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Monday, April 27, 2015

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Placard---Old Sales Model/New Sales Model
 Classified Ads---Legal
  Top Ten Stories of last week
   (Most Often Opened by Readers)
Chicago, April 21-23, ELFA Funding Conference Report
 by Hugh Swandel, The Alta Group
Fed Reserve Now Making Banks Lean on Accountants,
 Brokers, Lessors, Law Firms to Provide Security & Cyber Plans
  by Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor
Will Lack of Water Change California Farm Loan Decisions?
  It May Be Positive for Equipment Financing & Leasing
First American Equipment Finance 30 CLFPs
  Adds Three More Who Pass 8-Hour CLFP Exam
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLFP
 Regulation or Licensing
“Getting Interview, but No Offers—Now What?”
    Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII
 Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
Banks Are Failing to Meet Rising Customer Expectations
 by Philip Ryan,
  Blind Children's Learning Center May 16th 5K Walk
    Santa Ana, California
 American Blue Heeler/Mix
   Fairpoint, New York  Adopt-a-Dog
     Classified ads—Investigator
News Briefs---
Oregon's Bank of Oswego's bid to outsmart the recession brings in the feds
 All signs point to Apple announcing a monster earnings report
  These Apple Watches have the fastest shipping dates
   The 23 top Apple Watch apps you should get

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 San Diego , CA 
Experienced in-house corporate, equipment leasing and financial services attorney seeks position as managing or transactional counsel. Willing to relocate.
Cell Phone: 760-533-4058; | Resume

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Top Ten Stories of last week
(Most Often Opened by Readers)

(1) Archives---April 24, 2009
 $60 Million Fraud/Leasing Founder Assets Frozen

(2) Jim Merrilees, CLFP, Joins Channel Partners
 Veteran Still Very Active in Finance Industry

(3) "Your lease rates are too high"
          by Kevin F. Clune, CLFP

(4) Golf Channel Advertising Was Fraudulent Conveyance/
  Ruling May Affect Banks/Lessors in EAR Case & Others
          by Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor

(5) Step-by-Step Directions to Stop Unwanted Calls
           and Texts to Your Mobile Phone
          The Wireless Association

(6) Sales Veteran Mark Scritchfield Passes Away

(7) National Machine Tool Financial Re-brands to
  First Midwest Equipment Finance, $10,000 to $10MM

(8) New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Industry

(9) Costco slashes credit card fees to near nothing

(10) GE in talks to sell lending, leasing portfolio to Wells Fargo      

(10) Stearns Bank Equipment Finance Division expands 



Chicago, April 21-23, ELFA Funding Conference Report
by Hugh Swandel, The Alta Group

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (EFLA) visited Chicago, Illinois, last week for the 27th Annual National Funding Conference at the Fairmont Hotel. Attendance was reported at 587. This was up from 550 attendees last year. It was announced that this year’s attendance was at a level not seen since prior to the credit crisis.

Over 49 major funding sources, up from 44 last year, exhibited along with a small group of service providers. Attendee bookings for 20 minute meetings with exhibitors where very strong and attendees seemed to share an upbeat mood regarding opportunities for business growth. Topics of discussion at the opening reception on Tuesday night included shared optimism about the short term prospect for the U.S. economy as well as speculation on the impact of the pending changes at GE Capital. Attendees from GE were popular networking partners with many jokes about badges and business cards being collectors’ items.

The ELFA wisely added a networking breakfast event on Wednesday morning which increased the opportunities for group networking in addition to scheduled appointments. Although many attendees are from funding sources looking to make deals, many service providers also attended to meet with existing and prospective customers. The addition of the breakfast event was well received and will probably be repeated at the 2016 Event (April 19 – 21, 2016 – Swissotel, Chicago).

In addition to the networking opportunities, and schedule appointments, there was an informative presentation on Tuesday April 22 during the luncheon. The presentation was moderated by David Drury the Committee Chair and President of Cole Taylor Equipment Finance. Presenters included Woody Sutton, President and CEO of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association and Tony Cracchiolo, President, Vendor Finance at U.S. Bank.

Woody Sutton presented a high level update on key association work including the rolling three year strategic plan, the Equipment Finance Hall of Fame, and the Emerging Talent Advisory Council. It was clear from the presentation that the ELFA has matured into an industry association that is even better respected and very well managed. 

Tony Cracchiolo presented information on the state of the industry which focused on the positive growth in business volumes, stable aging performance and incredibly low charge-offs. The presentation seemed more suited for the purpose of educating non-industry parties, and the audience would have benefitted by at least a mention of some issues that are of concern to members (margin compression, increased regulation, accounting changes, Basel Capital Requirement changes etc.).

Chicago continues to be an appreciated conference location with many attendees speaking highly of experiences at restaurants and local attractions. More than a few attendees witnessed the triple overtime play-off victory of the Chicago Blackhawks while others enjoyed a White Sox game or a fantastic meal!

ELFA deserve high praise for their efforts to continually improve the Annual Funding Conference and left attendees satisfied that the event created strong business and networking opportunities.

Hugh Swandel
204.477.0703 direct
204.996.4844 mobile


Fed Reserve Now Making Banks Lean on Accountants,
Brokers, Lessors, Law Firms to Provide Security & Cyber Plans

by Tom McCurnin
Leasing News Legal Editor

Banks Can Protect Themselves from Hacking (Sort Of), But Federal Reserve Now Wants the Bank’s Outside Vendors to Have Similar Protections in Place.  This Includes IT Service Providers, Accountants, Brokers, Lessors, and Law Firms.

FFIEC IT Examination Handbook (March 2015)

The calls started coming in last year from the IT Departments of the Banks we work for. The Banks were concerned that although the Banks were theoretically safe from security breaches and Internet hacking, the Federal Reserve was asking the Banks to take an additional step—secure the data of their customers located at the vendor’s site. 

While it’s true that law firms have the account statements of their customers on their computer server (often for litigation purposes) and paper copies are located in files, our office building is super-secure and the office suite suitably locked. What could go wrong?

Well according to the Fed, a disaster at the vendor’s location could jeopardize the Bank’s data, and the vendor itself could be the victim of an Internet hack. Thus, social security numbers, account statements, and other personal data of the Bank’s customers would be lost to thieves. 

So, this year the examination arm of the Federal Reserve, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) imposed new bank examination standards, which focuses data security not at the Bank’s front door, but through their vendors. This includes IT providers, copy services, lawyers and accountants. 

So when the Banks provided us with the FFIEC examination handbook we were asked to disable USB thumb drives, require 7 digit changing passwords to our server, and locked file cabinets for bank data, and pass wording the directories where such data is stored electronically. 

It did not come as a surprise when the FFIED released its Examination Handbook earlier this year which provided some of the following salient points:

First, virtually anyone doing business with a Bank will have to address their own Internet security provisions, usually by having secure workstations and often disabled USB ports.

Second, the vendor needs to have a disaster relief plan (called business continuity plan), whereby the Bank’s data can be recovered in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.

Third, vendors will need to have a plan in place to thwart cyber-attacks, called a cyber-resilience plan. 

Fourth, all the vendor’s internal security needs to be addressed contractually with the bank with the right of the bank (not the Fed) to audit the vendor. 

What does this mean for those of us, accountants, brokers, lessors, and law firms that deal with national banks? Expect a routine letter if it hasn’t already come. In the meantime, tighten up security, so when the Bank asks you to implement security for their data, you’ll probably have already accomplished the goal. And it makes good business sense. Be prepared for a physical audit, as it is one of the possibilities of insuring compliance.

IT Handbook (12 pages)

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting
in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at
Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:

Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:



Will Lack of Water Change California Farm Loan Decisions?
  It May be Positive Equipment Financing & Leasing

California farmers may be changing what they are planting and growing, as well as need more modern equipment and technology input to survive.  If the banks tighten credit for working and crop capital, as well as bank regulators get more “alarmed,” where does the farmer turn? Alternative financing as well as long term operating leases.


First American Equipment Finance 30 CLFPs
Adds Three More Who Pass 8-Hour CLFP Exam

Bringing the total to 230 Certified Leasing & Finance Professionals

Jennifer Vanegas, CLFP
Vice President
First American Equipment Finance

Darryl Walczak, CLFP
Assistant Vice-President, Project Manager
First American Equipment Finance

Sandie Zhang, CLFP
Senior Credit Analyst
First American Equipment Finance

Darryl Walczak commented, "My colleagues and customers are impressed by the base of knowledge that we have attained, and also by the commitment it takes to earn this designation. I know that this membership will help me serve my customers at a higher level.”

“I am proud to join my colleagues who have prepared for and passed the exam and are reaping the benefits of the CLFP designation.”

Companies with two or more foundation members

Company #CLFPs
First American Equipment Finance


Financial Pacific Leasing


Allegiant Partners


Orion First Financial


ECS Financial Services


Arvest Equipment Finance


Ascentium Capital


Great American Insurance


Banc of California


Bank of the West


Maxim Commercial Capital LLC


Northland Capital


FSG Leasing


Innovative Lease Services


LeaseTeam Inc.


Pacifica Capital


Alliance Funding Group


BSB Leasing


Canon Financial Services


Finance Capital


GreatAmerica Financial Services


Padco Financial Services


Pinnacle Business Finance


Portfolio Financial Servicing Company




Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals offers a three day event to prepare an individual to sit for the CLFP exam, assuming the candidate has read the Certified Lease & Finance Professional Handbook prior to attending.

List Price: $59.95
To Order:
Volume discounts may be available by contacting:

All of the mandatory sections of the exam, as well as three of the elective sections, are covered in-depth during the first two days. On the third day, the exam is offered, but is not mandatory.


Southern California - May 7-9
Hosted by Banc of California; more information

Texas - June 18-20
Hosted by Ascentium Capital; more information

New York - August 13-15
Hosted by First American Equipment Finance; more information

Midwest (Iowa) - November 5-7
Hosted by GreatAmerica Financial Services; more information


Reid Raykovich, CLFP
Executive Director

To register, please contact: Reid Raykovich, CLFP: or (206) 535-6281



(Terry retired January 1, 2015. To honor him and his many years of writing for readers of Leasing News, Leasing News is posting columns he has written that are still meaningful today. This one is updated from April 15, 2013.

Preface: It was great news to learn that First American Equipment Finance now has 30 Certified Leasing Finance Professionals. Certainly more will follow from this company, as employees not only are improving their knowledge, ability, and career. I was told “It’s amazing how much people love working there – that says a lot about a company when the employees are happy!”

Regulation or Licensing

There is growth in the micro and small ticket marketplace into business loans and cash advances as many do not know the advantages of leasing or the value it can be to clients.

There have been some articles as well as dialogue in the National Association of Equipment Leasing LinkedIn Group talking about regulating brokers or financial intermediaries. Some of the pressure comes from customers that have been misinformed about the true nature of their transaction or were taken advantage up due to their ignorance of the complex nature of leasing.
While there are problems in any industry, there are many solutions and I suspect regulation is one of them. However, whenever regulations occur, they usually do more to restrict activities then enhance them.

One method to solve the problems comes from proper education of both the customer base and the leasing industry. However, we still have a lot of lessors who declare “I have been in the leasing business for over thirty years and I know all there is to know about leasing”. My question is: “Then why not take the CLFP exam to confirm it?” You may find that your knowledge is a bit short.

The more people that carry the CLFP on their business card, the more the customer base will wonder why other lessors do not carry it. When it is explained to the customer base that it is like the difference between a CPA and a bookkeeper they will question doing business with someone that has not been certified. In addition the education of leasing personnel will upgrade the quality of the leasing profession.

The Leasing industry has passed through many phases over the last thirty to forty years. The swinging door of people through our business has caused some to believe that some improper procedures or incorrect approaches are acceptable because no one has discovered their errors. It is of major importance that the rules and regulations from tax, legal and accounting are understood and followed.

I know some lessors and funders prefer not to know what is necessary to know to obtain a CLFP because it will look poorly if they fail. However, the more we can show the customer base that we are policing ourselves the better it will be for all of us.

Leasing News is running a series on “Why I Became a CLP,” I suggest reading one or two, or contacting me directly for more information.

Why I Became a CLP---

Previous #102 Columns:



“Getting Interview, but No Offers—Now What?”
Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII

Interviewing, but I am not receiving any offers, what should I do?
If you are getting interviews, your resume is doing its job. However, you must remember what you do before, during, and after the interview can increase your chances of receiving the offer. I do have some suggestions:

Here are some ideas to increase your chances:

Be prepared to give a “closing statement”
If you are given the opportunity during the interview, be ready to summarize (in 90 seconds or less) why you think you would be a good fit for the position. If possible, incorporate in the additional information you have learned in the interview itself. Prepare the key points of this closing statement in advance.

Bring materials
To assist the interviewer with the decision, bring your list of references, work samples, and don’t just throw it down. Decide if you didn’t “close” the interview and need to produce more of a “sales pitch” about yourself.  Be proactive.

You can’t do the above, unless you have visited the company’s website, learn more about the key personnel (look them up in ---maybe there is something you have in common). Perhaps go to and do a news search on the company.

Follow up
If you do not hear back from the interviewer in the time you expected to hear from him/her, it is okay to follow up. Just remember that hiring often takes much longer than expected – make sure to be respectful in your follow-up efforts. Don’t be afraid to call, as the worst they can say is they are not interested.

If this is a pattern, going on many interviews but not receiving any offers, try to get feedback. Are you “over qualified,” “under qualified,” “didn’t like the way I dressed.”  Ask for a suggestion. You might be surprised when you get one, or if they hire someone, and then decide they should have hired you, there is a door open.

Look at the interview as a rehearsal for the actual performance that will actually get an offer you won’t refuse.

If you put in the positive, thoughtful effort, eventually the results will follow.
For more information and tips, contact us at

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone:  954-885-9241
Cell:  954-612-0567
Invite me to Connect on LinkedIn
Also follow us on Twitter #RIIINFO

Career Crossroads Previous Columns



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Please see our Job Wanted section for possible new employees.


Banks Are Failing to Meet Rising Customer Expectations
by Philip Ryan,

Banks are falling short of customer expectations, according to a report
by Capgemini and Efma.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that banks can’t catch up with customer expectations, which keep rising higher based on experiences with nonbank applications.

Three major trends emerged in the 2015 World Retail Banking Report from Capgemini and Efma, which polled 16,000 customers in 32 countries.

Bill Sullivan, head of global financial services market intelligence, told Bank Innovation that none of them are particularly good news for banks.

  1. Customer service levels are stagnating or deteriorating“Expectations are rising at a faster pace than banks can handle,” Sullivan said. “With Generation Y, this is even more dramatic.” Profitable customer behaviors are also on the decline, and again it’s the younger set that is behind the shift. “They are less likely to take on debt, more likely to leave, less likely to refer friends or buy additional products,” Sullivan said. “They are less loyal to brand.” Millennials are not the most profitable bank customers, but they are starting to make their presence felt in a way that is slightly ominous for banks. Add to the bad news that customers still value branches, according to Sullivan, so banks are prevented from saving money by reducing their physical footprints.
  2. Competition from nonbank players is accelerating
    “Banks still underestimate nontraditional players, and struggle to match their agility,” Sullivan said. This news might defy belief, considering all the energy in the FinTech space lately. But the majority of bank executives don’t believe serious threats to core businesses will materialize in the next three years, and are still unsure of the impact major nonbank players will have, Sullivan said. But to their credit, bank executives realize that they face significant headwinds in the battle for customer experience: 83% of executives said customers were comfortable banking with internet and tech firms, but only 65% of executives said they were comfortable banking with banks. Across every region of the globe, customers were less likely to buy an additional product from their bank than they were a year previously.

  3. Investments have focused too much on the front-end, to the detriment of the back-end.
    It makes sense that banks, recognizing the challenges in customer experience, would devote resources to the front end, but Sullivan believes this strategy has backfired. “They have set high expectations then not delivered on them,” he said. “With the back-end underdeveloped, the ability to customize and personalize is challenged.” Survey results indicate that the next three years will see more funding of front-end, customer facing technology, with the back end receiving fewer resources.

“There are great opportunities for banks,” Sullivan said. “But there are also warning signs about getting serious. They must adapt at a different pace to match competitors not burdened by the same regulations.”

Banks are in a bind, according to this report, stuck between the need to keep the lights on in the back-end and the need to please capricious millennials on the customer-facing side. Furthermore, the challenge applies equally to banks in every region of the world. You could be forgiven for asking, 'What else is new?'

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to help support the growth of Lease Police)



Blind Children's Learning Center May 16th 5K Walk
Santa Ana, California

Organized by Banc of California’s Jamie Haver, CLFP, (amongst others) in Orange County on May 11th.  People can walk or just contribute money.

"Braille Literacy is important. Walk with us to raise funds to provide Braille instruction for our children.

Location: Blind Children's Learning Center
18542-B Vanderlip Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Registration Begins: 8:00am (or on line)
Walk Starts: 9:00am
Registration Fee: $20
(Includes t-shirt & tote bank
Ages 7 and Under: Free

1. Become a Walk Sponsor
Contact Carolyn Baker at
714.573.888 x 2101 or

2. Register as an Individual or Team.
Learn more at

3. Donate now at

For More information:


American Blue Heeler/Mix
Fairpoint, New York  Adopt-a-Dog

Animal ID: 25322033
Breed: American Blue Heeler/Mix
Age: 11 years 20 days
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Color: Tan/Black
Declawed: No
Site: Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester
Location: Mobile Adoptions

"Got a Kleenex handy? Tuko's story is sad. He is an 11 year old American Blue Heeler/mix who lost his home because there was a new baby. This sweet senior dog has a unique look. His coat is tan/black with some silver and is SO soft. His right ear stands erect, the left one flops. Tuko weighs 45 pounds, and does have diminished vision and hearing. The folks in the Behavior department can give you lots of good information on living with a dog with limitations. Tuko loves to be near someone. He walks well, but you must give him direction with your leg and leash. Tuko must meet all who share your home, dogs included. Lollypop Farm recommends kids should be age 14 or older. Tuko is eligible for the Seniors-for-Seniors program so approved adopter, aged 60 or over, can bring him home for free. Won't you please consider giving Tuko a wonderful retirement home?"

Lollypop Farm
Humane Society of Greater Rochester
Lollypop Farm
99 Victor Road
Fairport, NY 14450
Phone: 585-223-1330

Adoption Center
Monday to Friday
11:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Sat., Sun., & Monday
10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Adopt a Pet



Classified ads—Investigator

Los Angeles - Licensed Private Investigators, specializing Collateral Recovery Field Investigation for the Lending industry since 1998 - Our clients include Banks, Credit Unions, Automotive and Equipment Collections, Investigations & Asset Recovery Midwest:
Tierra Investigations & Consultants, LLC
Commercial collections, repossessions, bankruptcy fraud, theft & conversion claims.  
605-647-1700 Fax 605-647-0534

Leasing Industry Outsourcing
(Providing Services and Products)

All "Outsourcing" Classified ads (advertisers are both requested
and responsible to keep their free ads up to date:

How to Post a free "Outsourcing" classified ad:


Receivables Management LLC
John Kenny

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement 
• Third-Party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167

(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigative
reporting provided by John Kenny)


News Briefs----

Oregon's Bank of Oswego's bid to outsmart the recession
   brings in the feds 

All signs point to Apple announcing a monster earnings report

These Apple Watches have the fastest shipping dates

The 23 top Apple Watch apps you should get


(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for appraisals and equipment valuations provided by Ed Castagna)



--You May Have Missed It

Burdened With Debt, Law School Graduates
Struggle in Job Market


SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

Weight Loss Myths and Truths


Baseball Poems

"A clever runner steals a base." - James J. Metcalfe

          James J. Metcalfe was a widely syndicated columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a German-American poet that put together a very nice poem that truly does catch the essence of the game in a most eloquent manner.


by James J. Metcalfe ©

Published: Unknown (Unknown) 

The game of baseball is the king
Of all the games we play
And it is one pursuit that is
Distinctly U.S.A.
The people swarm into the stands
To watch their favorite teams
And munch their hot dogs when their lungs
Are not engaged in screams
The pitcher hurls the horsehide and
The batter gets a hit
Or else the ball goes sailing and
Some fielder smothers it
A clever runner steals a base
A player takes a walk
Or managers and umpires
Decide to have a talk
The crowd is gay or gloomy or
Completely in suspense
But it goes wild when someone knocks
The ball beyond the fence.




Sports Briefs----

Chris Paul scores 34 as Clippers sink Spurs, even up series

Proposed Los Angeles-area NFL stadium to have flame honoring Al Davis

Brett Hundley may be one of the most intriguing quarterbacks in draft


California Nuts Briefs---

Debate over dry farming divides California Wine Country


“Gimme that Wine”

Innovative Case Study Provides a 21st Century View
  on the Status of California's Women Winemakers

What Makes Napa Valley Valuable?

50 Years of Wine Excellence: Oregon's Willamette Valley

Reducing water usage
E & J Gallo reduced its winery water usage by 25 percent

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in American History

     1773 - The British Parliament passes the Tea Act, a bill designed to save the faltering East India Company by greatly lowering its tea tax and thus granting it a monopoly on the American tea trade. The low tax allows the East India Company to undercut even tea smuggled out of America, and many colonists view the act as another example of taxation without representation. When three tea ships, the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver, arrived in Boston Harbor, the colonists demanded that the tea be returned to England. After Massachusetts Governor Thomas Hutchinson refused, Patriot leader Samuel Adams organized the so-called "Boston Tea Party" with about sixty members of the "Sons of Liberty." On December 16, 1773, the Patriots boarded the three British ships disguised as Mohawk Indians, and dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. The destroyed tea was valued at approximately ten thousand pounds. Parliament, outraged by the Boston Tea Party and other blatant destruction of British property, enacted the Coercive Acts, also known as the Intolerable Acts, in the following year. The colonists in turn responded by calling the first Continental Congress to consider a united American resistance against the British
    1791 - Birthday of American artist and inventor, Samuel Finley Breese Morse, after whom the Morse code is named, born at Charlestown, MA. Graduating from Yale University in 1810, he went to the Royal Academy of London to study painting. After returning to America, he achieved success as a portraitist. Morse conceived the head of an electromagnetic telegraph while on shipboard, returning from art instruction in Europe in 1832, and he proceeded to develop his idea. With financial assistance approved by Congress, the first telegraph line in the US was constructed between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. The first message tapped out by Morse form the Supreme Court Chamber of the US Capitol building on May 24, 1844, was, ‘What hath God wrought?”  He died at New York, NY, April 2, 1872.
    1805 - The first American flag flown over a fortress of the Old World
was flown when Lieutenant Presley Neville O’Bannon of the Marines raised the colors over the Tripolitan fortress at Derna, on the north coast of Africa (now in Libya). After marching 800 km from Egypt, US agent William Eaton leads a small force of US Marines and Berber mercenaries against the Tripolitan port city of Derna. Lieutenant O’ Bannon, commanding the Marines, performed so heroically in the battle that Hamet Karamanli presented him with an elaborately designed sword that now serves as the pattern for the swords carried by Marine officers. The phrase "to the shores of Tripoli" from the official song of the US Marine Corps also has its origins in the Derna campaign.
    1810 - Ludwig van Beethoven gives the world a romantic piece for piano, with the dedication, "For Therese, as a remembrance." Nowadays nobody remembers Therese. The publisher couldn't read Beethoven's handwriting and to this day the piece is known as "Fur Elise."  While Beethoven never married, he came very close several times, and had many loves of his life as a musician and composer. "We can only speculate upon whether it was Beethoven's intention to write the piece in the letters of the name of his beloved. The famous melody starts with the tones E - D# - E, or enharmonically E - Eb - E, which in German languages equivalents E - Es - E, the "tuneable" letters in the name ThErESE or EliSE.
    1813 - US forces under Gen. Zebulon Pike, for whom Pikes Peak is named, captured York (today called Toronto) and then
burned it to the ground in an unsuccessful attempt to gain control of Lake Ontario. There is the fight regarding boundaries, fishing, and as important, over 300,000 loyalists remaining from the Revolutionary War, many of whom moved to Canada where England granted land to those who opposed the Revolution and assisted the British. There were still hard feelings between the two groups, as Canada was a province
of England and many believed the colonist here were still a threat.  During the battle, Gen. Pike was killed when an ammunition magazine exploded.
    1816 - The first tariff passed by Congress for protection rather than primarily for revenue was the “act to regulate the duties on imports and tonnage.”
    1822 - Birthday of Ulysses S. Grant, 18th president of the US (Mar 4, 1869—Mar 3, 1877) was born in Hiram, OH.  President Lincoln promoted Grant to lieutenant general in command of all the Union armies on Mar 9, 1864, changing the direction of the war effort.  On April 9, 1865, Grant received General Robert F. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House, VA, which he announced to the Secretary of War as follows: “General Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia this afternoon on terms proposed by myself. The accompanying additional correspondence will show the conditions fully.” Nicknamed “Unconditional Surrender Grant,” Grant was a brilliant, inventive, creative General, who did like to drink, but he was a controversial president, who failed in his second attempt for the presidency and reportedly died he died at Mount McGregor, NY, July 23, 1885, a “broken man,” four days after completing his memoirs. He was buried at Riverside Park, New York, NY, following a huge parade. Grant’s Tomb was dedicated in 1897. So now you know who is buried at Grant’s Tomb.
    1825 - The industrialist Robert Owen sets up Utopian Socialist Colony at New Harmony, Indiana. About 1,000 settlers were attracted to the 20,000 acres made available. Dissension arose and there was lack of direction among those who were supposed to cooperate. Owen left in 1827. In 1828, the community ceased to exist as a Utopian enterprise.
    1825 - The first strike for the 10-hour work-day, by carpenters in Boston.
    1848 - Slavery abolished in all French territories.
    1864 - On his birthday, Grant officially issued orders to his armies that would lead to the end of the American Civil War. The plan called for Sherman to advance on Confederate forces through Georgia, Siegal to move through the Shenandoah Valley, Butler to advance up the James River toward Richmond and Meade to follow and engage the Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee.
    1865 - The Sultana, heavily overloaded with an estimated 2,300 passengers, exploded in the Mississippi River, just north of Memphis, en route to Cairo, Illinois. Most of the passengers were Union soldiers who had been prisoners of war and were eagerly returning to their homes. Although there was never an accurate accounting of the dead, estimates range from 1,450 to nearly 2,000. Cause of the explosion was low levels of water in the boilers likely caused by the extra output required to navigate the spring flood currents on the River.  The little-known event is unparalleled in US maritime history and is usually overlooked as it occurred in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President Lincoln and the pursuit and killing of John Wilkes Booth.
    1865 - Actor John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Lincoln, was shot and killed in a barn near Port Royal, Virginia, by federal cavalrymen after they set the barn on fire. 
    1875 - John McCloskey was the first Catholic priest from the United States to be made a cardinal, under the title of Santa Maria Supra Minervam by Pope Pius IX. The investiture was made in the cathedral on Mott Street, New York City.
    1880 – Francis D. Clarke and M.G. Foster secured a patent on a “device for aiding the deaf to hear” that made its own electricity and operated by bone conduction. The first electrical hearing aid produced commercially was the Acousticon, invented by Miller Reese Hutchinson of New York City in 1901. The first hearing aid using transistors was manufactured by Sonotone Corporation, Elmsford, NY, and offered for sale on December 29, 1942. It weighed 3.5 ounces and was three inches long.
    1892 - Birthday in Lewiston, Maine, of composer and conductor Howard Fogg, a pioneer in the composition and synchronization of film soundtracks. Fogg spent much of his life in Montreal. In 1934, he wrote what is considered the first original composition for a Canadian film - the music for a documentary called "Rhapsody in Two Languages." Fogg died in 1953.
    1899 - In Chicago, Illinois, the Western Golf Association was founded. 
    1899 - A tornado struck Kirksville, MO, killing 34 persons and destroying 300 buildings.
    1900 - Birthday of Walter Lantz, originator of Universal Studios’ animated opening sequence for their first major musical film, “The King of Jazz”. Walter Lantz is best remembered as the creator of Woody Woodpecker, the bird with the wacky laugh and the taunting ways. Lantz received a lifetime achievement Academy Award for his animation in 1979. He was born at New Rochelle, NY, and died March 22, 1994, at Burbank, California.
    1903 - In Long Island, New York, Jamaica Race Track opened. Spectators included Lillian Russell and Diamond Jim Brady. 
    1904 - Congress extends the Chinese Exclusion Act indefinitely (first passed in 1882; again in 1902 extending the act for 10 years), making it unlawful for Chinese laborers to enter the US and denying naturalized citizenship to the Chinese already here. 
    1912 - One of the worst tornado outbreaks in Oklahoma's history occurred. 16 tornadoes rated F2 or greater touched down in the state with 6 of them rated F4. 29 people were killed.
    1915 - The temperature at Washington, DC hit 92 degrees, the highest ever in April. New York City hit 92 degrees as well.
    1927 - Birthday of Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    1931 - 100ºF (38ºC), Pahala, Hawaii (state record)
    1932 - Birthday of Casey Kasem, famous countdown disc jockey who died in 2014.
    1932 - Birthday of Maxine Brown of the country trio, the Browns, born in Samti, Louisiana. Their recordings of "The Three Bells," "Scarlet Ribbons" and "The Old Lamplighter" were big hits on both the country and pop charts in 1959 and '60. Maxine tried a solo career after the Browns broke up in 1967, but had only one minor hit.
    1938 - On Victor Records, Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra recorded "I Hadn’t Anyone ’til You", featuring Jack Leonard on vocals. It wasn’t long thereafter that Leonard, unhappy with his role in the orchestra and looking for more money, left the band, but not before recommending a young Sinatra as his replacement.
    1939 - Drummer Jerry Mercer of the Montreal-based rock group April Wine was born. Mercer replaced April Wine's original drummer, Richie Henman, in 1974. April Wine was Canada's leading touring band of the '70s, and among their hits were 1972's "You Could Have Been a Lady" and "Roller" from 1979. Their biggest international success came in the following decade when "Just Between You and Me" made number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1981. April Wine also appeared with the Rolling Stones at a Toronto night club in March 1977. 
    1942 - A destructive tornado, rated F4, tracked through Rogers and Mayes counties in Oklahoma. The town of Pryor was hit squarely. 52 people were killed and damage amounted to $2.5 million.
    1944 - Cuba Gooding of the '70s soul group “The Main Ingredient” was born. Perhaps his son Cuba Gooding, Jr., is better known as an actor.  Early on, Junior landed guest starring roles on shows like "Hill Street Blues" (1981) and "MacGyver" (1985). His first major role was in the 1991 box office surprise “Boyz n the Hood” (1991). He followed this success with supporting roles in major films like “A Few Good Men” (1992), “Lightning Jack” (1994) and “Outbreak” (1995).
In 1996, Cuba was cast as an arrogant but loyal football player in the Tom Cruise-Cameron Crowe film “Jerry Maguire” (1996). The film became a huge box office smash and earned Cuba an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. His "Show Me The Money" line in the movie became a nationwide catchphrase. The role elevated him to superstar status, as many of Hollywood's top producers began to "show him the money" to appear in their films.
    1947 - Peter Ham of Badfinger is born. One of rock music's true talents who died way too soon.
    1948 - Kate Pierson of The B-52s is born in Weehawken, N.J. The group's biggest hits are the 1989 songs “Love Shack'' and “Roam,'' both of which reach No. 3 on Billboard's Hot 100. Pierson also sings backup on R.E.M.'s top 10 hit “Shiny Happy People.'' Both bands are based in Athens, Ga.
    1949 - Top Hits
“Cruising Down the River” - The Blue Barron Orchestra (vocal: ensemble)
“Forever and Ever” - Perry Como
“ ’A’ You’re Adorable” - Perry Como
“Candy Kisses” - George Morgan
    1950 - The modern state of Israel is officially recognized by the British government.
    1951 - Birthday of Ace Frehley, former lead guitarist with the theatrical rock group Kiss, in New York. Kiss, known for their painted faces and extravagant on-stage antics, was one of the biggest-selling acts of the 1970's. Frehley was recruited for the band through an ad in The Village Voice. The critics almost unanimously panned Kiss' heavy-metal thudding, but their albums sold in the millions. Frehley left Kiss in 1983.
    1956 - At age 31, Rocky Marciano, undefeated in 49 professional bouts (43 knockouts and six title defense), announced his retirement as World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.
    1956 - Capitol Records signs Gene Vincent, intending to market him as the next Elvis…"Be-Bop-a-Lula."
    1957 - Elvis makes his second and last appearance outside of the US, wearing his classic gold lame suit for the last time as he plays Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.
    1957 - Top Hits
“Little Darlin’ ” - The Diamonds
“All Shook Up” - Elvis Presley
“Mama Look at Bubu” - Harry Belafonte
“Gone” - Ferlin Husky
    1959 - "Personality", by Lloyd Price was released. From the 1950s to the early 1960s, Price had 10 songs on the nation’s pop music charts.
    1959 - Sheena Easton is born in Bellshill, Scotland. Her biggest hit is “Morning Train (Nine to Five),'' which tops Billboard's Hot 100 for two weeks in 1981.
    1963 - Martha and the Vandellas had their first entry on the Billboard rhythm-and-blues chart, "Come and Get These Memories." Three months later, the Motown group would have its biggest hit, "Heat Wave."
    1963 - Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him" hits #1 
    1964 - John Lennon's "In His Own Write," a collection of funny poems and drawings, is published in the U.S.
    1965 - Top Hits
“Game of Love” - Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders
“Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” - Herman’s Hermits
“I Know a Place” - Petula Clark
“This is It” - Jim Reeves
    1968  - Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. In an interview, he said he supported the current US policy of sending troops "where required by our own national security." On 31 March 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson, frustrated with his inability to reach a solution in Vietnam, announced that he would “neither seek nor accept the nomination of his party for re-election”. This set up a contest for the Democratic nomination. Humphrey's main competition was Senator Eugene McCarthy (D-Minnesota), who had come within a few hundred votes of beating Lyndon Johnson in the New Hampshire primary. Robert Kennedy had entered the race and won most of the Democratic primaries until he was assassinated in June. When the Democratic National Convention opened in Chicago in August, a conflict immediately erupted over the party's Vietnam platform. While demonstrations against the war took place in the streets outside the convention hall, Humphrey won the party nomination. He was ultimately defeated in the general election by Republican Richard Nixon, who criticized the Johnson's handling of the war and ran on a platform of achieving "peace with honor" in Vietnam.
    1968 - Jimmy Ellis won a 15-round decision over Jerry Quarry to capture the heavyweight championship. This fight at Oakland, CA, was the final in an eight-man elimination tournament to select a champion to replace Muhammad Ali, from whom the title was stripped when Ali declined to enter the military draft due to his religious beliefs against war.
    1968 - Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" is released. It is from
the soundtrack of “The Graduate.”
    1969 - Joe Cocker makes his American debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show" before embarking on a tour.
    1970 - The Civic Center branch of Surety National Bank became the first bank to be fully automated opened in Los Angeles, CA. It contained six telestations equipped with closed-circuit television and monitored by a teller. A “validator” provided instant validation of checks by code rather than by signature. A money machine dispensed cash in an envelope. This was well before ATM’s. Not known what
happened to Surety National Bank. 
    1973 - Top Hits
“Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” - Dawn featuring Tony Orlando
“Sing” - Carpenters
“The Cisco Kid” - War
“Superman” - Donna Fargo
    1974 - Waylon Jennings's first number-one single, "This Time," entered the country charts in the US.
    1975 - Saigon is encircled by North Vietnamese troops.
    1976 - Maxine Nightingale was awarded a gold record for the single, "Right Back Where We Started From", which spent 2 weeks at #2. In the early 1970s, Nightingale was in the productions of "Hair", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Godspell" and "Savages". 
    1976 - Bruce Springsteen's meteoric career rise is stalled when he sues manager Mike Appel for fraud and breach of contract, keeping him from performing or recording for over a year.
    1976 - After years of alleged physical and verbal abuse, and having left over the Fourth of July with nothing but pocket change and a gas station credit card, Tina Turner files for divorce from her husband of sixteen years, Ike.
    1979 - Stevie Wonder makes a surprise appearance at a Duke Ellington tribute concert at UCLA's Royce Hall. He performs "Sir Duke and Ellington's "C-Jam Blues." 
    1980 - Three years and a day after opening its doors, New York's legendary disco, Studio 54 shuts down due to numerous questionable activities. Several movies about the club and its attendees will make it appear the club was open longer.
    1981 - Top Hits
“Kiss on My List” - Daryl Hall & John Oates
“Morning Train (Nine to Five)” - Sheena Easton
“Being with You” - Smokey Robinson
“A Headache Tomorrow (Or a Heartache Tonight)” - Mickey Gilley
    1981 - Xerox introduces its STAR 8010 information system, the first computer on the market to boast a mouse and a point-and-click interface. The STAR was based on cutting-edge work at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center, which had developed a graphic user interface using a mouse for a machine called the Alto. The mouse, first demonstrated in 1968 by Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute, would not catch on until the Apple Macintosh was introduced in 1984. Xerox devoted nine years and some $50 million to developing the STAR, but the product failed, partly because of its high price of $16,500, It had no easy language to learn and no spreadsheet capabilities, and one of the major developers Alan Kay went on to Atari and then to Apple, to help in development of its computer.
384 KB (expandable to 1.5MB) of real memory 
10, 29 or 40 MB hard drive 
17-inch display 
8" floppy drive 
Ethernet connection
    1986 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: “Addicted to Love,'' Robert Palmer. This is Palmer's first No. 1 single.
    1987 - Forty-two cities in the western and south central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. The afternoon high of 87 degrees at Olympia, WA was an April record, and highs of 92 degrees at Boise, ID, 95 degrees at Monroe, LA, and 96 degrees at Sacramento, CA tied April records. (The National Weather Summary) More than 300 daily temperature records fell by the wayside during a two week long heat wave across thirty-four states in the southern and western U.S. Thirteen cities established records for the month of April.
    1988 - Observers at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire reported over 7 feet of snowfall in a 10 day period, bringing their total for April to 89.9 inches. This set a new record for April snowfall on the mountain breaking the old standard of 89.3 inches set in 1975. Records have been kept on the summit since December of 1932.
1989 - Severe thunderstorms struck Omaha, Nebraska. Hail up to 4.5 inches in diameter fell. 3 inches of rain in a relatively short period of time caused flooding of streets with 3 feet of water reported at some intersections.
    1989 - Top Hits
“Like a Prayer”- Madonna
“Funky Cold Medina “- Tone Loc
“I’ll Be There for You” - Bon Jovi
“The Church on Cumberland Road” - Shenandoah
    1990 - Thunderstorms produced severe weather in eastern Texas and the Lower Mississippi Valley. Severe thunderstorms spawned thirteen tornadoes in Texas and twelve in Louisiana. A tornado southwest of Coolidge, TX injured eight persons and caused more than five million dollars damage. There were also eighty-five reports of large hail and damaging winds, with baseball size hail reported at Mexia, TX and Shreveport, LA. Forty-three cities in the eastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Records highs included 94 degrees at Charleston, WV, 95 degrees at   MD and 96 degrees at Richmond, VA.
    1994 - The first criminal convicted on the evidence of DNA matching was Timothy W. Spencer, who died in the electric chair in Greensville Correctional Center, Greensville, VA. Spencer was convicted of murdering four women in Richmond, VA, in 1987. DNA from his cells were matched with DNA found in evidence at the scene of the crime, a process also known as genetic fingerprinting.
    1995 - The US Justice Department files an antitrust suit to block Microsoft from buying Intuit, makers of the popular Quicken financial software, for $2.1 billion. The suit argued that financial software was one of the only remaining software sectors not dominated by Microsoft. Intuit dominated about 70% of the personal finance software segment, while Microsoft Money held only 22%. Microsoft voluntarily abandoned the merger in May.  Of all the products developed by Microsoft to date, Microsoft Money never took off compared to Quicken.
    1995 - Ross Glatzer, president of Prodigy Services Co., the leader of the pack on the Internet, quits amid tension between parent companies IBM and Sears. IBM reportedly wanted more power over the online venture, which had just started showing signs of profitability. The two companies had invested $1 billion in the venture since 1985. In March, Prodigy's second-in-command, Scott Kurnit, left the company to join MCI's new Internet venture. The company continued to struggle after Glatzer's departure. In 1996, Prodigy's management purchased the company and began transforming it into an Internet service provider.
    1996 - Barry Bonds, joins his father and godfather, Willie Mays, becoming only the fourth major leaguer to hit 300 homers and swipe 300 bases as he homers for the Giants' in a 6-3 victory over the Marlins. Bobby Bonds, Mays and Andre Dawson were the only other 300-300 players. 
    2000 - Sixteen players of the Tigers and White Sox are suspended for a total of 82 games for participating in two brawls at Comiskey Park five days ago, making it the most severe punishment ever given for a bench-clearing incident. Both managers, Phil Garner and Jerry Manuel, are suspended for eight games each.
    2011 - An estimated 305 tornados between the 27th and 28th sets a record for the largest outbreak ever recorded, including two EF-5s, four EF-4s and 21 EF-3s. Arkansas through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, southern Tennessee, Virginia to Pennsylvania and New York were all affected. An estimated 300 died including 210 in Alabama alone. This brought the April total past 600, the most in any month in recorded US weather history.
    2011 - Rod Stewart was honored at the 28th annual ASCAP Pop Awards in Los Angeles for the string of hits he wrote in the 1970s that included "Maggie May", "You Wear It Well", "Tonight's The Night" and "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy".




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