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Limited Vacation Issue


Tomorrow –

    United Association of Equipment Leasing Conference Report

    by Loni Lowder, President and CEO of ACC Capital Corporation


No Edition Today---


This Day in American History



Columbus Day---We celebrate perhaps one of the largest slave trader/murderer/plunder and rapist, who actually never discovered the mainland of the United States, but several islands off the coast. His trips depleted all the natives to several of the islands, either taking them back to Spain to sell as slaves or killing them. Many natives also died from the many diseases the Spanish brought with them .

1775- Second Continental Congress passed legislation authorizing the acquisition of ships and establishment of a navy (we were not called the United States at the time and the move was to name us the United Colonies of Columbia ). Columbus was very popular at the time, and a compromise was finally reached to name the capital the District of Columbia and make it special, meaning

it was not part of a state, as a compromise to call the new name as the United States of American Leasing ( after Amerigo Vespucci )

1792- the presidential residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., designed by James Hoban, was began with the laying of the first cornerstone. The first presidential family to occupy it was that of John Adams in November, 1800. With three stories and more than 100 rooms, the White House is the oldest building in Washington. first described as the "presidential palace," it acquired the name "White House" about 10 years after construction was completed. Burned by British troops in 1814, it was reconstructed, refurbished and reoccupied by 1817. The original corner stone is allegedly missing, taken by a souvenir hunter, some claim the British.

    1843- B'nai B'rith ("Sons of the Covenant") was established in New York City by a group of German Jews. 12 German - Jewish immigrants met at Sinsheimer's Café on Essex Street on New York's Lower East Side and founded B'nai B'rith - the world's first Jewish service organization and the first international service organization in the United States It is both the oldest and the largest of the Jewish fraternal organizations.

    1845- a majority of the citizens of the independent Republic of Texas approve a proposed constitution, that when accepted by the Congress, will make Texas the 28th American state. The annexation of Texas finally became a reality after long political bickering. Antislavery forces were opposed to annexation because Texas was certain to become a slave state. Others wanted to act lest Great Britain, or France develop a relationship with the Republic of Texas, whose independence Mexico refused to recognize. In April, 1844, President John Tyler submitted to the Senate a treaty of annexation, but the Senate rejected it in June. In December Tyler offered a joint resolution to cover annexation. This required only a majority vote by both houses of Congress instead of the two-thirds vote needed to ratify a treaty. Action on the resolution was completed on February 28, 1845, when the House accepted it in revised form. On June 23, the congress of Texas accepted annexation. October 13 the constitution was proposed and December 29 Texas was admitted to the Union, the 28th state.

    1893- Debt, bankruptcy, and plummeting stock prices crippled numerous companies and ultimately gave way to one of the nation's most staggering fiscal panics. On October 13, Union Pacific, one of the nation's largest railroads, announced that it was in receivership

1902-Warren Wilbur Shaw, auto racer born at Shelbyville, IN. Shaw was racing cars by age 18. An early crash led him to invent the crash helmet. After several years of frustration, he won the Indianapolis 500 three times, in 1937, 1939 and 1940, the first consecutive victories by one driver. He served as Indy’s president and general manager after Tony Hulman bought the Speedway in 1945. Died at Fort Wayne, IN, Oct 3, 1954.

    1903-The Boston Pilgrims (later the Red Sox) won the first modern World Series, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three. The Pilgrims won Game 8, 3-0.

    1910- Pianist Art Tatum Birthday

    1924-Vibist Terry Gibbs born Brooklyn, NY.

    1925-The first full length play by an African-American writer to be performed in New York City was “Appearances,” by Garland Anderson, a three-act protest against lynching. It was produced by Lester W. Sager and lasted 23 performances.

    1926- birthday of Jesse Leroy Brown, born Hattiesburg Mississippi. He was the first black American naval aviator and also the first black naval officer to lose his life in combat when he was shot down over Korea, December 4, 1950. On March 18,1972, USS Jesse L. Brown was launched as the first ship to be named in honor of a black naval officer. Brown was born at Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1926.

the full heroic story of two friends, one white, one black:

    1941-singer/songwriter Paul Simon born Newark, NJ.

I’ve got tickets for when they come to San Jose this November

    1926-Bassist Ray Brown born Pittsburgh, Pa.

    1927-Altoist Lee Konitz born Chicago, Ill.

    1945---Top Hits

Till the End of Time - Perry Como

If I Loved You - Perry Como

Along the Navajo Trail - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters

You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often - Tex Ritter

    1953---Top Hits

Vaya Con Dios - Les Paul & Mary Ford

You, You, You - The Ames Brothers

No Other Love - Perry Como

I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know - The Davis Sisters

    1958 - Warren Covington conducted the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra's recording of what would be the last big band song to climb the pop charts, "Tea for Two Cha Cha". While the song made it into the Top 10, it peaked at #7, signaling the end of the Big Band Era. Rock ’n’ Roll was there to stay.

    1960--The Forbes Field, Bill Mazeroski's dramatic bottom of the ninth inning HR off Yankee hurler Ralph Terry breaks up a 9-9 tie and ends one of the most exciting seven game World Series ever played

Text of announcer Chuck Thompson's call of Bill Mazerowski's dramatic 1960 World Series Game 7 home run against the New York Yankees:

"There's a swing and a high fly ball going deep to left! This may do it! Back to the wall goes Berra; it is over the fence, home run -- the Pirates win! Ladies and gentlemen, Mazeroski has hit a one-nothing pitch over the left-field fence at Forbes Field to win the 1960 World Series for the Pittsburgh Pirates by a score of10-0. Once again, that final score, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the 1960 world champions, defeat the New York Yankees, the Pirates 10 and the Yankees 9.''

    1961---Top Hits

Hit the Road Jack - Ray Charles

Crying - Roy Orbison

Runaround Sue - Dion

Walk on By - Leroy Van Dyke

    1962-Birthday of perhaps the greatest wide receiver in football, Jerry Lee Rice, Starkville,Ms.

    1962 - A 34-year-old Edward Albee brought his play, "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf", to a stage in New York. Four years later, Albee’s play would become an Academy Award-winning film, garnering 6 Oscars, and starring Elizabeth Taylor as the female lead, Martha.

    1966-Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara declares at a news conference in Saigon that he found that military operations have "progressed very satisfactorily since 1965." McNamara had arrived in Saigon on October 11 for his eighth fact-finding visit to South Vietnam. He conferred with General William Westmoreland, the senior U.S. military commander; Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge; various military leaders; and South Vietnam's Premier Nguyen Cao Ky and President Nguyen Van Thieu. McNamara said he was pleased with the overall progress in South Vietnam, but he later revealed to President Lyndon Johnson in private that he thought progress was "very slow indeed" in the pacification program.

McNamara wrote after the war that he realized early on "the complexity of the situation and the uncertainties of our ability to deal with it by military means." Though he did understand the obstacles, he was dedicated to the U.S. commitment to preventing Communist takeover of South Vietnam. By the end of 1965, however, even McNamara had begun to doubt that a military solution in Southeast Asia could be achieved. Still, as late as July 1967, he told President Johnson that the U.S. and South Vietnamese forces were making headway in the war. Johnson tired of McNamara's vacillation and eventually replaced him with Clark Clifford in February 1968.

    1969---Top Hits

Sugar, Sugar - The Archies

Jean - Oliver

Little Woman - Bobby Sherman

Since I Met You, Baby - Sonny James

    1969- Nancy Kerrigan - U.S. figure skater. NK was the victim of a bungled physical attack by the husband and friend of one of her rivals. The attack mildly injured her leg and ruined the career of her rival. NK later won the silver medal at the Olympics and ridiculed the young Russian girl who edged her out for the gold. NK turned pro and is featured at Disney shows.

    1971-The first night game in World Series history matched the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Baltimore Orioles. Pittsburgh beat Baltimore, 4-3, behind three hits by Roberto Clemente, to tie the Series at two games apiece.

    1977---Top Hits

Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band - Maco

Keep It Comin’ Love - KC & The Sunshine Band

You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone

Heaven’s Just a Sin Away - The Kendalls

    1979 - Michael Jackson hit #1 for the second time with "Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough". His first number one hit came on October 14, 1972, when he was 14. The song, was "Ben."

    1985---Top Hits

Oh Sheila - Ready For The World

Take on Me - a-ha

Saving All My Love for You - Whitney Houston

Meet Me in Montana - Marie Osmond with Dan Seals

    1994 - Netscape Communications Corporation announced that it was offering its new Netscape Navigator free to users via the Internet. The Internet browser, developed by the six-month-old Silicon Valley company led by Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark and NCSA Mosaic creator Marc Andreessen, was available for free downloading by “individual, academic and research users.”




World Series Champions This Date


1903 Boston Pilgrims

1906 Chicago White Sox

1914 Boston Braves

1915 Boston Red Sox

1921 New York Giants

1906-Pittsburgh Pirates





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