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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Today's Leasing News Headlines

Very Proud of My Grandson Jedrek Wilcox, age 22
    Promoted to Sergeant in U.S. Marines
Bulletin Board Complaint
    To Be Referred to AACFB Fraud Bulletin Board
License and Registration United States
    By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
     Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia
         Segment 2
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Leasing is Like Riding a Bicycle
Top Ten Leasing News
    June 28 to June 30
CLFP Foundation Second Quarter Circular
    New CLFPs and Associates with Photos
The World's Population by Age Group - Chart
    Share below 20 years old: 1950: 44% 2020: 33%
Registration Now Open
    for 60th ELFA Annual Convention
Labrador Retriever
    Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California
Women in Finance Luncheon September 8
    AACFB Annual Conference, Nashville, TN
News Briefs---
Manufacturing Added 365,000 Jobs in June,
    Department of Labor Report
Hackers demand $70 million to end
    biggest ransomware attack on record
GM shakes up lithium industry
    with California geothermal project
NYC Hotel Industry in a 'Depression',
    Room Revenue Down 60%, Report Says
Northrop Grumman to build more combat-proven
    infrared countermeasure systems

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New COVID cases surge where vaccinations are lowest
     new cases jumped from than 25% in a week

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######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release,” it was not written by Leasing News nor has the information been verified. The source noted. When an article is signed by the writer, it is considered a “byline.” It reflects the opinion and research of the writer.


Very Proud of My Grandson Jedrek Wilcox, age 22,
Promoted to Sergeant in U.S. Marines


Bulletin Board Complaint
To Be Referred to AACFB Fraud Bulletin Board

Lease Police, which would have been the right party to investigate this complaint and report back to its users (and Leasing News), was inherited from its founder Bernie Boettigheimer to the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. While they are working on revitalizing it, and it has not been re-activated, they do have a Fraud Bulletin Board. Only members may access the Fraud Bulletin Board, which makes it private and confidential to members only.

While Leasing News cannot publicize it, here is the original complaint without naming the party accused.

"What's the best way to report a fraudulent vendor these days? They are selling ******* software, disguised as working capital for the borrowers, through valid resellers. We killed a $150k deal that nearly funded and I know of another company that killed a $60k deal that nearly funded.

"This vendor and their products should be on a national "do not fund list" if such a thing exists."

Leasing News can report on a court case (many originally from now retired Legal Editor Tom McCurnin) or from information reported by an accredited source, such as was the situation with Lease Police written by Lease Police, Leasing News remains committed to  obtaining all sides to the complaint.

Perhaps access to the Fraud Bulletin Board is a good reason to join the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers:



License and Registration United States
By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia
Segment 2

(A State-by-State Analysis of License Requirements for Lenders and Brokers)

Previous states covered Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, and California PDF (1)

This segment of the series will address the lender/broker licensing and related laws in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia.  Before we begin, given the complexity, vagaries and occasional ambiguities in the licensing, registration, advance fee and other laws regulating the finance industry, I am fully expecting to be corrected on occasion if I have misinterpreted something or analyzed it incorrectly. Indeed, that happened the day after my first article was published, when I received this curious bit of “advice” from the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Regulations, in response to my question about the applicability of the advance fee licensing or registration rules to a commercial lender:

My question: “This inquiry is about commercial non-bank lenders, not banks or mortgage brokers. I don't see where there is a licensing requirement for those entities. I do see that Arizona Revised Statute 6-1302 requires anyone who takes an advance fee to "register" with the superintendent. Does this apply to commercial non-bank lenders and brokers?”

The response:If the fee being charged falls under the definition of advanced fee, then a license would be required, as the exemptions do not seem to exempt a commercial loan. 

"Advance fee" means a fee, interest or other consideration directly or indirectly received by a person prior to a loan of money or extension of credit or a commitment to loan money or extend credit being made by the person. Advance fees do not include the actual cost of charges paid to a third party which are incurred in making real estate loans secured in whole or in part by a mortgage deed of trust or other security instrument on real estate, including charges for a preliminary title search, title examination and report, title insurance premiums, property survey and appraisal fees.”
Note the word “seem”. As a lawyer, I take words and their meanings seriously. “Seems” is not an answer, it’s a guess, albeit perhaps an educated one (and then again, maybe not). The response does not address the fact that the advance fee rules are in the mortgage loan section of the statute. But, given this interpretation, for what it’s worth, I would have to modify my advice and suggest that anyone who takes “advance fees”, as defined, in any transaction, register with the state of Arizona.

Arizona Advance Fee Loan Broker Transition Checklist (2017)

So much for the clear blue skies of Arizona. Go Suns! But, we must move on.

6. COLORADO: Colorado law requires that consumer lenders obtain a “supervised lender’s license”. A “supervised loan” is a consumer loan with an APR greater than 12%. You should also be aware that, in Colorado, excessive loan rates or predatory loan practices may constitute criminal usury, a felony, with penalties including 12 to 18 months in prison and a fine up to $100,000. This law does not distinguish between consumer and commercial transactions. So, though no license is needed to make or broker commercial loans, you should still be aware of the usury limitations, the violation of which has serious penalties attached, and, generally speaking, is any APR in excess of 45% per annum. That, in Colorado, is clearly Rocky Mountain HIGH!

Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code (2021)

Colorado Supervised Loan Memo and Application (2021)                            pplication_Packet_2021.pdf

Colorado Criminal Usury Statute (2016)        15/section-18-15-104/

7. CONNECTICUT: Connecticut does not require a license for a commercial transaction, but it does have a Small Loan Company license requirement, similar to Alabama and Alaska, which        
requires that a lender or broker obtain a license for loans of $15,000 or less for which the interest rate exceeds 12%. 

Presumably, this is a consumer statute, though, of course, that’s not what it says. You probably are not doing deals in that range. Just something for you to be aware of.
Connecticut Small Loan Lending Statute (2018)

8. DELAWARE: Every person desiring to transact the business of lending money in Delaware shall be required to obtain a license under this chapter; provided, however, that a person that makes not more than 5 loans within any 12-month period shall be deemed not to be transacting the business of lending money.5 Del. C. 2202.

But, under 5 Del. C. §§2210(e) and 2202(b), the preceding statute only applies to “consumer credit transactions, including, but not limited to, extensions of credit  secured by one to four family residential, owner occupied property located in this State intended for personal, family or household purposes. There are statutes governing the conduct of exempt lenders, but they are not much different than those of any other state. Based on §2210(e), it does not appear that a lender or broker engaged solely in commercial transactions needs a license to do so.

Delaware Banking/Licensed Lender Statute (2016)

Delaware Administrative Code (2016)  07.shtml

Delaware Exemption Statutes (2014)  07.shtml

9. FLORIDA: A person may loan money to others, when the per annum percentage rate does not exceed 18 percent, without having a consumer finance license. If a mortgage is placed against real property, as collateral for such a loan, a person may need to be licensed as a mortgage lender pursuant to Chapter 494, Florida Statutes. There are no license requirements for commercial lenders, brokers or lessors. Florida does, however, impose criminal as well as civil penalties for usury and loan sharking.

In addition, Florida also has a law prohibiting loan brokers from assessing or collecting an advance fee from a borrower. Florida Statutes Chapter 687.141.

Finally, Florida has an interesting set of laws entitled “Financial Technology Sandbox”. Florida Statutes Chapter 559.952. These laws generally permit a FinTech company with a new product to test new services and products in a “supervised, regulatory sandbox using exceptions to specified general law and waivers of the corresponding rule requirements under defined conditions”. Although basically a consumer statute, with a licensing requirement, it is an interesting development in the world of financial technology, and, in my opinion, will become more and more common to nurture the creation and use of innovative financial products throughout the country.

Florida Financial Technology Sandbox Statute (2020)

10. GEORGIA: Finance companies and small loan companies that make consumer loans of $3,000 or less are regulated by the Department pursuant to the Georgia Installment Loan Act. For finance companies that make consumer loans over $3,000, the Federal Trade Commission along with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have regulatory authority over certain aspects of these loans pursuant to  Regulation Z (Truth in Lending).

It also appears that Georgia has an “advance fee broker” law, not dissimilar to the one in Arizona, which might require that you obtain a license if that’s part of your business model. This, like Arizona, seems to me to be a prohibition against unlicensed lenders promising loan modifications on mortgages. But, again, this is what the statute says.

Bottom line, no license needed unless you routinely collect advance payments. Once again, the definition of an “advance fee loan broker”:

(3) "Loan broker" means any person, firm, or corporation who does not operate or maintain an office that is open regularly to the public for the transaction of business and where potential borrowers actually visit to transact, discuss, or negotiate potential loans and:

A) For or in expectation of consideration, arranges or attempts to arrange or offers to fund a loan of money, a credit card, or a line of credit;

B) For or in expectation of consideration, assists or advises a borrower in obtaining or attempting to obtain a loan of money, a credit card, a line of credit, or related guarantee, enhancement, or collateral of any kind or nature;

C) Acts for or on behalf of a loan broker for the purpose of soliciting borrowers; or

D) Holds himself out as a loan broker.
"Loan broker" does not include any regulated lender or any third-party soliciting borrowers for a regulated lender pursuant to a written contract with the regulated lender or any mortgage banker or mortgage broker approved by a regulated lender or the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Veterans' Administration, the Federal National Mortgage Corporation, or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Georgia Code re Prohibited Practices by Loan Brokers (2019)

  1. Segment Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California  06/28/21

Ken Greene
Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene
5743 Corsa Avenue Suite 208
Westlake Village, California 91362
Tel: 818.575.9095
Fax: 805.435.7464

This article is presented by the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene. All copyrightable text, the selection, arrangement, and presentation of all materials (including information in the public domain), and the overall design of this presentation are the property of the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to download and reprint materials from this article for the purpose of viewing, reading, and retaining for reference. Any other copying, distribution, retransmission, or modification of information or materials from this article, whether in electronic or hard copy form, without the express prior written permission of Kenneth C. Greene, is strictly prohibited. The materials available from this article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to these materials does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene and the user or viewer. The opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the individual author.


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CLFP Foundation Second Quarter Circular
New CLFPs and Associates with Photos

Message from the President/Additional Resources
Why I Became a CLFP/Getting Back to Being Normal





##### Press Release ############################

Registration Now Open
for 60th ELFA Annual Convention

Attendees Will “Reunite and Reconnect” In-Person
and Online on Oct. 24-26, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Registration is now open for the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s 60th ELFA Annual Convention, scheduled Oct. 24-26, 2021, at the JW Marriott Hill Country in San Antonio, Texas. For the first time ever, attendees will have the option to attend the Convention in-person in San Antonio or virtually from their home or office. The early-bird registration deadline for the event—which is the largest annual gathering of equipment finance professionals—is Aug. 9.

ELFA Board Chair Kristine A. Snow, President, Cisco Systems Capital Corporation, explains, “After over a year of the pandemic, I think we’re all ready to reunite and reconnect, which is the theme of this year’s Annual Convention.

 “We recognize that everyone’s situations and comfort levels are unique, which is why we’re offering the option to attend either in-person or virtually. I’m excited to participate and encourage as many members as possible to join us!”

ELFA President and CEO Ralph Petta, said, “It’s safe to say that this milestone 60th Annual Convention will be like no other.

“We are hearing from members around the country who are looking forward to learning and networking together. This will be a valuable opportunity to tap into new opportunities and position your business for success in our rapidly changing world.”

The agenda for the 60th ELFA Annual Convention will include a wide range of educational sessions on industry hot topics, interactive networking opportunities and an exhibit hall showcasing industry solutions. Keynote speakers will include leadership expert DeDe Halfhill, Silicon Valley expert Dex Hunter-Torricke and economist Dr. Robert Wescott.

New This Year: In-Person or Virtual
ELFA is offering the 60th Annual Convention as a hybrid event. When registering, attendees have the flexibility to choose the registration option they prefer:

  • In-Person: Attend the Convention in-person to reunite and reconnect with colleagues at the JW Marriott Hill Country in San Antonio. Onsite attendees will enjoy unparalleled opportunities to network, do business and uncover ideas to help your business grow—plus discover solutions in a first-rate exhibit hall. All in-person attendees will also have access to attend the education sessions virtually. To ensure safety, ELFA will follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations throughout the conference space.
  • Virtual: Attend the convention remotely to hear from industry experts from the comfort of your home or office. Watch livestreams of high-quality educational sessions and top-notch keynote speakers when and where it’s most convenient—for a discounted price.

The early-bird registration deadline is Aug. 9. More information about the 60th ELFA Annual Convention, including registration details, hotel reservations, the preliminary agenda, keynote speakers, exhibiting and sponsorships opportunities and more, is available at

About ELFA
The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) is the trade association that represents companies in the nearly $1 trillion equipment finance sector, which includes financial services companies and manufacturers engaged in financing capital goods. ELFA members are the driving force behind the growth in the commercial equipment finance market and contribute to capital formation in the U.S. and abroad. Its 575 members include independent and captive leasing and finance companies, banks, financial services corporations, broker/packagers and investment banks, as well as manufacturers and service providers. In 2021, ELFA is celebrating 60 years of equipping business for success. For more information, please visit

### Press Release ############################


Labrador Retriever
Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California

6 Years Old

Jasmine is a super sweet, happy girl.  Jasmine came to us a couple of months ago with her sister Lily (who was adopted).  Jasmine was an outdoor dog, used for breeding, and never got out of her yard before coming to us.  Unfortunately for her, she also  came to us with heart worm disease (a mild case).  So for the last two months, we have put her through the treatment and she is now completely well and ready to go to her new home. She will have no health issues in the future as a result of the heart worm.

 Jasmine is a beautiful English lab with a gorgeous coat and soft brown eyes.  She is now completely house trained and has good house manners.  She does like to sleep on her foster’s bed at night (and she sleeps quietly all night), but sleeping on a dog bed in her person’s room would be ok too.  Jasmine knows sit, comes when called, and walks well with an Easy Walk harness.  She loves her walks and can do a couple of 2+mile walks every day with ease.  She’s interested in the beach and the water, and has waded in the water.  She also loves to retrieve and will bring the ball back and either hand it to you or drop it for you to throw again.  She loves toys.  Her foster mom says she’s a velcro dog.  She loves her people and wants to be very close.  Jasmine adores tummy rubs and is extremely affectionate.  She loves to snuggle with you on the couch and thinks she’s a lap dog. 

 She does fine with other dogs  after a few minutes of introduction but, because she wasn’t introduced to lots of dogs before coming to MBLRR, she is still nervous about another dog getting in her face.  She isn’t in the least aggressive, just unsure, but she’s come a long way in the time we’ve had her.  She would be happiest asan only dog in her new family, tho she’s fine walking with dogs she knows and also does great going out to restaurants where other dogs are.

  She lies quietly beside the table and enjoys watching what’s going on  She needs to be in a cat free home.  Jasmine inhales her food and is highly treat motivated, so training her will be easy.  She jumps up on people in excitement sometimes and will also occasionally jump up on cars to greet people, but we’ve had some success working on that.  Once she knows you, she doesn’t jump.  We think tho, that if there are kids in her new family, they should be age 10 or older.

 Jasmine adores car rides….jumps right in and lies down on the back seat. She travels really well in the car and is also comfortable waiting in the car if you have to run a short errand.   She’s very calm in the home and loves to hang out with you.  As always, we want Jasmine to go to a home where someone is around most of the time, even after Covid is over.   She’s a very trusting girl and she adapts quickly to a new environment.  She’s a sweetheart and whoever adopts her will be lucky indeed.

If you’re interested in adopting Jasmine, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409.  Jasmine is located in Pacific Grove.

Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescuse
(831) 261-3409
Contact Phone  1-201-555-555
On Line Contact Us:
Adoption Fee: $400


“The women's luncheon is also back this year! Lunch will be served at the stunning rooftop lounge located atop the Grand Hyatt Nashville hotel. This indoor/outdoor space offers spectacular views of downtown Nashville and is the perfect location to host this year's Women in Finance Luncheon.

Cost to attend: Only $40 per person



News Briefs---

Manufacturing Added 365,000 Jobs in June,
    Department of Labor Report

Hackers demand $70 million to end
    biggest ransomware attack on record

GM shakes up lithium industry
    with California geothermal project

NYC Hotel Industry in a ‘Depression,'
    Room Revenue Down 60%, Report Says

Northrop Grumman to build more combat-proven
    infrared countermeasure systems


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New COVID cases surge where vaccinations are lowest
     new cases jumped from than 25% in a week



Sports Briefs---

NBA Finals 2021: If history is any lesson, expect
     something amazing to happen in this year's Finals

QB Trevor Lawrence signs $36.8 million rookie contract
    with Jacksonville Jaguars

Tampa Bay is on the cusp of a sweep
    and its second Stanley Cup title in just over nine months


California Nuts Briefs---

S.F. office vacancy rises to 20%, highest level since 2003,
    despite more leasing activity

Fires: Biden raises firefighters’ pay
    Newsom slams Trump’s wildfire management

Unhoused San Jose families find new home
     in community of recycled shipping containers



“Gimme that Wine”

Plans Afoot for Postal Wine Delivery

Jackson Family Wines to Host "Wine, Bites & Bids"
     Fundraiser to Benefit Sonoma County First Responders on July 27

Wine of the week: Decoy, 2019 California Pinot Noir

Family Winemakers of California Announces 2021 Tasting Event
     in San Francisco August 22

“Ingredient Labeling: A Look Back” by Paul Draper

The Paradox of Chenin Blanc

5 New Tasting Rooms to Visit in Sonoma County

North Coast grape harvest nears with smaller crop
    amid challenges of drought, wildfires

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage


This Day in History

       1526 - The first European settlement, San Miguel de Guadalupe, in what is now South Carolina, was established by Lucas Vazsquez de Ayllon, who led some 500 or 600 settlers from Hispaniola to this coast location.  The site of the settlement was thought to be just north of the Peedee River.  Many of the settlers died of fever. After Ayllon succumbed himself on October 18, the approximately 150 surviving settlers returned to Hispaniola.  The Spanish were the first group interested in this part of the Americas:  Juan Ponce de Leon discovering Florida, claiming it for the King of Spain. Members of his expedition reached the Mississippi River, and Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo not only went as far as Mexico, but in 1542, also landed near what is now Ballast Point, San Diego.  He then discovered Santa Catalina Island, San Pedro Bay, the Santa Barbara Channel, and other West Coast landmarks, which bear the names he gave them today.
    1699 – The pirate, Captain William Kidd, was captured in Boston.  Bellomont (an investor) was aware of the accusations against Kidd, Bellomont was justifiably afraid of being implicated in piracy himself and knew that presenting Kidd to England in chains was his best chance to save himself. He lured Kidd into Boston with false promises of clemency, then ordered him arrested. Kidd was placed in prison, spending most of the time in solitary confinement. His wife, Sarah, was also imprisoned. The conditions of Kidd's imprisonment were extremely harsh and appear to have driven him at least temporarily insane.  He was hanged in a public execution on 23 May 1701 in London.  He was hanged twice. On the first attempt, the hangman's rope broke and Kidd survived. 
    1747 - American naval officer, John Paul Jones (d. 1792), was born at Kirkcudbrightsire, Scotland. Remembered for his victory in the battle of his ship, the Bonhomme Richard, with the British frigate Serapis, on Sept 23, 1779. When Jones was queried: "Do you ask for quarter?" he made his famous reply: "I have not yet begun to fight!" Jones was victorious, but the Bonhomme Richard, badly damaged, sank two days later.
    1757 - Birthday of William McKendree (d. 1835) in King William County, VA. Colonial American church leader. In 1808, he was ordained the first American-born bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
    1775 – The Second Continental Congress issued the "Declaration of the Causes & Necessity of Taking up Arms," listing grievances but denying intent to be independent.  John Dickinson of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia each contributed significant sections.The Declaration describes what colonists viewed as the effort of the British Parliament to extend its jurisdiction into the colonies following the Seven Years’ War.  Objectionable policies listed in the Declaration include taxation without representation, extended use of vice admiralty courts, the several Coercive Acts, and the Declaratory Act. The Declaration describes how the colonists had, for ten years, repeatedly petitioned for the redress of their grievances, only to have their pleas ignored or rejected. Even though British troops have been sent to enforce these unconstitutional acts, the Declaration insists that the colonists do not yet seek independence from the mother country. They have taken up arms "in defence of the Freedom that is our Birthright and which we ever enjoyed until the late Violation of it", and will "lay them down when Hostilities shall cease on the part of the Aggressors." The very first sentence of the declaration includes a condemnation of slavery.
    1776 - The Pennsylvania Evening Post of Philadelphia was the first newspaper to publish the Declaration of Independence.
    1785 - Congress unanimously resolved that US currency be named "dollar" and adopted decimal coinage
    1847 - Birthday of Ellen Martin Henrotin (d. 1922), Portland, ME.  Wealthy U.S. widow who used her money to make the 1893 Chicago World's Fair the national focal point for feminist activity.  Most importantly, she led a committee that forced the closing of hundreds of brothels in Chicago and brought about the downfall of the flourishing "white slavery" trade in which women were kidnapped into prostitution.
    1854 – The Republican Party originated at a convention at Rippon, WI.  A state convention in Michigan adopted the name.    
    1858 - Lyman Reed Blake (1835-83) of Abington, MA, obtained patents for the McKay stitching machine, which revolutionized shoe manufacturing, creating a new industry for New England, providing inexpensive and well-made footwear.  The upper was lasted upon the insole by means of tacks driven through the insole and clinched against the steel bottom of the last. The outsole was then attached to the insole and upper by the McKay sewing machine, which made a chain stitch through and through to the inside of the shoe.   The surface of the insole was then covered by a lining.  The machine was first put in use by William Potter and Sons, Lynn, MA, in 1861. It was probably foot powered.
    1866 - Birthday of Mina Miller (d. 1947), the seventh of eleven children. She met Thomas Edison at the home of a mutual friend of her father and Edison, the inventor Ezra Gilliland. Her future husband claims he taught her Morse code so that they could converse in secret, even while the family watched. This is how Edison claims he proposed marriage and how she responded "yes." The two married on February 24, 1886 and moved into Glenmont, the Edisons' new home, after their honeymoon in Florida. At age twenty, the new Mrs. Edison became a stepmother to first wife Mary's three children. It was not an easy task. She was less than ten years older than stepdaughter Marion.    Although Mina tried to nurture her new family, Marion later described Mina as "too young to be a mother but too old to be a chum." Her role as Mrs. Thomas Edison was also difficult: Edison frequently stayed late at the laboratory and forgot anniversaries and birthdays. Yet he seemed to love his "Billie." A note found in one of Mina's gardening books reads, "Mina Miller Edison is the sweetest little woman who ever bestowed love on a miserable homely good for nothing male (sic)." As Thomas Edison supervised his "muckers" down the hill (at his laboratory), Mina hired and supervised a staff of maids, a cook, a nanny and a gardening staff. She even called herself the "home executive." After 1891, she, not her husband, owned the house. (This protected the house from being seized to pay Edison's debts if he went bankrupt).  Four years after Edison died, Mina married childhood sweetheart Edward Everett Hughes. The two lived in Glenmont until Hughes died in 1940, when she once again adopted the name of Mrs. Edison.   
    1871 - The first baseball game between an all-white team and an all-African American team was played in Chicago, IL.  The African-American Uniques beat the Alerts by a score of 17-16.
    1899 - Birthday of Mignon G. Eberhart (d. 1996) in Lincoln, NE.  U.S. mystery writer whose writing career spanned 57 years (1929-1988) and included 59 books. She commonly used brave, plucky women in exotic locations. Many of her books became Hollywood movies.
    1912 – Construction began on Ebbets Field in Brooklyn with the laying of the cornerstone.  Club owner Charles Ebbets had acquired the property over several years, starting in 1908, by buying parcels of land until he owned the entire block. This land included the site of a garbage dump called Pigtown, because of the pigs that once ate the fill there and the stench that filled the air.  After the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, Ebbets Field was demolished in favor of apartments now known as Jackie Robinson Apartments.
    1919 – The first airship to cross the Atlantic Ocean landed at Roosevelt Field on Long Island.
    1921 - Birthday of Nancy Davis Reagan (d. 2016), former First Lady, wife of the late Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the US, was born Anne Frances Robbins in New York, NY.
    1925 - Birthday of TV host, singer, entertainer, business executive Merv Griffin (d. 2007), was born in San Mateo, Ca.  He got his first start here in San Francisco on my old alma mater KRFC on the Old Don Lee Network.  As much as perhaps anyone in television history, Merv contributed in a variety of ways.  He began as a nightclub singer who landed a film role.  He moved from film to television in 1958 as a game show host.  In 1962, he was given his own daytime talk show at NBC, “The Merv Griffin Show,” that ran for 21 years band won 11 Emmy Awards.  Perhaps the most enduring are his game shows that include “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy,” both of which are still going strong.  At the time of his death, Griffin was worth over $1.6 billion.
    1925 – Bill Haley (d. 1981) was born in Highland Park, MI.  A rock and roll pioneer, he is credited by many with first popularizing this genre in the early 1950s with his group, Bill Haley & His Comets whose hits included million sellers such as “Rock Around the Clock,” “See You Later, Alligator,” “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” “Rocket 88,” “Skinny Minnie,” and “Razzle Dazzle.” They sold over 60 million records worldwide. Haley was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 for his contributions to the music industry. The Comets were separately inducted into the Hall of Fame as a group in 2012, after a rule change allowed the induction of backing groups.
    1928 - At Potter, NE, severe thunderstorm drops huge hailstones. One measured 5.5 inches in diameter, with a circumference of 17 inches and weighed 1.5 pounds!
    1932 - Cubs shortstop Bill Jurges was shot twice in a Chicago hotel room by a spurned girlfriend, Violet Popovich Valli.  Valli, a showgirl with whom Jurges was romantically linked, tried to kill Jurges at the Hotel Carlos, where both lived. Jurges had previously tried to end their relationship. Valli also left a suicide note in which she blamed Cubs outfielder Kiki Cuyler for convincing Jurges to break up with her. Although initial reports stated that Jurges was shot while trying to wrestle the gun from Valli, later reports, based on Valli's suicide note, stated that she was trying to kill Jurges as well as commit suicide.  A week after the shooting, charges were dismissed against Valli when Jurges appeared in court and announced that he would not testify and wished to drop the charges.   Valli was later involved in a lawsuit when she sued a real estate developer who was blackmailing her by threatening to release letters in which Valli threatened Jurges. 
    1932 - Singer Della Reese was born Delloreese Patricia Early (d. 2017) in Detroit, MI.  She started her career in the 1950s as a gospel, pop and jazz singer, scoring a hit with her 1959 single "Don’t You Know." In the late 1960s, she had hosted her own talk show, “Della,” ran for 197 episodes.  Through four decades of acting, she is best known for playing Tess, the lead role on the 1994–2003 television show “Touched by An Angel.”  In more recent times, she became an ordained New Thought minister in the Understanding Principles for Better Living Church in Los Angeles, California.
    1933 - Major League Baseball Holds First All-Star Game: The first midsummer All-Star Game was held at Comiskey Park, Chicago, IL. Babe Ruth led the American League and became the first to hit a home run in an All-Star game.  The AL defeated the National League 4-2. Prior to the summer of 1933, All-Star contests consisted of pre-and postseason exhibitions that often found teams made up of a few stars playing beside journeymen and even minor leaguers.  
    1936 - 114ø F (46ø C), Moorhead, Minnesota (state record)
    1936 - 121ø F (49ø C), Steele, North Dakota (state record)
    1936 - During an All-Star break exhibition game against the St. Louis Cardinals’ Gas House Gang, after the first batter was thrown out trying to bunt, a 17-year old farm boy from Van Meter, Iowa named Bob Feller struck out 8 consecutive batters.  It is the rookie's first appearance in a Major League uniform.
    1937 – The Duke of Earl, Gene Chandler, was born Eugene Drake Dixon in Chicago.  The "Duke of Earl" recording by Vee-Jay Records was released in 1962 and sold a million copies in a little more than a month.  It was awarded a gold disc by the RIAA after spending three weeks at number one on the Billboard charts.  In 2002, "Duke of Earl" was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and has been selected by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.
    1941 - A center field monument dedicated to Lou Gehrig, the second of the current six, was unveiled by the Yankees. The memorial is a tribute by his teammates of their beloved captain who died last month of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  The first such monument was dedicated in 1932 after the death of Yankees manager Miller Huggins in 1929.
    1945 – Operation Overcast was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wherein 350 German and Austrian scientists were transported to the US. 
    1946 - “43,” George W. Bush, 43rd President, former governor of Texas, was born in New Haven, CT.
    1946 - Birthday of Sylvester Stallone, actor, director, in New York, NY.
    1947 - Top Hits
“Peg o' My Heart” - The Harmonicats
“I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder” - Eddy Howard
“Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba” - Perry Como
“It's a Sin” - Eddy Arnold
    1947 - Allen Funt (1914-99) debuted with "The Candid Microphone" on ABC Radio. Later, on August 10, 1948, "Candid Camera" became a smash TV hit and made Funt a star. Funt also produced the film "What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?" using his hidden camera concept.
    1949 – “The Quiz Kids” premiered and my good friend Ken Kelly of Goodwill and the Salvation Army was one of the winners. This show began on radio and continued on TV with the original host, Joe Kelly, and later with Clifton Fadiman. The format was a panel of five child prodigies who answered questions sent in by viewers. Four were regulars, staying for weeks or months, while the fifth was a "guest child." The ages of the panelists varied from 6 to 16.
    1953 - “Name That Tune” was a musical identification show that appeared in different formats in the 50's and the 70's. Red Benson was the host for the NBC series and Bill Cullen (and later George DeWitt) was the CBS host. Two contestants listened while an orchestra played a musical selection, and the first contestant who could identify it raced across the stage to ring a bell. The winner of the round then tried to identify a number of tunes within a specific time period. After 11 years, the show was brought back with Richard Hayes as host. In 1974, new network and syndicated versions appeared.
    1955 - Top Hits
“Rock Around the Clock” - Bill Haley & His Comets
“Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” - Perez Prado
“Learnin' the Blues” - Frank Sinatra
“Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young” - Faron Young
    1955 - Governor William Grant Stratton of Illinois signed into law a state requirement that all automobiles be equipped with frame holes to which seat belts could be fastened, the first state to mandate this requirement.  The law also required that no new motor vehicle could be registered unless equipped with seat belt attachments conforming to the specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers.
    1955 - "Baby Let's Play House" becomes Elvis' first single to place on the national charts and hits #10 on the Country & Western charts.
    1957 - Althea Gibson of the US became the first black person to win any Wimbledon title when she beat Darlene Hard, also of the US, 6-3, 6-2 to win the women's singles championship.
    1957 - Paul McCartney met John Lennon for the first time when Lennon's band, The Quarrymen were playing at a church social. In the church basement between sets, 15-year-old McCartney teaches a 16-year-old Lennon to play and sing Eddie Cochran's "Twenty Flight Rock" and Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-A-Lula." Lennon would later say that he was impressed with McCartney's ability to tune a guitar. 
    1961 - The Count Basie and Duke Ellington Bands record together for the first time.
    1961 - Cecil Francis Poole became the first black US state’s attorney when he was sworn in as US attorney for the Northern District of California. He served until his retirement on Feb 3, 1970.
    1963 - Two weeks after being released, The Surfaris' classic tune "Wipe Out" cracks the Billboard Hot 100 on its way to number two. The song was recorded as a "filler" in just two takes, but would stay in the Top 40 for ten weeks.
    1963 - Three members of The United States Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, who called themselves The Essex, had the number one song on Billboard's chart with "Easier Said Than Done."  It was a tune that the group would later confess none of them really liked. In the studio, they rushed through the recording, intending the track to be the "B" side of their first single.
    1963 - James Brown went to #2 on the US album chart with "Live at the Apollo." The LP spent a total of 33 weeks on the chart.
    1963 - Top Hits
Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto
Blue on Blue - Bobby Vinton
Easier Said Than Done - The Essex
Act Naturally - Buck Owens
    1970 - California became the first state to adopt a “no fault” divorce law.  Laws providing for no-fault divorce allow a family court to grant a divorce in response to a petition by either party of the marriage without requiring the petitioner to provide evidence that the defendant has committed a breach of the marital contract. It allowed divorces in cases of incurable insanity and irreconcilable differences.  The divorce rate of more than 1 million a year was reached in 1975, when 1,036,000 divorces were granted.  Today, every state plus the District of Columbia permits no-fault divorce, though requirements for obtaining a no-fault divorce vary.  A 2020 CDC survey revealed:  the chances of a married couple getting divorced is 42% (down from 50% in the 1980s); the divorce rate for second marriages is 60% and 73% for third marriages; infidelity is the leading cause of divorce.
    1971 - Top Hits
“It's Too Late/I Feel the Earth Move” - Carole King
“Indian Reservation” - Raiders
“Treat Her Like a Lady” - Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
“When You're Hot, You're Hot” - Jerry Reed
    1974 - The Hues Corporation had the top tune in the US with "Rock the Boat."
    1977 - Peak of 10 day heat wave with 100 in Washington, D.C.
    1979 - Top Hits
“Ring My Bell” - Anita Ward
“Bad Girls” - Donna Summer
“Chuck E.'s in Love” - Rickie Lee Jones
“Amanda” - Waylon Jennings
    1981 - The DuPont Company of Wilmington, Delaware announced their intent to purchase Conoco, Inc. (Continental Oil Co.) for seven billion dollars. For that time, the merger was the largest in corporate history. Until a final sum of $7.7 billion closed the deal, the bargaining continued. The result of the merger was the creation of the seventh largest industrial company in the United States.
    1986 - Pocatello, ID sets new record with 35, coldest for July
    1987 - Top Hits
I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston
Alone - Heart
Shakedown - Bob Seger
That was a Close One - Earl Thomas Conley
    1989 - Despite retiring May 29, Phillies’ 3B Mike Schmidt was elected to start the All-Star game.
    1990 - After pitching a no-hitter and losing, NY Yankee Andy Hawkins pitched a complete 12-inning game and lost, 2-0.
    1994 - Top Hits
“I Swear” - All-4-One
“Regulate (From ‘Above The Rim’)” - Warren G
“Any Time, Any Place/And On And On” - Janet Jackson
“Don t Turn Around” - Ace Of Base   
    1994 - "Forrest Gump", starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, and Gary Sinise, is released
    1996 – The Yankees’ closer, John Wetteland, set a record of 20 consecutive saves en route to 24.  At season’s end, Wetteland was traded to the Texas Rangers, opening the closer role for Mariano Rivera.
    1998 - Se Ri Pak, of Korea, rolled in an 18-foot birdie putt to defeat amateur Jenny Chuasiriporn on the second hole of sudden death and win the 1998 US Women's Open at Blackwolf Run GC in Kholer, WI.  The two golfers had finished the regulation 72 holes tied at six-over-par and had battled evenly at two-over— through an 18-hole playoff.  Both parred the first extra hole, the first sudden-death hold in the history of the tournament. By winning, Pak became the youngest Open champ in history at 20, and only the second golf on the LPGA tour to win two major championships in her rookie year.  Her earlier victory had come in the McDonald's LPGA Classic.
    2000 - The American Sportscasters Association named Dodgers legend Vin Scully as the No. 1 sportscaster of the 20th century, ahead of Howard Cosell, followed by Mel Allen and Red Barber. The Dodgers veteran broadcaster's then 51-year career included play-by-play of 25 World Series and 12 All-Star Games. Scully’s final year behind the mike was 2016, all for the Dodgers.
    2001 - Playing in the 101st different park since 1876, the Cubs beat the Tigers in Comerica Park, 15-8. The Cubs win for the first time in Detroit in 56 years dating back to Game 3 of the 1945 World Series when Claude Passeau threw a 3-0 shutout in Briggs Stadium.
    2002 - Daryle Ward becomes the first player in the brief history of
Pittsburgh's PNC Park to hit the Allegheny River on the fly. His fifth inning towering grand slam, which is estimated to travel 479 feet, help the Astros to rout the Pirates, 10-2.
    2013 - 3 people are killed and 181 are injured after a Boeing 777 crash lands at San Francisco Airport.
    2014 - The state of Washington legalizes recreational marijuana, becoming the second U.S. state to do so after Colorado.



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