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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Notice: Two CLP’s Calculators
    Classified Ads---Sales Manager
        $600,000 CMC Plea Bargain
            Pacific Capital Bank stock-Uh-OH!!!
Sterling Financial road to recovery
    Butler replaces Mitsui line w/Israeli Bank
        Huntington Bank sued by leasing companies
Leasing Industry remains “sluggish”
    Top Twenty Employment Growth Fields
        Classified Ads---Help Wanted
Sales makes it Happen---by Steve Chriest
“Morale Busters”
    Hillcrest Bancshares/SunBridge Capital
        CIT and Dunkin' Brands
Hope Bob Jacobson and family are okay
    How did Warren Capital bring $350MM N Bay
        Compound Profit (leasing) opens in McKinney
Joseph R. Messineo joins Alliance Leasing
    ABN wins LaSalle sale support
        News Briefs---
You May have Missed---
    "Gimme that Wine"
        Restaurant Review, Cabo San Lucas
        -- Romeo & Julieta Ristorante
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######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Notice: Two CLP’s Calculators

Rosanne Wilson, CLP, sent in a company that will add a calculator to your web page for a fee.

Rosanne Wilson, CLP
1st Independent Leasing, Inc.
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Suite 165
Beaverton, OR 97005
(800) 926-0851 or Fax: (503) 626-1631
"It's the Lease We Can Do"

Bob Teichman, CLP: HP 17BII

“The formula is for the HP 17BII and will only work on that and other similar HP calculators. I am already getting e-mails from some very puzzled people!
“I didn't create it. The formula comes from the HP 17BII manual.”
Bob Teichman, CLP
Teichman Financial Training
3030 Bridgeway, Suite 213
Sausalito, CA 94965
Tel: 415 331-6445
Fax: 415 331-6451

Page has been up-dated:



Classified Ads---Sales Manager

Atlanta, GA
Strong sales and leadership skills; demonstrated with sales training and sales performance. Lead team in both regional and national operations and developed marking programs.

To place a free “job wanted” ad here, please go to:

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:



$600,000 CMC Plea Bargain to cooperate against others

Kelly Fisher-Buh takes a plea agreement in $300 million dollar tax evasion claimed by United States Attorney Carol C. Lam, who brought a twelve-count indictment charging Sterling Wayne Pirtle, Ronald Allen Fisher, Mark Edward Fisher and Kelly Michelle Fisher-Buh with income tax evasion, arising from their receipt of unreported and untaxed income from their operation of a now-bankrupt corporation called Commercial Money Center. Inc. ("CMC"). She admitted to not reporting perhaps as much as over $600,000 in income.

Lam was dismissed by President George Bush. Taking over the case
are US Attorney Karen Hewitt along with Assistant Attorney General Steven E. Stone.

The indictment alleges that Pirtle, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Ronald Fisher, formerly of Escondido, California, founded Commercial Money Center in 1997, with Pirtle serving as the president of CMC, Ronald Fisher as the secretary and treasurer, and Mark Fisher as the chief operating officer. Mark Fisher is the son of Ronald Fisher, and Kelly Fisher-Buh is Ronald Fisher's daughter. Operating out of offices in Escondido, CMC obtained approximately $300 million of income from its sale of sub-prime leases to financial institutions before it declared bankruptcy in 2002.

According to the indictment, the defendants used multiple shell corporations to receive substantial, untaxed income from their operation of CMC, and to hold assets and properly for their own use. The indictment also alleges that Pirtle and Kelly Fisher evaded taxes by filing false individual income tax returns. while Ronald and Mark Fisher filed extensions with the IRS which provided false information about the amount of tax that was truly due and owing.

In the plea agreement Kelly Fisher-Buh has agreed to testify against Ronald Fisher and Wayne Pirtle, plus cooperate in how the scam was done.

(Note: not named was Bill Hanson, former vice-president and "sales manager." November 11, 2005 William Conrad Hanson filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Kansas (Wichita.) The former officer of the Commercial Money Center, and Hanson and Associates, who investors are looking for, claimed less than $50,000 in “unsecured creditors” and assets of minus $197,500. On the form, Mr. Conrad estimated number of creditors to be from 16-49.)

June 25, 2007 plea agreement filing:

Carol Lam:

More about CMC:

CMC stories:



Pacific Capital Bank stock-Uh-OH!!!

by Christopher Menkin

The sale of both the Auto Financing portfolio to Wells Fargo and leasing division was a loss of $900,000 to Pacific Capital Bank. Stockholders were not happy:

“The completion of the sale of its Indirect Auto Financing portfolio to Wells Fargo. Pacific Capital received approximately $222 million from the sale of the business, which equates to 100% of the Bank's net investment in the assets of the Indirect Auto Financing portfolio. Pacific Capital will record a loss on sale of approximately $900,000 in the second quarter of 2007 related to the sale of this business.”
SBBT Press Release

The SEC filing shows:
“The Buyer will purchase the equipment lease portfolio and certain other assets, and assume certain liabilities, for a purchase price equal to 104.7643% of the Bank's net investment in the equipment lease assets. The aggregate purchase price is estimated to be approximately $280 million.”

There is no doubt that the sale of the company was a steal, as it not only included the leases themselves, but the entire operation, which was very successful and growing each year, according to SEC filings. The leasing division and auto division were stars of this community bank:

       From the SEC filings, Pacific Capital Leasing in the thousands:
2006: $297,525
2005: $287,504
2004: $234,189
2003: $149,642
2002: $133,927

There is a lot more to the sale, including other questions, but due to confidentiality from other bankers who know the reasons behind the sale, Leasing News cannot print this without divulging who they are. There are questions about sub prime loans and the recent resignation of Joyce M. Clinton, the Company's Chief Financial Officer.

Far be it for Leasing News to spread rumors. Leaf Financial made a real good deal. CEO DeMent should get a very good bonus.


### Press Release ###########################

Sterling Financial of Lancaster, PA Announces Capital Restoration on Track

LANCASTER, Pa., -- Sterling Financial Corporation of Lancaster, PA (Nasdaq: SLFI - News) announced in an 8-K filing today that it has made progress on its capital restoration plan by signing an $80 million credit agreement with Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company. The proceeds of the capital infusion will be used to reinforce the operating capital of its primary subsidiary, BLC Bank, N.A., and to repay outstanding debt of its Equipment Finance LLC affiliate.

"This is a significant milestone in executing the capital restoration plan we announced a month ago," said J. Roger Moyer, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Sterling Financial Corporation. "It enhances the capital of our major subsidiary, BLC Bank, N.A., and it also demonstrates Sterling's continuing ability to raise capital in the financial markets," Moyer added.

Sterling's capital restoration plan consists of several steps. The first step was the consolidation of bank charters, accomplished on May 25, 2007, which allows Sterling to use capital more efficiently. Subsequent steps included the halting of dividends for a period of time and infusing capital into BLC Bank. In addition, Sterling continues to explore other strategic options including raising capital for Sterling, the sale of one or more business units, or the sale of the company. These steps are designed to restore capital levels and to begin to rebuild shareholder value following the discovery of a sophisticated loan scheme at its EFI affiliate.

Sterling Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: SLFI - News) is a diversified financial services company based in Lancaster, Pa. Sterling Banking Services Group affiliates offer a full range of banking services in south-central Pennsylvania, northern Maryland and northern Delaware. The group also offers correspondent banking services in the mid-Atlantic region to other companies within the financial services industry, and banking related insurance services. Sterling Financial Services Group affiliates provide specialty commercial financing; fleet and equipment leasing; and investment, trust and brokerage services. Visit for more information.

Financial Services Group -- Specialty commercial financing: Equipment Finance LLC (commercial financing company for the soft-pulp, logging and land- clearing industries, serving primarily the paper industry in the southeastern United States). Fleet and equipment leasing: Town & Country Leasing, LLC (nationwide fleet and equipment leasing/financing company). Trust, investment and brokerage services: Sterling Financial Trust Company (trust and investment services), Church Capital Management, LLC (registered investment advisor) and Bainbridge Securities Inc. (securities broker/dealer).


### Press Release ###########################

Butler Capital replaces Mitsui line with Israeli Bank

Mitsui injected $6-million in subordinated debt into Butler Capital, Hunt Valley, MD., and had twenty-four months to effectuate the purchase of the $250 million asset firm.

Founder Larry Butler

Founder Larry Butler was not ready to retire when he made the deal with Mitsui and wanted the 2-3 year time frame, it was reported. Mitsui was apparently ready to buy the company at that time.

In the interim, Leasing News confirmed the executive at Mitsui that made the deal moved to another division. It appears the new executive did not have the same desire to buy a leasing company. Reportedly the agreement still has some time to expire, but Mitsui has made it clear that they are no longer interested in exercising their purchase option, Leasing News was told by several reliable sources.

Butler on Monday announced a $100 million funding facility with Bank Hapoalim B.M., billed as Israel's largest bank.

Butler already had a separate $100 million financing facility with New York-based DZ Bank in which Bank Hapoalim was a participant. Butler rolled over $100 million in assets from the expiring DZ Bank facility, and DZ Bank renewed the facility for another three-year term.

The DZ Bank facility is a "commercial paper conduit." In conduit deals, a bank issues securities backed by the assets of the company borrowing money, such as the company's accounts receivable.

Butler also has long-term credit facilities with M&T Bank Corp. (NYSE: MTB) and Farmers & Mechanics Bank.

Privately held Butler in a press release said that with its higher lending capacity, it plans to hire more commercial loan officers to help find new customers. Looks like Steve Bradley and Don Blody won’t have to work so hard.

According to the press release, “Established in 1978, Butler Capital today has a serviced portfolio in excess of $278 million. Its founder, Lawrence J. Butler, is chairman and chief executive officer. Joseph P. Serio serves as president and chief operating officer of the 51-person firm. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at”



Huntington Bank sued by leasing companies

As creditors began lining up to claim pennies on the dollar from $100 million in defaulted loans by CyberNet, Huntington National Bank walked away even with $17 million, according to a lawsuit filed against the bank.

The bank, headquartered in Ohio but with a large West Michigan presence, allegedly was aware Barton Watson's computer empire was about to collapse from fraud. They chose to turn a blind eye, squeezing money out of CyberNet to repay the full amount of their loans, claims the suit filed in U.S. District Court by John Anding on behalf of three firms.

Huntington Bank spokeswoman Jeri Grier declined to comment on the allegations, but it will fight accusations against it.

The bank said two years ago -- after a trustee working to find assets for all creditors questioned the payments -- that loans were repaid in the "normal course of business" and that it "should not be misinterpreted by ... other creditors seeking to recoup losses."

California leasing company El Camino Resources, Virginia-based ePlus Group and Bank Midwest allege Huntington recognized signs of fraud at CyberNet in 2003.

They say bank officials moved to end the banking relationship in January 2004, but never closed the accounts while working to recoup money.

Huntington accepted payments from Teleservices, a purported supplier of CyberNet computer equipment, to repay the debt, a violation of banking practices, Anding said.

Here is the press release from El Camino Resources

El Camino Resources, Ltd. and Other Financing Sources of Cyberco
Sue Huntington Bank Alleging Aiding and Abetting

CHATSWORTH, Calif.----On June 22, 2007, two leasing companies, El Camino Resources, Ltd. and ePlus Group, Inc., and a Missouri based national bank, Bank Midwest, N.A., filed a lawsuit against The Huntington National Bank in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan (El Camino Resources, Ltd., a California corporation; ePlus Group, Inc., a Virginia corporation; and Bank Midwest, N.A., a national banking association v. The Huntington National Bank, a national banking association, Case no. 1:07-CV-598) alleging that Huntington Bank aided and abetted Cyberco Holdings Inc. in perpetrating a multi-million dollar financial fraud built around the financing of phantom computer equipment. The Complaint points to Cyberco’s use of the depository and wire-transfer facilities of Huntington Bank to launder monies illicitly obtained from other financial institutions with the bank’s knowledge and cooperation as essential to Cyberco’s scheme. The Plaintiff group alleging this financial malfeasance by Huntington Bank, which includes financial companies based in California, Missouri and Virginia, shows just how wide Cyberco spun its web of financial fraud.

According to the lawsuit, Huntington Bank became aware of Cyberco’s suspicious activities in 2003 and told it to leave the bank in January, 2004. However, at that time, instead of freezing Cyberco’s accounts, or denying further access to Huntington Bank's facilities, Huntington Bank put in motion a plan that allowed it to take $17,000,000.00 of accelerated pay-downs from Cyberco in the months just prior to the collapse of the fraudulent scheme so as to repay entirely Cyberco’s loans with the bank. The Plaintiffs claim Huntington Bank’s improper actions propped up the fraudulent scheme of Cyberco which, without Huntington Bank’s help would have collapsed in early 2004, leaving the bank unpaid but saving others from being victimized. The lawsuit specifically claims that Huntington Bank’s assistance of Cyberco resulted in each of the Plaintiffs being added to the list of Cyberco victims. The Plaintiffs collectively funded $32,000,000.00 in computer equipment advances to Cyberco, from March to November, 2004, while Huntington Bank during that same period was taking its $17,000,000 out of Cyberco.

The Complaint maintains that the $17,000,000.00 paid to Huntington Bank came from the tens of millions that washed through Cyberco’s accounts at Huntington Bank in the months just prior to Cyberco’s collapse. Of these funds, $50,000,000.00 came to Cyberco almost entirely from a single source, Teleservices Group, Inc., a sham company set up by Cyberco that was not a legitimate customer of Cyberco, a fact which the plaintiffs allege Huntington Bank knew. The lawsuit states Huntington Bank was alerted to these transactions, questioned them, but ultimately refused to take the steps it was required to take under federal law to stop them by freezing Cyberco’s accounts. The plaintiffs allege that Huntington Bank knowingly allowed these transactions to be processed through accounts at the bank after having been served with Federal Grand Jury subpoenas in May, 2004 that were specifically directed at Cyberco’s financial activities.

Teleservices, according to the lawsuit, was controlled by Cyberco and was the vehicle through which Cyberco laundered tens of millions of lease and loan proceeds stolen from leasing companies and banks to purchase what turned out to be non-existent computer equipment. Teleservices would then take the advances made under the leases or loans and wire them to Cyberco’s accounts at Huntington Bank, or make payments directly to Huntington Bank as pay-downs on Cyberco’s loans. The Plaintiffs claim Huntington Bank knew the flow of monies from Teleservices was illicit but chose to turn a blind eye, even to the extent that between July and October, 2004 Huntington Bank took $7,145,000.00 in payments directly from Teleservices and applied them to Cyberco’s loans.

Inquiries should be made to:

John E. Anding
Drew Cooper & Anding, PC
Ledyard Building, Suite 300
125 Ottawa Avenue, NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
(616) 454-8300 or (616) 581-9271

John A. Graham
Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP
1900 Avenue of the Stars, Seventh Floor
Los Angeles, California 90067-4308

(310) 201-3523This press release is issued solely by Plaintiff El Camino Resources, Ltd., a California Corporation, with its principal place of business located in Chatsworth, California, and not on behalf of any other party. El Camino Resources International, Inc. (ECR) was founded in 1979 to provide technology equipment leasing/financing and computer trade-in opportunities for businesses and organizations. ECR specializes in mainframes, workstations, client/servers, storage devices and peripheral equipment from such industry leaders as IBM, Sun, and other selected manufacturers. El Camino’s sister company, Infinite Computer Group LLC, provides a range of maintenance and information technology services to U.S. companies. ECR’s Mexican subsidiary is a general lessor, leasing equipment over a broad range, varying from high-tech to low tech material handling equipment.

Cyberco Holdings, Inc. dba CyberNet Group and Cybernet Engineering:


### Press Release ###########################

Leasing Industry remains “sluggish”

Despite the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) press release on the May MLFI-25 report, the leasing economy remains sluggish. The tightening of credit, some funders raising rates, and the changing marketplace, perhaps due to both the higher mortgage rates and subprime mortgages, the leasing business is slowing down.

July will be a very slow month for most industrial businesses, including the leasing industry.

Good news from the MLFI-25 report, employment was up 740. The bad news, in comparison with year-end 2006 figures, employment is down, particularly when considering the companies who contributed their statistics.

Leasing News is seeing more entering the leasing marketplace from the mortgage industry, such as Paul Johnson, who recently took out a classified ad:

San Diego, CA
Tenacious, competitive self-starter w/successful vendor/direct equipment leasing and asset-based lending experience seeks return to leasing industry after successful stint in secondary mortgage markets sales.

The ELFA press release takes a positive approach, stating "equipment finance activity for May,2007 …(shows) overall new business volume for the period increased by 1.6 percent compared to
May 2006.”

May originations reported by the MLFI-25 totaled $6.9 billion for new commercial equipment leases and loans, compared to $6.2 billion in April. New business volume for May 2006 totaled $6.8 billion. Not
very much growth here, but others view it differently.

Louis Boulden, President/CEO RBS Asset Finance

“Year over year, we are projecting nearly 11% new business growth as the overall market for equipment acquisitions remains strong,” according to ELFA member Laird Boulden, President and Chief Executive Officer, RBS Asset Finance, Inc. located in Chicago, IL. “Our portfolio / credit quality remains strong which mirrors the current state of the economy in general.

“We continue to hire new employees as we focus on growing our business,” he said.

Credit approval ratios declined by 1.1 percent from the previous month
(third consecutive monthly decline).

Hon. Kenneth E. Bentsen, ELFA president

“Although we’ve seen an increase year over year with charge-offs, overall these latest numbers would seem to indicate continued resilience in capital expenditures by businesses,” Kenneth E. Bentsen Jr., ELFA president commented.

ELFA MLFI-25 Participants
ADP Credit Corporation
Bank of America Leasing
Bank of the West
Canon Financial Services
Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
De Lage Landen Financial Services
First American Equipment Finance
GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation
Hitachi Credit America
HP Financial Services
Irwin Financial
John Deere Credit Corporation
Key Equipment Finance
LaSalle National Leasing Corporation
Marlin Leasing Corporation
National City Commercial Corp.
RBS Asset Finance
Regions Equipment Finance
Siemens Financial Services
US Bank Equipment Finance
US Express Leasing
Verizon Capital Corp/Verizon Credit
Volvo Financial Services
Wells Fargo Equipment Finance



Top Twenty Employment Growth Fields U.S.

The 20 occupations with the largest projected U.S. job growth, from 2004 to 2014, according to the US Department of Labor:

Job Description
Percentage change
Retail Sales
Registered Nurse
Customer Service Representatives
Waiters and waitresses
Food service workers, including fast food
Home Health Aides
Nursing Aides, orderlies and attendants
General and operations managers
Personal and home care aides
Grade-school teachers, except special education
Accountants and auditors
Office clerks
8.4 %
Laborers and freight, stock and materials movers
Landscaping and groundskeeping workers


Truck drivers
Computer software engineers, applications
Medical assistants
Source: Department of Labor    




Leasing Industry Help Wanted

EFD Marketing Specialist

EFD Marketing Specialist
Walnut Creek, CA

You will serve as a liaison between the department’s equipment leasing brokers and internal staff. Requires a BA or 3 years of relevant experience. CLICK HERE for a detailed description and resume submission



Sales Make it Happen

by Steve Chriest

Morale Busters

Anyone who has ever lead a team of employees, or an organization, knows the feeling of doing or saying something that deflates the morale of an employee or an entire team. This can happen in any segment of the business, but the sales organization is particularly vulnerable to morale deflation from well-intentioned – and old style – reward programs.

The natural tendency of most sales managers is to reward top performers. Elite salespeople often receive large bonuses, free trips and other rewards in recognition of their superior performance. While it is critical to recognize and reward extraordinary sales performance, doing so at the exclusion of a reward program for improved performance, even by the least productive, but willing performers, can devastate the morale of a sales team.

When managing a team of sales professionals, it is well advised for managers to become familiar with Constraint Theory. A simple example is an easy way to explain the theory. If you are coaching a team of Girl Scout runners, and your team is racing against four other teams of girl scouts, at what precise moment does the winning team of scouts win the race? The answer: When the last scout on the winning team crosses the finish line.

The fastest team in the race, then, is as fast as it's slowest runner. To create an even faster racing team, an inexperienced coach might be tempted to spend the majority of coaching time on the team's fleetest runners. Constraint Theory teaches that improvement occurs only when constraints are eased or eliminated. It may be true that additional coaching might help fast runners become even faster, but coaching the slowest members of the team, and gaining even moderate improvement in their performance, will result in an overall faster team performance!

Neglecting what someone once called the “mighty middle” can be disastrous for a company. Not only does the company's attrition rate increase dramatically as middle performers sense that they are being ignored, but competitors gain an opportunity to develop these experienced salespeople who, after all, had the self-confidence and motivation to seek out employers who value their potential.

Becoming familiar with Constraint Theory is important for any sales manager. Understanding the theory brings sales managers to the realization that the only thing worse than losing all your top talent is losing your “mighty middle.” Working hard to improve the less talented, less productive - but willing - team members will make the most difference in the team's overall performance.

Steve Chriest is the founder of Selling Up TM ( ), a sales consulting firm specializing in sales improvement for organizations of all types and sizes in a variety of industries. He is also the author of Selling Up , The Proven System for Reaching and Selling Senior Executives. You can reach Steve at .

To view other "Sales makes it Happen" article, please go here.



### Press Release ###########################

Hillcrest Bancshares to Purchase Majority Ownership of Equipment Leasing Firm

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas -- Hillcrest Bancshares, Inc. and SunBridge Capital, Inc. announced today that they have reached an agreement whereby Hillcrest Bancshares will purchase majority ownership in the corporate leasing firm. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval.

SunBridge Capital headquartered in Mission, Kansas, leases heavy equipment to businesses nationwide. Founded in 1991, SunBridge Capital is today recognized as one of the 100 largest and one of the fastest growing equipment leasing companies in the country according to The Monitor, the independent publication for the equipment leasing industry. SunBridge Capital attributes its success to its innovative technology, analytics and business model. Its technology-enabled platforms afford strong service and unique products to both product representatives and clients.

"The power of this transaction enhances all aspects of our business. It’s a real win for clients and stakeholders of both companies," said Adrian Weber, President of SunBridge Capital.

“Our long standing banking relationship with SunBridge has permitted us to understand SunBridge’s goals and management attributes. We believe in its people and existing infrastructure and will continue to build on the successes of SunBridge, expanding the reach of both companies through new synergies. By uniting SunBridge and Hillcrest we feel the goals can be set even higher,” stated Jack Fingersh, Chairman, Hillcrest Bancshares.

SunBridge Capital’s growth would be further accelerated by access to Hillcrest Bank’s substantial financial and market resources, permitting the leasing company to continue to enhance its performance, product development and footprint in the commercial finance market.

About Hillcrest Bancshares
Hillcrest Bancshares, recently recognized as the 6th Most Efficient Bank Holding Company in the U.S for 2006 by American Banker magazine is the parent company of Hillcrest Bank. Hillcrest Bank is a privately owned, Kansas Chartered financial institution with total assets in excess of $1.5 Billion. Based in Overland Park, Kansas the company serves retail, wealth and commercial clients through regional operations in Kansas City, Texas and Colorado, and serves commercial real estate lending clients in 32 states. Hillcrest Bank was recently ranked 12th in the nation of Top Performing banks with assets under $3 Billion by the American Banker’s Association Journal.

About SunBridge Capital
SunBridge Capital was founded in 1991 and today finances commercial trucks, trailers and construction equipment for businesses throughout the United States. Operating out of three locations in the Kansas City area, SunBridge Capital employs 86 people. The company has been recognized for rapid business growth by Ingram’s, the Kansas City Business Journal and The Monitor. SunBridge Capital is a privately held corporation.


### Press Release ###########################

CIT and Dunkin' Brands Expand Strategic Financing Alliance

CIT’s Global Vendor Financing Structure Designed To Increase Dunkin’ Brands Franchisee Growth and Profitability

NEW YORK and CANTON, MASS — — Building upon their existing 50-year relationship, CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading global provider of commercial and consumer finance solutions, and Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., a premier quick service restaurant franchisor with a leading position in the coffee, bakery, and ice cream segments, today announced a strategic financing alliance. Under the terms of the new program, Dunkin’ Brands franchisees will have access to CIT financing in all new and existing markets throughout the U.S.

The program, which will be administered through CIT Vendor Finance, Diversified Industries and CIT Small Business Lending, will offer franchisees flexible financial product solutions suited for all aspects of the franchisee network. Franchisees will be supported by CIT’s dedicated sales, underwriting, documentation, and portfolio teams, who are experienced in lending to Dunkin’ Brands franchisees.

“CIT’s 50-year financing relationship with Dunkin’ Brands is one of the longest and significant in our nearly 100-year history,” said Thomas B. Hallman, CIT Vice Chairman, Specialty Finance. “This new alliance builds upon our existing relationship and will play an important role in supporting Dunkin’ Brands strategic growth initiatives across the United States and around the world.”

Kate Lavelle, Dunkin’ Brands Chief Financial Officer, said, “We are excited to formalize our long-standing relationship with CIT, an organization that has clearly demonstrated a strong understanding of Dunkin’ Brands’ business strategy, as well as our franchisees’ needs. This alliance with CIT will enable our franchisees to achieve their growth objectives, whether they are looking to open new stores, enter new markets, or upgrade their existing stores.”

About CIT Vendor Finance
CIT Vendor Finance is a global leader in financing solutions that drive incremental revenues for manufacturers, distributors and other intermediaries. It provides customized financing solutions to customers in more than 30 countries, supporting a wide variety of industries, including health care, industrial equipment and technology.

About CIT
CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading commercial and consumer finance company, provides clients with financing and leasing products and advisory services. Founded in 1908, CIT has approximately $80 billion in managed assets and possesses the financial resources, industry expertise and product knowledge to serve the needs of clients across approximately 30 industries worldwide. CIT, a Fortune 500 company and a member of the S&P 500 Index, holds leading positions in vendor financing, factoring, equipment and transportation financing, Small Business Administration loans and asset-based lending. With its global headquarters in New York City, CIT has approximately 7,500 employees in locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

About Dunkin’ Brands
With more than 13,000 franchises in 50 countries worldwide, Dunkin' Brands, Inc. is renowned for its leadership in the quick quality restaurant category. There were 7,123 Dunkin' Donuts restaurants, 5,838 Baskin-Robbins restaurants and 280 Togo's restaurants with system-wide sales of $6.4 billion at the end of 2006. Dunkin' Brands, Inc. is headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts.


### Press Release ###########################

News Briefs----

Hope Bob Jacobson and family are okay as fire runs havoc Lake Tahoe area
Strong wind kicks up: Several days of gusty weather predicted - blaze crosses containment line—.

How did Warren Capital bring $350 million of new capital to the North Bay?

Compound Profit (leasing) opens in McKinney, Texas

Joseph R. Messineo joins Alliance Leasing

ABN wins LaSalle sale support,0,6718150.

Slump in Housing Sales Continued Last Month

Consumer confidence falls in June amid worries about jobs

China: BoCom to set up financial leasing company: 2 billion yuan

Boeing jet prices ascend 5.5 percent

Oracle's 4Q profit rises 23 percent to top analyst expectations

The iPhone Matches Most of Its Hype

AT&T and Apple Announce Simple, Affordable Service Plans for iPhone

Paris Hilton Out/Gets “Make Over”



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Romeo & Julieta Ristorante
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California

Open year-round from 4 pm to 11 pm.
Boulevard Marina and Camino del Cerro, at the entrance to Pedregal.

Yes, one of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California is not in Squid Row, or the beach such as Casa Casadaras ( great flaming Mexican coffee) or the Office, or Margaretville (not the chain) with the best Margarita's in the world and wonderful seafood (try the seafood soup with the small fresh Mexican crab.) And the restaurant we are recommending...It is Italian. Heresy in the middle of this fishing village town that is enjoying rapid growth, particularly if the mega seaport is built in Baja California.

Perhaps the best Caesar salad ever, made fresh at your table.  We had one for six.  The veal was delicious, as the pasta dishes. Also a wine list with Italian wine! Most drink Margarita's and the wonderful Mexican beer, but here you can get some good wine, not found most everywhere isthis growing tourist town with many excellent fine restaurants and a modern mall. The dollar really goes very far here, and they appreciate your patronage. Americans are very welcome,despite what printed newspapers may say about immigration issues. Everyone is happy to see you. Waiters, workers, sing to themselves, kid you, and want to be your friend.  What a great experience!

Romeo and Juliet is divided into two rooms. One has a piano player and is more a pizza spot ( they serve wood fired pizza here) and the other a dinning room, that is open.  Like a dome stadium, but at night you see the stars and the moon.  What a great atmosphere.  When we were here, we saw a young man propose and their family with them celebrate with everyone in the room. They also do the famous flaming Mexican coffee.

The Italian food was great as were the desserts. The atmosphere was one of the best restaurants I have been to anywhere. Don't miss this spot if you are in Cabo San Lucas.

There even was a taxi waiting outside to take us back

(for other reviews: please go here:



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A nationwide campaign encouraging education, voluntary HIV testing and counseling to people at risk for HIV.

Natural Orange Blossom Day

Paul Bunyan Day

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Feast day for Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Commemorates dual martyrdom of Christian apostles Peter (by crucifixion) and Paul (by beheading) during persecution by Roman Emperor Nero. Observed since third century.



1908, the first lollipop-making machine started in New Haven, CT.



Today's Top Event in History

1949- “Captain Video” premiered on the Dumont network. It was the first and longest running of several TV space shows. It was created, produced, and written by my father Lawrence Menkin, who also was program manager. He also created “Hands of Mystery” and “Harlem Detective”, the first Black television Show ( in 1954 he was the producer of the first coast to coast television show on NBC, employing the first Black TV writer.) Captain Video was set in the 22nd century and starred Richard Coogan as Captain Video, a human who led a squad of agents (the Video Rangers) fighting villains from their own and other worlds. Al Hodge later replaced Coogan. and the show moved to NBC. My father often played the music to the series, “The Planets,” at home and brought it to his series. Also on the show were Don Hastings and Hal Conklin, with Ernest Borgnine, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall as guest villains. A second series, “The Secret Files of Captain Video,” began in 1953 but was discontinued in 1955, when my family moved to Pacific Palisades, California. where my father was hired by Ziv TV to write and be the editor for a number of television series, including “Highway Patrol” and later “Death Valley Days,” “Rawhide, “ “ Perry Mason,” and “Bonanza,” among many others. It was common when he was either the executive producer or story editor that he would write under another name as he felt other writers might thing he was a “hog.” James Cadigan was the program manager of the Dumont Network and often named as the producer.


This Day in American History

    1564-the first painting of an American scene by a European painter was painted near what is now St. Augustine, FL, by Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, a cartographer who accompanied the French Huguenot expedition to Florida under Rene Goulaine de Laudonniere. The work, title, “ Laudonnierus et Rex Athore ante Columnan a Praefecto Prima Navigattione Locatam Quamque Venerantur Floridenses, was painted in gouache and metallic pigments on vellum. It shows Laudonniere being welcomed by a party of Native Americans led by Chief Athore.

    1776-the first execution by the Colonial Army took place at a field near Bowery Lane, New York City, in the presence of 20,000 persons, including an armed assembly of all the off-duty officers and men of four brigades.
A guard, Thomas Hickey, plotted with others to capture George Washington and deliver him to Sir William Howe. Hickey was tried, convicted, and hanged.
Ex-Governor Tyron was one of the 200,000 loyalist who returned to England. He had sent his wife there in 1775 with children and joined them in 1780
    1829-The Smithsonian Institute is born from an endowment.
(lower half of: )
    1833- Prudence Crandall, a white woman, arrested for conducting an academy for black females at Canterbury Conn
    1844-Joseph Smith, Jr., the founding prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his brother Hyrum were shot to death by an armed mob in Carthage, IL. At the time, Joseph Smith was the presidential candidate of the National Reform Party, the first US presidential candidate to be assassinated.
His candidacy was advocated by the church’s Council of Twelve. The National Reform Party confirmed the nomination in a state convention at Nauvoo, Il. on May 17, with Sidney Rigdon of Pennsylvania as his running mate. Smith and his brother were killed when a mob shot him after breaking into the jail at Carthage, Il., where he was confined awaiting trial on charges brought against him by his personal enemies and by seceders from the church.
    1859- The melody of probably the most often sung song in the world, “Happy Birthday to You,” was composed by Mildred J. Hill, a schoolteacher born this day at Louisville, KY. Her younger sister, Patty Smith Hill, was the author of the lyrics which were first published in 1893 as “Good Morning to All,” a classroom greeting published in the book Song Stories for the Sunday School. The lyrics were amended in 1924 to include a stanza beginning “Happy Birthday to You.” Now it is sung somewhere in the world every minute of the day. Although the authors are believed to have earned very little from the song, reportedly it later generated about $1 million a year for its copyright owner. The song is expected to enter public domain upon expiration of copyright in 2010. Mildred Hill died at Chicago, IL, June 5,1916 without knowing that her melody would become the world’s most popular song.
June 27,1861
    1861-the first Union naval officer killed in the Civil War was Captain James Harmon Ward of the Thomas Freeborn, who landed at Mathias Point, VA, on the Potomac River about 50 miles south of Washington, DC, with about 35 men and 250 sandbags to erect breastworks to unload a cannon. They were surprised by 1,500 infantrymen, who attached them and drove them off. Ward was hit in the breast by a Minie ball and died from an internal hemorrhage. He had been appointed on May 16, 1861, to command the Potomac flotilla.
    1862- May Irwin birthday - U.S. singer-actor. She popularized ragtime with such songs "After the Ball" and "A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight." Her filmed kiss in
1896 brought demands for movie censorship.
    1864 --Atlanta Campaign-Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
    1869- Emma Goldman birthday - Russian-born American anarchist and labor leader who renounced violence as a method for social change. Known in the press as "Red Emma," she was arrested several times and imprisoned for speaking out on subjects frowned on by the government, especially birth control. Her feminist stand on birth control, working conditions, free love (consensual love between two adults without coercion of church or state), and her opposition to child labor got her into more trouble with authorities than her anarchy and fiery speeches to unemployed workers. She edited the magazine Mother Earth that advocated extensive social change. She opposed the U.S. entry into World War I and was sentenced to five years in prison for opposing conscription. To get rid of her, the U.S. government canceled HER EX-HUSBAND's citizenship and said that the nullification of HIS citizenship automatically canceled hers because a U.S. married woman could only hold American citizenship in her husband's name. (At the time, native-born U.S. women LOST their citizenship if they married a man who was not native- born!) She was deported to Russia along with a large number of others but she left there to tour Europe and Canada speaking out on issues concerning the poor, the working classes, and women. She was also an advocate of European and British authors. She spoke and wrote in support of a number of the new writers including Ibsen and Shaw. She was bisexual.
    1872- birthday of African-AmericanPaul Laurence Dunbar, poet and novelist.
    1923- Elmo Hope Birthday
    1924- cowgirl yodeler Rosalie Allen was born in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Popular throughout the 1940's and '50s, Allen had hits with "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" and "He Taught Me How to Yodel." She was often teamed with another legendary yodeler, Elton Britt. Their record hits together included "Quicksilver" and "The Yodel Blues."
    1880- Helen Keller born - an icon of the human spirit. HK was struck blind and deaf at 19 months old by scarlet fever. She learned to communicate with the world through the efforts of Anne Sullivan who helped her develop into the most admired woman in the history of the U.S. - or the world. She became a world-wide advocate for the blind and handicapped by communicating through a system of tapping into the palm of Sullivan and vise versa. She graduated cum laude from Radcliffe with Sullivan at her side translating. (One wonders why Sullivan didn't get some recognition since everything Keller did had to go through Sullivan from being her ears to recording her thoughts.)
    1888- Birthday of Antoinette Perry . She directed nearly 30 plays on Broadway including The Barrett's of Whimple Street and the even more famous Harvey. She established the American Theatre Wing in 1947. The Wing now names its annual awards for excellence in theater in her honor, recognizing her as one of the most influential people in the history of American theater. The Antoinette Perry Awards are popularly known as "The Tony.”
    1893-Birthday of Crystal Dreda Bird Fauset, American race relations specialist, state legislator, and first black woman elected to a U.S. State legislature (Pennsylvania 1938). She helped create the Swarthmore College Institute of Race Relations (1933).
    1912-Birthday of Min Okubo - award winning U.S. artist of Japanese descent was interned in 1942. She founded the literary magazine Trek with other internees. She illustrated the special Fortune magazine issue on Japan, exhibited drawings and paintings from the Japanese relocation camps, and published Citizen 13660 (1946) about her experiences in the camps. Major retrospect’s of her work have been held on both coasts.
    1927-birthday of pianist Johnny “Big Moose” Walker, Stoneville, MS,Johnny_Big_Moose
    1930-birthday of H. Ross Perot, philanthropist, businessman, 1992 and 1996 presidential candidate, born Texarkana, TX.
    1940-Cab Calloway Band with Chu Berry cuts “Ghost of a Chance,” .
    1949- “Captain Video” premiered on the Dumont network. It was the first and longest running of several TV space shows. It was created, produced, and written by my father Lawrence Menkin, who also was program manager. He also created “Hands of Mystery” and “Harlem Detective”, the first Black television Show ( in 1954 he was the producer of the first coast to coast television show on NBC, employing the first Black TV writer.) Captain Video was set in the 22nd century and starred Richard Coogan as Captain Video, a human who led a squad of agents (the Video Rangers) fighting villains from their own and other worlds. Al Hodge later replaced Coogan. and the show moved to NBC. My father often played the music to the series, “The Planets,” at home and brought it to his series. Also on the show were Don Hastings and Hal Conklin, with Ernest Borgnine, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall as guest villains. A second series, “The Secret Files of Captain Video,” began in 1953 but was discontinued in 1955, when my family moved to Pacific Palisades, California. where my father was hired by Ziv TV to write and be the editor for a number of television series, including “Highway Patrol” and later “Death Valley Days,” “Rawhide, “ “ Perry Mason,” and “Bonanza,” among many others. It was common when he was either the executive producer or story editor that he would write under another name as he felt other writers might thing he was a “hog.” James Cadigan was the program manager of the Dumont Network and often named as the producer.
    1950-U.S. forces were ordered to Korea by President Harry S. Truman to help South Korea repel the North Korean invasion. The president received the approval of Congress for his action and the UN Security Council adopted a U.S. resolution for armed intervention.
    1954---Top Hits
Little Things Mean a Lot - Kitty Kallen
Three Coins in the Fountain - The Four Aces
Hernando’s Hideaway - Archie Bleyer
I Don’t Hurt Anymore - Hank Snow
    1962-The American Football League conducted a special draft of veteran players to assist its two weakest teams, the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos. In the league’s first two years, the Broncos had compiled a record of 7-20-1, and the Raiders were 8-20. The draft helped a bit. Denver finished 7-7 in 1962, but Oakland slipped to 1-13.
    1962---Top Hits
I Can’t Stop Loving You - Ray Charles
The Stripper - David Rose
Palisades Park - Freddy Cannon
She Thinks I Still Care - George Jones
    1963 ---Bill J Kramer & Dakotas record Lennon & McCartney "I Call Your Name
    1964- Peter and Gordon's "World Without Love" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Paul McCartney wrote the song, but it was listed on the record under another name to see if a McCartney tune would be successful even if no one knew he had written it. At the time he composed "World Without Love," McCartney was courting Jane Asher, the sister of Peter Asher, one- half of Peter and Gordon.
    1969- the Denver Pop Festival opened at the Mile High Stadium. Among the performers were Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was the last concert by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Later that year, Hendrix formed the Band of Gypsies.
    1969 - New York City police, attempting to serve a search warrant, charged into the well-known gay hangout, the Stonewall Inn. Events quickly got out of hand. Police ejected customers, managers, bouncers. Everyone got booted outside onto the sidewalk. The crowd became increasingly unruly and someone threw a bottle at the police. The plain-clothes police team was trapped inside the bar for over two hours before the NYPD Tactical Patrol Force arrived and drove the mob from in front of the Stonewall. Police arrested and jailed many of the chanting gays. For the next few nights, the Stonewall Inn became the focal point of gay protests. The gay community began to organize and form committees to bring about change. Many feel that the Gay Liberation Movement had its beginnings with the Stonewall Inn Riots.
    1970---Top Hits
The Love You Save - The Jackson 5
Mama Told Me (Not to Come) - Three Dog Night
Ball of Confusion - The Temptations
Hello Darlin’ - Conway Twitty
    1970 - The Jackson 5: Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Randy and Michael, jumped to number one on the music charts with "The Love You Save". The song stayed at the top of the charts for two weeks. It was the third of four number one hits in a row for the group. The other three were: "I Want You Back", "ABC" and "I’ll Be There". In 15 years (from 1969 to 1984), The Jackson 5/Jacksons had 23 hits, scored two platinum singles ("Enjoy Yourself" and "Shake Your Body [Down to the Ground]") and one gold record ("State of Shock").
    1972 - Bobby Hull signed a 10-year hockey contract for $2,500,000, as he became a player and coach of the Winnipeg Jets of the World Hockey Association.
    1973- Eighteen-year –old David Clyde, a recipient of a $125,000 bonus to sign with the Texas Rangers, made his major league debut against the Minnesota Twins. the Rangers won,4-3, before 35,6908 fans, the first sellout of the year at Arlington Stadium. He lasted five years and now works at his father-in-law’s lumber yard in Tomball, Texas .
    1978---Top Hits
Shadow Dancing - Andy Gibb
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
It’s a Heartache - Bonnie Tyler
I’ll Be True to You - The Oak Ridge Boys
    1979-Amalya Lyle Kearse of New York City was sworn in as judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals by Chief Judge Irving Robert Kaufman at the U.S. Court of Appeals, New York City. She became the first African-American woman to become a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals.
    1980 - The "National Anthem Act", making "O Canada" Canada's national anthem, was unanimously accepted by the House of Commons and the Senate. Royal assent was also given this day. "O Canada" was officially proclaimed Canada's national anthem on July 1, 1980. Parliament had approved the song as the national anthem 13 years earlier, but the National Anthem Act made it official. "O Canada" was written by Calixa Lavallee and Adolphe-Basile Routhier, and was first performed in Quebec City in 1880. The anthem was originally known as "Chant nationale," and was not heard outside Quebec until the turn of the century. Toronto schoolteacher Robert Stanley Weir provided an English translation of the lyrics, which were changed somewhat after the parliamentary debate in 1980.
    1986---Top Hits
On My Own - Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald
There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) - Billy Ocean
Crush on You - The Jets
Mama’s Never Seen Those Eyes - The Forester Sisters
    1989-The NBA draft was television for the first time by WTBS. The Sacramento Kings selected center Pervis Ellison of Louisville with the first pick.
    1990-Becoming the highest paid player in professional baseball, Jose Canseco of the Oakland Athletics signed a contract that would earn him $23,500,000 over a five-year period. By the end of 1990, 23 players had signed contracts giving them more than $3,000,000 a year.
    1991-Signaling an end to the era of a liberal Supreme Court, Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall announced his resignation from the United States Supreme Court, effective once his successor was confirmed by the US Senate. Marshall was a pioneering civil rights lawyer who helped lead the fight to end racial segregation and served as US Solicitor General prior to his appointment to the high court by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967 as the first black ever to sit on the Supreme Court. As an attorney for the NAACP, he successfully argued the case of Brown v Board of Education before the Supreme Court, ending the doctrine of “separate but equal”” Marshall’s 24-year tenure on the bench was marked by his strong liberal voice championing the rights of criminal defendants and defending abortion rights, his opposition to the death penalty and his commitment to civil rights. On July 1, 1991, President George Bush, selected Clarence Thomas, a conservative black jurist, to succeed Marshall. Thomas’s nomination was quite controversial as a former aide accused him of “sexual harassment.”



Baseball Poem

“In the family pictures,
    my brother stands at the plate
forever waiting on a pitch,
    my dad squats hy the dugout fence,
his chin resting on his hands;
somewhere beyond the eye or the camera,
I hold a huge scarlet plum behind my back,
left leg kicked high in a pitching motion,
    as near to the spirit or the game
as I'd ever be.”

(with permission of the author from his book:
    “Touching All the Bases”
        Poems from Baseball
            available from Amazon
or direct from the publisher at:

Tim Peeler celebrates with candor and wit both the overlooked and the standout as he merges the topics of personal and baseball rediscovery. The poet reconsiders events and people from his adolescence, offering the reader new takes on old memories, gracefully relating the foibles of family and friends, and cataloging the heroic feats and tragic flaws of players he watched, read about — or merely imagined.

English lecturer, journal editor, essayist and poet, TlM PEELER lives in Hickory, North Carolina. He is a winner of the Jim Harrison Award for his contributions to baseball poetry.




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