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Kit Menkin’s Leasing News
Friday, April 24, 2003
Accurate, fair and unbiased news for the equipment Leasing Industry

Monday---John Otto of the Heritage Companies to underwrite a joint venture with Jim Lahti/Rick Galtelli, and a full collection of “Odds and Ends”-----

 Leasing Industry Help Wanted



Senior Sales Representatives- Nationwide. AEF has aggressive pricing, products and programs to serve your Lessee and Vendor requirements. Work from your home while our Citrix server keeps you connected 24/7. Generous compensation and bonus for exceptional results. To become a representative please e-mail your credentials to:

Credit: Campbell, CA. 3+ yrs exp in finance, bank or venture market. Portfolio mngment, credit assessment, underwriting and collections. Degree with concentration in Finance preferred.


 Knowing your interest in Nigerian scams, I am attaching this from the new PC Magazine...

Best,Paul WeissICON San Francisco 

(Thanks, Paul. This is a very informative article. Since I last published the last series, I have over fifty different ones.

Yes, different. I am thinking of devoting an entire issue to the best of these fifty.
editor )

Here is our present collection, and more about the Nigerian scam(by the way, did you know Nigeria was the third largest exporter of oil to the United States:)


 New York Times Frank J.Prail writes about the $2.00 wine at Trader Joe’s


 You want Jazz Festivals

--- Here are festivals for the next 30 days: 


And for those who are reading the wine reviews, and say, “Boy, I never canfind that wine at my local grocery store,” here you go:


Highlight Day in American History 

    1507-little is known about the obscure scholar now called the "godfather of America," the German geographer and mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller, who gave America its name. In a book titled Cosmographiae Introductio, published this day, 1507, Waldseemuller wrote: "Inasmuch as both Europe and Asia received their names from women, I see no reason why any one should justly object to calling this part Amerige, i.e., the land of Amerigo, or America, after Amerigo, its discoverer, a man of great ability." Believing it was the Italian navigator and merchant Amerigo Vespucci who had discovered the new continent, Waldseemuller sought to honor Vespucci by placing his name on his map of the world, published in 1507. First applied only to the South American continent, it soon was used for both the American continents. Waldseemuller did not learn about the voyage of Christopher Columbus until several years later. Of the thousand copies of his map that were printed, only one is known to have survived. Waldseemuller probably was born at Radolfzell, Germany, about 1470. He died at St. Die, France, about 1517-20.

    1831-The first streetcar company was incorporated this day in 1831 to be known as the New York and Harlem Railway

    1898—the U.S. declares war on Spain.

    1901- New York began requiring license plates on automobiles, the first state to do so.

    1907- revolutionizing shipping, covered in a “History” Television documentary very well, was the first turbine-propelled naval ship “Chester,” commissioned this day and built at the Bath Iron Works, Bath, ME. The contract price for the hull and machinery was $1,688,000, quite a bit of money for its day. The” Chester” was equipped with four Parsons turbines. It trail speed was 26.52 knots, freeing ships from relying on wind

to cross the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

    1908-birthday of pianist Joe “from Bowling Green” Dean, St. Louis, MO.

    1913-birthday of the great alto sax player Earl Bostic, Tulas, OK Died 1965, New York City.

( When I was learning how to play the alto sax, he was my favorite in the early

    1950’s. I played along with “Harlem Nocture” for hours until I memorized

every lick and turn. It was not until I went to California and saw Charlie

Parker in person that I decided I would never become an alto saxophone

player and took up playing the Dixieland clarinet and fronting a 21

piece dance band sans musical instrument. Charlie Parker with strings

is perhaps my favorite album, next to Gil Evans and Miles Davis “Sketches

of Spain” or “ Old Bottle, New Wine.” or Basie’s atom bomb album.

I also like both Turk Murphy Plays WC Handy and Louis Armstrong

plays WC Handy. I like my friend Warren Luening's Big Band recordings.

On yes, forgot, Bill May plays Jimmy Lunceford. Love all the Billy

May albums. Kit Menkin).

    1913-birthday of accordion player Santiago “Don” Jimenez, San Antonio, TX

Died December 18,1984 San Antonio

    1915-birthday of guitarist Johnny Shines, Frayser, TN .Died April 20, 1992, Tuscaloosa, AL

    1917-birthday of Ella Fitzgerald. Ella Fitzgerald was admired for her superlative musicianship and her skill in scat singing (singing improvised syllables while using the voice as an instrument). Born in Newport News, Virginia, and reared in a New York City orphanage, Fitzgerald was discovered at the age of 16, singing in a Harlem talent show. From 1934 until 1939 she sang with the Chick Webb Band, directing it for a time after the leader's death in 1939. One of her first hit tunes was is now an Easter favorite,” A Tisket, A Tasket.” In the mid-1940s, working with the American impresario Norman Granz, she toured Europe and Asia and performed in his Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts. In 1958 Fitzgerald appeared with the American jazz composer Duke Ellington at Carnegie Hall in New York City. She has also toured Europe frequently with the Oscar Peterson Trio. ( see above for websites)

    1923-birthday of guitarist/singer Albert King (Albert Nelson), Indianola,MS

Died December 21, 1992.

    1928-birthday of tenor sax player Willis “Gator Tail” Jackson, Miami,FL

Died, October, 1987

    1928 - Buddy, the first seeing eye dog, was presented to Morris S. Frank on this day. Many seeing eye organizations and schools continue to offer specially trained dogs “ enhance the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people...” (visit  

    1932-birthday of Meadow George “Meadowlark” Lemon II, basketball Hall of Famer, born Lexington, SC.

    1945-East meets West: US Army Lieutenant Albert Kotzebue encountered a single Soviet soldier near the German village of Lechwitz, 75 miles south of Berlin. Patrols of General Leonard Gerow's V Corps saluted the advance guard of Marshall Ivan Konev's Soviet 58th Guards Division. Soldiers of both nations embraced and exchanged toasts. The Allied armies of East and West had finally met.

    1946 - Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra recorded "Cement Mixer", (Majestic . )
    1947-Theodore Roosevelt National Park established.
Located in North Dakota, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park includes two sections of the Badlands on the Missouri River as well as Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch.

    1950-The Boston Celtics made Chuck Cooper, an All-American from Dugquesne University playing with the Harlem Globetrotters, the first black player drafted by any NBA team when they selected him in the second round.

    1953 - NBC-TV presented "Ethel and Albert", the video version of the popular radio show. Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce starred in the program

    1954-Bell Telephone Laboratories, New York City, announced the invention by Gearld Pearson, Calivin Fuller, and Daryl Chapin of a solar energy battery to convert the sun’s energy into useful amounts of electricity. Made of specially treated strips of silicon, the battery needed no fuel other than the light of the sun. It had no moving parts, nothing in it was consumed or destroyed, and theoretically it was possible for it to last indefinitely.

    1956-Malcolm McLean of Maxton, NC first containership, the Ideal X, left the port of Newark, NJ. He invented containerized shipping. He developed a large shipping container that could be packed with goods at the factor5y, hauled by truck to a port facility, carried on a specially fitted ships to a port terminal, offloaded from the ship, and hitched directly to trucks or loaded on freight cards for cross-continental transport, all without unpacking the containers' contents. The first containership facility was the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal, operated by the Port of New York Authority. It opened for business on August 15,1962, when Sea-Land Service’s SS Elizabethport docked in New Bay, Elizabeth, NY, on the south side of Elizabeth Channel, south of Port Newark. During its first year, the facility handled 1.5 million tons of cargo on 242 vessels and employed730 people, who earned a total of more than $4 million. This revolutionized the entire shipping industry, plus gave birth to container and railroad carrier leasing.

    1958-Arnold Palmer struggled to a final round 73, one over par, but still won the first of his four Masters championships. Palmer finished at 284, one shot better than Doug Ford and Fred Hawkins. He would win the tournament again in 1960, 1962 ( in a playoff) and 1964.

    1959-the canal incorporated into a seaway opened, a 400-mile waterway between Montreal and Lake Erie, connecting the St. Lawrence River with the Great Lakes. It formed part of the St. Lawrence Seaway, 2,342 miles long, which allowed oceangoing ships to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to Duluth, MN.
    1967-Abortion first legalized: t
he first law legalizing abortion in the US was signed by Colorado Governor John Arthur Love. The law allowed therapeutic abortions in cases in which a three-doctor panel unanimously agreed.

    1970 - DJs around the U.S. played the new number one song, "ABC", quite often, as the Jackson 5 reached the number one spot in pop music for two weeks. "ABC" was the second of four number one songs in a row for the group from Gary, IN. "I Want You Back" was their first. "ABC" was one of 23 hits for Michael, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine and Marlon. "ABC" was knocked out of first place by The Guess Who and their hit, "American Woman".

    1972 - Bill Sharman, ending his first year as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, was named Coach of the Year in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Sharman had a first year record of 69 wins and 13 lo1973 - The group, The Sweet, received a gold record for the hit "Little Willy". The English rocker band recorded four hits in addition to their first million-seller, "Ballroom Blitz", "Fox on the Run", "Action" and "Love is like Oxygen". "Little Willy" was a top-three hit, while the group’s other gold record winner, "Fox on the Run" made it to the top five.

    1974, Anniversary of the Portuguese revolution; a public holiday in Portugal.

    1974-the National Football League adopted a 15-minute, sudden death quarter in an effort to reduce the number of tie games. The league also moved the goal posts from the goal line to the back line of the end zone to make it more difficult to kick field goals.

    1976-Center fielder Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs rescued an American flag from several fans who ran onto the field and attempted to set it on fire. The incident occurred in Dodger Stadium in the fourth inning of a 5-4 10 inning victory by the Dodgers.

    1982- National holiday in Egypt celebrating the return of Sinai to Egypt after the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

    1985 - "Big River (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)" opened at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre on Broadway in New York City. The Tony Award-winning score for the show was written by Roger Miller (his first Broadway production). The show, about life on the Mississippi, with Daniel Jenkins in the starring role of Huck Finn, ran for 1,005 performances and won the Tony for Best Musical of the Year. "Big River" picked up several more Tony Awards: Featured Actor in a Musical to Ron Richardson; Best Director (Musical) to Des McAnuff; Best Book (Musical) to William Hauptman; and Best Scenic Designer and Lighting Designer to Heidi Landesman and Richard Riddell respectively.

    1988---Top Hits

Wishing Well—Terence Trent D Arby

Anything for You—Gloria Estefan


Where Do Broken Hearts Go—Whitney Houston

Pink Cadillac---Natalie Cole

1990-Hubble Space Telescope: deployed by Discovery, the telescope is the largest on-orbit observatory to date and is capable of imaging objects up to 14 billion light-years away. The resolution of images was expected to be seven to ten times greater than images from Earth-based telescopes, since the Hubble Space Telescope is not hampered by Earth's atmospheric distortion. Launched Apr 12, 1990, from Kennedy Space Center, FL. Unfortunately, the telescope's lenses were defective, so the anticipated high quality of imaging was not possible. In 1993, however, the world watched as a shuttle crew successfully retrieved the Hubble from orbit, executed the needed repair and replacement work and released it into orbit once more. In December 1999 the space shuttle Discovery was launched to do extensive repairs on the telescope.

    1993—Top Hits

Freak Me---Silk


Nothin’ But a “G” Thang---Dr.De

I Have Nothing (from the “Bodyguard”)—Whitney Houston

    2002—Top Hits


What’s Luv---Fat Joe featuring Ashanti

U Don’t Have to Call—Usher

I Need a Girl (part 1)---P.Diddy featuring Usher and Loon

Ain’t It Funny—Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule


NBA Finals Champions This Date


1952 Minneapolis Lakers

1965 Boston Celtics.


Stanley Cup Champions This Date


1964 Toronto Maple Leafs

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