hits #1
    1979 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``Reunited,'' Peaches & Herb.
    1984—Top Hits
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) - Phil Collins
Hello - Lionel Richie
Hold Me Now - The Thompson Twins
Right or Wrong - George Strait
    1985 - The National Basketball Association set an all-time season attendance record as 19,506,355 fans attended games in arenas around the league. Seven NBA cities -- Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia -- drew over a million fans each in the 1984-85 basketball season. 
    1987 - Three more compact discs of music by The Beatles went on sale for the first time. The discs were "Help!", "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver". Again, the Beatles made the top ten. 
    1987 - Thunderstorms developing along a cold front produced severe weather in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Thunderstorms produced wind gusts to 100 mph in Lincoln, Mineral and Sanders counties. Twenty-three cities in the central and southeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Memphis TN was the hot spot in the nation with a record high of 94 degrees
    1988- Montreal native Celine Dion won the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland with her performance of the ballad "Don't Leave Without Me (Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi)." Dublin was host of the contest, watched by an estimated 600-million TV viewers.
    1988-During a game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Yew York Mets, Reds manager Pete Rose, objecting to a delayed call by umpire Dave Pallone, shoved Pallone twice after the ump accidentally poked Rose in the cheek. Rose was fined $10,000 and suspended for 30 days.
    1988—Top Hits
Wishing Well- Terence Trent D Arby
Anything For You- Gloria Estefan
Angel- Aerosmith
Where Do Broken Hearts Go- Whitney Houston
Pink Cadillac- Natalie Cole
    1990 - Late afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced severe weather in southern Virginia and the Carolinas, with tennis ball size hail reported southeast of Chesnee SC. Thunderstorms moving over the Chesapeake Bay flooded U.S. Highway 50 on Kent Island MD with several inches of water resulting in a seventeen-mile long traffic jam.
    1992 -the heat was definitely on in the central US. The following cities set record high temperatures not only for the date but for the month of April as well: Valentine, Nebraska 100 degrees, North Platte, Nebraska 98 degrees, Colorado Springs, Colorado 87 degrees, Denver, Colorado 90 degrees, Casper, Wyoming 84 degrees, and Cheyenne, Wyoming 83 degrees. the past month was .3 degrees below normal at Raleigh, North Carolina. This ended an amazingly long streak of 27 consecutive months of normal or above normal temperatures. The streak began in January 1990. The previous record streak of 11 months extended from July 1912 to May 1913.
    1997- Ellen DeGeneres, on her several season show “Ellen,” declared on television she was a lesbian. The first regularly appearing homosexual character in a television situation comedy was Jodie Dallas, played by comedian Billy Crystal beginning in 1977 on the series “Soap.”
    2001--The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a measure 9-2 to allow city employees medical benefits for a sex change.
    2004- Ray Charles appears at his Los Angeles recording studio to attend a ceremony marking it as a national historic landmark. It will be the last public appearance he ever makes.

NBA Finals Champions This Date

    1971 Milwaukee Bucks


Baseball Poem

The above is the web site in html and also the ability to hear the poem read by future MLB star Johnny Nguyen

Silly Question by
Papa Joe Chevalier

Of course I like Baseball!

I like;

All nine innings and knee high strikes

The diamond cut by flashing spikes.

The infield hit, a long home run

Doubleheaders, the radar gun.

The curve, the knuckler, slider and splitter

A slugfest or the chance no-hitter.

The majors, the minors, the kids, the vets

The "Whiz Kids," the "Amazing Mets."

The squeeze bunt and the hit and run

The double steal on three and one.

Both real and artificial grass.

The routine grounder or astro turf hop.

Signs to take and signs to steal

Beating the deadline with a late night deal.

The brush back pitch, the managers warned

The visiting star locally scorned.

Balls with eyes and rain delays

Around the horn double plays.

Walking leads and frozen ropes

Bloops, blasts and springtime hopes.

The game of the week and cable TV

Descriptions like "Good field-no-hit

Or "Say goodbye baseball" at Safeco Field

Diving catches and trapped fly balls

Coaches sweating on 3-2 calls.

The pickoff move and stealing home

Games in the sun or under a dome.

Walks, balks, and fielders choices

An irate skipper getting the gate.

Cold soda, peanuts and ball park franks

Sometimes even the New York Yanks.

For all this and more I have good reason

To be pleased that it's Baseball season.

And if you guys don't mind suggestions,

Go somewhere else with your silly questions!




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