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Leasing News
Friday, April 1,2005

Independent, unbiased and fair news about the Leasing Industry


    Maglietta Quits USBancorp, Joins “Law and Order”
        GE Capital Buys Key Equipment
            Jennifer Aniston Joins Santa Barbara Capital Leasing
Fleming Joins Senator Chuck Grassley's Staff
    Oren Hall School for Brokers
        Lessors.Com creates “USLP” Designation

###### denotes a press release


Maglietta Quits USBancorp, Joins “Law and Order”



While he said he enjoyed the climate of Oregon, especially visiting the Portland Rose Garden, and the Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Sal Maglietta, the named president and CEO of U.S. Bancorp Equipment Finance, Inc., has joined the popular NBC television series “Law and Order.”

The former CEO of Citicapital Equipment Finance, a division of Citigroup, said he looked better wearing a police badge.

“After 24 years in the leasing business, it was time for me to make a change, “ he explained. “When this opportunity came to play Joe Fontana, I jumped at it.”

“If Fred Dalton Thompson gave up being a U.S. senator, why should I miss this opportunity? “ Maglietta said.

Here is a full video about Sal Maglietta role as New York City Police Detective Joe Fontana




GE Capital Buys Key Equipment

Tom M. Quindlen, recently appointed Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, GE Commercial Finance, lost no time in making his first bold move, purchasing Key Equipment Finance

“Last October we tried to buy American Express Business Finance, but Key beat us to it,” he said. “LaSalle, you are next! “

Key Equipment Finance is a unit of Cleveland-based KEYCorp. and the country's third largest bank-based leasing company. They have broad equipment financing capabilities including small ticket leasing, direct leasing, lease advisory services, global vendor services, government and municipal finance, leveraged leasing and syndications. KEF has a portfolio of over $10 billion and operations in 25 countries.



Jennifer Aniston Joins Santa Barbara Capital Leasing

Leasing News has an exclusive why Jennifer Aniston left Brad Pitt. Her new boyfriend is Steve Reid of Santa Barbara Capital Leasing, a division of Santa Barbara Bank. He is the conference chairman of the United Association of Equipment Leasing Scottsdale, Arizona April 21-24 Conference

Paul Menzel, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Reid

“Jenn will be joining me at the conference this month, “ Reid said. “We were going to make a press announcement there, but it appears Leasing News has again scooped the leasing industry by being the first with the news.”

It is reported Paul Menzel will have a special “invitation only” meeting along with Jim Merrilees to meet with the couple, plus enjoy some Santa Barbara Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with assorted cheese. If you are lucky enough to be invited, be sure to attend.

Those invited to Steve Reid's Conference Chair Presidential Suit cocktail hour be sure to attend to meet the former “Friend's” TV star and movie personality.



Fleming Joins Senator Chuck Grassley's Staff

M.J.Fleming, Sr.

Michael J. Fleming, CAE, has taken early retirement from the Equipment Leasing Association to join the team of the only working family farmer in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Grassley, Republican from Iowa.

“While I have been a life-long Democrat,” Fleming explained. “I have come to know this republican who flies home every weekend to be with his family and help manage his farm as an outstanding chairman of the senate finance committee.

“His understanding of the SILO matter was outstanding,” he concluded.” I am looking forward to visiting his son Robin who actually runs the farm back in Iowa. ”



Oren Hall School for Brokers

Former IFG, Heritage, Sierra Cities executive Oren Hall is coming out of retirement to start a school for equipment leasing brokers.

“I'm tired of playing golf all day,” he said. “ While other broker training courses may cost from $12,000 to $32,000, the Oren Hall School for Brokers is different as we will pay those without any experience in the leasing business $50,000 to join.

“We will spend an intensive two days teaching you all there is to know about leasing, marketing, and getting the check with application, “Hall said beaming with a large smile.” The only requirement is you have to send to Hall Leasing and Finance all you deals for the next five years. This contract can be purchased at any time during the next five years for $100,000 and the penalty for not adhering to our terms and conditions is $250,000. Other penalties may apply for early withdrawal,” he added.

“While others may assist you with place leases or give you periodic help, we will be there right with you to insure than you are successful in bringing in business.”


### Press Release ######################

Lessors.Com creates “USLP” Designation

John Semon

John Semon, founder and chief executive officer of Lessors.com, a leading provider of news and resources for equipment lessors, the Lessors Network is an elite, online community of business professionals active in the equipment leasing markets, host of the high profile networking events, held twice annually from the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Atlanta, deliver new strategies, products, services that directly affect how lessors do business -- and an unparalleled networking opportunity, where representatives of banks, investment banks, captive & independent leasing companies and service providers join the Network for one simple purpose --- to enhance new business development opportunities, and bon vivant founder of Juriasic Food and Wine Society, who's lessors.com web site publishes:

FUNDING REQUEST ADS - Describe immediately available primary funding and/or wholesale syndication opportunities.

EMPLOYMENT NETWORK - Free Employment Ads, posted by employers and executive recruiters on assignment, point you to the latest employment opportunities in the commercial and municipal equipment leasing markets. Free Resume postings by industry professionals, point you to experienced personnel from the commercial and municipal equipment leasing markets.

ASSET REMARKETING - Asset Remarketing Ads point you to off lease assets available for sale by equipment lessors.

WHITE PAGES DIRECTORY - The leasing industry's only White Pages Directory delivers important contact data for individual professionals active in our industry.

YELLOW PAGES DIRECTORY - The leasing industry's only Yellow Pages Directory delivers important contact data for companies active in our industry.

PUBLISH YOUR PRESS RELEASES -There is no cost to publish you company news from the Lessors Network. We even distribute press releases submitted by our members to thousands of industry professionals around the world via our email distribution and who's Lessors Network is the only industry organization to provide national associations, representing industries traditionally financed by lessors, a free seat at the networking table. By incorporating national associations in the Network, our members gain enhanced access to information and important market channels, while association members gain immediate access to Network members products and services, announces a new designation of “United

States Leasing Professional (USLP).”

“There is an elite title to be award to those who attend our
Atlanta Conference, and pay $29.95 per year, plus pass
a verbal quiz given by our executive vice-president Barbara
Savage, “ he explained. “ You can have no convictions and
must know how to spell ‘lessors.” $500 gets you a life time
certificate, no further testing. For $1,000, we will allow
those who have served their time to become a certified USLP.
$5,000, you can obtain our license to kill, the “007” certificate.”
Those who join in the next 30 days will also get their first year dues in the lessors.com network for free, he adds.

Member Benefits

Password Access to all password protected Web site registrations, programs and services
Ritz Event Attendee Registration - Free for Corporate Primary/Discounted for all other members
White Pages Directory - Free listing
Yellow Pages Directory - Free listing
Quick Link Ad (on News Page) - Free for Corporate Members
Funding "Request" Ads - Password access (Posting & Viewing)
Funding Request Email Alerts - Optional
Asset Remarketing - Password access (Posting & Viewing)
Employment Network - Password access (Posting & Viewing)
Private Members Message Board - Password access (Posting & Viewing)
Protected New Items - Password access
Email News Distribution - Included
Corporate Primary Registration

Corporate Membership provides full password access (viewing and advertising/posting) to Web site resources and free/discounted Ritz Event registration.

Corporate Membership includes one "Primary Membership" and "Associate Memberships" all employees of the same corporate entity. Upon activation of member password, the Primary Member is responsible for returning to this Web site and registering all eligible Associate Members.

Annual Dues - $1,835

Free Event Attendee Registration for Primary Member - Value $1,500
Discounted Event Attendee Registration for all Associate Members - Value $500 each member

Individual Gold Registration

Gold Membership provides full password access (viewing and restricted advertising/posting) to Web site resources and discounted Ritz Event registration.

Annual Dues - $745

Discounted Event Attendee Registration - Value $500 each member
Excludes Free Quick Link Ads

Individual Silver Registration

Silver Membership provides password access (viewing only) to Web site resources and no discounted Ritz Event registration.

Annual Dues - $145
Excludes Event Attendee Registration
Excludes Free Yellow Pages Directory Listing
Excludes Free Quick Link Ad

#### Press Release #####################


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