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Senior Credit Analyst

- Minimum 5 years of small ticket/high volume equipment finance underwriting experience preferred
- Relocation benefits available for the right candidate
- For a complete job description, please click here
Established in 1982, Pawnee Leasing Corporation located in Fort Collins, CO specializes in commercial equipment leasing and financing up to $150,000 to smaller, closely-held business enterprises. Pawnee Leasing is a U.S. subsidiary of Chesswood Group Limited, a publicly-held specialty financial services company based in Toronto, Canada (TSX:CHW).

Monday, June 13, 2016

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Position Wanted – Credit
 Work Remotely or Relocate for Right Opportunity
Top Stories: June 6 - June 10
  (Opened Most by Readers)
Companies Who Notify Lessee
 in Advance of Lease Expiration
“Employee Referral Fee”
Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII
Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
 Here is your Opportunity
Credit/Collections #102 by Ben Carlile
ELFA Credit & Collections Management Conference
   Volume 1
Purchase Option vs. TRAC
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLFP
CFPB Proposes New Rules to Curtail “Pay Day” Lending
  Is the Commercial Section Next?
     By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor
May, 2015 Employment/Wages
  Legal/Lessors/Loan Officers/Real Estate Brokers
Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever Mix
  Dublin, California  Adopt-a-Dog
Leasing News Classified Ad
   IRS Verification
News Briefs---
Final Defendant EFI/Sterling Bank Leasing Fraud Sentenced
  $53 Million Stolen by Eight Former EFI Employees
Is Chicago about to lose another black-owned bank?   
 Seaway Bank & Trust $16MM Loss Last 5 Quarters
Latest Threat to Online Lenders:
 'Stacking' of Multiple Loans'
Finally: Largest (and Newest) Banks Set Standard
   for Mobile Banking Excellence
Smallest 1st Q Credit Card Debt Pay down since 2008
  Outstanding Credit Card Debt: $33,753,620,600
We’ve Hit Peak Human and an Algorithm
     Wants Your job. Now What?

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Position Wanted – Credit
Work Remotely or Relocate for Right Opportunity

Each Week Leasing News is pleased, as a service to its readership, to offer completely free ads placed by candidates for jobs in the industry.  These ads also can be accessed directly on the website at:

Each ad is limited to (100) words and ads repeat for up to 6 months unless the candidate tells us to stop. Your submissions should be received here by the end of each week.

Please encourage friends and colleagues to take advantage of this service, including recent graduates and others interested in leasing and related careers.

Will relocate for the right opportunity and can work remotely. I have (25+) years in making credit decisions, as well as helping sales team and third party originators close more transactions via understanding their applicant's financial abilities. I can create alternative or additional opportunities (and income) by knowing which type of loan is best for the borrower

Chicago, Illinois
Highly knowledgeable and analytical Equipment Leasing Executive; leveraging 25 years in Portfolio Management, Operations, Credit, and Collections within Banking environment and Commercial Equipment Leasing Industry; proven track record, developing/ implementing strategies, sound operational excellence and process improvement, while maximizing revenues and positioning organizations for greater 

Orlando, Florida
As a Commercial Credit Analyst/Underwriter, I have evaluated transactions from sole proprietorships to listed companies, across a broad spectrum of industries, embracing a multitude of asset types. Sound understanding of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow dynamics which impact credit decisions. Strong appreciation for credit/asset risk.
407 430-3917



Top Stories: June 6 - June 10
(Opened Most by Readers)

(1) New Funder Doing 12-Month Deals With Weekly Payments
(Guess Who) by Sean Murray, editor/founder

(2) Loan Brokers Unite! Support the Industry at
National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers

(3) Archives: June 8, 2011 - "Vendor Verification"
    Hits Pay Dirt on First Inspection

(4) New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Business
         and Related Industries

(5) Updated: Story Credit Lessors - Lenders List
 "C" & "D" Lessees, Business Loans, Working Capital

(6) Letters?!?!---We get Email!
   Responses Included

(7) California Court Refuses to Enforce Forum Selection
  Clause Where Application of Other State’s Law Would
    Violate Fundamental Policy of California
       By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor

(8) Auto Leasing to Grow
   by Allan Levine, President/COO, Madison Capital

(9) Liens for Equipment on Lease
  Leasing #102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLFP

(10) US Community Banks Lash Out at ‘FinTech’ Upstarts
   Calls for Them to be Fully Regulated


(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for appraisals and equipment valuations provided by Ed Castagna)


Companies Who Notify Lessee
 in Advance of Lease Expiration

These companies do not use language to confuse, perhaps to deceive, with the result an automatic continuation for an additional twelve months of payments. They do not invoke the twelve months on a $1.00 purchase option or an Equipment Finance Agreement.

In its editorial of June 30, 2011, Leasing News recommends that the equipment lessor send a certified letter with return receipt; however, at this time, the acceptance of the word of the president of the company will be accepted until proven otherwise.


Advantage Funding
Agility Ventures LLC
Allegiant Partners
American Leasefund, Inc.
BancLease Acceptance Corporation 
Bank of Ozarks Leasing 
Bankers Capital
Bank of the West, Indirect Equipment Finance 
Black Rock Capital
BSB Leasing
Capital Technology & Leasing, LLC
Cobra Capital, LLC
Dakota Financial, LLC
Direct Capital

Financial Pacific Leasing
Forum Financial Services, Inc.
Gonor Funding
GreatAmerica Financial

Innovative Lease Services, Inc.

Madison Capital
Macrolease Corporation 
Manufacturer's Lease Plans, Inc
Mesa Leasing
Maxim Commercial Capital
National Machine Tool Financial Corporation
Navitas Lease Corp. 
Northwest Leasing Company
P&L Capital Corporation 
Pacifica Capital 
Padco Financial Services
Park Western Leasing
Pawnee Leasing Corporation
Southern California Leasing, Inc
Specialty Funding, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Standard Professional Services, LLC
Stoddard & Associates 
TEAM Funding Solutions


Full List:



Employee Referral Fee
Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII


Should I be reimbursed for providing an employee referral to my employer?

Some organizations, not all, have an Employee Referral Program (ERP) which is a formal program employers use to encourage employees to refer candidates for jobs at their company.  The idea of an ERP is that current employees are qualified to identify candidates since they know the organization. Typically, there are established guidelines for referrals, e.g. requiring evidence of an individual's performance.  Companies will make it clear that they are only looking for top performers.

In utilizing an ERP, employers provide an easy way to forward referrals, e.g. online referral system.  Some organizations target specific employees who are believed to have contacts from prior employers considered to be competitors.  ERP programs often offer employees perks and incentives for referrals that are hired, e.g. time off, bonuses (AKA Referral Bonus, Incentive Bonus), etc...  Most bonuses/rewards are contingent upon the candidate remaining with the organization for a certain amount of time (typically a year). “On average, bonus payments were made in a lump sum about 70% of the time. In other cases, a partial payment was made with the remainder awarded later.” 

According to the “… Society of Human-Resource Management (SHRM), roughly 1 of every 2 employers offers a formal referral bonus program. Such programs account for close to 25% of hires, on average …” Other employers may have an informal referral system.  Note that the roles selected for bonus programs are not necessarily more valuable than non-bonus eligible roles; often, they're just harder to fill.  

Who Should You Refer
It is important to screen your contacts carefully before passing their resume along to human resources and is in the employees’ best interest to recommend individuals that are skilled and reliable:
1. Is this person qualified for the role?
2. Are they interested in the position? If he/she is not excited about the opportunity, don’t push.
3. Would you want to work with them day after day?
Once you've made the referral, your role in the interaction is finished.

Referral Programs are a good way of building community and teamwork.

If you are not sure your company offers such a program, ask before you submit your referral.  If they don’t, suggest to the HR Department and/or your Supervisor to implement one.
Feel free to contact us for further advice!

Career Crossroads Previous Columns


Leasing Industry Help Wanted

Credit/Syndication Analyst

Position located in Denver, Colorado or Gig Harbor, Washington.

For the right candidate ability to work remote may be an option.

Commercial equipment leasing/finance experience preferred, but must have 2+ years commercial credit experience, strong knowledge of business and credit principles.

For more information, please click here
   A Funding Source for Small Business Since 1981

Senior Credit Analyst

- Minimum 5 years of small ticket/high volume equipment finance underwriting experience preferred
- Relocation benefits available for the right candidate
- For a complete job description, please click here
Established in 1982, Pawnee Leasing Corporation located in Fort Collins, CO specializes in commercial equipment leasing and financing up to $150,000 to smaller, closely-held business enterprises. Pawnee Leasing is a U.S. subsidiary of Chesswood Group Limited, a publicly-held specialty financial services company based in Toronto, Canada (TSX:CHW).


Inside Sales Manager
San Francisco

We are currently seeking qualified talent to be primarily responsible for overseeing the Inside Sales Department within the Vendor business group of the Equipment Finance Division, while developing and improving policies and procedures to properly support high production volume.

For more information
click here

For information on placing a help wanted ad, please click here:

Please see our Job Wanted section for possible new employees.


Credit/Collections #102 by Ben Carlile

ELFA Credit & Collections Management Conference
Volume 1

With panoramic views from the 38th floor of the Grand Hyatt in Denver, we saw the peaks and valleys of the great Rocky Mountains glistening in sun. The symbolism was apt as the theme of this year’s conference was Leading Through Economic Peaks and Valleys and there was a sunny vibe emanating from the attendees.

Special thanks to the folks at PayNet and the sponsors, exhibitors, ELFA staff and all of us on the Credit and Collection Planning Committee for making this a fun and successful event!

Here are a few of the takeaways from the conference:

Delinquency Trends

Transportation: Sharp increase in > 30 day delinquencies versus last year, but still relatively low. Highest default rates are in Texas and other oil industry areas. Asset valuations are decreasing. Originations trending down since 2012.

Health Care: Stable 31 to 90 day delinquencies versus last year. More consolidation in the industry is expected. Rural hospitals are at risk.
IT (Technology): Sharp increase in > 30 day delinquency from 2015. The market demand for devices is slowing while the need for bundled software, hardware and services (“managed services”) in IT and office equipment continues to grow.

Credit Manager Survey

Respondents stated that approval rates remain high at over 78%. In general, credit quality has declined this year while competition for deals has increased. Asset managers are recommending tighter credit standards.

Macroeconomic Forecast

U.S. expected to enjoy at least two more years of moderate 2%+ GDP growth.  Household balance sheets are not overextended. Debt-service burdens are low, net worth rising, labor markets tightening and real incomes starting to rise. Consumer spending and housing are driving U.S. economic growth. Manufacturing has softened along with the rising value of the dollar and sluggish global demand for goods. U.S. monetary policy is still accommodative with low interest rates. U.S. budget deficit is down sharply from 2009. U.S. economy is growing faster than Japan and Europe.

Real business investment in new equipment is continuing a slowing trend in place since 2010. Investment in new agricultural, and mining and oilfield equipment is down sharply. Investment in new equipment is being hindered by the relatively low level of the manufacturing capacity utilization rate (currently under 80%).

Stay tuned. More takeaways from the conference will be covered in the next segment (volume 2).

Ben Carlile
Small Business Lending Expertise
Alternative Non-Bank Underwriting
Risk Management, Collections, Operations


Credit and Collections 102 Previous Articles




Purchase Option vs. TRAC

There seems to be a misconception on how to handle a Lessee that requests to purchase the transportation asset at the end of a Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease. In 1984, when the TRAC lease was created by Congress it was limited to licensed vehicles for over the road transportation equipment used at least 50% of the time for commercial purposes. This included cars, trucks trailers, and a large verity of other transportation vehicles.

When the law was passed, it clearly stated that the transaction must be a true lease in all aspects except for the TRAC clause. This means that all of the requirements I stated in my article on tax leasing must be observed. (1)

The assumption is that the TRAC clause allows the Lessor to assume a larger residual (close to the predicted wholesale value) for two reasons. One, because the unit would be traded in, and two, because the Lessee was on the hook to pick up any shortfall. Too make it equitable, Congress decided to allow the Lessor to return any overage to the Lessee.

This lowered the payment and supported the need to stimulate commercial vehicle sales and help get the economy back on its feet. No one expected TRAC clause leasing to last this long. Purchase options, if stated, were outside the TRAC clause which meant, if the Lessee chose to purchase the vehicle, the TRAC clause was null and void, because the TRAC clause assumed the vehicle was to be sold to an unrelated third party. So purchase options faded away and if the Lessee wanted to purchase the vehicle at lease termination, it usually was sold for the TRAC amount because it was high enough that it was clearly not a bargain.

But now some Lessors are trying to circumvent the rules by establishing a low TRAC amount so that they feel justified in selling the vehicle at termination to the Lessee under the assumption that any sale for more than the TRAC amount would be returned to the Lessee under the TRAC agreement.

Unfortunately if they sell the asset to the Lessee at the TRAC amount and it is a bargain then they are not following the rules and will lose their right to MACRS depreciation. The Lessee will be regarded as the owner for tax purposes and both Lessee and Lessor will have to restate their tax returns for the periods in questions with possible penalties and additional interest.

Some Lessor’s tell me that they cannot find this rule clearly stated in the revenue rulings or IRS court cases so they believe it is an open question. In my discussions with the IRS, they believe it can be easily proved that the “intent” of the parties is clearly to sell the asset for the bargain amount or allow the Lessee to have an equity interest in the equipment aside from the TRAC which transcends the spirit and purpose of the TRAC legislation. Also some Lessor’s believe that if you only do a few of these and bury them in a large portfolio than the possibility of discovery is limited. I suggest it is like a ticking time bomb that invites a close look at the entire portfolio and more tax problems than you can image.

  1. Burden of Proof “Tax Lease Requirements”


Previous #102 Columns:




CFPB Proposes New Rules to Curtail “Pay Day” Lending
Is the Commercial Section Next?

By Tom McCurnin
Leasing News Legal Editor

New Proposed Rules Would Insure That Borrowers Have
the Ability to Repay the Loan

You may have read the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau recently completed a study which confirmed what every hard money lender already knew—borrowers that repeatedly renew pay day loans are almost always going to default. Moreover, the CFBP also confirmed that these borrowers are the very persons the CFPB would like to protect—the old, the disabled and persons on Social Security. 

As a result of this study, the CFPB proposed a rule aimed at ending payday debt loans which result in such defaults to require lenders to take steps to make sure that the borrowers have the ability to repay their loans. The proposed rule would also cut off repeated ACH debit attempts that rack up fees. These strong proposed protections would cover payday loans, auto title loans, deposit advance products, and certain high-cost installment and open-end loans. Presently, they will not cover short term commercial loans, but those protections may extend to the commercial sector in the future. 

The proposal comes after extensive research by the CFPB that examined how certain high-cost pay day loans affect consumers. The CFPB has found that these products often prove unaffordable to consumers, leading to significant consumer harm. 

Payday loans are short-term loans that are typically due on the borrower’s next payday. The CFPB found that the median fee on a storefront payday loan is $15 per $100 borrowed, and the median loan term is 14 days, resulting in an annual percentage rate of 391 percent on a loan with a median amount of $350.

Industry researchers have reported that storefront payday lenders received approximately $3.6 billion in fee revenue in 2015. The CFPB estimated that in 2015 there were 15,766 payday loan stores across 36 states. By way of comparison there were 14,350 McDonald’s fast food outlets in all of the United States in 2014.

In that study, the CFPB found that more than 80 percent of payday loans were renewed. Nearly half of defaults occur after such renewals. These same payday borrowers include the elderly, disability recipients, and persons on Social Security. Conversely, more than half – 55 percent – of all online payday installment loan sequences experience a default. These are high risk loans. 

The size of the online payday lending market is difficult to measure for a number of reasons, including that many online payday lenders are not publicly traded, and many claim to be exempt from state lending laws and licensing requirements. California generally requires these lenders to be licensed, however. 

The CFPB found that repeated and forced ACH debits cause fees to be racked up for these borrowers. In other words, after a default, the lender continues to attempt to debit the account, and impose fees for the unsuccessful debit. Pay day borrowers incurred an average of $185 in bank penalty fees. And the damage is not limited to fees. Over the study period, 36 percent of accounts with a failed debit attempt from an online lender ended up being closed by the depository institution. This happened usually within 90 days of the first non-sufficient funds transaction.

The proposed rule will require pay day lenders to make a better effort to insure that the borrowers will have the ability to repay these expensive loans. 

CFPB Bulletin

 Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting
in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at
Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:

Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:




May, 2015 Employment/Wages
Legal/Lessors/Loan Officers/Real Estate Brokers

Legal Occupations Employment/Wages

Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (Lease Agreements)

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Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever Mix
Dublin, California  Adopt-a-Dog

Microchip Number: 034*891*782
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Neutered: Yes
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Adoption Fee: $50

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I have been microchipped

A Little Bit About Me:

"Hello, my name is Mickey.
I might be a couch potato, but I love to play. If I'm not peacefully sleeping on your living room floor you can find me with a toy in my mouth next to my closest friend Jammer. I enjoy leisurely walks and binge-watching your favorite TV shows. I am an easy going, low maintenance kind of dog, and I'm always happy just to be by your side. If you are looking for a four legged friend you can hug come visit me and see what you think. I am part of a bonded pair and I need to go home with my "brother" Jammer.

Where can you find me?
I am at the East Bay SPCA - Dublin location.
You can contact me by
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Retrieve/verify a corporation and personal tax information (1040, 1120, 1065) electronically directly from the source. Results delivered in 24-48 hours. 678-393-1988 Scott

Inside Sales Manager
San Francisco

We are currently seeking qualified talent to be primarily responsible for overseeing the Inside Sales Department within the Vendor business group of the Equipment Finance Division, while developing and improving policies and procedures to properly support high production volume.

For more information
click here




News Briefs---

Final Defendant EFI/Sterling Bank Leasing Fraud Sentenced
  $53 Million Stolen by Eight Former EFI Employees

Is Chicago about to lose another black-owned bank?   
 Seaway Bank & Trust $16MM Loss Last 5 Quarters

Latest Threat to Online Lenders: 'Stacking' of Multiple Loans'

Finally: Largest (and Newest) Banks Set Standard for Mobile Banking Excellence

Smallest 1st Q Credit Card Debt Pay down since 2008
  Outstanding Credit Card Debt: $33,753,620,600

We’ve Hit Peak Human and an Algorithm
     Wants Your job. Now What?


Credit/Syndication Analyst

Position located in Denver, Colorado or Gig Harbor, Washington.

For the right candidate ability to work remote may be an option.

Commercial equipment leasing/finance experience preferred, but must have 2+ years commercial credit experience, strong knowledge of business and credit principles.

For more information, please click here
   A Funding Source for Small Business Since 1981




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More People Employed Internet Publishing than Newspaper Publishing
(In June 1990, there were nearly 458,000 people employed in the newspaper publishing industry; by March 2016, that figure had fallen to about 183,000, a decline of almost 60 percent. Over the same period, employment in Internet publishing and broadcasting rose from about 30,000 to nearly 198,000.)


SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

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Baseball Poem

Play at the Plate
From the book
"That Sweet Diamond"
by Paul B. Janeczko, Carole Katchen (Illustrator)
watch the ball
short hop the wall and
the right fielder-who
can't pick it up fast enough -
finally snatch it
sling it
to the impatient cut-off man,
who throws home
almost before he turns.
watch the runner
toe the inside corner of third,
eyes on
the coach's windmill arm
signaling haste.
watch the meeting place:
the catcher begging for the ball
so he can sweep the tag
at the runner beginning
his slide
before the umpire,
holding his mask
behind his back
as casually as a satin heart
of valentine candy,
signals the meeting over,
the runner safe.





Sports Briefs----

CHAMPS: Penguins take the Cup

NBA suspends Warriors’ Green for Game 5

Draymond Green's flagrant fouls

Carolina Panthers defensive backfield goes out of its way
      to connect with fans


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to help support the growth of Lease Police)


California Nuts Briefs---

In Silicon Valley Suburbs, Calls to Limit the Soaring Rents

Oakland police chief’s stock fell as scandals mounted

Former SF Police Chief Ferguson effect by the bay


Receivables Management LLC
John Kenny

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement 
• Third-Party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167

(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigative
    reporting provided by John Kenny)


“Gimme that Wine”

E. & J. Gallo Winery Announces Acquisition Of Orin Swift

Washington Grape Growers Could See Early Harvest

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in American History

          1740 – Georgia provincial governor James Oglethorpe begins an unsuccessful attempt to take Spanish Florida during the Siege of St. Augustine. Oglethorpe raised a mixed force of British regulars (the 42nd Regiment of Foot), colonial militia from the Province of Georgia and the Carolinas, and Native American Creek and Chickasaw, or Uchees. Oglethorpe deployed his batteries on the island of Santa Anastasia while a British naval squadron blockaded the port.
    1774 – Rhode Island became the first colony to prohibit importation of slaves. The Rhode Island General Assembly in Newport, passed this legislation: “No Negro or mulatto shall be brought in to this colony, and in case any slave shall be brought in, he or she shall be, and are hereby, rendered immediately free, so far as respects personal freedom, and the enjoyment of private property, in the same manner as the native Indians.”
    1777 – Marquis de Lafayette landed in the United States to assist the colonies in their war against England.
    1789 - General George Washington was served a new dessert by Mrs. Alexander Hamilton: ice cream.
    1798 - The Mission San Luis Rey de Francia was founded at what is now Oceanside, California, the northern most city of San Diego County.  It is the largest of the 21 missions. It was abandoned in 1846. Restoration began in 1892.
    1786 - Birthday of Winfield Scott (d. 1866) at Petersburg, VA.  US Army general, negotiator of peace treaties with Indians and twice nominated for president (1848 and 1852). Leader of brilliant military campaign in Mexico in 1847.
    1868 - African-American Oscar J. Dunn was elected Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. He ran away from slavery, finally bought his freedom, and began his education prior to his freedom. State Senator in 1868, Lt. Governor from 1868 to 1870.  Reputed to be firm, courageous and incorruptible, died suddenly in November, 1871. Ironically, his death brought the first African American to serve as governor of a state: P.B.S. Pinchbeck. He had been elected president pro tempore of the Louisiana senate in 1871, and promoted to lieutenant governor upon the death of Oscar J. Dunn. Pinchback was educated in Cincinnati, was a captain in the army. When Governor Warmoth was impeached in December 1872, he became governor for a few days. 
    1875 - Birthday of Mariam Amanda Wallace "Ma" Ferguson (d. 1961),  Bell County, TX.  Two-time Governor of Texas. In November, 1924, she and Nellie Ross of Wyoming were elected the nation's first female governors. Her husband had been impeached, convicted and removed from the Governor’s office to which he had been elected in 1916. She ran to clear the family name under the motto "two Governors for the price of one." She said, up front, that she would be just a stand-in for her husband, but when elected, she did a lot of things her way. Although “Ma” Ferguson did fulfill a campaign promise to secure an antimask law against the Ku Klux Klan, the courts overturned it. State expenditures were slightly increased, despite a campaign pledge to cut the budget by $15 million. The focal point of discontent centered upon irregularities both in the granting of pardons and paroles and in the letting of road contracts by the state highway department. Ma Ferguson pardoned an average of 100 convicts a month, and she and "Pa" were accused by critics of accepting bribes of land and cash payments. Critics also charged that the Ferguson-appointed state highway commission granted road contracts to Ferguson friends and political supporters in return for lucrative kickbacks. She won re-election and then retired from politics until she was 65 years, ran for governor in 1940, but did not win.
    1889 - Forest fires in northern Wisconsin and northeast Minnesota were in the process of destroying millions of dollars of board feet of timber.
    1903 – Birthday of “The Galloping Ghost,” Red Grange, born Harold Edward Grange (d. 1991) in Forksville, PA.  He played halfback at the University of Illinois and professionally for the Chicago Bears.  His signing with the Bears helped legitimize the fledgling National Football League and he was a charter member of both the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  In 2008, he was named the best college football player of all time by ESPN.  Chicago sportswriter Warren Brown nicknamed Grange "The Galloping Ghost" after his stunning performance against Michigan on October 18, 1924 against Michigan in the grand opening game of the new Memorial Stadium, built as a memorial to University of Illinois students and alumni who had served in World War I.  Michigan was going for the national championship and entered as favorites.  Grange returned the opening kickoff for a 95-yard touchdown and scored three more touchdowns on runs of 67, 56, and 44 yards in the first 12 minutes–the last three in less than seven minutes.  On his next carry, he ran 56 yards for yet another touchdown. Before the game was over, Grange ran back another kickoff for yet another touchdown. He scored six touchdowns in all. Illinois won the game by a lopsided score of 39-14.  In the decade of The Roaring Twenties that saw the likes of Babe Ruth and Charles Lindbergh, the introduction of television and talking pictures, none were greater than The Ghost.
    1905 - Trumpet player Doc Cheatham (d. 1997) birthday, Nashville, TN.
    1905 – Christy Mathewson of the New York Giants pitched his second career no-hitter, beating the Chicago Cubs and Mordecai “Three-Finger “ Brown, 1-0.  Mathewson and Brown matched no-hitters for eight innings. The Giants got two hits in the 9th for the win, and a pair of errors committed by Bill Dahlen at shortstop prevented Mathewson from hurling a perfect game.
    1907 - The temperature at Tamarack, California dipped to 2 degrees above zero, the lowest reading of record in June for the U.S.  After 42 inches of snow fell between the 10th and the 13th, the snow depth on this date was 130 inches.
    1921 - Christy Mathewson reached his 300th career victory as the Giants beat the Cubs, 3-2.  During his 17-year major league career, Mathewson compiled a 373-188 record.
    1921 - "The Sultan of Swat," Babe Ruth, clobbered a 460 foot homerun into the center field bleachers at New York City’s Polo Grounds. It was the longest homerun Ruth hit in his career and the first to reach those deep seats at the Polo Grounds.  It was Ruth’s 21st homer of the season and he pitched five innings to get the win over the Tigers, 13-6.
    1927 - Aviation hero Charles Lindbergh was honored with a ticker-tape parade in New York City. He was the most popular man of his era, considered a presidential candidate, but the kidnapping of his son changed his life. While the man who asked for ransom was caught, it is believed by many that it was Lindbergh's own sister who killed the infant as she suffered from mental illness and had harmed the baby earlier.   
    1929 – Coast Guard Radio Technician A. G. Descoteaux became the first person to broadcast from an aircraft. In a Loening amphibian, he reported the takeoff of a French aircraft on a trans-Atlantic flight at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The account was relayed by ground equipment to an extensive national hookup and was received by U.S. and foreign listeners.
    1933 - In an effort to get the economy going again, the Federal Savings and Loan Association was authorized with the passage of the Home Owners Loan Act. The purpose of the legislation was to provide a convenient place for investment and to lend money on first mortgages. The first association was the First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Miami, Florida, which was charted on August 8, 1933.
    1935 - In a 15 round match, Jim Braddock defeated Max Baer at New York’s  Madison Square Garden to win the Heavyweight Championship of the World as the 10-to-1 underdog in one of the most stunning upsets in boxing history.
    1937 - Joe DiMaggio hits 3 consecutive HRs against St Louis Browns
    1939 - Victor Records artist Lionel Hampton and his band recorded "Memories of You." He had played the song with the Benny Goodman Quartet at Carnegie Hall in 1937.
    1940 - R'n'B singer Bobby Freeman was born in San Francisco. He is best known for "Do You Wanna Dance," which became a number five hit for him in 1958. The song was later covered by the Beach Boys - in 1965 - and the Ramones - in 1978.
    1940 – President Franklin Roosevelt signs a new $1,300,000,000 Navy bill providing for much extra construction. Meanwhile, in response to Churchill’s pleas in his telegrams to President Roosevelt, surplus stocks of artillery weapons and rifles have been assembled from US government stores. The first shipment left the USA on the SS Eastern Prince for the voyage to Britain. The US Neutrality Laws had been subverted by first “selling” the arms to a steel company and then reselling them to the British government.
    1942 - The Office of War Information was created.
    1944 – Only one week after the Normandy invasion, the first German V-1 buzz bomb, also called the doodlebug (Fieseler Fi-103), was fired at London. The first guided missile to be used in force, the V-1 was powered by a pulse-jet engine and resembled a small aircraft. Only one of the four missiles London saw that day caused any casualties, but a steady stream of V-1s causing severe damage and casualties fell on London in coming months. At times, nearly 100 bombs fell each day. Many German buzz bombs never reached their targets because of primitive guidance systems or because they were destroyed in flight by anti-aircraft fire or intercepting Allied fighters.
    1944 - Marvin Camras, who was a student at the Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago, Il, patented a wire recorder for sound recordings. He had actually invented it in the 1930's, and it was used experimentally in 1939 and 1940, with several models in use by the US Navy in 1941. When I first went to work for KFRC Radio in 1963, we were using wire to record interviews, including telephone interviews (several times a week I would interview Governor “Pat” Brown, who was a longtime fan of the radio station when he was San Francisco district attorney).
    1948 - Top Hits
“Nature Boy” - Nat King Cole
“Toolie Oolie Doolie” - The Andrews Sisters
“Baby Face” - The Art Mooney Orchestra
“Texarkana Baby” - Eddy Arnold
    1948 - With the crowd of 49,641 singing 'Auld Lang Syne' to the Babe, the Yankees celebrate the silver anniversary of Yankee Stadium by holding 'Babe Ruth Day.’  With members of the 1923 team (the first team to play in the stadium) looking on, the dying superstar's uniform number 3 is retired and sent to Cooperstown. The emotional ceremony at Yankee Stadium came two months before the baseball legend died.
(Poster available here $13.98---   
    1953 - Birthday of comedian, actor Tim Allen, Denver, Colorado.
”Home Improvement,” “Galaxy Quest,” “Last Man Standing.”
    1956 - Top Hits
“The Wayward Wind” - Gogi Grant
“I'm in Love Again” - Fats Domino
“I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” - Elvis Presley
“Crazy Arms” - Ray Price
    1957 -  Red Sox outfielder Ted Williams becomes the first American Leaguer to have two three-homer games in one season. The 'Splendid Splinter' drives in five runs, helping Boston to defeat the Indians, 9-3.
    1959 - US Army Private Elvis Presley receives a 15-day furlough and uses it to travel to Paris, ostensibly to meet film sexpot Brigitte Bardot. While there, he and his entourage take up a suite at the Prince De Galles Hotel, on the Champs Elysees, and visit the Moulin Rouge and the Lido club, home of the famous dancers, the Bluebell Girls. Elvis and company take some of the girls back to the hotel tonight, a practice they would continue throughout his leave.
    1963 - President John F. Kennedy and other leaders condemned the assassination by a sniper of civil rights leader Medgar Evers in the back outside of his home in Jackson, Mississippi on June 12. The crime sparked numerous demonstrations this day as an outrage of the killing. The reaction to this killing spurred the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Ten years after Medgar Evers's death, the national office of the NAACP reported that Mississippi had 145 black elected officials and that blacks were enrolled in each of the state's public and private institutions of higher learning.  In 1970, according to statistics compiled by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, more than one-fourth or 26.4 percent of black pupils in Mississippi public schools attended integrated schools with at least a 50 percent white enrollment. When Medgar died in 1963, only 28,000 blacks were registered voters. By 1971, there were 250,000 and by 1982 over 500,000.
    1964 - Top Hits
“Chapel of Love” - The Dixie Cups
“A World Without Love” - Peter & Gordon
“Love Me with All Your Heart” - The Ray Charles Singers
“Together Again” - Buck Owens
    1964 - The Rolling Stones' first major US television appearance is made on ABC's “Hollywood Palace,” a variety show with rotating host spots. This week's host, Dean Martin, who has made no secret of his dislike for rock in general and the British Invasion in particular, mocks the Stones at every turn for their long hair and seeming delinquency.  After acrobat Larry Griswold performs several death-defying trampoline stunts, Martin claims, "That's the father of the Rolling Stones. He's been trying to kill himself ever since."
    1966 - The US Supreme Court rendered a 5—4 decision in the case of Miranda v Arizona, holding that the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution “required warnings before valid statements could be taken by police.” The decision has been described as “providing basic legal protections to persons who might otherwise not be aware of their rights.” Ernesto Miranda, the 23-year-old whose name became nationally known, was retried after the Miranda Decision, convicted and sent back to prison. Miranda was stabbed to death in a card game dispute at Phoenix, AZ, in 1976. A suspect in the killing was released by police after he had been read his “Miranda rights.” Police procedures now routinely require the reading of a prisoner's constitutional rights (‘Miranda”) before questioning.
    1967 - President Lyndon Baines Johnson appointed Thurgood Marshall of Maryland to the Supreme Court, making him the first African-American appointed to this position.
    1968 - KEDENBURG, JOHN J., Medal of Honor 
Rank and organization: Specialist Fifth Class, U.S. Army, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces. place and date: Republic of Vietnam, 13 June 1968. Entered service at: Brooklyn, N.Y. Born: 31 July 1946, Brooklyn, N.Y. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Sp5c. Kedenburg, U.S. Army, Command and Control Detachment North, Forward Operating Base 2, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), distinguished himself while serving as advisor to a long-range reconnaissance team of South Vietnamese irregular troops. The team’s mission was to conduct counter-guerrilla operations deep within enemy-held territory. prior to reaching the day’s objective, the team was attacked and encircled by a battalion-size North Vietnamese Army force. Sp5c. Kedenburg assumed immediate command of the team which succeeded, after a fierce fight, in breaking out of the encirclement. As the team moved through thick jungle to a position from which it could be extracted by helicopter, Sp5c. Kedenburg conducted a gallant rear guard fight against the pursuing enemy and called for tactical air support and rescue helicopters. His withering fire against the enemy permitted the team to reach a preselected landing zone with the loss of only 1 man, who was unaccounted for. Once in the landing zone, Sp5c. Kedenburg deployed the team into a perimeter defense against the numerically superior enemy force. When tactical air support arrived, he skillfully directed air strikes against the enemy, suppressing their fire so that helicopters could hover over the area and drop slings to be used in the extraction of the team. After half of the team was extracted by helicopter, Sp5c. Kedenburg and the remaining 3 members of the team harnessed themselves to the sling on a second hovering helicopter. Just as the helicopter was to lift them out of the area, the South Vietnamese team member who had been unaccounted for after the initial encounter with the enemy appeared in the landing zone. Sp5c. Kedenburg unhesitatingly gave up his place in the sling to the man and directed the helicopter pilot to leave the area. He then continued to engage the enemy who were swarming into the landing zone, killing 6 enemy soldiers before he was overpowered. Sp5c. Kedenburg’s inspiring leadership, consummate courage and willing self-sacrifice permitted his small team to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy and escape almost certain annihilation. His actions reflect great credit upon himself and the U.S. Army.
    1969 - An unusual late season snowfall covered parts of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska. 10 inches of snow fell at Deerfield, South Dakota and 5 inches was measured at Great Falls, Montana.
    1970 - The Beatles' "The Long and Winding Road" hits #1
    1970 - The Beatles' LP “Let It Be” hits #1
    1971 - The New York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers, a secret study of America’s involvement in Vietnam.  Officially titled “United States – Vietnam Relations, 1945–1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense,” is a US Department of Defense history of US political-military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. The papers were discovered and released by Daniel Ellberg.  A 1996 article in The Times said that the “…Pentagon Papers had demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress." More specifically, the papers revealed that the U.S. had secretly enlarged the scale of the Vietnam War with the bombings of nearby Cambodia and Laos, coastal raids on North Vietnam, and Marine Corps attacks, none of which were reported in the mainstream media.  For his disclosure of the Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg was initially charged with conspiracy, espionage, and theft of government property, but the charges were later dropped after prosecutors investigating the Watergate Scandal soon discovered that the staff members in the Nixon White House had ordered the so-called White House Plumbers to engage in unlawful efforts to discredit Ellsberg.
    1972 - Top Hits
“The Candy Man” - Sammy Davis, Jr.
“Song Sung Blue” - Neil Diamond
“Nice to Be with You” - Gallery
“The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.” - Donna Fargo
    1973 - The LA Dodgers infield of 1B Steve Garvey, 2B Davey Lopes, SS Bill Russell and 3B Ron Cey played together for the first time in a 16-3 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies at Veterans Stadium. The infield quartet holds the Major League record for longevity by playing 8 1/2 years together.
    1976 - Don Bolles, investigative reporter for the Arizona Republic, died as a result of injuries received when a bomb exploded in his automobile, June 2, 1976, while he was engaged in journalist investigation of an alleged Mafia story. Bolles was awarded posthumously the University of Arizona’s John Peter Zenger Award, December 9, 1976.
    1980 - Top Hits
“Funkytown” - Lipps, Inc.
“Coming Up” - Paul McCartney & Wings
“Biggest Part of Me” - Ambrosia
“My Heart” - Ronnie Milsap
    1984 - Severe thunderstorms produced large amounts of hail in the Denver, Colorado metro area. Hailstones as large as 4 inches in diameter fell. Homes and other buildings sustained around 200 million dollars in damage. Thousands of cars were battered with total damage to vehicles estimated at 150 million dollars. In some areas, golf ball size hail fell continuously for 30 to 40 minutes. 20 people were injured by the giant hailstones. Torrential rains as much as 4.75 inches in Lakewood clogged drains and caused widespread damage from flooding.
    1988 - Top Hits
“One More Try” - George Michael
“Together Forever” - Rick Astley
“Everything Your Heart Desires” - Daryl Hall John Oates
“I Told You So” - Randy Travis
    1988 - Afternoon thunderstorms produced severe weather in the Southern and Central Plains Region. Forrest, NM was deluged with 5.5 inches of rain in ninety minutes. Temperatures soared into the 90s across much of the eastern half of the nation, including New England. Northern Illinois reported a record twenty straight days of dry weather.
    1989 - Thunderstorms produced severe weather from the Southern Plains Region to the Carolinas during the day and night, and continued to drench parts of Texas and Oklahoma with heavy rain. Oklahoma City reported 13.41 inches of rain for the first thirteen days of the month, and Fort Worth, TX reported 29.56 inches for the year, a total more than 13 inches above normal. Severe drought continued to rage across South Texas.
    1990 - Top Hits
“Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” - M.C. Hammer
“I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got” - Sinead O’Connor
“I’m Breathless” - Donna
“Pretty Woman” - Soundtrack
    1994 - At the age of 34, Cub second baseman Ryne Sandberg suddenly retires, walking away from $16 million (due to personal problems, he said.) While he had been a notoriously slow starter throughout his entire career, his 1994 start was disastrous. Later, he admitted that he had been distracted at the time while going through a messy divorce. He came back for the 1996 and 1997 seasons, retiring permanently at the age of 37 with a career batting average of .285, and a record 277 home runs as a second baseman; this record was surpassed in 2004 by Jeff Kent. Sandberg was elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 2005 and was manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, the team that traded him to the Cubs, 2013-2015.
    2000 - Top Hits
“The Marshall Mathers” - Eminem
“The History Of Rock” - Kid Rock
“Oops!...I Did It Again” - Britney Spears
“Mad Season” - matchbox twenty
    2003 - On his fourth attempt, Roger Clemens becomes the 21st pitcher and the first since 1990 to record 300 career wins as the 40-year-old righty goes 6 2/3 innings in the Yankees' 5-2 inter-league victory over the Cardinals. In the second inning when Edgar Renteria swings through full-count fastball, the 'Rocket' also joins Nolan Ryan (5,714) and Steve Carlton (4,136) as just the third hurler to record 4000 career strikeouts.
    2004 - Top Hits
“Confessions” - Usher
“Under My Skin” - Avril Lavigne
“Here For The Party” - Gretchen Wilson
“Musicology” - Prince
    2005 - Pop superstar Michael Jackson is found not guilty on all counts of his child molestation trial in Santa Maria, Calif. Jackson, 46, had been charged with molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor in 2003, serving him wine and conspiring to hold the boy and his family hostage at his Neverland estate in order to get them to rebut a television documentary.
    2005 - “The Closer” premiered on TV.   This original cable (“TNT”) series features Kyra Sedwick as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a former Atlanta detective brought to Los Angeles to head a special LAPD homicide unit.  The premiere telecast set a record for an ad-supported cable original series, and Sedwick won a Golden Globe for her performance for several years. The series ran on TNT from June 13, 2005 to August 13, 2012. Following the finale, “The Closer's” spin-off “Major Crimes premiered.
    2006 - The first wireless bullpen communication system in baseball history is used at Wrigley Field when a cell phone, which was sent to the Hall of Fame, is used for the first time in major league history to call the bullpen. From the dugout, Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild calls the bullpen during the third inning to start warming up reliever Angel Guzman.
    2011 - Stevie Wonder was inducted into the Hall of Fame at New York's Apollo Theater, the same venue where he began his professional career as a 12-year-old in 1962.
    2012 - The Beach Boys' first album of all-new material since 1992, "That's Why God Made the Radio," raced up the Billboard 200 chart to number 3. Their span of Billboard Top Ten LPs stretched to 49 years and one week since they first graced the chart with "Surfin' U.S.A." the week of June 15, 1963.
    2012 - Matt Cain tosses the fifth no-hitter and second perfect game of the season when he retires 27 consecutive batters in the Giants' 10-0 rout of the Astros at AT&T Park. The San Francisco right-hander, with the help of two great defensive plays from outfielders Melky Cabrera and Gregor Blanco, becomes the first pitcher in the 129-year history of the franchise and the 22nd in Major League history to pitch a perfect game.

NBA Champions:
    1989 - Detroit Pistons
    1997 - Chicago Bulls



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