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Friday, September 18, 2015

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

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My Opinions on Major License Changes
for Lease Financing in the State of California
   by Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor
Current/Lease Regulations
  United States and Canada
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Correction: Limited Time, Profit Analyst Course, Free
Offered by Steve Chriest

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My Opinions on Major License Changes
for Lease Financing in the State of California
by Tom McCurnin
Leasing News Legal Editor 

Preface by Editor

Reaction to SB 197 awaiting California Governor Jerry Brown's signature was very negative, especially from funders.

"The part of the new law that troubles me the most is that apparently the unlicensed broker cannot 'negotiate, quote, take application or close for signatures'," a major small to middle sized funder told Leasing News. 

One funder said they were going to look into ignoring business in or
from California brokers.

There also was confusion expressed regarding the current law allowing unlicensed brokers to solicit five transactions without having a license.  The new law changes this and puts the onus on the funder, not just the broker.


Now that SB 197 is probably going to be law, I think the debate on whether it is good or bad should probably cease, and we start focusing on how to comply and what the ramifications for non-compliance might be.

The current law is that a licensed lender is prohibited from providing an unlicensed broker with a commission. 

That being said, a sharp State Senator from San Diego tried to do the leasing industry a favor by drafting a bill which would allow a licensed lender to provide a commission to an unlicensed broker. Sadly, the measure got watered down and changed in committee, and now the exceptions to the law pretty much swallow up the changes. Welcome to politics.

So, assuming that Governor Brown will sign the Bill, a licensed lender can pay a commission to an unlicensed broker only if:
•  That unlicensed broker is a person, not an entity
•  The effective interest rate of the loan is less than 36%
•  The unlicensed broker has to stay away from the transaction and cannot take financials, deposits, or be involved in the deal.  That unlicensed broker must be merely a referral source. 

It is unclear whether this new law applies to California licensed financial lenders loaning money or making leases to California residents only, or whether a licensed lessor in California is now prohibited from paying a commission to a broker in New York for a deal in New Jersey. I suspect it would not apply, but as the Department of Oversight flexes its muscles, the interpretation might be made clearer.

Ultimately, the Department of Oversight is trying to weed out rinky-dinky brokers who have no skin in the game, such as a license or a bond. There are two ways they could do this. First, they could gear up with tax revenue and actually prosecute these unlicensed brokers and lessors, at considerable time and expense.  This is a bottom up approach. Second, they could make licensed lenders do their dirty work by making it illegal for the licensed lenders to do business with unlicensed brokers, a top down approach. 

Just so the licensed lessors don’t feel too bad here, the top down approach has been the current government role strategy for many years. For example, the U.S. Government doesn’t like medical marijuana dealers. Rather than prosecute them, they simply get the Federal Reserve to make a law discouraging banks from banking a medical marijuana outlet. 

As frustrating as this may seem, I think it might be a good idea to put a positive spin on this. The Department of Oversight, by forcing licensed lenders to back away from unlicensed brokers, will encourage brokers to be licensed.  Only those brokers with financial skin in the game will do so. They will presumably abide by the minimal regulations governing licensees and hopefully will not lie, cheat, keep deposits, and other things some of the lower level brokers are routinely accused of doing.  This raises the gene pool of the industry. 

On a final note, people always ask me this—there is no per se requirement to be licensed. The statute allows anyone to make up to five loans a year without being licensed. So the occasional, one-off, broker remains unaffected by this statute. Even assuming a lessor or broker wants to do more than 5 deals a year, there is no big disincentive for doing so, since the Department of Oversight rarely engages the remedy of a cease and desist order, except in extreme cases. However, one of the principal benefits of being licensed is that the broker or lessor may charge any interest rate they want to, because they are exempt from usury. 

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting
in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at

Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:




Current/Lease Regulations
United States and Canada

(Any up-dates or additions, please send

Alaska: Money Service License

Arizona: All "advance fee loan brokers" must register annually with the state. Includes "commitment fees." Stiff penalty and on line form for a complaint for the state to investigate. Arizona Revised Statutes, sec. 06-1303-1310 (1996)
Registration process:

Arkansas: All brokers of "a loan of money, a credit card or a line of credit" may not assess or collect an advance fee. In addition, all brokers must register with the Securities Commissioner, post a surety bond of $25.000 and have a net worth of $25,000.
Arkansas Code Annotate sec. 23-39-401 (1995)

California: "In addition to the lending authority provided by the law, the California Finance Lenders Law provides limited brokering authority. A "broker" is defined in the law as "any person engaged in the business of negotiating or performing any act as broker in connection with loans*made by a finance lender." Brokers licensed under this law may only broker loans to lenders that hold a California Finance Lenders license." 
(*any transaction that is not a true rent or meets the accounting and tax rules or is re-sold as a loan or discount or has a nominal purchase option is considered under this nomenclature. ) (2)

Delaware :

Florida: Brokers of a "loan of money, a credit card, line of credit or related guarantee, enhancement or collateral of any nature" may not assess or collect an advance fee. 
Florida Statues, Chapter 687.14 (1992)

Georgia: A broker of "loans of money, a credit card, a line of credit or related guarantee, enhancement or collateral of any kind or nature" may not assess or collect an advance fee unless such fee is for "actual services necessary to apply for the loan." Official Code of Georgia Annotated, sec. 7- 7-1 (1992)

Idaho: No fee may be collected unless a loan is actually made. 
Idaho Code, sec. 26-2501 (1992)

Illinois: Code, 815 ILCS 175/15-5.03 Under the Act, a" loan broker" means any person who, in return for a fee from any person, promises to procure a loan for any person or assist any person in procuring a loan from any third party, or who promises to consider whether or not to make a loan to any person. 815ILCS 175/15-5- 15(a) specifically excluded from the application of the Act, however, are (1) any bank …regulated by any service loans for the Federal National Mortgage Association… (3) any insurance producer or company authorized to do business in [Illinois], (4) any person arranging financing for the sale of the person's product, (note that this exception does not apply to any person selling someone else's product and only applies to "the" person's product, implying the exception is for the owner of the product arranging for financing), (5) any person authorized to conduct business under the Residential Mortgage License Act of 1987 and (6) any person authorized to do business in [Illinois] and regulated by the Department of Financial Institutions or the Office of Banks and Real Estate. "In the event that the Act is violated by the broker, the Secretary of State is empowered by the statute to make investigations and examinations, suspend or revoke the broker's approval, subpoena witnesses, compel the production of books and records, order depositions and obtain temporary restraining orders and injunctions against the broker. In the vent that a violate is found, the Secretary of State may impose a fine in the amount of $10,000 for each violation and the broker shall be liable to any person damaged in the amount of tactual damages plus attorneys’ fees." This appears as standard language on most states.

Iowa: A broker of loans of "money or property" may not assess or collect an advance fee except for a "bona fide third-party fee" and a broker must obtain a bond or establish a trust account and file required documents with the Commissioner or Insurance.
Iowa Code, sec. 535C (19920)

Kansas : Broker is not exempt. Discounter or Lessor is exempt: " 'Creditor' means any person to whom a loan is initially payable on the face of the note or contract evidencing the loan" is exempt. Anyone who earns a fee or accept a deposit, except a bank, financial institution, discounter or lessor, must be registered.

Kentucky: Brokers of "a loan of money, a credit card, a line of credit or related guarantee, enhancement or collateral of any kind or nature" may not assess or collect an advance fee. 
Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated, sec. 367.380 (1992)

Louisiana: A broker of loans of "money or property…whether such agreement is styled as a loan, a lease or otherwise" must obtain a surety bond or establish a trust account in the amount of $25,000. A broker may not collect an advance fee but may collect an "advance expense deposit for commercial loans" only for actual expenses incurred in obtaining the loan. Louisiana Revised Statutes Annotated, sec. 9:3574 (1993); Louisiana Revised Statutes Annotated, Sec. 51:1910 (1992)
Non-Louisiana leasing companies, with or without offices in the state, must qualify to do business in Louisiana, and are subject to payment of state and local occupational license fees. See: Collector of Revenues v Wells Fargo Leasing Corp., 393 So.2d 1255 (La. App. 1981). Common misunderstanding of Louisiana law. Motor vehicle lessors, with or without offices in Louisiana, additionally are required to be licensed by the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission in order to lease a motor vehicle in the state. (La. R.S. 32:1254(N)) Common misunderstanding of Louisiana law.

Maine: No license required: "the regulation of commercial loan brokers does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection. Transactions involving two businesses are legal/contractual in nature. Therefore, disputes involving a commercial loan between a business and commercial loan provider or broker must be settled in the court system."

Maryland: Lending threshold is $6,000 or less, so now need for license if over
this dollar amount

Massachusetts: Lending threshold is $6,000 or less, so now need for license if over this dollar amount.

Minnesota: Money Transfer License

Mississippi: A broker or loans of money may not assess or collect an advance fee and can be fined up to $5,000 for each violation. Mississippi Code Annotated, sec. 81-19-17 (1997)

Missouri: A broker of loans of "money or property" may not assess or collect an advance fee. Missouri Revised Statues, sec. 367 300 (19920

Nebraska: A broker of loans of money may not assess or collect an advance fee. Nebraska Revised Statutes, sec. 45-189 (1993)

Nevada: Foreign Corporations Foreign corporations engaged in activities in Nevada are subject to the provisions of Chapter 80 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Specifically, NRS 80.010 through 80.055 set forth the requirements for a foreign corporation to qualify to do business in Nevada. Of primary importance are the statutes that establish (a) the filing requirements to qualify to do business (NRS 80.010); (b) the activities in which a foreign corporation may engage that do not constitute “doing business” so as to require qualification (NRS 80.015); and (c) the penalties to which a foreign corporation will be subject for failing to comply with the qualification provisions (NRS 80.055). The penalties for failure to comply with the qualification statutes include a fine (capped at $10,000) and/or denial of the right to maintain a court action. However, failure to comply will not impair the validity of contracts entered into by a foreign corporation nor prevent such corporation from defending itself in court. Foreign LLCs Foreign LLCs engaged in activities in Nevada are subject to the provisions of Chapter 86 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, specifically NRS 86.543 through 86.549. Foreign LLCs seeking to operate in Nevada must comply with the initial filing and registration requirements in NRS 86.544, and annual filing requirements of NRS 86.5461. The LLC must also maintain certain records, such as a list of current members and managers, in accordance with NRS 86.54615. Additionally, NRS 86.5483 lists the activities which do not constitute “doing business” in Nevada for purposes of the Chapter. Foreign LLCs that fail to comply with the Chapter risk penalties similar to those facing a non-compliant foreign corporation. Those penalties are outlined in NRS 86.548.
Nevada has no usury statute.

New Hampshire
Any person making small loans, title loans, or payday loans in New Hampshire must obtain a license from the bank commissioner. N.H. Rev. State. Ann. § 399-A:2. This law does not apply to banks, trust companies, insurance companies, savings or building and loan associations, or credit unions. Id. Any person who violates any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor if a natural person, or a felony if any other person. N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann § 399-A:18.

New Jersey: Brokers of "loans of money" may not assess or collect an advance fee. 
New Jersey Rev. Statutes, sec. 17:10B (1992)
Although New Jersey does not require a lessor to obtain a license to conduct a leasing business in the state, the New Jersey Corporation Business Activities Report Act requires foreign corporations to register with the state. See N.J. STAT. ANN. 14A:13-14. In particular, foreign corporations must file a Notice of Business Activities Report with New Jersey's Department of Taxation. Activities that trigger the requirement of a report include: (a) maintaining an office or other place of business in New Jersey; (b) maintaining personnel in New Jersey, even if the personnel is not regularly stationed in the state; (c) owing or maintaining real or tangible personal property directly used by the corporation in New Jersey; (d) owning or maintaining tangible and/or property in New Jersey used by others; (e) receiving payments from residents in New Jersey, or businesses located in New Jersey, that are greater than $25,000.00; (f) deriving any income from any source or sources within New Jersey; or (g) conducting or engaging in any other activity, property or interrelationships with New Jersey as may be designated by the Director of the Division of Taxation. See N.J.S.A. 14A:13-15. Corporations not required to file a report are those which either received a certificate of authority to do business, or filed a timely tax return under the Corporation Business Tax Act, or Corporation Income Tax Act. See N.J. STAT. ANN. 14A:13-16. Reports must be filed annually by April 15th.

New Mexico: New Mexico currently requires Brokers/Lessors to register for Licensing under the NM Mortgage loan Company or Loan Broker Act with the Financial Institutions Division of the State of New Mexico. Banks with Brick and Mortar within the State of New Mexico are exempt. Prior to licensing applicants must submit the Following: 
Articles of Incorporation 
Listing of all principals (including management) 
A full financial Package (to meet their minimum requirements of liquidity) 
Personal financial statements on all principals 
Disclosure of all current or past suits (civil or criminal) 
Attach a corporate surety bond 
Include a $400.00 registration fee renewable yearly

North Carolina: A broker of "loans of money or property…whether such agreement is styled as a loan, a lease or otherwise" must obtain a surety bond or establish a trust account in the amount of $25,000 and obtain a license. North Carolina General Statutes, sec. 66-106 (1992)

North Dakota: Brokers may not accept an advance fee unless the broker is licensed. North Dakota Century Code, 13-04. 1-09.1 (1993) Ohio: Department of Commerce, Division of Financial Institutions
(Certificate to engage in the business of a credit services organization in accordance with the provisions of Sections 4712.01 to 4712.14 of the revised code of Ohio, subject to all the provisions thereof and to the regulations of the division.) Ohio Department of Taxation requires a "Vendor's License" under provision 5739.17 of the Revised Code ( hereby authorized to sell tangible personal property and selected services at the retail location specified below.) This also makes the lessor responsible for all taxes with penalties for not doing so.

Ohio: Ohio law provides that no person may engage in the business of lending money, credit, or choses in action in amounts of $5,000 or less, or exact, contract for, or receive, directly or indirectly, on or in connection with any such loan, any interest and charges that in the aggregate are greater than the interest and charges that the lender would be permitted to charge for a loan of money if the lender were not a licensee, without first having obtained a license from the Division of Financial Institutions. O.R.C. 1321.02. This rule is applied to any person, who by any device, subterfuge, or pretense, charges, contracts for, or receives greater interest, consideration, or charges than that authorized by such provision for any such loan or use of money or for any such loan, use, or sale of credit, or who for a fee or any manner of compensation arranges or offers to find or arrange for another person to make any such loan, use, or sale of credit. O.R.C. 1321.02.

Rhode Island: Any person who acts as a lender, loan broker, mortgage loan originator, or provides debt-management services must be licensed. R.I. Gen Laws § 19-14-2(a). The licensing requirement applies to each employee of a lender or loan broker. R.I. Gen Laws § 19-14-2(b). No lender or loan broker may permit an employee to act as a mortgage loan originator if that employee is not licensed. R.I. Gen Laws § 19-14-2(b) R.I. Gen. Laws § 19-14-2 (2012) No person engaged in the business of making or brokering loans shall accept applications from any lender, loan broker, or mortgage loan originator who is required to be licensed but is not licensed. R.I. Gen Laws § 19-14-2(d). There is an exemption from the licensing requirement for a person who makes not more than 6 loans in the state within a 12-month period. R.I. Gen Laws § 19-14.1-10. Persons lending money without a license are guilty of a misdemeanor and can be fined not more than $1,000, or imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both; each violation constitutes a separate offense. R.I. Gen Laws § 19-14-26.

South Carolina: A broker of "a loan of money, a credit card, a line of credit or related guarantee, enhancement or collateral of any kind or nature" may not assess or collect an advance fee. South Carolina Code Annotated, sec. 34-36-10 91992)

South Dakota: Money Lending License
Required for individuals or corporations to engage in the business of lending money, including creating and holding or purchasing and acquiring any installment loan ("Capital Lease" or EFA), single pay loan, or open-end loan which may be unsecured or secured by personal property. Requires filing a surety bond application. State and national banks, bank holding companies, other federally insured financial institutions, and the subsidiaries of those institutions are exempt from licensure. In addition, SD chartered trust companies are exempt from licensure. Any individual or corporation holding this license is required to pay the bank franchise tax. 
Duration: 1 year
Cost: Application: $600
South Dakota has no usury status

Vermont: Commercial Loans
Commercial loan license would apply to EFA and "Capital Leases." Exemptions include transactions over $1 million, and brokers who do not engage in transactions more than $50,000 in one year at rates not exceeding 12 percent per annum.

Ontario, Canada: General Requirements: 1. Branch Operation If a foreign corporation wants to carry on business via a branch operation, without a Canadian corporate entity, it may have to obtain a provincial license in each province in which it intends to carry on business. Pursuant to the Ontario Extra-Provincial Corporations Act R.S.O. 1990 c. E.27 ("EPCA"), a class 3 extra-provincial corporation (a corporation that has been incorporated or continued under the laws of a jurisdiction outside Canada) is prohibited from carrying on business in Ontario without a license under the Act [s. 4(2)]. Failure to comply with this licensing requirement can lead to a maximum fine of $2,000 for a person and $25,000 for a corporation [s. 20(1)]. Directors, officers and any person acting as a representative of the corporation can be fined up to $2,000 for authorizing, permitting or acquiescing to an offence by the corporation [s. 20(2)]. For the purposes of the EPCA, an extra-provincial business is considered to be "carrying on business in Ontario" if: a. It has a resident agent, representative, warehouse, office or place where it carries on its business in Ontario; b. It holds an interest, otherwise than by way of security in real property situate in Ontario; or c. It otherwise carries on business in Ontario [s. 1(2)]. This last category is a catchall. Recent case law in the area stresses that it is very much a fact-specific analysis hinging on the extent to which business is actually conducted in Ontario. 2. Incorporation: a foreign corporation can also choose to incorporate a subsidiary, either federally or provincially. If a subsidiary is incorporated provincially in Ontario, it may have to obtain an extra-provincial license to carry on business in other provinces. An Ontario-incorporated company does not have to obtain a license to carry on business in Quebec but does have to make annual information filings. 3. Bank Act If the financing company is a bank and intends to carry on business in Canada, it must obtain appropriate approval under the Bank Act 1991 c. 46. Whether an entity will be considered a bank under the Bank Act needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, as there are a number of relevant factors.




Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Press Release    
WE'RE HIRING at Our Minneapolis Headquarters
Credit Manager
This position will be responsible for underwriting small ticket working capital applications up to $250,000 in a fast paced and high volume environment. The candidate will make independent decisions on commercial credit applications through evaluation of business and personal credit reports, financial statements and other credit information. More
Collections Representative
This position will function as the primary contact for customer concerns regarding loan collection issues. The candidate will act as a liaison between the customer, Channel Partners Capital and 3rd Party Collection Agencies. More
Please email cover letter and resume to:

For information on placing a help wanted ad, please click here:

Please see our Job Wanted section for possible new employees.  



New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Business
and Related Industries


Phil Azriel was hired as Director of Broker Relations at Cobra Capital, LLC., Darien, Illinois. Previously, he was Owner, Fun Services (February, 1992 - January, 2015). Education: Roosevelt University, MBA, Information Systems (1982–1988); Northern Illinois University, BS, Sociology (1977–1981).

Adam Breene was hired as Healthcare Business Development Manager, Vendor Finance at Umpqua Bank; he is based in Denver, Colorado.  Previously, he was Account Development Rep, Key Equipment Finance (January, 2007 – September, 2015). Education: Gettysburg College, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Business Management (2000–2004). Sigma Chi Fraternity.  Summit High School (1996 – 2000).

Nicholas Careno was hired as Vice President, Leasing at Standard Capital Corporation, Andover, Massachusetts. He joined People's United Equipment Finance Corp., August, 2013, as Vice President, Business Banking, and was promoted June, 2014 to Vice President, Leasing. Previously, he was Sr. Business Banking Officer, Sovereign Bank (June, 2012 – August, 2013); Senior Account Executive, Harbour Capital Corporation (December, 2006 – April, 2012). Education: Southern New Hampshire University, Bachelor's degree, Psychology, Business (1999 – 2003). Dover High School (1994 – 1998).

Michael Coon was hired as Vice President-Syndications Manager at AXIS Capital, Inc., Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan. Previously, he was Vice President, LCA Financial LLC, Lease Corporation of America (October, 2013 – August, 2015); Vice President, Equipment Finance and Leasing Division, TAB Bank (October, 2011 – July, 2013); Vice-President, Orion First Financial, LLC (February, 2011-September, 2011), Managing Member, Aurora Management Group, LLC (January, 2010-January, 2011), Executive Vice-President, Enterprise Funding Group, LLC, January, 2011-December, 2009), Vice-President, Business Development, Enterprise Capital Corp. (February, 1996-December, 2000), Retail Loan Business Development Officer, FMB, First Michigan Bank (April, 1993-February, 1996). Central Michigan University BSBA, Finance and Marketing (1986–1988).

Michael J. Delgado (LION) was hired as Business Development Officer at VFI Corporate Finance, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Previously, he was Senior National Account Executive, Mazuma Capital Corp. (June, 2013 – August, 2015); Account Relationship Manager, Unisys (April, 2011 – July 2013); Business Development Manager, Citywide Home Loans (August, 2008 – April, 2011); President/ Marketing & Customer Relations, Recruiting Manager, Business Development, Mortgage Cons, Delgado Enterprises LLC (June, 2001 – August, 2008); Supervisor, Customer Service/Billing Supervisor, Product Technology, Pagnet of Utah (February, 1999 – June, 2001); Customer Service Manager/Team Leader, American Express (January, 1984 – January 1999). Certifications; Division of Real Estate License, State of Utah State of Utah, License 6223027-MLAF; National Mortgage Licensing, State of Utah: License 272824, General Class FCC Amateur Radio, Worldwide, Federal Communications Commission; Commission, License KD7YAH. Education: Cottonwood High School (1978 – 1981) Management Courses in: Business Law; Real Estate; Effective Decision Making; State and Federal Banking Laws, Regulations; Advanced Sales and Marketing.

Shawn O'Neill is back at Marlin Business Services, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, as Senior Business Development Manager   Previously he was Account Executive, LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. (November, 2014 – September, 20150; Territory Account Manager, Thomas Scientific (July, 2014–November, 2014); Account Manager, Balboa Capital (September , 2013–December,  2013); Regional Sales Manager, Ascentium Capital (February 2013–September 2013; Territory Sales Manager, PHD Virtual Technologies3 (January, 2012–February , 2013); Business Development Manager. Marlin Leasing (June 2006–January 2012); Account Executive, National Accounts, LEAF Financial Corporation (December 2005–June 2006); Dealer Service Representative, Canon Financial Services, Inc. (September, 2004–December, 2005); Honors: Admirals Club, Marlin Leasing, Most New Business. Education: King's College, BA, Psychology. Activities and Societies: Education Concentration

Tre Robertson was hired as Senior Account Executive at Business Capital Partners, Newport Beach, California. Previously, he was Account Executive, Capital Alliance Group (October, 2012 – February, 2015). 

Janice Schawillie was hired as VP Capital Markets at First American Equipment Finance, Fairport, New York.  Previously, she was VP Syndications/Portfolio Manager, First Niagara Bank (September, 2009 – September, 2015); Operations Specialist, Chase Equipment Leasing Inc. (1983 – 2009); Operations Specialist, Chase Equipment Leasing Inc. (1983 – 2009). Education: St. John Fisher College, BA, Political Science (1977 – 1981).

Matt Sponagle was hired as Director of Network Services at Navitas Lease Corp., Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Previously, he was Network Administrator, Marlin, Business Services (December, 2004 - September, 2015). Network Technician, Infocore (1994-2000).

David Van Zyl has been hired as Vice President of Global Vendor Finance, Century Tokyo Leasing USA, Purchase, New York. "(He)...will oversee Marketing, Business Development, Credit and Operations, leading the expansion of the Global Vendor Finance Group from traditionally supporting Japanese credits in North America, to servicing captive finance organizations, vendors and bank partners around the world. Previously, Van Zyl served at Hitachi Capital America, where he was Assistant Vice President and Manager of its wholesale finance business. In his prior roles Van Zyl was Senior Credit Analyst at GE Capital Transportation and CitiCapital Commercial, and Credit Supervisor at Associates First Capital. Tiger Ogawa, President of Century Tokyo Leasing USA said, 'We are pleased to have David as part of the management team. His experience in commercial finance and leasing brings a broad skill set that will help Century Tokyo Leasing continue to develop new and existing vendor relationships to achieve our aggressive growth goals in Global Vendor Finance'.”

Junaid Zuberi RHB was hired July, 2015, as Business Development Manager at Lionhart Capital Ltd,  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Previously, he was Advisor, Life and Living Benefits, RBC Insurance (October 2013–June 2015); Customer Service Representative, (Volunteer Internship), BMO Financial Group (August 2013-October 2013). He went to work for ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited, June, 2001, as Manager Credit & Marketing; promoted January, 2008 to Senior Manager Corporate Lease Division; October, 2011, Senior Manager Corporate Communications and Customer Care. Prior
he was Visiting Faculty, Institute of Business Management (IBM)
(1998–1999). Certifications: Foreign Trained Professionals Co-op Programme. Brian J Fleming Catholic Adult Learning Centre, Mississauga ON (June 2013–September 2013). LLQP, Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Languages: English. Urdu. Education: Institute of Business Administration, MBA, Finance / Marketing (1991–1994). Institute of Business Administration
BBA (Hons), Finance, Management.



Leasing Conferences --- Full Update of Exhibitors
Women in Leasing LinkedIn Group Luncheon at NEFA




The Women in Leasing LinkedIn Group would like to cordially invite you to our October luncheon at Season’s 52 in Buckhead (Atlanta), Georgia on Wednesday October 7th, from 1:00pm – 3:30pm. The lunch is being co-sponsored by ECS Financial Services and Financial Pacific Leasing.

Space is limited to 40 attendees so if you would like to attend please RSVP no later than September 15th to Shari Lipski at 847.897.1711 or via email

If you plan on attending the 2015 NEFA Funding Symposium, the restaurant is about two miles from the host hotel. 

2015 Funding Symposium
10/7/2015 to 10/9/2015
Wed through Friday
J W Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel
3300 Lenox Road Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia  30326
United States
Contact: Kim King
Phone: 847-380-5053

Funding Symposium Exhibitors To Date:
Advanced Recovery Systems
Amerisource Funding
Bank of the West
Blue Chip Leasing Corporation
Boston Financial & Equity Corporation
Bryn Mawr Funding
Business Credit Reports
Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation
Channel Partners Capital
Cobra Capital, LLC
Collateral Specialists, Inc.
Conestoga Equipment Finance Corp
Dakota Financial, LLC
Dedicated Commercial Recovery, Inc.
ECS Financial Services, Inc.
Equipment Finance Advisor
Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc.
FirstLease, Inc.
FORA Financial
Funding Circle
Great American Insurance
Huntington Technology Finance
IOU Central, Inc.
LeaseTeam, Inc.
Marlin Business Bank
Merchant Cash Group
Nassau Asset Management
North Mill Equipment Finance, LLC
Odessa Technologies, Inc.
Orange Commercial Credit
Pawnee Leasing Corporation
Quality Leasing Co., Inc.
Quitrak, Inc.
Rapid Advance
Recovery Industry Services, LLC
Red Bridge Capital
RLC Funding
TradeRiver USA, Inc.
Vision Commerce, Inc.

Full Information including pricing, schedule, and reservation:


Dwight Galloway
SVP Broker Funding
RLC Funding
Columbia, South Carolina

Dwight Galloway will be covering the conference for
 Leasing News with a report to follow for readers not attending.



2015 54th Annual Convention
10/25/2015 - 10/27/2015
JW Marriott Hill Country
San Antonio, TX

780 individuals signed to attend to date with 
five weeks to go.


Brochure with Schedule of Events

Keynote Speakers

ELFA President and CEO Woody Sutton invites you 
to connect, engage and grow in San Antonio! (1:43)


The 2015 Fall Conference will be held at the Loews Don CeSar Hotel in St. Pete Beach, FL on November 4 through November 6, 2015. 

Website states, "Registration opening soon!"


2015 Western Regional Meeting
November 13-14, 2015
Doubletree by Hilton Anaheim - Orange County
Anaheim, CA

To reserve your room, visit

Registration Now Open:

Exhibitors to Date

60 Equipment Finance
Ascentium Capital LLC
Banc of California, N.A.
BSB Leasing Inc.
Channel Partners LLC
Dakota Financial, LLC
Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc.
Fora Financial
Funding Circle
Huntington Technology Finance
Maxim Commercial Capital
North Mill Equipment Financing LLC
Orange Commercial Credit
Paradigm Equipment Finance
Pawnee Leasing Corporation
Preferred Business Solutions
TEAM Funding Solutions
VFI Corporate Finance



71st Annual Convention
November 11 - 13, 2015
JW Marriott Austin
Austin, TX

More Information



EXPO NJ Super Regional
11/15/2015 to 11/16/2015

Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe
100 Frank Burr Blvd
Teaneck, New Jersey  07666
United States  

 Kim King, NEFA Sr. Association Coordinator 
 Phone: (847) 380-5053




Updated Book by Frank Peretore, Esq.
Available at Mathew Bender and Amazon

Well-known attorney Frank Peretore has up-dated his book "Workouts and Enforcement for the Secured Creditor and Equipment Lessor" (2015 Edition). It is a step-by-step guide, filled with practical forms, for attorneys to represent secured creditors and equipment lessors from the workout through the litigation and bankruptcy processes. It is a comprehensive treatise for the zealous yet efficient enforcement of secured creditor and equipment lessor rights--including strategies, applicable law, citations, and forms for maximizing the opportunities of a workout, swiftly securing collateral and avoiding litigation and bankruptcy pitfalls.

"The 2015 Edition updates and enhances the prior edition by incorporating current case law and statutory revisions, including the 2010 Amendment to Article 9. This edition further incorporates new chapter sections, strategies and/or forms in connection with all asset liens, avoiding preference and fraudulent conveyance claims in workouts, foreclosing Article 9 liens, enforcing judgments, prosecuting fraudulent conveyance claims, and many aspects of bankruptcy practice such as strategies and issues in preparing and filing Proofs of Claim, prosecuting nondischarge and nondischargeability claims, conducting discovery in bankruptcy, valuing collateral for motions for relief from the automatic stay, objecting to 363 sales of collateral, defending against avoidance claims and 506(c) claims, and electing section 1111(b) in Chapter 11 reorganization cases."

Available in Kindle and Paperback at Amazon for $239

Frank is listed in the group of Most Influential Lawyers
 in Equipment Finance and Leasing:


##### Press Release ############################

Canadian Small Business Lending Index Rises 4%
Canadian Commercial Credit Shifts to Manufacturing

(Ottawa, CANADA--— PayNet, a firm that provides risk management solutions and market insight to the Canadian Commercial Finance Industry reports increasing investment by privately-held Canadian businesses. The Canadian Small Business Lending Index (CBLI) which measures the amount of new private investment in property, plant and equipment by hundreds of thousands of private Canadian businesses reached 135.8 from 130.3 up 4% over last year. 

This release shows organic growth in investment by Canadian private businesses. Although rate of investment is slower, it remains positive. This rate of increase remains less than the peak years, but it shows organic growth which can drive faster recovery for the Canadian economy.

William Phelan
President, PayNet

 “The Canadian economy is in a state of transition,” notes William Phelan, president of PayNet, Inc. “This could be a lot worse. The consumer and the East are making up the slack in commodities and the West,” notes Phelan.

Mining and Farming showed contractions falling -4% and -10% respectively. At the same time, professional services companies increased investment 28% while retailers were up 19%.

“In 12 to 24 months the economy should fully reshuffle from energy to manufacturing and the consumer,” Phelan pointed out.  The PayNet Canadian Small Business Lending Index shows businesses serving energy sector Transportation -6% and Wholesale -20%

PayNet’s data reflects the fact that Canadian small businesses are outperforming the broader national economy, but that material strains exist in certain portions of the country.

Investment is contracting in the Western Provinces; Alberta -6% and Saskatchewan -8% which reflect the contracting Mining and Agriculture sectors in those two provinces. In the East, investment growth is up in Manitoba +4%, Ontario +8% and Quebec +6%.

While U.S. small businesses are consistently borrowing at double-digit annual growth rates during 2015 ranging from 10-13%, Canadian small business originations are expanding at a more modest growth rate. As the U.S. economy gains momentum, it should soften the contraction in Canada.

The outlook for the next quarter shows a reset of the financial health of Canadian private businesses is underway, as financial health remains strong, despite it deteriorating recently. “The Canadian Business Delinquency Index (CFLA CBDI) shows credit risk for Canadian small and medium sized businesses will rise slightly towards pre-recession levels over the next 12 months” according to Mr. Phelan.

PayNet’s economic indices will be presented to CEO’s and regulators at the Canadian Finance Leasing Association (CFLA) National Industry Conference September 16-18, 2015 in Ottawa.   PayNet is now launching 53 Canadian economic indices that measure current business conditions in the Canadian small business economy by Province and Industry Sector at this conference and speaking Thursday September 17, 2015 on Measuring the Industry. These indices provide early signals of economic growth, demand for capital, business fixed investment and a gauge of financial stress across multiple sectors of the economy and can be accessed at

The PayNet Canadian Business Lending Index is a key measure of metrics for Canadian private companies, small held by private owners and not traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange, which quantifies their business investment and financial health.  

PayNet, Inc. Canada is the premier provider of risk management tools and market insight to the commercial credit industry, collecting real-time loan information from leading Canadian lenders and turning it into actionable intelligence. The company's proprietary database -- updated weekly -- is a growing collection of commercial loans and leases, worth over $70 billion. Using state-of-the-art analytics, PayNet converts raw data into real-time market intelligence and predictive information that subscribing lenders use to manage risk, lower operating costs, originate more loans and improve their business strategy. For more information visit

### Press Release ############################



Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croce

Scrappy comedy ("Grandma") and harrowing drama ("Queen of Earth") make for a schizophrenic box-office double-bill, while DVD releases offer ferocious action ("Mad Max: Fury Road"), an elegant confection ("Cinderella"), and a moody classic ("Moby Dick").

In Theaters:

Grandma (Sony Pictures Classics): In her first starring role in more than twenty years, the always underrated Lily Tomlin shines in this scrappy comedy-drama, directed by Paul Weitz ("American Pie"). Tomlin plays Ellie, a poet and self-described "unemployed academic" whose spiky personality has alienated most of her family. When her teenage granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) turns up at her home in dire need of money, the two women embark on an expansive road trip that allows them to get to know one another. Along the way, Tomlin subtly creates a movingly complicated character, expressing Ellie's fierce independence as well as her regrets about past relationships. Combined with Weitz's sympathetic direction and a cast that also includes Marcia Gay Harden and Judy Greer, the film shines as a warmly acerbic intergenerational tale.

Queen of Earth (IFC Films): After the acidic comedy “Listen Up Philip,” writer-director Alex Ross Perry turns to psychodrama in this strange, one-of-a-kind story about a friendship gradually enveloped by darkness. Set mostly in a claustrophobic New York lake house, the story charts the mysterious friction that grows between two longtime pals, Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) and Ginny (Katherine Waterson). As the weekend unfolds, the time that was originally planned for artistic relaxation instead begins to show cracks in Catherine’s sanity. With her behavior growing more erratic and feral, the line between the two women’s psyches stretches thinner by the instant. With a style that’s reminded critics of visceral classics like “Repulsion” and “Persona,” Perry’s film is an unnerving portrait of emotional dynamics featuring a remarkable performance by Moss.

Netflix Tip: A distinctive voice in American indie cinema, "Queen of Earth's" Alex Ross Perry combines insightful observation with eccentric humor. So check out his earlier films, which include "Impolex" (2009), "The Color Wheel" (2011), and "Listen Up Philip" (2014).


Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros.): Movie buffs who often complain about disappointing action fare should definitely check out the relentlessly exciting new film from George Miller, who shows that at the age of 70 he can still teach younger filmmakers a thing or two. Taking place, like the previous "Mad Max" installments, in a post-apocalyptic future where the world has been reduced to a violent wasteland, the film follows the wanderings of a loner known as Max (played by Tom Hardy). Still reeling from the tragedies that turned him into a road warrior, he takes up with a gang of rebels led by the fierce Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), who's taking a precious cargo to her homeland. Standing in their way, however, are vicious marauders led by the grotesque Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne). The result is a blistering master-class in pure action that makes most other recent blockbusters look anemic.

Cinderella (Walt Disney): Director Kenneth Brannagh ("Henry V," "Hamlet") l.ikes to bring a Shakespearean tone to all of his productions, and it's no different with his latest, a lavish interpretation of the beloved, frequently filmed fairy tale. Lily James stars as the eponymous heroine, an innocent young woman who finds herself at the mercy of her cruel Stepmother (Cate Blanchett) when her father passes away. Though surrounded by an often harsh world, Cinderella keeps a pure disposition that's rewarded by her Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham Carter), who helps her make it to the castle ball. But can her newfound love for the Prince (Richard Madden) survive the sabotage attempts from her family? A light and elegant confection, this crowd-pleaser benefits from sparkling sets as well as Blanchett's fun and ferocious turn

Moby Dick (Kino): Not one to shy away from challenges, director John Huston ("The Maltese Falcon") tackled Herman Melville's monumental novel in this moody, handsome 1956 version of the classic struggle of man and beast. Told from the vantage of Ishmael (Richard Basehart), the lone survivor of a dangerous high-seas journey, the tale follows the Pequod, a whaler sailing off the New Bedford coast. Once aboard, Ishmael meets the tyrannical Captain Ahab (an uncharacteristically vehement performance by Gregory Peck), a man determined to hunt down Moby Dick, the white whale that had on a previous voyage devoured his leg. Though it misses much of the book's psychological intensity, Huston's film is nevertheless a sturdy venture, featuring stylish cinematography and a cast that includes a memorable cameo by Orson Welles.



Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler Mix
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada  Adopt-a-Dog

Sex: Male
ID#: 13114
Breed: Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler Mix
Color: Black - With Tan, Yellow or Fawn
Age: Adult
Size: Med. 26-60 lbs. (12-27 kg)


Robbie's Info...

"I am already neutered, up to date with shots, and good with kids."

Robbie's Story...

"Robbie, born September, 2012, is a very handsome, gentle Labrador/Rottweiler mix--vaccinated, micro-chipped, and neutered. This sweet boy, was surrendered because her owner is no longer able to care for him. He is a sweet, gentle boy who would benefit from Obedience training as this would help build his confidence. Robbie is shy until he knows you; but, he does enjoy going for walks and likes to be with people, being brushed and cuddled.

Robbie is an intelligent Canine who would like to have an active home with a fenced yard so that he can play safely while his family is working or relaxing in the out-of-doors

Can you give our sweet Robbie a loving, forever home?

For more information, visit with Robbie, in our Adoption Centre, at the SPCA of Western Quebec, 659 Auguste Mondoux, just off the Pink Road, in the Aylmer Sector of the City of Gatineau

Shelter: SPCA of Western Quebec
Pet ID #: 13114
Phone: (819) 770-7722
Fax: (819) 770-7444
Address: 659 Auguste Mondoux
Gatineau, QC J9J 3K2


Adopt a Pet


Leasing Attorneys
Many Can Do California Finance Lender’s License

Birmingham, Alabama
The lawyers of Marks & Associates, P.C. have over 30 years experience in dealing with virtually every type of equipment financing and are recognized throughout the industry for prompt, practical solutions and exemplary service. They offer cost-conscious, effective lease enforcement and good counsel. 
California, National: city: Riverside 
Ellen Stern - get results, reasonable pricing; numerous industry contacts, nearly 30 yrs SoCal, 20 yrs equip.: CFL license specialist, documentation, work-outs, litigated collections, recoveries; deal-maker. 

Kenneth C. Greene

Leasing and Financial consultant, active in several leasing
associations, as well as involved in music and film production inLA.  Mention "Leasing News" for a free consultation.
Skype: 424.235.1658
Connecticut, Southern New England: 
EVANS, FELDMAN & BOYER, LLC Collections, litigation, documentation, portfolio sales and financing, bankruptcy. We represent many of the national and local leasing companies doing business in this state. Past chairman EAEL legal committee. Competitive rates. 
Los Angeles/Santa Monica
Hemar & Associates, Attorneys at Law
Specialists in legal assistance, including debt collection, equipment recovery, litigation for 35 years. Fluent in Spanish. 
Tel: 310-829-1948 
Los Angeles, Southern CA 
Seasoned attorney representing secured creditors in auto finance and truck/equipment lease industry.  Bankruptcy and State Court litigation.   Vincent V. Frounjian (818) 990-0605or email:

Encino, California: Statewide “ELFA” 
Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP 30 yr excellent reputation Lessor representation commercial litigationdebt collection, and bankruptcy.
Call Stephen E. Jenkins Esq (818) 501-3800

Los Angeles, Statewide: CA.     "ELFA" Aggressive creditors rights law firm specializing in equipment leasing handling collection matters on a contingency, fixed fee or hourly cbasis. 

Los Angeles, Statewide: CA      "ELFA"
Practice limited to collections, bankruptcy and problem accounts resolution. Decades of experience. 10-lawyer firm dedicated to serving you. Call Ronald Cohn, Esq. (818)591-2121 or email. Email:   

Los Angeles- Statewide, CA
Lawyer specializing in banking and leasing issues statewide. Documents and litigation. 
Tom McCurnin, Barton, Klugman & Oetting. Voice: (213) 617-6129 
Cell:(213) 268-8291

California & National

Paul Bent – More than 35 years experience in all forms of equipment leasing, secured lending, and asset based transactions. Financial analysis, deal structuring, contract negotiations, documentation, private dispute resolution, expert witness services. 
(562) 426-1000

Trabaris, P.C.: Finance attorney with 24 years’ experience with transactional, documentation, secured financing and workouts /restructurings. 
Kevin Trabaris

Law Firm - Service, Dallas, TX. "ELFA"
Mayer regularly practices in leasing, secured financing, project development and finance and corporate finance. 
Massachusetts (collection/litigation coast to coast) 
Modern Law Group focuses its practice on collections, lease enforcement and asset recovery. For the past five years, our attorneys have helped clients recover millions of dollars. We are able to cover your needs coast to coast.

Michael J. Witt, experienced bank, finance, and leasing attorney, also conducts Portfolio Audits. Previously he was Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo & Co. (May, 2003 – September, 2008); Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Advanta Business Services (May, 1988 – June, 1997) Tel: (515) 223-2352 Cell: (515) 868-1067

National:  The OMEGA Network Group-nationwide legal representation of small and mid ticket equipment lessors-flat fee bankruptcy & replevin, contingent collection, 
billable litigation (704-969-3280)

National: Coston & Rademacher: Business attorneys serving the lease-finance industry since 1980. Transactional, documentation, corporate/finance, workouts, litigation, bankruptcy, portfolio management. Chicago-based national practice. Jim Coston, CLP (Members: ELFA, NEFA). 

St. Louis County , MO. - statewide: 
Schultz & Associates LLP., collections, negotiation, and litigation. Also register and pursue recovery on foreign judgments. Contingency and reasonable hourly rates. 
Ronald J. Eisenberg, Esq.
(636) 537-4645 x108
NJ,De,Pa: Specializing in leased equipment/secured transactions. Collections, replevins/workouts reasonable rates. Sergio Scuteri/Capehart & Scratchard, /
New York and New Jersey
Peretore & Peretore, P.C. documentation, portfolio purchase & sale, replevin, workouts, litigation, collection, bankruptcy.  Aggressive. Over 25 years

Thousand Oaks, California: 
Statewide coverage Spiwak & Iezza, LLP 20+ years experience,Representing Lessors banks in both State/ Federal Courts/ all aspects of commercial leasing litigation.
Nick Iezza 805-777-1175


Receivables Management LLC
John Kenny

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement 
• Third-Party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167

(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigative
reporting provided by John Kenny)


News Briefs---

Marlin Business Services Corp. Sees Strong Trading Volume
  After Dividend Announcement  (Thursday close $16.25)

Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

Federal Reserve Projections to 2018

GE to Expand Aviation Operations Overseas

Credit card processor agrees to settle fraud claims
  To Pay $73,000 in Restitution and Investigative Fees

25 Tucson, Arizona restaurants closed in 2015 
  Slideshow of Each Restaurant

Napa Valley Wine Train sold
  Sale Amount Not Disclosed



--You May Have Missed It

North Americans Favor Accessing Internet via Mobile


SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

How to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D
Important Reasons to Soak Up the Sunshine Vitamin


Playing the Prison Team at Menard

by Wayne Lanter

Tex was back for his twenty-first season,
twenty consecutive, then one off,
back after being farmed out to Springfield
and jumping parole. With nothing to do,
one afternoon he backed a truck up
to his mother's house while she was gone
(she was eighty) and sold off her furniture
for a hundred dollars and a cheap case of booze.
So he was recalled. He still had a good
fastball, at thirty-nine, since it's all about
numbers, a decent slider, and was wiser now,
after all the years. Then, too, he had nearly
perfect control. Always around the plate,
picking away at the black, changing speeds. 
He could take the buttons off your shirt, 
in and out, waiting, waiting for an opening.
Of course there was the element of surprise.
You never knew what he was going to throw
When you least expected it, he'd spin something
unusual in, a forkhall, maybe a backdoor slider,
or a drifter with zip on it, that fluttered,
then sailed or rolled off the table, something 
that didn't look quite right,
so you suspected he had loaded one up
and wondered what he was chewing,
what he had in his hat or under his fingernails.
After all this was the big house, the big leagues,
he'd been here for twenty-one years,
and there was a certain wisdom and respect in that.
With his record and habits, so what if he got caught?
Where could they send him this time, 
and who would bother?
His mother didn't want him back.

"A Season of Long Taters"
    Baseball Poems
    Wayne Lander
Published by Snark Publishing
637 W. Hwy 50 #119
O'Fallon, Illinois, USA

(Printed with permission of the author)




Sports Briefs----


Broncos' hex on Chiefs continues

Roger Goodell's role in conduct policy
  might not change 'for years'

NFL official was suspicious of McNally years ago

Peyton Manning reaches out to cancer-stricken fan

49ers, Kaepernick expect tougher defensive
   test in Pittsburgh


(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for appraisals and equipment valuations provided by Ed Castagna)



California Nuts Briefs---

Deal would let Southern California buy surplus water from Nevada

How six men saved Cobb homes from Valley fire

Valley, Butte fire regions face long road to economic recovery

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak proclaims Ahmed Mohamed a ‘modern day hero


“Gimme that Wine”

Chile earthquake epicentre in the country’s Coquimbo wine region

Three of Napy County 18 wineries have winery audit violations

Sonoma County Grape Yields Down but Quality Expected to be Exceptional

The Napa Wine Train Sold

A to Z Wineworks becomes one of Oregon wine's biggest sellers: Top Workplaces 2015

Ask a Somm: Which Unknown Grape Varietals Will Be Big in 10 Years?

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in American History

     1502 - Christopher Columbus landed at Honduras on his 4th and last voyage. He would retire a very wealthy man.
    1634 - The first female religious leader in the American colonies was Anne Hutchinson, born Anne Marbury (1591-1643) in England, arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony with her family. She organized groups of women who met at her house and led them in the discussion of secular and theological questions. She taught that each person could attain understanding in matters of faith and therefore owed no obedience to church law. Her influence became so great that in November, 1687, she was brought to trial in Cambridge for undermining the authority of the colony's Puritan ministers. Banished from the colony, she was given a safe haven in Roger William's settlement (the future Providence, RI) along with 70 followers. In 1642, she moved to the wilderness near what is now Pelham Bay, NY, where she and her family were killed by Native Americans.
    1679 – New Hampshire became a county in Massachusetts Bay Colony.
    1769 - The first harpsichord piano was made by John Harris. It was called a spinet and was described in the Boston Gazette, “It hath only three or four octaves. Each jack was provided with a little spur of goose-quill that plucked the thin wire to cause vibration”. It became very popular in many
New England homes and churches.
    1790 - The first loan taken out by the US was negotiated and secured by Alexander Hamilton. After beginning negotiations with the Bank of New York and the Bank of North America on Sept 18, 1789, Hamilton obtained the sum of $191,608.81 from the two banks in what became known as the Temporary Loan of 1789. The loan was obtained without authority of law and was used to pay the salaries of the president, senators, representatives and officers of the first Congress. Repayment was completed on June 8, 1790.
    1793 - President George Washington laid the Capitol cornerstone at Washington, DC, in a Masonic ceremony. That event was the first and last recorded occasion at which the stone with its engraved silver plate was seen. In 1958, during the extension of the east front of the Capitol, an unsuccessful effort was made to find it.
    1830 - In a widely celebrated race, the first locomotive build in America, the Tom Thumb, lost to a horse. Mechanical difficulties plagued the steam engine over the nine-mile course between Riley's Tavern and Baltimore, Maryland, and a boiler leak prevented the locomotive from finishing the race. In the early days of trains, engines were nicknamed "Iron Horse." People in the 19th century were opposed to change, and inventions took thirty to forty years before they were put in place, Industries were also intertwined with company owned stores, houses, other retail businesses. The attitude at the time of this race
was steam locomotive would never replace the horse, which was faster, more mobile, and "user friendly”. Why do we need a “rail road?”
    1837 - Tiffany & Company is founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City. The store is called a "stationery and fancy goods emporium".
    1850 - After long debates and failure to pass the omnibus bill, Congress passed Fugitive Slave Law as part of the compromise of 1850 in separate bills. It was supposed to cool down the growing differences between those opposing slavery and those that owned slaves, but according to historians, the bill was instrumental in dividing the sides.  [???] as but did not as the law had slave catchers were only paid for slaves they caught. Northerners did not enforce their part of the Fugitive Slave Law; they did not catch or return any run-away slaves, angering the South. The reason the North turned against Slavery: they saw slaves captured - (men, women, and children); they were chained and marched through the streets.  People in the north did not like immigrants because they thought that they lost jobs to these foreigners. They even started political parties against immigrants.
    1851 - "The New York Times" began publishing “All the News That's Fit to Print.” The "Times" now owns other media, such radio, TV, cable and the Internet. Their edition on September 11, 2002, was one of the best ever. Perhaps the most well written newspaper in the United States.
    1863 - Battle of Chickamauga, Tenn. (near Chattanooga) begins; Union retreat

    1870 – Old Faithful was observed and named by Henry D. Washburn during an expedition to Yellowstone.
    1873 – The Panic of 1873 began when the U.S. bank Jay Cooke & Company declared bankruptcy, triggering a series of bank failures.
    1889 - Hull House Opens. This settlement house was founded in Chicago by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. It soon became the heart of one of the country's most influential social reform movements, offering a mix of cultural and education programs to new immigrants.
    1891 - “White Woman” Harriet Maxwell Converse (1836-1903) was made a chief of the Six Nations Tribe at the Tonawanda Reservation, NY. She was given the name Ga-is-wa-noh, which means “The Watcher.” She had been adopted as a member of the Seneca tribe in 1884 in appreciation of her efforts on behalf of the tribe.
    1895 - Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) delivered his famous "Atlanta Compromise" speech at the opening of the Cotton States and International Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. Washington, the founder and president of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, was the first African-American man ever to address a racially-mixed Southern audience. He used the occasion to advocate a moderate approach to race relations in the New South.
    1905 - Birthday of Agnes DeMille (1905-93) at New York, NY.  Dancer, choreographer for ballet and Broadway shows such as “Oklahoma”.

    1905 - Greta Garbo’s birthday (1905-90), born Greta Lovisa Gustafsson in Stockholm, Sweden.  Actor of the almost perfect face, and one of the great stars of cinema. She made 24 films in Hollywood and was nominated for Academy Awards four times. She was finally awarded a special Academy Award in 1954 "for her unforgettable screen performances." Although she retired in 1941 to live in seclusion in New York, the paparazzi continued to chase her and the gossip newspapers printed photos of her when she was in her 70s and 80s - even while swimming. She hated making movies and condemned their superficialities as well as the burden of being portrayed a beautiful thing rather than a human being. She left school at 14 to work after her father died. A film director saw her, admired her beauty and gave her a small part in a movie. She then studied at the Royal Dramatic Theater School in Stockholm for two years where she met Mauritz Stiller, the foremost Swedish film director of his time who renamed her Garbo. When he went to the United States to work for MGM, he took her along. Garbo's fame soon eclipsed his. One of the few stars who were able to move from silent films to talkies, she made “The Torrent” (1926), “Flesh and the Devil” (1927), “Love” (1927), “A Woman of Affairs” (1929), and “Wild Orchids” (1929). Garbo starred in "talkies" for the next 14 years before walking away from movies, some say because her box office draw was dwindling, others because she was aging and didn't want the world to watch the process. Others noted her hatred of the Hollywood superficiality. The Hollywood publicists blared "Garbo Talks!" as she starred in her first talkie, “Anna Christie” (1930), followed by “Mata Hari” (1932), “Grand Hotel” (1932), “Queen Christina” (1933), “Anna Karenina” (1935), “Camille” (1936), and “Ninotchka” (1939). She was a lesbian rather than a bi-sexual. Ironically, Marlene Dietrich who was brought to the U.S. as a rival to Garbo was a bi-sexual who, in private life, also played the rival to several of Garbo's women lovers. "I said I wanted to be left alone, not I want to be alone. There is a great difference," Garbo explained about the misquote that is universally attributed to her.
    1905 – Eddie “Rochester” Anderson (1905-77) was born Edmund Lincoln Anderson in Oakland, CA.  Anderson got his start in show business as a teenager in Vaudeville. In the early 1930s, he transitioned into films and radio. In 1937, he began his most famous role of Rochester van Jones, usually known simply as "Rochester", the valet of Jack Benny, on his radio show.  Anderson became the first African American to have a regular role on a nationwide radio program. When the series moved to television, Anderson continued in the role until the series' end in 1965.
    1910 - Birthday of Samuel “Sam” Bankhead (1910-76), baseball player and manager, at Empire, AL. Bankhead starred for several teams in the Negro Leagues from 1930 to 1950. In 1951, he became organized baseball's first black manager, handling the Farnham team in the Provincial League.
    1914 - Mrs. Frank Leslie, aka Baroness de Bazus, aka Miriam Florence Folline Leslie (b. 1836), died and her amazing will changes the course of history in the U.S. She bequeathed $2 million to Carrie Chapman Catt personally to get women's suffrage approved in the U.S.! After legal battles that seemed to go on forever and caused Catt to remark that the money seemed to be more of a curse than a boon, Catt received about $900,000 and the rest eaten up by legal fees by family members trying to break the will.  Catt put it all into the Leslie publicity bureau which sent suffrage material to newspapers, magazines, and activists in a snow of information that turned a stalled movement into an avalanche of pressure. Would U.S. women have been granted the vote without Leslie's money? Eventually, but history (read correctly) showed that even with the tremendous amount of pressure exerted by women, the results came down to ONE VOTE in the Tennessee legislature. Had that one vote not been cast for suffrage, the entire movement would have been stopped because a number of states were poised to rescind their favorable vote. One must remember that lifting any restrictions on women's freedom breaks one of the oldest of all prejudices reinforced by almost every religion, that of men have the right and duty to keep women, by force if necessary, as subservient slaves... Miriam changed her name to Frank legally after she was left a widow with bankrupt businesses. Through shrewd business dealings, she rebuilt into the fortune what was left of her husband's publishing empire.
    1919 – Fritz Pollard became the first African-American to play professional football for a major team, the Akron Pros, a charter member of the American Professional Football Association.
    1924 – Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit (d. 1963) was born in Annona, TX.  On November 22, 1963, Tippit was fatally shot on a Dallas street approximately 45 minutes after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. According to five federal government investigations, Tippit was shot by former United States Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, but Oswald denied shooting Tippit.
    1925 – Harvey Haddix (1925-94) was born in Medway, OH.  His somewhat average Major League career is best remembered for the night of May 26, 1959.  Pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates, he threw a perfect game for 12 innings before losing it the 13th against the Milwaukee Braves.  A fielding error by Pirates 3B Don Hoak ended the perfect game with the leadoff batter for Milwaukee, Felix Mantilla, reaching first base. Mantilla later advanced to second on a sacrifice bunt by Eddie Mathews, which was followed by an intentional walk to Henry Aaron. Joe Adcock then hit an apparent home run, ending the no-hitter and the game. However, in the confusion, Aaron left the base paths and was passed by Adcock for the second out and the Braves won 2-0.  Haddix's 12 2/3-inning, one-hit complete game, against the team that had just represented the NL in the previous two World Series, is considered by many to be the best single pitching performance in Major League history.  In 1991, Major League Baseball changed the definition of a no-hitter to "a game in which a pitcher or pitchers complete a game of nine innings or more without allowing a hit;" the rule's formalization had the effect of proclaiming Adcock's drive singularly fatal to Haddix's no-hit bid, irrespective of the score or the game's ultimate outcome. Despite having thrown more perfect innings than anyone in a single game, Haddix's game was taken off the list of perfect games. Haddix's response was "It's O.K. I know what I did.”
    1927 - The Columbia Broadcasting System was launched in the United States. Many of the radio network's programs originated at station WOR in New York. My late father Lawrence Menkin, in the late 1940's, was station manager of WOR radio, and then worked for WOR-TV in 1949 and early 1950's, introducing “Harlem Detective,” “Hands of Murder,” and “One Man Theater.” He then went to work for DuMont TV, introducing these shows there, plus a new one for which is best known, “Captain Video and the Space Rangers.” By the way, NBC was the first network. “The Tiffany Network,” as CBS was called, broadcast an opera, "The King's Henchman", as its first program. William S. Paley put the network together, purchasing a chain of 16 failing radio stations. The controlling interest cost between $250,000 and $450,000. The following year, the 27-year-old Paley became President of CBS. It only took one more year for him to profit 2.35 million dollars as the network grew to over 70 stations.
    1933 – Robert Blake, “Baretta”, was born Michael James Gubitosi in Nutley, NJ.  Blake began performing as a child, with a lead role in the final years of MGM's “Our Gang” (Little Rascals) short film series from 1939 to 1944. He also appeared as a child actor in 22 entries of the “Red Ryder” film franchise. After a stint in the Army, Blake returned to acting in both television and movie roles. Blake may be best known for his Emmy Award-winning role of Tony Baretta in the popular television series “Baretta” (1975 to 1978), playing an undercover police detective who specialized in disguises. He continued acting through 1997's “Lost Highway” for a career that author Michael Newton called "one of the longest in Hollywood history."  In 2005, Blake was tried and acquitted of the 2001 murder of his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. On November 18, 2005, he was found liable in a California civil court for her wrongful death.
    1933 – Jimmie Rodgers was born in Camas, WA.  Rodgers had a brief run of mainstream popularity in the late 1950s with a string of crossover singles that ranked highly on the charts:  “Honeycomb” (1957), “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” (1957), “Oh, Oh, I’m Falling I Love Again” (1958), “Secretly” (1958).
    1938 - Birthday of drummer Walter “Popee” Lastie (1938-80), New Orleans, LA. Best known for playing drums with Fats Domino, but his family was well-known in musical circles in New Orleans.
    1939 - Birthday of former teen idol-singer-actor Frankie Avalon, born Francis Thomas Avallone, Philadelphia, PA.  He was among the late 50s rock ‘n’ roll teen idols that included fellow Philadelphians, Bobby Rydell and Fabian, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Darin and others whose popularity took off when Elvis went into the Army.  His first hit was “DeDe Dinah” that reached #7 in 1958.  In 1959, "Venus" (5 weeks #1) and "Why" went to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Why" was the last #1 of the 1950s. Avalon had 31 charted U.S. Billboard singles from 1958 to late 1962, including "Just Ask Your Heart" (U.S. #7), "I’ll Wait for You" (U.S. #15), "Bobby Sox to Stockings" (U.S. #8), and "A Boy Without a Girl" (U.S. #10). Most of his hits were written and/or produced by Bob Marcucci, head of Chancellor Records. Teamed frequently with Annette, Avalon starred in a number of popular "beach party" comedy films during the mid-1960s and made a comeback in the 1978 hit “Grease”.
    1939 - Saxophonist Steve Marcus (1939-2005) Birthday in The Bronx.

    1940 - Will Bradley records “Scrub Me, Mama, with a Boogie Beat,” sequel to “Beat Me, Daddy”, recorded four months earlier.
    1944 - Birthday of singer and songwriter Michael Franks, La Jolla, California. His pop-jazz tunes have been recorded by such artists as the Carpenters, Melissa Manchester and Manhattan Transfer. Franks' own albums have been moderately popular, and usually feature well-known backing musicians. For instance, he was aided on his 1976 LP "The Art of Tea" by the Crusaders. In the late 1960's, Franks spent some time at the University of Montreal, where he obtained a master's degree in contemporary culture. While in Canada, he opened shows for Gordon Lightfoot and played with the groups Carnival and Lighthouse.
    1944 - JACKSON, ARTHUR J., Medal of Honor. 
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Marine Corps, 3d Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. Place and date: Island of Peleliu in the Palau group, 18 September 1944. Entered service at: Oregon. Born: 18 October 1924, Cleveland Ohio. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the 3d Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, in action against enemy Japanese forces on the Island of Peleliu in the Palau group, 18 September 1944. Boldly taking the initiative when his platoon's left flank advance was held up by the fire of Japanese troops concealed in strongly fortified positions, Pfc. Jackson unhesitatingly proceeded forward of our lines and, courageously defying the heavy barrages, charged a large pillbox housing approximately 35 enemy soldiers. Pouring his automatic fire into the opening of the fixed installation to trap the occupying troops, he hurled white phosphorus grenades and explosive charges brought up by a fellow marine, demolishing the pillbox and killing all of the enemy. Advancing alone under the continuous fire from other hostile emplacements, he employed similar means to smash 2 smaller positions in the immediate vicinity. Determined to crush the entire pocket of resistance although harassed on all sides by the shattering blasts of Japanese weapons and covered only by small rifle parties, he stormed 1 gun position after another, dealing death and destruction to the savagely fighting enemy in his inexorable drive against the remaining defenses, and succeeded in wiping out a total of 12 pillboxes and 50 Japanese soldiers. Stouthearted and indomitable despite the terrific odds, Pfc. Jackson resolutely maintained control of the platoon's left flank movement throughout his valiant 1-man assault and, by his cool decision and relentless fighting spirit during a critical situation, contributed essentially to the complete annihilation of the enemy in the southern sector of the island. His gallant initiative and heroic conduct in the face of extreme peril reflect the highest credit upon Pfc. Jackson and the U.S. Naval Service.
    1944 - JOHNSON, OSCAR G., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company B, 363d Infantry, 91st Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Scarpered, Italy, 16-18 September 1944. Entered service at: Foster City, Mich. Birth: Foster City, Mich. G.O. No.: 58, 19 July 1945. Citation: (then Pfc.) He practically single-handed protected the left flank of his company's position in the offensive to break the German's gothic line. Company B was the extreme left assault unit of the corps. The advance was stopped by heavy fire from Monticelli Ridge, and the company took cover behind an embankment. Sgt. Johnson, a mortar gunner, having expended his ammunition, assumed the duties of a rifleman. As leader of a squad of 7 men he was ordered to establish a combat post 50 yards to the left of the company to cover its exposed flank. Repeated enemy counterattacks, supported by artillery, mortar, and machinegun fire from the high ground to his front, had by the afternoon of 16 September killed or wounded all his men. Collecting weapons and ammunition from his fallen comrades, in the face of hostile fire, he held his exposed position and inflicted heavy casualties upon the enemy, who several times came close enough to throw hand grenades. On the night of 1617 September, the enemy launched his heaviest attack on Company B, putting his greatest pressure against the lone defender of the left flank. In spite of mortar fire which crashed about him and machinegun bullets which whipped the crest of his shallow trench, Sgt. Johnson stood erect and repulsed the attack with grenades and small arms fire. He remained awake and on the alert throughout the night, frustrating all attempts at infiltration. On 17 September, 25 German soldiers surrendered to him. Two men, sent to reinforce him that afternoon, were caught in a devastating mortar and artillery barrage. With no thought of his own safety, Sgt. Johnson rushed to the shell hole where they lay half buried and seriously wounded, covered their position by his fire, and assisted a Medical Corpsman in rendering aid. That night he secured their removal to the rear and remained on watch until his company was relieved. Five companies of a German paratroop regiment had been repeatedly committed to the attack on Company B without success. Twenty dead Germans were found in front of his position. By his heroic stand and utter disregard for personal safety, Sgt. Johnson was in a large measure responsible for defeating the enemy's attempts to turn the exposed left flank.
    1947 - The US Air Force was officially established. Although its heritage dates back to 1907 when the Army first established military aviation, the US Air Force became a separate military service on this date. Responsible for providing an Air Force that is capable, in conjunction with the other armed forces, of preserving the peace and security of the US, the department is separately organized under the Secretary of the Air Force and operates under the authority, direction and control of the Secretary of Defense.
    1948 - "The Original Amateur Hour" returned to radio on ABC, two years after the passing of the program's originator and host, Major Bowes. Bowes brought new star talent into living rooms for 13 years. Ted Mack, the new host, had also started a TV run with "The Original Amateur Hour" on the DuMont network in January of 1948.
    1948 – Margaret Chase Smith of Maine became the first woman elected to the Senate without completing another senator’s term when she defeated Democratic opponent Adrian Scolten.   
    1949 - Montreal-born jazz pianist Oscar Peterson made a sensational debut at Carnegie Hall as a surprise guest at a Jazz at the Philharmonic concert. The producer of Jazz at the Philharmonic, Norman Granz, had planted Peterson in the audience and had him come on stage midway through the event. Granz became Peterson's manager, an association that was to last 30 years.
    1950 - “The Speidel Show” premiered and became one of my favorite television shows. Ventriloquist Paul Winchell was featured with his dummies, Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff, on this NBC comedy-variety series which ran for four years. Dorothy Claire, Hilda Vaughn and Jimmy Blame also made appearances on the show, which included the quiz segment “What's My Name?” Winchell later hosted a variety of programs such as “Circus Time”, “The Paul Winchell Show”, “CartoOnieS”, “Winchell and Mahoney Time” and “Runaround.” The Jerry Mahoney puppet was very popular and I had one, actually appearing in school shows with a comedy routine when I was eight and nine years old.
    1952 - Top Hits
“Wish You Were Here” - Eddie Fisher
“Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart” - Vera Lynn
“Half as Much” - Rosemary Clooney
“Jambalaya (On the Bayou)” - Hank Williams
    1955 - What had been "The Toast of the Town" on CBS Television (since 1948) became "The Ed Sullivan Show". This “rilly big shew” remained a mainstay of Sunday night television until June 6, 1971.  Sullivan was a newspaper columnist/critic before and during the early years of this pioneering TV show. It was one of the most popular, introducing many stars including Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and the home town boy of Port Chester, New York was not only famous, but powerful, as if you appeared on his show, your career was sure to take off.
    1957 - "The Big Record", hosted by ‘the singing rage', Miss Patti Page, debuted on CBS-TV. "The Big Record" was a live musical showcase featuring established artists singing their big songs. "The Big Record" lasted one big season.
    1957 - “Wagon Train,” premiered on television. My father Lawrence Menkin wrote many of the episodes and contributed stories and “treatments” on the growth of the characters. This was a popular Western on both NBC and ABC, airing for eight years with its last telecast September 5, 1965. The series was about a journey along the wagon trial from Missouri to California. Each Week the travelers encountered new surroundings and interacted with different guest stars. Ward Bond played wagon master Major Seth Adams until his death in 1960. He was replaced by John McIntire as Chris Hale. Other regulars were Robert Horton as scout Flint McCullough; Frank McGrath as cook, Charlie Wooster; Terry Will as Bill Hawks; Danny(Scott) Miller as scout Luke Shannon; Michael Burns as Baraby West, a teen passenger and Robert Fuller as scout Cooper.
    1960 - On his twenty-first birthday, Frankie Avalon is given $600,000 that he earned as a minor.
    1960 - Top Hits
“It's Now or Never” - Elvis Presley
“The Twist” - Chubby Checker
“My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own” - Connie Francis
“Alabam” - Cowboy Copas
    1961 – UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold died in a plane crash while attempting to negotiate peace in the war-torn Katanga region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
   1961 – 15 year old English actress Hayley Mills sees her US debut recording “Let’s Get Together” enter the Billboard charts, where it will reach #8.
    1961 – Bobby Vee scores his third US top ten hit and his only number one with “Take Good Care Of My Baby.”
    1963 – “The Outer Limits” premiers on TV. You may be getting tired of this inclusion, however, my father Lawrence Menkin wrote several of the episodes and provided story lines for others.  He came to Hollywood right after the War, didn’t like it, did some movie work for Barbara Streisand, didn’t like it, went back to New York City, where he was very well known locally, left for Hollywood TV in 1955 and stayed very active for ten years, the basically retired and taught at San Francisco State College and had his own actors/comedy workshop, while he worked on books (that were
never published).
    1964 – North Vietnamese Army began infiltration of South Vietnam.
    1964 - “The Addams Family” premiered on TV. Charles Addams' quirky New Yorker cartoon creations were brought to life in this ABC sitcom about a family full of oddballs. John Astin played lawyer Gomez Addams, with Carolyn Jones as his morbid wife Morticia, Ken Weatherwax as son Pugsley, Lisa Loring as daughter Wednesday, Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester, Ted Cassidy as both Lurch, the butler, and Thing, a disembodied hand, Blossom Rock as Grandmamma and Felix Silla as Cousin Itt. Although the last episode aired Sept 2,1966, “The Addams Family” movie was released in 1991, starring Anjelica Huston as Morticia, Raul Julia as Gomez, Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester, Jimmy Workman as Pugsley and Christina Ricci as Wednesday.
    1965 - Premier of TV Show “Get Smart,” a spy-thriller spoof appearing on both NBC (1965-69) and CBS (1969-70.) Don Adams starred as bumbling CONTROL Agent 86, Maxwell Smart. His mission was to thwart the evildoings of the KAOS organization. Agent Smart was usually successful with the help of his friends, Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 (whom Smart eventually married), Edward Platt as the Chief, Robert Karvelas as Agent Larrabee, Dick Gautier as Hymie the Robot and David Ketchum as Agent 13. Gimmicks included agents in garbage cans that you did not see, the “Cone of Silence” so no one could wire tape the conversations, a telephone in the sole of a shoe (way before wireless the size of a cigarette pack) and no one was shot or killed (remember, it was a comedy).
    1965 - Larry Hagman (Captain Tony Nelson) and Barbara Eden (Jeannie) starred in the first episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" on NBC-TV. Capt. Nelson had been forced to make a parachute landing on a desert island. He happened upon an old bottle that had washed up on the shore. He popped the top and - bingo! Out popped Jeannie, a 2000-year-old, very pretty genie. Jeannie took to Tony and started making weekly magic that lasted until September 1, 1970.
    1966 - Herb Alpert's European tour culminated in a performance before Princess Grace and the royal family in Monaco. From Washington to the Riviera, it seemed that no place was out of place for Alpert's ‘Ameriachi' sound.
    1967 - The popular soap opera “Love Is a Many Splendored Thing” premiered. It was created by veteran writer lrna Phillips, airing on CBS for five years. It was based on the 1955 film starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones. lrna Phillips left the show after the network nixed interracial romance in favor of political storylines. David Birney, Leslie Charleson, Bibi Besch and Donna Mills have all appeared on the show.
    1968 - Top Hits
“People Got to Be Free” - The Rascals
“Harper Valley P.T.A.” - Jeannie C. Riley
“1,2,3, Red Light” - 1910 Fruitgum Co.
“Mama Tried” - Merle Haggard
    1969 - Tiny Tim announced his engagement to Vicki Budinger at the New Jersey State Fair. The falsetto-voiced singer said he was so moved, he shed a tear and put it into an envelope that he kept in his ukulele. The wedding took place live on Johnny Carson's "Tonight" show.
    1970 - Jimi Hendrix, rock music's most innovative guitarist in the late 1960's, was found dead in a London apartment at the age of 27. He had left the message "I need help bad, man" on his manager Chas Chandler's answering machine. The coroner said Hendrix choked on his own vomit after barbiturate intoxication. A month earlier, Hendrix had performed his last concert at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival. Hendrix, born in Seattle, Washington, had first gained fame in Britain in early 1967 when "Hey Joe" by the Jimi Hendrix Experience reached number six on the British chart. He did not perform in the US until June that year, at the Monterrey Pop Festival. He ended his appearance by burning his guitar. Hendrix's guitar heroics and flamboyant stage antics soon made him a superstar. But Hendrix, who considered himself more a musician than a showman, began ridding himself of his stage theatrics in 1968, concentrating on his music. He also appeared and did an album with the Canadian born great jazz composer/arranger Gil Evans. The Hendrix Experience fell apart in 1969, and Hendrix followed that group with Band of Gypsies, which stayed together for only a few months. His "Purple Haze" and "Foxy Lady" became anthems for a generation at war in Vietnam.
    1970 - After scoring 12 US number one hits with The Supremes, Diana Ross has her first solo US chart topper with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".
    1971 - Pink Floyd became the first rock group to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. They performed "Atom Heart Mother," which had been released as an album the previous year.
    1971 - Birthday of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, Piano, TX.  He previously won the Tour de France seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005, but was stripped of those victories in 2012 after a protracted doping scandal.
    1975 - Publishing heiress Patricia Hearst was rescued/captured by the FBI in San Francisco, CA. She had been kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army on Feb 4, 1974, but had apparently fallen in with her captors and had participated in a bank holdup. Hearst was convicted of bank robbery on Mar 20, 1976. On Feb 1, 1979, her sentence was commuted to time served by President Jimmy Carter, but her conviction stood. On Jan 20, 2001, outgoing President Bill Clinton granted Patricia Hearst a full pardon, as he did for dozens of others.
    1976 - Boston's "More Than a Feeling" is released in the US, where it will reach #5.
    1976 - Top Hits
“Play That Funky Music” - Wild Cherry
“I'd Really Love to See You Tonight” - England Dan & John Ford Coley
“A Fifth of Beethoven” - Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band
“I Don't Want to Have to Marry You” - Jim Ed Brown/Helen Cornelius
    1977 - The Voyager I spacecraft, launched on Sep 5, 1977 from Cape Canaveral, FL, snapped the first photograph showing the earth and moon together. Having operated for over 38 years, the spacecraft still communicates with the Deep Space Network to receive routine commands and return data. At a distance of 132 AU (1.97×1010 km; 0.00209 light years) as of summer 2015, it is the farthest spacecraft from Earth.
    1984 - Top Hits
“What's Love Got to Do with It” - Tina Turner
“Missing You” - John Waite
“She Bop” - Cyndi Lauper
“You're Getting to Me Again” - Jim Glaser
    1993 - Garth Brooks' "In Pieces" debuted at #1 in the U.S. on both the "Billboard" "Hot 200" and Country LP charts. The album has sold over 8 million copies.
    1995 - Shania Twain won in five of the seven categories in which she was nominated at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Hamilton. The Timmins, Ontario, singer took the honors for female vocalist of the year, as well as best single and video for "Any Man of Mine" and album of the year for "The Woman in Me." Twain and her producer-husband Mutt Lange won for song of the year - "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under."  
    1996 - Tupac Shakur's video "I Ain't Mad," which depicts the rapper being shot as he leaves a nightclub, premiered on MTV five days after he died of gunshot wounds in a Las Vegas hospital. The video was made about a month before Shakur was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on the Las Vegas strip.
    1996 - Pitcher Roger Clemens of the Boston Red Sox tied his own record for most strikeouts in a 9-inning game when he struck out 20 Detroit Tigers in a 4-0 Red Sox victory. Clemens set the record on April 29, 1986, against the Seattle Mariners.
    1997 - The Rolling Stones played a small Chicago club as a prelude to their "Bridges to Babylon" world tour. Those who were lucky enough to get into the Double Door paid just $7.
    1997 – Ted Turner donated $1 billion to the UN.
    1999 - Slammin' Sammy Sosa becomes the first player in major league history to hit 60 homers twice. The Cub outfielder hits his milestone round-tripper off of Brewer hurler Jason Bere.
    2009 – Soap opera “The Guiding Light” ended after 72 years.



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