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Classified Ads---99

    ELA Helping Turn the Tide for Media Coverage

        “Do Not Call Act” Gary Saulter Calls “Frivolous

        -Attorney Says Otherwise

             LeaseAgreement Under Way

                Cartoon---Welcome to California

                    UAEL So. Ca. Round Table March 9th

                Arizona March 16th Phoenix Network Meeting

            LPC Adds Another Territory Manager To It’s Team

        Free Software Package Introduction from Paralease

    Premier Appoints Robinson to Divisional Asst. VP

Content/Curricula Now Available to Corporate Trainers

    International Decision Systems Launches ProFiniaTM

         David G. Mayer’s “Business Leasing” Latest Edition

            News Briefs---

        Sports Briefs---

    "Gimme that Wine"

This Day in American History


########  surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Classified Ads---99


Documentation/Funding/Collection Manager: Phoenix, AZ. Five years in Equipment Leasing Industry. Looking for a Leasing home in Phoenix. Prefer documentation/funding, but interested/open to managing account portfolios. Email:


Finance: Chicago, IL

Experienced in big ticket origination, syndication, valuation and workout. Twenty five years, MBA, CPA, JD, LLM (Tax), structuring specialist. Inbound and outbound transactions.



Finance: Austin, TX.

20+ years all facets of lease/finance. Collection and credit management. Equipment & rolling stock structuring. $150k credit authority, $100 million portfolio management.Email:


Finance: Lyndhurst, NJ

CFO w/20+ years leasing/financing. Respected by lenders/rating agencies full & fair financial reporting. Outstanding record restructuring debt. Adept at investor relations and mentoring people.



Legal: Los Angeles, CA

Experienced in-house corporate and financial services attorney seeks position as managing or transactional counsel. Willing to relocate.



Marketing: Orange County, CA.Seeking management opportunity to create/improve outbound call center new business marketing in leasing industry. Very experienced in all aspects of telemarketing, management, prospecting and closing.



Operations: Experienced Credit, Collections,

lease and Finance operations. Manager w/ expertise in improving bottom line performance, excellent trainer, manager, motivator. Get result/keep the customer coming back.


Operations: Wayne, NJ

20+ heavily experienced collection/recovery VP looking to improve someone's bottom line. Proven, verifiable track record. Knowledge of all types of portfolio. Will relocate


99 Classified ads at:




Sales: Tired of working on commission and not getting your fair share of the split?
We pay up to 60% of gross margin +residuals !! Contact Michael Wagner @
949-250-0585 x222 or Fax: 949-250-8042.

About the Company: Dimension Funding, LLC Formed in 1979. Located on 17748 Sky Park Circle, Irvine, CA. 92614. Website:




"ELA Helping Turn the Tide for Media Coverage"


                                      ELT News


ELA's public relations program has gotten off to a big start in 2004. ELA’s

PR team launched into full action in early January, countering negative

reports from Capitol Hill on leasing to tax exempts. The press picked up on

inflammatory language used in Hill reports, and ELA sought to inject some

sanity into the stories. In addition, ELA sought to position the

association as the source of counter-arguments for the Treasury department

proposal to ban such transactions. These public relations efforts continue



     Additionally, ELA needed to focus on maintaining its proactive efforts

to get the media and key customer organizations (i.e. Institute for Supply

Management, America’s Community Bankers, etc.) to view leasing as a

positive financing mechanism for capital equipment. So, in February, ELA

readied itself to debut an important study by Global Insight, The Economic

Contribution of the Equipment Leasing  Industry to the U.S. Economy.


     ELA has been very successful. Messages that leasing is an important

part of access to capital are getting through. About 570 million media

impressions have been earned to date (the number of people thought to have

read or viewed the stories in which ELA contributed). The tone of the media

coverage is shifting from negative to neutral on the tax-exempt leasing

angle, and positive coverage of the economic contribution study is just now

beginning to emerge.


    Radio spots on the economic contribution study are being disseminated

to thousands of radio stations nationwide this week. (Watch for future

e-news stories on ELA’s PR program for more exact radio placements.)


    Publications and wire services such as Associated Press, Bloomberg,

Forbes, BusinessWeek, Fortune and ABC television have been in touch with

the association regularly. ELA President Mike Fleming has had numerous

opportunities to weigh in on various story topics, and the coverage of the

tax exempt leasing story is expected to give way to more positive stories

involving the equipment leasing industry.


     Mike Fleming will be meeting with Fortune magazine and other media

outlets next week on a half-day New York media tour. Other future

activities include outreach efforts to customer organizations, including

the American Bankers Association, the Institute for Supply Management, the

National Association of Manufacturers, America’s Community Bankers, the

National Federation of Independent Businesses, and others. All

organizations will receive copies of the Global Insight economic

contribution study. An article, penned by Mike Fleming, also will be

offered to business journals and other publications on the economic

contribution study later this week.


    Soon, ELA will debut a revamped Web site for financial decision-makers.

Renamed (from, the site will include more information to helpCFOs, treasurers, controllers and other decision-makers learn more about how they may use leasing to their advantage. A media relations effort around will ensue this month.


    Additionally, in an effort to continually identify the most powerful

messages when pitching leasing to the media, ELA has commissioned an

in-depth study of about a dozen CFOs across industries. This project is

meant to uncover prejudices and attitudes around the language the

association uses to convey leasing’s benefits. Results will be published in

a future issue of ELT e-news.


   ELA is seeking case studies and lessees to interview for the

association’s proactive public relations program. Members of the press, in

particular, wish to hear how companies are using leasing and to what

advantage. If you have a lessee with whom ELA may speak, please contact Amy

J. Holmes, CAE, ELA's Vice President of Communications at 703-516-8367 or The more positive testimonials, the greater the coverage of leasing as the financing mechanism of choice!





“Do Not Call Act” Gary Saulter Calls “Frivolous “

           -Attorney Says Otherwise


 “ Joseph Compoli, Jr., L.P.A., of Cuyahoga County, Ohio has filed complaints against multiple businesses using the do not fax portion of the TCPA Act of 1991- also known as the “Do Not Call” Act, “ Gary Saulter , President of Chase Industries stated in a press release sent to the media. His company is

located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializing in medical equipment leasing. He states in his  press release his company is one of those being taken to court.


“I am amazed that this kind of thing is allowed to happen in our justice system.  We make every attempt to conform to the law in all aspects of our business, and face the possibility of severe financial penalties for unintentionally causing miniscule damage—about $0.03 in resources.  I’m sure the people of  Cuyahoga County want their courts to have time to concentrate on important problems….not to have them used to line lawyer’s pockets”.


Compoli cites the law: The Telephone Consumer Protection ACT (TCPA) prohibits the sending of advertisements by fax without first obtaining the “prior express invitation or permission” of the recipient.  The statue further provides for mandatory minimum damages of $500 per violation, or triple damages.


“The lawsuit against Chase Industries is based upon the fundamental principle: Persons cannot take, borrow, deface, or destroy someone else’s private property without the owner’s permission, “ Compoli says. “No intelligent person would argue that a merchant has the right under the Constitution to come into your house or office—at any time of the day or night-and use your own paper toner ink, electricity and printer without consent in order to subsidize his advertising

costs.  Yet that is the precise right that Defendant apparently believes he has.


“Chase Industries decided to save advertisement money by utilizing an illegal form of advertisement transmission. Three of my clients received these illegal faxes, two of which were medical physicians, Dr. Jan Kongthong and Dr. Sonia Tanio...”


It appears Dr. Tanio was the wrong person to fax an advertisement.


“ Dr. Tanio and myself were asked by the Attorney General of California to testify in a legal action against a chief officer of one of the leading senders of unsolicited

“junk fax” advertisements.  Attorney General Bill Lockyer has brought charges against Charles Martin, Vice-President of”


Saulter argues the portion of the “Do Not Call Act”  was “... intended to protect consumers from “Blast Fax” marketing companies that use ‘War Dialers’ to send millions of faxes per day…as many as 800 to a single fax number, thus wasting resources.


“Some lawyers have used this legislation to file suit against businesses who have sent as few as 1 or 2 faxes, “ he claims.   “Mr. Compoli Jr. sends small businesses a very threatening letter which quotes select portions of the T.C.P.A. and cites huge fines (in the Millions of Dollars) levied by the F.C.C. against Mega-Corporate violators.  He then offers to settle for the maximum damage amount allowed.  His next step is sending 30 or so pages of intimidating questions to be answered for the class action suit he is filing against the business.  A small business is forced to settle or hire a lawyer to defend itself.”


Mr. Compoli responds that he has brought numerous lawsuits against senders of junk faxes, on behalf of consumers and small businesses. He faxed a six page statement, plus copies of the California Attorney General’s complaint about and Charles Rodrick Martin, and other supporting information. He seemed to document the legal position the position he has taken on behalf of his

clients against Chase Industries.





Lease Agreement Under Way


Ken Greene, Esq., has sent all the “backers” of the proposed generic leasing

agreement regarding fees and expenses earned in considering a leasing application.  The first phase is the engagement letter including the $200

donation.  The letters have been sent to:


Steve Chriest

Diablo Capital
Alamo, California


Ben Carlile
Allegiant Partners 

San Rafael, Ca 


Patrick Byrne

Balboa Capital

Irvine, Ca.


 Warren Hawkins
Bank Partners



Gary Saulter
Chase Industries.
Grand Rapids, MI

Gary Trebels, CLP
IFC Credit
Morton Grove, IL
Theresa Kabot
Kabot Commercial Leasing

Seattle, WA.


Charlie Lester
LPI Financial Services

Marietta, GA 


 Bruce Larsen

 Leasing Partners Capital

 Wayne, New Jersey 1211 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, New Jersey 07470973)709-01

Bruce Larkins
Geneva Capital LLC

Alexandria, MN







Sales: We're not the biggest or the slickest. Work form home or our office in Scottsdale, AZ. If you are ethical, hard working, take pride in your craft and want a career not another job please contact George Armstrong @
800-836-7753 ext. 107

About the Company: A successful, well-respected broker, well-established family owned broker with outstanding funding capabilities. Located in Scottsdale, AZ.











**** announcement **********************************


UAEL So. Ca. Round Table March 9th


     When: Tuesday, March 9th, 2004 (1 PM -4:30 PM)


Where: Experian Building, Orange County, CA


Event:  Roundtable Discussion "How To Successfully Market Customers & Vendors in today's economy"


Who should attend?:

Members of your Credit Team & Sales Team

Roundtable Topics?:

How to understand a credit bureau and how to use that knowledge effectively when selling…


How to request a Financial Package from a Lessee…


How to market future business by utilizing a Lessee's Financial Data…


How to "close" competitive, high rate, or structured transactions…


Lenders will discuss "what makes a good credit package" …


How to establish and market vendor programs…


Cost: No Charge to UAEL Members  ($10.00 Fee Non-UAEL Members )


Please Reserve your ticket via email at:


Event Hosted by UAEL Southern California Regional Committee



*** announcement *********************************


DATE: Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Time: 12:05 pm Game Time 1:05 PM (Brewers Vs. Giants)
Place: Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Facility 3600 N. 51st Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85061
(623) 245-5500

Fee: $15 covers lunch/refreshment and ticket to get in.
Pre-Game and Post-Game Tailgating/Networking. Please RSVP and pay in advance. (We need a head count for this one folks.)

Tickets to be picked up at the Tailgate RV (parked in RV Parking Lot)

How to Get There From downtown Phoenix, take I-10 west, exit at 51 Avenue, go north (turn right). Enter stadium parking lot on 51st Ave. between Thomas Rd. and Indian School.

RSVP/Registration form to Irv

Phone No. of attendees                                                         

Send Check payable to AELA for $15.00 and send to: Irv Ellis

Leasecor, Inc. 346 West Frier Drive Phoenix, Az. 85021 (602) 395-0463

Call or write with questions to any AELA Board member

Patrick McCann

Bernice Truszkowski

Cletus Thiebeau

Irv Ellis

Roger Marce

Nancy Rosenberg

Patrick Sponsel

Steve Amrhein



**** announcement*******************************

### Press Release ############################


LPC Adds Another Territory Manager To It’s Team


Wayne, NJ—Leasing Partners Capital, Inc., the fastest growing leasing company in the U.S., has added another Territory Manager to its Team.


LPC is pleased to announce the addition of Gena Godfrey as Territory Manager located in Vero Beach, FL.


Ms. Godfrey was most recently an independent broker and principal of International Computer Financing for twelve years.  She also held positions with Inacomp Financial Service, Alltel Supply, Allnet Communications, Delta Leasing, Avco Leasing and Capital Associates.


Ms. Godfrey also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University in Philosophy and Religion.


“We are extremely pleased to add Gena Godfrey to our team,” states Bruce Larsen, National Sales Manager.  He continues, “Her addition is consistent with our philosophy to add seasoned and experienced leasing professionals to our staff and helps us to achieve our national expansion goals.”


“About the Company”


Leasing Partners Capital, Inc. (LPC) is a small to lower-middle-market equipment leasing company working with vendors and end users, headquartered in Wayne, NJ.  LPC currently has offices in Naples, FL, Louisville, KY, Atlanta, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, NY, Minneapolis, MN, Houston, TX, San Francisco, CA, St. Louis, MO, Boston, MA, Detroit, MI, Seattle, WA, and Vero Beach, FL.


For additional information or questions about LPC, contact Bruce Larsen, National Sales Manager, 877-333-5864 or email him at, or check out their web site @



### Press Release ############################


Free Software Package Introduction from Paralease


NEW YORK  - Paralease Software, a provider of automated solutions to the leasing industry, today announced the launch of Paradigm, a breakthrough contact management program – with a breakthrough offer.


Paralease is offering the Paradigm package – a $300 value - absolutely free. The program is available via download at


 Call Michael Randall at 305-695-9188 or submit an email request to for instructions. 


Paradigm offers customizable organization features unavailable in packages costing twice the price. When integrated with the suite of Paralease programs (Application Tracking and Lease Servicing), Paradigm eliminates the need to rekey any data. 


System requirements are simple: a PC and a Windows operating system. Most users are up and running within a half hour of the download. Paradigm features include:


Customizable Organization        Paradigm offers a virtually unlimited number of ways to organize the database.  You can identify sources of leads, types of contacts, categories, specialized lists, etc.


                                     Datamining Filters

        You can create a subset of the database to include only those records you choose, such as everyone who leased a forklift model 3477 from you in the past year.  You can set a filter on any field in the database.


                           One Step Web Access and Email

Paradigm incorporates web access and email without having to use Outlook or Internet Explorer.


                               Detailed Record-Keeping    

Each contact has a Notes page and an unlimited number of Task records.  Each task is separately tracked.


                                 Detailed Reporting  

You can report open Tasks by contact or by day.

Sophisticated Messaging        Each message has a Notes field and an Attachments field.  You can, for example, create a message with a detailed note and an attached document, and email all of it with one click.


                                Automatic Form Letters

        Form Letters are boilerplate that you create.  You can select a form letter and Paradigm will insert it with the name and address data automatically filled in.  You can then email it or print it.


                                 Document Management

        Microsoft Word documents can be Attachments.  With Word files you can use the Mail Merge feature to create custom documents.  You can also attach an Excel spreadsheet or image file to the message.


                           Convenient Scheduling

All Messages (tasks) are organized by contact and by date.  You can filter by type of message, for example, Call Backs in the morning and Emails in the afternoon.


                              User Management    

The system administrator can assign users to tasks, and these tasks appear in the user’s personal Schedule. 


                                 At-a-Glance Priority Calendar   

You can customize Paradigm to open to a full screen calendar with the priority tasks for each day slotted in.  



        When most systems claim to be multi-user they mean that the system won’t choke when two people are on at the same time.  Paradigm actually maintains separate user records with passwords.


Full Reporting Capabilities        Paradigm comes with a report writer.  You can create reports very simply by selecting fields from the database.  You can filter these reports with the Datamining filters.


Call Michael Randall at 305-695-9188 or submit an email request to for instructions. 



### Press Release ############################


Premier Appoints Robinson to Divisional Assistant Vice President

Innovative claims management leads to promotion


Cincinnati, OH -Claims Manager Carol Robinson has been

named Divisional Assistant Vice President of Premier Lease & Loan

Services, a division of Great American Insurance Company.


Carol joined the Agricultural Excess & Surplus Insurance Company (AESIC)

division of Great American in 1994.  From 1995 to the present, she has

worked to build and develop claims excellence within Premier Lease &

Loan Services.  Carol's current responsibilities include oversight of

all third party claims handling operations and management of the claims

operations for Premier's locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Bellevue,



Carol received a Bachelor's Degree in Insurance from Eastern Kentucky

University and has earned the AIC designation.


About Premier Lease & Loan Services

Premier Lease & Loan Services offers a broad range of insurance products

and outsourcing solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction to meet

the needs of equipment lessors. Premier's creative and flexible programs

provide risk management, fee income and product enhancement benefits.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Premier Lease & Loan Services has offices

in Seattle, Chicago and San Diego in the United States, as well as in

Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. Premier Lease & Loan Services is

a member of Great American Insurance Group. Great American's parent

company, American Financial Group, Inc. is a publicly owned New York

Stock Exchange listed corporation (NYSE: AFG) based in Cincinnati, Ohio.







Erin Federman

Marketing Specialist

(513) 763-6191


Web Sites:



### Press Release ################################

Content and Curricula from Leasing Education Programs Now Available to Corporate Trainers



( Irwin, PA)   XeC announces that the written and visual content from its Leasing Education Programs   ( "Leasing Bootcamp", "Leasing for IT Professionals", and "Business Process Management for Leasing Companies" ) will be made available for purchase by corporate training groups and eLearning platforms. Previously the content was only delivered by XeC professionals.


"Many of the larger lessors and finance houses already have a dedicated staff for training their employees, " stated John Voytko, President and COO of XeC, " They do not need outside trainers for their people, but rather a way to continually create updated materials and to get expert advice on specific topics."


Michael Pochan, CEO of XeC and an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon's Graduate Business School, added,  "Many corporate trainers and HR people are expert in the best delivery mechanisms for their internal training. What they want is expertise in leasing specifics, of which most is embedded in the course materials. We also get requests for 'train the trainer' and Faculty Guides."


Voytko continued, "Plus, this way, they can select only what they need for their type of operation. And they can assemble it to best fit their people."


The program content was developed by XeC's senior experts who have implemented 451 lease and asset finance systems in 22 countries over the past 21 years. They have trained hundreds of lessors as well as dozens of their own employees who supported lease pricing and accounting software.


"This is similar to what happens in B-school", said Pochan. "The professors look to the research and methods of their peers, plus their own work, to create courseware that meets their students' specific needs."


Companies interested in learning more about the service can contact John Voytko at 724-861-9953 or


XeC is a software consulting group specializing in lease and asset finance system implementations and IT education.


     Contact:  John Voytko

(724) 861-9953



##Press Release ##################################



 International Decision Systems Launches ProFiniaTM


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA, – International Decision Systems, Inc. (IDS), the global leader in developing accounting and portfolio management software and services for the lending industry, today unveiled ProFiniaTM, the next generation of lease/loan software solutions.


“ProFinia builds on the IDS heritage of excellence and innovation for reliable, scalable, functionally-rich end-to-end solutions built specifically for the lending industry,” states IDS President Charles Lyles. “Yet, ProFinia represents a radical departure from the current technology of our standard-bearing product, InfoLease. In a nutshell, ProFinia helps lessors and lenders automate their business from the time a sales person gets a lead to the time they dispose of that particular asset.”


ProFinia Features and Benefits


“ProFinia promises to further streamline lease/loan and asset management processes – saving companies even more time and money,” adds IDS Product Marketing Manager Tom Dawson. Among this best-in-class product features and benefits:


·      ProFinia is designed around assets and customers to provide true asset-level accounting. This will facilitate changes that lessees increasingly expect – trade outs, location changes, partial dispositions and more – without increasing the administrative burden on lessors. Changes are applied directly to the asset, and the associated contract is updated by default.


·      ProFinia’s open architecture and adherence to industry standards allow customers to choose the underlying database: Oracle or Microsoft SQL.


·      ProFinia is designed to interface with the Internet, providing secure-yet-open communication needed to link organizational units, business partners and customers, around the clock and around the world.


·      ProFinia is built with J2EE, the industry standard development language on which the vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies are deploying applications. This standards-based design simplifies full enterprise integration of a general purpose software system – helping lessors compete in increasingly complex markets.


·      ProFinia’s graphical user interface makes system navigation user friendly and intuitive, which minimizes new user training time.


·      ProFinia allows integration of front-end and back-end data. Over 100 reports come standard with the system.


·      ProFinia’s architecture supports global business practices – including multiple language requirements, local tax laws, currencies, business calendars and localization of terms and conditions.


·      ProFinia leverages other IDS products – Rapport, Customer Care and Integration Manager – to provide the most robust end-to-end solutions suite in the lending industry.



IDS Professional Services rounds out best-in-class product standing

“We take great pride in availing ProFinia to the lending industry,” Dawson says. “But, we know that even the best technology is only the first step in a quest to succeeding in today’s high-pressure marketplace. That’s why the IDS Professional Services team is also on hand – to provide customers worldwide with unmatched implementation expertise, ongoing training and overall support.”


IDS Professional Services cover a full range of lending industry needs, including:



Creating/refining repeatable testing plans to upgrade IDS solution suites

Customizing predictive reporting outcomes

Applying data warehousing solutions

Assisting with data migration and portfolio mergers

Consulting on mergers and acquisitions



For more information about ProFinia or IDS Professional Services, call 612-851-3200.



About International Decision Systems

International Decision Systems (IDS) is the global leader in developing lease/loan accounting and portfolio management software and services. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, IDS has offices in London, Sydney, and Singapore. IDS offers the largest and most experienced global consulting, implementation, and technical support teams in the leasing industry. For additional information about International Decision Systems, visit <



### Press Release #####################################


Balboa Capital Logo

"Sr.Sales Exec. 5+yrs exp. 10-150K market. Current deal flow and superior closing skills a must. No geo. restrict./satellite office ok. Use our internal line/prefund ability, provides support you need to reach W2 goal. Our 16 years TIB stands alone."

About the Company: Balboa Capital. 2010 Main Street 11th Floor Irvine, CA. 92614





David G. Mayer’s “Business Leasing” Latest Edition


Business Leasing News is out early this month:


Here are the primary topics this month:



1.Tax-Exempt Hospital Status, Financing Scrutinized as Governments Seek Tax Revenue

2.What Are the Top Five Issues in Cross-Border Transactions?

3.Wind Power Imperiled as Production Tax Credit Expires

4.Case and Comment: Grafton Partners LP Case Knocks Out Jury Waiver

5.Leasing 101: What Are Basic "Off-Balance Sheet" Criteria Under FAS 13?

6.BLN Briefs: FASB May Spoil Loan Participations; Jet Fuel Cost Threatens Airlines

7.Training Offered; Recent Publication; Upcoming Speeches

8.Feedback; About Patton Boggs LLP and My Practice


David G. Mayer

  Patton Boggs LLP

  2001 Ross Avenue

  Suite 3000

  Dallas, Texas 75201

  Tel:  (214) 758-1545

  Fax: (214) 758-1550

  Author of Business Leasing For Dummies

  Founder & Publisher of Business Leasing News






News Briefs---



Factory orders fall in Jan.; durable orders revised lower


Consumer Confidence Rebounds Over Month


Nation's Debt Grew at Rapid Pace in 2003


Jobless pay ends for many still without jobs


Productivity grows modestly in final quarter of 2003


Silicon Valley Area home sales blooming


Wachovia tax tab: Nearly $1 billion


Fitch: Strong U.S. Consumer Demand Fuels Stable U.S. Agribusiness Outlook Despite Shocks


Intel trims sales forecast







Sports Briefs---


Niners trade T.O. to Ravens for 2nd-round pick


Broncos contact Garner,1413,36~86~1995304,00.html





“Gimme that Wine”


Helen Turley Testifies in Suit Against Bryant Family Vineyard,1145,2368,00.html


Sonoma County may be a target next for bio-crop ban


Organic Wine the Goal


Napa Wine Insiders as seen by PR viewpoint


Upstart startups

Fledgling vintners brave tough economic times to launch their own wineries


                       (re-print requested by readers)

            Digital Dionysus/Leo McCloskey claims he has divined

                           the secret to making great wine





Seeking experienced Vendor Sales Manager to build world class small-ticket vendor sales team in Southern California.





   This Day in American History



=========Early American History=========

=========Colonial Times=========

=========Westward Expansion=========

=========Civil War—including pre and post=========

=========Gilded Age=========

=========World War I --pre and post=========


=========Post World War II=========






***************** ******************************************************

=========Early American History=========


   1595-First New England Settler: William Blackstone, born at Durham County, England, was the first settler in what is now Boston, Massachusetts, and also the first in what is now Rhode Island. Blackstone came to New England with the Captain Robed Gorges expedition in 1623. When the expedition failed and most returned to England, he stayed and settled on what later became Beacon Hill. In 1634, he sold most of his Boston property and moved to the shores of the river that now bears his name. He died there at what is now Cumberland, Rhode Island, May 26,1675.

1623-No Drinking Alcohol:  Governor Sir Francis Wyatt of Virginia and 32 others signed into law an “alcohol Temperance” against swearing and public drunkenness, ordering “...churchwardens shall be sworne to present them to the commanders of every plantation and that the forfeitures shall be collected by them to be for publique uses.”

=========Colonial Times=========

      1770-Boston Massacre:  the first clashes of the coming revolution occurred during this period, which saw the rise of organized political resistance to parliamentary and royal excesses in the form of the first Continental Congress.  Perhaps the start of this "movement" was sparked by what came to be called the Boston Massacre, five colonists were killed (Crispus Attucks, James Caldwell, Patrick Carr, Samuel Gray and Samuel Maverick) when British troops fired on a mob of men and boys who had been taunting them and throwing stones.  Capt. Thomas Preston, commander of the British contingent, and six of his men were charged with murder. They were defended in court by John Adams and Josiah Quincy. All were acquitted but two soldiers who were found guilty of manslaughter.  The estimated colonial population was 2,205,000. The day is celebrated as Crispus Attucks Day, honoring Crispus Attucks, possibly a runaway slave, who was the first to die in the Boston Massacre.

Historians reported the most popular early engraving was “ The Bloody Massacre Perpetrated in King Street, Boston, on March 5, 1770, which was engraved, printed, and sold by Paul Revere.  It depicted the shooting of five Americans by the British troops, and has appeared in countless children’s textbooks and general works on American history.

    1821 - James Monroe became the first President of the United States inaugurated on March 5th. The usual inauguration date of March 4th fell on a Sunday this year and a President cannot be inaugurated on the Christian Sabbath. While it’s still a law today, Inauguration Day was officially set back to January 20th, with Sundays not included.

=========Westward Expansion=========

   1836 - Samuel Colt made the first pistol, a .34-caliber ‘Texas’ model.

   1845 -- Congress appropriates $30,000 to ship camels to western US.

   1848 -- In the Battle of Abiqua, whites attack Klamath tribe camp at Abiqua Creek near Salem, Oregon Territory; 13 men and women killed.

   1854 - Mary Elizabeth Garrett birthday. U.S philanthropist whose endowment to Johns Hopkin s University Medical School forced it to accept women. Her first major endowment was to establish the Bryn Mawr School for Girls. Her donations guaranteed that the school would be headed by M. Carey Thomas, her domestic partner.    MEG later donated more than $450,000 to Johns Hopkins University medical school for it to remain a graduate school in perpetuity that would (for the first time in its history) accept women students. With donations that eventually surpassed $350,000, MEG guaranteed that her domestic partner, the brilliant M. Carey Thomas, was made president of Bryn Mawr College (in spite of being a woman). Thomas made Bryn Mawr one of the great colleges of the nation with scholastic requirements higher than men entering Harvard University.   MEG was an active suffragist. MEG lived with Thomas from about 1904 to her death in 1915 and through her will made Thomas a very wealthy woman.

=========Civil War—including pre and post=========

   1865-General John C. Breckinridge takes control of Confederate forces in the Appalachian Mountains of western Virginia. The Kentuckian was a former senator and had been the vice president of the country and the runner-up to Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 presidential election. Breckinridge took over the obscure Western Department of Virginia, where he managed forces until he was elevated to the Confederacy's Secretary of War in the closing weeks of the conflict.

Born in 1821, Breckinridge graduated from college when he was 17 years old. He served in the military during the Mexican War and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives at age 30. In 1856, Breckinridge became the youngest vice president when he was elected with James Buchanan at age 35. In 1860, he represented the southern wing of the Democratic Party, which had split during the convention over the issue of slavery. He finished third in the popular vote behind Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, who represented the northern Democrats, but he received 72 electoral votes to finish second behind Lincoln. Although he lost the White House, his state legislature selected him as senator shortly after the election. During the summer of 1861, Breckinridge remained in the senate, supporting secessionists views as the war escalated. In September, Kentucky declared itself a Union state. Having literally become a man without a country, Breckinridge fled to the Confederacy and joined the army. He was made commander of the Orphan Brigade, a collection of Kentucky regiments with soldiers who found themselves geographically cut off from their native state. His unit suffered 34 percent casualties at the Battle of Shiloh, but went on to fight at most of the battles in the western theater. After taking control of the Western Department of Virginia, Breckinridge led forces at the Battle of New Market in May 1864, where his army routed a Union force. In October, troops in his department were victorious at the Battle of Saltville, but the victory was tarnished when the Confederates began massacring black soldiers during the Union retreat. When Breckrindge heard of

this, he went to the battlefield and ordered his men to stop killing any prisoners,

be they black or white.  As soon as he left, the units involved in the battle

killed all blacks and those whites who tried to protect them. It was not uncommon

to kill black Union soldiers than take them as prisoner.. Breckinridge also served during Jubal Early's 1864 Shenandoah Valley campaign. On February 6, 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis tapped Breckinridge to be Secretary of War. He showed great ability in that capacity, but the Confederate cause had become hopeless. Breckinridge oversaw the evacuation of Richmond in March and fled southward with Davis. Unlike Davis, however, Breckinridge successfully escaped the country through Florida and into Cuba. Joined by his family, Breckinridge stayed for four years in Europe before a presidential pardon allowed him to return to Kentucky. He worked as a lawyer until his death in 1875.

   1870 -- American writer Frank Norris (1870-1902) born Chicago, Illinois. One of the first American naturalist writers; a muckraker.

  1872 - George Westinghouse patented the air brake.

 =========Gilded Age=========

  1877- Rutherford B. Hayes inaugurated as 19th US President.

  1882- Canadian soprano Pauline Donalda was born in Montreal (real name: Pauline Lightstone.) Considered a rival of the famous Melba in the early years of the 20th century, Donalda often replaced her in roles and sang with such renowned performers as Enrico Caruso. Most of her performing career was spent in Europe, but in 1937 she returned to Montreal and opened a music studio. She formed the Opera Guild in 1942, and directed it until 1969, the year before her death.

    1885-Famed pathologist and physician Louise Pearce born. She was one of the principal figures in the development of tryparsamide to control African sleeping sickness.   Tryparsamide was discovered in a laboratory by several researchers, but it was Pearce who alone who went to the Belgium Congo to test it on humans. She set up a hospital, determined dosage and treatments. Under her care, every one of the 77 patients chosen for the test fully recovered.   She was awarded the Order of the Crown of Belgium for her work and in 1953 was awarded the King Leopold II Prize and a check for $10,000 and a second decoration, the Royal Order of the Lion. Her three colleagues were also honored.   Later she made important research discoveries regarding syphilis and cancer. Carrying one work with generations of rabbits that developed hereditary diseases and deformities, her research data was destroyed at her death. (A number of women did extensive studies on heredity and resultant deformities but very few ever got much credit.)   Pearce spent her last years at Trevenna Farm, the home she shared in Skillman, NJ with novelist Ida A. R. Wylie who was part of the fabled Heterodoxy women's club. Source: The History of the Rockefeller Institute, 1901-1953, G.W. Corner, Rockefeller Institute Press, NY, 1964

               .A.R. Wylie (march 16, 1885 - November 4, 1959)

Australian writer, born in Melbourne as Ida Alexa Ross Wylie. Her autobiography 'My life with George' is about her relationship with American doctor Sara Josephine Baker.* Several films were based on her books or stories, like 'The foreign legion' (1928) was based on 'The Red Mirage', the 1942 film 'Keeper of the flame' with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy was based on the book with the same name and 'Torch Song' from 1953 with Joan Crawford was based on the story 'Why should I cry'.

*Who is better known as the famous black singer Josephine Baker.

            (November 15, 1873 - February 22, 1945)

American doctor and writer, born in Poughkeepsie, New York. She graduated New York Infirmary Medical College in 1898. She had a relationship with Australian writer I.A.R. Wylie.

     1888- Singer/guitarist  Peg Leg Howell Birthday

     1892 -Famed writer, journalist and Lesbian Josephine Herbst born. Her trilogy Pity is Not Enough (1933), The Executioner Waits (1934) and Rope of Gold (1939) was regarded critically as "as one of the most sweeping and ambitious" fictional reconstruction of American life ever attempted by any writer.   She leaned towards communism for a time but after covering the Spanish Civil War as a reporter, she broke all ties with that ideology. She had well publicized affairs with women. Her mother was a storyteller who inspired her daughter to write.   Her many novels, short stories, and articles were highly praised and deserve a higher place in today's literature than is being awarded her. Died 1969.

    1893-The Culligan Man: Emmett J. Culligan, founder of world's largest water treatment organization, was born at Yankton, SD. Culligan first experimented with a water-softening device in the early 1920s--to soften water used to wash his baby's diapers. In 1936 he launched the company from a Northbrook, IL, blacksmith shop. Recipient of Horatio Alger Award in 1969, Culligan died at San Bernardino, CA, June 3, 1970.

=========World War I --pre and post=========

     1917 - The first jazz recording for Victor Records was released. The Original Dixieland ‘Jass’ Band performed on the tune "The Dixie Jass Band One Step"

They had opened at Reisenweber’s Restaurant in New York City and changed

their name to “Jass” as that it how it was pronounced by the owner.  In this year, the group made a series of other first jazz recordings, including “ Tiger Rag,” “Reisenweber Rag,” “Barnyard Blues,” “At the Jazz Band Ball,” “ostrich Walk,” “Bluin’ the Blues, and “Clarinet Marmalade.” Some say they left New Orleans for Chicago then New York because Storyville, also know as the District, a section of New Orleans set aside for honky-tonks and sporting house. The original Storyville was established on January 1, 1898 as a legally operated red-light district in New Orleans, this being the only legal red-light district in the United States. The district was home to beautiful bordellos that were renowned for their grand architecture. The bordello's festive atmosphere was created by seductive women and mood-altering music. Storyville is believed to be the birthplace of Jazz. ("Jazz" was a slang word for sex.) The fun lasted until the fall of 1917, when the United States Department of the Navy shut it down. Later in the 1940's the "good people" of New Orleans thought they would do a good thing for the city by constructing a low-income housing project. To make way for this project the old district was completely demolished. Contrary to popular belief, many of the jazz

musicians migrated to Kansas City, Chicago, and New York not because of

Storyville, but to find a better paying musical job; Kansas City was hot and

so was Chicago, but New York was “The Big Apple.”

     1920- Leontine Turpeau Current Kelly was born in the parsonage of Mount Zion Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. Kelly became the first Black woman bishop of a major denomination in the United States, in 1984. She was elected bishop of the United Methodist Church in the San Francisco area. From Black Women in America, Vol. 1

    1924-Bowler Frank Carauna of Buffalo, NY, became the first bowler in history to roll two consecutive 300 games in a sanctioned league competition.  He had five strikes on  third game, rolling 29 strike sin succession. His score for the four games was 1,115 ( 300,300,268,247).

   1924-pianist Dave Burns born Perth Amboy, NY

   1928-Pianist Lou Levy Born, West Coast jazz great, also  recorded with Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Nancy Wilson, Anita O’Day. I remember him at the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, where he played

with various musicians from a trio to West Coast jazz.; died Jan 23, 2001

     1929- Louis Armstrong (with Jack Teagarden) records “Knockin’ A Jug.” NYC.

    1931 - Lawrence Tibbett recorded the now much-recorded tune, "Without a Song" for Victor Records. This melody came from the film, "The Southerner" and has been a hit for many, such as Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

    1931-Female aviator, Jerrie Cobb born. She was the first woman to qualify as an American astronaut. She was consequently rejected because she was a woman.   JC learned to fly at 12, earned her pilot's license at 16, and received her commercial and flight instructor's license at 18, At 21 JC was the only female international ferry pilot in the United States. As chief pilot, she flew over wild terrain and mountains, once being arrested as a spy after a forced landing in South America.   JC passed the same 87 physical and psychological tests administered by NASA that it used in the selection of the original seven male astronauts. Several women, including Cobb, surpassed the test results of the men who were chose (including right stuff himself John Glenn).   NASA officials admitted later in a Congressional investigation that they had no intentions of allowing women to pilot space craft; the testing was merely a sop. [Some revisionists today are questioning the charge and claiming that the rejection of women was a practical matter, not sexual bias. The author of WOAH has seen the original spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. In many of the first flights, the astronauts were simply passengers, lying strapped to "mattresses" and with only a small porthole to see outside. There was no moving around and now piloting involved.]

   JC is one of the four Americans to hold the Golden Wings of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale and was chosen 1959 pilot of the year by the National Pilot's association. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her piloting of medical supplies into dangerous South American locations.   Two other noted women pilots were tested by NASA (and passed the tests), Wally Funk and Bernice Steadman. Both the women do NOT agree with revisionists and maintain it was sexual bias that kept them from the program.   Cobb testified before a congressional hearing that of the 25 women who applied to the space program in 1960, 13 had been found qualified.   The National Air and Space Museum described the turndown: "They had hoped to be the country's first women in space and they had reason to think that a few might make it. But no one had warned them that having the 'right stuff' might also mean being the 'right sex.'"

   The following information was gleaned from information provided by the web site of the 99s - the organization of women in aviation. It is located at and is a fascinating site!

   President Lyndon Johnson announced the formation of the FAA's Women's Advisory Committee on Aviation, May 4, 1964. Most of the 27 non-government members, including Jane Hart and Jean Ross Howard, co-chairman, and five government members, were 99s.   Although members of this committee pushed for admission of women to NASA, they were 17 years too early to become astronauts.

   In 1961, Jerrie Cobb was the first female to pass all three phases of the Mercury astronaut Program. Twelve other 99s passed the series of 75 exhaustive physical competence tests and laboratory tests. They were rejected, and the first female in space was Russian.   Jerrie Cobb was deeply discouraged by the failure of NASA to put a female in space, and in the same year (1964) she became a jungle pilot in the Amazon. She has devoted all her resources and talents to helping Indian tribes in unexplored parts of six countries. (and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts).   In June 1963, Valentina Terreshkova, Soviet cosmonaut, became the first woman in space. She manually controlled Vostok-6 during parts of the 70.8-hour flight through 48 orbits of earth. Some revisionists, aka Historians, have said that VT was only a pretty face passenger "allowed" to touch the controls for publicity purposes. In fact, she went through a rigorous training program the same way the male cosmonauts did.  It would be 32 years after Terreshkova before an American woman touched the controls of a space craft!

   In the meantime to squelch growing complaints, on 01-16-1978, the post of "Mission Specialists" was created by NASA and six women were appointed to fill the posts. It marked the first time since the inception of the U.S. space program in 1959 that NASA had recognized women.   Janet Guthrie, who would win fame as an Indianapolis 500 racer, was turned down because NASA decided all the women had to have Ph.D. degrees.   The first American woman in space was Sally Ride, who used the shuttle robot arm to release and retrieve satellites. The first American woman to perform a space walk was Kathryn Sullivan, who practiced techniques for refueling satellites, and Kathryn Thorntorn went outside the shuttle to help repair the Hubble Space telescope. The non-pilot women trainees hold Ph.D's in their fields of expertise.    On February 2, 1995 Cobb was the personal guest of Lt. Colonel Eileen Collins, 38, as Collins lifted off from Cape Canaveral in the co-pilot's seat - the first woman to co-pilot an American space craft.

   An Air Force test pilot, Collins was selected for the NASA space program in 1990, the first woman chosen as a space shuttle pilot. Eight years later she would sit in the pilot's seat to become the first American woman to pilot a spacecraft. Her first command was a frightening one because of equipment failure but she kept her cool and the mission was completed.   Since then other women has quietly moved into the pilot's seat.   However, when NASA decided to test the effects of space on older people, they chose John Glenn (a U.S. Senator with a life of sedentary pursuits) instead of Jerrie Cobb - again. Glenn became quite ill on the flight and it almost had to be scrubbed. Cobb who maintained her physical abilities was disgusted. Perhaps one of the reason was that fact she is considered a



     1933-Bank Holiday: on his first full day in office (Sunday, Mar 5,1933), President Roosevelt proclaimed a national "Bank Holiday" to help save the nation's faltering banking system. Most banks were able to reopen after the 10-day "holiday" (March 4-14), but in the meantime, "scrip" had temporarily replaced money in many American households.

   1936 - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s "Mutiny On The Bounty" (produced by Irving Thalberg and Albert Lewin) was voted Outstanding Production, as they used to say. The 8th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles. Director/producer/writer/actor Frank Capra hosted the big giveaway honoring the films of 1935, which saw Victor McLaglen take the Best Actor prize for "The Informer" (John Ford won for directing this one). Best Actress was Bette Davis in "Dangerous". In case you are wondering, they didn’t start handing out those Supporting Actor/Actress awards until 1937. The Best Music/Song award winners were Harry Warren (music) and Al Dubin (lyrics) for the song "Lullaby of Broadway" from "Gold Diggers of 1935". An Oscar for Short Subject/Cartoon was awarded to some guy named Walt Disney for his ’toon, "Three Orphan Kittens".

    1937 -- The American government officially apologizes to Nazi Germany for New York Mayor LaGuardia's reference to Adolf Hitler as a "brown- shirted fanatic."

LaGuardia has been called "the conscience of the 20s." Best known as the tempestuous mayor of New York City, he served in Congress between 1917 and 1933, where, in an era marked by nativism and bigotry, LaGuardia spoke up for internationalism, freedom of speech, and the rights of minorities and the poor. The issues he fought for included price controls, the right to strike, public power, and the redistribution of wealth by taxation. He is best known for reading the comics on radio ever Sunday. He is perhaps New York’s most beloved mayor. Died, 1947.

   1939- Glenn Miller opens at Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove, NJ, his first important booking.

    1944 ---Top Hits

Besame Mucho - The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra (vocal: Bob Eberly & Kitty Kallen

My Heart Tells Me - The Glen Gray Orchestra (vocal: Eugenie Baird)

Mairzy Doats - The Merry Macs

Ration Blues - Louis Jordan

=========Post World War II=========

    1948- Poet and novelist Leslie Marmon Silko born. She is often referred to as the premier Native American writer of her generation. LMS is of the mixed ancestry of Amerind/Laguana Pueblo, Mexican and white. She grew up on the Laguana Pueblo reservation in New Mexico.  "Silko drew on the Laguna stories she had heard in childhood. She combined concerns of Laguna spirituality, such as the relationship between human beings and the natural elements, with complex portrayals of contemporary struggles to retain Native American culture in an Anglo world," one critic wrote.   Her first full novel was Ceremony (1977) and her second Almanac of the Dead (1991).   In 1981 Silko received a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, and she produced the volume Storyteller made up of poetry, tribal stories, fiction, and photographs   Like many Amerinds in the Southwest who have to travel huge distances to attended school on a daily basis, Silko traveled 100 miles a day to school in Albuquerque


    1951- The religious program "Circuit Rider" debuted over ABC television. The broadcast featured music selections and biographies of evangelists, and was produced by Franklin W. Dyson.

    1952---Top Hits

Cry - Johnnie Ray

Slowpoke - Pee Wee King

Anytime - Eddie Fisher

Wondering - Webb Pierce

    1955 -- Elvis Presley makes his television debut on the regionally telecast "The Louisiana Hayride."

    1955---In the wake of the continual controversy on offensive R&B records, BMI, the largest organization of music publishers. releases plans to tighten controls on objectional lyrics. BMI never gave clearance to nearly a dozen of singles, some like Big Joe Turner's "Shake Rattle & Roll" became major hits

    1957- Sergeant Bilko satirizes Elvis Presley (Elvin Pelvin) Rock'n'Roll Rookie (Written by Nat Hiken & Billy Friedburg; #3557; Mar. 5th) When singing sensation Elvin Pelvin is drafted, the army can't cope with his screaming fans. The solution? Transfer him to a quiet, out-of-the-way posting. Perhaps somewhere in the Mid-West, where he will attract less attention and be safe from the less scrupulous soldier who might try to exploit his fame and fortune...


    1960 - After 2 years in the United States Army, Elvis Presley returned to civilian life. Not since the return of General Douglas MacArthur from battle has a soldier gotten such publicity. While Elvis said he probably would not grow his famous and long sideburns back, he did just that in later years.

    1960---Top Hits

The Theme from "A Summer Place" - Percy Faith

Handy Man - Jimmy Jones

Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin

He’ll Have to Go - Jim Reeves

    1963 - Country-pop singer Patsy Cline was killed in a single-engine plane crash near Camden, Tennessee.  Also killed were Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins. The three were returning to Nashville from Kansas City, where they had participated in a benefit concert for the widow of a disc jockey. The DJ, Cactus Jack Call, had been killed in a car crash.

   1966- "The Ballad of the Green Berets" by Staff-Sergeant Barry Sadler reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was the top song in the US for five weeks. The album did even better, topping the LP chart for 13 weeks.

   1968—Top Hits

Love is Blue - Paul Mauriat

(Theme From) Valley of the Dolls - Dionne Warwick

(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding

Skip a Rope - Henson Cargill

    1969 - For the first time, the rock magazine, "Creem", was


    1969-Top Ten  first woman:, Ruth Eisemann-Schier, to be listed in the famous FBI Top Ten .was

convicted, and sentenced to a seven-year prison term.  She had kidnapped Barbara Jane Mackle from a motel in Decatur, GA, on December 17, 1968, in a sensational television first major coverage.

Mackle was found alive about 80 hours  after the abduction, buried in a box under ground,

many say due to the television coverage.


   1974- Helen Thomas was named UPI White House reporter, the first woman ever named to cover the presidential beat. She had been an award-winning reporter in Washington for 30 years before being allowed to cover the president. For many years women reporters, such as Lorena Hickok were only allowed to cover the wives of presidents.

   1976---top Hits

Theme from S.W.A.T. - Rhythm Heritage

Love Machine (Part 1) - The Miracles

All by Myself - Eric Carmen

Good Hearted Woman - Waylon & Willie

     1977 - President Jimmy Carter joined CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite for the first ever “Dial-a-President” radio talk show. It was carried on 260 CBS stations, with the President answering a variety of questions from listeners across the United States.  It was called “Ask President Carter,” from the Oval Office in the White House. 42 listeners from 26 states phoned in questions on the nationwide radio broadcast. 1981- World Men's Figure Skating Championship in Hartford won by Scott Hamilton (USA)


    1982 -- Comedian and Blues Brother John Belushi, 33, dies of drug overdose in the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Beverly Hills. He was a great comedian and this is

an example of how drugs take over control of your life.

    1984—Top Hits

Jump - Van Halen

99 Luftballons - Nena

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

Woke Up in Love - Exile

     1984 –Quarterback Steve Young from Brigham Young University was signed by the Los Angeles Express of the United States Football League  to a “substantial” contract. The football all-American inked a pact that would earn him $40 million dollars over a 43-year period, in one of the most complicated contracts ever -- lasting until 2027. The USFL folded not long after he signed the lucrative deal. Young became the back-up quarterback for football legend, Joe Montana, in San Francisco. In 1994, when Montana moved to the Kansas City Chiefs, Steve Young took over the reins to lead the 49ers. He lived not far from here in Saratoga, where he was often seen running.  Rumor has it that he lived in only one room of the house, as he was single at the time, constantly working out, and when his mother visited him she found more than one years of his salary checks in a drawer that he did not have the time to deposit.

    1985 - Mike Bossy of the New York Islanders became the first National Hockey League player to score 50 goals in eight consecutive seasons. Two players have scored 50 goals in six seasons: Wayne ‘The Great One’ Gretzky of Los Angeles and Guy Lafleur of Montreal.

1989- Pepsi Cola in the US said it would withdraw its Madonna TV ads from any station that showed the singer's new video, "Like a Prayer." Pepsi in Canada declined to take similar action. But in any case the entire Madonna-Pepsi campaign was scrapped a month later. The video, which already had been banned in Italy, showed a scantily-clad Madonna kissing the naked feet of a statue in a church sanctuary and caressing a priest. Pepsi had paid the singer a reported $5 million to star in a two-minute TV commercial, featuring the same music as the video but showing a more subdued Madonna.


    1993- Washington Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs resigned his position after 12 seasons. Gibbs’ teams compiled a 140-65 record and won three Super Bowls.





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