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LEAF and Resource America

LEAF Financial Income Fund III Complaints
10K Gives Numbers

More on LEAF Financial Investment
-- Says He and Sister were Misled

Reader Complaint About LEAF Financial Investment
Says He and Sister Were Misled

LEAF Financial Income Fund III Complaints
10K Gives Numbers

Resource America downsizing its operation?

Resource America/LEAF Moving in Different Directions

Profile: Crit DeMent, Chairman of ELFA

Inside LEAF and the Evergreen Clause

Resource America "deconsolidates" LEAF Financial

Crit DeMent Re-Invents Himself

LEAF Commercial Capital Receives $125 Million of New Capital

LEAF Commercial Takes Over

Crit DeMent---May Be Turning a New Leaf

LEAF Investor asks what should he do

Goodbye LEAF Financial by Christopher Menkin

Resource America/LEAF Financial---Trend Continues Down
by Christopher Menkin

LEAF Commercial Credit Wells Line of Credit by Christopher Menkin

More Layoffs Reported at LEAF Financial

Leasing Brings Resource America to a serious loss
by Christopher Menkin

The facts behind the $96 Million LEAF Securitization

New Company: LEAF Commercial Capital?
by Christopher Menkin

LEAF Financial Press Release Misleading
by Christopher Menkin

Resource America cuts LEAF Financial’s Allowance
by Christopher Menkin

More Layoffs at LEAF Financial

Cartoon---Cret DeMent

Resource America’s LEAF Financial Stalled on Leasing Road?

Ready, Willing, Able: Dwight Galloway, CLP

LEAF for Sale?

Resource America blames it on Leasing

LEAF: 158 Laid Off/Specialty Finance goes dark

Dwight Galloway: Last man to turn the lights out

Correction: LEAF Financial

LEAF Specialty to Shut Down in Two Weeks?

LEAF Ratings with FITCH and others, including landlord

Leaf June Update

LEAF running out of gasoline?
by Christopher Menkin

Resource American/LEAF Line of Credit up-date

Resource America "repositioning our leasing company"
by Christopher Menkin

The Trouble with LEAF and Resource America
 by Christopher Menkin

LEAF Financial Up-Date

Resource America SEC, First Quarter, 2010:

Full Resource America Press Release: