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####Extra-Sent Tuesday, July 28--Regular Edition will follow

Confirmed: IFC Credit Files Chapter 7

IFC Credit Corporation, Morton Grove, Illinois filing Chapter 7 officially confirmed.

Leasing News will have a full report in Wednesday’s edition showing the 16 creditors claiming $92 Million that pushed IFC into bankruptcy, as well as a synopsis of the full 72 page document (plus PDF copy) showing many other debts not paid, including NorVergence lease settlements with the FTC, as well as First Corp. and Pioneer Capital debts, evidently considered a part of IFC Credit Corporation and not as separate entities. There are issues of leases paid out but not to the creditor, security deposits spent, brokers not paid, residuals double sold, and other indications of “double dipping,” all on the watch of CEO Rudy Trebels, CLP, and CFO Marc Langs. The CoActiv Capital Partners of Horsham, Pennsylvania $2 million complaint also names them as individuals and calls it “fraud.”

There is a meeting of creditors scheduled for September 12, 2009, 12:30pm, Office of US Trustee, 8th Floor, Room 800, Chicago, Illinois.

Look for more creditors to file their claims.

Full story tomorrow.

Copy of Chapter 7 Court Filing:

Regional Sales Managers:
Southern California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Georgia.
2+ years outside leasing/finance sales exp. closing deals. Estab. customer base/ or vendors a plus. Top commission.

Relationship Manager/Sales Associate:
Lake Success, New York
Process daily sales activities. Excellent written/verbal skills required. Previous industry experience not required although a plus

Please submit your resume for confidential review to: or fax to 718 392 5427.

Advantage Funding, a leading national commercial vehicle and transportation equipment leasing and finance company seeks an . Our financing products are offered to new and existing relationships in the commercial coach, limousine, school bus, paratransit, funeral car, minibus and transportation industries.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baseball player Alexander Emmanuel "Alex" or "A-Rod" Rodriguez born July 27, 1975 New York, New York. He currently plays third base for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. He previously played shortstop for the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers. Batting average .304 Home runs 572.


Archives-July 27, 2000
    33 Leasing Companies Major Changes
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Classified Ads---Legal
    Out of work? Get into Sales
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
    Additional Products
Most Influential Women in Leasing
Early Bird Registration ends soon Leasing Conferences
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
US Bank Manifest, Top Small Ticket Funder
    Key Continues Losses, including Equipment Finance
        Bank Beat---Seven Banks/2009 total 64 banks fail
    GATX 2nd Quarter down almost $52 Million
Leasing News Top Stories--July 20--July 24
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Our Payments Were Automatic. Stopping Them Wasn't
     Five Firms Hold 80% Derivatives Risk
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Archives-July 27, 2000
33 Leasing Companies Major Changes

American Business Leasing (gone)
BankVest (bankrupt)
Bombardier (reported having problems, not confirmed)
Charter Financial (purchased by Wells Fargo)
Commerce Security (closed to leasing broker program)
Copelco (sold to Citibank)
Dana (sold off, active as captive)
DVI Capital (out of broker)
Fidelity (acquired by EAB, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank N.V., headquartered in the Netherlands)
Finova ("The evaluation is continuing, with various forms of transactions under review, including a sale of the company," Matt Breyne, president and chief executive officer of FINOVA)
Franklin Bank (no more leases)
Imperial (sold portfolio)
Leasing Corp of America (for sale below book value)
Leasing Solutions, San Jose, CA (bankrupt)
Liberty Leasing (closed, California Company)
Linc Capital (out of vendor and broker business, NASDAQ halts stock sales)
Merit Leasing (gone)
MetWest Leasing Co., Spokane, WA. (advising brokers that they have run out of funds so they are unable to fund a transaction we have there for funding. )
Metrolease---many rumors floating around the marketplace, reported by several sources no more broker business, cannot confirm or deny)
Nationbank Leasing (sold to Textron, no longer doing broker business)
New England Capital (sold to Network Capital Alliance a division of Sovereign Bank. Sovereign did hire two people who will run a sales office in CT, doing basically the same deals with the same people as before. Little will change in that aspect).
Newcourt (sold off)
Onset Capital (Irwin buys 87% equity)
Phoenix (both divisions)
Prime Capital ("yes and no" sold off, may be negotiating)
Rockford (sold to American Express)
SDI (closed to broker programs)
T&W (bankrupt, lost their listing)
Transamerica (sold)
Unicapital (reportedly struggling)
United Capital (in trouble)
United Leasing (re-financing)
USA Capital Leasing (gone)



Text Edition ends---2004

July 24, 2004 Leasing News ended its text edition. Originally a "listserve" that grew into a corporation to send out leasing "news" by text, it grew into HTML allowing for graphics, photographs, and banner ads. It also changed the concept as it appears on the web site in addition to being a newsletter.

A raw text edition is available to those who still prefer the text version.



Classified Ads---Legal

San Diego , CA
Experienced in-house corporate, equipment leasing and financial services attorney seeks position as managing or transactional counsel. Willing to relocate.
Cell Phone: 760-533-4058;

For a full listing of all "job wanted" ads, please go to:

To place a free "job wanted" Leasing News ad:

ELFA Career Center: Job Seekers (free):



Out of work? Get into Sales
by Christopher Menkin

Where are all the employees let go by leasing companies going? Many have become commissioned salesmen; less are becoming independent brokers.

Pawnee Leasing who's latest employee count is 48. In writing the changes in the small ticket marketplace, they were no longer 77, down from a high of 105 as reported at one time with Chesswood. In writing the fact sheet for CIT, the count of last year which was 7,500 employees world wide. It is now 4,800, according to CIT spokesperson Curt Ritter.

This doesn't mention IFC Credit, Pentech, SunBridge, including companies such as ACC getting out of the small ticket, now down to 15 employees, moving their office, Butler, Pinnacle, to name just a few, as well as other companies on this list:

Leasing Companies Out of Broker Business

ACC Capital Corporation, Salt Lake City, Utah
(no longer "application only"-new $100,000 mininum)
Advantage Business Capital, Lake Oswego, Oregon
AEL Financial, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
*(No longer taking new broker business)
Balboa Capital, Irvine, Ca
Bankers Healthcare Group, Weston, FL.
C and J Leasing Corp, Des Moines, Iowa
CIT Group (limited)
Columbia Bank Leasing, Tacoma, WA
Court Square, Malvern, Pennsylvania
Creative Capital Leasing Group, LLC, San Diego, CA
Diversified Financial Service, Omaha, NE
Equipment Finance Partners, a division of Altec, located in
Birmingham, Alabama
Evans National Leasing, Inc., Hamburg, NY
Excel Financial Leasing, Lubbock Texas
First Republic Bank, San Francisco, Ca
GE Capital, Conn (limited)
Global Funding LLC., Clearwater, FL
Greystone, Burlington, MA
Heritage Pacific Leasing, Fresno, CA
Hillcrest Bank Leasing, Overland Park, KS
Huntington Equipment Finance, Vendor Finance Group,
IFC Credit Corp., Morton Grove, Illinois
Bellevue, Washington
Irwin Financial (not in the U.S.)
Lakeland Bank, Montville, NJ
LaSalle Systems Leasing
LEAF Third Party Funding, Santa Barbara, Ca.
Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, NJ
M&T Credit (Bank)
Merrill Lynch Financial
Mesa Leasing, San Diego, California
National City, Cleveland, Ohio
Pentech Financial, Campbell, CA
PFF Bancorp, Inc, Pomona, CA
Pinnacle Business Finance, Fife, Washington
Pioneer Capital Corporation, Addison, Texas
PredictiFund, a subsidiary of Capital Access Network, Inc
Popular Finance, St. Louis, Missouri
Radiance-Capital, Tacoma, WA
Sandy Springs, Olney, MD
Sovereign Bank, Melville, New York
SunBridge Capital, Mission, Kansas
Textron Financial
Union Capital Partners, Midvale, Utah
Velocity Financial Group, Rosemont, Illinois
Vision Capital,San Diego, California
Wachovia Bank Leasing
Washington Mutual Financial
Western Bank, Devils Lake, ND
Westover Financial, Inc., Santa Ana, California

As these companies, including captive lessors, cut back on salesmen and customer service or broker representatives, many are entering the broker arena. Leasing News recently reported the National Association of Mortgage Brokers advised those leaving their industry the number one to enter was becoming a lease broker.

This has not been unobserved by many companies. While schools and various franchise programs offer to train a person to become an independent broker, many are being attracted by the firms who are offering backroom support including screening credit, packaging, having your own lines or knowing who takes what and why, leads, training, some benefits, help with closing a deal, by working for their on a commission only basis. Some have other entitlements such as reaching a certain level and not only a bonus, but paid medical and other inducements.

The latest trend is toward salesmen going after vendors cut off by larger funders or too small for larger funders to be interested in. The backing of an established company name is important in creditability to get in the door, as well as the ability to prove that you can not only issue a purchase order, but are part of the process in funding a transaction; meaning the vendor believes he will be paid and in a timely fashion. It is difficult to work out of your house and car with a lap top and cell phone with just your name or a name that has little creditability with a vendor when they check out the web site, leasing association affiliations, and track record. The vendor may even want a credit check on you. Applicants are also more prone to deal with a company of record than a person working solely out of their home or a small rented office space.

To top off the creditability, backroom, marketing and sales support allow the salesman more time to work on sales. As important, often the commission salesman can get an advance commission on a sale. Most often the independent sends the first and last in with the funding. Heaven forbid you should spend it and not be able to get the lease processed as you send to another broker, super broker, or leasing company who requires the checks.

The difficulty of a family person with on going bills to go strictly on commission depends on the previous leasing customer support and vendors that will refer them business. Those in a niche market can do very well as long as their niche market is expanding or in need of the latest technology. Most top salesman prefer commission rather than a salary that requires them to meet a specific quota.

In addition, the thinking that they are working for "free," is not only incorrect for the time and expense a company puts into support, to pay their overhead, processing, and other employee costs, but is an indication the individual's personality. The personality difference is one wants to be taken care of---while the other is thinking about taking care of themself.





Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Additional Products

There are a lot of concerns on how to obtain money today and many lessee's have needs that go beyond equipment financing such as construction financing, real estate financing, accounts receivable financing or factoring. On some occasions you can change a turn down into a funded deal by helping the lessee get some cash to act as a security deposit, or down payment to reduce the risk, and getting a referral fee in the process.

Broadening your product base is important in tough economic times. The more you have to offer the customer the better your chances of making money. Contact financial houses and ask about their products and what fees or commissions they pay. Then learn about how to offer and present them.

Small companies are having a hard time obtaining money for all kinds of projects. They are showing profits but the risk is too much for banks. However there are a lot of commercial capital lenders that are willing to lend. The rates are a little higher but the availability of money is the key in today's market.

Most Leasing salespersons know to offer equipment financing along with leasing but the ability to be a financial advisor and offer a broad range of products will make you much more popular. If you are careful and do not capitalize on the moment and charge too high of rates you may build yourself a solid customer base that will serve you well in the years to come.

Real estate is very hard at the moment but a lot of businesses are trying to take advantage of low costs and expand by adding additions or additional space. Look for a capital company that likes second moorages on commercial property. Some companies that have always rented are looking to buy a new location because of lower prices and usually they will need additional or new equipment at the same time.

Some companies are suffering from hard to collect receivables so factoring may give them a chance to obtain the necessary cash to support new inventory or help acquire better equipment. Many factoring companies pay referral fees and do not require much help other than the introduction. Learn to quiz your customers for all their financial needs and then search the market for those who offer the products that they need and see if you can hook them up for a fee. Some companies will also pay you a fee to do the leg work and find them a financial source for their need.

Perhaps the customer does not even know what is available, so learn about the purpose of each financial product so you can speak to its merits and have a complete package to present to your prospects. The more you can offer the better your chances of surviving these tough economic times.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-327-8666.
He invites your questions and queries.

(This ad is a "trade" for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)



Most Influential Women in Leasing

Send nominations to:

"Influential" as "a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events" {Online Dictionary} for the entire industry.

They also should meet the caliber of those nominated.

(click on name to view description why nominated)

Laurie Bakke
Bette Kerhoulas, CLP
Elaine Litwer
Lisa A, Levine, CAE
Shari Lipski, CLP
Terri McNally
Deborah Monosson
June Sciotto
Marci Kimble-Slagle, CLP
Cynthia "Cindy" Spurdle
Rosanne Wilson, CLP



Early Bird Registration ends soon Leasing Conferences

September 24-27, 2009
National Equipment Finance Association
2009 Fall Conference and Exposition
Monterey , California

Charlie Ehlers, US Bank Manifest
Conference Chair

For information on exhibit and sponsorship opportunities please contact us:
Kim King 760.574.6328
Alison Pryor 404.760.2841
Joe Woodley 404.760.2842

Early Bird is $795. $995 after August 14.
Non-Members: Early: $1295 After Aug. 14: $1495

Brochure is available at:



October 18th-20th
Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
48th Annual Convention
Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, CA

New this year: The Funding Source Connction, a virtual funding
exhibition allowing attendees and funding sources to connect while at the convention.

Early Bird is $1700        Non-Member: $3475
After July 31: $1775     Non-Member: $3550
Additional Attendee: $1520
First Timer $1020 before July 31,2009 After: $1095 member only

Download Brochure:


November 9, 2009
National Equipment Finance Association
2009 Super Regional Conference
Newark, New Jersey



To view Leasing Association Events-Meetings Open to All, please click here.




Classified Ads---Help Wanted

Regional Sales Managers:
Southern California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Georgia.
2+ years outside leasing/finance sales exp. closing deals. Estab. customer base/ or vendors a plus. Top commission.

Relationship Manager/Sales Associate:
Lake Success, New York
Process daily sales activities. Excellent written/verbal skills required. Previous industry experience not required although a plus

Please submit your resume for confidential review to: or fax to 718 392 5427.

Advantage Funding, a leading national commercial vehicle and transportation equipment leasing and finance company seeks an . Our financing products are offered to new and existing relationships in the commercial coach, limousine, school bus, paratransit, funeral car, minibus and transportation industries.



US Bank Manifest, Top Small Ticket Funder
by Christopher Menkin

U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB) reported net income of $471 million for the second quarter of 2009, which include the redemption of TARP, with a record net revenue of $4.2 billion. In addition, the bank was aggressive in purchasing bank branches from FDIC bank failings, such as the 213 branches of Downey Savings and Loan Association, F.A., Newport Beach, CA, and PFF Bank & Trust, Pomona in late November, 2008, but costs coming in 2009. The FDIC and U.S. Bank entered into a loss share transaction. U.S. Bank will assume the first $1.6 billion of losses on the asset pools covered under the loss share agreement, equal to the net asset position at close.

US Bank is considered more of a consumer bank, but its wholesale side is growing.

High lights included strong average loan growth of 12.8 percent (5.3 percent excluding acquisitions) over the second quarter of 2008, driven by average retail loan growth of 11.1 percent, led by credit card balances, home equity lines and student loans. New lending activity during the second quarter included:
o $8.9 billion of new commercial and commercial real estate commitments
o $16.6 billion of commercial and commercial real estate commitment renewals
o $2.5 billion of lines related to new credit card accounts
o $4.1 billion of other retail originations

US Bank Manifest business is up compared to the second quarter of 2008:

According to the US Bank Second Quarter Earnings release, US Bank Manifest saw its revenue decline 1.1% from the previous quarter, but up 5.1% from the Second Quarter of 2008, as well as year to date $449 million higher than the previous year. In this leasing economy, it demonstrate US Bank Manifest remains aggressive, especially with the Pentech Navigator program closed down the first of the year.

Credit losses seem to have level off, although higher than the previous year. Most likely the $59 million judgment regarding Christopher Rural Health Planning (CRHPC) software is a factor. The case is on appeal at this time. The suit stemmed from CRHPC's software systems that it leased to obtain electronic medical records and patient data and concerns "warranty" issues.

There were some "re-alignment" in management, and recently tightening of transactions from other leasing companies. Reportedly a New England major lessor was cut off for reaching a 9% delinquency rate, forcing them to buy back some of the deal. An informed source told Leasing News is primarily is with franchise business, particularly Subway Sandwich where they were doing $75,000 start-ups, now allegedly choking in them.

Without the Pentech Navigator program, US Bank Manifest is experiencing what many others have experienced over the last year with many new brokers entering the market place, sending to established brokers hard up their business to submit. The processing has been affected as wells as the ratio of deals approved to deals signed. Reportedly Manifest cut up to 60% of their brokers, who did not have 70% approval ratio, 60% fund ratio, and acceptable (less than 3%) delinquency on the books with them. Their credit window was reportedly moved from a 670 fair Isaac to a minimum 710, and implemented other equipment decisions. Of course, with less funders now accepting broker business, Manifest was in the position to make these changes as many others did including LEAF and the rest got out of the indirect business.

It should be pointed out that among the funders US Manifest has the most private label programs from $99 for the first three months, skip payments, quarterly, annual, and a host of deferred and special payment schedules. In addition, brokers who leave the program or semi-retire, US Bank Manifest has never contacted their customers or vendors, in fact, for active brokers, if a client calls into for a new lease, it is referred to the broker right away. US Bank Manifest has many sales support and other programs, plus encourages visits to their offices in Minnesota, as well as visits brokers offices throughout the United States (not many funders continue this practice today.)

US Bank Press Release with financial information:

US Bank Manifest contacts:

(Leasing News provides this ad "gratis" as a means
to help support the growth of Lease Police)



Key Continues Losses, including Equipment Finance

KeyCorp (NYSE: KEY) announced a second quarter net loss from continuing operations of $236 million for the second quarter. Commercial Leasing was also down.

The press release stated:

"The loss for the current quarter is largely the result of an increase in the provision for loan losses. During the second quarter, Key continued to build its loan loss reserves by taking an $850 million provision for loan losses, which exceeded net charge-offs by $311 million. As of the end of the quarter, Key's allowance for loan losses was $2.5 billion, or 3.53% of total loans, up from $1.4 billion, or 1.87% one year ago. The loss for the year-ago quarter was largely attributable to a $1.01 1 billion after-tax charge recorded as a result of an adverse federal tax court ruling that impacted Key's accounting for certain lease financing transactions."

"Key's provision for loan losses was $850 million for the second quarter of 2009, compared to $647 million for the year-ago quarter and $875 million for the first quarter of 2009. Credit migration, particularly in the commercial real estate portfolio, continues to result in higher levels of net charge-offs and nonperforming loans, and more reserve building. Key's provision for loan losses for the second quarter of 2009 exceeded net loan charge-offs by $311 million. As a result, Key's allowance for loan losses rose to $2.5 billion, or 3.53% of total loans at June 30 2009, up from $2.2 billion, or 2.97% at March 31, 2009.".

"At June 30, 2009, Key's nonperforming loans totaled $2.2 billion and represented 3.09% of period-end portfolio loans, compared to 2.36% at March 31, 2009, and 1.07% at June 30, 2008."

"Community Banking Summary of Operations
Community Banking recorded a net loss attributable to Key of $57 million for the second quarter of 2009, compared to net income attributable to Key of $103 million for the year-ago quarter. Increases in the provision for loan losses and FDIC expense, coupled with decreases in net interest income and noninterest income, caused the decline."

Equipment Leasing

"The increase in the commercial and financial portfolio reflects the impact of general weakness in the economic environment and was principally attributable to loans in the Equipment Finance, Institutional and Capital Markets, and Middle Market lines of business."

Consolidated Average Balance Sheets (Commercial Lease Financing)
(dollars in millions)

Commercial Lease Financing was asset balances were down $362 million compared with the first quarter, and down $1 billion, 366 million from the second quarter of 2008.

"(d) During the second quarter of 2008, Key's taxable-equivalent net interest income was reduced by $838 million following an adverse federal court decision on Key's tax treatment of a leveraged sale-leaseback transaction. During the first quarter of 2008, Key increased its tax reserves for certain lease in, lease out transactions and recalculated its lease income in accordance with prescribed accounting standards. These actions reduced Key's first quarter 2008 taxable-equivalent net interest income by $34 million. Excluding these reductions, the taxable-equivalent yield on Key's commercial lease financing portfolio would have been 5.26% for the first six months of 2008, and Key's taxable-equivalent net interest margin would have been 3.30%."

Full Key Corp. Second Quarter Results:



Bank Beat---Seven Banks/2009 total 64 banks fail

The six bank subsidiaries of Security Bank Corporation, Macon, Georgia, were closed Friday by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. The FDIC arranged for State Bank and Trust Company, Pinehurst, Georgia, to assume all of the deposits of the six bank subsidiaries of Security Bank Corporation. The failure of the six banks brings the nation's total number this year to 64, and the total for Georgia to 16, this highest of all the states.

Joe Evans, former president and CEO of Flag Financial Corp., put up an unspecified sum of their own money and raised additional cash for a total of nearly $300 million, with the main headquarters to be located in Macon, Georgia. Evans was the principal of Flag Financial, purchased in 2006 by RBC Centura Banks. Evans is joined in his new venture by two Flag colleagues - Dan Speight, who will be State Bank's vice chairman and chief operating officer, and Kim Childers, who will be president and chief credit officer.

The six banks had a total of 20 branches and were Security Bank of Bibb County, Macon, GA, with $1.2 billion in total assets and $1 billion in deposits; Security Bank of Houston County, Perry, GA, with $383 million in assets and $320 million in deposits; Security Bank of Jones County, Gray, GA, with $453 million in assets and $387 million in deposits; Security Bank of Gwinnett County, Suwanee, GA, with $322 million in assets and $292 million in deposits; Security Bank of North Metro, Woodstock, GA, with $224 million in assets and $212 million in deposits; and Security Bank of North Fulton, Alpharetta, GA, with $209 million in assets and $191 million in deposits.

As of March 31, 2009, the six banks had total assets of $2.8 billion and total deposits of approximately $2.4 billion. In addition to assuming all of the deposits of the failed bank, State Bank and Trust Company will acquire $2.4 billion in assets. The FDIC will retain the remaining assets for later disposition.

Security lost $243 million last year. They reported at the first of the year $277 million in severely delinquent loans the bank had given up hope of collecting on, primarily on real estate. Last year the bank raised nearly $70 million last year from existing shareholders and a private equity fund in a bid to survive. Those investments will be wiped out as in all bank failures, in addition broker loans are affected as well as depositors over $250,000.

The FDIC and State Bank and Trust Company entered into a loss-share transaction on approximately $1.7 billion of the six banks' assets. The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) will be $807 million.

Waterford Village Bank, Clarence, New York was closed Friday with Evans Bank, N.A., Angola, New York to assume all deposits as arranged by the FDIC.

As of March 31, 2009, the single office Waterford Village Bank had total assets of $61.4 million and total deposits of approximately $58 million. The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) will be $5.6 million. Here again bank investors and those with deposits over $250,000 will be serious effected.

As noted several times, original investors in banks lose all their investment when the bank fails. In addition, deposits over $250,000 are not insured (there are some exceptions to this) and broker funds are also subject to negotiation. Many individuals and companies take CD's in many banks for insurance protection, including pension funds and also very popular, American Indian tribes, especially in the casino business.

There are other money groups who invest in banks, mostly community banks, such as Banc Funds, who according to Security and Exchange Commission filings has interest in over 200 institutions.

List of Bank Failures (now six pages):



GATX 2nd Quarter down almost $52 Million

Net income from continuing operations for the first six months of 2009 was $40.3 million compared to $92.0 million in the prior year period.

Rail segment profit was $44.3 million in the second quarter of 2009, compared to second quarter 2008 segment profit of $70.3 million.

Specialty reported segment profit of $7.3 million in the second quarter of 2009 compared to $30.5 million in second quarter 2008.

American Steamship Company (ASC) reported segment profit of $4.0 million in the second quarter 2009 compared to $5.2 million in the second quarter 2008.

GATX Corporation (NYSE:GMT), headquarted in Chicago, Illinois provides leasing and related services to customers operating rail, marine and other targeted assets. GATX is a leader in leasing transportation assets and controls one of the largest railcar fleets in the world.

"The operating environment was challenging across all of our markets in the second quarter," said Brian A. Kenney, president and chief executive officer of GATX. "In Rail, customers continue to trim their rail fleets and seek the most competitive rates when renewing leases. GATX is competing aggressively to maintain fleet utilization while selectively shortening the term of renewals to position the fleet to benefit from a stronger market in the future.

"In Specialty, charter rates at the marine joint ventures have improved slightly over the fourth quarter 2008 and first quarter this year, but they remain well below rates achieved in recent years. American Steamship Company (ASC) continues to operate in a difficult environment as the steep decline in steel manufacturing on the Great Lakes is leading to dramatically lower demand for iron ore shipments."

"GATX is well positioned to manage through this downturn and remains in a unique position of having the capacity and the willingness to invest. We are focused on strengthening our position in the market while generating attractive long-term returns for our shareholders."

Full Press Release:



Leasing News Top Stories--July 20--July 24

Here are the top ten stories opened by readers:

(1) Confirmed: Trebels now a middle-market broker

(2) IFC Credit--Up-date

(3) Correction: Advance Fee/Deposit/Broker Licenses

(4) How to handle Vendor Points

(5) Mortgage Brokers Urged to go into Leasing

(6) CIT Is Said to Obtain Urgent Loan Prevent BK

(7) US Bank Manifest joins "Funder List 'A' List"

(8) Westover Financial to Dissolve

(9) Leasing is Regulated by Christopher Menkin

(10) (tie)
CIT: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda?
by Christopher Menkin

(10) (tie)
CIT---The facts

Leasing News Extra (not counted for technical reasons)
CIT Makes It Official



News Briefs----

Our Payments Were Automatic. Stopping Them Wasn't.

Five Firms Hold 80% of Derivatives Risk, Fitch Report Finds



Sports Briefs----

Part Deux: Contador cruises to second Tour de France title

Phelps, U.S. men seal 400 relay at swimming worlds



California Nuts Briefs---

More than 15,000 run the Wharf to Wharf



"Gimme that Wine"

Should coffee shops sell wine and beer?

Wine Opus, the $1 Million Wine Book

(yellow tail) Wine Uncorks Their First Sauvignon Blanc; New Varietal Answers Demand for Growing Wine Category

Kendall-Jackson winery taps GE for energy efficiency

Wine Prices by vintage
US/International Wine Events
Winery Atlas\
Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page
The London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) is an electronic exchange for fine wine.



Today's Top Event in History

1942 - In New York City, Peggy Lee recorded her first hit record. With instrumentals provided the Benny Goodman band, Peggy sang "Why Don't You Do Right" for Columbia Records.


This Day in American History

    1686-Birthday of Mary Peck Butterworth, Colonial Counterfeiter. In 1722 Mary Peck Butterworth's husband bought her a huge, fancy house that aroused the suspicion of authorities. (She couldn't buy the house herself because the law forbade married women owning anything on their own. It all belonged to the husband.) Even though the couple was investigated by the authorities - and two of their "gang" turned state's evidence - there were no convictions. Seems that Mrs. Butterworth developed a currency-counterfeiting process that used cloth that was immediately burned instead using the usual counterfeiting tell-tale copper plates. The cloth "plate" evidence went up in flames after each use so the prosecution's evidence disappeared in smoke. According to the evidence given against her by her relatives who assisted her, she used a hot iron to press a piece of starched cotton over a bill to transfer the pattern. Using the same method she transferred the pattern to paper from the cloth. Then with a series of quills, she inked the note by hand into an almost perfect note. She organized a true kitchen-cottage industry, using her family including her brother and his wife who turned state's evidence. She was said to be a tough task boss. She got so good at the business that she expanded her operation into wholesaling bogus bills at half price.
Members of the organization were arrested, but all were acquitted. It is said she gave up counterfeiting after that.
    1775—Dr. Benjamin Church was named Surgeon general of the Continental Army. He was a traitor and spy who was caught passing information and jailed on November 7,1775. He had passed on information regarding several battles, including the Battle of Lexington, and was privy to troop movement, strength,
and strategy. On a second attempt on sending information to the enemy via a lady friend, his letter was intercepted and the decoded. General Washington conducted the court marshal. Church was sentenced to a life term in prison. He began his incarceration, but ill health enabled him to return to Boston where he was paroled. Church received permission to immigrate to the West Indies; the ship that provided his passage was lost at sea. It was later learned with certainty that Church had been in the pay of General Gage and had furnished the British with a detailed description of colonial military plans and equipment several weeks before Lexington and Concord.
    1777- The beautiful Jane McCrea was murdered and scalped for her long blond hair supposedly by Indians allied with the British General Burgoyne. Subsequent investigation indicated she might have been killed by a stray shot and not by Indians. The scalping horrified everyone and helped unite the colonies against British rule. A monument now marks the spot where she was originally buried.
    1777 - The Marquis of Lafayette arrived in New England to help the rebellious colonists fight the British.
    1777 -- The Marquis of Lafayette arrives in New England to help fight the British.
    1789-Department of State founded. The first presidential cabinet department, called the Department of Foreign Affairs, was established by the Congress. Later the name was changed to Department of State.
    1806 - Attempting to stop a band of young Blackfoot Indians from stealing his horses, Meriwether Lewis shoots an Indian in the stomach.Lewis awoke to the shouts of one his men--the Indians were attempting to steal their rifles and horses. Lewis sped after two Indians who were running off with several of the horses, calling out for them to stop or he would shoot. One Indian, armed with an old British musket, turned toward Lewis. Apparently fearing that thee Indian was about to shoot, Lewis fired first and hit him in the stomach. The Indians retreated, and the men quickly gathered their horses. Lewis then learned that one of his men had also fatally stabbed another of the Blackfoot. Fearing the survivors would soon return with reinforcements, Lewis and his men immediately broke camp. They rode south quickly and managed to escape any retribution from the Blackfoot. Lewis' diplomatic mission, however, had turned into a debacle. By killing at least one Indian, and probably two, Lewis had guaranteed that the already hostile Blackfoot would be unlikely to deal peacefully with Americans in the future.
    1816 - US troops destroyed the Seminole Fort Apalachicola, to punish the Indians for harboring runaway slaves.
    1841- Linda Richards birthday - U.S. nurse and educator. She received the first diploma from the first school of nursing opened in the U.S. She went on to establish training schools for nurses as well as directing several hospitals.
She retired in 1911 at age 70 when she wrote her autobiography, “Reminiscences of Linda Richards.”
    1853---Birthday of Architect Cyrus Lazelle Warner Eidlitz.
    1857-Birthday of Jose Celso Barbosa-Puerto Rican physician and patriot, born at Bayamon, Puerto Rico. His birthday is a holiday in Puerto Rico. He died at San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sept 21, 1921.
    1866-Atlantic Telegraph cable successfully completed.
    1868-Uniforms for mail carriers were authorized by Congress. Before this date, mail carriers could dress in any manner.
    1878---Birthday of Genevieve Rose Cline - first woman appointed a U.S. federal judge. GRC got her law degree at 44. President Harding appointed her as an appraiser of merchandise shipped through customs in Cleveland, Ohio. In spite of strong objections because she was a woman, she won confirmation in the U.S. Senate as Judge in the Customs Court and served in that capacity 1928-1953.
    1898 - Marines from the USS Dixie were the first to raise the American flag over Puerto Rico.
    1905-Birthday of Leo Durocher, born at West Springfield, MA. He began his major league baseball career with the New York Yankees in 1925. He also played for the St. Louis Cardinals' "Gashouse Gang" and the Brooklyn Dodgers, where he first served as player-manager in 1939. It was during that season that he used the phrase "Nice guys finish last," which would become his trademark. As a manager, he guided the New York Giants into two World Series. Following a five-year period away from baseball, he resurfaced as a coach with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1961. In 1966 he signed with the Chicago Cubs as manager. After leaving the Cubs, he spent one season with the Houston Astros, then retired from baseball in 1973. He died Oct 7, 1991, at Palm Springs, CA.
    1909 - The record for the longest airplane flight was set by Orville Wright who was testing the United States Army’s first airplane. Wright kept the craft aloft for 1 hour, 12 minutes and 40 seconds over Fort Myer, Virginia.
    1921- Dr. Frederick Banting and his assistant at the University of Toronto Medical School, Charles Best, gave insulin to a dog whose pancreas had been removed. In 1922 insulin was first administered to a diabetic, a 14 year old boy.
    1921- Baseball fan Reuben Berman brought suit in New York County Supreme Court against the New York Giants, alleging that on May 16 the Giants had “wrongfully and unlawfully imprisoned and detained” him and threatened him with arrest. Berman further alleged that he was “greatly humiliated before a large crowd of people…and thereby was caused mental and bodily distress and was thereby greatly injured in his character and reputation and in his physical health” Berman’s crime? He refused to return a foul ball he had caught to a stadium attendant. Allowing fans to keep foul balls was not year a general practice, but the court awarded Berman $100 and thus fans were allowed to keep a caught foul ball.
Thank you, Reuben Berman.
    1922—Birthday of Julius “Papa Cairo” Lamperez, born New Orleans. Louisiana Hall of Fame member played steel guitar with Cajun and Western swing bands for 64 years; the New Orleans native sang on Chuck Guillory & His Rhythm Boys' 1949 hit, "Big Texas"; he later toured with Ernest Tubb, and recorded with Harry Choates and Chuck Guillory. died 11/13/99; age 79
    1933- By the summer of 1933, the Great Depression had long since spread from the shores of the United States to vast chunks of Europe. Earlier in the decade, the US's decision to raise revenues by adopting hefty tariffs had shattered Europe's fragile finances. Awash in red ink, Europe's leaders imposed their own stringent set of duties on US goods, causing international trade to grind to a halt and both the US and Europe to sink further into the depths of the Depression.
    1937—Birthday of vibe player Charlie Shoemake Houston TX,,1131096,00.html
    1940 - Bugs Bunny made his official debut in the Warner Bros. animated cartoon "A Wild Hare." Three years later, Bugs would be made an honorary Corporal of the US Marine Corps after ther release of the short Super Rabbit in which he is portrayed as a parody of Superman. Bugs abandons his colorful costume, faces the camera, and proclaims that "This looks like a job for a real Superman!" Then he reappears from the phone booth wearing a uniform of the United States Marine Corps. His former antagonists snap to attention and salute Bugs as he marches into the horizon singing the Marine Corps Hymn.
    1942 - In New York City, Peggy Lee recorded her first hit record. With instrumentals provided the Benny Goodman band, Peggy sang "Why Don’t You Do Right" for Columbia Records.
    1943--*PETRARCA, FRANK J. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Medical Detachment, 145th Infantry, 37th Infantry Division. Place and date: At Horseshoe Hill, New Georgia, Solomon Islands, 27 July 1943. Entered service at: Cleveland, Ohio. Birth: Cleveland, Ohio. G.O. No.: 86, 23 December 1943. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action above and beyond the call of duty. Pfc. Petrarca advanced with the leading troop element to within 100 yards of the enemy fortifications where mortar and small-arms fire caused a number of casualties. Singling out the most seriously wounded, he worked his way to the aid of Pfc. Scott, Iying within 75 yards of the enemy, whose wounds were so serious that he could not even be moved out of the direct line of fire Pfc Petrarca fearlessly administered first aid to Pfc. Scott and 2 other soldiers and shielded the former until his death. On 29 July 1943, Pfc. Petrarca. during an intense mortar barrage, went to the aid of his sergeant who had been partly buried in a foxhole under the debris of a shell explosion, dug him out, restored him to consciousness and caused his evacuation. On 31 July 1943 and against the warning of a fellow soldier, he went to the aid of a mortar fragment casualty where his path over the crest of a hill exposed him to enemy observation from only 20 yards distance. A target for intense knee mortar and automatic fire, he resolutely worked his way to within 2 yards of his objective where he was mortally wounded by hostile mortar fire. Even on the threshold of death he continued to display valor and contempt for the foe, raising himself to his knees, this intrepid soldier shouted defiance at the enemy, made a last attempt to reach his wounded comrade and fell in glorious death.
    1943 - On a whim, and flying a single engine AT-6, Lieutenant Ralph O'Hair and Colonel Duckworth were the first to fly into a hurricane. It started regular Air Force flights into hurricanes
    1943-Birthday of singer Mary Love, born Mary Ann Varney, Sacramento, CA,_mary.html
    1948-Birthday of skater/television personality Peggy Flemming, born San Jose, California. She won the national icre skating championships five straight years and won the 1968 Olympic singles title in the most spectacular performance of a woman on ice to that date. She included leaps and maneuvers that no woman had ever done before in competition. She'd spent nearly 20,000 hours in years before age 10 to age 20 to realize her dream, but the victory-memory will always be terribly bruised because her father died of a heart attack only minutes after her victory. Today she is tv commentator and a wine maker along with her husband in Los Gatos, California.
    1949 - Singer Maureen McGovern is born in Youngstown, Ohio. Her biggest hit is the million-selling No. 1 song ``The Morning After.''
    1953 - Air Force Captain Ralph S. Parr, 4th Fighter-Interceptor Wing, achieved the last air victory of the Korean War when he destroyed an Il-12 transport plane. In addition, the victory qualified him as the 11th and last double ace of the war, with a total of 10 kills.
    1953- The Armistice agreement ending war that had lasted three years and 32 days was signed at Panmunjom, Korea
(July 26, US time ), by US and North Korean delegates. Both sides claimed victory at conclusion of two years, 17 days of truce negotiations.
    1955 - Chuck Berry's first hit record, Maybellene, entered the R & B charts.
    1955-Billboard claims that only two singing stars can be considered guaranteed hit makers these days: Nat King Cole and country star Webb Pierce. Throughout his long and illustrious career, one that extended into 1982, Webb Pierce charted 96 singles, 54 Top Ten songs and 13 No.1 singles. In 1955, three of his tunes topped the charts for an unprecedented 46 weeks... almost the entire year. Using a point scale that takes into account both chart positions and longevity, Joel Whitburn ranks Webb Pierce as the No.1 artist of the 50’s, leagues ahead of Jim Reeves (No.14) Eddy Arnold (No.2) Hank Williams (No.6) and Lefty Frizzell (No.16). It is estimated that his record sales to date total over 65 million copies and his influence can still be felt throughout the world at every age level and in every musical genre.
    1957-The Bobbette's first and only Top Forty single, "Mr. Lee" enters the pop charts. The tune is about the trio's high school principal.
    1959 - The brothers, Santo and Johnny (Farina), of Brooklyn, New York released their one and only hit record, the instrumental "Sleepwalk," which would be the number one song for two weeks. "Tear Drop," their next song, only went to number 23 on the pop charts.
    1962- During the unsuccessful Albany, Georgia movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is arrested and jailed for the third time. During months of protests, Albany's police chief jailed hundreds of demonstrators without visible police violence. Eventually the protesters' energy, and the money to bail out protesters, ran out. The movement was lost, until the spring of 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.
    1964-- Pentagon announces 5000 more soldiers to Vietnambringing the total number of US forces in Vietnam to 21'000. Military spokesmen and Washington officials insisted that this did not represent any change in policy, and that new troops would only intensify existing US efforts.
    1964 - It is announced that the United States will send an additional 5,000 U.S. troops to Vietnam, bringing the total number of U.S. forces in Vietnam to 21,000. While some advisers, such as Undersecretary of State George Ball, recommended a negotiated settlement, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara urged the president to "expand promptly and substantially" the U.S. military presence in South Vietnam. Johnson, not wanting to "lose" Vietnam to the communists, ultimately accepted McNamara's recommendation. This decision led to a massive escalation of the war.
    1965-The Beach Boys' "California Girls" is released.
    1966- The Wisconsin Supreme Court overrules a lower court decision and holds that the state doesn't have the jurisdiction to keep the Braves from moving to Atlanta.
    1968-The Rascals switched from light rock to making a political statement when they released "People Got To Be Free". The song entered the Hot 100 six weeks after Bobby Kennedy was shot and would go on to number one for five weeks, ending up the fifth most popular song of the year.
    1968-Cass Elliot releases her first solo single following the break up of The Mamas and Papas. "Dream a Little Dream of Me" had been around since 1931 and had been recorded by Frank Sinatra, Kate Smith, Frankie Laine and many others. Cass' version would be the most successful as it rose to number 12 on Billboard's Hot 100.
    1974 - The House Judiciary Committee voted 27-11 to recommend President Nixon's impeachment on a charge that he had personally engaged in a "course of conduct" designed to obstruct justice in the Watergate case.
    1974 - "Annie's Song," John Denver’s biggest hit song, written for his wife, reached the top of the "Billboard" singles charts. Denver enjoyed three other number 1 songs: "Sunshine on My Shoulders", "Thank God I’m a Country Boy" and "I’m Sorry".
    1974-Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" is released.
    1976 - Former Beatle John Lennon won formal permission to remain in the United States as a permanent resident and would be eligible for United States citizenship in five years.
    1979- Little Richard -- billed as the Reverend Richard Penniman -- spoke to a revival meeting in San Francisco about the dangers of rock & roll
    1984-Prince's first movie, "Purple Rain" opens nationally.
    1986-Lemond Wins Tour de France. Cyclist Greg Lemond became the first American to win the Tour de France, the most important bicycle race in the world.
    1987 - Freeway shooting incidents were all the news in Los Angeles, California. There had been nine incidents involving vehicles and guns since June 18, 1987. There were actually two motorists shot to death and four others injured.
    1988 - Hot weather prevailed in the north central U.S. Williston, ND, reported a record high of 108 degrees. Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the eastern U.S., and in southeastern Texas. Richland County, SC, was soaked with up to 5.5 inches of rain.
    1988 --Boston's worst traffic jam in 30 years. “ People in Boston either talk about how the Red Sox are doing or the traffic. But since the I-90 tunnel extension to South Boston opened in January and the I-93 northbound tunnel beneath downtown opened in March—two major elements of the now infamous "Big Dig" project—they only have one of the two to complain about. Rush hour, which used to span 10 to 12 hours, has been cut in half.”
    1988 --Radio Shack announces the Tandy 1000 SL computer.
    1989 - Thunderstorms produced severe weather from Wisconsin and northern Illinois to New England, with 103 reports of large hail and damaging winds through the day. Thunderstorms in Wisconsin produced hail three inches in diameter near Oshkosh, and wind gusts to 65 mph at Germantown
    1996 - During the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia a bomb exploded in an entertainment park killing two and wounding 110. A man was uprightly convicted in the newspapers, then let free, and no other suspect nor the person who set
off the bomb has been found to this date.
    1996-Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey won the 100 meters at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta in the world record time of 9.84 seconds. The previous mark, set on July 6, 1994 by Leroy Burrell, was 9.85 seconds.
    1998- Sammy Sosa hits his first career grand slam establishing the mark for most career homers before hitting a grand slam (246).
    2000 -Toronto skipper Jim Fregosi wins his 1,000th game as a big league manager as the Blue Jays beat the Mariners, 7-2.
    2006- Five day San Francisco Bay Area heat wave comes to an
end. While it didn't set many all-time temperature records in the Bay Area, it did set records for the number of consecutive days with temperatures above 110." According to Pechner, who uses data from the National Weather Service and Bay Area Air Quality Management District, there were five consecutive days this month with temperatures above 110: July 21 (111 degrees, Vacaville); July 22 (114 degrees, Morgan Hill); and July 23-25 in Rio Vista (110 degrees, 113 degrees, and 111 degrees, respectively). ((Los Gatos/Saratoga had neighborhoods reporting 108 to 110.



Baseball Poem

"A clever runner steals a base." - James J. Metcalfe

James J. Metcalfe was a widely syndicated columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a German-American poet that put together a very nice poem that truly does catch the essence of the game in a most eloquent manner.


by James J. Metcalfe ©

Published: Unknown (Unknown)

The game of baseball is the king
Of all the games we play
And it is one pursuit that is
Distinctly U.S.A.
The people swarm into the stands
To watch their favorite teams
And munch their hot dogs when their lungs
Are not engaged in screams
The pitcher hurls the horsehide and
The batter gets a hit
Or else the ball goes sailing and
Some fielder smothers it
A clever runner steals a base
A player takes a walk
Or managers and umpires
Decide to have a talk
The crowd is gay or gloomy or
Completely in suspense
But it goes wild when someone knocks
The ball beyond the fence.




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