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Monday, August 9, 2021

Today's Leasing News Headlines

Update: Most Influential Lawyers
   in Equipment Finance and Leasing
Update: Will the Pending Conferences to Be Held in September
     and October Become Virtual, Postponed, or Cancelled?
You are the Brand
    By Ralph Mango, Associate Editor, Leasing News
Leasing Industry Ads
   ---Help Wanted
License and Registration United States
   By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
     Segment 7
  New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota and Ohio
Top Ten Leasing News
     August 2 to August 6
Home Prices Grow 17.2% Year-over-Year
    By Eric C. Peck, MReport
Leasing Improvements May Be Unsustainable
    by David Nahass, Financial Editor, Railway Age
2021 Operations and Technology Excellence Award
   Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
Mixed Breed
    Eagle, Idaho  Adopt-a-Dog
Reaching Your Customer in a Digital World
    Thu, Aug 19, 2021, 1 pm - 2 pm EDT (10:00 am- 11:00 am PDT)
News Briefs---
Delta COVID is Making More Kids Sick
    Do They Get Sicker?
JPMorgan Reinstates Indoor Mask Retirement
     as Delta Variant Spreads
Amid COVID Surge, Amazon to Require Masks for
    Warehouse Workers Regardless of Vaccination Status
United Airlines will require all U.S. employees
     to get the COVID-19 vaccine by fall
Used Car Prices to Stay High until Automakers
    Can Fix Production Issues: Carvana CEO
Disney World finally releases prices for
     its new Galactic Starcruiser Star Wars hotel
You May have Missed---
Saudi Aramco Posts $25 Billion Profit
   The world’s oil giants are bouncing back

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Update: Most Influential Lawyers
in Equipment Finance and Leasing

Thank you Attorney Marshall Goldberg for the update:

Stewart Abramson retired.
Tom Askounis retired.
Malcolm C. Lindquist passed away.

Marshall Goldberg
Glass & Goldberg, a Law Corporation
22917 Burbank Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367-4203
(818) 474-1532 Direct
(818) 888-2220 Main
(818) 888-2229 Facsimile


Update: Will the Pending Conferences to Be Held in September and   
    October Become Virtual, Postponed, or Cancelled?

The team at was smart as the Broker Fair in New York City is on December 6, 2021. They are very-well attended and you can bet all will be vaccinated by then.

These successful get together always sell out, so now is the time to make your reservations:

While the Equipment Leasing and Finance Annual National Funding Conference for September 27-29 has been cancelled, the 60th Annual Convention October 24-25, 2021, San Antonio, Texas, was always scheduled as both an attendance and virtual meeting. It is also will be well attended by members and non-members who will be vaccinated. The city is also a great visit.

60th ELFA Annual Convention
Oct. 24-26, 2021 - In-Person & Virtual!

Register Monday, August 9, to receive the discounted registration fee, as well as reserve you accommodations at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort.

Register or Create Account:


You are the Brand
By Ralph Mango, Associate Editor, Leasing News

In this current state of pervasive technology driving sales communication and documentation, it is perhaps appropriate to take a step aside and exhale.  Recognizing also that FinTech has rapidly accelerated that technological deployment, my observations here will address the lender/lessor/prospect/client relationship in a broader context.  Quite simply, to rely solely on electronic contact may not be the most effective.

My equipment finance and leasing career included direct and indirect business segments across end users, vendors, and brokers.  One of the first actions I directed when I took over the broker team at Marlin in 2007 was to focus calling on phone and in-person to be complemented by email.  Recalling that this was at the very beginning of the Great Recession, we were able to deliver 98% of our plan in an environment that was deteriorating weekly, largely due to our ability to execute this tactical plan. At the time, we were beginning to adapt to the nascent pervasive deployment of Sales Force Automation in the days when Act !, Goldmine and others ( were still upgrading via CD-ROM rather than online.  We were undertaking projects among sales management, sales operations, and the IT team to better understand the resulting productivity improvements internally while delivering optimum customer experience as a retention tool.   

We were still in personal contact mode via in-person meetings or phone calls.  These contact vehicles were being supplemented by electronic contact, primarily email since texting at the time was in its development stages and social media was even newer for that purpose.  Now, not twenty years later, electronic contact has become the primary contact medium and, in many segments such as FinTech, nearly exclusive.  Consider that there is still need in the relationship, from a customer satisfaction and retention standpoint, for in-person and phone contact.  My view is that these remain competitive imperatives and differentiators that set outstanding originators apart from their colleagues and competitors.

My first sales trainer was one of the company’s long-standing best sales producers over many years.  He told me, “You do business with friends.  Your job is to make customers your friend and you theirs and stay focused on keeping it that way.”  Scott Wheeler calls it “personal value proposition;” my view has been that you can’t make enduring friendly relationships exclusively via text, email, or social media.

The best originators sell themselves, their expertise and product knowledge, and their consultative and listening skills that attract and maintain client relationships even when the originator changes employers.  They are competent in their use of both electronic and personal contact as effective responses to client needs and timing.  One of my favorite search tools when looking for new salespeople was to contact our key relationships to ask them who among our competitors were the best and why.  As often as not, they spoke of the personal attributes, positive attitude, and the ability to get the job done as promised.  How often has a job requirement included the need for “book of business,” the very definition of “personal value proposition?”  I went after them, often succeeding in bringing them over to our side.  By reducing personal contact, in-person or by phone, in favor of electronic contact, that competitive differentiator is diluted if not lost completely.  Conversely, if a prospect or customer is hiding behind the impersonality of electronic contact, when was the last time that was overcome without personal contact?  Have the self-confidence of your personal value proposition fortified by your years of success as your primary attribute. 

It is likely that at some point in the future, the commercial equipment finance and leasing industry may conduct business entirely online in the manner of Amazon or Microsoft.  By then, workers will have known nothing but electronic contact so it may be logical to extend those habits to their professional lives.  Now, acknowledging the changing habits of clients and prospects toward electronic contact and the need to deploy it effectively, personal contact should be complemented by electronic contact rather than replaced by it.  Your customers…friends…want to see and speak with you before they get into the details of electronic contact.
Ralph joined the Advisory Board June 26, 2013. As a reader of Leasing News, Ralph has been a long-time contributor and a resource of history. In July, 2013, he was named Leasing News Associate Editor, responsible for proofreading and editing each news edition as well as contributing content.
His nearly 40-year equipment leasing career includes stops as VP-General Manager, SVP of Sales and Sales & Marketing, and Region management with several industry leaders.  He has broad and successful business unit general management experience in both indirect and direct equipment leasing as a captive lessor and vendor provider that began as a credit manager.

His career zenith was as Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Newcourt Financial when he piloted the proposal team through which he became Co-founder, Vice President and General Manager, Dell Financial Services in 1997. Among his many positions were at US Leasing, AT&T Capital, Newcourt, Dell Financial, Marlin Leasing:


Help Wanted Ads


License and Registration United States
By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
Segment 7

New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota and Ohio.

 (A State-by-State Analysis of License Requirements for Lenders and Brokers

Previous states covered Alabama through New Jersey (1)

31. NEW MEXICO: As a general rule, out-of-state commercial lenders and equipment lessors are not required to obtain licenses to engage in commercial lending and leasing activities in New Mexico. Mortgage loan companies and loan brokers must register with the Director of the Financial Institutions Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department (“FID”). NMSA 1978, § 58-21-3 (2020) Exempt from this requirement, as usual, are banks, trust companies, savings and loan associations, credit unions, insurance companies, certain real estate investment trusts, and certain other persons. NMSA 1978, § 58-21-6. (2020).

Usury is generally not a concern for most commercial lenders. New Mexico caps interest rates, but only for loans of $5,000 or less. N.M. Stat. Ann. § 58-15-2(F). The general usury statute, former NMSA 1978, § 56-8-11.1, was repealed in 1991. The result is that, with a few exceptions, the maximum rate of interest for commercial loans is the rate agreed to in writing by the parties. Absent such an agreement, the rate “shall be not more than fifteen percent.” NMSA 1978, § 56-8-3. (2020)

I mentioned in our last segment that certain states require licenses for vehicle financiers, and that is true of New Mexico. Persons purchasing motor vehicle retail installment sales contracts from retail sellers in the state must obtain a license from the FID. NMSA 1978, § 58-19-3.(2020) Banks authorized to do business in the state are exempt from the licensing requirement but must comply with the other provisions of the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act. Id.

32. NEW YORK: In general, under the New York Licensed Lenders Lawlenders making commercial loans of $50,000 or less, with an annual interest rate in excess of 16 percent, are required to be licensed.

New York Licensed Lender Law

Individual borrowers receive significantly more protection under civil and criminal usury laws than corporations and LLCs in New York.  Loans under $250,000 to individuals must comply with both the 16% civil and 25% criminal usury rates. Violation of the latter can be a Class C felony. However, loans between $250,000 and $2,500,000 are only subject to the 25% criminal usury rate.

Rules for corporate borrowers are slightly more complicated.  Generally, corporations and LLCs can be charged more than 16% interest.  Under the New York General Obligations Law §340 (2014) loans to businesses under $2,500,000 are generally exempt from the 16% civil usury cap, but are subject to a 25% cap.

New York General Obligations Law §340

In addition, certain loans which fall under New York’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) are exempt from usury laws.  Loans made to corporations for business purposes in amounts of $100,000 or more that are secured under the UCC are exempted from New York’s criminal usury laws if on the date when the interest is charged or accrued, such interest is not greater than eight percentage points above the prime rate.

Finally, all loans over $2,500,000 are exempt from civil and criminal usury laws regardless of whether the borrower is an individual or corporation.

These complex rules may be the reason so few commercial lenders and brokers are licensed in New York. I have also heard anecdotal yet reliable stories from my New York colleagues suggesting that no license is required of a lender or broker making loans to New Yorkers unless the lender or broker has a brick-and-mortar presence in the state, or, at a minimum, employs or otherwise utilizes a salesforce in the state. This seems to be supported by a banking interpretation issued by the Department of Financial Services (DFS) on October 15,2005.

If that isn’t uncertain enough for you, you should be aware that the New York legislature has been discussing a bill (Senate Bill S6688) which would greatly expand the licensing requirements. Most importantly, if the bill becomes law, a loan from an unlicensed, non-exempt lender would be void, and the provider would have “no right to collect or receive any principal, interest, fees or charges whatsoever”. At the moment, this bill is still in committee, but the consensus is that it will pass and become law fairly soon. There are also new disclosure laws which are soon to take effect, which I will discuss in a later series. For now, my advice for those who want to broker or make commercial loans, and possibly offer any other financial product in the State of New York, is to consult experienced New York counsel before you proceed, especially with the disruption of Gov. Cuomo’s impeachment.

33. NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina does not require a license to make a commercial loan. Loan brokers do need a license, as do mortgage lenders and mortgage loan brokers. N.C.G.S. §§ 66-107, 66-108, 66-109.

Under the North Carolina Loan Broker Act (1979), loan brokers must provide prospective borrowers with a disclosure statement, obtain a $10,000 surety bond or establish a trust account, and file certain disclosures with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State (see below). There is no cost to register with the SOS, but you do need to pay for the surety bond.

Additionally, loan brokers may not collect any advance fee or other valuable consideration from a borrower prior to the closing of the loan.  This does not preclude the loan broker from collecting reasonable and necessary fees payable to third parties for appraisal, property survey, title examination, and credit reports.

The disclosures, penalties for failing to properly register, and other Information are in the statute and the following links:

North Carolina Loan Broker act

North Carolina Loan Broker Act Faq’s

34. NORTH DAKOTA: Commercial lenders do not need licenses to make commercial loans in North Dakota. However, as in North Carolina, commercial loan brokers do. North Dakota Century Code (NDCC)§13-04.1-02 (2021) requires a money broker license for any person engaging in money brokering activities with a borrower who resides in North Dakota. NDCC §13-04.1-01.1 (4) (2021) defines money brokering as "...the act of arranging or providing loans or leases as a form of financing, or advertising or soliciting either in print, by letter, in person, or otherwise, the right to find lenders or provide loans or leases for persons or businesses desirous of obtaining funds for any purposes."

North Dakota Century Code: Money Brokers

Additionally, money broker may not take any type of fee in advance before the funding of the loan or lease unless the money broker is licensed under this chapter. N.D. Admin. Code 13-05-01-01 (2021)

35. OHIO: Ohio does not require a license for commercial lenders. There are statutes which require licenses for small loan lenders, defined as $5000 or less.  Ohio Rev Code § 1321.02 (2019). 

The maximum interest rate for a loan up to $100,000 is 8%, but commercial transactions are not subject to this limitation.

Ohio Revised Code: Maximum Rate Of Interest (1988).

B) Any party may agree to pay a rate of interest in excess of the maximum rate provided in division (A) of this section when:

(6)(a) The loan is a business loan to a business association or partnership, a person owning and operating a business as a sole proprietor; any persons owning and operating a business as joint venturers, joint tenants, or tenants in common; any limited partnership; or any trustee owning or operating a business or whose beneficiaries own or operate a business…

In our next article we continue with Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

Segment 1 - 06/28/21
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California
Segment 2 – 07/06/21
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia
Segment 3 - 07/12/21
 Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa
Segment 4 - 07/19/21
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine and Maryland
Segment 5 - 07/26/21
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and Missouri
Segment 6 - 08/02/21
Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, and, New Jersey

Ken Greene
Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene
5743 Corsa Avenue Suite 208
Westlake Village, California 91362
Tel: 818.575.9095
Fax: 805.435.7464

This article is presented by the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene. All copyrightable text, the selection, arrangement, and presentation of all materials (including information in the public domain), and the overall design of this presentation are the property of the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to download and reprint materials from this article for the purpose of viewing, reading, and retaining for reference. Any other copying, distribution, retransmission, or modification of information or materials from this article, whether in electronic or hard copy form, without the express prior written permission of Kenneth C. Greene, is strictly prohibited. The materials available from this article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to these materials does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene and the user or viewer. The opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the individual author.


Top Ten Leasing News
August 2 to August 6

(Top stories opened by readers

(1) Marlin Business Services Shareholders Meeting
    Votes to Go Ahead Merger/Related Compensation Proposal

(2) License and Registration United States
       By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
          Segment 6
       Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, and,
          importantly, New Jersey (quotes

(3) Will the Pending Conferences to Be Held in September
    and October Become Virtual, Postponed, or Cancelled?

(4) New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries

(5) Correction: Membership Count
   American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

(6) Marlin Capital Solutions
    10-Q Quarterly report 7/30/2021

(7) Jeopardy host

(8) Update: Six-Month Leasing/Finance Associations'
   Membership Count and by Category

(10) Why Tyson's employee vaccine requirement stands out
   Business Are Taking a Stand of Vaccines


Home Prices Grow 17.2% Year-over-Year
By Eric C. Peck, MReport

CoreLogic’s latest Home Price Index (HPI) and HPI Forecast for June 2021 has found that home prices nationwide increased 17.2% compared to June 2020, a rate not seen since the late-1970s. On a month-over-month basis, home prices increased by 2.3% compared to May 2021. Home price gains are projected to slow to a 3.2% increase by June 2022, as ongoing affordability challenges may deter some potential buyers, as an uptick in new for-sale listings cause a slowdown in home price growth.

CoreLogic found that home prices rose sharply in the west in June, with the top 10 greatest year-over-year price changes occurring in the following states, as homebuyers seek out more affordable locations with lower population density and attractive outdoor amenities.

Dr. Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist at CoreLogic commented, “The pandemic sparked an increase in buyer desire for lower density neighborhoods and more living space—both inside and outside their home.

“Communities with single-family detached houses fill this need. Detached homes had the highest annual growth in June since the inception of the CoreLogic Home Price Index in 1976.”

Frank Martell, President and CEO of CoreLogic, said, “Home prices have been rising in the mid-single digits for some years now. The recent surge to double-digit price jumps reflect the convergence of exceptional demand and persistent low supply

“With plenty of cash on the sidelines, along with very low mortgage rates, prices are heading up and affordability will become a more acute issue for the foreseeable future.”

Factor in still-low mortgage rates under the 3% mark, mortgage purchase apps have seen a slight uptick in the past week despite the continued record high prices. However, CoreLogic projects home price gains may slow over the next 12 months as demand moderates and for-sale inventory rises.


Leasing Improvements May Be Unsustainable
by David Nahass, Financial Editor, Railway Age

(Photo: William C. Vantuono)

GATX CEO Brian Kenny, during 2Q21 announcement, “Absolute lease rates … increased for the fourth quarter in a row … We expect these favorable trends to remain for the rest of this year.” 

In the June Railway Age “2021 Guide to Equipment Leasing,” high scrap rates and finished steel cost were highlighted as impact factors for lease rates that had not created measurable impact in the overall marketplace.” Heading into the second half of 2021, that may be starting to change.

This is good news for railcar lessors. It demonstrates that lease rates (which have languished for years) can actually rise as a result of market conditions. That is a welcome change for some new entrants in the market that have never seen the historically plum lease rates associated with an uptick in demand.

With hot rolled steel prices projected to hold at current levels until mid-2022, the focus of railcar users has shifted to older assets. Mix in a hot summer and natural gas above $3.50/MMBTU, and railcar lessors are seeing measured price increases across almost all segments, including out-of-favor railcars such as coal and small cube hoppers for sand. This makes Brian Kenny’s prognostication a fairly sure bet for the remainder of 2021.

With hot rolled steel prices projected to hold at current levels until mid-2022, the focus of railcar users has shifted to older assets. Mix in a hot summer and natural gas above $3.50/MMBTU, and railcar lessors are seeing measured price increases across almost all segments, including out-of-favor railcars such as coal and small cube hoppers for sand. This makes Brian Kenny’s prognostication a fairly sure bet for the remainder of 2021.

David Nahass, Railway Age Financial Editor



##### Press Release ############################

2021 Operations and Technology Excellence Award
Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company

Washington, D.C.—The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association today announced that Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. (CFCL), a Sasser Family Company, is the recipient of the 2021 Operations and Technology Excellence Award. The award-winning project will be showcased during ELFA’s Operations and Technology Conference LIVE! on September 14, 2021.

ELFA President and CEO Ralph Petta, “said, “For nearly two decades, ELFA’s Operations and Technology Excellence Award has led the way in recognizing the innovative use of technology in equipment finance.

“Today the spirit of this award is more important than ever as our industry competes in a rapidly changing world. We are honored to recognize CFCL as this year’s winner and we congratulate all our award applicants for their noteworthy achievements.”

The CFCL business and Sasser technology teams are recognized for creating and developing Rail360, a proprietary, scalable, web-based application that provides a 360-degree view of the company’s fleet of railcars. The new solution is an integrated information system that combines CFCL customer and fleet data, making comprehensive information readily available, simplifying its management and eliminating the need for CFCL personnel to access multiple, disparate systems.

The solution connects accounting, asset management and customer management software to the new operations application. Rail360 increases both the effectiveness and efficiency of fleet management by allowing the CFCL team to see mileage, repairs, assets, leases, customers and real-time equipment tracking data in one place. CFCL’s repair shop portal and Sasser’s Open API extend Rail360, facilitating seamless and expedient data exchange and enabling direct integrations with customer systems. Rail360 exemplifies technology that supports a complex business process across organizational boundaries, enhances customers’ experience, and drives value through improved information.

Tawnya Stone, Vice President, Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica Financial Services and Subcommittee Chair for the award, said, “We are pleased to highlight the achievements of the 2021 Operations & Technology Excellence Award winner,” said. “CFCL deserves recognition for their winning solution that enhanced their efficiency, customer service and employee productivity. We look forward to hearing their story at ELFA’s Operations and Technology Conference LIVE! in September.”

Information about ELFA’s Operations and Technology Conference LIVE! on Sept. 14, where the winning project will be showcased, is available at

About the Award
The Operations and Technology Excellence Award recognizes equipment finance companies that have demonstrated best practices in developing and implementing innovative uses of technology or creative business processes to improve operations, enhance customer interactions, enter new markets and build overall ROI. The program brings the backroom to the foreground, spotlighting the best in the industry as an example for others. More information about the award and a list of previous winners is available at

About ELFA
The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) is the trade association that represents companies in the nearly $1 trillion equipment finance sector, which includes financial services companies and manufacturers engaged in financing capital goods. ELFA members are the driving force behind the growth in the commercial equipment finance market and contribute to capital formation in the U.S. and abroad. Its 575 members include independent and captive leasing and finance companies, banks, financial services corporations, broker/packagers and investment banks, as well as manufacturers and service providers. In 2021, ELFA is celebrating 60 years of equipping business for success. For more information, please visit

### Press Release ############################


Mixed Breed
Eagle,. Idaho  Adopt-a-Dog

18 months old

Teddy is approx 18 months old. He is shy at first but soon warms up. He loves to play with toys and other dogs. He weighs 30 lbs and is looking for a foster or foster to adopt home.

Take Me Home Dog Resuce
PO Box 2143
Eagle, Idaho 83616
(208) 866-2402

Contact Us:

We are not a shelter. We are a foster based rescue. We take dogs out of shelters who are due to be euthanized and place them into foster homes until they are adopted. To meet a dog you are interested in you complete an application and we set up a meet and greet.

Adoption Application:

Foster Application:


Thu, Aug 19, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Free for both non-members and members of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association.

This event is sponsored by the ELFA Communications Committee.


Brittney Weber
Chair, ELFA Communications Committee
VP, Direct Marketing Manager Senior
Huntington National Bank


Monica Bruegl
Marketing Consultant

Katy Ellquist
Senior Global Content Strategist & Marketing Consultant
Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation

Heather Friedman
Vice President Corporate Marketing
GreatAmerica Financial Services

This one-hour, interactive event will highlight some effective communications and marketing strategies for equipment finance companies in the digital era. Our expert panel of equipment finance industry marketing pros will share real-world examples and answer your questions. Topics will include:

  • Introduction to Omni-Channel Marketing - What does it mean to have an omni-channel approach? How can you get started? Learn how to start or refresh your strategies to serve your prospects and clients a consistent and integrated brand experience.
  • Content Marketing Made Easy - Looking for new ways to engage your audience and stand out from the competition? Learn tips for creating and distributing relevant and informative content that will strengthen your brand and your relationship with your customers.
  • LinkedIn Case Study - Put it all together with a case study demonstrating how one equipment finance company uses LinkedIn to share content, build leads and grow their company’s digital presence.

All equipment finance professionals are encouraged to attend this session. Whether you're new to marketing or you're a seasoned marketer looking for new strategies and inspiration, this webinar is for you!



News Briefs---

Delta COVID is Making More Kids Sick
    Do They Get Sicker? 

JPMorgan Reinstates Indoor Mask Requirement
     as Delta Variant Spreads

Amid COVID Surge, Amazon to Require Masks for
    Warehouse Workers Regardless of Vaccination Status

United Airlines will require all U.S. employees
     to get the COVID-19 vaccine by fall

Used Car Prices to Stay High until Automakers
    Can Fix Production Issues: Carvana CEO 

Disney World finally releases prices for
     its new Galactic Starcruiser Star Wars hotel


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Saudi Aramco Posts $25 Billion Profit
   The world’s oil giants are bouncing back



Sports Briefs---

Athletics-Kenya's Kipchoge cements legacy
    as greatest marathon runner

Tokyo Olympics come to close; US rallies
     to top China in gold medal count

Jessica Springsteen, US equestrian team win
     silver in team jumping

NFL Rookies Who Are Blowing Up Training Camps

Ex-Packers teammate thinks Aaron Rodgers
     will be the Saints QB in 2022

SF Giants win another wild one to take series in Milwaukee


California Nuts Briefs---

More S.F. Bay Area restaurants close temporarily
    because of breakthrough coronavirus cases on staff

It's a former office park and ghost town. Now,
     a Marin property is going to turn into 1,100 homes



“Gimme that Wine”

North Coast wine grape harvest begins early,
    with potential for a quick finish for the rest of the crop

A Rosé by Any Other Color
  By Eric Asimov

French wine production faces historic low after frost disaster

Medalists from 2021 San Joaquin Wine Competition announced

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage


This Day in History

     1610 - The First of three Anglo-Powhatan Wars started.  The Jamestown settlement was within the territory of the powerful chief known to the English as Chief Powhatan.  The Jamestown location was less than successful, because the conditions of this swampy area were far less than desirable, including polluted water, insects that carried disease, and soon, the lack of food supply. Jamestown and the other colonies to be established in the "New World" were dependent on natives for a successful settlement.  Capt. John Smith, a colonial leader, imagined that someday the natives would be doing all the work for the English, but Powhatan wanted Smith and the colonists to forsake the swamp and instead live in one of his satellite towns where they would make metal tools for him in exchange for full provision.   Relations between the two peoples began deteriorating again in late 1608, when the starving colonists began to strong-arm some supplies of corn from the natives, all suffering from a poor harvest.  Tired of waiting for a response from Powhatan, 70 men attacked, burning the houses and cutting down their cornfields. They killed 65 to 75 and captured one of the chief’s wives and her children. Returning downstream, the English threw the children overboard, and shot out "their Braynes in the water." The queen was put to the sword in Jamestown. The Paspahegh band never recovered from this attack, and abandoned their town.
    1639 - Jonas Bronck of Holland became the first European settler in the area now known as The Bronx and built a farm named "Emmaus" close to what today is the corner of Willis Avenue and 132nd Street in Mott Haven.  Bronck landed in New Amsterdam in 1638 and then sailed north.  The Bronx was called “Rananchqua” by the native Siwanoy band of Lenape (also known historically as the Delawares), while other Native Americans knew it as “Keskeskeck.”  He leased land from the Dutch West India Company on the neck of the mainland immediately north of the Dutch settlement in Haarlem (on Manhattan Island) and bought additional tracts from the local tribes. He eventually accumulated 500 acres between the Harlem and Aquahung Rivers, the latter becoming known as Bronck's River. Dutch and English settlers referred to the area as Bronck's Land.  
    1645 - Settlers in New Amsterdam gained peace with the Indians after conducting talks with the Mohawks.
    1673 - The Surrender of New York was demanded by a Dutch force of 23 ships and 1600 men anchored near Sandy Hook. They held possession of the colony until February 9, 1674, when the English regained control.
    1790 – Robert Gray's “Columbia Rediviva returned to Boston Harbor after a three-year voyage. It was the first ship to carry the American flag around the world.
    1814 - General Andrew Jackson signed the Treaty of Fort Jackson, ending the Creek War. The US received 23 million acres. This vast territory encompassed more than half of present-day Alabama and part of southern Georgia.
    1842 - Before the US declared its independence, the annexation of Canada appeared to be one of the goals of the colonials at the time. The Webster-Ashburton Treaty signed this day was to end this “conflict.” The treaty delimiting the eastern section of the Canadian-American border was negotiated by the US Secretary of State, Daniel Webster, and Alexander Barin, president of the British Board of Trade. The treaty established the boundaries between the St. Croix and Connecticut rivers, between Lake Superior and the Lake of the Woods, and between Lakes Huron and Superior. The treaty was signed at Washington, DC.
    1854 - Henry David Thoreau publishes "Walden," an American classic and is his most famous work. There is controversy regarding his “lifestyle: about living in “nature,” but there is no debate he wrote a series of 18 essays, alleged on his two years spent close to nature. The book stresses simplicity and holds that happiness is not be had by pursuit of wealth. Descriptions of plants, bird, and animals are interspersed with reflections on life
    1862 - In the Battle of Cedar Mountain, VA., near the Rappahannock River northwest of Richmond, Confederate troops under Gen. Stonewall Jackson, planning a move northward in advance of Gen. Lee's larger forces, defeated two full brigades of Union forces led by Gen. John Pope and Gen. N.P. Banks. Badly outnumbered, the Union Army suffered 2381 killed or wounded, the Confederates, 1276. Jackson was to continue his victories, seizing the Union arsenal at Harpers Ferry on September 15, and throughout the rest of the year, the Union took many loses, including the Battle of Fredericksburg on December 13 where 12,653 Union soldiers were killed or wounded to the Confederate casualties of 5300.
    1877 - Having refused government demands that they move to a reservation, a small band of Nez Perce Indians clash with the U.S. Army near the Big Hole River in Montana. The conflict between the U.S. government and the Nez Perce was one of the most tragic of the many Indian wars of the 19th century. Beginning with the tribe's first contact with the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the peaceful Nez Perce had befriended and cooperated with the Americans. Even when hordes of white settlers began to flood into their homelands along the Snake River (around the present-day intersection of the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho state borders), most of the Nez Perce peacefully moved to a reservation. However, about a quarter of the Nez Perce, most of them stockmen and buffalo hunters, refused to accept internment on a reservation. Government pressure to force these last resisters to comply finally led to the outbreak of the Nez Perce War of 1877. A small band of warriors, never more than 145 men, though burdened with about 500 noncombatants, fought U.S. soldiers at four major battles. The third battle of the Nez Perce War occurred on this day. Fleeing eastward with hopes of escaping to Canada, the Nez Perce made camp in the Big Hole Basin in present-day western Montana. At 3:30 a.m., Colonel John Gibbon attacked the sleeping Indians with a force of 183 men. Raking the Indian lodges with withering rifle fire, the soldiers initially seemed to be victorious. The Nez Perce, however, soon counterattacked from concealed positions in the surrounding hills. After four days of sporadic fighting, the Nez Perce withdrew. Both sides suffered serious casualties. The soldiers lost 29 men with 40 wounded. The army body count found 89 Nez Perce dead, mostly women and children. The battle dealt the Nez Perce a grave, though not fatal, blow. The remaining Indians were able to escape, and they headed northeast towards Canada. Two months later, on October 5, Colonel Nelson Miles decisively defeated the Nez Perce at the Battle of the Bear Paw Mountains. Those who were not killed surrendered and reluctantly agreed to return to the reservation. The Nez Perce were only 40 miles short of the Canadian border.
    1878 - The second most deadly tornado in New England history struck Wallingford, CT, killing 34 persons, injuring 100 others, and completely destroying thirty homes. The tornado started as a waterspout over a dam on the Quinnipiac River. It was 400 to 600 feet wide and had a short path length of two miles.
    1882 - The long-simmering tension, dating to the end of the Civil War, between the two Appalachian families who lived by Tug Fork on the Kentucky-West Virginia border erupted into full-scale violence on Election Day, 1882. Brothers Tolbert, Pharmer and Randolph McCoy knifed and shot Ellison Hatfield. The Hatfield family captured the three McCoys. When Ellison Hatfield died on August 9, the Hatfields executed the brothers. The feud continued with much loss of life. In 1888, when Kentucky authorities sought to detain feud murder suspects and West Virginia authorities complained, the dispute went all the way to the US Supreme Court, who decided in Kentucky's favor. The feud sputtered out by the end of the century. It was estimated over 100 family members died.
    1892 - Thomas Alva Edison of Newark, NJ, filed a patent on the most practical two-way telegraph. It enabled two telegraph operators to send over one were simultaneously. Edison received many patents for many inventions and his biography is fascinating to read. 
     1916 - The first Japanese beetle appeared in Riverton, NJ. Its grubs were believed to have arrived in the roots of imported nursery stock.
     1925 – The only time a pinch-hitter was sent to bat for Babe Ruth, Bobby Veach flied out.  Two weeks later, he was traded to the Washington Senators.  He played 14 seasons in the Majors for four American League teams, as a left fielder. Veach hit for a .310 career batting average and finished second to Ty Cobb for the 1919 AL batting title. Nobody in baseball had as many RBIs or extra base hits as Veach from 1915 to 1922.  Veach was also among the best defensive outfielders of his era. Despite being one of the most productive hitters in baseball during his years in Detroit, he played in the shadows of three Detroit outfielders who won 16 batting titles and were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: Cobb in center field and Sam Crawford followed by Harry Heilman in right field. Detroit's 1915 outfield consisting of Veach, Cobb, and Crawford has been ranked by baseball historian and statistician Bill James as the greatest outfield in history.
    1928 – NBA Hall of Famer Bob Cousy was born in NYC.  After an All-American career at Holy Cross, he was the point guard with the Boston Celtics from 1950 to 1963 and briefly with the Cincinnati Royals in the 1969–70 season. He led the league an unprecedented 8 straight years in assists, playing on six NBA championship teams, and 13 NBA All-Star Games in his 13 full NBA seasons. 
    1929 - It was hardly a tell-tale sign of trouble but Wall Street got an inkling of the upcoming crash as the New York Bank raised the rediscount rate on loans to brokers a full point to 6 percent. The hike was precipitated by the unsettling news that brokers had racked up a record $6 million debt, the fourth time during August, 1929 that their loans had swelled to record levels. Still, bankers assured the business community that the move, which was the biggest raise to the rate since the close of World War I, wasn't cause for alarm. Soothing words aside, reports from the day note that the new rate did indeed catch Wall Street by surprise. The following day the DOW dropped 14.11 points to close at a month-long low of 337.99. Until that point, investors had been reveling in "Big Bull Market," a record-setting run which was well over a year old. As the DOW hit new highs, the stock market became a national pastime; the craze for playing the stocks spread from being the sole province of the big-city elite to a part of the daily life of small-town America. However, as the Reserve Bank's move to advance the interest rate oh-so-subtly suggested, the good times were based on speculation rather than solid financial practices. By November 1929, this quiet hint at a downturn in the market would look more like a prophetic warning call. 
    1930 - Betty Boop debuts in Max Fleischer's animated cartoon “Dizzy Dishes.”
    1936 - Jesse Owens became the first American to win four medals in one Olympics. Owens ran one leg of the winning 400-meter relay team in Berlin. His three other gold medals were won in the 100-meter, 200-meter and the long jump events.
    1938 - Benny Goodman Orchestra, on a CBS Camel Caravan show from New York City, plays its first Eddie Sauter arrangement, “Bolero.”
    1941 - Baritone sax player/arranger/producer Willie Henderson birthday, Pensacola, FL.
    1942 - Birthday of drummer Jack DeJohnette, Chicago, IL.
    1944 - LINDSEY, DARRELL R., (Air Mission) Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Army Air Corps. Place and date: L'Isle Adam railroad bridge over the Seine in occupied France, 9 August 1944. Entered service at: Storm Lake, lowa. Birth: Jefferson, lowa. G.O. No.: 43, 30 May 1945. Citation: On 9 August 1944, Capt. Lindsey led a formation of 30 B-26 medium bombers in a hazardous mission to destroy the strategic enemy held L'lsle Adam railroad bridge over the Seine in occupied France. With most of the bridges over the Seine destroyed, the heavily fortified L'Isle Adam Bridge was of inestimable value to the enemy in moving troops, supplies, and equipment to Paris. Capt. Lindsey was fully aware of the fierce resistance that would be encountered. Shortly after reaching enemy territory the formation was buffeted with heavy and accurate antiaircraft fire. By skillful evasive action, Capt. Lindsey was able to elude much of the enemy flak, but just before entering the bombing run his B-26 was peppered with holes. During the bombing run the enemy fire was even more intense, and Capt. Lindsey's right engine received a direct hit and burst into flames. Despite the fact that his ship was hurled out of formation by the violence of the concussion, Capt. Lindsey brilliantly maneuvered back into the lead position without disrupting the flight. Fully aware that the gasoline tanks might explode at any moment, Capt. Lindsey gallantly elected to continue the perilous bombing run. With fire streaming from his right engine and his right wing half enveloped in flames, he led his formation over the target upon which the bombs were dropped with telling effect. Immediately after the objective was attacked, Capt. Lindsey gave the order for the crew to parachute from the doomed aircraft. With magnificent coolness and superb pilotage, and without regard for his own life, he held the swiftly descending airplane in a steady glide until the members of the crew could jump to safety. With the right wing completely enveloped in flames and an explosion of the gasoline tank imminent, Capt. Lindsey still remained unperturbed. The last man to leave the stricken plane was the bombardier, who offered to lower the wheels so that Capt. Lindsey might escape from the nose. Realizing that this might throw the aircraft into an uncontrollable spin and jeopardize the bombardier's chances to escape, Capt. Lindsey refused the offer. Immediately after the bombardier had bailed out, and before Capt. Lindsey was able to follow, the right gasoline tank exploded. The aircraft sheathed in fire, went into a steep dive and was seen to explode as it crashed. All who are living today from this plane owe their lives to the fact that Capt. Lindsey remained cool and showed supreme courage in this emergency. 
    1944 - Top Hits
“I'll Be Seeing You” - The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (vocal: Frank Sinatra)
“Amor” - Bing Crosby
“Swinging on a Star” - Bing Crosby
“Is You is or is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)” - Louis Jordan
    1944 - The US Forest Service and the Wartime Advertising Council release posters featuring Smokey Bear for the first time. 
    1945 - Three days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, an American B-29 bomber named Bock's Car left its base on Tinian Island carrying a plutonium bomb nicknamed “Fat Man.” Its target was the Japanese city of Kokura, but because of clouds and poor visibility the bomber headed for a secondary target, Nagasaki, where at 11:02 AM, local time, it dropped the bomb, killing an estimated 70,000 persons and destroying about half the city. Memorial services are held annually at Nagasaki and at Kokura, where those who were spared because of the bad weather also grieve for those at Nagasaki who suffered in their stead. On August 14, President Harry S. Truman announced the “unconditional” surrender of Japan. V-J Day was August 15. On August 30, General MacArthur landed in Japan with occupational forces. The formal document of surrender was signed on September 2 aboard the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
    1947 - Birthday of Barbara Mason, Philadelphia, PA.  She is best known for her self-written 1965 Hit, "Yes, I’m Ready" (#5 pop, #2 R&B), a fetching soul-pop confection that spotlighted her girlish vocals and one of the first examples of the rhythmic but lush sound that came to be called Philly soul.
    1952 - Top Hits
“Walkin' My Baby Back Home” - Johnnie Ray
“Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart” - Vera Lynn
“I'm Yours” - Don Cornell
“Are You Teasing Me” - Carl Smith
    1958 - Billboard magazine changed the name of its weekly music chart from the Top 100 to the Hot 100, a name that will stick until 1996. Their first number one was "Poor Little Fool" by Ricky Nelson, his sixth hit record in the US. 
    1959 - Lloyd Price's "Stagger Lee" hits #1
    1959 - Pioneer of the rap genre, Kurtis Blow, is born Kurtis Walker in Harlem, New York.
    1960 - Race riot in Jacksonville, FL. Known as Ax Handle Saturday, a group of white men attacked African Americans who were engaging in sit-in protests opposing racial segregation. The attack took its name from the ax handles used by the attackers.
    1960 - Top Hits
“Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” - Brian Hyland
“It's Now or Never” - Elvis Presley
“Image of a Girl” - Safaris
“Please Help Me, I'm Falling” - Hank Locklin
    1961 - James B Parsons is the first black appointed to the Federal District Court.
    1963 - Singer Whitney Houston (d. 2012) was born in Newark, NJ.  The daughter of singer Cissy Houston and cousin of Dionne Warwick. Her first seven solo singles go top five on Billboard's Hot 100. Houston is the only artist to chart seven consecutive No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits. She is the second artist behind Elton John and the only woman to have two number-one Billboard 200 Album awards (formerly "Top Pop Albums") on the Billboard magazine year-end charts.  She was also featured earlier on a Teddy Pendergrass single that failed to reach the top 40.  Her career is interrupted with a very poor marriage and addiction to drugs.  On February 11, 2012, Houston was found dead in her guest room at The Beverly Hilton.  The official coroner's report showed that she had accidentally drowned in the bathtub, with heart disease and cocaine use listed as contributing factors
    1963 - The BBC's Rock and Roll television show “Ready! Steady! Go!” makes its debut. The first episode featured The Searchers, Jet Harris, Pat Boone, Billy Fury and Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. The final show aired in December 1966 after 175 episodes. 
    1965 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "I Got You Babe," Sonny & Cher. The song, which sells more than 1 million copies, is the duo's only No. 1 hit. A remake of the song by UB40 with Chrissie Hynde hits No. 28 in September 1985.
    1966 - LEE, HOWARD V., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Major, U.S. Marine Corps, Company E, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division (Rein). place and date: Near Cam Lo, Republic of Vietnam, 8 and 9 August 1966. Entered service at: Dumfries, Va. Born: 1 August 1933, New York, N.Y. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. A platoon of Maj. (then Capt.) Lee's company, while on an operation deep in enemy territory, was attacked and surrounded by a large Vietnamese force. Realizing that the unit had suffered numerous casualties, depriving it of effective leadership, and fully aware that the platoon was even then under heavy attack by the enemy, Major Lee took 7 men and proceeded by helicopter to reinforce the beleaguered platoon. Maj. Lee disembarked from the helicopter with 2 of his men and, braving withering enemy fire, led them into the perimeter, where he fearlessly moved from position to position, directing and encouraging the overtaxed troops. The enemy then launched a massive attack with the full might of their forces. Although painfully wounded by fragments from an enemy grenade in several areas of his body, including his eye, Maj. Lee continued undauntedly throughout the night to direct the valiant defense, coordinate supporting fire, and apprise higher headquarters of the plight of the platoon. The next morning he collapsed from his wounds and was forced to relinquish command. However the small band of marines had held their position and repeatedly fought off many vicious enemy attacks for a grueling 6 hours until their evacuation was effected the following morning. Maj. Lee's actions saved his men from capture, minimized the loss of lives, and dealt the enemy a severe defeat. His indomitable fighting spirit, superb leadership, and great personal valor in the face of tremendous odds, reflect great credit upon himself and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the U.S. Naval Service. 
    1967 - Jerry Lee Lewis gets the crowd going into such a frenzy while performing at the Sunberry Jazz and Blues Festival in England, that festival officials halt his show and ask him to leave the stage.
    1967 – The only man ever to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series was born in Ft. Myers, FL.  Deion Sanders played primarily at cornerback in the NFL with several teams, winning the Super Bowl with both the 49ers and the Cowboys. An outfielder in baseball, he played for several teams and participated in the 1992 World Series with the Braves.  
    1968 - Top Hits
“Hello, I Love You” - The Doors
“Classical Gas” - Mason Williams
“Stoned Soul Picnic” - The 5th Dimension
“Folsom Prison Blues” - Johnny Cash
    1968 - Steppenwolf opened at the San Francisco Avalon Ballroom.
    1969 - A tornado hit Cincinnati, killing four persons and causing fifteen million dollars property damage. The tornado moved in a southeasterly direction at 40 to 50 mph. 
    1969 - "Hot Fun in The Summertime," by Sly and the Family Stone, and "Easy to Be Hard," from the Broadway production "Hair," were released on this day. "Hot Fun" made it to number two on the music charts (10/18/69) and "Easy to Be Hard" climbed to number four (9/27/69).
    1969 - Cult leader Charles Manson and his disciples committed one of Los Angeles' most heinous crimes. They entered the home of movie director Roman Polanski and brutally murdered Polanski's pregnant wife, actress Sharon Tate, movie director Voityck Frykowski, famous hair stylist Jay Sebring, student Steven Parent and coffee heiress Abigail Folger.
   1969 - A tornado hit Cincinnati, OH killing four persons and causing fifteen million dollars property damage. The tornado moved in a southeasterly direction at 40 to 50 mph.
    1971 - LeRoy “Satchel” Paige, one of baseball's pitching legends, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, the first player who spent most of his career in the Negro Leagues to be so honored. The seeds of Paige’s induction had been sown five years earlier when, during his own Hall of Fame speech, Ted Williams had said, “I hope that someday the names of Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson in some way can be added as a symbol of the great Negro players that are not here only because they were not given the chance.”  Commissioner Bowie Kuhn had a percolating problem on his hands, when, at the February press conference was held to announce Paige’s election, it was revealed that Paige would not have a plaque in the Cooperstown Hall where the immortals reside eternally, but in a separate room. So, Kuhn privately summoned Jackie Robinson in late June 1971, and Robinson spoke in frank terms. Robinson had been furious when the original arrangement was announced.  “If the blacks go in as a special thing, it’s not worth a hill of beans,” said Robinson, who was himself by then a longtime Hall of Famer. “It’s the same rotten thing all over again. They deserve the opportunity to be in it but not as a special category.”  Within a week, the new announcement was official: Satchel Paige would be a full-fledged member in good standing of the Hall of Fame, beginning with his induction on Aug. 9. The announcement was made July 7 — Paige’s 65th birthday.
    1971 - The first airport baggage scanning system that converted electronic data to a visible X-ray format was the Pep-720 baggage X-ray system manufactured by Princeton Electronic Products, New Brunswick, NJ. The U.S. Army had it installed at the Army's Picatinny Arsenal
    1972 - Gilbert O'Sullivan receives a gold record for "Alone Again Naturally." It's Number One for six weeks in the summer.
    1974 - Richard Milhous Nixon resigned from the presidency of the US, which he first announced in a speech to the American people Thursday evening, August 8, and it became effective at noon. Nixon, under the threat of impeachment as a result of the Watergate scandal, became the first person to resign the presidency. He was succeeded by Vice-President Gerald Rudolph Ford, the first person to serve as vice-president and president without having been elected to either office. Ford granted Nixon “full, free and absolute pardon” on September 8, 1974. Although Nixon was the first US president to resign, two vice presidents had resigned earlier in history: John C. Calhoun, Dec. 8, 1932, and Spiro T. Agnew, October 10, 1973.    
    1975 - The Bee Gees' "Jive Talkin'" hits #1, their first of several Disco style hits in the US when "Jive Talkin’" topped the Billboard Hot 100. The inspiration for the song came to Barry Gibb as his car passed over a Florida bridge on the way to a recording studio. His wife said "Hey, listen to that noise. It's the same every evening. It's our drive talking."
    1976 - Top Hits
“Don't Go Breaking My Heart” - Elton John & Kiki Dee
“Let 'Em In” - Wings
“You Should Be Dancing” - Bee Gees
“Golden Ring” - George Jones & Tammy Wynette
    1978 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Three Times a Lady," Commodores. Band member Lionel Richie was inspired to write the song at a 37th anniversary party for his parents.
    1981 – Major League baseball teams resumed play at the conclusion of the first mid-season players' strike. The first game on the schedule following the bitter strike was the All-Star Game. The National League won the game 5-4. 72,086 diehard baseball fans (a record) came out to see the game at Cleveland's cavernous Municipal Stadium -- and welcome the players back.
    1982 - Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," which is the theme song for the hit movie "Rocky III," goes gold.
    1984 - Top Hits
“When Doves Cry” - Prince
“Ghostbusters” - Ray Parker Jr.
“State of Shock” - Jacksons
“Mama He's Crazy” - The Judds
    1987 - Florida baked in the summer heat. Nine cities reported record high temperatures for the date, including Jacksonville with a reading of 101 degrees. Miami reported a record high of 98 degrees.
    1987 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," U2. The album "The Joshua Tree" is U2's first top 10 album in the U.S.
    1988 - President Reagan nominated Lauro F. Cavazos to be Secretary of Education. Cavazos was the first Hispanic in U.S. history to be named to a cabinet position. On Sep 20, 1988, he was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate. President George H.W. Bush asked him to continue as Secretary following the 1988 election and he remained in that position until resigning in December, 1990.
    1988 - After a postponement the night before, the first night game in Wrigley Field saw the Chicago Cubs defeat the New York Mets, 6-4.
    1989 - President George Herbert Walker Bush appointed Colin Luther Powell chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He became the first African-American appointed to this position. Powell, born in New York City in 1937, served from 1987 to 1989 as national security advisor to President Ronald Wilson Reagan. In 1989, he was promoted to four-star general, thus becoming the highest-ranking African-American officer up to that time. During his service as chairman, he oversaw the 1991 Gulf War military campaign. He resigned in 1993. He was appointed Secretary of State by President George Walker Bush in 2001.
    1989 - Top Hits
“Right Here Waiting” - Richard Marx
“On Our Own” (From "Ghostbusters II") - Bobby Brown
“Batdance” (From "Batman") - The Artist
“So Alive” - Love And Rockets
    1989 - Evening thunderstorms in Arizona deluged Yuma with record torrential rains for the second time in two weeks. The rainfall total of 5.25 inches at the Yuma Quartermaster Depot established a state 24-hour record and was nearly double the normal annual rainfall. Some of the homes were left with four feet of water in them. Seventy-six cities in the south central and eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date. Lake Charles, LA equaled their record for August with a low of 61 degrees. Canaan Valley, WV was the cold spot in the nation with a low of 32 degrees. 
    1990 - The US Navy formed a naval blockade and all export of oil from Iraq and Kuwait was cut off. August 10, at a meeting in Cairo, 12 of the 21 member nations of the Arab League voted to support the UN and US Actions. It would not be until November 29, that the UN Security Council voted to authorize the US and allies to use force to expel Iraq from Kuwait, it its troops did not leave by January 15, 1991. by the end of 990, 580,000 Iraqi troops were believed to be in Kuwait or southern Iraq. Facing them were 485,000 troops of 17 allied countries, an armada of ships, carriers, jets based in Italy, Turkey, and many other surrounding countries, and guided missiles with video cameras to not only steer toward the target, but show viewers on home television everything up to impact.
    1994 - Top Hits
“Stay” (“I Missed You”) (From "Reality Bites") - Lisa Loeb
“I Swear” - All-4-One
“Fantastic Voyage” - Coolio
“Wild Night” - John Mellencamp With Me Shell Ndegeocello
    1995 - Grateful Dead singer, guitarist and spiritual leader Jerry Garcia dies of a heart attack while undergoing drug rehabilitation at Forrest Farm, Marin County. He was 53.
    1999 - Top Hits
“Genie In A Bottle” - Christina Aguilera
“Tell Me It’s Real” - K-Ci
“Bills, Bills, Bills” – Destiny’s Child
“All Star” - Smash Mouth
    1999 - “On a grand night for hitters, pitchers got slammed,” as AP sports writer Ronald Blum put it, “for the first time in 129 years of Major League baseball, five grand slams were hit in one day.” 1) Fernando Tatis (St. Louis Cardinals), 2) Jose Vidro (Montreal Expos), 3) Mike Lowell (Florida Marlins), 4) Bernie Williams (NY Yankees), 5) Jay Buhner of the Seattle Mariners, being the last to hit the slam, actually set the record. 
    2002 - Barry Bonds joins Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron as the only players ever to hit 600 career home runs. The 38-year-old Giant left fielder hit the milestone homer in the sixth inning by lining a 2-1 pitch thrown by Pirates starter Kip Wells over the center field wall at Pacific Bell Park. 
    2003 - Top Hits
“Crazy In Love” - Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z
“Right Thurr” - Chingy
“Never Leave You” - Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh!, Lumidee
“P.I.M.P.” - 50 Cent
    2004 - Terry Nichols was sentenced to 161 consecutive life sentences on state murder charges in the Oklahoma City bombing.
    2014 - Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American male in Ferguson, MO, was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer after reportedly assaulting the officer and attempting to steal his weapon, sparking protests and unrest in the city.  The next day, after a day of vigils, there were looting of businesses, vandalism of vehicles, and violent clashes between protestors and police.  On August 18, the Missouri National Guard arrived in Ferguson at the request of the Gov. Jay Nixon. On November 24, a grand jury decided that it would not indict Wilson in the shooting death of Brown.  Following the announcement of the grand jury's decision, there were peaceful protests as well as rioting.
    2014 – Employee-owned GM recalled and additional 269,000 vehicles following 65 previous recalls this year.
    2016 – US swimmer Michael Phelps swam 1:53:36 to win the men’s 200m butterfly gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, his 20th Olympic gold medal.
    2016 – Katie Ledecky of the US won her second gold medal of the Rio Olympics in the women’s 200m freestyle.



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