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Seeking originators with 5+ years small ticket and/or
middle market experience and with established
customer and vendor relationships. Remote
office and on site positions are available.

Please send resumes to:
Attn: Mike Lockwood or Russ Runnalls CLP

Monday, May 24, 2010

Singer/Songwriter Bob (Robert Allen) Dylan (Zimmerman) born May 24, 1941 Duluth, Minnesota.


Classified Ads---Controller
 Resource American/LEAF Line of Credit up-date
  Finance Reform Bill and Leasing
Leasing #102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
 “Rule 179 for 2010”
   Classified Ads---Help Wanted
  Main Street Bank, Kingwood, Texas 1st Quarter
 Bank Beat—Alleged Check-Kiting Downs Bank?
Menzel Raps Menkin’s Column on Banks and Leasing
 Top Stories --- May 17 - May 21
  Northbrook, Illinois -- Adopt a Pet
   GreatAmerica May Get Stevie Award
News Briefs---
 Asian Markets Mostly Higher
  GE Sidesteps GE Capital Regulations
   Questions to Ask Your Equipment Leasing Company
    Despite bank failures, Georgia sheds bank examiners
     AOL turns 25
   Ailing Rocker Bret Michaels wins “Celebrity Apprentice”
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      "Gimme that Wine"
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######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release” and was not written by Leasing News nor information verified, but from the source noted. When an article is signed by the writer, it is considered a “by line.” It reflects the opinion and research of the writer. It is considered “bias” as it is the writer’s viewpoint.


Classified Ads---Controller

Chicago, IL
experienced in lease accounting, operations, management, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Seeking position with equipment lessor. Would consider contract assignments or relocating.
Southeastern, MI
Controller & Management experience w/ equip lessors &broker. MBA, CPA w/ extensive accounting, management, securitization experience with public and private companies. Willing to relocate.
Acton, MA
Strong experience in lease accounting, operations, & systems.  
Implemented lease plus, Great Plains, networks.
Excellent financial reporting and analysis skills. Looking for new opportunity.
LinkedIn| Resume

Southern CA
20 years exp. as hands-on leasing CFO, managing accounting, treasury, FP&A, including securitizations, Great Plains/FRx, budgets, risk management.  MBA.  Also available as interim Controller/CFO, consultant.

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:

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Resource American/LEAF Line of Credit up-date

Leasing News has been writing about Resource America (NASDAQ@: Rexi) and its availability of credit due to the company losses and position, which has created changes in LEAF Corporation and LEAF Specialty as reported in previous news editions.

"We are in the middle of repositioning our leasing company which suffered this quarter in part as a result of costs incurred to solidify that valuable franchise,” declared Resource America Jonathan Cohen, CEO and President, in the company’s most recent press release. What was meant most likely is a reaction to LEAF Corporation banks trying to reduce their exposure and increase collateral. PNC inherited the current line from National City. Instead of increasing it as requested, the decision has been to decrease it, as noted in this April 20th SEC filing by Resource America:

"The Registrant’s indirect subsidiary, LEAF Financial Corporation, and its wholly owned subsidiary, LEAF Funding, Inc., are borrowers pursuant to a revolving $100 million credit agreement dated as of July 31, 2006 with PNC Bank, National Association (as successor to National City Bank). The parties thereto have entered into an amendment dated as of May 14, 2010 that extends the maturity date of the credit agreement until May 31, 2010, while the parties negotiate the terms and conditions of a longer term renewal.

“ Under the terms of the amendment, the borrowers agreed to reduce the outstanding balance on the credit agreement to $75 million on or before May 21, 2010 or the interest rate will increase by an additional 3% per annum on the entire outstanding balance and the lender will not be obligated to issue new loans until such reduction has occurred. The Registrant is not an obligor or a guarantor under the credit agreement and the credit agreement is non-recourse to the Registrant."

An insider told Leasing News:

"Leaf is in the process of setting up a revolver. The interesting thing is this bank doesn't lend cheaply, they charge finance company rates and not banks rates. They charge LIBOR + 6.5-8.5% on a 'floating' basis. Plus add 50BP to fix the rate. That means Leaf would have a cost of funds in the 7-9% range for a $50MM line. Well, that suggests to me that Leaf is struggling to find money and is willing to pay dearly for any new lines, about 200BP more than other leasing companies. It probably means Leaf won’t be able to take PNC out. It also tells me that Leaf will have a tuff time being rate competitive on vendor deals."

It also emphasizes the reason(s) LEAF is basically out of the broker marketplace and why LEAF Specialty in South Carolina stopped funding new leases, as well as cutting back on employees.

Resource American April 30, 2010 filing:


Finance Reform Bill and Leasing

Leasing News has asked Terry Winders, CLP, to give an opinion for readers on the current Finance Reform Bill. One of the problems is it is not complete, but goes back to the House and then a co-committee of Senate and House and certainly will be “tweaked.”

One of concerns to readers appears to be regarding information on personal guarantors, and perhaps companies themselves. Much of the information is already contained and applies basically to all who run credit reports on individuals and goes back to the Identity Theft Red Flags Rules Act (FACT Act)) which had a November 1, 2008 compliance date.

Leasing News wrote many articles on this, including the introduction of "Compliance Pal," Venture capital-backed by Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup and Washington Mutual by a new company called Compliance Coach. It had a Web 2.0 tool program that allowed companies to help stop identity theft and follows the new Identity Theft Red Flag Rules Act.

The web site is: ( - "Your One Stop Vendor Check"

(Leasing News provides this ad “gratis” as a means
to help support the growth of Lease Police)


Leasing #102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Rule 179 for 2010

'The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act of 2010' was passed by bipartisan vote in March 2010 extending those same enhanced limits thru December 31, 2010 and gives the business tax payer a right to expense the first $250,000 of capital equipment purchases in this tax year and then use MACRS depreciation all additional assets unless they purchase more than $800,000. Each dollar spent over $800,000 will reduce the expense allowance until the total purchases reach $1,050,000 and then the whole allowance is gone.

In additionThere are certain areas of the country that qualify for increased Section 179 Limits
In general terms, most business equipment qualifies for a Section 179 Deduction. Equipment such as: Machines and similar equipment purchased for business use

  • Tangible personal property (that is used in business)

  • Business Vehicles with a GVW (gross vehicle weight) that is in excess of 6,000 pounds

  • Computers and (off-the-shelf) Computer Software

  • Office Equipment (including office furniture and office machines)

  • Property that is attached to a company building but is not a structural component of the building (i.e.: a printing press, large manufacturing machines, etc)

  • Partial Business Use Equipment (this is equipment that is purchased for both business use and personal use - generally, your deduction will be based on the percentage of time you use the equipment for business purposes.)

The IRS Website also maintains a more complete list and explanations of qualifying Section 179 equipment  However, going by the above list, it’s pretty safe to say that most business equipment qualifies.

Section 179 and the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 made substantial changes to Section 179 as well. In essence, it greatly increased the dollar limits, and also added a “bonus” depreciation. This was meant to spur equipment purchases in 2008.

Here are the changes:

2007 Deduction Limit: $125,000
2008 Deduction Limit: $250,000
2009 Deduction Limit: $250,000 (extended via the American Recovery Act of 2008)
2010 Deduction Limit: $250,000 (extended via the HIRE Act of 2010)

2007 Total Amount of Equipment Purchased: $500,000 (deduction decreases on a dollar for dollar basis after this amount is reached)

2008, 2009, and 2010 Total Amount of Equipment Purchased: $800,000 (deduction decreases on a dollar for dollar basis after this amount is reached)

Bonus Deduction In addition, the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 further changes Section 179 by providing a one-time “bonus” first year depreciation of 50% on qualifying equipment. This comes into effect after the $250,000 deduction limit is reached.

The following graphic details how profound these changes can be.

What this means is a business may fully expense the cost of the equipment in the year it was purchased instead of taking MACRS depreciation. Let’s say the equipment has a five year life for MACRS. That would mean that the depreciation deductions over the next six years (six years because of the half year convention only allows 50% of the whole years depreciation for the first year thereby taking six years to get five year depreciation) would be 20%, 32%, 19.2%, 11.52%, 11.52%, and 5.76%. However, the 179 election would allow for 100% of the cost to be deducted from taxable income in the year purchased. An example of this would be if a business purchased $478,000 of capital equipment. That amount that exceeded $430,000 would be subtracted from the $108,000. $478,000 - $430,000 = $48,000 then $108,000 – $48,000 = $60,000. The 179 allowance is reduced to $60,000 and the balance of $418,000 would be depreciated under standard MACRS depreciation tables irregardless of term.

Section 179 would appear to be bad for leasing until the company purchases more than $430,000 of equipment. A prudent lessor would encourage the Lessee to lease those purchases over $ 430,000 so as to retain the advantages of RR179.

No one knows if this tax ruling will extend beyond 2008, and the United States Congress with their henchman at the IRS is known for making sudden changes of direction when it serves their purpose.

Total Deduction Limit: $250,000

Total Price of Equipment Purchased: $800,000 (deduction decreases dollar for dollar after $800,000 of equipment is purchased)

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-327-8666. He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:

Little Rock, Ark.


Meet and learn from Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Leasing #102 columnist for Leasing News,
long time educator and trainer

Sales and Operations
click here for course information and to register

June 9, 10, until Noon on the 11th
Little Rock, Arkansas
Hosted by Arvest Equipment Finance

$395.00 Paid in Advance for first person from company
$345 with each additional attendee 

"Certified Leasing Professionals attending this seminar will earn CPEs (Continuing Professional Education)
Credits toward their recertification"

(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)


Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Interviewing Leasing Professionals With Proven Track Record and Established Book of Business. Envision Provides: 1) Established Funding Sources, 2) Fun Working Environment, 3) Full Benefits (Health Insurance, 401k), 4) Aggressive Commission Structure.
Resumes To:, Contact: Jeff Edwards (949) 225-1712

Envision Capital Group is dedicated to providing the best in class products and service to our employers, customers, vendors and partners in the small and middle ticket commercial finance industry. With over 50 years of combined experience we have the knowledge, skills, abilities and relationships to help you reach your goals.

We are looking for experienced business development
 professionals with established vendor / client
 contacts in general manufacturing equipment,
 road maintenance, material handling , radio/TV broadcasting
and other hard collateral.
We have openings for in-house business development positions 
and Independent Sales Associates.

Contact or send resumes to: John Martella SVP
800 800 8098 ext 5209 or direct: 248 743 5209

Seeking originators with 5+ years small ticket and/or
middle market experience and with established
customer and vendor relationships. Remote
office and on site positions are available.

Please send resumes to:
Attn: Mike Lockwood or Russ Runnalls CLP

Please see our Job Wanted section for possible new employees.


Main Street Bank, Kingwood, Texas 1st Quarter

The latest FDIC report for Main Street Bank, Kingwood, Texas confirms the reduction in employees, from the closing of the leasing department entrance primarily into healthcare and the letting go of Executive-Vice President, Bob Fisher, CLP. It may not include the Studebaker-Worthington division. Employees went from 104 full-time employees March 31, 2009 to 81 full-time employees March 31, 2010, a loss of 23. It was not a “few” salesmen as Main Street Bank Chairman and CEO told Leasing News.

The good news the bank increased its equity from $41.47 million to $44.1 million and net profits from $334,000 on March 31, 2009 to $1.49 million March 31, 2010. For the same period net loans and leases went from $271.6 million to $371.4 million. Lease receivable financing losses were down from $233,000 to $125,000. Net charge offs for March 31, 2009 were $429,000 to $445,000 in March 31, 2009. Tier 1 risk-based capital ratio 11.04%.

What the auditors saw that they didn't like could be:

From 3/31/09 to 3/31/10 FDIC filings:

Commercial and industrial loan charge offs went from $183,000 to $320,000
Volatile liabilities: $39.2 million to $75.3 million
Insider Loans: $39.2 million to $41.8 million
Restructured loans and leases: zero to $6 million

But more than likely:

Long Term Assets (5+ years: $69 million to $139 million
Average asset: year-to-date: $310 million to $445 million
Total Risk Capital: $284 million to $379 million.

An insider told Leasing News the auditors were concerned about long term loans ($139 million as well as Total Risk Capital: $379 million) to medical practitioners whose only collateral was their signature. Bank Chairman and CEO did mention an exiting of the leasing healthcare marketplace. It should be noted again, Tier 1 risk-based capital ratio is quite healthy at 11.04%.


Bank Beat—Alleged Check-Kiting Downs Bank?

Pinehurst Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota, with 12 full-time employees was closed Friday by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. To protect the depositors, the FDIC entered into a purchase and assumption agreement with Coulee Bank, La Crosse, Wisconsin, to assume all of the deposits.

Thomas Lohmann, founder of Pinehurst Properties Inc., was chairman who helped found the bank on April 2,2004, along with then-Vikings center Matt Birk, real estate veterans Russ Nelson and Amos Heilicher, a founder of Musicland.

Reportedly auditors discovered a check-kiting scheme between Pinehurst and another bank. The board then hired Thomas Palmer as interim CEO; Palmer was the top executive at St. Stephen State Bank in its final months before regulators closed it in January.

The small bank took a $2.2 million loss from the alleged check-kiting scheme which reportedly had bank officers covering up the overdrafts with a series of loans to the customer’s associates. There were other problems as noted in the amount of non-current loans going from $496,000 March 31, 2009 to $5.7 million March 31, 2010.

The bank charged off $327,000 in construction and land development real estate loans, $36,000 in 1-4 multi-family homes.

The bank had gone from a $23,000 profit in March 31,2009 to a $1.2 million loss March 31,2010.  Bank equity dropped from $5.99 million March 31, 2009 to minus $446,000 March 31,2009. Tier 1 risk-based capital ratio -0.88%.

As of March 31, 2010, Pinehurst Bank had approximately $61.2 million in total assets and $58.3 million in total deposits. Coulee Bank will pay the FDIC a premium of 1.33 percent to assume all of the deposits of Pinehurst Bank. In addition to assuming all of the deposits of the failed bank, Coulee Bank agreed to purchase essentially all of the assets.

The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) will be $6.0 million.

List of Bank Failures

Bank Beat:


Menzel Raps Menkin’s Column on Banks and Leasing

(Paul J. Menzel, CLP, is president of Financial Pacific, Federal Way, Washington. He was the Senior Vice President of Pacific Capital Bancorp's Community Lending Group. Pacific Capital Bank, N.A., is a $7 billion network of preferred community banks on the coast of central California. In his capacity, Paul oversaw the commercial equipment leasing, small business and auto dealer finance units. The leasing entity was purchased by LEAF Corporation, who eventually closed the division.

Paul has been in the commercial equipment leasing industry for almost 35 years.. He graduated form UC Berkeley and holds an MBA in Management. He is the 2005 Leasing News Person of the Year).

“Kit - I need to take issue with your interpretation of the FDIC Quarterly Bank Profile and the assertion ‘leasing’ is somehow a major culprit of poor bank performance. If you study the report, you find that quite the opposite is true. The critical distinction when reading the report is that "Total Loans and Leases" and all of the associated data, to which you are referring in your article and from which you are drawing your conclusions, includes all asset classes including ‘All loans secured by real estate’, ‘Commercial and industrial loans’, ‘Loans to individuals’ and ‘All other loans and leases (including farm)’.

“Leasing assets would be covered under the C&I and ‘Other’ categories. Large ticket and middle market leases would likely be included in C&I and small ticket under ‘Other’. If you analyze the performance and trends within these two categories, leasing is a subset of the BEST performing asset classes.

“You are basing your conclusions that banks are ‘experiencing leasing portfolio losses’ on the statistic that Total loans and leases are experiencing the highest non current ratio (5.45%) in 27 years. This ratio includes real estate loans of all types and consumer loans, both of which have the highest rates of all asset classes. Other loans and leases, which would include equipment leases, have the lowest ratios of non current assets (1.65% vs 5.45% you quoted). In fact, ‘other loans and leases’ has the absolute lowest ratio of 30-89 Days Past Due and Charged-off of any other bank asset class and C&I assets are the second lowest. The main culprit is in real estate loans as we all know. If you look at the types of banks that are responsible for overall poor performance, you will find that credit card and consumer lenders are the obvious culprits.

Your headline that the Report ‘Raps Leasing’ is just not accurate from my read of the report. The reputation of the leasing industry is important to me. Our industry has performed better than almost any other asset class over my 35 year career. Of course we have experienced higher portfolio losses over the last downturn, but leasing as an asset class has fared better than every other and you should be singing its relative praises.

If you agree with my assessment, I would ask that you publish a correction. If you do not, I would ask that you publish my opposing view to provide some balance of opinion. Thanks for your consideration.

Paul J. Menzel, CLP
President & CEO
3455 South 344th Way
Suite 300
PO Box 4568
Federal Way, WA 98063-4568
Phone: 253-568-6121 or 877-222-8558 x121

(Sorry, don’t agree with you. The column contained information from the Quarterly Report, but saw a wider view from it as well as how many banks had exiting lease and/or cut off brokers/discounters. The headline was to attract readers to otherwise an article they would not read. The reputation of leasing has been going downhill due to all the fraud, portfolio problems, plus brokers-discounters being cut off, programs ended and credit lines difficult to achieve. I did state in the article:

This is not to imply that all banks have this position, but there are fewer of them. Notably active are Arvest where Kyle W. Gilliam, president of Arvest Equipment Finance, made an announcement looking for more business; Bank of the West Leasing very aggressive, Key Corp Chairman and CEO Henry Meyer III saying his bank is “looking to expand businesses that have synergy with its community bank, such as its equipment leasing business,” or US Bancorp expanding not only its branches but wanting to increase leasing. And there are others such as Commerce National or Bank of Richmond, but at the same time, many are leaving the industry and others become more leery due to all the write-offs and outright fraud.”)

Leasing Companies Out of Broker/Discounting Business

Full FDIC First Quarter Report


Top Stories May 17-21

Here are the top ten stories opened by readers:

(1) Allied Health and Donner Medical/LPV 102
by Christopher Menkin

(2) Corrections: Donner Medical Marketing

(3) FDIC First Quarter Bank Profits Raps Leasing
by Christopher Menkin

(4) Atty gets jail time fraud/filing false tax return

(5) Letters?!---We get eMail!!

(6) Arvest Claims 21% Increase Leasing Business
But Net Income is Down

(7) Bank Beat---Construction/Land Development Loans

(8) Leasing Company stocks hold their own

(9) Mortgage rates plunge to all-time low

(10) “Sal the 1040 Gal” arrested


Northbrook, Illinios---Adopt-a-Dog


"Guinness is a beautiful 7 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever mix. He's a smart boy who knows a ton of commands like sit, stay, come, down, drop it and fetch! He loves people and is a very well- behaved dog. His previous owner surrendered him to Heartland so that he can find a forever family that can love him and spend lots of time with him. He will really love that! He is a little shy around new men, but once he knows them, hr is their forever friend. Guiness loves rolling in the grass so the volunteers at Heartland rub his belly. He enjoys his walks very much. Please come to Heartland to play with Guinness. You are sure yo have fun!"

Heartland Animal Shelter is located at
2975 Milwaukee Ave. Northbrook, IL. 60062
Phone: 847-296-6400
Fax: 847-296-4198

Hours: Mon. & Wed. Closed
Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 4pm-7pm
Sat & Sun: Noon-4pm

Adopt-a-Pet by Leasing Co. State/City

Adopt a Pet


#### Press Release #############################

GreatAmerica May Get Stevie Award

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- The American Business Awards has announced that GreatAmerica has been selected as one of 8 finalists for a Stevie Award in the Best Overall Company of the Year category for companies under 2,500 employees. The award focuses on specific accomplishments and performances against industry norms.

More than 2,700 entries from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted for consideration in more than 40 categories.

“This recognition is an honor and a testament to the hard work of each of our team members at GreatAmerica,” said Tony Golobic, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “Their relentless pursuit of our vision to reach the highest standards of excellence in everything we do has enabled us to celebrate the achievements and success we have today.”

The American Business Awards are the nation's premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit entries -- public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. Finalists were chosen by business professionals nationwide during preliminary judging in April and May. This year's Stevie Award winners will be announced during the annual gala on Monday, June 21 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City.


Stevie Awards are conforred in four programs: The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide.


The Company was originally incorporated in Michigan in 1990 and renamed itself GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation when it moved to its headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1992. GreatAmerica is a national commercial equipment finance company dedicated to helping manufacturers, vendors, and dealers be more successful and keep their customers for a lifetime. GreatAmerica provides financing and consulting services in all fifty states and some U.S. Territories. GreatAmerica has a staff of over 300 employees with offices in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Missouri.

The Secret of Our Succes
by Tony Golobic, GreatAmerica Leasing



News Briefs----

Asian Markets Mostly Higher

GE Sidesteps GE Capital Regulations

Questions to Ask Your Equipment Leasing Company

Despite bank failures, Georgia sheds bank examiners

AOL turns 25

Ailing Rocker Bret Michaels Wins "Celebrity Apprentice"

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Mark Purdy: Sharks will carry scars from playoff sweep

“Gimme that Wine”

Savennières, a Demanding Wine Worth the Work--by Eric Asimov

World's largest Bordeaux wine store opens in Paris

Bronco's Fred Franzia Speaks out on Farm Workers and Immigration

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Winery Atlas\

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


Today in History

1844-The first US Telegraph line was formally opened between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Samuel F.B. Morse sent the first officially telegraphed words "What hath God wrought?" from the Capitol Building to Baltimore. Earlier messages had been sent along the historic line during testing, and one sent May 1, contained the news that Henry Clay had been nominated as president by the Whig party, from a meeting in Baltimore. The message reached Washington one hour prior to a train carrying the same news.


This Day in American History

    1607 - Captain Christopher Newport and 105 followers founded the colony of Jamestown on the mouth of the James River in Virginia. They had left England with 144 members, 39 died on the way over. The colony was near the large Indian village of Werowocomoco, home of Pocahontas, the daughter Powhatan, an Algonquin chief. In 2003 archeologists believed that they had found the site of the village.
    1624 - After years of unprofitable operation, Virginia's charter was revoked and it became a royal colony.
    1764 - Bostonian lawyer James Otis denounced "taxation without representation" and called for the colonies to unite in demonstrating their opposition to Britain's new tax measures.
    1816-birthday of Emanuel Leutze, obscure itinerant painter, born at Wurttemberg, Germany, came to the US when he was nine years old, began painting by age 15. Painted some of the most famous of American scenes, such as “Washington Crossing the Delaware, “ Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth” and Columbus Before the Queen.” Died July 18,1868, at Washington, DC. Painting all by his imagination. “Washington did indeed cross the Delaware, but not in the dramatic and elegant style depicted in Emanuel Leutze's famous painting, “as stated in Richard Shenkman's “Legends, Lies & Cherished Myths of American History.” “Washington probably wasn't standing, or course; that would have been, as one writer plainly put it, “stupid.” And Washington probably wasn't quite as impassive as Leutze portrays him(One is reminded of all those pictures which show Washington quietly atop his horse with bullets whirring speedily round him. As one critic commented, at times, his horse seems more active than the general himself.) Furthermore, the American flag probably wasn't flying; while the flay was in existence at this time, it hadn't been yet adopted by Congress ( and there were many versions ),. Finally, Washington's boat probably wasn't filled to capacity; there wouldn't have been any need for crowding. Boats there were aplenty; it was men who were in short supply.” Historian Ann Hawks Hutton contends that Leutze, a German, painted the picture primarily to stir up Germans. Leutze, she says, hoped that bye celebrating the American Revolution, he could help bring about revolution in Germany, where he painted the picture. He had returned to Germany where he painted many of these pictures where the conservative governments had recently crushed the Revolution of 1848.
    1749--birthday of James Peale, American portrait and miniature painter
( painted portraits of George and Martha Washington and General Sir Thomas Shirley)
Died May 24,1831, Philadelphia, PA.
    1844-The first US Telegraph line was formally opened between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Samuel F.B. Morse sent the first officially telegraphed words "What hath God wrought?" from the Capitol Building to Baltimore. Earlier messages had been sent along the historic line during testing, and one sent May 1, contained the news that Henry Clay had been nominated as president by the Whig party, from a meeting in Baltimore. The message reached Washington one hour prior to a train carrying the same news.
    1862-the Union Army made use of the new communication device call the telegraphy. The first use was in the Peninsula campaign, when a wire several miles long extended from the headquarters of General George Brinton McClellan near Williamsport, VA, to an advance guard at Mechancsville, VA, commanded by General George Stoneman, chief of cavalry in the Army of the Potomac. McClellan was an idiot and had no idea what he was doing and the telegraph seemed to confuse the cavalry even more, who were used to moving quickly, responding to events, but laying down wire and waiting for instructions due to the reliance on this telegraph invention, cost many Union lives. The cavalry once mobile, waited to hear orders from McClellan, who was out to lunch.
    1869-the first exploration of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado by a white man was made by Major John Wesley Power, above the head of the Colorado River, emerging on August 29 with five of the nine men who had started with him. The Grand Canyon had been observed by Spanish explorers in 1540 and described by the Sitgreaves expedition in 1851.
    1883- nearly 14 years in construction, the $16 million Brooklyn Bridge over the East River opened. Designed by John A. Roebling, the steel suspension bridge has a span of 1,595 feet.
    1889—the Johnstown Flood, actually occurring on May 31 st , but this week the Johnstown Flood Museum, Johnston,PA recreates the catastrophe in which 2,209 people died, tens of thousands were left homeless and a prospering city was left a wasteland. The Johnstown Flood” documentary, winner of Best Documentary Short Subject in 1898, will be shown hourly.
    1893-The anti-Saloon League was founded by Howard H. Russell at Oberlin, OH. Efforts in that state were so successful that the Anti-Saloon League of America was organized in 1895. The League's permanent home become Otterbein College at Westerville,OH, in 1909. The ban on alcohol products, called the Prohibition Era, actually worked. There were less deaths by alcohol recorded at hospitals, less drunk drivers, and statistic record a major decline in drinking.
The crime empires of Al Capone and others in this era were established before prohibition. Incidentally, there were many country clubs and night clubs who had a large legal supply, as the law was against production and did not apply to what was already purchased and stored.
    1918-The Croix de Guerre was award to African-American in the American Army, Private Henry Johnson, 369 th Infantry, 93 rd Division, with the following citation: “Being on double sentry duty at night, was attacked by twelve Germans. He shot one and seriously wounded two others with his bayonet. Even though he had been three times sounded at the beginning of the action by revolver bullets and grenades, he went to the assistance of his wounded comrade, who was about to be carried off by the enemy, and continued the combat until the put the Germans to flight. It was a splendid example of courage and energy.”
    1928-In a game between the Philadelphia Athletics and the New York Yankees, 13 future members of the Baseball Hall of Fame took the field. Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Mickey Cochrane, Al Simmons, Eddie Collins Lefty Grove and Jimmie Foxx played for the Athletics. Earle Combs, Leo Durocher, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzeri and Waite Hoyt played for the Yankees. In addition, the two managers: Connie Mack and Miller Huggins, are also Hall of Famers.
    1930-- Babe Ruth homers in both games of a doubleheader, giving him 9 in one week.
    1933 -- Jimmie Rodgers, knowing he only has a few days left to live, records 12 of the 24 songs for his last album. "Tea for Texass, Tea for Thelma, Tea for Ice-Tea, gonna be the death of me..."— Jimmie Rodgers (1897 - 1933)
    1933-- Michael White birthday (Jazz violinist, often plays with John Handy, my late father's favorite modern jazz group, who he met when they were both teaching at San Francisco State College).
    1933 -- Jimmie Rodgers, knowing he only has a few days left to live, records 12 of the 24 songs for his last album.
"Tea for Texass, Tea for Thelma, Tea for Ice-Tea, gonna be the death of me..."
— Jimmie Rodgers (1897 - 1933)
    1935- the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 2—1, as more than 20,000 fans enjoyed the first night baseball game in the major leagues. The game was played at Crosley Field, Cincinnati, OH. By the way, the game was to have been previously held the night before, but rain cancelled the event.
    1938—birthday of singer Prince Buster, Kinston, Jamaica
    1941 - The German battleship Bismarck sank the British dreadnought HMS Hood in the North Atlantic. 1416 died with only three survivors. CGC Modoc sighted the German battleship SMS Bismarck while the cutter searched for survivors of a convoy southeast of Cape Farewell, Greenland. British Swordfish torpedo planes from the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Victorious circled Modoc as they flew towards the German battleship's position. The Modoc's crew then spotted the flashes caused by anti-aircraft fire from the Bismarck and then sighted British warships on the opposite horizon. The cutter then maneuvered to avoid contact with any of the warships and managed to steam out of the area unscathed.
    1941 – birthday of Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) , born Duluth, MN. (Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter: Gotta Serve Somebody [1980]; Like a Rolling Stone, Lay Lady Lay, Positively 4th Street, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Hurricane [Part 1]; actor: Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Renaldo and Clara [w/Joan Baez]; inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [1988]; received Grammy's Lifetime Achievement Award [1991]; 1991 Golden Globe and Academy Award for song "Things Have Changed" from 2000 film "Wonder Boys")
    1944 - Patti LaBelle (Patricia Holt) is born in Philadelphia. She sings with Patti LaBelle & the Blue Belles (later shortened to LaBelle), which has the No. 1 hit "Lady Marmalade." The singer's solo career takes off in the 1980s and she has a No. 1 duet, "On My Own," in 1986 with Michael MacDonald.
    1944---Top Hits
Long Ago and Far Away - Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes
San Fernando Valley - Bing Crosby
I'll Get By - The Harry James Orchestra (vocal: Dick Haymes)
Straighten Up and Fly Right - King Cole Trio
    1944--ANTOLAK, SYLVESTER Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company B, 15th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy, 24 May 1944. Entered service at: St. Clairsville, Ohio. Birth: St. Clairsville, Ohio. G.O. No.: 89, 19 October 1945. Citation: Near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy, he charged 200 yards over flat, coverless terrain to destroy an enemy machinegun nest during the second day of the offensive which broke through the German cordon of steel around the Anzio beachhead. Fully 30 yards in advance of his squad, he ran into withering enemy machinegun, machine-pistol and rifle fire. Three times he was struck by bullets and knocked to the ground, but each time he struggled to his feet to continue his relentless advance. With one shoulder deeply gashed and his right arm shattered, he continued to rush directly into the enemy fire concentration with his submachine gun wedged under his uninjured arm until within 15 yards of the enemy strong point, where he opened fire at deadly close range, killing 2 Germans and forcing the remaining 10 to surrender. He reorganized his men and, refusing to seek medical attention so badly needed, chose to lead the way toward another strong point 100 yards distant. Utterly disregarding the hail of bullets concentrated upon him, he had stormed ahead nearly three-fourths of the space between strong points when he was instantly killed by hostile enemy fire. Inspired by his example, his squad went on to overwhelm the enemy troops. By his supreme sacrifice, superb fighting courage, and heroic devotion to the attack, Sgt. Antolak was directly responsible for eliminating 20 Germans, capturing an enemy machinegun, and clearing the path for his company to advance.
    1944--MILLS, JAMES H. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Army, Company F, 15th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy, 24 May 1944. Entered service at: Fort Meade, Fla. Birth: Fort Meade, Fla. G.O. No.: 87, 14 November 1944. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Pvt. Mills, undergoing his baptism of fire, preceded his platoon down a draw to reach a position from which an attack could be launched against a heavily fortified strongpoint. After advancing about 300 yards, Pvt. Mills was fired on by a machinegun only S yards distant. He killed the gunner with 1 shot and forced the surrender of the assistant gunner. Continuing his advance, he saw a German soldier in a camouflaged position behind a large bush pulling the pin of a potato-masher grenade. Covering the German with his rifle, Pvt. Mills forced him to drop the grenade and captured him. When another enemy soldier attempted to throw a hand grenade into the draw, Pvt. Mills killed him with 1 shot. Brought under fire by a machinegun, 2 machine pistols, and 3 rifles at a range of only 50 feet, he charged headlong into the furious chain of automatic fire shooting his M 1 from the hip. The enemy was completely demoralized by Pvt. Mills' daring charge, and when he reached a point within 10 feet of their position, all 6 surrendered. As he neared the end of the draw, Pvt. Mills was brought under fire by a machine gunner 20 yards distant. Despite the fact that he had absolutely no cover, Pvt. Mills killed the gunner with 1 shot. Two enemy soldiers near the machinegunner fired wildly at Pvt. Mills and then fled. Pvt. Mills fired twice, killing 1 of the enemy. Continuing on to the position, he captured a fourth soldier. When it became apparent that an assault on the strongpoint would in all probability cause heavy casualties on the platoon, Pvt. Mills volunteered to cover the advance down a shallow ditch to a point within 50 yards of the objective. Standing on the bank in full view of the enemy less than 100 yards away, he shouted and fired his rifle directly into the position. His ruse worked exactly as planned. The enemy centered his fire on Pvt. Mills. Tracers passed within inches of his body, rifle and machine pistol bullets ricocheted off the rocks at his feet. Yet he stood there firing until his rifle was empty. Intent on covering the movement of his platoon, Pvt. Mills jumped into the draw, reloaded his weapon, climbed out again, and continued to lay down a base of fire. Repeating this action 4 times, he enabled his platoon to reach the designated spot undiscovered, from which position it assaulted and overwhelmed the enemy, capturing 22 Germans and taking the objective without casualties.
    1944--SCHAUER, HENRY Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, 3d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy, 23-24 May 1944. Entered service at: Scobey, Mont. Born: 9 October 1918, Clinton, Okla. G.O. No.: 83, 27 October 1944. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. On 23 May 1944, at 12 noon, Pfc. (now T/Sgt.) Schauer left the cover of a ditch to engage 4 German snipers who opened fire on the patrol from its rear. Standing erect he walked deliberately 30 yards toward the enemy, stopped amid the fire from 4 rifles centered on him, and with 4 bursts from his BAR, each at a different range, killed all of the snipers. Catching sight of a fifth sniper waiting for the patrol behind a house chimney, Pfc. Schauer brought him down with another burst. Shortly after, when a heavy enemy artillery concentration and 2 machineguns temporarily halted the patrol, Pfc. Schauer again left cover to engage the enemy weapons single-handed. While shells exploded within 15 yards, showering dirt over him, and strings of grazing German tracer bullets whipped past him at chest level, Pfc. Schauer knelt, killed the 2 gunners of the machinegun only 60 yards from him with a single burst from his BAR, and crumpled 2 other enemy soldiers who ran to man the gun. Inserting a fresh magazine in his BAR, Pfc. Schauer shifted his body to fire at the other weapon 500 yards distant and emptied his weapon into the enemy crew, killing all 4 Germans. Next morning, when shells from a German Mark VI tank and a machinegun only 100 yards distant again forced the patrol to seek cover, Pfc. Schauer crawled toward the enemy machinegun. stood upright only 80 yards from the weapon as its bullets cut the surrounding ground, and 4 tank shells fired directly at him burst within 20 yards. Raising his BAR to his shoulder, Pfc. Schauer killed the 4 members of the German machinegun crew with 1 burst of fire.
    1945- Food-O-Mat was installed in the Grand Union Company store in Carlstadt, NF. It was invented by Lansing Peter Shield. The patented merchandise display fixture operated on a gravity-fee, rear-load principle. Stockmen working behind the unit placed cans, jars, and packages on inclined runways with the labels upright The items reached the shopper with the brand name uppermost. As the customer picked out an item, another slid in place by gravity.
    1950 - ‘Sweetwater' (Nat) Clifton's contract was purchased by the New York Knicks. Sweetwater played for the Harlem Globetrotters. He was the first African-American player in the NBA.
    1952---Top Hits
Kiss of Fire - Georgia Gibbs
Blue Tango - The Leroy Anderson Orchestra
Be Anything - Eddy Howard
The Wild Side of Life - Hank Thompson
    1953 - A previously unknown actor, Rod Steiger, starred in "Marty" on the "Goodyear Playhouse". Paddy Chayefsky wrote the original TV play and then adapted it for the Oscar-winning film,+Rod
    1955 - Rosanne Cash is born, the daughter of Johnny Cash and Vivian Liberto. Among her numerous No. 1 country singles are "My Baby Thinks He's a Train" and "Blue Moon with Heartache."
    1960---Top Hits
Cathy's Clown - The Everly Brothers
Good Timin' - Jimmy Jones
Cradle of Love - Johnny Preston
Please Help Me, I'm Falling - Hank Locklin
    1962- Aurora 7 Mercury Space Capsule. With this launch Scott Carpenter became the second American to orbit Earth, circling it three times.
    1964-The Beatles' 3rd appearance on Ed Sullivan
    1964 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Love Me Do," The Beatles.
    1966- Leontyne Price, world renowned opera singer, opens Metropolitan
Opera Season
    1968---Top Hits
Tighten Up - Archie Bell & The Drells
Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel
A Beautiful Morning - The Rascals
I Wanna Live - Glen Campbell
    1968 -- Charlie Musselwhite & Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks appear at the Straight Theatre in San Francisco.
    1969 - The Beatles hit number one with "Get Back". The song was at the top for over five weeks. The song featured an organ solo by Billy Preston, who became the only non-group member ever credited on a Beatles single.
    1969 -- Haight-Ashbury Festival in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle, San Francisco.
    1969-BONDSTEEL, JAMES LEROY Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company A, 2d Battalion, 2d Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Place and date: An Loc Province, Republic of Vietnam, 24 May 1969. Entered service at: Detroit, Mich. Born: 18 July 1947, Jackson, Mich. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. S/Sgt. Bondsteel distinguished himself while serving as a platoon sergeant with Company A, near the village of Lang Sau. Company A was directed to assist a friendly unit which was endangered by intense fire from a North Vietnamese Battalion located in a heavily fortified base camp. S/Sgt. Bondsteel quickly organized the men of his platoon into effective combat teams and spearheaded the attack by destroying 4 enemy occupied bunkers. He then raced some 200 meters under heavy enemy fire to reach an adjoining platoon which had begun to falter. After rallying this unit and assisting their wounded, S/Sgt. Bondsteel returned to his own sector with critically needed munitions. Without pausing he moved to the forefront and destroyed 4 enemy occupied bunkers and a machine gun which had threatened his advancing platoon. Although painfully wounded by an enemy grenade, S/Sgt. Bondsteel refused medical attention and continued his assault by neutralizing 2 more enemy bunkers nearby. While searching one of these emplacements S/Sgt. Bondsteel narrowly escaped death when an enemy soldier detonated a grenade at close range. Shortly thereafter, he ran to the aid of a severely wounded officer and struck down an enemy soldier who was threatening the officer's life. S/Sgt. Bondsteel then continued to rally his men and led them through the entrenched enemy until his company was relieved. His exemplary leadership and great personal courage throughout the 4-hour battle ensured the success of his own and nearby units, and resulted in the saving of numerous lives of his fellow soldiers. By individual acts of bravery he destroyed 10 enemy bunkers and accounted for a large toll of the enemy, including 2 key enemy commanders. His extraordinary heroism at the risk of his life was in the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit, and the U.S. Army.
    1970-ROCCO, LOUIS R.
Rank and organization: Warrant Officer (then Sergeant First Class), U.S. Army, Advisory Team 162, U.S. Military Assistance Command. Place and date: Northeast of Katum, Republic of Vietnam, 24 May 1970. Entered service at: Los Angeles, Calif. Born: 19 November 1938, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Citation: WO Rocco distinguished himself when he volunteered to accompany a medical evacuation team on an urgent mission to evacuate 8 critically wounded Army of the Republic of Vietnam personnel. As the helicopter approached the landing zone, it became the target for intense enemy automatic weapons fire. Disregarding his own safety, WO Rocco identified and placed accurate suppressive fire on the enemy positions as the aircraft descended toward the landing zone. Sustaining major damage from the enemy fire, the aircraft was forced to crash land, causing WO Rocco to sustain a fractured wrist and hip and a severely bruised back. Ignoring his injuries, he extracted the survivors from the burning wreckage, sustaining burns to his own body. Despite intense enemy fire, WO Rocco carried each unconscious man across approximately 20 meters of exposed terrain to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam perimeter. On each trip, his severely burned hands and broken wrist caused excruciating pain, but the lives of the unconscious crash survivors were more important than his personal discomfort, and he continued his rescue efforts. Once inside the friendly position, WO Rocco helped administer first aid to his wounded comrades until his wounds and burns caused him to collapse and lose consciousness. His bravery under fire and intense devotion to duty were directly responsible for saving 3 of his fellow soldiers from certain death. His unparalleled bravery in the face of enemy fire, his complete disregard for his own pain and injuries, and his performance were far above and beyond the call of duty and were in keeping with the highest traditions of self-sacrifice and courage of the military service.
    1970-New Musical Express reports the Beatles' "Let it Be" has set a new record for intial U.S. sales, with 3.7 million advance orders. The album goes gold within days of its release.
    1972-the method of determining won-lost percentage changed in the NFL. Tie games, previously not counted in the standings, were made equal to a half-game won and a half-game lost.
    1974 – The last “Dean Martin “ TV show as broadcast. It lasted nine years with little or no rehearsal time with its star, who ironically said he was looking forward to not working so hard and going back to Las Vegas, the town that he loved. He returned to television, hosting Celebrity Roasts.
    1975-For the second show in a row, the Beach Boys, on tour with Chicago, literally have the place jumping. The second level at the Oakland Coliseum is noticeable shaking in footage taken by a local news crew; the concert the day before at Anaheim Stadium caused the mezzanine to vibrate as much as eighteen inches.
    1975 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Shining Star," Earth, Wind & Fire.
    1976---Top Hits
Silly Love Songs - Wings
Love Hangover - Diana Ross
Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Elvin Bishop
After All the Good is Gone - Conway Twitty
    1981-Bobby Unser finished first in the Indianapolis 500, but after the race was over, the stewards penalized him one lap for passing cars illegally under the yellow caution flag. The penalty vaulted Mario Andretti into first place, but Unser, and Roger Penske, owner of Unser's car, appealed the stewards' decision to the United States auto Club. Four months later, USAC ruled that Unser was guilty but that the punishment was too severe. The lap penalty was replaced by a $40,000 fine, and Unser recovered the championship.
    1982-A benefit concert for the Vietnam Veterans Project is held in San Francisco's Moscone Center, where the Jefferson Starship, Grateful Dead, Boz Scaggs and Country Joe McDonald appear. They raise about $175,000.
    1984---Top Hits
Hello - Lionel Richie
Let's Hear It for the Boy - Deniece Williams
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
To All the Girls I've Loved Before - Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson
    1984 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Let's Hear It for the Boy," Deniece Williams. The song is featured in the film "Footloose." Williams is a member of Stevie Wonder's backup group, Wonderlove, from 1972-75.
    1986 – The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Calgary Flames, 4-3, to win the Stanley Cup, four games to one. For the Canadiens, it was their 23 rd title, putting them one major-league championship ahead of the New York Yankees and their 22 world Series titles. Montreal won another Stanley Cup in 1993.
    1986 - Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All” climbed to the top and stayed there for three weeks.
    1988 - Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the southeastern U.S. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 88 mph at Columbia, NC. Baseball size hail was reported near Tifton GA.
    1990 - Severe thunderstorms spawned two dozen tornadoes from Montana to Oklahoma. Four tornadoes carved a 109-mile path across central Kansas. The third of the four tornadoes blew 88 cars of an 125-car train off the track, stacking them three to four cars high in some cases, and the fourth tornado caused 3.9 million dollars damage. The third tornado injured six persons who were trying to escape in vehicles. A woman was "sucked out" of a truck and said that at one time she was "airborne, trying to run but my feet wouldn't touch the ground". She also saw a live deer "flying through the air"
    1994---Top Hits
I Swear- All-4-One
I'll Remember (From "With Honors")- Madonna
The Sign- Ace Of Base
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World-The Artist
    1994- In a game against Milwaukee, Cal Ripken hits his 300th career home run.
    1998 - The first Native American Music Awards take place at the Fox Theater at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn. The show is hosted by Wayne Newton, and presenters include Joe Walsh, Bruce Cockburn, Richie Havens and John Trudell. Lifetime achievement awards go to Robbie Robertson and Frederick Whiteface.
    1998 - In an official ceremony backstage prior to Van Halen's show at the CoreStates Spectrum, Philadelphia mayor Ed Rendell proclaims May 24th Van Halen Day in Philadelphia. Each member of the band is given a personalized replica of the Liberty Bell.
    1999---Top Hits
Livin La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin
No Scrubs- TLC
Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer
Fortunate- Maxwell
    2000- Shawn Estes pitches a seven-hitter and becomes the first Giants pitcher in 51 years (Monte Kennedy-1949) to hit a grand slam en route to handing the Expos their worst defeat in franchise history, 18-0. The San Bernardino native just misses joining Tony Cloninger as the only major league pitcher to hit two slams in a game.
    2000- Mark McGwire becomes the fastest player to hit 20 home runs in one season reaching the mark in 35 games, six less than Mickey Mantle (1956) and his own record (1998).
    2000- Sixteen Dodgers' players and three coaches are suspended by the commissioner's office for going into the stands during the Wrigley Field scuffle with fans on May 16. The suspensions totaling 60 games for players and 24 games for coaches is the harshest penalty ever handed down by major league baseball.
    2001 -Cincinnati is shut out as Cubs' starter Jon Lieber one-hits the Reds, 3-0. The span of 208 of games without being blanked establishes a new National League record with the 1931-33 Yankees (308) and the 1978-79 Milwaukee Brewers (212) being the only teams with longer streaks.

Stanley Cup Champions This Date

    1980 New York Islanders
    1986 Montreal Canadiens
    1990 Edmonton Oilers


I Should Tell You This

A poem by Barry Marks, well-known in the equipment leasing and finance community as an attorney, former president of the Alabama State Poetry Society. It is to his wife Allison, who just had their child, Noah:

On the morning after the night
I fell in love with you. I woke
and thought I heard an owl,
the first since I moved in-town,
since the electrical fire
claimed my house
and the other fire claimed my marriage.

Perhaps he was just trying to panic
some mouse or squirrel form its hiding place,
to bring it into the surrendering dark,
claim its life and bar it away form itself.

Perhaps he was calling to a mate
real, imagined or departed.

Most likely, he was chanting his own name,
in the joy and fullness of his being,
singing his name against the sun,
who was blazing its name
against the moon, who
retreating gracefully,
was whispering its name against the hours.
And I thought

This is how we love-
we find something so beautiful
it astonishes us.

We grasps it and clutch it so tightly as
to cleave it to use and hope
it doe snot break.

we press against it our lives,
our joys, our ugliness,
the heat and talons and small graces,
the appetites and sorrows that
we know of ourselves. we push
and pray that ideas not let us go.

---Allison 2/14/03

This is from the Alabama State Poetry Society “This Is Nothing Oppressive As a Good Man” –
A Collection of Poetry by Barry S. Marks




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