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Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

    Classified Ads---Sales
Now is the Time! Go for it!!!
 by Christopher Menkin, Editor
  America’s Most Wealthy States
   By Michael B. Sauter, Samuel Weigley, Brian Zajac
    and Alexander E. M. Hess
     Placard---Rule #3
   America’s Poorest States
    By Michael B. Sauter, Samuel Weigley, Brian Zajac
     and Alexander E. M. Hess
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
 “Facts for Pricing”
   Classified Ads---Help Wanted
    Career Crossroad---“They want me to relocate@!”
Louisiana District Court Rules that Successive UCC’s
 for New Loans Are Unnecessary
  By Tom McCurnin
   Bank Beat---Are Bank IPOs heating up?
   By Christopher Menkin
    Cartoon---New York Yankees Locker Room
     Top Stories September 10-14
  Murrieta Husband Sentenced to 63 Months/Wife 48 Months
   Mortgage Fraud Scheme Over $1 Million in Restitution Ordered
 German Shepherd
  Portsmouth, New Hampshire Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs
 Under Ben Bernanke, a more open and forceful Federal Reserve
  Higher fees keep mortgages from falling more
     Verizon iPhone 5's secret feature: It's 'unlocked'
         ‘Homeland’ Takes Emmys for Drama
            Michael J. Fox and family hit red carpet

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Classified Ads---Sales

(These ads are “free” to those seeking employment or looking
to improve their position)

Aggressive, competitive self-starter with vendor/direct equipment 
leasing and asset-based lending experience. Success in business banking sales and financial planning. 
Email: | Resume

Garfield, NJ
15 years experience small to large ticket sales exp. All types of equipment industries. Vendor & direct. Self motivated. Work with leasing company or broker.
Tony Lio
Montgomery, AL
Individual with 10 years advertising sales exp. & 7 years insurance sales exp. Wants independent contractor situation in Alabama.
Work with leasing company or broker. 334-590-5133

Orange County, CA 
20+ yrs. leasing sales/sales mgmt
Established remote office w/Lessee/Vendor following
Request Salary + commission or partnership w/direct funding source.

Pittsburgh , PA 
Aggressive self starter looking for leasing position w/10 plus yrs sales exp., plus banking experience 814-227-4592

San Francisco Bay Area:
15 year Vendor Program Agreement HUNTER. Currently employed at major IT manufacturer captive supporting direct and channel sales. Must have base, commission and benefit package.

15 year lease vet looking for plact to take business.great references. all major equipment types. open to compensation. please contact if interested.

Free Posting for those seeking employment in Leasing:

All “free” categories “job wanted” ads:




Now is the Time! Go for it!!!
by Christopher Menkin, Editor

In basketball they say that the biggest mistake you can make is to stand still. Always move with a purpose. When you don't have the ball, you should move to the ball, fake cuts, move away from the ball, set a screen, get rebounding position, or improve your floor spacing -- but never just stand. Keep moving.

I think this applies to most sports. I know it definitely pertains to the leasing business. If you didn’t start on the offense in September, you may be already behind as you should have started right after Labor Day as these as the best months in the finance and leasing industry, which will culminate in October and November. December generally sees the results from these months as it takes time to cultivate, approve, document, and then have delivery before the year end.

For the last year Leasing News has been running geographic areas that are recovering faster than others, giving city top ten lists, industry top ten lists, and other such information, not for entertainment, but for those in the industry who read the FDIC Beige Report or look at the statistics, rather than the rumors, and want to take action.

In my hometown, next door, Los Gatos, California, population 29,413 (2010 census) we have three new restaurants opening (there already are many restaurants, two are top Michelin rated); the small downtown bustling, tourists coming into town, the main hotel full and try to get in a restaurant over the weekend without at least a two week advance reservation, forget it. Often on a Saturday you can't get into Nick's Bistro for lunch at 2pm, as they are still full with people waiting.

I walk the dog in Saratoga every day and the area shows old 1960 houses being torn down, new ones being built, and large, too, as well as remodels, and new vehicles parked in front. Young people have jobs, too, being well paid.

What does this mean? There are areas where there is growth, meaning business is good, and that is where your team should be focusing. Sitting on your hands that business is going to hell is where it will bring you. A negative attitude does not go along with the word success.

In Leasing News August 30, 2012 “New Hires:”

Carla Freberg, Sales Manager-Vendor Services Group at Balboa Capital, Irvine, California, announces Balboa has added 33 new employees. “We are seeing an upward trend in capital investing, and we felt it necessary to increase our staff so we can continue delivering high-quality equipment financing products and services to our customers. We are excited to welcome these talented new members to our various financing divisions. Their knowledge, experience and professionalism will represent Balboa Capital well,” Mrs. Freberg added.

"The company is experiencing rapid growth and reinvesting in its operations to meet the needs of its customers in the small ticket, middle market and vendor financing channels...Balboa Capital is gearing up for the busy final months of 2012, particularly with the current Section 179 Tax Provision expiring on December 31.'“Under Section 179, businesses can deduct up to $125,000 of the full purchase price of new and used capital equipment, but this deduction amount is expected to decrease to $25,000 in 2013' said Mrs. Freberg."

Now the tax credit may not be the deciding factor, but a CPA will tell you if you haven't taken your full deduction this year, do it in 2012, and don't wait until 2013 to realize the results in 2014 (when you pay your 2013 taxes). Certainly has the economy recovers with more demand for products, it will see price increases and longer waits for delivery

"Keep your cash for operating expenses" has been the theme of leasing and what it has become popular.

Sales Make it Happen
by Christopher Menkin

New Top Ten Reasons to Lease


Productivity can be increased,
Costs can be decreased---

The key is not who owns the equipment, 
but the use of the equipment

Ten Advantages in Leasing: 

1. Don't have the cash, lease it over time with option to purchase
2. Fixed rate of interest
3. Leaves other credit available for emergencies
4. Less hassle than going to my bank
5. May help cut overhead with better, faster equipment, computers, et. al.
6. May help in up-grading equipment sooner; better planning/results.
7. May increase my ability to acquire funds, plus does not dilute ownership.
8. Creates or maintains working capital for inventory, accounts receivable, other expenses.
9. Take advantage of current depreciation allowances
10. Who else is going to help me?

The latest survey indicates the Top Five Reasons for Choosing Leasing: 

1. *99%----Cash flow---Better use of cash
2. *004%---Leasing companies are more accommodating than banks.
3. *003%----Dealer Convenience (if he wants to sell, better get me approved)
4. *002%--Rapid technological changes cause product obsolescence. 
5. *001%--Tax implications (if I make a profit this year)

Sales Makes it Happen articles:


America’s Most Wealthy States
By Michael B. Sauter, Samuel Weigley, Brian Zajac and Alexander E. M. Hess

Based on the 2011 Census Bureau American Community Survey, 24/7 Wall St. identified the states with the highest and lowest median household income.

Between 2010 and 2011, Vermont was the only state where median income increased. Income fell in 18 states and remained statistically unchanged in 31. In Hawaii, which remained one of the wealthiest states in the country, median income decreased by more than $3,000 between 2010 and 2011 alone.

(However, note the median household income, meaning these geographic areas have more growth than the poorer ones and if you want positive activity, these are the areas to concentrate. Editor)

Median household income: $57,287
Population: 37,691,912 (the highest)
Unemployment rate: 11.7% (2nd highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 16.6% (18th highest)

Four of the 10 wealthiest cities in the country with populations of more than 100,000 are affluent suburbs of either San Francisco or Los Angeles. Meanwhile, California towns like Stockton, Victorville and Fresno, located inland, have among the highest poverty rates in the country.

Median household income: $58,814
Population: 907,135 (6th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 7.3% (16th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 11.9% (11th lowest)

Almost 6% of the families in the state earned more than $200,000 last year, one of the highest proportions among all states. Meanwhile, fewer than 10% of the state’s residents were without health insurance in 2011, the eighth-lowest across the nation.

Median household income: $61,821
Population: 1,374,810 (11th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 6.7% (11th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 12% (12th lowest)

From 2007 to 2011, the percentage of families living below the poverty line increased from 8% to 12%, while the unemployment rate rose from 2.7% to 6.7%. Despite all this, Hawaii remained relatively wealthy. The state’s poverty and unemployment rates for 2011 were well below the national benchmarks.

Median household income: $61,882
Population: 8,096,604 (12th highest)
Unemployment rate: 6.2% (8th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 11.5% (8th lowest)

In the city of Arlington, located in the capital region, nearly 20% of families earned more than $200,000 annually, almost four times the national rate. However, the wealth does not spread out to the rural regions of the state where 3.7% of families earned less than $10,000 a year, a large percentage for a state that is considered wealthy.

New Hampshire
Median household income: $62,647
Population: 1,318,194 (9th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 5.4% (4th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 8.8% (the lowest)

The state’s poverty rate was just 8.8% last year, the lowest in the nation. Also, only 2.7% of families earned less than $10,000, which, along with Vermont, was the lower than any other state in the country. With only 5.4% of the New Hampshire’s workforce unemployed in 2011, most residents were able to earn enough to avoid poverty.

Median household income: $62,859
Population: 6,587,536 (14th highest)
Unemployment rate: 7.4% (18th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 11.6% (9th lowest)

Just under 10% of families in the state made more than $200,000 in 2011, the fourth-highest rate in the country. Massachusetts also had the lowest percentage of the population without health insurance in 2011, at a mere 4.3% — a whopping 10.8 percentage points below the national rate. The high rate of insured residents has much to do with a 2006 law signed by then-Gov. Mitt Romney. The law provided near universal health care coverage to all Massachusetts citizens

Median household income: $65,753
Population: 3,580,709 (22nd lowest)
Unemployment rate: 8.8% (19th highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 10.9% (5th lowest)

Second only to New York, Connecticut had one of the largest gaps between the rich and the poor. At nearly 11%, the proportion of families living below the poverty line in Connecticut is the fifth lowest in the country. Meanwhile, 11.2% of families earned more than $200,000 in 2011, the highest proportion of all states.

New Jersey
Median household income: $67,458
Population: 8,821,155 (11th highest)
Unemployment rate: 9.3% (14th highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 10.4% (3rd lowest)

In New Jersey, 10.9% of families earned more than $200,000 last year and just 10.4% of residents lived below the poverty line, fewer than all states except for New Hampshire. Still, there were areas in the state where poverty was more widespread. In Newark, 31.6% of residents lived below the poverty line, while Paterson’s poverty rate was 28.9%. In contrast to the state as a whole, families in Newark were more than 16 times more likely to earn less than $10,000 than over $200,000 a year. Similarly, in Paterson, 16.2% of families earned under $10,000 per year, while just 1.4% earned more than $200,000 annually.

Median household income: $67,825
Population: 722,718 (4th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 7.6% (22nd lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 10.5% (4th lowest)

In 2011, Alaska moved ahead of New Jersey to take the spot of the state with the second-highest median household income in the country. The state benefits from its vast natural resources, particularly oil, natural gas, and timber. Since 1957, the state has collected nearly $100 billion in taxes from oil and gas companies, and Alaska oil production has accounted for more than 13% of total U.S. production. Most residents reap the benefits from these payments. Income inequality in the state is the second-lowest in the country. Just 3% of Alaskan families earned less than $10,000 per year compared to the 5.1% nationwide. Meanwhile, despite the state’s high median income, just 5% of families earned more than $200,000 per year.

Median household income: $70,004
Population: 5,828,289 (19th highest)
Unemployment rate: 7% (15th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 10.1% (2nd lowest)

Maryland is one of three states, along with New Jersey and Connecticut, where more than 10% of families earned more than $200,000 in 2011. Across the U.S., only 5.6% of families made more than $200,000 in 2011.

Full Story:






America’s Poorest States
By Michael B. Sauter, Samuel Weigley, Brian Zajac and Alexander E. M. Hess

According to 2011 data released September 19 by the U.S. Census Bureau, 15% of individuals in the United States live below the poverty line. While down from 15.1% last year, it remains statistically unchanged and near a record high. Today, more than 46 million people live in poverty in America, more than at any point in the country’s history.

However, compared to the poorest countries in the world, the poverty rate in the U.S. is relatively modest. In some countries, the poverty rate is more than five times the U.S. current figures. In Haiti, the highest in the world, 77% of residents live in poverty.

Median household income: $43,225
Population: 3,791,508 (23rd lowest)
Unemployment rate: 6.2% (8th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 17.2% (16th highest)

South Carolina
Median household income: $42,367
Population: 4,679,230 (24th highest)
Unemployment rate: 10.3% (8th highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 18.9% (9th highest)

New Mexico
Median household income: $41,963
Population: 2,082,224 (15th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 7.4% (18th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 21.5% (2nd highest)

Median household income: $41,734
Population: 4,574,836 (25th highest)
Unemployment rate: 7.3% (16th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 20.4% (3rd highest)

Median household income: $41,693
Population: 6,403,353 (17th highest)
Unemployment rate: 9.2% (16th highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 18.3% (12th highest)

Median household income: $41,415
Population: 4,802,740 (23rd highest)
Unemployment rate: 9% (18th highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 19% (7th highest)

Median household income: $41,141
Population: 4,369,356 (25th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 9.5% (13th highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 19.1% (5th highest)

Median household income: $38,758
Population: 2,937,979 (19th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 8% (tied-25th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 19.5% (4th highest)

West Virginia
Median household income: $38,482
Population: 1,855,364 (14th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 8% (tied-25th lowest)
Pct. below poverty line: 18.6% (10th highest)

Median household income: $36,919
Population: 2,978,512 (20th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 10.7% (4th highest)
Pct. below poverty line: 22.6% (the highest)

Full Story:



Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

“Facts for Pricing”

There are a few tools we use to price a lease but they are only as good as the information we have obtained of the lessee’s needs. Too often we assume facts instead of discovering them. Many times lessors react as money lenders and think that rate and term are the most important issues. In order for a transaction to be called a lease instead of a disguised conditional sales contract it must take on the parameters of a lease.

Level payments over full year terms are usually what a lessee asks for because they are most familiar with loans. To sell a lease you need to ask questions and I always recommend reviewing financials to determine where a lease would serve the lessee better. “App Only” has spoiled many lease consultants from looking at the customer for the long run in developing a relationship and being able to set up master lines of credit or at least have the customer come back to you for your expertise.

Do not start a conversation with the lessee by discussing rate or term. Begin by asking questions on how the company works. Ask questions about cash requirements for expansion or retiring debt. Ask about retaining cash for increased inventory or adding equipment in the future. Ask what kind of loan indentures that their bankers have imposed. But most important allow the customer to talk about their business plan for the future.

If the transaction is large enough run a UCC-1 search to determine what lenders and lessors the company works with and what was the purpose of these debts.

Try and determine the company’s monthly cash flow, both revenues and payments. See if there are months that the company must use their line of credit to meet cash requirements. This will give you a clue to arrange payments that are adjusted for the company’s capabilities. The customer must always include into the rate of financing the cost of the line of credit because if payments followed the cash flow there would be no need for a line of credit so, you are saving them money be creating an irregular lease payment.

Try to determine how long they will use the equipment and will the daily use increase over the term. Some companies will start with only one shift and eventually increase to three shifts. This may require a lease where the lease payments increase over time to match the actual use. Perhaps an equipment inspection at the end of each year would establish the payments for the remaining term with the actual term being flexible. Larger payments may cause the term to be shorter but it matches the use and protects any residual assumption.

Lots of equipment is only used for part of the year. Pricing for use requires the lessor to spend as much time on the use of the equipment as they do on the term or rate.

There are many facts that develop during the investigative phase of the conversation. The art of the professional salesperson is the ability to explain to vendors, manufacturers, and customers the need to get in front of the potential lessee to obtain the facts required to price the deal so the lessee is happy and the vendor makes a sale.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-327-8666.

He invites your questions and queries

Previous #102 Columns:

Mr. Terry Winders available as Expert Witness. 35 years as a professional instructor to the top equipment leasing and finance companies in the United States, author of several books, including DVD's, as well as weekly columnist to Leasing News. He also performs audits of leasing companies as an expert on documentation, and has acted as an expert witness on leasing for litigation in legal and tax disputes, including before the IRS. He also has taught the senior bank examiners, how to review a bank leasing department, for the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. and has trained the examiners for the FDIC on how to prepare a lease portfolio for sale.

Mr. Winders received his Master of Business Administration and his Bachelor of Science degrees from the College of Notre Dame.


(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)


Leasing Industry Help Wanted

General Legal Counsel
National Bank Holding Company in Southern California
10+ yrs exp. commercial finance/leasing industry.
Background in employment law, contract origination,bankruptcy litigation/ must possess
an immense veracity, extensive understanding on
wide range of legal issues and business experience.
Salary requirements + resume:


Los Angeles, CA
Taycor has developed and tested an innovative and
unique marketing engine, and we are ready to grow! 
We are looking for closers and relationship builders,
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For information on placing a help wanted ad, please click here:

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Career Crossroad---“They want me to relocate@!”

Question: I was made an offer that I am very pleased about, however, the job they offered me is out of town. They want to me relocate which is not my preference. How do you suggest I handle this without losing the offer?

Answer: Your question states that you PREFER not to relocate, so I assume you are open to this scenario. Meaning there might be conditions available.

You may want to have a discussion with the hiring manager to learn if that is all that is available---but:

FIRST, make sure you emphasize your interest and desire to accept the offer (most business development roles allow employees to work from home; but rarely when it comes to an operational-type role).

If the company resists, offer a “trial period” to prove that being where you thought the job would be, even if your residence, see if it will work for all parties involved. On a trial basis.

Ultimately if the position requires you to relocate, and the company and the position are a good fit for you in the long-term, then go for it.


• Asking for relocation monies (be realistic)
• You may need “temp” housing until you handle your home situation (sell / rent out, etc…)
• I might suggest renting for the first 6 months to a year – JUST in case the position is not everything you hoped for
• During this time period, if you are a homeowner, rent out your home; if you have family members, have them remain and see how that works out. Whether you want them to move, or perhaps the out of the area location will not work for you and your family.

Again, it depends on the offer, how much money is involved, and whether you really like the company and your future with the company.

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone: 954-885-9241
Cell: 954-612-0567
Connect on LinkedIn: Recruiters International, Inc.
Also follow us on Twitter #RIIINFO

Career Crossroads Previous Columns


Louisiana District Court Rules that Successive UCC’s
for New Loans Are Unnecessary

By Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting

Commercial Capital Bank v. House, 2012 WL 220214 (W.D. La. 2012)

Secured creditors often make a series of loans, each secured by different collateral. As long as I can remember lenders slavishly follow the needless practice of filing a new UCC-1 for each new loan or lease. At least since 1995, when the UCC was revised, the practice of successive UCCs was declared unnecessary, yet the practice of lenders in filing them has not diminished and I’m not sure why.

Today’s case demonstrates why that practice is unnecessary.

In Commercial Capital, the debtor borrowed money from the Farm Service Agency from 1997-2009, which filed a UCC-1 for each of the four transactions. Its loan documents also had an additional advance clause, which stated that the security interest was secured by the existing loan and any additional advances which might be made. But, Farm Service Agency did not renew their UCC-1s, except for the first one, which it renewed several times.

In 2005, Commercial Capital loaned the debtors borrowed $500,000, secure by equipment and perfected its loan by filing a UCC-1.

But in 2011, the debtors paid off the first and second Farm Service Loan but remained obligated on the third loan, for approximately $428,000 and FSA’s 1st UCC-1 remained in effect, but the other UCC’s had lapsed.

Commercial Capital sued Farm Service Agency claiming that because FSA did not renew its third UCC, the third loan was unsecured. The Court correctly ruled for Farm Service, citing UCC § 9 322(a), which proscribes that priority between two secured creditors. The statute deems priority to be measured on the date of perfection. Since the security agreement for the first loan, which remained perfected, covered future advances, the security interest created in that 10 year old loan and UCC-1 secured the third loan. Thus, as long as the third loan was in fact secured whether pursuant to a future-advances clause in one of the previous security agreements or pursuant to a new security agreement, the loan’s priority would be based on the date of the first filing.

The quick lessons for the equipment lessor is that multiple UCC-1’s are simply not necessary if the original lease or loan documents have an “additional advance” clause and the collateral secured by the loan is the same. Most leases have a blanket collateral clause buried somewhere in the lease and blanket UCC-1 would certainly suffice. If a subsequent lender wants to inquire as to the lessor’s collateral, the lessor can provide that information, but successive UCC-1’s are a waste of paperwork. The purpose of the UCC-1 is to identify the debtor, the collateral, and the secured party, not a particular loan or transaction.

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting in Los Angeles, California and represents banks and financial institutions in UCC matters.


Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Fax: (213) 625-1832
Visit our web site at

Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:


Bank Beat---Are Bank IPOs heating up?
By Christopher Menkin

Coral Gables, Florida.-based Capital Bank Financial Corp. (NASDAQ : CBF) and Greenwood Village, Colorado.-based National Bank Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ-NBHC)went public last Thursday and did well, meaning they did better than the stock was priced.

According to SNL Financial date, the last U.S. bank or thrift to go public was EverBank Financial Corp.(NYSE:EVER) The Jacksonville, Florida.-based company completed its IPO in May. Before that, no bank or thrift had completed an IPO since Seattle-based HomeStreet Inc. in February. Shares at both EverBank and HomeStreet (NASDAQ: HMST) have fared well since their IPOs, returning 26.12% and 67.55%, respectively.

The National Bank Holding Company, based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2010, acquired Bank Midwest, in Kansas and Missouri, Hillcrest Bank in Texas, and then added Bank of Choice in Greeley, Colorado. In October 2011, National Bank Holdings announced that it had reached a deal to buy 16 branches of Greenwood Village-based Community Banks of Colorado, as well as the Community Banks of Colorado name, for an undisclosed price. Although Community Banks was considered troubled, it was reported the transaction did not involve federal regulators. The holding company reportedly operates a network of 101 full service banking Facilities.

About the Holding Company:

Celebrating IPO:

SNL Financial reports "(CEO G. Timothy Laney), a Bank of America Corp. and Regions Financial Corp. veteran, said National Bank Holdings is on an industrious growth path, one to be defined in large part by acquisitions. The company envisions doing a series of deals, specifically targeting Colorado and the Kansas City, Mo., metropolitan area. Laney said those two markets met the bank's three foundational criteria: They are poised to recover faster than the national average; there are numerous troubled banks that make for potentially attractive targets; and, once the markets are consolidated, there is an expectation that, based on historical practices, National Bank Holdings will be competing against ‘very rational’ lenders in terms of deposit pricing and credit structure.

"Eventually, Laney said, National Bank Holdings could nearly triple in size from its current $5.8 billion in assets. Data as of June 30 show that the company had 45 full-service branches in Missouri and Kansas and 50 in Colorado. Laney said targets likely will range in size from roughly $1 billion to $2.5 billion, and he said the would-be consolidator is "well prepared" to do FDIC-assisted and open-bank deals. Laney also said the company could push beyond its core markets into states near Colorado and Missouri, with one likely market for the company to expand into being Des Moines, Iowa, given its close proximity to Kansas City.”

The holding company is not receiving proceeds from the IPO, according to SNL Financial, but with the offering announced it gains a currency to help it pursue acquisitions. A potential target list is dotted with more than struggling banks, they note.

Based on those criteria, an SNL Financial analysis found a long list of potential targets.

Competition may also come from investor groups, as both Capital Bank and National Bank have built their respective franchises through opportunistic acquisitions, and their strategies as public companies are based on additional purchases of undercapitalized or underperforming depository institutions.

As the big five banks fight rules and regulations, as well as more competition from regional and community banks, look for more bank IPO’s to bring them more competition as the economy recovers.

Bank Beat Collection:




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Here are the top ten stories opened by readers

(1) New ---IFC Credit BK Trustee Complaint
Bulletin Board Complaint
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(2) Fifty “First Time” Attendees at NEFA Funding Symposium
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(3) What did Tetra and Republic Bank Have in Mind?
by Tom McCurnin, Esq.

(4) Banks Gets Expensive Revenge Against Debtor
Who Ginned Up Financials to Obtain Accounts Receivable Line
By Frank Peretore, Scott D. Chait, and Tom McCurnin

(5) Archives---September 20, 2006
(PFSC President) Jerry Hudspeth takes a walk

(6) New Hires---Promotions

(7) Shocker! Small-Business Owners Favor Obama

(8) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
What is the Agreement Definition?”

(9) McDonald's moguls stripped of three franchises in
San Rafael, Novato, California

(10) Banned Iphone5 Video

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#### Press Release #############################

Murrieta Husband Sentenced to 63 Months/Wife 48 Months
Mortgage Fraud Scheme Over $1 Million in Restitution Ordered

RIVERSIDE, California –Joe Daniel Cody Jr., 43, of Murrieta was sentenced to 63 months in prison, three years of supervised release and ordered to pay over $1 Million in restitution for conspiracy to money laundering in a mortgage fraud scheme by U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips. Also, Angela Lynette Cody, 38, of Murrieta was sentenced to 48 months in prison, three years of supervised release and ordered to pay over $1 Million in restitution for conspiracy to money laundering in a mortgage fraud scheme, again by U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips.

According to court documents, Joe Cody and Angela Cody were employees of “All Fund Mortgage,” a national mortgage brokerage firm based in Tacoma, Washington, and managed a branch out of their Murrieta residence. As part of the conspiracy, Joe Cody and Angela Cody and others would convince homeowners, primarily in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, to refinance or temporarily sell their homes to others to help them lower their monthly mortgage payments. In furtherance of the scheme, Joe Cody and Angela Cody would convince the homeowner to allow an “investor” (who was really a “straw buyer”) with good credit to be added to the title of their home, telling the homeowner they could then refinance under more favorable terms.

They would then effectuate sales of the properties and cash out the equity at closing once they acquired loans from new lenders based on false and fraudulent information. The Codys and their co-conspirators caused homeowners to lose title to their homes and lenders to hold millions of dollars in bad loans. In most cases, title was never transferred back to the homeowner, and the schemers took the equity out of the property. Few, if any, payments were ever made and the properties were eventually sold or went through foreclosure proceedings.

In furtherance of the scheme, Joe Cody, Angela Cody and others also recruited individuals with good credit to act as straw buyers, offering an opportunity to purchase an investment property with an instant tenant and receiving a “kickback” between $1,000 to $25,000 per property. At least 21 homeowners were victimized in a total of $1,042,866.08.

The investigation was conducted by Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California in Riverside.

##### Press Release ############################

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House trained
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Tina is a beautiful 10 month old female GSD puppy. She was saved from a local shelter when her owners dumped her for who knows what reason and her time ran out.

Tina LOVES to play, and is always on the GO! She'd make a great running partner, and would be a dream come true for anyone looking for an agility candidate! She was an extremely nervous girl when she first came into rescue, but has since shed that skin and is on her way to being a social butterfly. She'd love an active home with a family that is ready to take on a high energy, all around FUN dog!

Tina is spayed, utd on routine vaccinations, flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention. She must go to a home where she will live inside as an important member of the family!”

Tina's adoption fee is $475, this includes ALL necessary and age appropriate vetting, spay/neuter and associated fees.

PLEASE complete an Application if you are ready to adopt! If there is more than one decision maker in the home, all of them should be in agreement! Thank you for your understanding and consideration and for helping the dogs and puppies in need!”

Legacy German Shepherd Rescue

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Under Ben Bernanke, a more open and forceful Federal Reserve

Higher fees keep mortgages from falling more News Center_link_1

Verizon iPhone 5's secret feature: It's 'unlocked'

‘Homeland’ Takes Emmys for Drama

Michael J. Fox and family hit red carpet



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San Francisco 49ers' perfect season derailed in Week 3

49ers lose, but Harbaugh wins with the officials

49ers’ X-factor became painfully obvious

Oakland Raiders beat Pittsburgh Steelers 34-31

More on the Raiders

Cowboys defense saves the day as Tony Romo, offense keeps searching for answers

Cowboys' non-existent offense needs to be fixed -- and fast

Falcons throttle Chargers 27-3 to remain undefeated

Folk's do-over field goal in overtime sends Jets past Dolphins

Bears' defense dominates Rams,0,1618637.story

Matt Schaub loses piece of ear on illegal hit




Baseball Poem

That is the Question?

2B or not 2B,
to take second
or be picked
off in disgrace
To be the
king of steal
or wander on
the baselines

Written by Robert L. Harrison
"Green Fields and White Lines," baseball poems,
McFarland & Company


“Gimme that Wine”

The Culinary Institute of America Announces 2013 Vintners hall of fame inductees

A Gentle, Complex Style in a World of Bold Fruit

Santa Barabra's Urban Wine Trail

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Gallo purchases Snows Lake Vineyard for undisclosed amount


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This Day in History

      1625- Dutch attack San Juan, Puerto Rico.
    1657-The first autopsy with a verdict of a coroner’s jury was recorded in Maryland. The surgeon received his fee of “one hogshead of tobacco” for “dissecting and viewing the corpse” of an African-American slave thought to have been murdered by his master. It was proven he was beaten to death, which was against the law, even for a “slave.”
    1683- Jews are expelled from all French possessions in America
    1734-Members of the Schwenkfelder Society gave thanks for their deliverance from Old World persecution as they prepared to take u new lives in the Pennsylvania Dutch counties of Pennsylvania. Still celebrated.
    1742-Faneuil Hall at Boston, MA, opened to the public. Designed by painter John Smibiert, it was enlarged in 1805 according to plans by Charles Bullfinch. Today it is on the Freedom Trail, as part of the Boston Historical Park, administered by the National Park Service.
    1755- birthday of John Marshall, Fourth Chief Justice of Supreme Court, born at Germantown, VA. Served in House of Representatives and as Secretary of State under John Adams. Appointed by President Adams to the position of chief justice in January 1801, he became known as “The Great Chief Justice.” Marshall’s court was largely responsible for defining the role of the Supreme Court and basic organizing principles of government in the early years after adoption of the Constitution in such cases as Marbury v Madison, McCulloch V Maryland, Cohens v Virginia and Gibbons v Ogden. He died at Philadelphia, PA, July 6,1835.
    1789 - Congress passes the Judiciary Act of 1789, establishing a strong federal court system with the powers it needs to ensure the supremacy of the Constitution and federal law. The new Supreme Court will have a chief justice and five associate justices.
    1825--Birthday of Frances Ellen Watkins (Harper) - Afro-American activist. She helped organize the National Association of Colored Women after a lifetime devoted to the cause of abolition. Her story "The Two Offers" in the Anglo-African Magazine (1859) is considered the first story written by an African-American woman to be published in the U.S.
    1855-The head of Joaquin Murietta Joaquin Murieta was a notorious and romantic figure in the early history of California. Murieta’s head, preserved in a jar, became a lucrative public attraction, until the public’s fancy turned to other affairs. While alive, the reward for Murieta's capture had risen as high as $5000. At auction, the preserved heads of Joaquin Murieta and Three-Fingered Jack" were sold for $36 to satisfy a judgment.
    1868-Birthday of ragtime pianist Scott Joplin, Bowie City, TX
    1869- Black Friday, a day of financial panic of Wall street caused by the manipulation of Jay Gould and James Fisk, ruined thousands of gold speculators. In an attempt to corner the gold market, Gould and Fisk tried to keep President Grant from selling government gold and assured the public that they had been successful. However, Grant ordered the sale of $4,000,000 in gold, forcing the price down.; Wall St panic after Gould & Fisk attempt to corner gold.
    1896- birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald, American short story writer and novelist; author of This Side of Paradise, The Great Gatsby and Tender Is the Night. His short stories are worth reading again and are now in one collection. The last series about Hollywood in the 1940’s are not very well respected by college professors, but the seventeen Pat Hobby stories about a writer down on his luck are both terrific and very revealing about his life. Born Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, at St. Paul, MN, he died at Hollywood, CA, Dec 21, 1940.
    1912-Birthday of pianist Teddy Wilson, Austin, TX
    1918-Birthday of pianist/organ player/arranger Wild Bill Davis, Glasgow,MO
    1923-Birthday of the great baritone sax player Serge Chaloff, Boston, MA
    1923 Trumpet player Fats Navarro Birthday
    1926 - The temperature at Yellowstone Park dipped to nine degrees below zero. It was the coldest reading of record in the U.S. during September. Severe freezes were widespread over the northwestern U.S. causing great crop destruction. In Washington State, Spokane County experienced their earliest snow of record. Harney Branch Experiment Station in Oregon reported a temperature of 2 degrees above zero to establish a state record for the month of September.
    1931- Don Redman records “Chant of the Weed”.
    1931 -- Birthday of Cardiss Collins - U.S. Congressional Representative from Illinois. 1973-1997. She was the longest serving black woman in the history of the Congress. In 1979 CC was elected chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, the first woman to head it.
    1934 - Babe Ruth bid farewell to the New York Yankees. It was his last game in Yankee Stadium and for the team. The Yankees lost to the Boston Red Sox, 5-0. 
    1936- birthday of Jim Henson, puppeteer, born at Greenville, MS. Jim Henson created a unique brand of puppetry known as the Muppets. Kermit the Frog, Big Bird, Rowlf, Bert and Ernie, Gonzo, Animal, Miss Piggy and Oscar the Grouch are a few of the puppets that captured the hearts of children and adults alike in television and film productions including “Sesame Street,” “The Jimmy Dean Show,” “The Muppet Show,” The Muppet Movie, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Great Muppet Caper and The Dark Crystal. Henson began his career in 1954 as producer of the TV show “Sam and Friends” at Washington, DC. He introduced the Muppets in 1956. His creativity was rewarded with 18 Emmy Awards, seven Grammy Awards, four Peabody Awards and five ACE Awards from the National Cable Television Association. Henson died unexpectedly May 16, 1990, at New York, NY.
    1931- Don Redman records “Chant of the Weed”. (Gil Evan’s did a new arrangement of this, I think it was in “Old Wine, New Bottle.”
    1938 - Tennis champion Don Budge won the U.S. Tennis Open at Forest Hills, NY. The win made Budge the first player to win all four major titles (he also had won the Australian Open, the French Open and the British Open). 
    1940- Jimmie Foxx of the Boston Red Sox hit the 500th home run of his career against pitcher George Caster of the Philadelphia Athletics. Foxx’s former team. Ted Williams hit three homers in the same game, the first half of a doubleheader. Foxx played in the majors form 1925 through 1945 and hit a total of 534 homes.
    1944-SCHAEFER, JOSEPH E. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company I, 18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Stolberg, Germany, 24 September 1944. Entered service at: Long Island, N.Y. Birth: New York, N.Y. G.O. No.: 71, 22 August 1945. Citation: He was in charge of a squad of the 2d Platoon in the vicinity of Stolberg, Germany, early in the morning of 24 September 1944, when 2 enemy companies supported by machineguns launched an attack to seize control of an important crossroads which was defended by his platoon. One American squad was forced back, another captured, leaving only S/Sgt. Schaefer's men to defend the position. To shift his squad into a house which would afford better protection, he crawled about under heavy small-arms and machinegun fire, instructed each individual, and moved to the building. A heavy concentration of enemy artillery fire scored hits on his strong point. S/Sgt. Schaefer assigned his men to positions and selected for himself the most dangerous one at the door. With his Ml rifle, he broke the first wave of infantry thrown toward the house. The Germans attacked again with grenades and flame throwers but were thrown back a second time, S/Sgt. Schaefer killing and wounding several. Regrouped for a final assault, the Germans approached from 2 directions. One force drove at the house from the front, while a second group advanced stealthily along a hedgerow. Recognizing the threat, S/Sgt. Schaefer fired rapidly at the enemy before him, killing or wounding all 6; then, with no cover whatever, dashed to the hedgerow and poured deadly accurate shots into the second group, killing 5, wounding 2 others, and forcing the enemy to withdraw. He scoured the area near his battered stronghold and captured 10 prisoners. By this time the rest of his company had begun a counterattack; he moved forward to assist another platoon to regain its position. Remaining in the lead, crawling and running in the face of heavy fire, he overtook the enemy, and liberated the American squad captured earlier in the battle. In all, single-handed and armed only with his rifle, he killed between 15 and 20 Germans, wounded at least as many more, and took 10 prisoners. S/Sgt. Schaefer's indomitable courage and his determination to hold his position at all costs were responsible for stopping an enemy break-through. 
    1951- “Love of Life” premiered on television. This serial, which began as a 15-minute show, ran for 28 years. It was set in the town of Barrowsville at first and later moved to Rosehill; the story lines also shifted from a focus on two sisters to a larger number of characters. The diverse cast included such notables as Christopher Reeve, Karen Grassle, Roy Scheider, Dana Delaney, John Aniston, Marsha Mason, Bert Convy, Warren Beatty and Barnard Hughes.
    1951-Birthday of American composer S.K. Waller, Ventura County, CA.
    1951- Dr. Chritian Hamburger at Gentofte Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark, performed the first sex-change operation on an American. The patient was George Jorgensen of New York City, 25 years old, who later adopted the name Christine Jorgensen. Two additional operations were needed to complete the change. The first hospital to offer sex-change surgery was the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, which began performing operations in September, 1966. The cost was about $1,500.
    1955 - Millions of Americans tuned in to watch Judy Garland make her TV debut on the "Ford Star Jubilee". The CBS show received the highest television ratings to that time. 
    1955 - President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Denver. The illness didn't prevent Eisenhower from being re-elected to a second term the following year.
    1957-Racial violence in Little Rock, Ark, prompted President Dwight Eisenhower to send a force of some 1000 U.S. Army paratroopers to enforce the desegregation of Central High School. The president said that violence had caused the removal of nine black students in the newly integrated school. The students entered the guarded school on September 25. 
    1957 -- Legendary DJ Alan Freed debuts his fourth movie, Mister Rock And Roll, at New York City's Paramount Theatre. The film, named after Freed's nickname, features Alan playing himself and also several musical performances by Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Brook Benton, LaVern Baker, Ferlin Husky, Lionel Hampton, and, for some reason, former middleweight boxing champion Rocky Graziano.
    1958 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``It's All in the Game,'' Tommy Edwards.
    1961 - Bullwinkle J. Moose and his friend, Rocket J. (Rocky) Squirrel, were seen in prime time for the first time on NBC-TV. The Sunday night cartoon (7-7:30 p.m.) was called "The Bullwinkle Show". Originally Bullwinkle and Rocky appeared on ABC in a weekday afternoon series, "Rocky and His Friends". 
    1962 - The University of Mississippi agrees to admit James Meredith as the first black university student, sparking more rioting.
    1963 - Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Gen. Maxwell Taylor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrive in Vietnam. At President John F. Kennedy's request, they were to determine whether South Vietnam's military situation had deteriorated as a result of the continuing clash between the Ngo Dinh Diem government and the Buddhists over Diem's refusal to institute internal political reform. Earlier in the month, Kennedy had sent Marine Corps Gen. Victor Krulak and State Department official Joseph Mendenhall to Saigon on a fact-finding mission. They returned with a conflicting report that left Kennedy unsure of the actual situation in Saigon. Consequently, Kennedy dispatched McNamara and Taylor in an attempt to clarify the situation. They were accompanied on the eight-day trip by William Bundy of the Defense Department, William Colby of the Central Intelligence Agency, White House advisor Michael Forrestall, and diplomat William Sullivan. Again, the individual perceptions of the group differed. Gen. Paul Harkins, commander of the U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) convinced General Taylor that the war against the Viet Cong was progressing on schedule, even to the point that Harkins thought that 1,000 advisors might be sent home by the end of the year. The civilians in the party were not so optimistic, agreeing with Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge's assessment that the Diem government was very fragile.
    1964- “Daniel Boone” premiered on television. It was a huge success, based loosely on the life of pioneer Daniel Boone, who helped settle Kentucky in the 1770s. Fess Parker starred as the American hero. Ed Ames played Mingo, Boone’s friend, an educated Cherokee and Pat Blair played his wife, Rebecca. Also featured were Albert Salmi, Jimmy Dean, Roosevelt Grier, Darby Hinton, Veronica Cartwright and Dallas McKennon.
Parker settled into Santa Barbara, built a well-known resort,
grows grapes for wine he bottles, plus has a famous inn and spa
    1964- “The Munsters” was a half-hour sitcom about an unusual family who thought they were ordinary. Each family member resembled a different type of monster: Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) was Frankenstein’s monster, Lily, his wife (Yvonne DeCarlo) and Grandpa, her father (Al Lewis) were vampires and his son Eddie (Butch Patrick) was a werewolf. Only their niece, Marilyn (Beverly Owen and Pat Priest), looked normal, and they considered her the unattractive family member. Most of the show’s laughs came from the family’s interactions with outsiders. The last telecast was on 
Sept 1, 1966.
    1966- Top Hits This day
Cherish - The Association
Sunshine Superman - Donovan
Bus Stop - The Hollies
Almost Persuaded - David Houston
    1966-The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" peaks at #11 on the singles chart.
    1966-Stevie Wonder's "Up-tight Everything's Alright" enters the LP chart. It features the top-10 hits, "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" and a remake of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind."
    1966 -- En route from New York to London with his new manager, Chas Chandler, the guitarist formerly known as Jimmy James decides to change his name to Jimi Hendrix. Upon arrival, Jimi ends up in a jam session with British bluesman Zoot Money, witnessed by Andy Summers, later the guitarist for the Police.
    1966 - The Association's "Cherish" hits #1
    1967 -- The Beatles film the (in) famous "Your Mother Should Know" dance segment of their film Magical Mystery Tour at the West Malling Air Force Station in Kent, England. Paul wears a black carnation when the group runs out of red ones, creating more "clues" for the "Paul is Dead" theorists.
    1968 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``Hey Jude,'' The Beatles. The song is the biggest for the best-selling rock group of all time. It stays at No. 1 for nine weeks.
    1968- “60 Minutes” premiered, TV’s longest-running prime-time program was originally hosted by Harry Reasoner and Mike Wallace. Dan Rather and Diane Sawyer were also reporters on TV’s first news magazine. Today the show’s correspondents include Ed Bradley, Steve Kroft, Lesley Stahl, Morley Safer, Andy Rooney and MikeWallace.
    1968-The Vogues received a Gold record for "Turn Around Look at Me", which reached #7 on the Billboard Pop chart. 
    1969 - The trial of the "Chicago Eight" (later seven) began. Demonstrations began outside the court house, with the "Weatherman" group proclaiming the "Days of Rage" in protest of the trial. The Chicago Eight staged demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago to protest the Vietnam War and its support by the top Democratic presidential candidate, Vice President Hubert Humphrey. These anti-Vietnam War protests were some of the most violent in American history as the police and national guardsmen confronted antiwar protesters. Five defendants (Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Rennie Davis) were convicted of crossing state lines to incite riots at the 1968 Democratic national convention; the convictions were ultimately overturned.
    1971-the World Hockey Association was formed with 12 teams scheduled to begin play in 1972. The WHA lasted seven seasons after which four surviving teams entered the National hockey League.
     1971 - The Jackson 5 appear on the cover of Life magazine, with the headline "Rock Stars At Home with Their Parents."
    1973-Birthday of foot ballplayer Eddie George, born Philadelphia, PA.
    1974- Al Kaline of the Detroit Tigers doubled off Dave McNally of the Baltimore Orioles in the fourth inning of a 5-4 Orioles win. The hit was the 3,000th of Kaline’s career which began in 1953 and ended in 1974.
    1974-Top Hits This Day
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe - Barry White
Rock Me Gently - Andy Kim
I Honestly Love You - Olivia Newton-John
I Wouldn’t Want to Live if You Didn’t Love Me - Don Williams
    1975-Birthday of American composer Greg Robbin, Chicago, IL.
    1977- “ The Love Boat” premiered. This one hour comedy-drama featured guest stars aboard a cruise ship, the Pacific Princess. All stories had to do with finding or losing love. The ship’s crew were the only regulars (though there were occasional recurring roles, like Charo as April): Gavin MacLeod as Captain Merrill Stubing, Bernie Kopell as the often-divorced Doctor Adam Bricker, Fred Grandy as assistant purser Burl “Gopher” Smith, Ted Lange as bartender Isaac Washington and Lauren Tewes as cruise director Julie McCoy. Also featured were Jill Whelan as Vicki, Stubin’s daughter , Pat Klous as Julie, who replaced Tewes and Ted McGinley as photographer Ashely Covington “Ace” Evans. The series ended with the last telecast on September 5, 1986, but three tow-hour specials were broadcast the next year. MacLeon, Lange, Kopell and Whelan were reunited in a Love Boat special in 1990.
    1977-Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" peaks at #3 on the singles chart while E.L.O.'s "Telephone Line" peaks at #7
    1977-Styx' "Come Sail Away" is released.
    1977- Rev. John T. Walker was installed as the sixth -- and first African American -- bishop of the Episcopal diocese in Washington, D.C.
    1978 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``Kiss You All Over,'' Exile.
    1983-Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It" hits #1 on the singles chart.
    1983-The Moody Blues' "The Present" enters the LP chart.
    1885-The preserved heads of Joaquin Murieta and Three-Fingered Jack" were sold at auction today for $36 to satisfy a judgment 
    1987- “A Different World” premiered. It was spin-off from “The Cosby Show,” Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) goes off to Hillman College. The first season’s cast included Marisa Tomei, Dawnn Lewis, Jasmine Guy, Loretta Devine, Amir Williams, Kadeem Hardison, Darryl Bell, Marie-Alise Recasner, Mary Alice and Sinbad. Bonet left the series and returned to “The Cosby Show.” Returning for a second season were Lewis, Guy, Hardison, Bell, Alice and Sinbad, plus Charnele Brown, Cree Summer and Glynn Turman. Aretha Franklin (Turman’s wife) sang the show’s theme song.
    1988- Barbara C. Harris was elected suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Massachusetts, the first female Episcopal bishop.
    1988 - Seoul Summer Olympics flashes: 1) Carl Lewis ran the fastest 100 of his life, 9.92 seconds, but was beaten by Canadian Ben Johnson’s 9.79. “I ran the best I could, and I'm pleased with the race.” Lewis said. (Lewis did become the recipient of the that gold medal when Johnson tested positive for steroids, a banned substance for Olympic athletes.) 2) Jackie Joyner-Kersee amassed a world-record score (7,291) in the heptathlon (seven different track-and-field events for women). 
    1988-Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" hits #1 on the singles chart.
    1989 - Forty-seven cities between the Rockies and the Appalachians reported record low temperatures for the date. Lows of 38 degrees at Abilene TX, 34 degrees at Jackson KY, and 36 degrees at Midland TX established records for the month of September. The low of 36 degrees at Midland smashed their previous record for the date by thirteen degrees. Fayetteville AR and Springfield MO reported their earliest freeze of record. Thunderstorms produced torrential rains in northeastern Florida. Jacksonville was deluged with 11.40 inches of rain, and flash flooding resulted in two deaths.
    1990-- Rev. Barbara Clementine Harris was elected Episcopal Bishop in Massachusetts. Her mother Beatrice was a church organist.
    1997--The Rolling Stones start their Bridges To Babylon tour at Chicago's Soldier Field. They begin the show with "Satisfaction" and close it 2½ hours later with "Brown Sugar". A great show!!! We had seats five rows up front where Jaggers spent a lot of time singing, and I swear looking right at me, as we were literally sat on seats placed in the aisle. 
    2005-- Hurricane Rita made landfall just east of Sabine Pass, on the Texas-Louisiana line, as a Category 3 hurricane with top sustained winds of 120 mph. Coast Guard units still in the area from Hurricane Katrina rescue and relief efforts responded, saving138 lives and evacuating 53 people.     2005- Averaging more than 50,000 fans per game, the Yankees become the third franchise in major league history, and the first since the 1994 strike, to pass the four-million attendance mark. The 1993 Colorado Rockies and the 1991-1993 Toronto Blue Jays are the other teams which have reached the milestone.
    2011 -In a pre-game ceremony before a nationally televised game with Boston, the Yankees celebrate the 50th anniversary of Roger Maris's record breaking 61st home run. The festivities include New York captain Derek Jeter carrying the bat to home plate that the Rajah used to hit the Tracy Stallard pitch on October 1, 1961, and Sal Durante, the 19-year fan old who caught the historic homer in the right field stands, bringing the ball onto the field.





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