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Friday, September 14, 2012

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

IFC Credit Trustee, Northfield, Illinois
  Bulletin Board Complaint
   Classified Ads---Asset Management
 FirstMerit to Acquire Citizens Republic
  --Leasing and Finance to Expand
   Credit unions in the business of making business loans
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
     Placard---My Car is a Status Symbol
  American Companies with the Most Cash
   Wall St 24/7
 Deposit growth outpaces lending at US banks
   By Harish Mali, SNL Financial
    FDIC National Survey "Unbanked and Underbanked"
Green Fees Held Not Be Collateral
 of Bank's Real Estate Loan
  By Tom McCurnin
   Leasing Conferences---Monday Last Day Hotel Rate ELFA
     Mastiff Puppy
     Akron, Ohio Adopt-a-Dog
 Chicken with Plums/The Expendables
  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel/Do-Deca-Pentahlon/Police
   ---Movie/DVD Reviews by Fernando
    Open Positions at Leasing Funders/Various Locations
News Briefs
 Fed Ties New Aid to Jobs Recovery in Forceful Move
  To Complete Offering, Element President Buys Additional Stock
    Mortgage rates remain quiet before the Fed
     CIT Global Vendor Finance Announces e-QuiportalTM Suite of Services
      Change in Apple iPhone 5 dock connector irks consumers
        Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination
         'America's Got Talent' crowns Season 7 winner
          New York OKs nation's first ban on super-sized sugary drinks
           Simon Cowell's 'X Factor' ratings plunge 32% in Season 2 premiere
             Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years

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IFC Credit Trustee, Northfield, Illinois
Bulletin Board Complaint
by Christopher Menkin

There have not only been many complaints published in Leasing News about IFC Credit not returning advance rentals, paying vendors, but difficulties now with the bankruptcy trustee and others primarily regarding residuals; some with a $1.00 purchase option but paperwork disappeared from the banks or trustee collecting, as well as Evergreen clauses that IFC was abusing.

This matter involves Diamond Logistics, Inc., 745 N. Wilson Road, Columbus, Ohio 43204, whose IFC Credit lease was being collected by the original lender, Co-Active Partners as assigned by the IFC Bankruptcy Trustee with a $1.00 purchase option. At the time, Co-Active sent a check of $2,351.00 to the lessee for overpayment, as they had noted in receiving the account and noted the rights of the lease were with the IFC Credit trustee.

March 22, 2011 Diamond Logistics attorney sent a letter to the Chapter 7 Trustee with a certified check of $1.00 for the purchase option.

Nevertheless, the agent for "The Chapter 7 Trustee for the Estate of IFC Credit Corporation" invoked the Evergreen Clause on July 17, 2012 for past due payments and late charges.

After not being able to reach parties by telephone, the attorney wrote on August 30:

“1. Please see the enclosed cancellation sent in March of 2011 (Exhibit 2).
2. Am I correct that Evergreen clauses in Illinois to be effective, when involving a "consumer", meaning a personal guarantee or proprietorship, require notification prior to the end of the original term, per 815 ILCS 601, effective January 12, 2005? (Exhibit 3) Diamond did not receive any written notice prior to end of term (Exhibit 4). Please see personal guarantee of Mr. Ervin Douglass (Exhibit 5).
3. IFC's ongoing billing states that it is for "rental payments". Please provide to me a copy of the documents that show that Co-Activ Capital Partners did not take over the monthly payments. In my understanding through discussions with Dennis Miller of Co-Active Capital Partners, that the monthly payments were taken over by Co-Activ Capital Partners and only the "buyout and property tax" portion of the account was retained by IFC Credit. I have also enclosed documents from Co-Activ showing that the monthly payments have all been made, and even some funds were returned because of overpayment (Exhibit 6).
4. Please also see additional issues in Diamond Logistics' verified statement.”

Leasing News has never been able to receive a reply or information from the Bankruptcy Trustee office.

Illinois Evergreen Clause Law

Affidavit plus Co-Active letter
(Note check not copied as should not be allowed to be reproduced by unauthorized user)


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FirstMerit to Acquire Citizens Republic
Leasing and Finance to Expand

FirstMerit Corp (Nasdaq:FMER), Akron, Ohio, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Citizens Republic Bancorp Inc. (Nasdaq: CRBC) of Flint, Mich., in a stock transaction valued at $912 million.

In the joint announcement the companies stated the transaction "...creates a unique, contiguous Midwest banking franchise, expanding FirstMerit's footprint into Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as strengthening its presence in Northeast Ohio.”

Tim Evans, President of FirstMerit Equipment Finance & Lease said his division is “absolutely in the expansion mode, expanding to service bank customers and other prospects.” He noted they do not accept indirect business and his team of eleven works what he calls the “big ten states,” primarily marketing at this time in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.”

Upon completion of the transaction if the bank stock, the combined company will have $24 billion in total assets, $15 billion in loans, $19 billion in deposits, 415 branches and 452 ATMs. It will employ more than 5,000 workers across the five contiguous states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


Paul G. Greig
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

“We are excited to bring FirstMerit to new customers and communities throughout Michigan and Wisconsin,” said Paul G. Greig, chairman, president and CEO of FirstMerit, in a statement. “With a five-state reach that will extend from Western Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, FirstMerit looks to become the bank of choice among businesses and individuals across the upper Midwest.”

Mr. Greig, who will continue as chairman, president and CEO of the combined company, has experience in Wisconsin, where he was president and CEO of the Wisconsin market for Bank One and Chase from 1999 to 2005.




Credit unions in the business of making business loans

By Kiah Lau Haslett and David Hayes
SNL Financial

Business lending is an increasingly popular and important part of credit unions' lending portfolio as consumer lending remains tepid, despite regulations meant to limit the practice.

The loans make up a small fraction of the total loan portfolio at U.S. credit unions, but the number of credit unions offering such services and the percent of business loans in loan portfolios has steadily increased, even during the recession.

Business lending as a percentage of total loans at credit unions has increased 53.1% since 2006. Despite the increase, business loans make up a tiny amount of the industry's total loans, constituting 5.94% of total loans in the second quarter, according to SNL data, and the aggregate amount lent has leveled off. Total loans were $27.48 billion in 2006, increasing to $40.53 billion in 2009 despite the recession. But since 2009, the amount has fluctuated, dipping to $38.58 billion in 2010 and again increasing to $41.64 billion in the second quarter.

One factor driving the increase in business lending has been the low demand in consumer lending at credit unions, coupled with growing investment or securities portfolios, said Mike Schenk, vice president of economics and statistics at the Credit Union National Association, an advocacy group.

"We see strong growth in the [member business lending] portfolios, but as a percentage of the overall loan portfolio, it still represents a small share of total loans that we make," he said.

The number of credit unions offering business lending has also been on the rise, aided partially by industry consolidation eliminating smaller credit unions that did not offer the service, he said. At the end of 2007, 2,083 credit unions offered member business lending, increasing 7.3% to 2,235 credit unions at the end of June 2012, according to SNL data.

A business lending cap was imposed on credit unions in 1998, limiting business loans to 12.25% of total assets. Exceptions and exemptions apply, including Small Business Administration loans and loans less than $50,000, and some credit unions with a history in business lending were also grandfathered into the provision. Additionally, credit unions that qualify for a low-income designation are exempt from the cap, though the majority of credit unions with that distinction tend not to take advantage of the provision. The cap has been a source of contention between banks and credit unions as the industry has repeatedly tried to raise or remove it entirely. A Senate vote on the issue was delayed in April. Schenk attributed the level-off in total amounts to the concern some institutions have about nearing the lending cap, actively managing their portfolios to remain under it, he said.

Despite the fight in Washington and continuing challenging economic conditions, some credit unions remain active business lenders. Melrose Credit Union is the "number one taxi medallion lender in New York City," said Robert Nemeroff, director of marketing and public affairs. The state-chartered credit union in Briarwood, N.Y., has $1.75 billion in assets and $1.37 billion in total business loans for the second quarter, making it the largest credit union business lender according to SNL data. Melrose is in an immigrant-based section of the Bronx, and many of its members drive taxis. Making medallion loans over the years has helped Melrose become an expert in the industry. The credit union also does SBA lending, which constitutes 25% to 50% of the business lending portfolio and is not subject to the cap, Nemeroff said. The business loan portfolio performs "very well," he said, and the business services department scrutinizes borrowers on a regular basis, contacting them at least once a month.

Business loans increased 115.3% between 2006 and 2011 and made up 87.14% of total loans and leases for the second quarter. Nemeroff said the credit union is not subject to the lending cap because it is state-regulated. The performance of the business loan portfolio may have helped it top SNL's list of most profitable credit unions, which ranked six core financial performance metrics looking at profitability, asset quality and growth for the 12-month period, ended March 31. Melrose grew its loan book year over year since 1995, the earliest year for which SNL has data, and it has experienced positive net worth growth each year over the same period.

State Employees' Credit Union, the second-largest credit union with about $25.1 billion in total assets, has considered entering member business services for the last 18 months, said Spencer Scarboro, senior vice president of loan originations. The credit union focuses on consumer lending with an emphasis on mortgages; the business services venture would begin with deposit and checking accounts and could possibly add a financing element later. The consideration is a result of increased demand from members' families.

"It's something we've studied. We just haven't felt comfortable enough to jump right in but as the economy begins to improve and there's need to finance new businesses, we would probably continue to look at that — it's maybe something we're doing a year from now," Scarboro said.

SECU is the sixth-largest business lender for credit unions despite not doing any "business" lending, because mortgages secured by rental properties are considered business loans by the regulator. SECU had $455.3 million in these loans as of June 30, according to SNL data.

To view a template detailing multiple financial metrics including business loans for credit unions, click here.



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General Legal Counsel
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American Companies with the Most Cash
Wall St 24/7

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT)
Cash and short-term investments: $62.04 billion
LTM revenue: $73.72 million
LTM earnings: $16.98 billion
Market cap: $258.38 billion
Yield: 2.60%

Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO)
Cash and short-term investments: $48.72 billion
LTM revenue: $46.06 billion
LTM earnings: $8.04 billion
Market cap: $102.21 billion
Yield: 2.90%

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)
Cash and short-term investments: $41.72 billion
LTM revenue: $43.16 billion
LTM earnings: $11.11 billion
Market cap: $224.05 billion
Yield: 0%

Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL)
Cash and short-term investments: $30.68 billion
LTM revenue: $37.12 billion
LTM earnings: $9.98 billion
Market cap: $154.53 billion
Yield: 0.70%


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)
Cash and short-term investments: $27.65 billion
LTM revenue: $148.81 billion
LTM earnings: $40.13 billion
Market cap: $623.60 billion
Yield: 1.60%

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE)
Cash and short-term investments: $24.34 billion
LTM revenue: $64.86 billion
LTM earnings: $10.22 billion
Market cap: $178.22 billion
Yield: 3.70%

Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ: AMGN)
Cash and short-term investments: $22.48 billion
LTM revenue: $16.39 billion
LTM earnings: $3.84 billion
Market cap: $64.68 billion
Yield: 1.70%

Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX)
Cash and short-term investments: $21.46 billion
LTM revenue: $230.56 billion
LTM earnings: $26.63 billion
Market cap: $220.07 billion
Yield: 3.20%

WellPoint Inc. (NYSE: WLP)
Cash and short-term investments: $20.31 billion
LTM revenue: $61.54 billion
LTM earnings: $2.52 billion
Market cap: $ 19.47 billion
Yield: 1.90%

Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM)
Cash and short-term investments: $17.80 billion
LTM revenue: $434.82 billion
LTM earnings: $45.10 billion
Market cap: $402.97 billion
Yield: 2.50%

Full Story


Deposit growth outpaces lending at US banks
By Harish Mali, SNL Financial

U.S. banks and thrifts have grown deposits at a faster pace than they have grown loans. The aggregate deposits among FDIC-insured institutions stood at $10.32 trillion at June 30, an increase of 5.7% from the year-ago quarter and 20.4% from the level four years ago. Aggregate loans were $7.51 trillion at June 30, only 2.7% up from the year-ago quarter and down 6% from four years ago.

The ratio of loans to deposits is perhaps the best reflection of lending capacity at banks. Total loans now account for 72.8% of deposits at June 30, compared to 74.9% one year prior and 93.3% four years beforehand, telling the saga of meager lending growth despite low rates and government programs designed to boost lending activity like TARP and the Small Business Lending Fund.

Though the second quarter showed a ray of hope, as aggregate loans at June 30 were up by $10.2 billion at June 30 from the preceding quarter and by $19.7 billion from the year-ago quarter, banks are looking to further boost lending to protect their margins. In the absence of lending growth, banks are stretching their investment portfolios to find additional yield, a recent SNL report showed.

Larger U.S. banks and thrifts had higher loan-to-deposit ratios compared to their smaller peers. The median ratio was the highest for companies with total assets greater than $10 billion, whereas it was the lowest for the small banks with less than $100 million in assets.

Though the ratio has deteriorated for the whole industry since 2008, banks with total assets between $1 billion and $10 billion saw the highest decline in loan-to-deposit ratios. The ratio was down to 79.5% on median basis at June 30, from 96.5% in 2008.

SNL identified banks and thrifts with the lowest loan-to-deposit ratios, the lowest lending growth and the highest deposit growth. The analysis included 598 operating banks and thrifts with total assets greater than $1 billion on a top-tier basis and whose total loans as well as deposits are at least 25% of their total assets at June 30.

Lowest loan-to-deposit level

Twelve of the 15 companies with the lowest level of loans to deposits had total assets between $1 billion to $6 billion. The exceptions were Chicago-based Northern Trust Corp.; Santa Clara, Calif.-based SVB Financial Group; and Houston-based Prosperity Bancshares Inc.

Most of the companies on the list had lower net interest margins than the peers included in the study, and three of them reported a margin of less than 2%.

New York-based SNBNY Holdings Ltd. reported the lowest level of loans to deposits at 37.7%. The bank grew total loans at almost half the pace at which it grew deposits during the 12 months ended June 30. Loans were up 14.6%, while deposits were up 28.9%. Its net interest margin was only 1.8% for the quarter ended June 30. The company has been shrinking its commercial and industrial portfolio, which represents 49.2% of its total loans at June 30, compared to 66.2% in 2008. On the other side, the company has been growing commercial real estate loans, which now account for 40.9% of total loans at June 30, compared to 10.3% in 2008.

Lowest lending growth

On the list of lowest lending growth, all of the banks save one had less than $5 billion in total assets at June 30. New York-based HSBC North America Holdings Inc., a unit of London-based HSBC Holdings Plc, is the only exception, with total assets of $317.5 billion and a lending portfolio of $100.4 billion at June 30. The company had the second-lowest net interest margin of 1.1% at June 30 among the peers included in the study. HSBC has been downsizing U.S. operations recently, with the $32.7 billion sale of its U.S. card business last year.

Midvale, Utah-based Capmark Bank, an industrial bank, tops the list of lowest loan growth due to a steep decline of 70.0% in total loans. Almost two-thirds of its loans were CRE and one- to four-family loans. Its total loans were down to $1.2 billion from $4.1 billion in the year-ago quarter because the bank distributed assets worth $1.55 billion to its parent, Horsham, Pa.-based Capmark Financial Group Inc. in July. With the distribution, Capmark Bank had stockholders equity of approximately $400 million, and its remaining assets consisted primarily of cash. Earlier, Capmark Bank and Capmark Finance LLC sold a portfolio of commercial mortgage loans worth $911 million to Deutsche Bank AG in May, of which about 97% of the loans were owned by Capmark Bank.

Highest deposit growth

The list of banks with highest deposit growth is mainly dominated by some aggressive acquirers and those with high net interest margins compared to their peers in the same group.

Eight of the 15 companies had a net interest margin of greater than 4%, which includes some aggressive acquirers such as McLean, Va.-based Capital One Financial Corp. with the highest margin of 6%. The company acquired Wilmington, Del.-based ING Bank FSB is a megadeal of $9 billion.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Park Sterling Corp. tops the list, as it more than doubled its deposit base during the year ended June 30 with the help of the acquisition of Greenwood, S.C.-based Community Capital Corp. The inorganic growth is likely to continue as it has announced plans to purchase Gastonia, N.C.-based Citizens South Banking Corp.

The list also has some other lenders such as Salt Lake City-based GE Capital Bank; New York-based Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA); Brookline, Mass.-based Brookline Bancorp Inc.; and Los Angeles-based BBCN Bancorp Inc. whose loan-to-deposit ratio was greater than 100% at June 30.


FDIC National Survey "Unbanked and Underbanked"

Conducted every two years, the FDIC most recent survey finds 821,000 more U.S. households have become unbanked since the first survey in 2009, representing a 0.6 percentage point increase. More than half of all unbanked households said they do not have an account because they believe they do not have enough money or that they do not need or want an account. In addition, the report shows that three in ten households nationally do not hold a savings account.

Other key findings of the survey include:

  • 8.2 percent of U.S. households are unbanked. This represents one in 12 households in the nation, or nearly 10 million in total. Approximately 17 million adults live in unbanked households.

  • 20.1 percent of U.S. households are underbanked. This represents one in five households, or 24 million households with 51 million adults.

  • 29.3 percent of households do not have a savings account, while about 10 percent do not have a checking account. About two-thirds of households have both checking and savings accounts.

  • One-quarter of households have used at least one alternative fnancial service (AFS), such as non-bank check cashing or payday loans in the past year, and almost one in ten households have used two or more types of AFS products or services. In all, 12 percent of households used an AFS in the past 30 days, including four in 10 unbanked and underbanked households.


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Green Fees Held Not Be Collateral
of Bank's Real Estate Loan
By Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting

Bank’s Deed of Trust Held To Not Include Green Fees as Collateral

Sometimes transactional lawyers think the world is comprised of round pegs and round holes, and therefore the creditor documents a deal like it would any standard loan.

However, sometimes, a deal defies a standard approach, and someone should really look at it to see if the collateral the bank thinks it is getting is really subject to the loan documents. Here, a bank thought it was getting collateral in the form of green fees, when neither the Deed of Trust nor the Security Agreement directly addressed the issue. The bank’s loan documents missed the mark.

The case of In re Premier Golf Properties, LP 11-07388 (S.D. Cal. 2012) analyzes the grey area between the Bank’s real estate collateral—a golf course—and the monies that make the golf course run—green fees.

Here, the Bank and the Borrower entered into a Deed of Trust which secured the Bank’s $11.5 million dollar loan. The loan documents contained a Deed of Trust and a broad form security agreement which was perfected by a UCC-1. There was nothing special in the loan documents relative to the green fees.

The Borrower filed a Chapter 11, and commenced to use green fees and driving range fees to fund its operation. The Bank objected to the use of those fees because it claimed, they were its cash collateral. The bankruptcy court ruled that the fees were not the Bank’s collateral, as they were not rents, nor intangibles, nor a license to which the Bank held. The 9th Circuit affirmed.

The decision was analyzed on three levels: (1) Were the green fees “rents?” and (2) Were the green fees a “license” which the Bank held? and (3) Were the green fees “intangibles?"

First, although the definition of “rents” now includes hotel revenues, the court reviewed two cases out of Arizona and Colorado which held that green fees while tied to the real property, really were generated by the business (planting, mowing, watering, and maintaining the course), not the land. So the Bank lost on that score.

Second, the Bank argued that the green fees are “proceeds” of intangibles. Intangibles are, by definition, a security interest in the “personal property.” The use of the greens was essentially a license granted by the Borrower to the golf club members and the product of the labor of course maintenance. Since the golf club members held the license, not the Bank, the Bank lost on this issue, too.

Finally, the Bank tried to argue that the green fees were “payment intangibles” but the charging of the green fees was not a credit transaction and therefore not covered under the Bank’s security agreement.

The Court got it right, but the secured creditor might have benefitted from having its lawyers research the perfection of this security interest. This was an $11 million dollar loan and rudimentary research would have picked up the two prior bankruptcy decisions circa 1992 and would have presumably documented the deal right.

Had the lawyers documented the deal as a license, and the Bank’s security agreement and UCC referenced as such, the outcome would have been different.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
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Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
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Court Case:

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32nd Annual Fall Conference
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
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November 14-16
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Mastiff Puppy
Akron, Ohio Adopt-a-Dog

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Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croc

An affecting drama (“Chicken with Plums”) and a rollicking action bonanza (“The Expendables 2”) make for an unlikely double-bill in theaters, while frothy comedy (“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” “The Do-Deca-Pentathlon”) and a hard-hitting French sleeper (“Police”) come to DVD.

In Theaters:

Chicken with Plums (Sony Pictures Classics): Cartoonist-turned-filmmaker Marjane Satrapi follows her acclaimed animated debut (“Persepolis”) with this affecting live-action drama, which she co-directed with Vincent Paronnaud. The superb French actor Mathieu Amauric (“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”) stars as renowned musician Nasser Ali Khan, whose life slips into depression when he’s unable to replace the invaluable violin shattered in the midst of a familial squabble. Unfolding in 1958 in Tehran, Iran, it follows the final week in Nasser’s life, with several flashbacks and fantasy sequences woven to illustrate his agonies and ecstasies both professional and emotional. Though a description may make it sound like a downer, Satrapi maintains a rich variety of moods, ranging from the melancholy to the cheeky. The results are inventive, expansive, and powerful. With subtitles.

The Expendables 2 (Lionsgate): The old guard still has plenty of muscle in this pumped-up sequel to the 2010 box-office hit, with Sylvester Stallone once more leading an all-star cast of action legends. Stallone reprises his role from the original as Barney Ross, whose group of highly specialized agents (which includes Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li) receives another high-octane assignment from their shadowy superior (Bruce Willis). What begins as a routine mission, however, quickly becomes a deadly trap which leads to a nefarious mastermind (Jean-Claude Van Damme). With his old friend Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) by his side, however, Barney is ready to take on all comers. Directed by Simon West (“Con Air”), this is a rollicking blend of bullets and humor that should hit the spot with action audiences.

Netflix Tip: Marjane Satrapi (“Chicken with Plums”) is only the latest example of an artist who started out as a cartoonist. Also making the jump from comic books to the movie camera were legendary Italian maestro Federico Fellini (“La Dolce Vita”), Jerry Lewis specialist Frank Tashlin (“The Girl Can’t Help It”), Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam (“Brazil”) and “The Incredibles” stylist Brad Bird (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”). Check all of these out with Netflix.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Fox): A terrific ensemble cast shine in this gentle, enjoyable culture-clash comedy. Set in Jaipur, India, the plot follows a group of British seniors who’ve come to relax in the Marigold Hotel, a place which, despite its lush advertisement, is really a rundown building. Among them are recently widowed housewife Evelyn (Judi Dench), former magistrate Graham (Tom Wilkinson), cranky retiree Muriel (Maggie Smith), and married couple Doug (Bill Nighy) and Jean (Penelope Wilton). Attending them all is the energetic young manager, Sunny (Dev Patel), who witnesses his guests’ humorous mix-ups and surprising life lessons while in his country. Directed by Oscar winner John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love”), the movie will delight viewers both as a funny and touching tale and as a colorful travelogue of Indian locales.

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon (Fox): With their prolific stream of movies both as filmmakers and performers, Jay and Mark Duplass (“Cyrus, Jeff Who Lives at Home”) have in recent years become a miniature factory of low-budget yet critically acclaimed comedies. In their latest, the brothers continue to examine their favorite subject, the childish streak of all grown men, with plenty of laughs along the way. The story focuses on the wacky rivalry between two estranged middle-aged brothers, Mark (Steve Zissis) and Jeremy (Mark Kelly). While Mark now has a family and a career, Jeremy is a goofily irresponsible man-child who’s determined to revive the personal sports events that the brothers used to compete in as children. The competitive Mark agrees, jeopardizing his marriage to Stephanie (Jennifer Lafleur). Check out this uproarious take on sibling rivalry.

Police (Olive Films): Throughout the 1980s, French superstar Gerard Depardieu teamed up with the great director Maurice Pialat for a series of emotionally hard-hitting films. Arguably their most underrated collaboration, this moody 1985 thriller finally comes to DVD and it’s worth seeking out. Depardieu plays Louis, a jaded veteran of the Parisian police department with a penchant for casually bending the law. While investigating drug trafficking among immigrants, he meets and becomes obsessed with Noria (Sophie Marceau), a beautiful and mysterious young woman who’s involved in theft and the manipulation of men. Will Louis stray even further from justice in order to win her heart? Combining a suspenseful story with a cast of fully fleshed-out characters (as well as a screenplay from future director Catherine Breillat), Pialat’s film is a knockout. With subtitles.




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The game was tied in the bottom of nine
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"Do something Ben, murder the ball,
For crying out loud get a hit."
Ben strode to the plate to answer the call
The now restless fans knew this was it

He dug in his right foot then positioned his left
And tapped the plate twice with his bat
Then he pulled it back slowly as to measure its heft
And tensed his whole frame like a cat

The pitcher glared in, the Ump hunkered down
Then the ball on its way like a shot
Ben pulled the trigger, his body unwound
And the ball hit the bat with a "Thock"

This is the sum that the game's all about
This instant is not just a dream
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This Day in History

     1716--- First lighthouse in US lit (Boston Harbor) 
     1752-- England and colonies adopt Gregorian calendar, 11 days disappear.
     1847- Gen. Winfield Scott entered Mexico City. A Battalion of U.S. Marines made its presence felt at the “halls of Montezeuma.” The United States was later able to claim a large Mexican territory, including what was to become the state of California In 1850 (following the gold rush fever of 1849).
     1814 - An attorney in Washington, DC, Frances Scott Key, was aboard a warship that was bombarding Fort McHenry, the outpost guarding the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Key wrote what would become famous words to express his emotions. Those words would become "The Star-Spangled Banner", which officially became the national anthem of the United States by an act of Congress in 1931.
     1847 - Mexico City was occupied by US troops after the defeated forces of General Santa Anna were forced to abandon the city. The day before, young Mexican cadets had tried unsuccessfully to defend the fortified hill of Chapultepec. With the occupation of Mexico City, the United States-Mexico conflict virtually came to an end. While some call the 1846-48 period the "Mexican War," others call it the "US Invasion".
     1850--Big earthquake felt in San Francisco. Fourth Great Fire destroyed 150 buildings in the area bounded by Dupont, Montgomery, Washington and Pacific streets. Loss set at $500,000. The fire broke out in the Philadelphia House on the north side of Jackson between Grant and Kearny. The San Francisco, Empire and Protection fire companies fought the blaze but had no water. The most damage in the 1906 Earthquake came from the fires, not the earthquake itself.
     1861- The first Civil War Naval Battle took place at Pensacola, FL. Lieutenant John Henry Russell descended upon the Confederate navy yard at Pensacola at 2 a.m. He had sailed the frigate Colorado past shore batteries in the dark, and with a force of 100 sailors and Marines, went for the southern privateer five gun Judah in the shipyard. After hand-to-hand fighting, the contingent burned the vessel to the waterline and left. They burned the five-gun steamer Judah, lying at anchor, and spike the only gun in the yard. There were no Confederate casualties. three of the Union troops were killed and four wounded President Lincoln thanked Russell personally and the Navy Department honored him.
    1862 - General Robert E. Lee's exhausted Confederate forces hold off the pursuing Yankees by closing two passes through Maryland's South Mountain, allowing Lee time to gather his forces further west along Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg. After the Battle of Second Bull Run on August 29-30, Lee decided to invade Maryland to raise supplies; he also hoped a decisive win would earn the South foreign recognition. As he moved, he split his army into five sections while the hungry Rebels searched for supplies. A copy of the Confederate plans accidentally fell into Union hands when the orders were left in an abandoned campsite outside of Frederick, Maryland. McClellan now knew that Lee's force was in pieces, but he was slow to react. As Lee moved into western Maryland, he left detachments to guard Crampton's Gap and Turner's Gap through South Mountain. If McClellan had penetrated the passes, he would have found Lee's army scattered and vulnerable. South Mountain, a 50-mile long ridge, contained several passes, but Crampton's Gap and Turner's Gap were the most important. The National Road ran through Turner's Gap to the north, and Crampton's Gap connected western Maryland to Harpers Ferry, Virginia. The Union troops drove the Confederates away at Crampton's Gap, but were initially unable to expel the Confederates from Turner's Gap. However, the Rebels did retreat the next morning. Union losses for the day amounted to 2,300 dead and wounded, including the death of Major General Jesse Reno. The Confederates lost 2,700. These engagements were a mere prelude to the Battle of Antietam. Although costly, they allowed Lee time to assemble his scattered bands at Sharpsburg.
     1882- Birthday of Winnifred Sprague Mason Huck, U.S. Congressional Representative from Illinois, serving out the term of her late father 1922-23. She broke the rules about freshmen being still and introduced a number of bills including the call for independence for the Philippine Islands. She was an investigative reporter who even went to jail for four months under an assumed name to bring to light the abuses in prison as well as the difficulties in "going straight" afterwards.
     1868 - The first recorded hole-in-one at golf was scored by Tom Morris at Prestwick in Scotland.
     1872 - Britain paid US $15 million for damages during Civil War. The British government paid £3 million in damages to the United States in compensation for building the Confederate commerce-raider Alabama. The confederate navy‘s Alabama was built at the Birkenhead shipyards. Despite its official neutrality during the American Civil War, Britain allowed the warship to leave port, and it subsequently played havoc with Federal shipping. The U.S. claimed compensation, and a Court of Arbitration at Geneva agreed, setting the amount at £3 million. 
     1874 -- The White Leagues, paramilitary organizations dedicated to the restoration of lily-white rule in Louisiana, temporarily seize control of the state government in a bloody coup d'etat. 38 killed. 79 wounded.
     1886- George K. Anderson of Memphis, TN, received a patent on typewriter ribbon.
     1886-Birthday of "'Round 'Bout Midnight": Stanley "Midnight Assassin" Ketchel, heavyweight boxing champ, considered the middleweight champion of all time.
     1889- Hull House in Chicago opened its doors. Formed by Jane Addams and Ellen Starr, it was the first major settlement house in the United States. In its first year of operation, it hosted more than 50,000 people. In all, there would be more than 600 residents at various times ranging from some of the most influential social reformers of the day to a future prime minister of Canada - and just about everyone in between. Hull House under Addams, in addition to social work and reform, served as the "mother house" for the meeting and networking of reformers who then went out to change the world.
     1897-Birthday of Margaret Fogarty Rudkin, American businesswoman. who started making a healthy bread for one of her sons in 1937 and parlayed those few loaves of bread it into a major commercial company, Pepperidge Farms. The company had sales of $32 million a year when she and husband sold out to Campbell Soup. She stayed as president - supervising the day to day operations personally as she had from the beginning - until a year before her death in 1967 of breast cancer, a disease from which she had since 1956. Her noted collection of cookbooks was donated to the Pequot Library in Southport, Connecticut.
     1900 ---Jazz Trumpet player Kid Rena born.
    1901 - Twenty-fifth President of the United States William McKinley, Jr., dies today of an assassin’s bullet shot into him on September 6th. McKinley’s Vice President, who is sworn in as the 26th President on this date, is former New York Guard Captain and Colonel of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry, “the Rough Riders”, Theodore Roosevelt. 
     1916 - Pitcher Christy Mathewson won the last pitching assignment of his major- league career. He had a total of 373 wins, 188 losses, 83 shutouts in 636 games, and he struck out 2,511 batters.
     1918--MILES, L. WARDLAW Medal of Honor
Rank and organization. Captain, U.S. Army, 308th Infantry, 77th Division. Place and date: Near Revillon, France, 14 September 1918. Entered service at: Princeton, N.J. Born: 23 March 1873, Baltimore, Md. G.O. No.: 44, W.D., 1919. Citation: Volunteered to lead his company in a hazardous attack on a commanding trench position near the Aisne Canal, which other troops had previously attempted to take without success. His company immediately met with intense machinegun fire, against which it had no artillery assistance, but Capt. Miles preceded the first wave and assisted in cutting a passage through the enemy's wire entanglements. In so doing he was wounded 5 times by machinegun bullets, both legs and 1 arm being fractured, whereupon he ordered himself placed on a stretcher and had himself carried forward to the enemy trench in order that he might encourage and direct his company, which by this time had suffered numerous casualties. Under the inspiration of this officer's indomitable spirit his men held the hostile position and consolidated the front line after an action lasting 2 hours, at the conclusion of which Capt. Miles was carried to the aid station against his will. 
     1921- Constance Baker Motley , U.S. District judge who framed many of the early civil rights cases. CBM influenced legal desegregation interpretations in nine victories before the U.S. Supreme Court. She was the first Afro-American woman to become a federal judge (1966) and only woman borough president of Manhattan (1965).
     1926- seventeen-year-old Benny Goodman's first recording session ( with Ben Pollack and his Californians), Chicago, IL.
     1927 - Gene Austin recorded one of the first million sellers; his composition, "My Blue Heaven", for Victor Records.
     1929 -- Ella May Wiggins and other workers are riding in the back of an old pick-up truck to a union meeting, when local vigilantes, thugs, and a sheriff's deputy force the truck off the road and begin shooting at it. Ella May is killed. Labor union organizers appear in Gastonia, Carolina. The textile mill workers there eagerly flock to the union, but when the mill owners refuse to recognize the union, a strike breaks out in June of this year. Prominent on the union picket lines is Ella May Wiggins, a 29-year-old mother of nine children who had been working the night shift at one of the mills. When some of her children come down with whooping cough, Ella May asks the mill foreman to put her on the day shift so she can care for her sick babies. The foreman refuses and Ella May is forced to quit her job. With no money for medicine, four of her children die. From this point on, she becomes a militant in the strike movement. Her songs, with the older melancholy of mountain ballads, help cheer on fellow picketers.
     (See middle of this: ) 
     1889- Hull House in Chicago opened its doors. Formed by Jane Addams and Ellen Starr, it was the first major settlement house in the United States. In its first year of operation, it hosted more than 50,000 people. In all, there would be more than 600 residents at various times ranging from some of the most influential social reformers of the day to a future prime minister of Canada - and just about everyone in between. Hull House under Addams, in addition to social work and reform, served as the "mother house" for the meeting and networking of reformers who then went out to change the world.
1948 -- Milton Berle starts his TV career on Texaco Star Theater.
         1937 - The mercury soared to 92 degrees at Seattle, WA, a record for September.
     1938-Birthday of Niara Sudarkasa, Black-Afro-American anthropologist and president of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. She is an authority on African and Black Afro-American women and families. NS is one of the leading scholars of the U.S. and has served on more than 20 boards and task forces in the furtherance of race relations.
    1939 - In the 1930s Igor Sikorsky (d.1972) turned his attention again to helicopter design and on this day flew the VS-300 on its first test flight.
     1942--EDSON, MERRITT AUSTIN Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps. Born: 25 April 1897, Rutland, Vt. Appointed from: Vermont. Other Navy awards: Navy Cross with Gold Star, Silver Star Medal, Legion of Merit with Gold Star. Citation: For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty as Commanding Officer of the 1st Marine Raider Battalion, with Parachute Battalion attached, during action against enemy Japanese forces in the Solomon Islands on the night of 13-14 September 1942. After the airfield on Guadalcanal had been seized from the enemy on 8 August, Col. Edson, with a force of 800 men, was assigned to the occupation and defense of a ridge dominating the jungle on either side of the airport. Facing formidable Japanese attack which, augmented by infiltration, had crashed through our front lines, he, by skillful handling of his troops, successfully withdrew his forward units to a reserve line with minimum casualties. When the enemy, in a subsequent series of violent assaults, engaged our force in desperate hand-to-hand combat with bayonets, rifles, pistols, grenades, and knives, Col. Edson, although continuously exposed to hostile fire throughout the night, personally directed defense of the reserve position against a fanatical foe of greatly superior numbers. By his astute leadership and gallant devotion to duty, he enabled his men, despite severe losses, to cling tenaciously to their position on the vital ridge, thereby retaining command not only of the Guadalcanal airfield, but also of the 1st Division's entire offensive installations in the surrounding area.
     1944 -the Great Atlantic Hurricane passed near Cape Hatteras, NC. A few days before it was a category 5 hurricane with winds near 160 mph. At Cape Henry, VA sustained winds of 134 mph with gusts to 150 occurred. The storm raced into New England. 46 were killed on land and over 300 were lost at sea. Total damage was $122 million The hurricane destroyed the Atlantic City NJ boardwalk
     1944--SADOWSKI, JOSEPH J. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, 37th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Division. Place and date: Valhey, France, 14 September 1944. Entered service at: Perth Amboy, N.J. Birth: Perth Amboy, N.J. C o. No.: 32, 23 April 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty at Valhey, France. On the afternoon of 14 September 1944, Sgt. Sadowski as a tank commander was advancing with the leading elements of Combat Command A, 4th Armored Division, through an intensely severe barrage of enemy fire from the streets and buildings of the town of Valhey. As Sgt. Sadowski's tank advanced through the hail of fire, it was struck by a shell from an 88-mm. gun fired at a range of 20 yards. The tank was disabled and burst into flames. The suddenness of the enemy attack caused confusion and hesitation among the crews of the remaining tanks of our forces. Sgt. Sadowski immediately ordered his crew to dismount and take cover in the adjoining buildings. After his crew had dismounted, Sgt. Sadowski discovered that 1 member of the crew, the bow gunner, had been unable to leave the tank. Although the tank was being subjected to a withering hail of enemy small-arms, bazooka, grenade, and mortar fire from the streets and from the windows of adjacent buildings, Sgt. Sadowski unhesitatingly returned to his tank and endeavored to pry up the bow gunner's hatch. While engaged in this attempt to rescue his comrade from the burning tank, he was cut down by a stream of machinegun fire which resulted in his death. The gallant and noble sacrifice of his life in the aid of his comrade, undertaken in the face of almost certain death, so inspired the remainder of the tank crews that they pressed forward with great ferocity and completely destroyed the enemy forces in this town without further loss to themselves. The heroism and selfless devotion to duty displayed by Sgt. Sadowski, which resulted in his death, inspired the remainder of his force to press forward to victory, and reflect the highest tradition of the armed forces.
     1944--WIGLE, THOMAS W. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Company K, 135th Infantry, 34th Infantry Division. Place and date: Monte Frassino, Italy, 14 September 1944. Entered service at: Detroit, Mich. Birth: Indianapolis, Ind. G.O. No.: 8, 7 February 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty in the vicinity of Monte Frassino, Italy. The 3d Platoon, in attempting to seize a strongly fortified hill position protected by 3 parallel high terraced stone walls, was twice thrown back by the withering crossfire. 2d Lt. Wigle, acting company executive, observing that the platoon was without an officer, volunteered to command it on the next attack. Leading his men up the bare, rocky slopes through intense and concentrated fire, he succeeded in reaching the first of the stone walls. Having himself boosted to the top and perching there in full view of the enemy, he drew and returned their fire while his men helped each other up and over. Following the same method, he successfully negotiated the second. Upon reaching the top of the third wall, he faced 3 houses which were the key point of the enemy defense. Ordering his men to cover him, he made a dash through a hail of machine-pistol fire to reach the nearest house. Firing his carbine as he entered, he drove the enemy before him out of the back door and into the second house. Following closely on the heels of the foe, he drove them from this house into the third where they took refuge in the cellar. When his men rejoined him, they found him mortally wounded on the cellar stairs which he had started to descend to force the surrender of the enemy. His heroic action resulted in the capture of 36 German soldiers and the seizure of the strongpoint. 
     1945---KEATHLEY, GEORGE D. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, 85th Infantry Division. Place and date: Mt. Altuzzo, Italy, 14 September 1944. Entered service at: Lamesa, Tex. Birth: Olney, Tex. G.O. No.: 20, 29 March 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty, in action on the western ridge of Mount Altuzzo, Italy. After bitter fighting his company had advanced to within 50 yards of the objective, where it was held up due to intense enemy sniper, automatic, small arms, and mortar fire. The enemy launched 3 desperate counterattacks in an effort to regain their former positions, but all 3 were repulsed with heavy casualties on both sides. All officers and noncommissioned officers of the 2d and 3d platoons of Company B had become casualties, and S/Sgt. Keathley, guide of the 1st platoon, moved up and assumed command of both the 2d and 3d platoons, reduced to 20 men. The remnants of the 2 platoons were dangerously low on ammunition, so S/Sgt. Keathley, under deadly small arms and mortar fire, crawled from 1 casualty to another, collecting their ammunition and administering first aid. He then visited each man of his 2 platoons, issuing the precious ammunition he had collected from the dead and wounded, and giving them words of encouragement. The enemy now delivered their fourth counterattack, which was approximately 2 companies in strength. In a furious charge they attacked from the front and both flanks, throwing hand grenades, firing automatic weapons, and assisted by a terrific mortar barrage. So strong was the enemy counterattack that the company was given up for lost. The remnants of the 2d and 3d platoons of Company B were now looking to S/Sgt. Keathley for leadership. He shouted his orders precisely and with determination and the men responded with all that was in them. Time after time the enemy tried to drive a wedge into S/Sgt. Keathley's position and each time they were driven back, suffering huge casualties. Suddenly an enemy hand grenade hit and exploded near S/Sgt. Keathley, inflicting a mortal wound in his left side. However, hurling defiance at the enemy, he rose to his feet. Taking his left hand away from his wound and using it to steady his rifle, he fired and killed an attacking enemy soldier, and continued shouting orders to his men. His heroic and intrepid action so inspired his men that they fought with incomparable determination and viciousness. For 15 minutes S/Sgt. Keathley continued leading his men and effectively firing his rifle. He could have sought a sheltered spot and perhaps saved his life, but instead he elected to set an example for his men and make every possible effort to hold his position. Finally, friendly artillery fire helped to force the enemy to withdraw, leaving behind many of their number either dead or seriously wounded. S/Sgt. Keathley died a few moments later. Had it not been for his indomitable courage and incomparable heroism, the remnants of 3 rifle platoons of Company B might well have been annihilated by the overwhelming enemy attacking force. His actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service.
     1951- In a 9-6 loss to the Red Sox at Fenway Park, rookie Bob Nieman hits consecutive dingers off Mickey McDermott becoming the first player to hit home runs in his first two career at bats in the majors. In his third trip to the plate, the St. Louis Browns freshman beats out a bunt for a base hit.
     1951--GOMEZ, EDWARD Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Marine Corps, Reserve, Company E, 2d Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division (Rein.). Place and date: Korea, Hill 749, 14 September 1951. Entered service at: Omaha, Nebr. Born: 10 August 1932, Omaha, Nebr. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as an ammunition bearer in Company E, in action against enemy aggressor forces. Bolding advancing with his squad in support of a group of riflemen assaulting a series of strongly fortified and bitterly defended hostile positions on Hill 749, Pfc. Gomez consistently exposed himself to the withering barrage to keep his machine gun supplied with ammunition during the drive forward to seize the objective. As his squad deployed to meet an imminent counterattack, he voluntarily moved down an abandoned trench to search for a new location for the gun and, when a hostile grenade landed between himself and his weapon, shouted a warning to those around him as he grasped the activated charge in his hand. Determined to save his comrades, he unhesitatingly chose to sacrifice himself and, diving into the ditch with the deadly missile, absorbed the shattering violence of the explosion in his body. By his stouthearted courage, incomparable valor, and decisive spirit of self-sacrifice, Pfc. Gomez inspired the others to heroic efforts in subsequently repelling the outnumbering foe, and his valiant conduct throughout sustained and enhanced the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country
     1951--WALMSLEY, JOHN S., JR. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Air Force, 8th Bombardment Squadron, 3d Bomb Group. Place and date: Near Yangdok, Korea, 14 September 1951. Entered service at: Baltimore, Md. Born. 7 January 1920, Baltimore, Md. Citation: Capt. Walmsley, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. While flying a B-26 aircraft on a night combat mission with the objective of developing new tactics, Capt. Walmsley sighted an enemy supply train which had been assigned top priority as a target of opportunity. He immediately attacked, producing a strike which disabled the train, and, when his ammunition was expended, radioed for friendly aircraft in the area to complete destruction of the target. Employing the searchlight mounted on his aircraft, he guided another B-26 aircraft to the target area, meanwhile constantly exposing himself to enemy fire. Directing an incoming B-26 pilot, he twice boldly aligned himself with the target, his searchlight illuminating the area, in a determined effort to give the attacking aircraft full visibility. As the friendly aircraft prepared for the attack, Capt. Walmsley descended into the valley in a low level run over the target with searchlight blazing, selflessly exposing himself to vicious enemy antiaircraft fire. In his determination to inflict maximum damage on the enemy, he refused to employ evasive tactics and valiantly pressed forward straight through an intense barrage, thus insuring complete destruction of the enemy's vitally needed war cargo. While he courageously pressed his attack Capt. Walmsley's plane was hit and crashed into the surrounding mountains, exploding upon impact. His heroic initiative and daring aggressiveness in completing this important mission in the face of overwhelming opposition and at the risk of his life, reflects the highest credit upon himself and the U.S. Air Force.
     1956---Top Hits
     Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
     Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera Sera) - Doris Day
     The Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2) - Buchanan & Goodman
     I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
     1957- “Have Gun, Will Travel,” so read the business card of Paladin (Richard Boone), a loner whose pro­fessional services were available for a price. This western also featured Kam Tong as his servant, Hey Boy. The show was extremely popular and ranked in the top five for most of its run. My father Lawrence Menkin wrote many of the episodes.
    1958 - The 720th Missile Battalion, California National Guard, becomes operational on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis. Manning four batteries of NIKE-AJAX missiles, this is the first Army Guard unit armed with these surface-to-air missiles used to replace anti-aircraft guns in defensive positions. By 1962 a force of 17,000 Guardsmen (combined technicians and traditional) maintained 82 batteries stationed in 15 states. All were located around harbors and large cities important to national strategic interests.
    1960 - The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was founded on this day at the Baghdad Conference of 1960, established by five core members: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Originally made up of just these five, OPEC began as an attempt to organize and unify petroleum policies, securing stable prices for the petroleum producers. The organization grew considerably after its creation, adding eight other members and developing into one of the most influential groups in the world. The first real indication of OPEC's power came with the 1973 oil embargo, during which long lines and soaring gasoline prices quickly convinced Americans of the reach of OPEC's influence. OPEC's member countries currently supply more than 40 percent of the world's oil.
     1963-The Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl" peaks at #7 on the pop singles chart.
     1963-- The Beatles' "She Loves You" becomes England's best-selling single of all time, a record that wouldn't be broken until 1977, when ex-Beatle Paul McCartney will release "Mull of Kintyre."
     1964--- The ill-fated sitcom The Bing Crosby Show debuts on ABC-TV.
     1964---Top Hits
     The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
     Because - The Dave Clark Five
     Bread and Butter - The Newbeats
     I Guess I'm Crazy - Jim Reeves
     1965--- The Television show "F-Troop" premiers
     1967- “Ironsides.” This crime series starred Raymond Burr as Robert T. Iron side, Chief of Detectives for the San Francisco Police Department (he was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from an assassination attempt).Also featured were Don Galloway as his assistant, Detective Sergeant Ed Brown, Barbara Anderson as Officer Eve Whitfield, Don Mitchell as Mark Sanger, Ironside's personal assistant, Gene Lyons as Commissioner Dennis Randall, Elizabeth Baur as Officer Fran Balding and Joan Pringle as Diana, Mark's wife.
     1968-Big Brother and the Holding Company's LP, "Cheap Thrills" enters the LP chart -- where it will stay for 29 weeks, including 8 at #1.
     1968--The Chambers Brothers' "Time Has Come Today" enters Billboard's Hot 100, where it will climb to number eleven.
     1968-The Archies cartoon show first aired on Saturday mornings on the CBS television network. The records that were credited to this make believe group were recorded by Ron Dante, Andy Kim, Jeff Barry and others. Their biggest hit would turn out to be a song called "Sugar, Sugar", that went to number one in 1969, selling over six million copies. 
     1969--SKIDGEL, DONALD SIDNEY Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Troop D, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division. Place and date: Near Song Be, Republic of Vietnam, 14 September 1969. Entered service at: Bangor, Maine. Born: 13 October 1948, Caribou, Maine. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Sgt. Skidgel distinguished himself while serving as a reconnaissance section leader in Troop D. On a road near Song Be in Binh Long Province, Sgt. Skidgel and his section with other elements of his troop were acting as a convoy security and screening force when contact occurred with an estimated enemy battalion concealed in tall grass and in bunkers bordering the road. Sgt. Skidgel maneuvered off the road and began placing effective machinegun fire on the enemy automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenade positions. After silencing at least 1 position, he ran with his machinegun across 60 meters of bullet-swept ground to another location from which he continued to rake the enemy positions. Running low on ammunition, he returned to his vehicle over the same terrain. Moments later he was alerted that the command element was receiving intense automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenade and mortar fire. Although he knew the road was saturated with enemy fire, Sgt. Skidgel calmly mounted his vehicle and with his driver advanced toward the command group in an effort to draw the enemy fire onto himself. Despite the hostile fire concentrated on him, he succeeded in silencing several enemy positions with his machinegun. Moments later Sgt. Skidgel was knocked down onto the rear fender by the explosion of an enemy rocket-propelled grenade. Ignoring his extremely painful wounds, he staggered back to his feet and placed effective fire on several other enemy positions until he was mortally wounded by hostile small arms fire. His selfless actions enabled the command group to withdraw to a better position without casualties and inspired the rest of his fellow soldiers to gain fire superiority and defeat the enemy. Sgt. Skidgel's gallantry at the cost of his life were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army.
     1970 - The temperature at Fremont, OR, dipped to 2 above zero to equal the state record for September set on the 24th in 1926.
     1972- “The Walton's.” This epitome of the family drama spawned nearly a dozen knock-~offs during its nine-year run on CBS. The drama was based on creator/writer Earl Hamner Jr's experiences grow­ing up during the Depression in rural Virginia. It began as the TV movie “The Homecoming,” which was so well-received that it was turned into a weekly series covering the years 1933—43. The cast went through numerous changes through the years; the principals were: Michael Learned as Olivia Walton, mother of the clan, Ralph Waite as John Walton, father, Richard Thomas as John-Boy, eldest son, Jon Walmsley as son Jason, Judy Norton Taylor as daughter Mary Ellen, Eric Scott as son Ben, Mary Beth McDonough as daughter Erin, David W. Harper as son Jim-Bob and Kami Cotler as daughter Elizabeth. The Walton grandparents were played by Ellen Corby (Esther) and Will Geer (Zeb). The last telecast aired Aug 20, 1981
     1972---Top Hits
     Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan
     Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) - The Hollies
     Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me - Mac Davis
     Woman (Sensuous Woman) - Don Gibson
     1973 - For his hit single "The Twelfth of Never," Donny Osmond received a gold record. Released in March of 1973, the son was one of five that went gold for the young Osmond. His other solo successes were: "Sweet & Innocent", "Go Away Little Girl", "Hey Girl" and "Puppy Love".
    1974-After a two year battle with heroin, Eric Clapton was back in a big way. His version of Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" hit the top of the Billboard chart, rejuvenating his career. 
     1975- the first Catholic saint who was born in America was Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, who was born into a Episcopalian family in New York City on August 28, 1774, was canonized this day. The mother of five children, she founded the Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small Children in 1797. She converted to Roman Catholicism in New York City in 1805 and founded an order of nuns, the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph. She died on January 4, 1821, in Emmetsburg, MD, was beatified on March 17, 1963, at the Vatican, Rome, by Pope John XXIII, and was canonized this day in 1975.
    1976--- Bob Dylan's Hard Rain concert airs on NBC-TV. 
     1978 - The first episode of the television series "Mork & Mindy", starring Robin Williams as Mork and Pam Dawber as Mindy, debuted on ABC-TV. Mork made an earlier appearance in February, 1978, during an episode of "Happy Days".
     1979--- Kenny Rogers is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6666 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley also officially declares today "Kenny Rogers Day" in the city.
     1980---Top Hits
     Upside Down - Diana Ross
     All Out of Love - Air Supply
     Fame - Irene Cara
     Lookin' for Love - Johnny Lee
     1985- “Golden Girls” premiere on TV.. This comedy starred Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty as four divorced/wid­owed women sharing a house in Florida during their golden years. The last episode aired Sept 14, 1992 but the show remains popu­lar in syndication.
     1984-The first MTV Video Music Awards are held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Michael Jackson wins three awards, including Best Overall Performance for "Thriller". 
     1985 - At Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the first "MTV Video Music Awards" were presented. The Cars won "Best Video" for "You Might Think" while Michael Jackson won "Best Overall Performance" and "Choreography" for his "Thriller" video.
     1985 - The Reverend Benjamin Weir, an American missionary, was released after being held captive for 16 months by Shiite Muslim kidnappers in Lebanon.
     1987 - A record for the skateboard high jump was set when Tony Magnuson went 9.5 feet above the top of the U-ramp.
     1987 - Thunderstorms developing along a cold front produced severe weather from Minnesota to Texas. Thunderstorms in Iowa produced baseball size hail at Laporte City, and 80 mph winds at Laurens. Hail caused more than ten million dollars damage to crops in Iowa. Thunderstorms in Missouri produced wind gusts to 75 mph at Missouri City and Kansas City. A thunderstorm in Texas deluged the town of Fairlie with two inches of rain in just two hours
    1987-American Bandstand becomes the longest running entertainment show in US TV history.
1988---Top Hits
     Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns N' Roses
     Simply Irresistible - Robert Palmer
     Perfect World - Huey Lewis & The News
     (Do You Love Me) Just Say Yes - Highway 101
     1988 - Thunderstorms produced severe weather over the Texas panhandle during the evening hours. One thunderstorm spawned a strong (F-2) tornado in the southwest part of Amarillo, and deluged the area with five inches of rain. The heavy rain left roads under as much as five feet of water, and left Lawrence Lake a mile out of its banks. Hurricane Gilbert lost some of its punch crossing the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Its maximum winds diminished to 120 mph.
     1988-Hundreds in San Francisco residents gathered for a peaceful and lawful protest of the policies/platform of then-candidate for President George H.W. Bush. who was appearing here with his vice president. In the ensuing police riot in front of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, 58-year-old legendary labor organizer Doloras Huerta was severely beaten and nearly killed by San Francisco Police officers. The baton-beating caused significant internal injuries to her torso, resulting in several broken ribs and required the removal of her spleen in emergency surgery. The beating including the clear ramming of the butt end of a baton into Huerta's torso by one of the helmeted officers was caught on videotape and broadcast widely on local television news,. Later, Huerta won a large judgment against the SFPD and the City of San Francisco, the proceeds of which were used in benefit of farm workers. 
     1990- Ken Griffey, Sr. , and Ken Griffey, Jr., father and son, hit unprecedented back-to-back home runs for the Seattle Mariners in a game against the California Angeles. Kirk McCaskill was the pitcher. The Mariners lost, 7-5.
     1991-- "I Adore Mi Amor" by Color Me Badd topped the charts and stayed there for 2 weeks.
     1994---Top Hits
     I' ll Make Love To You- Boyz II Men
     Stay (I Missed You) (From "Reality Bites")- Lisa Loeb
     Stroke You Up- Changing Faces
     When Can I See You- Babyface
     1994--- The Temptations are awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7060 Hollywood Blvd
     1995--- Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for the Beatles' "Getting Better" fetch $249,000 at Sotheby's in London.
     1996- Mark McGwire hits his 50th home run off Cleveland hurler Chad Ogea becoming the 13th player in major league history to reach that plateau. The Cardinal first baseman gives the milestone ball to his eight-year-old son, Matthew.
     1998 - A new talk show, The Roseanne Show, debuted in syndication in more than 150 stations in the country. It was Roseanne's first major television project since her hit ABC sitcom Roseanne ended its 9-year run in May 1997.
     1999- The free "Sheryl Crow and Friends" concert is held in New York's Central Park. She is joined on stage at different times by Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks, The Dixie Chicks, Eric Clapton, Chrissie Hynde and Sarah McLachlan. The second hour of the concert is broadcast live on Fox.
     1999---Top Hits
     Unpretty- TLC
     Bailamos- Enrique Iglesias
     Summer Girls- LFO
     She s All I Ever Had- Ricky Martin
     2000- Paul Simon, Crosby Stills and Nash, and the Eagles' Don Henley and Glenn Frey perform at the joint VH1/Rolling Stone fundraiser for Al Gore 
     2002---In San Francisco, some 1,000 marched down Market St. to denounce the Bush administration’s call for war against Iraq.
     2002- Barry Bonds ties Hank Aaron for the most 100-RBI seasons by a National League player as he drives in his 100th run of the season for the 11th time in his career. The major league record is13 shared by Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, and Babe Ruth. Saying his heart has always been in San Francisco, Barry Bonds avoids arbitration by agreeing to a five-year, $90 million deal with the Giants. The contract also calls for 10-year personal services commitment at the end of the 37-year left fielder's playing days.
     2002 Chin-Feng Chen becomes the first Taiwan-born player to appear in the major leagues as he walks and scores as a pinch-hitter for the Dodgers against the Rockies. The 24-year-old first baseman-outfielder played for the 1990 Taiwan team which won the Little League World Series.
     2003---Top Hits
     Shake Ya Tailfeather- Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee
     Baby Boy- Beyonce Featuring Sean Paul
     Right Thurr- Chingy
     Into You- Fabolous Featuring Tamia Or Ashanti




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